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Full text of "Sons of the Vikings : history and genealogy of Jens Christensen (1801), Jacob Christensen (1851), Marten Svend Eliason (1836), Samuel Webster Keller (1856), Hans Christian Mortensen (1833), John Christian Nelson (1843), Niels Scow (1821), and a"

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'ii.<' ■.■■ ••■,.'■■■ ■■ -, 





History and Genealogy 

Jens Ghristensen (I8OI) 
Christian Ghristensen (I8UU) 
Jacob Ghristensen (l85l) 
Marten Svend Eliason (I836) 

Soren Jorgensen (18U5) 
Samuel Webster Keller (18^6) 
Hans Christian Mortensen (1833) 
John Christian Nelson (18U3) 
Niels Scow (1821) 

and Allied Families 



Evan Marion Croft 

Grace Hildy Croft 

1235 Aspen Avenue 
Provo, Utah 



Evan Marion Croft 

Grace Hildy Croft 

Authors and Compilers 



Scandinavia, the homeland of our forefathers, calls to mind the myths of 
the great god Odin, the romantic legends of the Skalds (the great poets), and 
the strange tales of the courageous Vikings who ruled the Northern Seas. 

Their genealogy had its beginnings in the mysterious Gothic tribes who 
formerly lived around the Black Sea and, before that, dwelt in a still more 
eastern province. About 70 B.C, Odin arrived in Scandinavia, having jour- 
neyed from Asgard on the Don River in Southern Russia, He and various tribes 
wandered up to the northern coasts of the Baltic Sea and spread into Denmark, 
Sweden, and Norway. The sons of Odin divided Scandinavia into equal parts: 
Heimdal in SkSne, Niord in Sweden, Seming in Norway, Balder in Angel (Schles- 
vig), and Skjold in Sjelland (Zealand) and Jutland, the latter becoming the 
head of an illustrious generation of kings o 

Descendants of these people sailed in their small boats to Scotland and 
Ireland and ventured even further upon the unknown, cold and stormy seas to 
the shores of Iceland, Greenland, and the American continent before the time 
of Columbus. They conquered England, Scotlandj, and Ireland, and ravaged 
Brittany and Normandy. In so doing, they influenced the social and cultural 
legacies of these people, Coiintless names of towns and communities in these 
regions are of Nordic origin. Furthermore, many individuals of English 
descent have ancestral history closely associated with that of Scandinavia, 
for a Danish dynasty once ruled over their native land„ William the Conqueror, 
the founder of the present line of British monarchs, was, himself, of Scandin- 
avian blood. 

The Viking period is usually reckoned from the 8th century to the middle 
of the 11th century. In their various far-flung settlements, stone monuments 
with Runic inscriptions remain to tell the stories of their deeds and valor. 
The l6-letter "Riines" were used as a form of writing and comra-anicationo By 
means of these inscriptions the Norsemen recorded the series of kings, family 
pedigrees, and histories of adventure and achievement. Likewise, the song 
ballads and poems of the Skaldic bards memorialized family genealogies and 
tales of Scandinavian prowess. 

And why did the Vikings sail to far-off regions? It was not only to win 
honor and renown, but to obtain the necessities of life. Those who lived in 
the more Nordic regions were able to carry on little agricultures fishing, 
hunting^ and breeding of cattle were the chief occupations, Norway, with its 
backbone of hard granite, and its 1,000-mile-long, fiordal coastline extend- 
ing far into the arctic regions, lent no more than six percent of its rugged 
and frigid terrain to cultivation. In Sweden, the forest-covered mountains 
in the north, and the flat, fertile fields in the south owned by the aristoc- 
racy who farmed the region for centuries, presented a less stark picture than 
that of Norway, but there yet was not enough food and wealth to satisfy the 
needs of all. While Denmark, on the other hand, was mostly level and fertile 
land, it became densely populated^ in an area only one-fourth the size of 
Utah, almost every acre of ground came under cultivation. Hence, in all 
three countries the lack of land and of comfortable living conditions created 
pressure for colonization elsewhere o 


Christianity was introduced into Scandinavia and widely accepted after 
the Danish king was converted in 8260 Paganism gradually disappeared, and 
the new faith became more evidenced in the lives and actions of the Scandi- 
navians. After the l6th century, Lutheranism spread rapidly, and eventually 
became the State Church with a following of 90 per cent of the Scandinavian 
population o Parish clerks started keeping vital records of members of the 
Lutheran Church as early as 1^72 in some of the parishes, which records have 
proven invaluable for genealogical purposes « 

For some time the three Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden, and 
Norway, were united in one kingdom, Sweden broke away in 1523, but Norway 
continued under Danish kings until l8lli„ Then, as a result of the Napoleonic 
Wars, Norway was detached from Denmark and became united with Sweden, Away 
from the world's great highways, these two northernmost countries were able 
to avoid some of the wars and aggression,, However, Denmark, located as it was 
near the great continental states, warring against each other, had difficult 
problems in maintaining her neutrality and independence. In I8U8 there was a 
rebellion in the southern provinces of Denraark--the duchies of Schlesvig- 
Holstein and Lauenburg turned against the crown of Denmark, Every able-bodied 
man, therefore, became liable to military service in the war in Frederica. 

It was during this period of unrest in Denmark that the teachings of 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were first introduced in 
Scandinavia, At the General Conference of the Church in Utah, held on 6 
October 18U9, Apostle Erastus Snow and Elder Peter 0. Hansen were called to 
open the Scandinavian Mission, They arrived in Copenhagen the following 
year, 18^0; and, with other missionaries, made converts in Denmark, Sweden, 
and Norway, Their acceptance of the gospel was not without hardship, however, 
for they were ostracized by friends, relatives, and civil and religious 
authorities for having renounced the State religion and accepting Mormonismo 
Although national peace was restored for a while, persecution against members 
of the Church continued. They were subjected to all manner of unchristian 
treatment that oppression, tyranny, and religious intolerance could conceive. 

At this time the counsel of Brigham Young for all members of the Church 
to gather in Zion, to be with the main body of Saints in Utah, was a welcome 
harbinger of peace and opportunity. The spirit of emigrating to America 
therefore became universal in all branches of the Church in Scandinavia, 
Those with means almost immediately came to Zion; and many of the poor, with 
the assistance from the wealthier brethren, were also able to emigrate. The 
Perpetual Emigration F\ind likewise enabled thousands to transport themselves 
to the Rocky Mountains, 

The momentvim for emigration increased with the continued threat of war. 
After the King of Denmark died in I863, Prussia and Austria backed the 
duchies again to plunge Denmark in war, Denmark's defeat resulted in the 
loss of one-third of her territory. At one time all of North Jutland was in 
the hands of the enemies and heavy war taxes were exacted of the residents. 
Living conditions were all the more trying because there was a scarcity of 
jobs, and wages were low. These discomforts, coupled with religious persecu- 
tion, thus led to a marked growth in emigration, particularly from Denmark, 
Between I86I and I866 over 6,000 Scandinavians sailed over the sea and crossed 
the continent to Utah, 

These humble Scandinavian emigrants who dared venture into the strange. 
New World, made an important contribution to pioneering in the West, In 


spite of the language barrier in an English-speaking country and the diffi- 
culties encountered in appeasing Indians and hostile gentiles, these emigrants 
left a creditable mark on history. Coming from the rigorous northern coun- 
tries, they were well suited for the struggles incident to subduing the desert 
land, where the winters were severe and long and their sustenance could be 
assured only through irrigation and painstaking cultivation of their farms. 
Although many of their first homes were little more than dugouts, they were 
soon surrounded by well-cultivated gardens; and, in due time, better homes 
were constructed, including warm shelters for their stock or for their 

Besides farmers and stockraisers, the Scandinavian emigrants included 
skilled mechanics, such as carpenters and cabinetmakers, blacksmiths, shoe- 
makers, along with tailors, millers, tanners, statesmen, educators, artists, 
musicians, theologians, et al. Among the women were talented weavers, dress- 
makers, milliners, and homemakers who could transform the crude raw materials 
of their new habitat into handsome apparel and useful commodities. These men 
and women had a great influence on the cultural, social, and spiritual life- 
of Utah and the West. They helped to build the industries, the schools, 
churches, and temples of the pioneers. 

By tackling their undertakings with faith, courage, fortitude, and a '■ 
determination to succeed, these sturdy emigrants evidenced the outstanding '•■■■■ 
attributes of their Nordic forebears. Today, we likewise, as SONS OF THE--''' 
VIKINGS, would do well in emulating their worthy characteristics. For, ag-'--- 
Macaulay said: 

A people that take no pride in the noble achievements of 
remote ancestors will never achieve anything worthy to be 
remembered with pride by remote generations. 

The biographies of the pioneers included in this work escaped the atter^- 
tion of previous compilers of histories of the pioneers of Utah and the West. 
It is therefore with a great deal of satisfaction and pride that their ac-MT 
counts are presented here, partly to regain the prestige they deserved as , ; 
true pioneers of the era. Gratitude is expressed to those individuals who 
provided information or short life sketches of the subjects included. Spe- . 
cial credit is due Jacob Christensen (l8$l) whose family records formed th%f, 
nucleus for extensive research in the original Danish parish records on ,,3^-,' 
microfilm in the Utah Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, The authors^-..; 
sojourn in Scandinavia likewise provided a love, interest, and background 
for study of these people. 

The book commences with the generation of emigrants who came to America, 
Their ancestors are cross-referenced and given in later chapters. Because 
Jens Christensen (I8OI) and Margrete Jacobsen (l825) were the parents of the 
greatest number of descendants recorded in the book, their lives and those 
of their children are treated in the forepart. 

Evan Mo Croft 
Grace H, Croft 
















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residence or address 



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direct ancestor 

For the sake of brevity, periods are not used after the above abbrevia- 
tions. To facilitate identification, commas are likewise deleted 
surrounding words in apposition showing relationship, viz: brother John. 
The omission of punctuation is in line with the present trend in record 
keeping at the Utah Genealogical Society and elsewhere. 

An underlined arable nximeral at the left of a name indicates that a more 
detailed account of his or her life and family is given elsewhere in the 
book, viz: US_ Carrie Victoria Nelson. The index in the back of the 
book has a complete list of references to each individual. 

A four-digit number in parentheses, following a name, refers to the 
birth year of the individual, viz: Jens Christensen (I8OI). 





1 JENS CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Jensen (1766) and Anne Rasraussen 
(I776T, b h Mar I8OI, chr 5 Mar I8OI, Donated, Albaek, Hjor, Den, d 1 Jan I888, 
Deseret, Millard, Utah; md 12 Nov l8Ii3, Tolne, Hjor, Den, 2 MARGRETE or 
MARGRETHE JACOBSEN, b 27 Jan l825, Bratten, Elling, Hjor, Den,^ d I879, in Den, 
dau of Jacob Mogensen (I76O) and Maren Christensen (11^ k) - See p 3 for pictures 
of Jens and Margrete; pp I8I and 199 for charts showing their pedigrees. 

At the age of 1|2, Jens Christensen married Margrete Jacobsen, a maiden of 
18 years. Their marriage record in Tolne-Elling parish states he was of Don- 
sted and she of Bratten, in agreement with their birth records. Their first 
two children were likewise recorded in Tolne, During l85l and 1853 they were 
living in Hormested parish, where their next two children were born and chris- 
tenedo By I86I they had returned to Tolne, where the last three children were 
bonio All of their children were recorded under the surname of JENSEN, in line 
with the patronymic system prevailing in Denmark at that time, 

Denmark provided few opportunities for individuals bom poor to accumiilate 
a fortune, or even to live comfortably. The Christensen family was no excep- 
tion; they had little in the way of worldly goods, and the children had to help 
earn their living from the time they were quite young. Sometimes they knew the 
pangs of hunger, in this land ravaged and defeated in war, and taxed to the ut- 
most by hostile armies occupying the land. 

It was three years after Apostle Erastus Snow and four other missionaries 
had introduced the principles of Mormonism in Denmark that the family of Jens 
Christensen joined the LDS Church, His wife, Margrete, set the pattern by be- 
ing baptized on Ik Oct 18$3» Two weeks later, on 30 Oct 1853^ Jens Christensen 
was baptized. An Elder H, B. Hansen, from Fountain Green, Utah, was responsi- 
ble for their conversion. 

As did the other early members of the LDS Church in Denmark, the Chris- 
tensen family experienced religious intolerance , This persecution in nearly 
all parts of the coiintry, coupled with the fear and depression of war, in- 
creased their desire to join the body of saints in Zion. For years they cher- 
ished the idea of emigrating to the New World, but they did not have the means 
for the whole family to leave the country. Finally, by living frugally and 
all working together, the family in 1872 arranged for their son Jacob to emi- 
grate to America alone. He was then 21 and on the verge of being drafted into 
the King's army, 

Jacob Christensen arrived in Salt Lake City in July 1872, and shortly 
thereafter settled in Pleasant Grove 5, Utah. Here he hired out to farmers in 

^Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 175 for b of Jens (GS ser no 
8996, pt 1); par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 123 for b of Margrete, 
Book 7 , p 273 for marr (GS ser no 9007, pts 2, 3). 

2vendyssel Conference, Den, LDS Rec Book 120U, pp 1 & 11 (GS ser no 
8551, pt 15) 


the community and saved all the money he earned to help bring his family to 
Utah. They cajne to America a few at a time. The year after Jacob arrived, 
in 1873 his older brother Christian and two sisters, Mary Anna and Carrie, 
came. In l87$ his sister Christena came to America with the Dahl family. 

Sincerely wishing her 77-year-old husband could join the family in Amer- 
ica, the self-effacing mother, Margrete Jacobsen, in I878 sacrificed her home 
and the remainder of the family's possessions to cover the costs of his trans- 
portation. She went to work in the home of a neighbor, with the hopes of join- 
ing her fajnily later. 

On the 2U June I878, Jens Christensen joined a company of UIl6 emigrating 
saints and 7 missionaries returning to the United States. His route took him 
by the boat "Cameo" from Copenhagen, across the North Sea to Hull, England, 
then by rail to Liverpool. There 70 English saints joined the company, and on 
29 June 1878 they boarded the "Nevada," a steamer owned by the Guion line. 
They arrived in New York City on 10 July and continued the journey by train 
under charge of Capt John Cook. They arrived in Salt Lake City on I8 July, 

The ship list of the "Nevada" indicates that two young girls accompanied 
Jens Christensen on the journey from the Old World. They were recorded as 
Maren M. Thompson, aged 11, and Anna Marie Thompson, aged U 3A, The Maren M. 
was probably his daughter Maren Margaret, erroneously listed with the surname 
of Thompson along with the second girl, who was his granddaughter. 

It was a joyous reunion for father and children in Utah. Jens lived with 
them in the vicinity of Pleasant Grove, where other Scandinavian friends were 
located and they were active in Church work. 

The records of Pleasant Grove Ward indicate that Jens' daughter Maren 
Margaret was baptized the following month, on 2k Aug I878. The ordinance was 
performed by the family' s good friend, Andrew Jenson, who later became the 
Church Historian, Also on 2U Aug I878 Jens was re-baptized by Andrew Jenson,-' 
Re-baptism was in line with the movement common at the time when those with 
sincere religious convictions felt impelled to strive for absolute righteous- 
ness. Two months later, on 29 Nov I878, Jens took out his endowments in the 
Endowment House. 

Sadness befell the family the following year, l879, when they received 
word that the mother, Margrete Jacobsen, had died. She was only 5U years old. 
Thus, before the family had the opportunity to send for her, she had passed 
away and was buried in Denmark, 

In 1879 when Jacob moved to Deseret, Millard Co, his father Jens moved 
with him, and is shown there in the I88O census. Living nearby at that time 

^ Deseret News , vol 27, p 386; also Andrew Jenson, History of the Scan- 
dinavian Mission TSalt Lake Cityj Deseret News Press, 1927^, p 233, 
Hereafter referred to as Hist of Scand Mission . 

2 "Scandinavian Mission Emigration Records," I878, Book 106i;, p 107, Ship 
List of "Nevada," entries U2, Ii3, UU from Aalborg Conference. This Anna Marie 
Thompson was later adopted by Marten Svend Eliason; see jp 5 & 36. 

3pieasant Grove Ward Rec, p 170 (GS ser no 6l65, pt 28). 

Jens Christensen (I80I), Margrete Jacobsen (182^) 

Jacob Christensen (l85l) 

Mary Anna Christensen 
Eliason (1853) 

Carrie Marie Christensen 
Nelson (I86I) 

Christena Christensen 
Keller (I863) 

Maren Margrete Christensen 
Scow Jorgensen (I866) 

were Jens' son'christian and family, and daughter Mary Anna Eliason and family, 
with whom his youngest daughter Maren Margaret lived, A few years later Jens' 
daughter Christena Keller and family likewise moved from Pleasant Grove and 
lived close by. A large group of Danes settled in the community and neighbor- 
ing towns. 

The Pahvant Valley offered great hopes for the settlers at that time. 
There were many small lakes along the Sevier River and miles of lowlands for 
pasture. Jens lived to see the progress the families made, from their first 
crude dugout homes with willow and dirt-covered roofs, to the more commodious 
adobe houses. He witnessed the disastrous floods of the Sevier that washed 
away their properties and destroyed crops, the sturdier dams that were built to 
constrain the river, the construction of canals, and the organization of irri- 
gation companies. He realized the pride of the settlers as they hauled wood 
from the eastern hills to burn bricks in kilns for the erection of a large 
brick church that was built in 188? on the north side of the river. 

Western America was a world of hard facts, but it was still a promised 
land. Jens had passed through lean years and realized there yet would be no 
laying down of the burden of poverty; but comfort and opportunities would be 
supplied, at least for his children and posterity. 

It was in Deseret that he received his patriarchal blessing on 26 Dec 
1880 from Patriarch John L, Smith. As evidence of his desire to fit in the 
American way of life, his blessing indicates he had shed the Scandinavian 
name of Jens for the Anglicized version of "James." Some of the thoughts ex- 
pressed in this blessing are given for the interest of his descendants. He 
was of the lineage of Joseph. Because he embraced the gospel in his old age, 
his days and years would be multiplied and lengthened. He would commence 
labors for his living and dead kindred, which work would be continued by his 
children until all would be redeemed back to the days when the gospel was upon 
the earth and not a link in the chain would be broken. In fulfillment of this 
blessing, Jens Christensen lived to the advanced age of 8?, and he witnessed 
the commencement of the gathering of records of his people, living and dead. 

Jens died in Deseret on 1 Jan I888 and was buried in the Deseret Cemetery 
by the side of his son Christian, who had passed away in 1882. The Christensen 
burial lot was fenced in, at one time. It now has neither fence nor marker, 
and is recognizable only through its proximity to the Keller and Eliason lots. 

Chn b in Denmark, 7s 

3 i. Christian Christensen, b 2? Aug I8UU5 md Maria Nielsen (Chap II), 

ii. Anna Maria Christensen, b 1 Sep l8U5s Tolne, Hjor, Den, d 27 Mar 
1870, Den. Father of child s Thomas Peter Thomsen, b 23 Nov l8Uii, 
Hjor, Den, d before I89I. Daus 

1. Anna Maria Thomsen (Thompson), b 1$ Mar I87O, Tolne, ^ d 
abt I89li, Leamington, Millard, Utah; md 31 July I893, 

Ipor births of chn, see par rec of Tolne-Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 7 , pp 
1x3, 129 & Book 8 , pp 52, $U, 59 (GS ser no 9007, pt 3) and par rec of Hormes- ' 
ted, Hjor, Book 12 , pp 30, 87 (GS ser no 9092, pt U). 

2par rec of Tolne-Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 8 , p 6U (GS ser no 9007, pt 3); 
Vendyssel Conf Rec, #13U, p UU for birth & LDS blessing (GS ser no 8551, pt 15). 

Leamington, as his 2nd wife, John Drew Diinn, b 1853, 
Potosie, Grant, Wis, d abt 1920, Eureka, Juab, Utah, son 
of William Dunn h Josephine Omera Palmer. 

Anna Maria, whose mother died when she was 5 days old, 
came to America with her grandfather Jens Chris tens en in 
1878, She was adopted by her atint k uncle, Mary Anna & 
Marten Svend Eliason, and lived in Pleasant Grove, Deseret, 
and Oak City, Utah. Her picture is on p 37. 

John Drew D\inn came West with his father, who was a 
mining engineer from the ore fields of Wisconsin and Mich- 
igan. John was connected with the mining and smelting 
industries at Leamington, where he was married to Anna 
Maria by John Talbot. He also worked in the mines of 
Eureka for 25 years. He md (l) Sarah Alice Stewart of 
Payson, Utah, dau of William Preston Stewart k Adeline 
Wilson; md (3) Mrs. Libby Jensen. Chn of John & Sarah, 2: 

( i) John Drew Dunn, Jr, b 3 Oct 1885, Ruby Holler, 
near Eureka; md Margaret Curtis of Salt Lake 
City. John d abt 1965. Had 3 chn: 

(1) John D. Dunn III. Res 812 Glendale 
Ave, Salt Lake City. 

(2) Jerry Dunn. Res 5U College Ave, 
Sandy, Utah. 

(3) Ruth Dunn; md Mr. LaFonda. Res 
Lancaster, Calif. 

(ii) Frank D\inn, b 22 Sep I888, Payson, Utah; md 

(1) Pearl Curtis, b 10 Aug 1889, Salt Lake City, 
sister of Margaret Curtis above; md (2) 1952-3, 
Grace Adelia Singer, b 6 Oct 1892, Salt Lake 
City, dau of Charles Singer & Mary E. Astrup. 
Grace md (1) John Darius Grey. Res 625 Sperry 
St, Salt Lake City. No chn. 

Child of John & Anna Maria: 

( i) Baby Thoir^ison Dunn, b abt I89U, d in infancy, 
b\ir Deseret Cem by mother. 

U iii. Jacob Christensen, b 21 Feb l85l; md (l) Annie Catherine Hansen; 
md (2) Maren Rasmussen. (Chap III, p lU) 

5 iv. Mariane or Mary Anna Christensen, b 9 Apr 1653; md Marten Svend 

Eliason. (Chap IV, p 28) 

6 V. Karen Maria or Carrie Marie Christensen, b 3 Apr I86I; md John 
~ Christian Nelson. (Chap X, p 7U) 

7 vi. Christena Christensen, b 31 May 1863; md (l) Samuel Webster 

Keller; md (2) Chris Kyed Johnson; md (3) William Jonas Conger, 
(Chap XI, p 86) 

8 vii. Maren Margrete or Margaret Christensen, b lU June I866; md (l) 

Niels Scow (Chap XV, p 103); md (2) Soren Jorgensen (Chap XVII, 
p lUl). 

%arr rec of Fillmore, Millard Co, Utah, for marr of Anna Maria to John 
Drew Dunn. GS Archives for data on John Drew Dunn; also his son, Frank Dunn. 

Block 14 

Lot 8 






Lot 7 

Lot 6 

Lot 5 

Klara Marer 

Lars Peter „„- 


Charles Henry 




Niels Hyrum 

Lot 4 

Lot 3 

Soren Chris- 

Phil Eliason 

Jerry & Terry 
Eliason (1957) 


y Thompscn 

ftnna Maria 

Allen Keller 

Lois H Ro bison 

Ephraim Jacob 



Marten Svend 






.9amiipl l<'p11prjr 

James Perry 
Keller (1882-48 

Anna Maria 

Jens Christen- 
sen (1801-88) 

Clara Christeni; 

Christian Chri 




James C Chris 


cpb Hans „, ^ 
' istensenf81-! i2 

Christian Heber 


drawn by Thomas George Theobald, in possession of Wells Robison, Deseret. Scow 
descendants believe the Niels Scow family was buried on a plot further east. 



3 CHRISTIAN CHRISTENSEN, son of Jens Christensen and Margrete Jacobsen, 
b 27 Aug 18UU, Tolne, Hjor, Den,^ d 12 Nov 1882, Deseret, Millard, Utah; mi 
6 Dec 1875, Salt Lake City, Utah, MARIA NIELSEN, b 30-1 July l852, Astrup, 
Hjor, Den, 2 ^ ]_^ ju^e 19U3, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Calif, bur Woodlawn 
Cera, Santa Monica, dau of Mads Christian Nielsen (b 19 June I819 or 22 July 
1820,^ Hormested, Hjor, Den) and Maren Petersen (b 11 Dec 1820, Ugarbye, Hjor, 
Den, d 10 Sep I889, Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah), After the death of Christian, 
Maria md (2) 5 May l88i;, in Provo, Utah, Carl Andersen, b 2 Sep I838, Breeballe, 
Den, d 15 Jan 1916, Mt Pleasant, Utah. 

Christian, affectionately called "Chris," emigrated to America in company 
with his sisters Mary Anna and Carrie Christensen, On 2 July l873 they 
boarded the steamship "Wisconsin" at Liverpool. After reaching New York City, 
they traveled by train across the continent to Utah, arriving in Salt Lake 
City on 2k July 18714,'^ From there they traveled south to Pleasant Grove, 
wh3re Chris' brother Jacob had settled the year before. 

Chris did not wait long in America to exercise his free agency in acquir- 
ing property. In Denmark much of the land passed from father to son, and no 
one else was permitted to buy it except another family of nobility. Thus the 
peasant class could not improve their living conditions because they had to 
share-crop and pay high rentals to the nobility. But now in America, Chris 
sensed his great freedom from such a barrier to his acquiring property. On 
2 Mar I87U, within a few months after his arrival, he purchased 3/U of an acre 
of land, located southeast of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. 5 

The following year, and now 30 years old, Chris married Maria Nielsen, 
She had been baptized a member of the LDS Church in Denmark in 1862, at the 
age of 10, at the time her parents also joined the Church. 6 Maria came to 
Utah alone at the age of I8, She and Chris were married and sealed in the 
Endoxjment House, 6 Dec l875, by Daniel H. Wells, ' Her mother and her younger 

Ipar rec of Tolne-Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 7 ? p U3> for birth of Christian, 
chr "Christen Jensen" (GS ser no 9007, pt TF' 

2par rec of Astrup, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 52, for birth of Maria, chr 
"Maria Madsen" (GS ser no 9038, pt 5T^ Fam rec in poss of Marie Wall, 300U 
Richmond St, Salt Lake City, give the date of 30 July; par rec give 31 July. 

3vendyssel Conference, Den, Book 120U , p 2U (GS ser no 85^1, pt 15) 
shows Mads' birthdate as 22 July 1820; fam rec of Marie Wall shows 19 June I8I9, 

ii"Scand Mission Emig Rec," l873j, Ship List of "Wisconsin," #U52-3-U, 
p 5; also Hist of Scand Mission , p IO8. 

5utah Co Deeds, Vol C , p 77ii (Lot U in Block 31 and Lot 3 in Block 32, 
Pleasant Grove), 

6vendyssel Conference, Den, Book 120lt , p 21; (GS ser no 8551, pt l5). 
7eH Slgs, Book K, p 23, #235- 


brother later emigrated from Denmark and stayed with them for a while in 
Pleasant Grove. 

In 1878, Chris' brother Jacob and brother-in-law, Marten Svend Eliason 
(who had married his sister Mary Anna), went to the Pahvant Valley to work. 
They verified the rumors and ads in various periodicals that there were thous- 
ands of acres of good land and plenty of water for irrigation, and they took 
up claims. In the spring of 1879, Chris decided also to try homesteading in 
Millard Co. He made plans to join his friend, Niels "N.CoS." Petersen, when 
the latter arranged to move his family there, Chris did not wish; at this 
time, to uproot his wife and the two children born to them in Pleasant Grove. 
His son Jens C. (named after Chris' father) was yet but 6 months oldo 

Chris offered his mule to team up with the Petersens' horse in pulling 
their covered wagon. -^ The mule, a one-eyed creature, had come to Utah in 1857 
with Johnston's Army. One of the soldiers at Camp Floyd, who had purchased 
it from the Government and remained in Utah after disbandonment of the Camp, 
sold it to Chris. It was a "kicker" when nervous, but Chris petted it and 
handled it carefully. 

Chris helped the Petersens pack their possessions in the wagon, tie their 
family cow onto the back, and start out on the long journey to Millard Co. 
After more than a week of hard travel, they arrived Deseret. N.C.S. and Chris 
chose claims beside each other, 2 miles out from town on the north side of the 
river . '^ 

In order to earn some cash, Chris joined his brother Jacob in working for 
the Utah Central Railroad, which was extending a track from Salt Lake City to 
Milford. In his spare time, he prepared a dugout on his claim for the time 
when his family could join him. They came toward fall, together with the 
families of Jacob and Marten Svend. Chris' 78-year-old father, Jens, also 
moved to Millard Co with them. 

One of the greatest misfortunes in the life of Chris and Maria occurred 
the following spring. Their 1 1/2 year-old son contracted spinal meningitis 
or polio and died of the paralysis in March. The I88O census therefore does 
not enumerate this child but gives enlightenment as to the rest of the family. 


Millard Co, Utah, I88O Name Age Place Occupation 

#37-39 Deseret Christian Christensen "35" Den Stockherder 

Maria » 27 " Wife 

Maria " 3 Utah Dau 

As indicated above, Chris was engaged in herding stock at that time. 

In his spare moments, Chris grubbed greasewood from his property. He 
hauled rock from the Black Rock formationj 6 miles away, to make a foundation 
for a house. He took soil from his claim, wet it, and molded it into adobe 
bricks, which he laid out to dry in the hot summer sun. With the help of 

iMargaret Maw, Nikoline's Choice (New York: Oxford University Press. 
19U7), pp 20, 23-U. 

2lbid., p U5. 

Jacob, Marten Svend, and his neighbor N.C.S., he erected a wanii, one-roomed, 
adobe house. The roof was constructed of willows laid crosswise on large roof 
logs and covered with mudo The mud was worked into the branches and smoothed 
off on top. For the wooden floor and for doors, Chris hauled unplaned lumber 
from the sawmills in a canyon near Fillmore. Adjoining the home he built a 
lean-to with a dirt floor to shelter his mule. With these accommodations, 
Chris and Maria were as well situated as most of the other pioneers in the 
community; they had a house with a wooden floor. 

Maria, who Anglicized her name to "Marie," found work in some of the 
homes of Provo, Her father had also emigrated from Denmark and found work in 
his field of cabinetmaking in Provo. It was therefore convenient for Marie to 
stay with her parents and for her mother to care for her children while she 

She was working in Provo in November 1882 when bad luck befell Chris in 
Deseret, He apparently approached his mule from her blind side, she did not 
hear him coming, and kicked him in the stomach with her two hind feet. He lay 
in the straw, helpless, for hours. When his brother Jacob came to see him, 
Chris was so weak he could hardly explain what happened. Jacob took him to 
his home and made him as comfortable as possible. He lingered for 3 days be- 
fore dying, at the age of 38 years, Jacob took care of the funeral arrange- 
ments, and Chris' body was taken to the Deseret Cemetery to be buried by the 
side of his son. 

His widow continued working in Provo. Here she subsequently met a suc- 
cessful painter and decorator, Carl Andersen, and they were married 5 May I88U, 
They later moved to Mt Pleasant, Utah, where a sister of Carl Andersen lived, 
and where Marie gave birth to another daughter, Helen M. Andersen. Sometime 
after Carl Andersen died in 1916, Marie moved to Salt Lake City, where her 
married daughters, Marie Wall and Elizabeth Coffin, were living. Marie Nielsen 
lived to the mature age of 90 years, dying in 19U3 in Santa Monica, Calif, 
where at the time she was living with her daughter Helen. 

Chn of Christian and Maria, 3: 

9 i. Maria or "Marie" Christensen, b h Mar l877j md Oscar Francis 
Wall , 
ii, Jens C, or "James" Christensen, b 20 Aug I878, Pleasant Grove, 
Utah, Utah, d 17 Mar I88O, Deseret, Millard, Utah, of spinal 
meningitis or poliomyelitis, 
10 iii. Elizabeth Christensen, b 11 Oct I88O; md Edwin Chapin Coffin. 

Dau of Carl and Maria: 

i, Helen M. Andersen, b 2 Sep 1397, Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, 
d Los Angeles, Calif; unmd. 

9 MARIA or MARIE CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christian Christensen and Maria 
Nielsen, b h Mar l877. Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah; md 12 June 1901, Mt 
Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, OSCAR FRANCIS WALL, b 11 May 1872, Mt Pleasant, son 
of August Wall (b 8 Aug 1839 in Sweden) and Hannah Nielsen (b lU Dec 18U2, 
Sweden), August Wall, a carpenter, joined the LDS Church and emigrated to 


Utah in l86U, his parents and two sisters (Carl F,, Catherine F,, Britte and 
Christine Wall) having preceded him to America in 1863 and settled in Mt 

In 1879, when Marie was two years old, her parents moved to Deseret, and 
she remembers living in the one-roomed adobe home her father built and play- 
ing in the shed adjoining it. Her father died in l882 and her mother subse- 
quently moved to Provo and Mt Pleasant. Here Marie attended the Wasatch 
Academy, later taught school, and met her future husband, Oscar was cashier 
of the Mt Pleasant Commercial & Savings Bank, in whose employ he remained for 
22 years. In 1928, Oscar, Marie and children moved to Salt Lake City, where 
he worked in the auditing and filing department of the Utah State Department 
of Welfare. They were members of the Wasatch Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake 
City. On 12 June 19^1 they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. 

Oscar died of a stroke on 5 Oct 1962 in Salt Lake City. Marie res (1968) 
30Gli Richmond St, Salt Lake City. Adopted chn, 2: 

i. Dorothy W. Wall, b I8 Oct 1906, Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah; md 

19 Aug 1930, Salt Lake City, Holmes Montgomery Fulton, b 3 Nov 190U, 
in No Dakota, son of J. W. Fulton & Jessie Holmes. Res Redding, 
Calif. Had dau; 

1. Joan Fulton, b 30 Jan 1931; md in Susanville, CsLLif, 
Keith Metz. Res Medford, Ore, 

ii. Dan L. Wall, b 26 Nov I906, Salt Lake City; md 20 Jan 1930, Salt 
Lake City, Ruby Connie Wallis, b 6 June I908, Rexb\irg, Madison, 
Idaho, dau of James H. Vfellis & Elizabeth Todd, Dan attended ijniv 
of Utah; was an outstanding musician^ now retired. Res 1$09 
Downington Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

1, Richard Wall, b I6 May 1931, Salt Lake City; md Julia 
Beeman, b 7 Oct 1936, Roswell, N Mex, dau of William 
Howard Beeman & Myrtle Etta Holcomb . Chn, 2 ; 

( i) Elizabeth Wall, b 6 Feb 1959, San Francisco, 
(ii) James Kevin Wall, b 21 May I966, Salt Lake City. 

10 ELIZABETH CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christian Christensen and Maria Nielsen, 
b 11 Oct 1880, Deseret, Millard, Utah, d 15 Feb 19i;3, Santa Monica, Los 
Angeles, Calif, bur Mt Olivet Cem, Salt Lake City; md 5 Oct 1900, in San 
Francisco, Calif, as 3rd wife of EDWBI CHAPIN COFFIN, b 9 Nov 1855, Otturawa, 
Wapello, Iowa, d 9 Jan 1938, Salt Lake City, son of Thomas Chalkley Coffin & 
Sarah Myers. Edwin Chapin Coffin md (1) 30 Apr I878, Washington, D,C,, Fanny 
Wing Lang, b 26 Nov 1857, Gambler, Knox, Ohio, d 20 Oct I89I, Salt Lake City; 
md (2) 3 Nov 1893, Salt Lake City, Esther Eldredge, b abt I87I; (age 19-1893), 
Salt Lake City. 2 ^ " 

l"Scand Mission Emig Rec," Ship List of »B. S. Kimball" (I863), p U, and 
-Monarch of the Sea" (I86U), p 27; also W. H. Lever, History of Sanpete and 
Emery Counties, Utah (I898), p 275. 

z^. ?'°^^^ Coffin, The Coffin Family (I962), pp 297, 309 (GS call no 929.273 
C65Uc); also Marr Rec, Salt Lake City, Book E, p 98, #38U5. 






r** 1 


¥ ri.d 


'■ y^' ^ s 

Elizabeth Christensen Coffin 
Marie Christensen Wall 

Edwin C. Coffin, Sr. 

Oscar F. Wall 
Marie Christensen Wall 

Marie Nielsen- 
Chris tensen-Anderson 
Joy Eileen Coffin 

Joy Eileen Coffin 
Elizabeth C. Coffin 
Tristram C. Coffin 

Edwin C. Coffin, Jr Tristram C. Coffin 

Jack 0. Coffin 

Boyd S. Coffin 


Edwin Chapin Coffin came West fron> his ^^^^^ °^„J°"^,^^^f ^^^^^3,. 
opened a hardware store in Hailey, Idaho. Later, as agent for Hibbard-Spencer 
Bartlett he traveled in the western states between Hailey and Salt Lake City, 
He subsequently moved to Salt Lake City and owned and operated a store. In 
?;o?6 he was a member of the New York Stock Exchange In 1909 he was manager 
of a mine in Mammoth, Utah, owned by George Dernj he later organized the 
Sutua^ Coal Co. In 1915, at the age of 60, he started a brokerage business 
in Salt Lake City known as E. C. Coffin Co (manufacturers' agents), which 
business he carried on successfully for 22 years until his death in 1938. -^ 
From his 1st marriage to Fanny, Edwin Chapin Coffin had 3 chn: 



Hamilton Chalkley Coffin, b 12 July 1880, Otturawa, Iowa. 
Ethelburg Lang Coffin, b 1 Sep 1887, Hailey, Idaho, Res Los 
Angeles, 1938= 
Roger Macy Coffin, b 13 Aug I89I, Salt Lake City. Res San 

Diego, 1938. 

From his 2nd marr to Esther, 2 chn^ 

i. Eldredge Sunderland Coffin, b 31 Mar l895, SalJ Lake City, 
d 1918, Camp Zackery Taylor, Kentucky, age 23, 
ii. Ernest Redfield Coffin, of Salt Lake City. 

From his 3rd marr to Elizabeth, 1; chn: 

11 i. Edwin Chapin Coffin, b 19 Oct 1900; md (1) Grace Harriett 

Olson; md (2) Thelma Pearl Blessing. 

12 ii, Jackson or "Jack" Oscar Coffin, b 19 Nov I906; md (l) Frances 

Lorene Osborne; md (2) Leone Ash. 

iii. Tristram Chalkley Coffin, b 13 Aug 1909, Mammoth, Juab, Utah; 
md (1) Dorothy Whitcomb of Boston, Mass; md (2) Vera Duke. 

Tristram served in World War II; grad of Leland Powers School, 
Boston; is an actor in movies and television: radio announcer. 
Res 23lli Pier, Santa Monica, Calif, No chn. 

iv, Boyd Starbuck Coffin, b 13 Sep 1912, Salt Lake City, d 8 June 
1952, Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas; md in 19U3 at Santa Monica, 
Calif, Virginia "Ginger" Eddins, Boyd studied in Boston; later 
empl by Douglas Aircraft, No chn. 

11 EDWIN CHAPIN COFFIN, II, son of Elizabeth Christensen & Edwin Chapin 
Coffin, b 19 Dot 1900, San Francisco, Calif, d 8 June 1952, Fort Worth, 
Texas; md (1) 26 Dec 1919, Farmington, DaviSy Utah, GRACE HARRIETT OLSON, b 
2U Oct 1898, Salt Lake City, d 29 Dec I96O, Los Angeles, Calif, bur 31 Dec 
i960, vniittier, Calif, dau of Henry August Ephraim Olson and Anna Victoria 
Berglund; div, Grace md (2) 29 Nov 1938, Tracy Hollis Hill. Edwin md (2) 
2U Aug 1927, Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho, THELMA PEARL BLESSING, b 1 Aug I90U, 

ISalt Lake Tribune, 10 Jan 1938, p I6; also fam rec in poss of Jack 0, 
Coffin, 1601 E U800 So', Salt Lake City, Utah, 
^ Improvement Era , 22:152. 


Earlton, Neosha, KansaSj dau of Clarence Blessing & Lottie McGrannahan. Thelma 
empl in Escrow Dept, Bowman Realty, Saji Francisco, Res l8lU 22nd Ave, Apt 2, 
San Francisco, Calif. Edwin was Army Lieut in World War II; advanced to 
Captain and remained in Armed Services, Edwin and Grace had sons 

i. Edwin Chapin Coffin, III, b h Apr 1922, Salt Lake City; md 12 
June 19U3, Santa Maria, Calif, Ruth May Briraley, b 26 May 192$, 
Salt Lake City, dau of Wilford Charles Brimley & Margaret Ellen 
Anderson. Edwin grad of Univ of Utah & San Francisco; now 
Monterey Co Supt of Public Instruction. Res 1031 Jewell Ave, 
Pacific Grove, Calif. Chn, U: 

1. David Tristram Coffin, b 26 June 19Uii, Salt Lake City; 
md 25 Nov 1966, Sarah Ann Crane . 

2. Edwin Craig Coffin, b 29 June 19U8, Salt Lake City; 
attending Univ of So Calif. 

3. Margaret Elizabeth Coffin, b I8 ?lpr 1952, Pacific Grove. 
U. Martha Ellen Coffin, b 31 Mar 195U, Pacific Grove. 

Edwin and Thelma had daus 

i. Carolyn Nadine Coffin^ b 28 Apr 1931, Los Angeles, Calif; md 

16 Apr 1952, Lampasas, Texas, William F. Roberts, b 13 Aug 1925, 
Long Beach, Calif, son of Fred Roberts & Gertnade Charlton. 
William served as Lieut in World War II; is paleontologist for 
Shell Oil Co. Res 230 E. Blossom Place, Brea, Calif. Chn, S'- 

1. Terry L. Roberts, b 30 June 195U, Bakersfield, Calif. 

2. Monica T. Roberts, b 2U May 1955, Bakersfield. 

3. Wendy Jo Roberts, b 5 Sep 1956, Bakersfield. 
i;. Dina Mo Roberts, b 19 Aug 1957, Bakersfield. 

5. Denlin C. Roberts (male), b Oct 1958, Farmington, 
New MeXo 

12 JACKSON or "JACK" OSCAR COFFIN, son of Edwin Chapin Coffin & Eliza- 
beth Christensen, b 19 Nov I906, Salt Lake City, Utah; md (l) 1? Jiine 1929, 
Salt Lake City, FRANCES LORENE OSBORNE, b 21 July 1907, Salt Lake City, dau 
of Arthur E. Osborne & May Carter, div; md (2) 20 Oct 1935, Salt Lake City, 
LEONE ASH, b 1 Aug 1912, Salt Lake City, dau of William Henry Ash & Clara 
Jenette or Nettie Cobbley, Jack is repr of Lamson & Sessions Co, wholesale 
brokers of hardware. Res I6OI E U8OO S, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Jack 4 Frances had daus 

i, Caryl Elizabeth Coffin, b 30 Sep 1930, Salt Lake City; unmd. 

Jack & Leone had daus 

io Joy Eileen Coffin, b h Aug 1937, Salt Lake City; md (1) 22 Oct 
1955, Salt Lake City, Evan J. Anderton, b ll Aug 1931, Vernal, 
Utah, son of Neils Anderton & Myrtle Marie Nichols, div; md (2) 
15 June 1959, Salt Lake City, Jack Wayne Nichol, accountant, 
b 13 Sep 1933, Union, Utah, son of Dallas Wayne Nichol & Amy 
Irene Seversen. Joy i Evan had sons 

lo Nord .Anderton, b 20 July 1956, Salt Lake City. 
Joy & Jack had chn, 3s 

1. Kevin Nichol, b 27 Dec 1959, Salt Lake City. 

2. Laura Nichol, b 25 Mar I96I, Salt Lake City. 

3. Steven Nichol, b 9 Sep I963, Salt Lake City. 



U JACOB CHRISTENSEN, son of Jens Christensen & Margrete Jacobsen, was b 
21 Feb 18$1, West Homested, Hjor, Den,-^ d 17 Feb 1937, American Fork^ Utah, 
Utah, bur Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah; md (l) l5 June l875, ANNIE CATHERINE or 
KATRINA HANSEN, b 3 Mar IB^S, Geste, Ranis, Den, d l8 sug 1913j Eureka, Juab, 
Utah, bur in Pleasant Grove, dau of Hans Peter Hansen & Annie Petersen; md (2) 
9 Sep 191ii, Salt Lake City, MAREN RASMUSSEN, b 18 Nov 18^1, Vissenberg,Odense, 
Den, d 2U May 1931, Pleasant Grove, bur Pleasant Grove, dau of Fredrick 
Rasmussen Sc Anne Marie Hansen. Maren md (l) 23 Dec 1873^ Odense, Anders 
Hansen, b 27 June 1330, Kreldstrup, Odense, Den, d 28 Mar 1912, Odense^ son of 
Hans Christian Hansen & Ane Jacobsen. 

Jacob was christened in the Lutheran Church under the surname of Jensen =1 
This was two years before his parents embraced Monaonism in the year 1853 o 
When he was eight years old, he was baptized by Jens Mortensen, and confirmed 
a member of the LDS Church in Tolne, Hjor, Den. He was called on a church 
mission in Denmark at the age of l8, and served from Nov I869 to May I87I, 
without purse or script, as was the custom for missionaries at that time. 

The spirit of gathering to Zion with the body of members who had settled 
in the Rocky Mountains directed many converts to emigrate to the United States. 
This religious fervor and a desire to escape draft into the King's Army were 
incentives for Jacob to leave his family and emigrate alone to Utah at the age 
of 21 years. His name appears among the list of emigrants who left Denmark on 
21 June 1872. Andrew Jenson gave the following account of their journeys 

A large company of emigrating Saints (397 souls) sailed from Copen- 
hagen, on the fine steamship "Otto," J\ine 21, 1872, in charge of Elder 
Eric Peterson, Elders Anthon H. Lund, Foul Poulsen, Soren Christiansen 
and Jacob H. Jensen, returning home from their missions ^ went along with 
this company, which, after a successful voyage across the North Sea, ar- 
rived in England and proceeded by railway to Liverpool j, arriving there 
June 25th, The Scandinavians, together with 28 British and 22 Dutch 
Saints, immediately embarked on the ocean steamer "Nevada," and sailed 
from Liverpool June 26th, under the direction of Elder Eric Peterson, 
On the 10th of July they arrived safely in New York, and the following 
day continued their journey westward by railway. 3 

The emigrants had to stay in Chicago a few hours and transfer their luggage 
to another train. Then, because there were not enough cars to transport them 
West, some of them had to ride in freight cars. They were also rationed on 
their bread supply because a baker in Omaha, who had been sent an order by 

IPar rec of Hormested, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 30 (GS ser no 9092, pt li). 
2"Scand Mission Emig Rec," 1872, Book E, p 12, #387, Ship List of "Nevada". 
-^Hist of Scand Mission, p 212. 



telegram, failed to provide a sufficient quantity. At 11:00 p.m. on 1? July 
1872, the company arrived in Salt Lake City, where Scandinavian friends had 
arranged entertainment for their benefit.-^ 

It is family tradition that Jacob Christensen was short of funds when he 
arrived in New York City, and he worked for the railroad corripany to finance 
his transportation to Utah. 

After arriving in Utah, Jacob settled in Pleasant Grove, where he helped 
the farmers of the community. He spent some time in the employ of Marten 
Svend Eliason, whom he told about his family in Denmark and aroused a love 
match for his sister Mary Anna. 

With some of the money he earned he purchased 3 acres of property north- 
east of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery .^ He also saved all the money he could 
spare to help defray the expenses of bringing his brother and sisters to 
America. They came, a few at a time. 

The first year after Jacob came to Utah, in 1373 j his brother Christian, 
and his sisters Mary Anna and Carrie crossed the Atlantic. Shortly after their 
arrival, in Sep 1873^ his sister Mary Anna married Marten Svend Eliason. Here 
also in Pleasant Grove, Jacob married Annie Catherine Hansen, the daughter of 
the neighbor from whom he purchased some of his property. His brother Chris- 
tian married Maria Nielsen, his sister Carrie married John Nelson, and his sis- 
ter Christena (who emigrated in l875) married Samuel Webster Keller. In I878 
their father, Jens Christensen, emigrated with their sister Margaret; and thus 
all the family, with the exception of the mother, had come to Zion. She 
planned to join the family in the New World when sufficient funds were available 
for her transportation, but she died in Denmark in l879 before the opportunity 
presented itself. 

In 1875 a successful dam was constmcted on the Sevier River, near Deseret, 
Millard Co, Utah, There were reports of the desirability of the land and an 
influx of settlers to the region. In I878 Jacob Christensen and Marten Svend 
Eliason found work there and took up adjoining homesteads close to the Sevier 
River,, three-fourths of a mile straight west of the present Deseret Ward Chapel 
site. They built dugouts for homes, and in 1879 sent for their families, Jacob 
then having a two-year-old child, Annie Maria. Unfortunately, their homes be- 
came flooded by high water, and they subsequently built themselves adobe homes 
on higher ground. 

At the time of the I88O census of Deseret, Jacob was vjorking for the rail- 
road that was under construction between Milford and Salt Lake City. Nearby 
were the families of Marten Svend Eliason and his brother. Christian. Jacob's 
father had also moved with him to Deseret, and there continued to live with him 
until his death in I888, at the age of 87. 

Six more children were born to Jacob and Annie Catherine in Deseret. One 
son, Jacob Hans, passed away at the age of 11 during a scarlet fever epidemic; 
and another son. Christian Heber, died at the age of 2. Both were buried in 
the Deseret Cemetery, 

l lbid . 

2Two acres in the NW Cor of Block 76 from James M. Ballinger, filed 13 
Sept 1873, and one acre. Lot 6 in Block 76 from Hans Peter Hansen, filed 13 
Mar I87U (Utah Co Deeds, Vol C, p 682, and Vol H, p 1). 


After completion of the Utah Central Railroad, Jacob started working in 
some of the mines. The $2 daily pay was ready cash and seemed to accumulate 
Lster than the money forthcoming from farming. However, Jacob injured one of 
his legs in a mining mishap and was laid up for a period of time. He later 
felt that his leg was miraculously healed through fasting and prayer. 

One of the prize acquisitions of Jacob's family was the Montgomery Ward 
sewing machine he purchased for them. Annie Catherine let other women of 
Deseret use it, and they marveled at the quality of their sewing and the speed 
with which they accomplished it. 

In 1896, the news of Jesse Knight's discovery of gold in his "Humbug" mine 
in the Tintic District did not take long to travel the 60 miles to Deseret, and 
many left their farms to earn the higher wages which mining offered. Jacob 
was one of many who went to Eureka to mine. He moved his family there shortly 
after his son Alma was born in July 1897. 

On one occasion he went to Jesse Knight to ask for a raise. The latter, 
who believed that he was chosen of God to be steward of the fortune made 
through the discovery of precious ores and that the moneys should be used for 
the benefit of the Mormons, readily advanced Jacob's salary. 

On 18 Aug 1913, while living in Eureka, Jacob's wife Annie Catherine died. 
The following year he married Mrs, Maren Rasmussen Hansen, a recent emigrant 
from Denmark. Her husband had died 28 Mar 1912 in Odense, Denmark, and she had 
come to Utah to be with her children. 

For 19 years Jacob remained in the employ of the Knight Investment Go, He 
and his family then moved to Pleasant Grove, where he was employed as sexton of 
the city cemetery, 

Jacob was sincerely interested in genealogical work and with his sister, 
Mary Anna Eliason, performed ordinances as early as I89I in the Manti Temple, 
He later hired a researcher, J, Hoffman Bang, Landarchivist of Viborg, Denmark, 
to gather records of his people, some work dating back to I68O, Jacob went 
regularly to the temple to perform the vicarious work, and kept an excellent 
record of the progress made. Because he felt his writing in the English script 
was inadequate, he had a friend copy all his records in a Temple Book, which 
book is presently in possession of his son, Albert Franklin Christensen, of 
American Fork, 

After the death of his second wife in 1931} Jacob moved to American Fork 
to live with his daughter, Annie Maria, Here he passed quietly away on 21 Feb 
1937 and was buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. 

He was ordained to the office of Seventy in I886 while living in Deseret, 
and to the office of High Priest on 3 Feb I9O6 while living in Eureka. He 
will be remembered as ein honest and upright man, for his great faith, his 
pioneering spirit, and his concern for his family. We are greatly indebted to 
his interest in family history, his gathering and preserving records for the 
reference of future generations. 

iMaw, pp 227, 229. 


Chn of Jacob Sc Annie Catherine, 7: 

13 i. Annie Marie. Christensen, b h Apr 1877; md (l) William Egbert 
Gibbs; md (2) Joseph Edward Clements; md (3) Joshua Robinson, 
ii. Jacob Hans Christensen, b 1 Jan I88I, Deseret, d of scarlet fever 
lU Oct 1892, Deseret, bur Deseret. 
ill. James "D" Christensen, b 23 Sep I88I;, Deseret, d 21 Jan I962, 

Ogden, Utah; md (l) 9 Dec 1908, Manti, Jennie Delilah Allred, b 
23 Apr 1887, Spring City, Sanpete, Utah, d 25 Nov 1939 
dau of David Hardin Allred & Elsy Catherine Mortensen; md (2) 
21 Dec I9I42, Ogden, Alice May Boam Blacker, b 1 May l886,Alii^,Wyo, 
d 12 June I960, dau of Peter Boam & Euphemia Hunter, div 9 Apr 19li6. 
James added the "D" to his name to make it less common; he was 
grad from Brigham Young Academy in I896, where he majored in 
music & was a star on the basketball team. For a while he worked 
in the mines in EJureka; later he was empl as machinist for the 
railroad in Ogden. Held office of High Priest. No chn. 

lU iv. Minnie Christine Christensen, b 23 Aug I886; md George Washington 
V. Christian Heber Christensen, b 20 May I888, Deseret, d 7 Aug 
1890, Deseret, bur Deseret Cera. 

15 vi. Albert Franklin Christensen, b 15 Oct I89I; md Mabel Emma 

Greenwood . 

16 vii. Alma Larenzo "Dock" Christensen, b 2k July 1897; md Ella 



13 ANNIE MARIE CHRISTENSEN, dau of Jacob Christensen & Annie Catherine 
Hansen, b h Apr 1877, Pleasant Grove, Utah, d l5 May 19h3> American Fork, Utah, 
bur 19 May, American Fork; md (l) 10 Oct I89I1, WILLIAM EGBERT GIBBS, miner, b 
23 July 1870, Fillmore, Millard, Utah, d 22 Dec 1913, Marysvale, Piute, Utah, 
son of William Gibbs & Mary Jane Wilgus; md (2) 22 May 1916, Provo, JOSEPH 
EDWARD CLEMENTS, miner, b 8 June I89O, American Fork, d 7 Nov 19l8, Eureka, 
Utah, son of George William Clements & Phoebe Lilly Plant; md (3) Joshua 
Chn of Annie Marie & William, S' 

17 i. Annie Velora Gibbs, b 12 June l895; md (1) Norval Borg; md (2) 

Kristian Jules Christensen.. 

Neva Jane Gibbs, b 23 Sep 1897; md Leo Thornton Hansen. 

Hulda Lyle Gibbs, b 28 Dec 1899; md Melvin Howes. 

Melba Minnie or Minnie Melba Gibbs, b 17 Apr 1903; md Neal 


21 V. Berta Clare Gibbs, b 7 Aug 1910; md (1) Gordon V/. Lewis; md 

(2) Leland Jay Wilson. 

Son of Annie Marie & Joseph: 

22 io William "LaMar" Clements, b h Feb 1917; md Laura Alice Ashton. 








17 ANNIE VELORA GIBBS, dau of William Egbert Gibbs & Annie Marie Chris - 
— AWWJJJ vm. Deseret. Millard, Utah, d 2 Sep 19^2, Montebello, 
T An^Plei Sif^^'C?) 28 M^y 191U, Junction, Piute, Utah, NORVAL BORG, 
b°19lS 1893 1ea;e^ utlh d lU Nov 1962, Norvaljc, Los Angeles, Calif son 
of Jos^h Borg & Mary Fan, div; md (2) 17 June 193U, American Fork, Utah 

mS J^SI or JU?L cmsmSEN, b 10 Dec 190^, Se^'^reflOSrCh^ltenhr 
Sofus Christensen & Kathrine Khristine Rasmussen, Jules' res lObU Cheltenham, 
Santa Barbara, Calif » Dau of Annie Velora & Nerval: 

i, Ruth Borg, b 7 May 1915, American Fork, Utah; md 17 Dec 1939, 
East Los Angeles, Calif, Michael Peter Furgo, b 16 Sep 1915, 
Regina, Saskatchewan, Can, son of George Furgo or Furega and Dora 
Bila or Biela of Ukraine, Res 212 N Montebello Blvd, Montebello, 
Calif o Chn, 3? 

1. Georganna Ruth Furgo, b 2 May 19U0, East Los Angeles; md 
2 Feb 1962, Montebello, Nelvin LeRoy Slocum, b 1 July 
1939, Circleville, Jackson, Kans. Georganna was stake 
LDS missionary. Res 25 Lakewood Way, Chico, Calif o 
Chn, b Pomona, Los Angeles, Calif, 2: 

( i) Kathy Ranae Slocum, b 19 Aug 1962. 
(ii) Craig Paul Slocum, b 1 May 196U= 

2. James Michael Furgo, b 12 Ifey 19UU, Montebello. Student, 
Brigham Young Univo 

3. Robert Paul Furgo, b 27 Apr 1951, Pasadena, Calif. 

18 NEVA JANE GIBBS, dau of William Egbert Gibbs & Annie Marie Christensen, 
b 23 &p 1897, Deseret, d 6 Oct 1927, Montebello, Calif, bur 10 Oct, American 
Fork, Utah; md 2U Oct 1917, Salt Lake City, LEO THORNTON HAInISEN, b 22 Jan 1897, 
American Fork, son of Richard Henry Hansen Sc Margaret Elzater Thomtono Leo 
md (2) 6 Apr 1932, Salt Lake City, MARY ANN CHIPMAN, b 25 Dec I89O, American 
Fork, dau of William Henry Chipman & Sarah Elizabeth Parker. Chn of Neva Jane 
& Leo, b American Fork, 3- 

i. Darrel Gibbs Hansen, b 15 Oct 1919; md l5 Oct I9U0, Salt Lake 
City, Josephine Russon, b 20 May 1921^ Lehi, Utah, dau of Lot A. 
Russon & Sadie Lo Leffler. Darrel filled an LDS Work Mission in 

Florida. Chn 


1. Steven Leo Hansen, b 23 Oct 19Ul, Lehi; md l5 Oct I96U, 
Diane Roundy. 

2. Jerald "R" Hansen, b 5 Mar 19l|ii, Portland, Ore. 

3. Karl Gibbs Hansen, b 19 Nov 1950, American Fork. 
U. Darrel Kim Hansen, b U Dec 1951, American Fork. 
5. Treena Hansen, b 6 Nov 1956, American Fork, 

ii. Roland Leo Hansen, crane operator, b 7 Apr 1921; md 29 Apr 19U3> 
American Fork, Beulah Ann Armstrong, b 20 Nov 1922, Fairfield, 
Utah, dau of Henry Armstrong & Blanch Kaziah Carson. Res 
Fairfield, Cedar Valley, Utah, 8UOI3. Chn, 5: 

1. Alona Hansen, b 25 Nov I9U6, American Fork. 

2. Marie Hansen, b 12 May 1951, American Fork. 

3. David "A" Hansen, b 22 May 195U, Lehi, Utah. 
U. Ellen Hansen, b 26 Mar 1957, Lehi. 

5. Anita Hansen, b 19 June 1958, Lehi. 


Jacob, Jacob Hans, Annie Marie, 
James, Annie Catherine Hansen 


Ella Greenwood Christensen and 

Alma Larenzo "Dock" Christensen 

George W. Curtis 

Minnie Christensen 


Mabel Emma Greenwood Christensen 

and Albert Franklin Christensen 


iii. Ruth Hansen, dau of Leo Thornton Hansen & Neva Jane Gibbs, b 

1$ Apr 1925, American Fork; md 8 May 19U5, American Fork, Ronald 
Keith Jones, b 12 Mar 192U, Bluffdale, Salt Lake, Utah, son of 
Thomas John Jones & Catherine Alice Parry. Res I883 W lU;00 S, 
Riverton, Utah, Chn, b Murray, Salt Lake, Utah, 6: 

1. Ronald Dee Jones, b 21; Dec 19U5» 

2. Thomas Kay Jones, b 20 May 191^7. 

3. Paul Hansen Jones, b 9 July 1952. 

h. Kent Hansen Jones, twin, b i; Jan 1959 • 

5. Keith Leo Jones, twin, b h Jan 1959 <> 

6. Gary Lynn Jones, b 26 July 1963. 

19 HULDA LYLE GIBBS, dau of William Egbert Gibbs & Annie Marie Ghristen- 
sen, b 28 Dec I899, Deseret; md l5 Apr I918, MELVIN HOrTES, b 26 Apr 1899, 
Marysvale, Piute, Utah, son of John & Eliza Howes, Melvin is retired empl of 
Shell Oil Co. Res 2108 Roosevelt St, Bakersfield, Calif. Chn, b Marysvale, 2; 

i. Cleo Howes, b 19 May 1919; md (l) Oscar Glenn "Red" Young, b 
22 Apr 1916, Bakersfield, Kearn, Calif, son of George Willis 
Young & Pluma DeLacey, div; md (2) 1 Oct 19U6, Fresno, Calif, 
David La vers, b 22 Feb 1912, Bakersfield, son of Fred Lavers & 
Mary Engle, Cleo is empl in Catalog Dept, Sears-Roebuck, in 
Chn of Cleo &: Red, b Bakersfield, 2; 

1. Julia Young, b 13 Sep 19U0; md Tom Thomas, a school 
teacher. Res Bakersfield. Chn, b Sacramento, Calif, 2: 

( i) Tamara Marlene Thomas, b I6 June 1960. 
( ii) Wayne Thomas, b 2 Jan 1962. 

2, Kenneth Young, b 3 July 19U2; md Wilma 
Res Bakersfield. Chn, 2: 

( i) Glenn Young, b 12 May 1963. 

( ii) Bobbie Van Lee Young, b Oct I96U 

Chn of Cleo & David, b Bakersfield, 2s 

1. Mary Susan Lavers, b 28 Aug 191;?. 

2. Cheryl Anne Lavers, b 12 Sep 19lt8o 

ii, Ardell Howes, b 9 Aug 1920; md (l) Mrs, Catherine Hockstead; 

rod (2) 7 May i960. Las Vegas, Nev, Wanda LaFaye Ogden, b 27 Dec 
1929, Flag Co, Texas, dau of Fredrick Walter Ogden & Loyola 
Tisdale. Wanda md (l) Robert Keeling, Res li713 Flicker Dr, 
Bakersfield, Calif, Chn of Ardell i Wanda, b Bakersfield, 2: 

1, Christopher Dean Howes, b 12 June 1962. 

2. Child Howes, b I967, 


20 MINNIE MELBA GIBBS, dau of William Egbert Gibbs & Annie Marie Chris- 
tensen, b 17 Apr 1903, Eureka, Juab, Utah; md 10 July 1921, Richfield, Sevier, 
Utah, NEAL "B" WILSON, b 3 May I898, Glenwood, Sevier, Utah, son of Henry 
Wilson & Minnie Jeppsen, Res 638 E 2nd N, Richfield, Utah. Chn, 2: 

i. Shirley Melba Wilson, b 5 May 1921, Richfield; md 29 July 19U0, 
Clarence Pendleton Snow, b 26 Sep 1921, St George, Utah, son of 
Leo Alva Snow & Lula Pendleton. Chn, b Richfield, 2: 

1, Dana Bradley Snow, b 21 Dec 19U8. 

2, Shelley Snow, b 20 Mar 1953- 

ii, Nina Rae Wilson, b h May 1923; md Dr Albert Trulock, b in Georgia. 
Albert is a surgeon-specialist. Nina is a registered nurse, 
trained at Salt Lake Co Hospital and took special training in 
St Louis.. Res 1023 Pheasant Dr, Albany, Georgia. Chn, 2: 

1. Lucinda Christine Trulock, b 17 Apr 19ii8, Atlanta, Ga; 
md 17 Apr I966, Jack Edwards, Res Valdosa, Ga. 

2. Timothy Sutton Trulock, b 17 July 1952, Montgomery, Ala. 

21 BERTA CLARE GIBBS, dau of William Egbert Gibbs & Annie Marie Chris- 
tensen, b 7 Aug 1910, Salt Lake City, Utah; md (l) 2 Oct 1928, Provo, Utah 
GORDON W. LEWIS, b lU Sep 1908, Salt Lake City, son of David P. Lewis & Irma 
P. Mitchell, div; md (2) 3 Oct 1931, LELAND JAY ^^TILSON, b 31 Jan I908, Rich- 
field, Utah, son of John Bradley Wilson *z Maren Henrikke Margrethe Jensen. 
Res lU5 E 2nd N, Richfield, Utah. 
Dau of Berta Clare & Lewis: 

i. Beverly Jean Lewis, b 2 Dec 1931^ Long Beach, Calif, 
d 2 Dec 19l;3. 

Chn of Berta Clare & Leland, b in Richfield, Utah, 6j 

i. Leland Duane or Du.ane Leland Wilson, b 22 Feb 1933; md 23 Feb 
1953, Tex Conder, b 12 Apr 193$, Austin-Monroe, Utah, dau of 
Joseph Conder & Eva Olive Moore, Res Richfield, Utah. Chn, 3: 

lo Kip Leland Wilson, b 1$ Apr 195ii<. 

2. Patrick Duane Wilson, b 28 Dec 1955. 

3. Jodie Wilsonj b 25 Nov I96O. 

ii, Gerry Jack Wilson, b 31 May 193ii; md (1) 25 Oct 195U, Jolynne 

Lee, b lU Feb 1936, Monroe, Utah, dau of Clark Eldred Lee & Ruth 
Magdeline Nielsen, div; md (2) 17 Dec I96O, Billie Jean Blackman, 
b It July 1939, Pittsburg, Kans, dau of William Henry Blackman & 
Ruth Lorine Culter, Jolynne md (2) 7 June 1959, James Earl Webb, 
Chn of Gerry & Jolynne, b Richfield, 2% 

1, Kendall Lee Wilson, b 12 May 1955- 

2. Jeffery Wilson, b 28 Feb 1958. 

Chn of Gerry & Billie, b Omaha, Neb, 3j 

1. Michael Eugene Wilson, b 11 July I96I- 

2. Gwendolyn Wilson, b 19 Oct I963. 

3. John B. Wilson, b 5 Feb 1965. 


iii. John Earl Wilson^ son of Leland Jay Wilson k Berta Clare Gibbs, 

b 26 Oct 1935; in construction work; unmd. 
iv. Donna Margaret Wilson, twin, b 8 Nov 1936; md 23 June 1956, 

Richfield, Utah, Heaber H» Christensen, b 2 Sep 1925, Richfield, 

son of Arthur Orlando Christensen k Ethel Beckstead, Operate 

Doc & Dell Trailer Motel, 5198 S State St, Murray, Utah, 8U107. 

No chn. 
V. Don Gibbs Wilson, twin, b 8 Nov 1936; unmd„ 
vi. Merry Lee Wilson, b 13 Apr 19U5; md 28 Nov 196U, Guy Morgan 

Miller, b 13 Sep 19U1, Salina, Sevier, Utah, son of Harrison 

Morgan Miller & Bessie Dennis on. Had dau: 

1. Shauna Lee Miller, b 17 June 1965, Salt Lake City. 

22 WILLIAM "LAMAR" CLEMENTS, son of Joseph Edward Clements k Annie 
Marie Christensen, b h Feb 1917, Jterican Fork, Utah; md 9 Aug 1937, American 
Fork, LAURA ALICE ASHTON, b 20 Mar 1920, Lehi, Utah, dau of Warren Ashton k 
Mary Ellen Baker, Lamar empl by Geneva Steel Co. Res 81i Grant Ave^, American 
Fork, Utah, Chn, b American Fork, 5s 

i, Larry LaMar Clements, b 29 Nov 1937; md in Las Vegas^ Nev, 

Shirley Anderson, b 15 June I9UI5 Pleasant Grove, Utah, dau of 
Loysal LeRoy Andersen. Larry served in US Air Force h yrs. Res 
Elm St, American Fork, Utah, Had dau: 

1. Marjorie Lynn Clements, b 28 July 1965, American Fork. 

ii. Mary Ellen Clements, b 7 May 19U3; md 2 July I96I;, Dale Orson 

Spencer, b 13 Dec 1937, Kanab, Kane, Utah, son of Howard Spencer 
k Ella Margret Cox. Mary Ellen is an LPN; worked 1 yr in 
American Fork Training Schoolj later for Dr, Doyle Barrett, MD, 
Pleasant Grove. Res 107 S 3rd W, American Fork, Utah. Had son: 

1, David Orson Spencer, b 17 May I966, American Fork. 

iii. Thyra Ann Clements, b 23 Dec 19h5; md lU Apr 1965, Salt Lake 

City, Kendall Edward Durrant, b 23 Nov 19ii3, of Pleasant Grove, 
son of Eugene Durrant k Betty Ferguson. Res 867 W 5th N, Orem, 
Utah. Had dau: 

lo Jolene Durrant, b 9 Sep I966, American Fork. 

iv. Julia Clements, b 21 Apr 1950. 
V. Joel William Clements, b 10 Aug 1951;. 


}h MINNIE CHRISTINE CHRISTENSEN, dau of Jacob Christensen k Annie Cath- 
erine Hansen, b 23 Aug I886, Deseret, Utah, d 28 Jan 1936, Lehi, Utah, bur 
1-2 Feb 1936, Pleasant Grove, Utah; md li; Nov 190I1, Eureka, Utah, GEORGE 
WASHINGTON CURTIS, b 22 Feb I883, Salem, Utah, d 2 Aug 1955, Pro^o, Utah, 
bur Payson, Utah, son of Samuel Thomas Curtis k Sarah Olive Butler, George I 
followed occupations of a miner in Eureka, Bingham, and Park City: farmer: I 
and railroad laborer. He died of miner's consumption, I 


Chn of Minnie & George, 10: 

i. George Leverl Curtis, b 1 Feb 1906, Eureka, d 6 Mar 19Ul; unmd. 
23 ii. Clara Olive Curtis, b 12 Oct 1907; md Albert Lewis Conder. 

iii. Merland Jacob Curtis, b 9 Jan 1909, Marshfield, Idaho; unmd. 
2l£ iv. Anna Bell Curtis, b lU Apr 1910; md Glen "B" Davis. 

V. Aleen Georgia Curtis, b 16 Mar 1912, Marshfield; md 9 Mar 1936, 
American Fork, Utah, Edward Conder, b 9 Dec 1909, American Fork, 
son of Benjamin Henry Conder & Mary Ellen Macklin. Dau: 

1, LaDenna Fay Curtis Conder, b 22 Dec 1930, Salem, Utah; 
md 30 Oct 19U7} Duchesne, Utah, Allen Charles Humes, b 
l6 Mar 1928, Duchesne, son of Joseph Alma Humes & Elva 
Young, Chn, b American Fork, 3s 

( 1) Allen Joseph Humes, b 20 Aug 19U8. 

( ii) Jeanette Humes, b 10 Nov 19^2. 

(iii) Jay Do Humes, b 18 Oct 1962. 

vi. Emma Lyle Curtis, b 10 July 191U-15, Marshfield, d 1? Jan I9I8. 
25 vii. Purcie Minnie Curtis, b 31 Dec I916; md Charles Johns White, 
viii. Son Curtis, b Burley, Idaho, abt 1918, dy. 

iXo Gracie May Curtis, b 29 Aug 1919j Rupert, Cassia, Idaho; md 

18 July I9I43, Lee Oscar Smidth, do 
X. Vernice Curtis, b lU July 192U, Declo, Idaho; md (1) 10 Feb 19U0, 
Clifford Eugene Tanner, b 28 Feb 1919> Payson, Utah, son of Leon 
Tanner & Doris Tweedy, div; rod (2) 1 Feb 19U7, Provo, Utah, 
Glen Mayer, welder, b 31 July 1915, Payson, son of David Samuel 
Mayer & Minerva McClellan, Glen md (1) 6 Oct 1936, Beatrice 
Josephine Sumner, b 13 Aug 1919, Bloomington, Neb, d 20 Aug I963, 
San Francisco, dau of James Breckenridge Sumner & Zona Ethel 
Bradley, diVo Dau of Vernice & Clifford, adopted by Glen Mayer: 

1, Carma LiiDean Tanner Mayer, b 10 Mar I9UI, Payson; md 
19 Mar i960, Richard Leroy Jacobsen, b 5 July 1933> 
Hinckley, Utah, son of Ifilliam LeRoy Jacobson & Mildred 
Slaughter, Richard md (1) 29 Dec 1951, Vivian Louise 
Bailey, div, Chn of Carma & Richard, 2; 

( i) Tracy Lynn Jacobson, b 28 Apr I96I, Ogden, Utah, 
(ii) Terry Lu Jacobson, b 31 Aug 1965, Sandy, Utah. 

Son of Vernice & Glen: 

1, David Charles Mayer, b 26 Oct 19U7, Provo, Utah. 

23 CLARA OLIVE CURTIS, dau of George Washington Curtis & Minnie Chris- 
tine Christensen, b 12 Oct 1907, Eureka, Utah; md 22 June 1929, Provo, Utah, 
ALBERT LEWIS CONDER, b I6 Apr 1906, American Fork, Utah, son of Benjamin 
Henry Conder & Mary Ellen Macklin, Res 1266 E 1st S, A;nerican Fork, Utah. 
Chn, b American Fork, 7: 

i. Son Conder, b & d 5 May 1930. 

ii, Olive Conder, b & d 2U Aug 1931 « 

iii. Guy Lewis Conder, b 23 Aug 1932; unmd, 

ivo Albert Guner Conder, b 6 Feb 193h, d 11 Feb 193i4<. 





Glen David Conder, son of Albert Lewis Conder & Clara Olive 
Curtis, b 30 July 1935, d h Mar 1958, Prove, Utah, follo^^^g ^n 
auto accident; md 10 Oct 1955, Mary Ellen Whittner, b 22 Mar 
1938, Boulder, Emery, Utah, dau of William Whittner & Hilda 
Thompson of Lehi. Mary Ellen md (2) Robert Jacobs of Lehi. 
Dau of Glen k Mary Ellen: 

1. Connie Conder, b 25 Oct 1955, Lehi, Utah. 

Merland Conder, b 18 Dec 1936j unmdo 

Lloyd Earl Conder, b h Apr 1938; md 19 Oct I960, Elko, Nev, 
Mrs. Barbara Ann Arnoldus, b 29 Mar Barbara Ann md (1) 
Carl Arnoldus. Son of Lloyd & Barbara Ann: 

1, David Earl Conder, b 27 Mar 1962, American Fork, 

2U ANNA BELL CURTIS, dau of George Washington Curtis 4 Minnie Christine 
Christehsen, b li; Apr 1910, Marshfield, Idaho; md 10 May 1928, Salt Lake City, 
GLEN "B" DAVIS, b 3 Dec 1907, Salem, Utah, son of Charles William Davis & 
Eleanor Thomas. Glen empl by Geneva Steel Co. Res Salem, Utah. Chn, 7: 

i. Dail Curtis Davis, b 21 Aug 1928, Salem; md 27 Feb 1952, Elko, 
Nev, Mary Leah Holt, b 25 Mar 1931, Spanish Fork, Utah, dau of 
Lewis Payton Holt & Alta Rosa Blackett. Mary md (l) Leon I, 
Angus. Dail served in US Navy; empl Geneva Steel Mine, Res 
Landers, Wyo. Chn, b Payson, Utah, U: 

1. Rodney H. Davis, b 17 Mar I9I48 (adopted). 

2. Blaine Holt Davis, b 23 Sep 1950 (adopted). 

3. Larry Dale Davis, b 9 Aug 1955" 
U. Susan Davis, b 29 Mar 1957. 

ii. Norma Louise Davis, b 8 Jan 1935, Salem; md 28 Mar 1958, Reno, 
Nev, Kendall Brown Peterson, b 21 May 1929, Salt Lake City, son 
of Karl Peterson & Ethel Brown, div. Norma is Civil Service 
employee. Salt Lake City. Chn, 32 

1. Martie Davis Peterson, b 8 Sep 1958, Salt Lake City. 

2. Norma Kae Peterson, b 28 Aug 1959, Salt Lake City. 

3. Matthew Curtis Peterson, b 3 June I96I, San Jose, Calif. 

iii. George Anna Davis, b 22 Feb 1937, Salem, 
iv. DeeAr Glade Davis, b lU Sep I9I16, Payson, Utah; serving in US 
Marines; musician, 
V. Charles Lalfer Davis, b 23 Dec 1952, Payson. 
■vl. Kayleen Davis, b 13 Dec 1955, Payson. 
vii. Delania Davis, b & d 9 Aug 1958, Payson. 

25 PURCIE MINNIE CURTIS, dau of George Washington Curtis & Minnie Chris- 
tine Christensen, b 31 Dec I916, Marshfield, Idaho; md 3 June 193U, Pleasant 
Grove, Utah, CHARLES JOHNS WHITE, b I3 Oct 1913, Mt Pleasant, Utah, son of 
Dudley White & Clara Susan Young. Res 263 Sweetwater St, Lander, Wyo, 82520. 

Chn of Purcie Minnie Curtis & Charles Johns White, 3: 

i. Carol Deen White, b 29 Jan 1935, Pleasant Grove, Utah] md 6 Aug 
1951, Provo, Utah, Billy LaWaun "Ike" Williams, b 2 May 1933, 
Provo, son of Charles Williams & Veda Marinda Penrod. Res 1210 
Hillcrest Dr, Springville, Utah. Chn, b Provo, U: 

lo Terry Diane Williams, b lU June 1952. 

2o Billy Dean Williams, b lU Dec 1953. 

3. Wendy Lee Williams, b 28 June 1955. 

U, Carl "Wayne" Williams, b 5 Sep 1957. 

iio Clara Norreta "Rita" White, b 20 Aug 1937, Provo; md (1) 21 Nov 
1953, Provo, Joseph Quintana, b 5 Mar 193U, Roosevelt, Utah, son 
of Charles & Phoebe Quintana; md (2) 8 Aug 1959, Ely, Nev, 
Richard Caine, b 17 July 1932, Salt Lake City, son of Joseph & 
June Caine. Res lOOU W 500 N, Orem, Utah. 
Chn of Joseph & Rita, 2; 

1, Debora Jo Caine , b 15 May 1955, Tooele, Utah. 

2, Donna Jean Caine , b 2 Aug 1956, Provo, Utah. 

iii, Charles "Jay" White, b 21 Mar 1953, Provo. 


15 ALBERT "BERT" FRANKLIN CHRISTENSEN, son of Jacob Christensen k Annie 
Catherine Hansen^ b 15 Oct I89I, Deseret, Utah; md 21 June 1916, Salt Lake 
City, MABEL EI#IA GREENWOOD, b 12 Apr I892, American Fork, Utah, dau of William 
Julian Greenwood & Mary Sophie Johnson. 

When Bert was a young boy, he moved with his parents' family from Deseret 
to Eureka, where he attended school and lived for 21 months after he and Mabel 
were married. In March I9I8 they moved to American Fork, where Bert began 32 
years of employment in the furniture department of Chipman Mercantile Co. He 
retired from managing that department in 1950 and was employed with the Alpine 
School Dist. He has been active in church affairs and is nov7 serving as a 
member of the ward High Priest group. Among his civic responsibilities, he 
has been city councilman for 2 terms, life member of American Fork Fire Dept, 
leader in precinct and district affairs of Democratic Party, Mabel has served 
as Relief Society visiting teacher 35 years. They celebrated their 50th wed- 
ding anniversary in June I966, Res 339 N 2nd E, American Fork, Utah. 
Chn, b American Fork, 6j 

i. Earl Jacob Christensen, b 19 June 1917, d 29 July 1917- 
ii. John "Howard" Christensen, b 25 June I918; md 31 Oct 19U5, Salt 
Lake City, Elda Clark, b 7 Aug 1923, Pleasant Grove, Utah, dau 
of Clifford Remain Clark & Rhoda Barnes, Howard was empl by 
Chipman Mercantile Co before serving in US Army, Infantry Div; 
was with the first draft in American Fork, Feb 19U1; received 
his basic training at Ft Lewis, Wash; served in Pacific during 
World War II; honorably discharged July 19U5. Has been a sales- 
man for many years, also manager of grocery store; presently 
salesman for Paramount Beauty Supply Co of Salt Lake City. Res 
Midvale, Utah, Has dau: 

1, Shari Lyn Christensen, b 3 Jan 1950, Salt Lake City, 




Clifford Cecil Christensen, b 11 July 1920; md 20 fan 19U7, Salt 
Lake City, Joyce Abel, b 11 Aug 1923, American Fork, dau of 
Edward Abel k Moneta Jolley. Clifford took special machinist 
training at Hill Air Force Base; entered US Navy Air Force Aug 
19U2: was member of a patrol bombing squadron in SW Pacific; 
Petty Officer First Class when honorably discharged in Jan 19U6. 
Has been secretary for YIMIA & secretary of Elders Quorum. Empl 
US Postal Service in American Fork. Res Alpine, Utah. 
Chn, b American Fork, h'. 

1. Dale Clifford Christensen, b 3 Nov 19U8. 

2. Jana Christensen, b l8 Dec 19^1 <■ 

3. Scott Edvjard Christensen, b 29 Dec 19^6. 
U. Alan Jay Christensen, b 12 May 1965- 

Albert "Jay" Christensen, b 5 Aug 1922; md 11 Aug 19U3, Provo, 
LuJean Stephens, b 2$ Mar 1925, Twin Falls, Idaho, dau of Arthur 
Myrthn Stephens k Hortense Lowe . Jay served in Signal Corps of 
US Army in the European Theater during World War II; was honor- 
ably discharged Oct 19U5; is a sheet metal worker and also empl 
by Geneva Steel as a millwright. Among church positions held: 
Presidency of Elders Quorum; Cub Scout leader; High Priest. Res 
1010 E 3rd S, Provo, Utah. Chn, b Provo, h: 

1. Jayanne Christensen, b 17 Aug 19hh; md 12 July I963, 
Provo, Kent Graham Jarvis, b 23 Jan 19U2, Provo, son of 
Keith Jarvis & Marian Graham. Had son: 

(i) Ryan Jarvis, b 19 Jan 1966, Provo. 

2. Susan Christensen, b 21 Apr 19U8, 

3. Randy J Christensen, b 7 Apr 1953- 
U. Cindy Christensen, b 2k Feb 1955= 

V. Carma Ann Christensen, b 10 Jan 1926, d 29 Nov 1926. 
vi. Gladys Christensen, b 22 Aug 1929; md 29 Mar 1956, Salt Lake 
City, Earl Glen Clark, b 13 Dec 1928, Lehi, Utah, son of Earl 
Glen Clark, Sr, & Melba Clara Goates. Gladys attended LDS Bus 
School and BYU; has been stenographer for Continental Bank in 
Salt Lake City and Geneva Steel; filled LDS mission in Calif 
1951-52. Among church positions held: Sunday School teacher; 
president & teacher, YWMIAj president & teacher. Primary; member, 
Ward Choir; Scout director in Lehi Stake Primary Board. Earl is 
empl by Hercules Powder Co. Res 28l N 3rd E, Lehi, Utah. Chn, Us 

1. Glen Albert Clark, b 23 Dec 1956, American Fork. 

2. Carren Clark, b 6 Feb 1959, Lehi. 

3. Janet Clark, b 23 Nov I96I, Lehi. 

U. Marlene Clark, b 6 Feb I966, American Fork. 


16 ALMA LARENZO "DOCK" CHRISTENSEN, son of Jacob Christensen & Annie 
Catherine Hansen, b 2U July 1897, Deseret, Utah; md I6 Oct 1918, Salt Lake 
City, ELLA GREEN'/^OOD, b 27 Ifey I89U, American Fork, dau of William Julian 
Greenwood & Mary Sophie Johnson. Ella md (1) 28 June 1913, Provo, James 
Milton Pulley, b 7 Apr I89O, American Fork, d 7 Feb 1920, Burley, Idaho, 
son of James Henry Pulley & Alice Melissa Thornton. Dock and Ella lived 


the first part of their married life in American Fork. They later moved to 
Salt Lake City, where Dock was in the trucking business for 25 years, Ella 
has been active in church work all her life; served in the Relief Society and 
DUP. They live in a new and beautifully appointed home at 563 N 2nd E, 
American Fork. Chn of Dock & Ella, 3 J 

i. Harold Alma Christensen, b 25 Jan 1920, American Fork; md 26 Aug 
19U6, Salt Lake City, Helen Hales, b 2U Mar 1922, Spanish Fork, 
Utah, dau of Edward Moroni Hales & Bell Hodson, Harold served in 
World War II; he is an officer in Cate Equipment Co. rtes 2521 
Evening Star Dr, Salt Lake City, Utah. Had dau: 

1. Linda Christensen, b 25 Mar 1952, Salt Lake City. 

ii. Kenneth "Wendell" Christensen, b 22 Feb 1923, Magna, Utah; md (l) 
23 Sep 19U5, Walla Walla, Vfash, Doris Richwine, b 29 Oct 1920, at 
North Webster, Ind, dau of Robert & Mary Richwine, div; md (2) 
19 July 1963, Nampa, Ida, Fern Johnson, b 12 Aug 1923, Rexburg, Ida, 
dau of Alviras Burbank V/illiams & Sylvia Jensen. Wendell served 
3 yrs in US Army during World War II. He received a scholarship to 
Univ of Moscow, Idaho, and was grad from that Univ. He is a Parks 
Commissioner. Res Lincoln Park, Nampa, Ida. Chn of Wendell <§t 
Doris, 2; 

1. Dan Eric Christensen, b 11 Sep 19U6, Moscow, Ida; md 22 
Feb I96U, Frances Diana Christensen, b 1 Oct 19U6. Son: 

( i) Gary Dean Christensen, b 21 Aug 196h. 

2. Wendy Christensen, b I8 Mar 1951, Nampa, Ida. 

iii. Dorothy Christensen, b 10 Feb 1925, Salt Lake City; md 15 Apr 

I9U6, Salt Lake City, Ramon Peter Ecker, b 7 Mar 1925, Salt Lake 
City, son of Peter S. Ecker & Gudrun Kaalstad, Ramon served 3 yrs 
in Signal Corps during World War II, in the European & Pacific 
theaters; grad of Univ of Utah; photographer. Res I696 Creek Rd, 
Sandy, Utah, Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 5: 

1. David Ray Ecker, b 22 Jan 19U7; md 12 Aug I96U, Salt Lake 
City, Lauralee Corwell, b 1950, Salt Lake City, dau of 
Lee Corwell, Res 7635 S 330 E, Midvale, Chn, b in 

Salt Lake City, 2: 

( i) Kathy Ecker, b 30 Oct I96U. 
(ii) Karen Ecker, b Sep I966. 

2. Susan Ecker, b 13 Feb 1950, 

3. Kristine Ecker, b 27 May 1951 » 

i;, Scott Kenneth Ecker, b 23 Apr 1956. 
5, Robert Craig Ecker, b 25 Aug 1965. 

Son of Ella & James Milton Pulley: 

i. Gilbert "Dazel" Pulley, b 21 Mar 19lU, American Fork; md 1 Oct 
1935, Salt Lake City, Silvia Shipley, b 21 Aug 1910, American 
Fork, dau of Willard John Shipley & Sylvia Frances Bromley, Res 
553 N 2 E, American Fork, Utah, Chn, b American Fork, 2: 

1, Barbara Pulley, b 6 Sep 1937; md 15 Aug 1958, Salt Lake 
City, Gary McCormick Elton, b 6 Aug 1935, Mammoth, Juab, 
Utah, son of George Clark Elton & Irma Undyne McCormick. 

2. Elizabeth Pulley, b 15 June 19U3; md 1 Oct I96I;, Nolan 
Lynn Healey. 



Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den Id l5 Jan 1901, Deseret, Millard, Utah, bur 
Deseret Cem, son of Morten Eliasen & Matte Sorensen; md (l) ANNA MARIA NIELSEN 
CHRISTENSEN, b 2U May I836, Taars, Hjor, Den, d 22 July 1879, Pleasant Grove, 
Utah, Utah, bur Pleasant Grove Cem, dau of Niels Christensen & Mette Jensen; 
md (2) 29 Sep l873, Salt Lake City, Utah, £ MARY ANNA CHRISTENSEN, b 9 Apr 
1853, West Hormested, Hjor, Den,^ d 28 Dec 1909, Deseret, bur Deseret Cem, dau 
of Jens Christensen & Margrete Jacobsen. 

The subject of this sketch was named after his grandfather, Morten Svend- 
sen, who lived on the small island of Tromoy near the southeastern coast of 
Noi*way and died in the year 1786. 

Sadness came into the Morten Eliasen household in I836 on the third day 
of yoiing Marten Svend's life when his mother passed away. It was then a 
struggle for the infant to live, because in his generation comparatively 
little was known about the proper artificial feeding of babies. The boy was 
brought through the first months of his life on a formula of thickened cow' s 
milk. In his later years, he made the remark to his children that he became 
very tired of thickened cow's milk, every meal, every day of his early life. 
His aunt, Ane Sorensen, cared for him until he was 2 1/2 years old, at which 
time his father remarried to a widow by the name of Margrethe Christensen and 
they moved from Fristrup,^ 

Because of his father's pecuniary conditions. Marten Svend began working 
when he was 6 1/2 years old. There were seven children to rear and there was 
no other income except that which his father could earn with his hands as a 
laborer. The latter had been an underprivileged orphan, left to earn his 
sustenance after Marten Svend's grandfather, a Norwegian sea captain, was 
lost at sea. 

Therefore, Marten Svend, early in life, helped to provide a livelihood 
for himself and father's family, sometimes begging for milk, and working at 
various jobs, farming, and herding sheep. He recorded in his autobiography: 

I continued to work for my "bread" every summer and until late in 
the winter, as long as I could stay with strangers. I took in this way 

IPar rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book $ , p 28, \inder surname of Mortensen 
(GS ser no 9001, pt 2). 

2par rec of Hormested, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 87, under surname of Jensen 
(GS ser no 9092, pt U). 

3See pedigree, pp 215 & 216. 

i^Events in the life of Marten Svend, from I833 to 1862, are recorded 
a short autobiography he wrote in the Danish language in the year 1865, 
which journal is in poss of Evan M. Croft, 1235 Aspen Ave, Provo, Utah. 




much hardship and abuse and was barely provided with clothing and sub- 
sistence » During this time I was mostly in the hands of strangers, and 
the men I worked for didn't care very much for me; however, some few of 
them gave me clothing when they saw my poor circumstances. My father 
had much to do to care for seven children with a stepmother who was lame 
and couldn-t get around very well. Every winter I came home to my father 
to attend school to learn something, but it was very little. Much of the 
time I lived with a brandy-maker who was my teacher and whose name was 
Nevi, The school was in the town of Konne in Vreile County. I was out 
of school much of the time because of my father's poor circumstances. 
I and my brothers had to go around in the nearby villages and beg for 
milk for the household, but father earned enough for bread and after that 
we had improved conditions at home. Even though I was not very good in 
studies, I was confirmed by Pastor Jensen in Vreile in l850. 

Marten Svend's father died in Hogst Mark on 21 Feb l855, after two years' 
illness. Immediately after the funeral a group gathered at his home, among 
whom was a Mormon (Jens Peter Christensen) who bore his testimony. 

Although this testimony was not regarded highly by the congregation as- 
sembled at that time, it had a lasting influence upon Marten Svend, He had 
attended the Lutheran and other churches, but, as Marten Svend stated, he 
"found no life, or spirit, or power there," and "felt more like apostatizing." 
He was thus in a great state of bewilderment, as his diary recorded: 

Regarding worship of God, I went some time to the Lutheran Church 
but found no life, or spirit, or power there. Some of the time I went 
to other churches, but found no progress with them. It was all after the 
way and teachings of the world. 

In May i860 I irent to work for the Rasgelum Priest, It was light 
work and I could do almost as I pleased, but I had to care for the Priest 
at night and had to run to town to the various shops so much that all in 
all I had little free time. Regarding the worship of God, I learned very 
little from the Priest, although I went to church every day to hear what 
was said, but I found no life or power there and felt more like aposta- 

In May I86I he found employment in a mill at Hjorring and had the privi- 
lege of hearing the teachings of the LDS Church, He began to seek out the 
LDS teachings and investigate the gospel. A new light came to him, and the 
new gospel it represented relieved his conscience. As he recorded: 

Then another light came to me and I understood that the world had 
fallen into darkness and evil and I had not accepted the true teachings 
which could save me^ I began to seek out the Latter-day Saints' teach- 
ings and investigate the gospel, I became relieved of the condition I 
had been in and from then on I sought after freedom. 

I came to .iasmus Christen Knudsen, I had the privilege of hearing 
the Latter-day Saints' teachings there — I attended their meetings in 
Moelhaegen and liked what they had to say. 

In Hjorring on 12 May I86I he was baptized a member of the LDS Church by 
J. C. Co Ostenkjer and confirmed by the same. Three months later, in August, 
he was ordained a Teacher and he experienced great joy and happiness with the 
Saints o He stated in his journal: 


I had the opportunity to meet with them quite often after that and 
recei^d happiness and uplift, I received hope and a feeling of eternal 
Se Sat I never before had known. I was ordained a Teacher the 12th 
of lu^st by Tc. A. Weibye. I continued to go to all the meetings xt 
was pSsible for me to attend and I experienced joy and happiness by do - 
Zl so! I stayed with the Saints until November. All went peacefully 
and well. 

On 1 November l86l he was called to accompany Niels Londstrom on a mis- 
sion in the Harrelser Branch of Denmark. They went from house to house 
without purse or script, to bear their testirr,ony of the truthfulness of the 
gospel, as he reported: 

I went with him to the surrounding towns from house to house to bear 
testimony regarding the great Truth we had accepted. I was happy and 
joyful but felt my humbleness in testifying to so great a thing, but all 
went well in spite of much hardship. 

His diary records his missionary experiences up to 9 February 196U. This 
year was one of extreme hardship for the people of Denmark, for their peaceful 
homeland became a battle site. The war that had been threatening between 
Denmark and Prussia-Austria, over the Schlesvig-Holstein region of southern 
Denmark, broke out on February 1st. Many of the able-bodied Elders were 
called from their missions to take up arms in defense of their country. By 
May 136U the Danish forces marched in retreat through Jutland, with the vic- 
torious Prussians in hot pursuit. This caused a great deal of trouble for 
the missionaries yet laboring in that part of Denmark. In some places the 
Germans took possession of the Saints' meeting halls and prevented meetings. 
Some of the brethren were even taken as prisoners and tried as spies. The 
foreign armies that remained there exacted heavy taxes from the already hard- 
pressed inhabitants. 

These were some of the unhappy circumstances in Denmark that led Marten 
Svend to look forward to a land of freedom and opportunity. Notes in his 
journal indicate that he frequently attended a school where he could learn 
the English language. He apparently felt the "Spirit of Gathering to Zion" 
that was strong among the Saints at this time, and he studied and made 
preparations for living in an English culture in the New World. 

Vendyssel Conference records indicate that he left that congregation on 
29 April 1865 in order to emigrate to America. ■'• He joined the company of 557 
emigrating Saints who left Copenhagen for Kiel by the steamer "Aurora" on 
U May l865. From Kiel they took a train to Altona, where they were met by 
Pres Daniel H Wells and Elder George Reynolds, who had come from England to 
instruct and encourape them. They and the presiding Elders of Denmark accom- 
panied them as they traveled by steamboat on the Elbe River to the city of 
Hamburg. They were at once placed on board the double-decked ship "B. S. 
Kimball," an American vessel. On Sunday, the 7th, services were held on 
deck and Pres Wells dedicated the ship, its captain, and the passengers to 
the Lord. About noon the next day, Monday the 8th, the ship lifted anchor 
and was drawn by a smaller boat to Gluckstadt, where Pres Wells and the other 
European Elders disembarked. On Wednesday, May 10th, the ship set out upon 
the open seas. Since the captain thought a colder climate would be better 

IVendyssel Conference, Den, Book 1201; , p 9 (GS ser no 8551, pt l5). 


for the passengers' health, he routed the ship through the North Sea and north 
of Scotland, This was the first time a company of Scandinavian LDS emigrants 
was taken directly from the continent to America without a stop in England. 

One of the passengers recorded in his journal the following memorable 
incidents that occurred during the voyage: At one time a fire broke out in 
the vessel and created a period of panic among the passengers. During the 
latter part of the journey, the drinking water became so bad they had to mix 
it with vinegar in order to swallow it, and many became ill on this account. 
The boat likewise could have provided more comfort for the passengers had it 
been equipped with air pipes; the lower decks received only the air that could 
come through the stairways. But a long- to-be -remembered highlight of the voy- 
age was their meeting a ship going east from America which informed them of 
the victory of the Union Army in the Civil War; all the passengers were 
ordered on deck, and they shouted cheers for the Red, White, and Blue. 

Andrew Jenson reported that: 

With the exception of one single day's storm the weather was very 
fair and favorable during the entire voyage. The captain was kind to 
the emigrants and the sick received good treatment. Three meals of warm 
food each day were served to all. Three adults died on the sea and 
about tvjenty-five children died of measles and the scarlet fever o^ 

Jensen's account stated that on II4 June, after a month's sojourn on the 
ocean, the emigrants arrived in New York harbor. The following day they dis- 
embarked at Castle Garden, whence they proceeded by train across New York 
State via Albany and Niagara, thence to Detroit, Chicago, and Quincy, Illinois, 
where they arrived on 20 June, They ferried across the Missouri River and 
spent two nights in the woods without tents or shelter, on the Missouri side. 
Bridges had been washed out by the rain, so that the trains could not proceed 
until the 22nd, and they did not reach St Joseph until the 23rd. On the 25th 
they boarded a steamboat up the Missouri River and on the 26th arrived at 
Wyoming, Nebraska, the outfitting place for the western trek. Seven had died 
between New York and St Joseph, 

Since the Church that year had not sent any teams from the Valley to the 
Missouri River to assist the poor Saints to travel to Utah, the price of oxen 
was much higher than in past years. The cost of a wagon was $200 in green- 
backs or $100 in gold, and the price of a yoke of oxen was $150. However, 
the Elder in charge of the emigrants, arranged for assistance to be given to 
the poor Saints by having each wagon carry 1000 pounds of Eastern freight 
along with 2000 pounds of the Saints' luggage. 

For five weeks, in the excessive June and July heat, the company re- 
mained at the outfitting place, arranging for the journey across the Plains. 
On 31 July, most of the Saints left Wyoming in a company consisting of U5 
oxteams. At first the traveling was slow as the roads were bad on account 
of previous rains. 

After passing Ft Laramie on 19 Sept, the company experienced some prob- 
lems with Indians, who were particularly hostile that year and had a few 
days previously killed a number of travelers and stolen their cattle. Here, 

^Hist of Scand Mission, p I86. ^Ibid, p l81i. 


u A +v.^„Kio T-T-ith thp Red Man, While some of the emigrants 
then, the company had f °^^^^ J^f ^^J^^f ^^r l6 well-armed Indians sprang 
were driving the oxen to watering places, ±u oi xu wcj. +Hof+ 

?rom ZLush'and tried to steal the cattle. /^^^^^^^f^^^P^^^^^^^^s anf ^ 
by opening fire, but some of them were wounded by bullets and arrows and an 
emigrSlt woman from Copenhagen was taken captive and carried off by the 
Indians. They never learned of her fate. 

At Sweetwater they were met by a relief train from the Valley, consist- 
ing of UU mule teams and loaded with provisions. This assistance was used 
in relieving the sick and invalids. 

Snow had started to fall, and the company had to shovel and clear away 
snow before they could erect their tents. The time consumed at the outfitting 
place in Nebraska had delayed their trek until inclement weather had set in 
by the time they reached the high plateau regions. 

It was 8 Nov before they reached Salt Lake City, There they camped on 
Eighth Ward Square, where the City and County Building now stands. Pres 
Brigham Young came and shook hands with them, welcoming them to Zion and con- 
gratulating them on their successful arrival. "It had taken the company 190 
days to travel from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Salt Lake City, Utah, namely, 
U2 days from Copenhagen to New York, 12 days from New York to Wyoming, 36 
days preparing for the journey across the Plains, and 100 days' travel from 
Wyoming to Salt Lake City."-'- 

Marten Svend often told his children of his experiences driving an ox- 
team across the Plains after leaving Wyoming, Nebraska, and of his walking 
most of the way. The Saints at first experienced difficulties in driving the 
oxen as the animals were not used to Scandinavian orders and management, and 
they would leave the road and run away with the wagons. Fording the rivers 
was another great problem; many teamsters had to hold onto their oxen or to 
the wagons to keep from drowning. 

It is not definitely known where Marten Svend first settled in Utah 
after arriving in Salt Lake City. Tradition indicates that he went to 
Fountain Green, and he worked with his brother in Mt Pleasant. 

Sanpete and Sevier Counties were the scene of treacherous Indian upris- 
ings. Therefore, Marten Svend could not escape participation in the Black 
Hawk War that raged from 1865-186?. The Indians stole cattle from the set- 
tlers of Mt Pleasant and closeby communities, and several troops of 20-50 
men were called from time to time to join in the large campaigns against the 
marauders. Other settlers were called to serve in Mt Pleasant 's nightguard. 
Marten Svend told his children of some of his experiences as a member of the 
guard. For years his grave in the Deseret Cemetery was decorated with an 
American flag in commemoration of his services in the Black Hawk War. 

The latter part of 1867, Marten Svend was in Prove, living in Provo 2nd 
Ward, and married to Annie Marie Neilsen Christensen, also a native of 
Denmark who had settled in Provo. On 12 Jan 1868, Bishop Andrew H. Scott of 
Provo 2nd Ward signed a letter of recommendation for the transfer of their 
membership to Pleasant Grove. 

I jbid , p 186. 

2pieasant Grove, Utah, Ward Rec, p 1?$ (GS ser no 6l65, pt 28), 


The Borglum Parish registers of Hjorring, Den, show that he was chris- 
tened under the name of Morten Svend Mortensen. Likewise, the Vendyssel Con- 
ference records indicate his membership was listed under that name, and he 
was naturalized in America using that name. However, in line with a trend of 
the Scandinavian emigrants to retain the surname of their parents, and upon 
the advice of his dear friend, Bro Weibye, who had settled in Manti, Marten 
Svend assumed the surname of Eliason. His transfer of membership from Prove 
to the Pleasant Grove Ward indicates that he had already assumed this Angli- 
cized form of name by 1868. Church records also show that his children were 
all given the surname of Eliasono On the other hand, his brother, Hans 
Christian, retained the surname of Mortensen, and the latter 's children were 
blessed under the surname of Mortensen, according to early Mt Pleasant Ward 

On 12 Dec I87O, Marten Svend purchased from the City of Pleasant Grove 
2 acres of property lying straight east of the cemetery. It was situated in 
a beautiful hollow, adjacent to a large irrigation ditch (Mill Creek). Here 
he built a home of soft rock, cut from blocks of an outcrop in the adjoining 
mountains. Many of the homes yet standing in this vicinity are constructed 
of this soft rock, and they provide warm and substantial homes. In 1938, 
when his daughter,Mary Croft, visited the old homesite, she recognized the 
house, although remodeled, and several fruit trees that Marten Svend had 
planted. She reported at that time that her father and N. C. S. Peterson had 
homesteaded land side by side on Provo Bench, but the lack of v;ater forced 
them to give up the property. 

In Pleasant Grove, on I8 Apr I868, Marten Svend' s wife Annie Maria bore 
him a son, whom they named Martin Swend, Jr. From this union, in due time, 
four other children were born. 

Marten Svend and his brother Hans Christian, from Mt Pleasant, frequently 
attended the General Conference sessions together in Salt Lake City. Follow- 
ing the spring Conference of 1872 they both received their patriarchal bless- 
ings from Patriarch Charles W, Hyde. 2 

Later in 1872, Jacob Christensen, a recent immigrant from Vendyssel Con- 
ference, came to Pleasant Grove and worked for Marten Svend. They became 
very good friends, Jacob told of his family in Denmark and how he was saving 
all the money he could earn working to send for his people. The following 
year, Jacob's brother Christian, and his sisters Mary Anna and Carrie arrived 
in Pleasant Grove, They crossed the Atlantic in the boat "Wisconsin" and 
journeyed across the states by train, arriving in Salt Lake City on 2k July 

Marten Svend' s interest in Jacob's sister Mary Anna had been aroused in 
their conversations together prior to her coming to America, Two months 
after her arrival, the ties between the Eliason and Christensen families 
were bound more closely vjith the marriage of Mary Anna to Marten Svend, They 
were sealed in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on 29 Sep 1373. Because 
of Marten Svend' s high standing in the Church, he was permitted to enter into 
this plural marriage. Mary Anna moved into a small house erected farther 
back on the property. Here three children were born to her and Marten Svend 
and their births are recorded in the Church registers of Pleasant Grove. 

lUtah Co Deeds, Vol C, p 589 (Lots $ Sc 6, Block 62, Plat A), 
2patriarchal Blsgs, Vol 77, p 207, 9 Apr 1872. 


The United Order began in Pleasant Grove in the year I87U and lasted for 
five years. Marten Svend's and his wives' rebaptisms into this Order indi- 
cate their sincerity in wishing to live exemplary lives. Every family had 
iS own iome and garden. There were a saw and lumber mill and store run on 
a cooperative basis; and the Saints made their own brooms, candles, and 
shoes Records in the Log Cabin Pioneer Relic Home m Pleasant Grove show 
that Marten Svend contributed various articles to the cooperative enterprise, 
including horses, cows, pigs, grain, fruit, potatoes, beans, rock for a 
granary, etc. 

He was always much impressed with life under this Holy Order and the good- 
ness of the people belonging to it. They did not covet each other's property. 
Shovels, rakes, hoes, and working equipment could be left in the iieids or 
wherever one was working without the owner fearing theft. Saints were per- 
mitted to go to the granary to fill their own sacks without an overseer. 

Marven Svend' s journal indicates that he found employment elsewhere. He 
worked in Bingham Canyon, and also around Mt Pleasant, where his brother was 
located. After a successful dam had been constructed on the Sevier River 
near Deseret, much interest was aroused in the land of that region. Church 
periodicals advertised thousands of acres of good land and plenty of water. 
Marten Svend and his brothers-in-law, Jacob and Christian Christensen, went 
there to work. His journal tells of his working in Deseret as early as Oct 
1878. He, Jacob, and Christian were so impressed with Millard Co that they 
decided to move their families there as soon as they could provide living 

Before the move was made, grief entered the household on 22 July l879 
when Anna Maria (Marten Svend 's first wife) passed away. Her body was laid 
to rest in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. She left a seven-months old child, 
Annie Matora, with the request that the baby be given for rearing to her very 
dear friend j Annie C. Andersen, first wife of Peter M, Andersen, who was 
childless. Marten Svend in later years made the remark that nothing in his 
life ever hurt him so much as giving away this child for rearing. Neverthe- 
less, he felt compelled to abide by his deceased wife's desires and her 
promise. Furthermore, the Andersens insisted on the fulfillment of Anna 
Maria's wish to give them possession of Annie Matora. 

Following the death of Anna Maria, his second wife Mary Anna moved into 
the larger home to care for the two families of children. While Marten Svend 
was working in Deseret, Mary Anna kept the families in Pleasant Grove. She 
maintained the farm, spun, sewed, and worked to provide for the children. 

In the latter part of l879> Marten Svend moved his family to Deseret, 
into a dugout home which he had made on the bank of the Sevier River, three- 
fourths of a mile straight west of the present church site. V/ithin a short 
while, a number of relatives and friends from Pleasant Grove were settled 
nearby, including the families of Jacob and Christian Christensen, Samuel 
W. Keller and his mother, John Christian Nelson, Nels Christian Soren Peter- 
son (N.C.S.), Adolph and Charles Warnick, Ike Alldredge, and others. 

Located so close to the Sevier River, the home of Marten Svend became 
flooded several times, and he repeatedly experienced great loss. He subse- 
quently, therefore, built an adobe home on higher gro\ind, one-half mile 
north of the first site (one-quarter of a mile west of the present Deseret 

^Pleasant Grove Ward rec (GS ser no 6l65, pt 28). 


He customarily left his home early of mornings, with a crust of bread in 
his pocket for his lunch, and walked to his farm to work all day. The land 
was not level, and a great deal of time and labor were required to bring it 
under cultivation. He and his sons cleared the greasewood away with grub- 
bing hoes and dug irrigation ditches by hand. 

Three more children were born to Marten Svend in Millard Co. Mary Anna 
was a good mother and continued to care for her step-children as though they 
were her own. Thus, the Eliason family was happy and prospered. Often 
Marten Svend declared, "I am proud of the country that has adopted me." He 
could speak only well of his government and of his church. He made a com- 
fortable living and a little extra; he owned two farms, one in Deseret, and 
the other near Oasis. He raised grain, alfalfa and alfalfa seed, and cattle. 

Enthusiastic and energetic by nature. Marten Svend took excellent care 
of his farms and kept his buildings and fences in good repair. He constructed 
pens for his cattle, his calves, and sheep. Some of the cattle sheds had 
strawstack roofs, and the chickens and turkeys made their nests there. It 
was a delight for the younger children and grandchildren to be boosted to the 
straw roofs to hunt for eggs. 

There was no means of refrigeration as we have in the present generation. 
But the Eliason family did not particularly need it. Marten Svend built a 
cellar under the milkhouse where water from a spring could flow around the 
pans of milk. (Evidence of the well remains to this dayo) His vegetable 
garden was situated just south of this well, where it could be watered 

In this arid region, water was a vital necessity for existence. Fre- 
quently, therefore, there were quarrels over irrigation water. N.CS. 
Peterson and Marten Svend had a misunderstanding, but they concluded that 
they were not manifesting a Christian spirit and that they should pray about 
the matter. They laid their shovels aside, knelt down together, and reached 
a peaceful settlement through prayer.'^ 

Honesty was another virtue Marten Svend taught his children by example 
as well as precept. His son, Ephraim, remembered the winter his father cared 
for a stray, crippled calf that was brought in from the range with the rest 
of the cattle. Marten Svend fed and cared for it until it was spring and 
time to return the cattle to the range. When his son suggested that they 
place the family brand upon the calf, his father replied, "No, it isn't 
ours." The calf was subsequently turned loose with the other cattle. 

The children helped in gathering fuel for the kitchen range and for use 
during the winters. Coal was not available, but there was an abundance of 
willovj trees and greasewoods, and a supply of cedar wood could be obtained 
from adjacent mountains. Usually the trip for cedar logs involved overnight 
camping and a two days' stay in the hills. 

Enough shee$> were raised to furnish wool for Mary Anna and her daughters 
to busy themselves in cleaning, carding, spinning, and knitting the wool into 
sweaters, mittens, and socks. Neighbors also brought their wool to them to 
knit into various articles of clothing. 


^As reported by his son, Ephraim Eliason. Ibid . 


Mary Anna was earnest in acquiring fluency in speaking the English lan- 
guage and used English in her contacts with her children to the extent that 
they did not master the Danish language. However, during her knitting and 
while amusing her children, she freauently counted her stitches in Danish. 

Sincerely interested in genealogical work. Marten Svend kept a "T" book 
in which he recorded data of his people, and he and Mary Anna did vicarious 
work in the Manti Temple.^ She made their temple garments out of unbleached 
muslin. Her brother, Jacob Christensen, and their niece, Anna Maria Thompson 
(who lived with and was adopted into the Eliason family'^) likewise were in- 
volved in record keeping and temple work. 

Death frequented the homes of the pioneers. There were no doctors in 
some communities to diagnose illnesses and prescribe remedies. The elderly 
women of the neighborhood were called upon to advise and do nursing; and 
Deseret was typical of such early settlements. 

The first member of the Eliason family to pass away in Deseret was little 
Anna Maria, who died in I88I at the age of one year. The next to pass away 
was Sweny, a boy about 16-17 years of age wlio was a great help to his father 
in caring for the cattle on the range. He complained of inflammation of the 
bowels; it was later thought that he must have suffered from an attack of ap- 

In I89U, Clara (a girl of 8) and James (a boy of I6) died of typhoid 
fever. Their sister Martha recalled that Clara passed away on New Years Day. 
Their brother James, too ill at the time to be disturbed with the sad news, 
was not informed of her decease. Four days later, just before he died, James 
seemed to hear his younger sister beckon him; he looked up and called, 
"Clara I" The children \indoubtedly contracted the fever after drinking water 
from the Eliason well, which had become infested with this dreaded germ from 
the cattle troughs situated on higher ground and draining into the well. 

During the severe of the winter of 1901, Marten Svend contracted pneu- 
monia. He died on 15 Jan, at the age of 6It, and was buried in the Deseret 
Cemetery. He had experienced many hardships and sorrows, but these were made 
light by his wonderful faith and vision. As a High Priest and a member of 
the High Council, he was called upon to direct the affairs of the Church in 
the community. Many remembered his fluent conversation and his well-modulated 
voice, which was raised in promulgating goodness among his fellow men and in 
bearing his fervent testimony. 

Soon after the death of Marten Svend, Mary Anna moved with her family 
into a home east of the town of Deseret, along the Oasis road. This property 
was located near the site of the Deseret Fairgrounds, 

A short while later, Mary Anna and her family moved into a 3-roomed home 
on the northeast corner of the main intersection of Deseret and on the busy 
thoroughfare that connected the railroad with the mining industries of that 
area of Utah and Nevada. From the front windows of their home the Eliasons 
could watch the freighters travel to and from the mines of Drum, Joy, Fish 
Springs, Ward, and Ely. Sometimes as many as 30 horse teams were lined up 


iManti Bapt, Book H, pp 2U7-8, 8 Dec I89I (GS ser no 230U7, pt 10): 
Manti End, pp 22-2U, 8-10 Dec I89I (GS ser no 230U9, pt 9). 
2see Chap I, pp 2-3. 



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in Deseret. Sheepherders drove their herds along this road as they moved from 
sununer to winter ranges in the south and west. Likewise, the Pahvant Indians 
came every fall on their way to gather pinenuts in the hills to the south. 

Deseret Cash Store was located directly across the street from the Elia- 
son home. Close by were other businesses that sold groceries, merchandise, 
and furniture, a livery stable, blacksmith shop, several hotels, a post 
office, a printing and newspaper establishment, etc. A short distance east 
of the Eliason home was Damrons Mercantile, which carried clothing, milli- 
nery, piece goods, drugs, groceries, coal oil, horse shoes and collars, hay, 
grain, etc., and provided other facilities such as corrals for sheep and cat- 
tle, camphouses, and campgrounds. Here the teamsters and sheepherders out- 
fitted themselves, and camped overnight or for several days. Here also the 
Indians, on their return trips from the hills x-Jith sacks of pine cones, dug 
large pits, filled them with rocks, and built fires on the rocks. When the 
stones were hot, they piled the pine cones on top, and buried them, to cook 
for a day. They traded the roasted nuts for supplies at the stores. 

The Eliason girls, Mary and Martha, found ready employment in this thriv- 
ing community. Mary worked for Josiah F, Gibbs and William A. Ray, who 
boarded the freighters, miners, and itinerants. Martha clerked in Damrons 
Mercantile for several years, both before and after she was married. 

The Eliason home was small, but its walls seemed to expand with socia- 
bility, love, and concern for others. Mary Anna, the mother, was known as 
"Grandma Eliason," for she was attentive and kind to all. At one time her 
home was the abode of the family of Amanda Croft Conk (her daughter 14ary's 
sister-in-law) so the children could attend school <, In November, while stay- 
ing with the Eliasons, Amanda bore a child and the same day became ill with 
typhoid fever. Soon Amanda's children were bedridden with the same disease, 
and Mary Anna cared for them. They were so ill they had to learn to walk 
again . 

Mary Anna had the ability of making friends, especially children. She 
saw that each had a pair of warm, hand-knitted mittens. She also invited 
them into her home to visit with her, and occasionally she delighted them 
with songs sung in Danish. She treated them with sugar and honey cookies 
from her well-stocked cookie jar. This was a large container with a handle 
on each side and a large flower painted on the front. She had known the 
feeling of hunger as a child, and she often remarked that she did not want 
"anyone to go hungry around her home." Hence she was also generous with her 
home-made bread. Rice served with cinnamon, cream, and sugar was a Christmas 
dish. Another family favorite was her suet pudding, served with nutmeg, 
sugar and milk. The children delighted in eating the hardened, outer cover- 
ing that she trimmed off before serving. 

Although she had several sons, Mary Anna felt that milking the family 
cow was a special privilege. This animal was pastured nearby. Sometimes it 
meandered across the flooded irrigation ditch and needed coaxing to return 
home for milking. Mary Anna's granddaughter, Arvilla, recalled an incident 
when she accompanied her grandmother to bring the cow home and was inveigled 
into crossing a ditch to get the animal. Her grandmother said, "See that 
dime over there?" Arvilla could not see the dime, but she was encouraged to 
take off her shoes, jump the ditch, and look for the money, A search was in 
vein, but her grandmother then added: "Well, now that you are over there, 
get the cow and I'll give you a dime when we get home," 


Mary Anna died 28 Dec 1909 at the age of $6, having survived her husband 
by 8 years. She was stricken with pneumonia, which she contracted as a re- 
sult of leaving her sick bed too soon to attend a Union Meeting. Through the 
years her charitable spirit served her well as a member and teacher in the 
Deseret Ward Relief Society. Upon her demise, the presidency of the Relief 
Society issued the following article: 

to the Memory of Sister Mary A Eliason who was born in Denmark, April 
9, 1853= She left her native country for the Gospel sake when about 
20 years of age. She was the mother of six children and 10 grandchildren. 

She departed this life December 28, 1909, at her home in Deseret, 
Utah, at the age of 56. She was a faithful member of the church until 
her death, also an active member and teacher in our Relief Society for 
many years. Was always on hand to her post of duty especially in looking 
after the sick and aged. She was also a great lover of children and was 
loved and respected by all who knew her. Was a woman of great faith and 
integrity to the Gospel, her testimony was always bright, her faith was 

Her life was worthy of emulation, for she was always active in the 
service of the Lord, Vfe esteem it a pleasant duty to testify of her 
faithfulness, as she has left a record that would be hard to surpass, 
she endeared herself to the hearts of the children as well as the older 
people. We cannot help missing those who are near and dear, it is only 
natural yet we would not call them back if we could, therefore we bow in 
submission, and try to acknowledge the hand of the Lord and not grieve 
the Holy Spirit but cherish its divine influence and go on our way try- 
ing to bear all things. We need not be forgetful of those that have 
gone. There are many beautiful things to remember that are past that 
will help us onward. The tenderness of the hours we have spent together 
can never die out. 

Our Dear Sister of whom we write has finished her mission here on 
earth and has made her calling and election sure, we believe, but it is 
only our duty to record the life and works of a woman like Sister 

She lived a beautiful and serene life and has gone to meet her loved 
ones, her noble husband to whom she gave her affections, also her chil- 
dren who have gone before , 

Resolutions: Therefore, be it resolved that we the Sisters of the 
Relief Society do sincerely sympathize with the bereaved family, and we 
mourn for one who was in every respect worthy of our love and esteem. 

Resolved, that in her death we recognize the loss of a true Saint 
and a faithful worker and express our hopes, though she has left us for 
a short time, yet it is well with her. For she has fought the good 
fight, and has kept the faith, and there is a crown of righteousness 
awaiting her in the Kingdom of God. 

She's gone, but to a rest so sweet 

To all the faithful given, 
may we earn through earthly life 
The same sweet bliss in heaven. 
May her devoted life on earth 
Of patience hope and love. 
Aid us to gain that prize of worth 
From Him who rules above. 

Resolved, that the resolutions be placed upon the record of our 
ward Relief Society and that they be published in the Womens Exponent 


and a copy be given to the bereaved family. Signed, Officers and Mem- 
bers of the Relief Society. 

Chn of Marten and 1st wife, Anna Maria, b in Pleasant Grove, $; 

26 i. Martin Svend Eliason, b l8 Apr 1868; md Augusta Sofia P. 

Anderson (Chap ?, p Ul). 

ii. Soren Eliason, b 2 Sep I87O, d 21; Jan 1926, Declo, Cassia, 
Idaho, bur Pleasant Grove Cem, by his mother; unmd. He and 
his elder brother had a sheep ranch in Tooele Co, Utah. 
Soren later moved to a homestead in Declo, where he raised 
potatoes, sugar beets, and grazed cattle. He also owned an 
island in the Northwest. (Picture, pp 37, U3) 

iii. Sweny Eliason, b 2 Oct 1872, d I888-89 of appendicitis, in 
Deseret, bur Deseret Cera; unmd. 

iv. John Eliason, b 9 Feb l875, d 1 Jan 1907, Pleasant Grove, 
bur Pleasant Grove Cem; unmd. John was a barber by trade. 
(Picture, p 1;3) • 

27 V. Annie Matora Eliason, b 30 Dec I878; md Robert Gardner 

Blackhurst (Chap VI, p kh) • 

Chn of Marten Svend and 2nd wife, Mary Anna, 6: 

28 i. Mary Eliason, b 9 July 187U; md Jacob Croft (Chap VII, p li7). 

29 ii. Martha Eliason, b 29 Oct 1875; md James Henry Mace 

(Chap VIII, p 63). 

iii. James Eliason, b 20 Feb I878, Pleasant Grove, d h Jan I89I1 

of typhoid fever, Deseret, bur Deseret Cem. (Picture, p 37) 

iv. Annie Marie Eliason, b 2U Mar I88O, Deseret, d 1 July I88I, 

30 V. Ephraim Jacob Eliason, b I6 Aug 1882; md Lois Hattie 

Robison (Chap IX, p 68). 

vi. Clara Christenia Eliason, b 15 Dec I886, Deseret, d 1 Jan 
I89U, Deseret, of typhoid fever, bur Deseret Cem. 
(Picture, p 37). 



26 MARTIN SVEND ELIASON, son of Marten Svend Eliason & Anna Maria 
Nielsen Christensenj, b I8 Apr I868, Pleasant Grove, Utah, d 27 Mar 1929, 
Salt Lake City, Utah, bur 31 Mar 1929, Wasatch Burial Park, Salt Lake City; 
md 21 Feb 1907, Tooele, Utah, AUGUSTA SOFIA P. ANDERSON, b 20 Nov 1879, 
Holmestad, Skaraborgs Lan, Sweden, dau of August Persson Anderson k Sofia 
Kristina Fihn, (Pictures, p U3.) 

Martin's mother died in the summer of 1879 when he was 11 years old. 
Shortly thereafter he moved with his father, stepmother, and family to 
Deseret, Millard Co, Utah, where yo\ing Martin was shown in the I88O census. 

Here Martin experienced the struggles of the other pioneers in this 
region. His first home in Deseret was a dugout along the Sevier River, 3/U 
of a mile west of the present chapel site. After this home was flooded 
repeatedly by high waters, he helped his father mold the adobes for a house 
located on higher ground, about l/U of a mile west of the Deseret Cemetery. 

He worked with his father and brothers in clearing off land and build- 
ing irrigation ditches for two farms, one located near Deseret and the other 
near Oasis, They raised grain and cattle, and prospered. 

Of a mature age, Martin and his brother Soren ran sheep in the vicinity 
of Ibapah, near the Deep Creek Range in Tooele Co. Martin worked for John A. 
and Hilda Anderson Ericksen,-'- of Grantsville, who ran the "Last Chance 
Ranch" near the Utah-Nevada border. Through them he met his future wife, 
Augusta .Bjiderson, niece of Mrs. Ericksen. Augusta came from Svieden in 1905 
and lived with her Aunt Hilda. It was ^vhile Augusta was at Deep Creek, help- 
ing with the cooking for the farm hands, that she met Martin. 

After the two vjere married in Tooele, in 1907, they lived in Provo. 
There Augusta made a home for her brother, John S. Anderson, vrho attended 
the Brigham Young University, while Martin continued to herd sheep in the 
Tooele area. In 1908, Augusta went to Grantsville to be \n.Vcv her Aunt Hilda 
at the time her first child, Edla, was born. The family later settled in 
Salt Lake City, where two sons were born. 

^Augusta' s Aunt, Hilda Anderson Ericksen, received outstanding recogni- 
tion in Utah for her longevity. She celebrated her 108th birthday in Nov 
1967. She had emigrated to Utah with her mother (Maria Katrina Larsen 
Anderson) and her 2 brothers in the year I866 on the ship "Kenilworth," (see 
account of "Kenilworth" on p lOli) and made the 10-week oxteam journey from 
near Omaha to Salt Lake City. During her long life, Hilda helped with the 
operation of the ranch, managed a store in Grantsville, and served as a 
dentist, physician-midwife, and missionary to the Indians. Among honors 
given to her was a ride in the 1965, 2Uth of July Parade of Salt Lake City. 
( Deseret News , 21; July 1965) 



In the year 1910, Martin and Augusta purchased property on the 3UOO 
block of South Highland Drive, which at the time was on the outskirts of the 
city and open farm land. Martin continued to herd his sheep, while Augusta 
busied herself with raising chickens and selling milk from the cow. In time, 
they built a modern brick home at 3U92 Highland Drive. 

^^fhen Soren Eliason died in 1926, Martin inherited his brother's farm in 
Declo, Idaho. It was fine farm land for raising potatoes, sugar beets, and 
grazing cattle. Martin rented out this property but continued to live in 
Salt Lake City with his family. He suffered a stroke in 1928 and lingered 
for about a year. He died on 27 March 1929 and was buried in VJasatch Burial 

Augusta's parents remained in Sweden except for two years when her father 
lived in Utah near his sister Hilda. However, Augusta kept in close contact 
with her people. Three times she and her daughter Edla made trips to Europe 
to visit them. In 1912, when Edla was h years old, she and her mother went 
to Sweden; Martin met them there and they returned together. In 1936, Edla, 
Augusta, and Lenard traveled together. Again in 19U7, Edla and Augusta 
visited relatives there. 

Augusta, now an octogenarian, remains active and keeps the home and 
gardens in good order. She and Edla reside in the family home at 3U92 
Highland Drive, Salt Lake City. Chn of Martin and Augusta, 3: 

i. Ruth "Edla" Eliason, b l5 May I908, Grantsville, Utah; unmd. Edla 
has a 25-year tenure in the office of Paris Co, Salt Lake City; she 
is Manager of Accounts Payable Dept. 

ii. Frank Clifford Eliason, b 21 Dec 1913, Salt Lake City; md h Dec I9U0, 
Clearfield, Davis, Utah, Gertrude Barlow, b l5 Aug I9IU, Clearfield, 
dau of Oscar Israel Barlow & Phoebe Ellen Flint. Frank served as 
Seaman in US Navy for I4 yrs. During World War II and after his mar- 
riage, he was recalled to active duty in the South Pacific, where he 
served 3 yrs as Chief Petty Officer. He attended the Univ of Utah. 
Now empl in office of California Packing Co. His hobby is raising 
fine horses, and cutter racing at Lagoon Hesort in winters. Res 
Roy, Utah. Chn, b in Roy, $i 

1. David Barlow Eliason, b 7 Nov 19 1:2. 

2. Wayne Martin Eliason, b 26 Aug I9U7. 

3. Norma Jean Eliason, b 3 Feb 1950. 
k- Kathlene Eliason, b I3 June 1951. 
5. Martin Swen Eliason, b h Dec 1953, 

iii. Alan "Lenard" Eliason, b 30 June 1919, Salt Lake City; md li; June 

1950, Salt Lake City, Louise Hintze, b 26 Aug 1921, Salt Lake City, 
dau of Joseph Ferdinand Hintze S: Florence Boyce. Lenard served 
53 mos in the US Army during World War II: in Alaska U yrs and a 
period of time in Germany. He and Louise are grads of Univ of Utah. 
Both teach in the Granite School Dist: he in Howard R Driggs Elera 
School and she in William Penn Elem School. Res 36U2 Aurora Circle, 
Salt Lake City. Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 2: 

1. Joann Eliason, b I6 Aug 1952. 

2. Christine Eliason, b 2k Feb I96O. 


Soren Eliason 

Martin Svend Eliason, Jr. 
Augusta Anderson Eliason 

John Eliason 

Matora Eliason Anderson Blackhurst 

Robert Gardner Blackhurst 



ROBERT GARDNER BLACKHURST, son of David Blackhurst & Elizabeth Gardner, 
b 19 Mar 1875, Salt Lake City, Utah, d 21 June 193U, Salt Lake City; md lU 
Jan 1903, Salt Lake City, 27 ANNIE MATORA "TORA" ELIASON, b 30 Dec I878, 
Pleasant Grove, Utah, d 11 Feb 1935, Salt Lake City, dau of Marten Svend 
Eliason & Annie Maria Nielsen Christensen. 

Tora was bom in a soft-rock, block home her father built on the 2 acres 
he purchased in Pleasant Grove, It was located a few blocks straight east of 
the city cemetery, near Mill Creek, She was the youngest and the only girl of 
5 children born to her mother » 

A close neighbor in Pleasant Grove was Peter M. Andersen, who had two 
wives, Annie C, and Christine, His first wife was desirous of having children 
as well as his second wife, but the former had never been blessed vjith any. 
When Tora's mother realized that she would not live long, she promised Annie 
C. Andersen that she might take Tora to rear, Tora's mother died when she 
was 7 months old and the baby was taken into the Andersen home. Her own 
father. Marten Svend Eliason, was disappointed in the arrangement and re- 
iterated throughout the remainder of his life that nothing hurt him so much 
as giving away his own child. Nevertheless, Tora received loving care from 
the Andersens, 

The 1880 census shows her* living with the Andersen family: 

sant Grove, §'. 

L62, p : 







Peter M. Andersen 



Annie C. 




Andrew C. 




*Annie M. 







" b Jan 





Tora's own father moved to Deseret in I879, but he visited her whenever 
he passed through Pleasant Grove or at General Conference time. Likewise, 
her brothers, Martin Jr. and Soren, remained close to her in spirit. Martin 
Jr. financed her education at the Brigham Young Academy. 

Robert Blackhurst and Tora were married in Salt Lake City in I903, The 
first letter they received after their marriage was a call for Robert to go 
on an LDS Church mission. Tora encouraged him to accept the call, and he 
left for service in Rennselaer County, New York. While he was gone^ she 
worked in Pleasant Grove and raised poultry to help finance his mission and 
to pay for her own transportation to meet him in New York at the close of 
his mission. 


After Robert's return, he farmed near Pleasant Grove. In I916, after 
his health failed, he moved to Los Angeles for a rest. One year was all the 


time he felt he could spare, and he returned with his family to Utah. In 
1918, he moved to Salt Lake City and worked as a storekeeper for the Denver 
& Rio Grande Railroad. He died in 193U of a heart ailment. 

Tora was likewise active in church assignments. For many years she was 
a Visiting Teacher in Relief Socie^ty. She became close friends of Belle 
Spafford and served as her Secretary when she was a Counselor in the Belve- 
dere Ward Relief Society of Salt Lake City. Tora will be remembered for her 
fine personality and sense of humor and charitable disposition. Chn of Tora 
and Robert, 3: 

31 i. Florence Christine Blackhurst, b I8 Jan I906; md Clifford 
Frank Gilbert. 

ii. Helen Elizabeth Blackhurst, b 2 Aug I908, Pleasant Grove, 

Utah; unmd. Helen has been empl by ZCMI for 37 yrs; is super- 
visor in merchandise marking room. She belongs to a Travel 
Group and has traveled extensively, in Mexico, Hawaii, Eastern 
and Western Canada, and in all the states of the Union. Res 
617 Wilson Ave, Salt Lake City. 

iii. Robert Gardner Blackhurst, Jr, b 2$ Aug 1919, Salt Lake City; 
md Afton Eckersell, b l5 Jan 1917, Rexburg, Idaho, dau of 
Howard Samual Eckersell & Sarah Ann Gold. Robert V7as 
drafted into the US Army at the age of 19. He was commissioned 
a 1st Lieut on the Belgium battlefield of World War II, and a 
Captain while yet engaged in the European theater. He attained 
the rank of Major before he retired from military life. He and 
his family moved to California for the education of their chil- 
dren. He is now engaged as a vjholesale plumbing salesman. Res 
1802 E, Albion, Santa Ana, Calif. Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 2: 

1. Craig Blackhurst, b 23 Dec 19U8, 

2. Brent Blackhurst, b 13 July 19^0= 

31 FLORENCE CHRISTINE BLACKHURST, b I8 Jan I906, Pleasant Grove, Utah: 
md 5 Oct 1928, Salt Lake City, CLIFFORD "FRAICK" GILBERT, b 27 May 1905, Salt 
Lake City, son of Richard Martin Gilbert k Josephine Johnson. 

Florence and Frank attended West High School, where the two were prom- 
inent in athletic activities and Frank won medals in all four major athletic 
events. Florence was later empl as a cost clerk, which position she held 
until her twin son and daughter were born. During the school years of her 
3 children, she was active in PTA and Primary. In Relief Society she has 
served as Literary and Visiting Teacher. She is presently involved in the 
Head Start School Program and as a member of the Utah State Legislative 

Frank learned commercial refrigeration and worked in that field until 
he joined the Police Department. Since retirement from the Police Force, he 
has been a painting contractor. He and Florence have served as President of 
their respective groups of the Elks Lodge. Res 621 Wilson Ave, Salt Lake 


Chn of Florence & Frank Gilbert, b in Salt Lake City, 3: 

i. Ray Frank Gilbert, twin, b 29 Apr 1930; md 23 Nov 1955, Salt 
Lake City, Charlene Crapo, b 2U Aug 1935, Murray, Utah, dau of 
James Clement Crapo k Alice Barton. Ray served 2 yrs in the 
US krmj. He is head of the Mathematics Dept of Skyline High 
School, Granite Dist. Res 6U75 S 2it75 E, Salt Lake City. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 5: 

1. Bruce Frank Gilbert, b 21; Sep 1956. 1 

2. Grant Crapo Gilbert, b 2? Jan 1958. 

3. Douglas Ray Gilbert, b 8 Apr I96I. 
h. Luanne Gilbert, b 28 Oct 19 63. 

5. Karen Gilbert, b 9 Nov I96U. 

ii. Rita Gilbert, twin, b 29 Apr 1930; md 19 Sep 1952, Salt Lake 
City, Ralph Elmer Reese, b 3 Oct 1929, Salt Lake City, son of 
Elmer Crockwell Reese k Delores Seerie Jones. Rita and Ralph 
were grad from Univ of Utah. In civic work, she has served as 
Treasurer of Salt Lake Council of Women, and helps with the 
Physically Handicapped Children. Both she and Ralph hold execu- 
tive positions in Boy Scouting, He and his uncle own and operate 
C. W. Reese Co., insurance adjusters. Res U6U7 Brookwood Dr, 
Salt Lake City. Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 3: 

1. Richard Frank Reese, b 23 fey 1953. 

2. John Robert Reese, b 28 June 1956. 

3. Ruth Reese, b 8 June 1958. 

iii. Richard "Martin" Gilbert, b 26 Sep 1938; md 21 Dec I963, 

Ballston Lake, Saratoga, N. Y, Nancy Elizabeth Dunn, b 3 June 
1938, Schenectady, N. Y, dau of Frank Everett Dunn & Mary Eliza- 
beth Larkin. Martin served h. yrs in US Navy. He works for the 
Salt Lake Water Dept. Res 63? Kensington, Salt Lake City. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 3: 

1. James Dunn Gilbert, b 10 Jan 196h. 

2. Michel Frank Gilbert, b U July I966. 

3. John Martin Gilbert, b 2 July 196? . 




JACOB CROFT, son of George Croft & Letitia Maria Davies, b 27 Jan 1873, 
Fillmore, Utahj d I6 Apr 1938, Provo^ Utah, bur Deseret Cem, Deseret, Utah; 
md lU July 1896, Deseret, 28 MARY ELIASON, b 9 July I87I4, Pleasant Grove, Utah, 
d h May 1952, Salt Lake City, Utah, bur Deseret Cem, dau of Marten Svend 
Eliason & Mary Anna Chrlstenseno 

Mary Eliason was bom in a small rock home erected in the rear of the 
property located at U05 North 500 East, Pleasant Grove. The Eliason property 
was east of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery, bordering the Mill Creek irrigation 
ditcho Years later, when she visited the horaesite with her children, she re- 
called her playing in the orchard and pointed out some of the fruit trees her 
father had planted. 

When Mary was 5 years old, her father and family moved to Millard County. 
Several inter-related families and close friends moved from Pleasant Grove to 
Deseret about the same time and settled near each other o 

She had 3 brothers older than herself <, They were a great help to their 
father in clearing the land and bringing it \inder cultivation, building a com- 
fortable home, and herding the cattle and sheep o She also had 3 brothers 
younger than herself, who, in turn, also helped with the outside chores <> The 
interests of Mary, as the eldest daughter, and her 2 younger sisters therefore 
were oriented toward the art of homemaking. They were greatly needed in the 
home to help their mother make clothing and perform the culinery and household 
tasks for the large family. 

In this pioneer community, Mary learned how to make things from "scratch." 
She helped prepare the family's supply of candles and soap. She cleaned, 
carded, spun, and wove her own wool into cloth for wearing apparel. The mit- 
tens, socks, stockings and scarves she made were in ready demand. Crocheting, 
tatting, quilting, rug making, and creating fancy articles provided a whole- 
some pastime and also added beauty to their home. 

Mary likewise learned to cook well. She loved to make fancy food dishes, 
bread, and pastries for her brothersj, and the hungry boys were not shy in ex- 
pressing their delight. Her excellence in these homemaking arts made it easy 
for her to find employment in some of the fine homes and hotels of Deseret, 
Located near the railroad and the highway to Nevada and the mining camps, 
Deseret became a "boom" town, crowded with freight teams, miners, cattlemen, 
and sheep people who camped or boarded in the town, Mary worked in the hotel 
of Josiah Gibbs, who also ran and edited the community newspaper. She also 
worked in the home of William A. Ray, who owned a store, took in boarders, 
and ran the Deseret Post Office, 

At the age of 22, Mary married Jacob Croft, whose father and grandfather 
were some of the first settlers of Deseret in 1859 • The young couple moved 

^Evan M, Croft & Grace Hildy Croft, The Quest for Peace (Provo, Utah: 
196U), pp 38-53, 78, 107, 





into a one-roomed frame house located on the Croft farm southwest of Deseret. 
Sey later moved this house into town,, 2 blocks southwest of the business dis- 
trict, and in time added additional rooms. 

Jacob was generally occupied in agricultural pursuits, horse and cattle 
raising, and growing hay and alfalfa seed. He also worked m his grand- 
father's mills in Fillmore and Scipio, and his grandfather's orchards in _ 
Scipioo Freighting was also a profitable business; he hauled ore for the min- 
ing camps nearby, and he hauled dirt and gravel to help construct dams for the 
Deseret Irrigation Co and build the road from Hinckley to KLy and the Drum 
Mountains . 

During World War I, 1917-1918, when the Influenza epidemic was raging and 
many people were dying of pneumonia, Mary went into the homes in the community 
to help care for the sicko Since she and a daughter were some of the first to 
contract and recover from the disease, she realized she was immune and was 
willing to help those who were so desperately in need of care and grateful for 
her kindness. 

In 1927 the family moved to Provo, where the children could be near 
schools of higher education. Here, Jacob was employed by the City of Provo j 
and Mary, besides caring for her family, pursued many pleasurable activities. 
She took advantage of classes provided for adult students, attended assemblies, 
concerts, and programs. She was eager to nurse the sick and those in need of 
help. During World War II she enrolled in First Aid classes, and was known to 
have even delivered babies in emergencies. These attributes made her a willing 
worker in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and in Relief Society, in which 
organization she served as Visiting Teacher and Work Director. Because of her 
interest in civic affairs, she often was judge at the elections and sometimes 
her home was the polling place. 

She was economical, a good manager of the family budget--known for her 
ability to prepare the best meals for the least amount of money and in the 
shortest time. She had a directing hand in planting and managing a large 
vegetable garden, and hoed the weeds and irrigated it if the men were too 
busy. She was very enterprising; and to augment the family income during 
the depression years, at times she ran a boarding house for B.Y.U. students. 
The children's friends were welcome to join in the goodness and hospitality 
of her table. Her home and those of her children were made beautiful and 
artistic with her needle, cer&mic, and art work, now considered cherished 
heirlooms. These were of interest to her many friends, who loved to visit 
her. Dainty and petite in stature, she loved to dress in the height of 
fashion, and made attractive clothes for her children to wear. With her 
lofty ideals, concern for others, and unremitting industry, she set a wonder- 
ful pattern for her loved ones to follow, Chn, b in Deseret, lOs 

^ i, Florence LaVern Croft, b 30 Sep I896; md Carl George . 

Theobald. | 

ii, Clarence Marten Croft, b 20 Aug I898, d 17 Jan 1917, Deseret, 

bur Deseret Gem, 
33 iii. Arvilla Croft, b 31 Mar 1901; md Golden L, Anderson. 
3ir iv, Jacob Calvin Croft, b 10 May 1903; md Lula McClellan. 
3j V. Evan Marion Croft, b 6 May 1905; md Grace Olivia Elsie Hildy. 
30 vi. Adlean Croft, b 28 June 1907; md John Edwin Allen. 

vii. George Leao Croft, b 7 Nov I909, drowned ZJ June 1912, 

Deseret, bur Deseret Cem. 



«w •> 

O -P 

U, Cm 

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Pi «M 

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i-t rH •• 

M (it. B 

•H -P 

U -^ U 

(4 -P (U 

ac c 

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■P c • 

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•H P. 05 




■P > 

«H U -^ 

(D *-i 


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L. (1) 

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CO fc, fc. 
OQ £ •«! 











bO (1) O 

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bO 0) 



•-3 iH 

C5 i=rf Q O W 








Inez Croft, b 16 Feb 1912 j md Dean Robert Steed, 
Merrill Woodrow Croft, b 26 July 191U; md Melba Brewer. 
Elmo Aaron Croft, b 28 Mar 1917 j md (l) Nina Mem Mitchell; 
md (2) Berniece Magdalena Peck. 

32 FLORENCE "LaVERN" CROFT, b 30 Sep I896, Deseret; md 22 June 1917, 
Salt Lake City, CARL GEORGE THEOBALD, b 3I May I896, Hinckley, Utah, son of 
Thomas George Theobald & Agnes Ettie Elder. 

LaVem was grad from Millard Academy in Hinckley; has been Class Leader 
and Visiting Teacher in Ward Relief Society, also Stake Board Leader j Secy & 
Treas of Ward MIA, Sunday School, and Primary; Capt of DUP Camp; Secy-Treas of 
West Millard Chapter of DUP, She has been Pres, Secy-Treas of West Millard 
Auxiliary of Veterans of World War I (VWWI), Utah Dept Guard of VWWI of USA, Inc. 

Carl is a veteran of World War I; received the Distinguished Service Cross, 
which General John J. Pershingj Commander-in-Chief of US Army, pinned on him 
for extraordinary heroism in military operations against an armed enemy at 
Gesnes, France, He is Commander of West Millard Barracks^ Veterans of World 
War I, Utah Dept Chief of Staff of VWWI of USA, Inc. Has been Millard Co 
Sheriff 1927-1935; member of Deseret Irrigation Bd, Drainage Bd, County School 
Bd; Farmer; Salesman^ Has served as an officer in Stake MIA, High Priest 
Presidency, Ward Clerk. Res Hinckley, Utah. Chn, 10: 

i. Florence "Elaine" Theobald, b 20 Mar I918, Deseret; md 10 Apr 
I9UO, Salt Lake City, Fred S. Turner, b 3 July 1915, Delta, 
Utahj son of Reuben Lorenzo Turner & Cornelia Sanford. Fred 
md (1) Zoe Roberts, dau of Walter Roberts & Millie Nebeker, 

Elaine attended Brigham Young Univ and Holy Cross Hospi- 
tal School of Nursing, and has served as practical nurse. Has 
been Counselor in MIA and Relief Society; Coordinator in Jr 
Sunday School; Vice-Pres of PTA. Res Sutherland, Utah, Chn 
of Elaine & Fred, b m Delta, Utah, 9- 


1, Douglas Fred Turner, farmer^ b 23 June 19U1; md 1 Sep 
1962, Hinckley, Connie Kay Cropper o b 5 July 19U35 
Hinckleyj dau of Mahonri Bishop Cropper & Erma Irene 
??N "- Ekins. Chn, b in Delta, 2: 

} "^ L ( i) Dean Cropper Turner, b 22 Jan I963, Delta, 

'g^ ^ -^ (ii) Dale Ray Turner, b 27 Mar 1965, Delta. 

'^'•^ ^J 2. Diane Turner, b 5 Oct 19U2; md 26 June 1965, Suther- 

"^ (j land, Nyle Colton Fisher, b 27 June 19U2, Vernal, Utah, 

1p "* , son of Lotus Fisher & Mary Colton. Diane attended IBM 

^ School & Henegars Business College; empl as bookkeeper 

^ c^ \ & accountant for petroleum company in Salt Lake City. 

^ ' Nyle is a mechanic for Greyhound Bus Line. Res Salt 

^ Lake City Had son, b in Salt Lake City: 

"^'f ( i) Darrin Nyle Fisher, b 2U Nov 1967. 

V"^ 3. Judith Turner, twin, b 19 Mar 19UU; md U June 1965 j, 
^ Manti, Utah, Verl Taylor Tolbert, b lU May 19U3, Delta, 

son of Sherman W, Tolbert & Gladys Margaret Taylor o 
Judy attended Utah Technical College; grad as Dental 



Assistant. Verl served an LDS mission in Florida; has BS 
degree in Elem Ed; teaches school in Ely, Nev. Chn, 2: 

( i) Julie Tolbert, b 17 Dec 1966, Cedar City, Utah. 

(ii) Bryce Verl Tolbert, b 17 Jan 1968, Ely, Nev. 

h. Julia Turner, twin, b 19 Mar 19UU, d 20 Mar 19l4i. 

5. Gam Carl Turner, b 26 Oct 19U5. Served an LDS Mission 
in England; now attending Utah State UniVo 

6 Keat "S" Turner, b 22 May 19U7; md 20 Dec 1967, St George, 
Utah, Jackee Nelson, b lU Apr 19U8, Provo, dau of John 
"Jack" Marion Nelson & Phyllis Perry, Kent received schol- 
arship to Dixie Jr College; pre-dental student. Now attend- 
ing College of Physicians & Surgeons in San Francisco, 

7, Blaine Kay Turner, b 2 Mar 19U9« 

8, Bruce Ray Turner, b 23 Mar 1953- 

9, Carolyn Turner, b 29 June 1955. 

ii. Carl "Leon" Theobald, b 20 Apr 1920, Hinckley; md 27 Dec 1939, 
Delta, Roberta Law, b 22 Jan 1920, Delta, dau of Walton LeGrande 
Law & Viola Turner, div. 

Leon attended Brigham Young Univ & Branch Agr Col at Cedar 
City; lettered in football, basketball, and track; Eagle Scout; 
went to National Jamboree in Washington, DC, 19U3; served in Navy, 
World War II . He attended Pratt & Whitney special Aircraft Engine 
School at Hartford, Conn, and became engine instructor for govern- 
ment at Hillfield. Has been postal clerk in Delta and salesman, 
and served as Legion Commander, Chn, 3: 

1. Lynford Leon Theobald, b 22 Nov 19U0, Cedar City, Utah, 
Filled LDS Mission in Uruguay; served in US Army; now 
attending Brigham Young Univ, 

2. Dean Robert Theobald, b 26 Dec 19U8, Delta, Utah, 

3. Gloria Joan Theobald, b 15 Aug 1951, Delta, 

iii. Eda Theobald, b lU Mar 1922, Hinckley; md (1) 27 Apr 19U3, Salt 

Lake City, Rex Covert Maxfield, b 5 A\ig 1922, Delta, son of Horace 
Clyde Maxfield & Cora Day, div; md (2) 2 June 1955, Salt Lake 
City, Everett "Blair" Maxfield, b 13 June 1921, Delta, son of 
Archelaus Hans Maxfield & Leila Stapley, 

Eda attended Brigham Young Univ; grad from Provo Beauty School 
and practiced the trade for a number of years , After she married 
Blair, they lived in Salt Lake City, Carmichael and Bakersfield, 
Calif, and Seattle, Wash, where his work as paleontologist for 
Shell Oil Co took him, Eda has served in MIA wherever she has 
lived; has been Counselor and Work Leader in Relief Society; mem- 
ber of Genealogical Com. Blair served in the Air Force during 
World War II; has filled an LDS Mission in England; served as 
Sunday School Supt, member of Bishopric, Secy of Senior Aaronic 
Priesthood, Counselor in Stake MIA. He is completing his PhD 
degree at Brigham Young Univ preparatory to teaching Geology, 
Eda is owner & manager of the Boutique and Salon of Beauty in 
Provo, Utah. Res 6ll E 8 N, Provo. Son of Eda and Rex: 

1. Russell C. Maxfield, b 17 Sep 19U8, Stockton, Calif, 
Serving LDS Mission in Northern England. 
Chn of Eda and Blair, 2: 

1. LaDaun Maxfield, b l5 Aug 1958, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

2. Anita Rae Maxfield, b 28 June 1963, Bellevue, Wash, 


iv. Milton "Verrue" Theobald, b 3 Jan 192U^ Hinckley; md h June 
19U5, Delta, Shirley Wright, b 15 July 192U, dau of Walter 
Edmond Wright & Zola Walker, 

Verrue was lettered in football, basketball, and track at 
Delta High School; state winner on Medley Relay Team; lettered 
in football at Branch Agr Col, Cedar City; received BS degree 
in Accounting at Brigham Toung Univ. Served in Navy in World 
War II in Pacific and Chinese theatre of operation as engineer 
aboard aircraft rescue or crashboats, and minesweepers in 
Tangtse River » Is Accountant, Auditor, Controller, Office 
Manager; presently Accountant for Bendix Corp» Has served as 
Stake Auditor; Stake Secy, MIA; Financial Clerk; Stake Mission- 
ary; Secy, Stake Seventies; member of Bishopric, Shirley at- 
tended Branch Agr Col; has been Pres & Secy of Ward Relief 
Society, Res 19925 Londelius, North Ridge, Calif, Chn, 5s 

1, Gary Milton Theobald, b 10 Nov 19U7, Salt Lake City. 

2, Gwen Theobald, b 19 June 19U9,, Provo, Utah, 

3, Scott Wayne Theobald, b h Mar 1953, Delta, Utah. 
U. David Verrue Theobald, b 2 Apr 1955, Delta, 

5. Sharon Theobald, b 29 May 1957, Delta. 

V, Grace Theobald, b 8 Oct 1925, Hinckley; md (l) Hi Aug 19U6, 
Salt Lake City, Ross Kay Bell, b 22 Sep 1923, Provo, son of 
Clyde Quinten Bell & Zina Rosskelly, div; md (2) 31 May I966, 
Salt Lake City, Kenneth Lowell Waldram, b I6 Jan 1929, Salt 
Lake City, son of Lowell Dudman Waldram 4 Edith Laughn Bohe. 
Grace attended Brigham Young Univ and Utah Technical College; 
empl as Office Machines Operator „ Utah Power & Light Co, Salt 
Lake City, Res l5l W 2800 So, Bountiful, Utah, 

Chn of Grace & Ross, b in Provo, 3: 

1, Randy Ross Bell, b 25 July 19U7; now serving in 
US Army. 

2, Bonnie Kay Bell, b 31 Oct 1950. 

3, David "Cody" Bell, b 28 June 1952, 

vi, Paul Homer Theobald^ b lU June 1927, Hinckley; md 15 Dec 19U7, 
Salt Lake City, Dorothy Carol Henderson, b 22 June 1927, Delta, 
dau of Warren Henderson & Artemesia Henrie- 

Paul attended Brigham Toung Univ, Lettered in football, 
basketball and track, U yrs. Delta High School, Served LDS 
Mission in Uruguay 1952-5^; was President of Districts s 
Capital, Eastern, Paraguain; Priesthood Supervisor of Uruguain 
Mission; Stake M Men Supervisor; Ward Supt of Sunday School; 
Ward Pres, MIA; Stake Missionary; Class Leader. Is General 
Contractor, Dorothy has been Asst County Clerk, City Clerk of 
Delta, and Secy of Delta High School, Res Delta, Utah, Son: 

1, Michael Paul Theobald, b I8 Apr 19U9, Delta, Attend- 
ed Brigham Toung Univ on scholarship; now on mission 
to South Atlantic States. 
vii. Golden LeRoy Theobald, b I6 Sep 1929, Hinckley; md I6 Jan 

195U, Nephi, Utah, Carol Rae Ellertson, b 21 July 1935, Nephi, 
dau of La Von Willard Ellertson & Margciret Jenkins, Golden 
grad from Seminary and Delta High School; is a Heavy Equipment 
Operator, Res 5732 Carey, North Las Vegas, Nev. 


Chn of Golden & Carol, b in Delta, Utah, 3'- 

1» Kae Lyn Theobald, b 31 Aug 19$Uo 

2, Mark Golden Theobald, b IS May 1956. 

3. Ronald Lee Theobald, b 2 Mar 1959- 

viii. Connie "Joyce" Theobald, b 23 Feb 1932, Hinckley; md 2 Apr 
1953, Hinckley, Marion C. Manwill, b 28 Apr 1930, Central, 
Utah, son of Franklin Monroe Manwill & Mary Ann Sorensen. 
Joyce attended Brigham Toung Univ; has served as Teacher in 
Primary and Visiting Teacher in Relief Society, also Teacher 
in Sunday School, Marion served in US Na-vy during Korean War, 
Has BS degree in Animal Science from Brigham Young Univ; has 
taught at Utah Technical College; is author of book. How to 
Shoe a Horse , published by A. S. Barnes & Co; has served as 
President & Counselor, Secretary & Speech Director in MIA, 
also Explorer Advisor <St Assistant Scout Master; empl as teacher, 
Agr Science, Nebo School Dist. Res 976 E 560 N, Provo, Utah. 
Chn, 3: 

1. Mary Jo Manwill, b Ih Feb 195U, Delta, Utah. 

2. Steven Wayne Manwill, b 19 Sep 1955, Delta. 

3. Lane Marion Manwill, b 10 Jan 1962, Provo, 

ix. Merlin George Theobald, b 8 Mar 1935, Hinckley; md 9 Apr 
1959, Manti, Utah, Beulah Barney, b 3 Mar 1938, Delta, dau 
of Virt Street Barney & Olive Mortensen. 

Merlin attended College of Southern Utah, Cedar City, 
received BA degree from Brigham Young Univ with major in Span- 
ish and minor in Vocal Music; attended National Language Insti- 
tute at Kent State Univ, Kent, Ohio. Has taught school in 
Pleasant Grove Jr High (Utah) and Nicholas Jr High (Fullerton, 
Calif). Served in US Army Reserve for 8 yrs; filled LDS 
Mission in Mexico; is an Eagle Scout and has attended jamborees 
at Valley Forge and Irvine Ranch, Califo Has been Sports Di- 
rector & Ward Supt of MIA. Beulah was grad from Brigham Young 
Univ in Elementary Education; has taught school in Utah and 
Calif, and teaches piano. She is Ward Relief Society Pres 
and Chorister. Res 2156 Hamer Dr, Placentia, Calif. Chn, 3s 

1. Brent George Theobald, b 6 July I960, Delta. 

2. Phil Barney Theobald, b 31 July 1962, Delta. 

3o Larry Merlin Theobald, b 6 Sep I963, Fullerton, Calif. 

X. Son Theobald, stillborn 7 Aug I938. 

33 ARVILLA CROFT, dau of Jacob Croft & Mary Eliason, b 31 Mar I9OI, in 
Deseret; md 20 Sep 1923, Fillmore, Utah, GOLDEN LaRAY ANDERSON, b 31 Dec l897, 
Lehi, Utah, son of John Anderson & Inger Peterson. 

Arvilla attended Millard Academy in Hinckley. She worked as a waitress 
for the Union Pacific Railroad in Lynndyl, Utah, where she met her future hus- 
band, who has worked for the railroad all his life. As a water service fore- 
man, he has had charge of water maintenance and drilled 22 wells for the 
railroad. With this work he and Arvilla have made their home in various 


communities in Utah and Nevada, and traveled extensively across the continent 
with the railroad passes issued to them. They lived a number of years in Provo, 
Utah, where Arvilla taught the Beehive class in MIA and Golden was leader of 
the Boy Scouts. They presently reside at 1329 West 11 North, Salt Lake City. 

After the death of Golden' s sister, he and Arvilla took two nephews into 
their home to rear. These nephews, Vaughn and Hay Spenser, grew into fine 
young men. Ray lived with them until completion of college and going into 
government service--he is presently a US Navy Captain, in command of subma- 
rines. In I93U, another boy was placed in their charge; early, on the morn- 
ing of 30 Nov, a baby boy was left on their doorstep, whom they adopted and 
reared as their own son: 

io Golden "Richard" Anderson, b 30 Nov 193h, Provo; md 21 July 
1956, Honolulu, Hawaii, Ann Terry Blaisdell, b 3 Jan 1937, 
Honolulu. Dick is a radio and TV announcer, with a program of 
his own called the "Rick Anderson HourJ' He has been dmmmer 
for several dance bands, and is now drummer with his own band, 
called "Rick's Band," in Casper, Wyo . He also serves as 
master of ceremonies on various programs. Res 3029 E 11 St, 
Casper, Wyo . Chn, 


1. Mishell Anderson, b h July 1957, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

2o MaKee Anderson, b lU June 1958, Salt Lake City. 

3. Maria Anderson, b 10 Nov 1959, Salt Lake City. 

k- Kris Anderson, b 17 June I96I, Buffalo, Wyo. 

5. Monica Anderson, b 8 May 1965, Casper, Wyo. 

6. Richard Golden Anderson, b 10 June 1967, Casper. 

3U JACOB "CALVIN" CROFT, son of Jacob Croft & Mary Eliason, b 10 May 
1903, Deseret; md 22 May 1931, Salt Lake City, LULA McCLELLAN, b I6 Feb 1907, 
Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mex, dau of Samuel Edwin McClellan & Bertha Marie 
Lewis . 

Calvin received a BS degree from Brigham Toung Univ and MS degree from 
Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. Has taught in Hinckley High School, Shelley 
High School, Hilo (Hawaii) High School, Duchesne High School, and Provo 
Elementary Schools. He was a Federal Worker BLM at Salt Lake City, Cedar 
City, Vernal, Burley, Reno, Las Vegas, and Elko, Nev, and Range and Ranch 
Consultant FOA, French Equatorial Africa; world traveler. Has filled an LDS 
Mission in Australia and two Stake Missions. Member of Ward Bishopric, High 
Council, Ward Sunday School; Teacher in Sunday School, MIA, and Priesthood 
Quorums. Intermountain Wrestling Champion. Retired from US Bureau of Land 
Management at Las Vegas, 8 Oct 1965, and received an Honor Award for Com- 
mendable Service. He is now semi-retired; does part-time professional real 
estate appraising. 

Lula was graduated with honors from Juarez Stake Academy in Colonia 
Juarez, Chihuahua, Mex, and Brigham Young Univ; has taught school 10 years 
in Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. Is an active Church worker and dedicated house- 
wife. Res 1391 East 700 South, Provo, Utah. Chn, 5s 

i. Mack Gerald Croft, b 7 Feb 1932, Ames, Iowa; md 9 July 1958, 
Logan, Utah, Anna LaRae McCullough, b 7 May 1935, Salt Lake 
City, dau of Jesse D. McCullough & Anna Mae McQueen. 


Mack attended Branch Agr College at Cedar City; received 
BS from Brigham Young Univ in 19$h and MS in June 1956. In- 
ducted into US Navy 1956 and released Oct 1957= Is Groundwater 
Geologist with US Geological Survey, Has several publications. 

LaRae is grad of Brigham Young Univ in Elem Education; has 
taught school in San Diego, Calif, Chattanooga, Tenn; Acworth, 
Ga; and Visalia, Calif. Has been Pres of Ward Relief Society. 
Res 1915 N lU St, Bismarck, No Dak, 58501. Chn, 3s 

1. Rebecca Ann Croft, b 7 Oct 1961, Visalia, Calif. 

2. David Alan Croft, b 19 July 196U, Sacramento, Calif. 

3. Linda Diane Croft, b 2U May 1967, Bismarck, No Dak. 

ii. Mary Phyllis Croft, b 7 Feb 1933, Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, 
Mex; md 28 May 1953, Del Bert Cram, b 9 Jan 1931j Ogden, Utah, 
son of Bert Riggs Cram & Norma Freeman. 

Mary attended Brigham Young Univ. Has been Teacher in 
Sunday School, Primary, MIA, and Relief Society; also MIA Drama 
Director; member of Primary Presidency. 

Del attended Brigham Young Univ and Electronics School in 
Los Angeles. Served in Navy from 1951-53; Teacher in Sunday 
School; Secy and in Presidency of Elders Quorum; is partner in 
a TV repair shop. Res 1935 Catalpa Trail, Las Vegas, Nev, 
Chn, 6s 

1. Laurie Ann Cram, b 19 Sep 195U, Los Angeles, Calif, 

2. Calvin Todd Cram, b 30 Dec 1955, Las Vegas, Nev. 

3. Kerry Leigh Cram (fem), b h May 1957, Las Vegas. 
U. Jaime Lynette Cram, b 6 Feb 1961, Las Vegas. 

5. Shauna Cram, twin, b 8 Apr 196U, Las Vegas. 
6o Paige Cram, twin, b 8 Apr 196U, Las Vegas. 

iii. Kent Calvin Croft, b 20 Sep 1935, Provo, Utah; md 25 Aug 1959, 
Los Angeles, Bonnie Kay Bramwell, b 30 May 1937, Price, Utah, 
dau of Dr. Albert Kershaw Bramwell & Thora Minnie Parker. 

Kent filled an LDS Mission in the East Central States. 
Attended Brigham Young Univ, transferred to San Francisco 
City College, Calif, and awarded diploma and certificate of 
grad as Electronics Technician. Is a professional Electronics 
Technician, empl by Hewelett Packard Mfg Co. He is also inter- 
ested in Aviation & studying for his private pilot's license. 

Bonnie attended Brigham Young Univ; is a talented musician; 
composed music for Stanford Ward Road Show, Calif. Res 
20626 Ritanna Ct, Saratoga, Calif, Chn, 3s 

1. Denise Marie Croft, b 30 Oct I960. 

2. Cherie Ann Croft., b 8 Feb I963. 

3. Michelle Louise Croft, b 25 Jan 1967. 

iv. Vivian Croft, b 20 Oct 1936, Provo; md I6 Mar 1956, Salt Lake 
City, Myron Gene Best, b 9 Apr 1935, M\irray, Utah, son of 
Frederick Mansel Best k Vera Saville. 

Vivian received a mathematics award when she grad from 
8th grade; attended Granite High School, Salt Lake City, 3 yrs, 
when she was awarded a Ford Foiindation Scholarship to attend 
Univ of Utah. She also attended Brigham Young Univ. Worked 
in LDS Church Office and in the US Veterans Hospital prior to 


her marriage. Has been Counselor in Relief Society, Ottawa, 
Can; Teacher in Relief Society and Primary. 

Myron also received a Ford Foundation Scholarship to Univ 
of Utah; grad with honors, Univ of Utah, BS, 1957; grad from 
Univ of Calif, Berkeley, with PhD, I96I; outstanding student 
in Geology^ Taught in Univ of Ottawa, Can, where he was Dist 
Clerk & President of Ottawa LDS Branch. Now Professor of 
Geology, Brigham Young Univ; has published numerous articles. 
Res 2731 Arapahoe Lane, Provo, Utah, Chn, 6: 

lo Karen Best, b 17 May 1957, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

2. Jenny Lyn Best, b lli July 1958, Salt Lake City. 

3. Karl Fredrick Best, b I8 Aug 1959, Berkeley, Calif. 
U, Teresa Best, b 2 July I96I, San Francisco, Calif. 
5. Katrina Best, b 31 Oct I963, Ottawa, Can. 

60 Richard Russell Best, b k Feb 1967, Provo, Utah. 

V. Clair Lewis Croft, b 15 Aug 19U5, Cedar City, Utah. On scho- 
lastic Honor Roll throughout high school; won honors on West- 
ern High School Debate Team, I963. Attended College of So 
Utah, Utah State Univ, and was grad from Brigham Yo\ing Univ, 
1967, with major in Physics and Mathematics. Empl by Natl 
Aeronautics & Space Admin, assigned to Apollo Spacecraft 
Simulator, Cape Kennedy, Fla. Res Gateway Apts , lU, 
207 Chandler, Cape Canaveral, Fla. 

35 EVAN MARION CROFT (or Marion Evan), son of Jacob Croft & Mary Eliason, 
b 6 May 1905, Deseret; md 2li July 1935, Chicago, 111, GRACE OLIVIA ELSIE HILDY, 
b 2ii Jan 1910, Chicago, dau of Charles Edward Hildy & Grace Mae Benson. 

Evan received a BS degree from Brigham Yoiing Univ; MS from Univ of So 
Calif; has been teacher, Lehi High School; Professor, Brigham Young Univ; Pres, 
Utah Bus Ed Assn; Pres, Western Bus Ed Assn; Director, Natl Bus Ed Assn; member, 
Provo City School Board; Vice-Pres, State School Bds Assn; Exec Secy, State 
School Bds Assn. Author of Direct and Natural Typewriting , Direct Approach t o 
Speed and Accuracy , Personality in Business and Life , The Quest for Peace ^, and 
numerous other publications; in Who's Who in the West . Has been member of Ward 
Bishopric, High Council; Stake Supt of Sunday School; Stake and Ward Pres, MIA; 
in presidency of Stake High Priests; a Master M Man; Provo Peak, 50-year, and 
Silver Beaver Boy Scouts Awards; Sons of Utah Pioneers. Grace is a musician, 
teacher, and author. 3bs 1235 Aspen Ave, Provo, Utah. Chn, b in Provo, $: 

i, Faye LaVieve Croft, b 29 Oct 1936; md 12 Dec 1957, Salt Lake 
City, Earl Lelegren, b 23 Mar 192lt, Los Angeles, Calif, son 
of Henry Raymond Lelegren &. Marie Helene Fleischman. 

Faye attended Brigham Young Univ, 3 yrs; member of 
Orchesis and Rockettes dancing groups; Teacher in Primary; 
Secy, Ward Genealogical Com; Secy, MIA Married Group; Activity 
Counselor, MIA; Golden Gleaner. 

Earl served in World War II, European and Pacific 
theatres; grad of Brigham Young Univ; grad work in law at 
Cumberland Univ and Univ of Utah; Ward Clerk; Pres, Elders 
Quorum; M Men Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Stake Ensign Leader. 
Empl by Farmers Ins Co as claims adjustor. Res 7620 So 
Wasatch Blvd, Salt Lake City. 



Chn of Faye and Earl, 3: ^ ,^ ■, , n-x 

1 iSa Faye Lelegren, b 20 Jan 19^9, Salt Lake City. 
2 1 Celeste Dawn Lelegren, b 29 Mar 1961, Salt Lake City. 
3, Jon Earl Lelegren, b 29 Nov 1963, Provo, Utah, 
Evelyn Mae Croft, b 11 Aug 19U0; md 28 Aug 1968, Salt Lake City, 
Dennis Wells Hoover, b 21 Apr 19U0, Provo, son f Wells Frank 
Hoover & Maude Peay Chappell. Evelyn is grad of Brigham Young 
Univ in Elem Ed; received awards in dancing, sports, music and 
drama; filled LDS mission in Eastern Atlantic States; served as 
Teacher in Sunday School, Relief Society, Primary, and MIA; 
Organist & Sports Director in MIA; Golden Gleaner; member of 
Orchesis, Alpine Club, NEA and UEA; taught in Nebo and Provo 
School Dists. Dennis is grad of Brigham Young Univ; served 3 yrs 
in US Army Security Agency; instructor in Turkey with MAAG;Stake 
Missionary; Supt, MIA: Teacher, Sunday School; Boy Scout Master. 
Olivia Rae Croft, b lU June 19UU; md (l) James Kent Fox, b 1 Oct 
19U2, Ogden, Utah, son of Orval Murat Fox & Annie Elizabeth 
Burns, div; md (2) 28 Apr 1967, Houston, Tex, James Irvin Mangum, 
Jr, b Iii July 19U1, Mesa, Ariz, son of James Irvin Mangum & 
Ethlene Payne o Olivia has received awards in sports; taught 
ballet; member of Orchesis and Folk Dancing <. She attended Brig- 
ham Young Univ, Utah Tech Col, and Univ of Houston; is Operating 
Room Technician in Hermann Hospital, Houston. James Mang\im 
filled LDS mission in the Gulf States; was Honors Program student 
& Lab Instructor, Brigham Young Univ; eirpl as Shift Chemist, 
Merichem Co, Houston. Res U90U Evergreen, Houston, Tex, 77017. 
Dau of Olivia & James Fox, adopted to James Mangum: 

1. Kellie Ann Mangum, b 22 Aug 1962, Seattle, Wash. 

iv. Marcia Kay Croft, b 27 July 19U8. Has received sports awards 
in MIA; Teacher in S\mday School; attending Brigham Young Univ. 

V. Pamela Gae Croft, b 26 July 195U; studying flute and ballet. 

36 ADLEAN "ADDIE" CROFT, dau of Jacob Croft & Mary Eliason, b 28 June 
1907,~neseret; md 1 June 1926, Provo, JOHN "EDWIN" ALLEN, b 13 Mar 1907, 
Charleston, Utah, son of John Wilford Allen & Nora Phoebe Dinah Ringwood, 

Addie owns and operates "Addie's Catering Service." Is also Director of 
Food Service, Utah Technical College of Provo. Has been Teacher and Activity 
Director in Primary; Teacher in MIA; Work Director in Ward Relief Society; 
Chairman, Literary Section of Women's Council; Vice-Chairman of Business and 
Professional Women's Clubc She and Edwin are Co-chairmen of the Old Folks 
Committee and have served on the Ward Genealogical Committee. 

Edwin is Production Manager of Coca Cola Co, Provo; has been Pres 
of Footprinters ; is a High Priest; member of Sunday School Superintendency. 
Res Country Club Manor, 2719 N University Ave, Provo. Chn, b in Provo, 6: 

i. Jay Edwin Allen, b 23 Feb 1927; md 13 Mar 19U8, Provo, 
Jacqueline Okey, b 6 June 1930, Ogden, Utah, dau of John 
Edwin Okey & Birdie Leila Chase. 

Jay attended Brigham Young Univ. He was in charge of 
the Finance Division of the US Army in Paris. Is now Main- 
tenance Scheduling St^ervisor at the Refinery of Kennecott 
Copper Co, Magna, Utah. Is a sports enthvisiast; was let- 
terman in high school basketball and football; has been in 


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00^ H -- ■* -2: 


charge of Pony and Little League Baseball in Orem, Utah; has 
received awards in golfing and bowling. Res 3U05 So 8260 W, 
Magna, Utah. Chn, b in Provo, Utah, 3'- 

1. Steven Jay Allen, b 13 Oct 19U8, machinist. 

2. Pamela Allen, b 23 July 19^2. 

3. Jeffrey Edwin Allen, b 3 June 1958. 

ii. Nora Beth Allen, b 20 Feb 1929, d 10 May 193U, Provo, bur in 
Draper, Utah, 

iii. Dean Croft Allen, b 28 Sep 1930; md 12 June 19$h, Ehrentraul 

"Trudy" Garies, b 31 Jan 1928, Nuremberg, Sebald, Germany, dau 
of Michael Garies & Rosa Schiegl. 

Dean served in the US Army overseas, where he met and mar- 
ried Trudy. He is a professional Serviceman, wais an Electron- 
ics Technician in the Guided Missile Program, serving in Korea 
while Trudy res at 537 E 36^0 No, Provo, Utah? now Master Sgt 
1/G; will retire after 20 yrs service, Dec 19o8. 
iv. Janis "LaRee" Allen, b 5 Sep 193U; md 1 Aug 1956, Logan, Utah, 
Milton Peterson Minor, b 20 Oct 193U, Mankato, Minn, son of 
Milton Bird Minor & Thelraa Peterson, 

LaRee attended Brigham Young Univ, 3 yrs, where she was a 
member of the Rockettes. She has taught ballet and tap danc- 
ing; taught in Sunday School; served as Activity and Sports 
Director in MIA; Activity Counselor in Relief Society; and 
President of PTA, Milton is Sales Mgr, Minor Automotive Co, 
Nampa, Ida, Res Rt U, Nampa, Ida. Chn, 2: 

1, Mikel Allen Minor, b 27 July 1957, Provo, Utah. 

2, Marc Allen Minor, b 11 June 196U, Nampa, Ida. 

V. Lee Mark Allen, b l6 May 19U0; md 7 May 1959, Provo, Utah, 

Janet Jameson, b 22 June 19Ul, Idaho Falls, Ida, dau of Parley 
L. Jameson & Leah Nielsen, 

Lee is Division Owner & Mgr of Frito-Lay Co. Has served 
as Secy, Elders Quorum. Janet is Work Director in Relief 
Society. Res 1211 So U50 ¥, Orem, Utah. Chn, b in Provo, 3: 

1. Kimberlee Allen, b 8 Jan I960. 

2. Joe Paul Allen, b 20 Nov I96I, 

3. Lisa Allen, b 23 Jan I966, 

vi. Barbara Jane Allen, b 13 Sep 1951. Cheer Leader and member 
of AUM. 

37 INEZ CROFT, dau of Jacob Croft & Mary Eliason, b I6 Feb 1912, Deseret, 
Utah; md 1 June 1935, Malad, Ida, DEAN ROBERT STEED, b 10 Oct 1910, Provo, 
Utah, son of Oliver Frank Steed & Mabel Lindsay, 

Inez attended Brigham Young Univ; has been Personnel Director & Dept Mgr 
of J. C. Penney Co; Work Director & Counselor in Ward Relief Society; Vice- 
Capt, Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Cummings Camp; Primary Teacher. Dean is 
a grad of Brigham Young Univ, Accounting major; served as US Naval Officer 
World War II, So Pacific; is Chief Accountant of Utah State Highway Com, ' 
awarded 25-year pin; Past President of Utah Public Employees Assn: President 
of State Employees Credit Union. Res 1536 E 30U5 So, Salt Lake City, Utah, 

Son of Inez & Dean: 

i. Terry Dean Steed, b 28 June 19h8, Salt Lake City; md 12 July 
1968, Salt Lake City, Evelyn Harris, b 2^ Mar 19li8, Salt Lake 
City, dau of L. Dale Harris & Esther Parrish. Terry has been an 
Honor student; attending Univ of Utah; recipient of "Duty to 
God" Award. 

38 MERRILL WOODROW CROFT, b 26 July 1911;, Deseret, Utah, son of Jacob 
Croft & Mary Eliason; md 9 June 1937, Salt Lake City, MELBA BROWER, b 8 Jan 
1916, Salt Lake City, dau of Richard Albert Brower & Josephine Gottfredson. 

Merrill is a physical educator and school teacher; received BS degree 
from Brigham Young Univ; graduate work at Univ of So Calif and Univ of Utah; 
has taught at Roosevelt Elem School, Roosevelt, Utah; Joaquin Elem, Provo, 
and at Emerson, Lincoln, Jackson, Horace Mann, and Highland High School, Salt 
Lake City District o He was winner of the Rocky Mt Wrestling Chan^Dionship while 
attending the Brigham Young Univ, and National AAU Wrestling Chaitq) ions hip, 123 
lb class, 1937. Has served as High Priest; in Presidency of 377 Quorum of 
Seventies; Athletic & Dance Director, Highland Stake; in Superintendency of 
MIA; Home Missionary; in M Hen basketball, softball, volleyball, exhibition 
tumbling and gymnastics » Is an Eagle Scout (Gold Palm); Troop Committeeman, 
Merit Badge Counselor; 20 yrs service in BSAo Has been Recreational Director 
and Driver Training Teacher and Supervisor in Salt Lake City. 

Melba attended Brigham Young Univ; has served as Ward & Stake Dance Di- 
rector and Beehive Teacher in MIA; Chorister & Teacher in Primary; Parley Stake 
Sunday School Board Librarian & Teacher in Jr Siinday School; Work Director in 
Ward Relief Society; Editor of Ward News; Demonstrator, Utah Craft & Novelty 
Co; President of PTA. Res 23U6 Country Club Circle, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, S: 

i. Meryl Lynn Croft, b 21 Apr 19U3; md 6 Sep I963, Salt Lake 
City, Robert John Forsberg, b 26 Aug 1939, Salt Lake City, 
son of Francis Robert Forsberg ^ Leola Young » 

Meryl Lynn was an Honor Student; received scholarships 
to Utah State, Brigham Young Univ, and Univ of Utah; was ex- 
change student to Italy, American Field Service » Journalist 
for Deseret News and Brigham Young Univ Universe ; member of 
Natl Honorary Journalism Frat; Jr and A Capella Choir, Pep 
Club and HiDebs. Received 90 Honor Badge Award in MIA, 
Golden Gleaner; Work Director & Teacher, Ward Relief Society. 

Robert filled an LDS mission in Sweden; received l-iS de- 
gree in Bus Ed, Brigham Young Univ, I968 . Chn, }: 

1, Teresa Lynn Forsberg, b 20 Aug I96U, Provo, Utah. 

2, Tamara Lei Forsberg, b 8 Nov 1965, Provo. 

3, Tifanie Ann Forsberg, b I8 Sep 1966, Provo. 

ii. Suzanne Croft, b 2 Jme 19U6; md I6 Sep 1967, Salt Lake City, 
Stephen Buchanan Olson, b 31 May 19U6, Ida Grove, Iowa, son 
of Ray Stanley Olson & Hazel Buchanan, 

Suzanne was awarded scholarships in Special Education; 
grad of Utah State Univ with BS degree in 3 yrs; member of 
Phi Kappa Phi. Earned 90 Honor Badges in MIA; Laurel Sponsor 
of All Church Basketball Tournament; member of Jr and A Capella 
Choir, Honors Cotillion, Spiirs . Winner of 1st place in Girls 
Div of Salt Lake-Sugarhouse Jaycee State Safe Driving Road-E-0; 




participant in Hill Cumorah Pageant; traveled with study group to 

Msxico o 

Carol Jo Croft, b lU May 19U8. Earned 90 Honor Badge Award; Laurel 
Sponsor for AH Church Basketball Tournament; Drill Mistress for Pep 
Club; member. Hi Debs and Jr and A Capella Choir; awards in High 
School Art Contests and Art Editor of school periodicals; "Miss 16" 
of Salt Lake City in 196U. Empl in Art Dept of Brigham Young Univ 
while attending school, 

Merrill "George" Croft, b 28 Oct 1952. Eagle Scout; Order of Arrow 
and chairman of its membership com; Little League & Cops League 
Baseball; won music scholarship for Summer Music Camp; plays guitar 
in musical group; paper carrier. 

David Merrill Croft, b 25 Feb 1955- Boy Scout; 3 times winner of 
Pinewood Derby Car Race; Little League Baseball; won music scholar- 
ship for Summer Music Camp; plays accordian and drums in musical 
group; paper carrier; projection boy. 

39 ELMO AARON CROFT, b 28 Mar 1917, Deseret; md (l) NINA MERN MITCHELL, b 
18 Apr~1920, dau of Ira A. Mitchell & Gladys Howell, div; md (2) 25 Nov 1953, 
Idaho Falls, Ida, BERNIECE MAGDALENA PECK, b 2U Jan 1917, Rexburg, Ida, dau of 
Justin Ro Peck & Anna Magdalena Dieterle, Berniece rod (l) 15 Oct 1935, Salt 
Lake City, ROSS EVERETT DIX, b 16 July 1913, Carey, Ida, d 15 Sep 1951, Hailey, 
Ida, son of Everett Farmer Dix & Katie Adelia Phippen. 

Elmo attended Brigham Yo\ing Univ, where he paid for his expenses by coach- 
ing wrestling c He was grad as Machinist Apprentice from Weber College and 
worked at Hillfield AFB as machinist and mechanic until March 19UU, when he was 
drafted into the Armed Services as aircraft mechanic and shipped to Guam and 
Saipan. After an honorable discharge, he studied Air Conditioning and Refrig- 
eration at Utah Technical College o He is a machinist in the Physical Plant of 
Brigham Young Univ. A sports enthusiast, he has received awards in iceskating, 
bowling, and wrestling. Served as one of seven Presidents of the Seventies 
Quorum of Utah Stake; Ward Teacher; Member of Explorers Council. 

Berniece is a business secretairy and bookkeeper in a doctor's office; has 
served as Activity Co\mselor in MIA; Work Director in Relief Society; is tal- 
ented in sewing, cooking, and ceramics art work. Res lUO W 8 N, Provo, Utah. 
Son of Elmo and Nina: 

i, Alan Elmo Croft, b 10 Sep 19U7, Provo, Utah. 

Chn of Berniece and Everett, b in Hailey, Ida, 2: 

i, LaWona Helen Dix, b 3 Mar 1937; md 6 June 1959, Salt Lake City, 
William Francis Charles, b 3 May 1933, Salt Lake City, son of 
Francis Alfred Charles & Gretta Coulam. William is an accountant. 
Res U20 U6th St, Richmond, Calif. Chn, U: 

1. Deborah Kay Charles, b 1 May I960, Provo, Utah. 

2, Lisa Ray Charles, b 8 May 1962, Richmond, Calif, 
3o Helen Charles, b 8 Apr 1965, Richmond. 

U, Brenda Lee Charles, b 13 Sep 1967, Richmond. 

ii. Adelia Ann Dix, b 8 July 19Ul; md 2 Aug 1963, Provo, Joseph Jay 
Sorensen, b 18 Mar 1936, Provo, son of John Clifford Sorensen & 
Marjorie Hicksen, div 3 Jan 1967. Chn, 2: 

Ic John Ross Sorensen, b 28 Feb 196U, Las Vegas, Nev. 
2. Todd Elmo Sorensen, b 29 June 1965, Provo. 



JAMES HENRY MACE, son of James Henry Mace & Luna Adell Hinckley, b 1 Dec 
1878, Fillmore, Millard, Utah, d 3 Apr 19^7, Salt Lake City, bur Deseret 
Cem; md 2$ Mar 1903, ^ MARTHA ELIASON, b 29 Oct 1875, Pleasant Grove, Utah, 
d 20 June 1959, Deseret, Utah, bur Deseret Cem, dau of Marten Svend Eliason 
& Mary Anna Christensen. 

Martha was four years old when her parents moved from Pleasant Grove to 
Deseret, and she knew well the challenges and vicissitudes of pioneer life. 
From her mother, she learned the fine arts of homemaking, sewing, knitting, 
quilting, crocheting, and cooking, and won many blue ribbons in Millard Co 
Fairs for her needlework and food delicacies, especially pies and pastries. 
As a young lady, she attended the Brigham Young Academy in Prove. She also 
clerked in Damrons Mercantile Store in Deseret. Always active in church 
work, she served as president of TaMIA, teacher in Sunday School and Relief 
Society for years, and visiting teacher most of her life. She also was a 
county officer in the DUP. Like her parents, she was known for her kindly 
service to others. 

While a young man, James Mace drove six head of horses on a freight 
wagon from Fish Springs to Deseret. After marrying Martha and a short resi- 
dence in Deseret, he and she lived in Eureka a few years, where he worked in 
the mines and, on the side, they ran a small grocery store business. After 
returning to Deseret to live, James engaged in farming and taking care of his 
fine herd of Herford cattle. He knew beef j how to raise stock to make the 
best-tasting beef, when to kill it, and how to cure and cut it. ^rfhenever he 
butchered, he was generous to his neighbors and children. He enjoyed singing 
in the ward choir; he served on the Building Committee of the Deseret Ward 
Chapel, and was beneficent in his donations of labor and money when church 
and community projects were undertaken. Other civic positions he held were 
Deputy Assessor of Millard Co and member for several years of the Fair Com- 
mittee sponsoring the annual Deseret "Days of the Old West." One of his 
admirable possessions was a philosophy wherein he had peace within himself, 
and a friendly attitude toward everyone. Chn of Martha & James, 8: 

i. Carl Henry Mace, b 3 Jan I90U, Deseret; md (l) 3 June 1925, 

Deseret, Lela Asay, b 5 Feb I908, Lovell, Big Horn, Wyo, dau of 
Aaron Asay k Julia Christina Rich^ div. Lela md (2) Alfred J, 
Bell. Carl md (2) La Veda Aleania Spear, who md (l) 29 Apr 1931, 
Haze Vile Asay, brother of Lela Asay, div. Carl md (3) Frances 
Eileen Ewert, b 31 Jan I908, Lookout, Idaho, dau of Arthur Ewert 
& Dvoella Bramblet. Frances md (1) Frank P. Chase and had dau: 
Eileen Chase, b 26 July 1927, Chowchilla, Madera, Calif, who md 
I9UU to Tom Rowland, 

Carl ranches in Dixon, Calif; he is a great lover of 
horses. Address Box M, Dixon, Calif, 95620. 



Chn of Carl 4 Lela, 2: .....n ^ tt4. u j m 

1 Phyllis Mace, b 10 Feb 1927, Delta, Millard, Utah; md 10 
July 1958, Las Vegas, Clark, Nev, Joseph Nosanchuck, b 
29 Oct 1910, in Russia, son of Lewis Nosanchuck. Phyllis 
has been a school teacher. Res 625 S 8th, Las Vegas, Nev. 
Chn, b in Las Vegas, 3: 

( i) Louise Nosanchuck, b U May 1959. 

( ii) Anne Nosanchuck, b l5 Mar I96I. 

(iii) Arthur Nosanchuck, b 9 Oct 1963 . 
2. Dale Ray Mace, b 28 Feb 1930, Lehi, Utah, Utah; md 9 July 
1951, Carson City, Nev, Billie J. Short, b 5 Jan 1932, 
Grass Valley, Calif, dau of Thomas J. Short & Dovie 
Nettles. Dale is a truck driver for the Mace Meat Packing 
Co, and Billie is a clerk in a school office of Dixon. 
Res 530 W "B" St, Dixon, Calif. No chn. 

ii. Martin "Doyle" Mace, son of James Henry Mace & Martha Eliason, 
b 2 Feb I906, Eureka, Utah; md 1 Jan 19U7, at Hanna, Duchesne, 
Utah, Martha Cleo Wilcken, b 31 Dec 1917, Tabiona, Duchesne, Utah, 
dau of Joseph Wilcken & Cleo May Smith. Doyle is a rancher in 
Deseret; he raises fine horses and cattle. Martha served on an 
LDS mission with Doyle's sister, Angie, in the Central States; she 
is a telephone operator in Delta. Res Deseret, Utah. Chn, b in 
Delta, 3: 

1. Marilyn Mace, b 1 Dec 19U7. 

2. James Doyle Mace, b lU Jan 19U9. 

3. Joseph Wilcken Mace, b lU Oct 1950. 

iii. Mary "Elva" Mace, b 2 Mar 1908, Eureka; md 28 Feb 1928, Salt Lake 
City, Jack Carson, b 26 Sep 1905, Caliente, Nev, son of Leonard 
Lazell Carson & Stella Reed. Elva and Jack lived the first part 
of their married life in Deseret, where their 3 children were born. 
After a move to Las Vegas, they moved in 1937 to Los Angeles, 
Calif. They presently res at IO8 Admiral Callaghan Lane, Vallejo, 
Calif, vjhere Elva is Supervisor of Finance Section for the 
Vallejo Post Office. Chn, 3: 

1. Jacqueline Mae Carson, b lh Apr 1929; md l5 Sep 1951., 
Vallejo, to Donald Edward Longmire, b 1 Feb 1926, Santa 
Barbara, Calif, son of Clarence LeRoy Longmire & Delia 
Hazel Rystrom, "Jackie" became acquainted with Donald 
at Univ of Calif, LA, from which school he was grad in 
College of Engineering, He is an electronics engineer 
for "Moonshot." He and Jackie have traveled extensively 
around the world. Res 9lU Bluegrass Lane, Bellaire, 
Calif. Chn, b in Calif, 3: 

( i) Leigh A. Longmire, b 7 Nov 1953, Santa Monica. 
( ii) Leslie Michelle Longmire, b 17 Aug 1955, 

Santa Barbara, 
(iii) Robert Carson Longmire, b 26 Nov 1959, Santa 

Barbara . 

2. Helen "LaDean" Carson, b 6 Jan 1931; md (l) 2 Sep 1950, 
Las Vegas, Edwin Thomas Murphy, Navy officer, b 12 Sep 
1926, Sherrill, Oneida, New York, son of William Henry 
Murphy & Leona Frances Seguin, div; md (2) 30 Aug 1965, 
Reno, Nev, Paul Berry, b 15 Sep 193U, Douglas, Ifl^o, son 


Eohraim Jacob Eliason 

Lois (Robison) Eliason 

LaVern (Croft) Theobald and Carl G. Theobald 
Golden Anniversary 

Marten Svend Eliason 

James Henry Mace and Martha (Eliason) Mace 


of Julian Claude Berry ^t Georgia Manning. Paul is serving 
in US Navy as chief electrician in a submarine. Res 221 
Cottonwood Dr, Vallejo, Calif. Chn of LaDean & Edwin, b 

in Calif, 5: 

( i) Patrick Matthew Murphy, b 2U May 1951, Loraa 

( ii) Stephen Michael Murphy, b 27 Aug 1952, Loma 

Linda , 
(iii) Jacqueline Colleen Murphy, b 13 Feb 195Ii, 

Loma Linda. 
( iv) Charles Dennis Murphy, b lU Feb 1955, Ontario. 
( v) Lauren Aileen Murphy, b 22 Oct 1958, Twenty 
Nine Palms. 
3. James Leonard Carson, b 30 July 1932; md 5 Sep 195U, 

Vallejo, Calif, Vivian Lee Peila, b 22 Nov 193U, Trinidad, 
Colo, dau of Victor Frank Peila & Marjorie Louise Jacques. 
James is grad of College of Engineering, Univ of Calif at 
Berkeley. He is a State Engineer in Water Resources Dept. 
Res 68U2 Siverthorn Cir, North Highlands, Calif. Chn, 3s 
( i) Cynthia Ann Carson, b 22 July 1958, 

Pasadena, Calif. 
( ii) Karen Sue Carson, b 31 Jan 1962, Walnut Creek, 

(iii) James Mace Carson, b 2U May 1963, Walnut Creek. 

iv. James "Everett" Mace, b 26 May 1910, Deseret; md 25 Oct 19U7, 

Dixon, Calif, Edith Phillips, b 6 May 1917, Dixon, dau of Charles 
Phillips & Cornelia Currey. Everett is a line foreman and trouble 
shooter for Pacific Gas & Elec Co. Edith is a clerk in the office 
of Woodland High School; she has served as Cub Scout 4 Brownies 
leader, & president of PTA. Res 126 North St, Woodland, Calif. 
Chn, 3: 

1. James Henry Mace III, b 2 Feb I9I4.9, Sacramento, Calif. 

2. Marian Edith Mace, b 27 May 1952, Woodland. 

3. Scott Phillips Mace, b 26 June 1951;, Woodland, 

v. Blaine Leon Mace, b 10 June 1912, Deseret; md (1) Marie Noleman 
of Los Angeles, dau of Philip Noleman, div; md (2) 2 Feb 1952, 
Las Vegas, Nev, Betty Maxine Feaster, b 1 June 1922, of Fairmont, 
Marion, W. Va, dau of George Feaster & Louise Storts. Blaine is 
a railroad engineer, in the service of his company for 30 yrs. 
Res 1005 Sahara Way, Las Vegas, Nev, Dau of Blaine & Marie: 

1. Patricia Mace, b 21 June 19U5, Las Vegas; md John Pontes. 
Res Los Angeles, Calif. Had son: 
( i) Jim Pontes, 

Chn of Blaine & Betty, b in Las Vegas, 2: 

1. Janice Mace, b 15 Dec 1953. 

2. Joyce Mace, b 16 June 1956. 

vi. Marten Mace, b 19 Oct I91U, Deseret; md (1) 1$ Feb 1937, St 

George, Utah, Dorothy Thacker, b 3 Oct 1921, Winslow, Ariz, dau of 
Roy L. Thacker '^ Clara Jane Kane, div, Dorothy md (2) 17 Jan I96I, 
Harry A, Kelly. Kartell md (2) lU Apr I96I, in Las Vegas, 


Shirley Wilson, b 16 Jan 1929, dau of Paul Wilson & Susan Cherry. 
Martell works for the Union Pacific Ry. Res 2007 Santa Paula Dr, 
Las Vegas, Nev. Chn of Martell k Dorothy, b Las Vegas, 2: 

1. Carole Mace, b 5 July 1938. Res U3l6 Mayflower Ave, 
Las Vegas, Nev. 

2. Kenneth John Mace, b 21 Feb 19U6. 

Child to be adopted by Martell & Shirley: 

1. Stephen Will Mace, b 5 June 1955, Bourne Twp, Mass. 

vii. Harold Willis Mace, b 2 Jan 1917, Deseret, d 8 July 1917- 

viii. Angle Mace, b 11 June 1918, Deseret; md 13 Dec 19U0, Dana Richmond 
Pratt, b 6 Dec 1919, Hinckley, Millard, Utah, son of William 
Burgess Pratt k Mary Cropper. Angle attended the College of So 
Utah on a scholarship; has served a full-time LDS mission in the 
Central States; been president of Relief Society, MIA, and Choir; 
taught in Sunday School, Relief Society, MIA, and Primary; also 
member of Stake Relief Society Board and Stake Gleaner Leader. 

Dana was grad from Brigham Young Univ and has done graduate 
work at USU, U of U, BYU, and Colo State Univ; is head of the 
English Dept at Dixie College, St George; has been president of 
the Elders Quorum, Seventies Quorum and Ward Clerk; presently is 
member of the Bishopric of College 2nd Ward. Res 63U E 500 So, 
St George, Utah, Chn, 3: 

1. Patsy Ann Pratt, b 28 Jan 19U2, Deseret; md 23 Feb I960, 
James Edward McCormick, b 5 Apr 19U2, son of Thomas A. 
McCormick k Rhea Elder. Patsy is a ballet dancer; was 
Yearbook Editor, Cheerleader, k honor student in high 
school; won state honors in oration; served on MIA Stake 
Board. James is empl by Standard Oil Co. Res Oklahoma. 
Chn, 2: 

( i) Cynthia Rae McCormick, b 7 Sep I96O, Cedar 

City, Utah, 
(ii) James Edward McCormick, b 28-9 June 1962, 

Delta, Utah. 

2. Marcia Kay Pratt, b I8 Sep 1950, Delta, Utah. Honor Roll 
student; member of Jetettes Marching Group; Junior Prom 
Queen, Christmas Queen; plays clarinet and is active in 
drama . 

3. Macy Dana Pratt, b I6 Mar 1958, Delta. Studying ballet 

and piano. 



30 EPHRAIM JACOB ELIASON, son of Marten Svend Eliason & Mary Anna 
Christensen, b l6 Aug l882, Deseret, Millard, Utah, d Hi Aug, bur 18 Aug 
1957, Deseret; md 3 June 19lU, Salt Lake City, Utah LOIS HATTIE ROBISON, b 
26 Apr 188$, Fillmore, Millard, Utah, d 22 Feb, bur 26 Feb I96I, Deseret, dau 
of Franklin Alonzo Robison & Harriet Elizabeth Thorpe. 

Ephraim was born in a home his father constructed in Deseret along the 
bank of the Sevier River after the family moved from Pleasant Grove. Because 
the river repeatedly overflowed and washed out their home and surroundings, 
the family moved into an adobe house they built on higher ground, lA mile 
west of the Deseret Cemetery. 

Ephraim worked with his father and brothers on the farm, caring for the 
cattle, milking a few cows, and selling butter. They raised grain, alfalfa, 
and alfalfa seed. The property was kept in good repair, Ephraim and the boys 
helping their father fix the fences and sheds. 

Some of Ephraim' s friends as a young man were Leffel Croft, Angus 
Allred, his cousin James Christensen, Alpin Allred, Wilford, John and Parley 
Warnick, Lon Black, and Dell Bennett. They took turns furnishing wagons and 
teams to go play ball, hunt, or attend dancesj sometimes they took the young 
ladies for hay rides. 

His father died when he was a young man. The family subsequently moved 
to a home east of Deseret along the Oasis road, near the location of the old 
A- C. Nelson School, Later they moved into a 3-room home on the northeast 
corner of the main intersection of Deseret. 

In 1909 Ephraim was called on an LDS Mission in the Northwest. He had 
not been there very long when he was put in charge of the Vancouver Mission, 
which was about all the territory north of the Canadian border to Alaska. 
His mother died of pneumonia on 28 Dec 1909, and Ephraim returned to Deseret 
to attend her funeral and help arrange family affairs. Then, with encourage- 
ment and financial assistance from his home ward, he returned to the North- 
west to complete his mission, receiving an honorable release on 5 Jan 1911. 

He was determined to further his education at the Brigham Young Univer- 
sity and borrowed money to assist him. Margaret Peterson Maw, a former school 
teacher of Ephraim (daughter of N.C.S. Peterson of Deseret), took him into 
her home in Provo until he located other living quarters. 

After returning to Deseret, he happened to be summoned as a witness to 
a law suit in Fillmore. There he took a room at the Robison Hotel, where he 
met his future wife, Lois Robison, a niece of the hotel proprietors. She 
had attended the LDS Business College, the University of Utah in Salt Lake 
City, and had done ^substitute school teaching, but was prevailed upon to 
take charge of the hotel in Fillmore, where she was staying when she met 
Ephraim. They were married 3 June I91U in Salt Lake Temple . 



They moved into the Eliason home in Deseret, which they remodeled and 
refurnishedj and lived in for many years. They later built a modern home 
next door to live in« 

Ephraim raised fine crops and cattlej and devoted much time to Church 
and community service. He served as Deseret V/ard Bishop and Deseret Stake 
High Councilman^ a member of the Millard Co School Board, and secretary of 
the Deseret Irrigation Co, Lois served in the MIA, and as Social Science 
Leader and Visiting Teacher in Relief Society. 

Ephraim and Lois reared 5 children. The family v/as known for its 
"counsels" in the living room. As the children grew up, they all used the 
same bank account. If anyone seemed extravagant according to the bank state- 
ment at the end of the month, the only reminder Ephraim gave was to be "care- 
ful in the amount of ink used," and they lived in harmony without an over- 
draft. With the direction and encouragement of Ephraim and Lois, all of 
their children attended college and were prominent in school, church, and 
community activities, Chn, 5: 

UO i, Eldon Alonzo Eliason, b 3 June 1915 J md Harriet Hinckley, 
Cr ii. Max Vivian Eliason, b 30 Nov 1916^ md Marjorie Howe, 
^ iii, Lincoln Robison Eliason, b 12 Feb 1918; md Cleo Nell 

Hinckley « 
lO iVo Elbert Phil Eliason, b h Dec 1920; md Beverly Rae 

Uh v„ Lois Genevieve Eliason, b 9 Sep 1923 j md Glen Ray Larsen, 

UO ELDON ALONZO ELIASON, b 3 June 19l5> Fillmore, Utah; md 11 I-Iar 19U6, 
Salt Lake City., HARRIET HINCKLEY, b 1 Oct 1920, Salt Lake City, Utah, dau of 
Ira Parnell Hinckley & Cleo Cranney, 

Eldon was grad from the Univ of Utah with an LLB in 19U3 and since has 
been a practicing attorney and served several terms as Millard Co Attorney, 
He has also been active in community and state affairs and held such offices 
as J Asst State Chairman of the Republican Party, Millard Co Republican 
Chairman, Asst State Director of United \Iar Relief Programs, State Advisory 
Board Member of the Bureau of Land Ifenagement, President of Jr Chamber of 
Commerce, President of Delta Lions Club, Chairman of Millard Co Centennial 
and Fair Board, He has likewise served in various LDS Church capacities, in- 
cluding 2 years as a missionary in the New England states, Deseret Stake High 
Councilman, and Counselor in the Deseret Stake Presidency, Because of his 
outstanding achievements, he was given a Distinguished Service Award, the 
first bestowed in V7est Millard area, 

Harriet was grad from Univ of Utah in 19ii2 and received her Master of 
Arts degree in 19U3* She has served as a Chapter Secy and Social Worker 
in the Home Service Dept of the American Red Cross, also as a Social Worker 
for Millard Co Welfare Dept, In addition she has served as President of 
various organizations, including Lady Lions, PTA, Ward Relief Society; as a 
member of the Stake Board Relief Society; and correspondent for the Salt 
Lake Tribune, Her literary and art works have received recognition. Res 
Delta, Utah, 


Chn of Eldon and Harriet, b in Salt Lake City, 6: 


Jean Eliason, b 8 May 19il7j md 9 Aug 1968, John Leslie Lyman. 
ii. Gayle Harriet Eliason, b 2 Aug 19ii9. 
iii. Karen Lois Eliason, b 5 Apr 19^1 • 
iv. Elaine Cleo Eliason, b 29 Oct 1953. 
V. Gwen Mae Eliason, b 31 May 1957 « 
vi. Eldon Alonzo Eliason, Jr, b 6 June 1959. 

Ul MAX VIVIAN or VIVIAN MAX ELIASON, son of Ephraim Jacob Eliason & 
Lois Hattie Robison, b 30 Nov 19l6, Deseret, Utah; md 21 Nov 19Uii, Salt Lake 
City, MRJORIE HOWE, b 22 Dec 1921, Murray, Utah, dau of Edward Erastus Howe 
& Mildred Jane Cuddy. 

Max was valedictorian of his high school class and received a scholarship 
to attend the Univ of Utah. He was grad from the Univ of Utah Law School in 
I9I43 with an LLB degree. With the conflict of World War II, he volunteered 
for duty in the US Navy and received a commission as Ensign. He served as a 
Line Officer aboard an assault transport and participated in invasions at 
Normandy, Southern France, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. /Ifter an honorable dis- 
charge in Jan I9I46, he returned to the Univ of Utah, and received a BS degree 
in June 19ii6 from the School of Business. In 19ii7 he was admitted to prac- 
tice law in both Utah and Calif, in which states he practiced for a period of 
time. In 1952 he was appointed Juvenile Judge of the State of Utah's 6th 
Dist, comprising 5 southern counties. In 1953 he accepted an offer to serve 
as a deputy in the Dist Attorney's Office in Orange Co, Calif, where he served 
6 years. In 1959 he was elected to the position of Municipal Court Judge in 
the Anaheim- Fuller ton Judicial Dist, comprising the northern part of Orange 
Co and the cities of Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Cypress, Dairyland, Fullerton, 
Garden Grove, LaHabra, Placentia, and Stanton, and the unincorporated area in 
the northern part of the county. He is a Director and Vice-pres of the 
Northern Orange Co Council of Boy Scoutsj Director of the Anaheim YMCA; Pres 
of Anaheim Kiwanis. He has served as Sunday School Teacher and Superinten- 
dent, High Councilman of Orange Co Stake, Bishop of Anaheim Ward, and Pres of 
Anaheim Stake. Res 315 Park Way, Anaheim, Calif. Chn, 7: 

i. Mildred Lois Eliason, b 3 Feb 19ii7, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

11. Maxine Eliason, b I6 Feb I9I49, Payson, Utah. 

iii. Carvel Howe Eliason, b 10 July I950, Santa Ana, Calif, 

IV. Eileen Eliason, b 31 Jan 1952, Salt Lake City. 

V. Cheryl Eliason, b 21 Oct 195U, Santa Ana. 

vi. Gordon Howe Eliason, b 15 Jan 1956, Orange, Calif 

vii. Bruce Howe Eliason, b 12 Dec I962, Anaheim, Calif] 

SncS b 22 W ?qpA i^Tn "^.^^ "^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^y^ CLEO NELL 
SaS!^' ^ ' ^^^' "^^"^ °^ ^""^ ^^^"^11 Hinckley & Cleo 

Lincoln was grad from Univ of Utah with a major in History & Political 
Science. He completed state certification as a teacher and has been in 
structor at Millard High School in Fillmore. Along with teaching! he his 


c • • 
o :s 

m o 

o c ^^ « 

•^ 0) w o 

rt OQ O CQ 
S 0) 

_ o O rt 
(0 to m Or; -H 
Q) rt rt rt 

_ W P-\ CO w 


maintained his interests in farming and served as Justice of the Peace of 
Deseret. He filled a mission to the Eastern States, serving part of the tune 
as Dist Pres. He has worked in all the auxiliaries of the Church, also as 
Bishop of Deseret Vferd and member of the High Council. Cleo attended the 
Univ of Utah. She has taught in all Church auxiliaries; presently she is the 
Sunday School coordinator. Has served as Pres of the Garden Club. 
Res Deseret, Utah. Chn, 9? 


Martin Lincoln Eliason, b 2? Nov 1950, Salt Lake City, 

ii. Dixon Roe Eliason, b 1 Mar 1952, Salt Lake City, 

iii. Julia Eliason, b 29 Apr 1953, Fillmore, Utah. 

iv. Tracy Bruce Eliason, b 7 June 1955, Fillmore. 

V. Sylvia Cleo Eliason, b 18 Aug 1956, Fillmore. 

vi. Coleen Eliason, b 27 Mar I960, Salt Lake City, 

vii. Brian Wendell Eliason, b 3 May I96I, Salt Lake City, 

viii. Preston Jared Eliason, b 1 June I96U, Salt Lake City, 

ix. Maria Eliason, b 23 June I966, Salt Lake City. 

U3 ELBERT "PHIL" ELIASON, son of Ephraim Jacob Eliason & Lois Hattie 
Robison, b U Dec 1920, Deseret, Utah; md 2li Feb 1950, St George, Utah, 
BEVERLY RAE CHRISTENSEN, b 5 Aug 1929, Delta, Utah, dau of Earl Lewis 
Christensen i Edna Leone Hales. 

Phil attended the Univ of Utah and Brighara Young Univ, He served in the 
Army Medical Corps during World War II in the Pacific Theater, including 
Manilla and Korea, After that, he was happy to stay on the farm and specialize 
in raising fine cattle. He has served as Director of Deseret Cattle Growers 
Assn, Director of Soil Conservation Committee of Millard Co, Director & Secy 
of Deseret Irrigation Co, For many years he has been in charge of the Boy 
Scouts. He also has been Supt of Sunday School, Counselor in IHA, and novj is 
serving as 1st Counselor in the Deseret Ward Bishopric. Beverly has served 
as Counselor in IHA, Pres of the Ward Primary and member of the Stake Primary 
Board, also as Pres of the Garden Club and DUP. Res Deseret, Utah. 
Chn, b in Delta, Utah, 8: 

i. Layne Phillip Eliason, b 7 July 1951 • 

ii. Margo Rae Eliason, b 28 Aug 195i;« 

iii. Jerry "C" Eliason, twin, b & d 22 Feb 195?. 

iv. Terry "C" Eliason, twin, b & d 22 Feb 1957. 

V. Robyn Lee Eliason, b 22 Feb 1959. 

vi. Vicki Lou Eliason, b 28 Dec I96O. 

vii. Janet Ann Eliason, b lli Oct I96U0 

viii. Tammy May Eliason, b & d 10 May 1967 . 

UU LOIS "GENEVIEVE" ELIASON, dau of Ephraim Jacob Eliason & Lois Hattie 
Robison, b 9 Sep 1923, Deseret, Utah; md I8 Aug 1950, Manti, Utah, GLEN RAY 
LARSEN, b 21 June 192U, Spanish Fork, Utah, son of William Pioneer Larsen & 
Leora Lillian Swenson. 

Genevieve, the youngest of a family of 5 children, was grad in 19li6 from 
Brigham Young Univ in Business Education, She taught one year in Hinckley 
High School, and then moved to Spanish Fork, where she taught school until 
1951. In 1950 she md Glen Ray Larsen in the Manti Temple. They settled in 


Leland, west of Spanish Fork, where 3 children were born to them. Because of 
her love for teaching, Genevieve in 196U resumed her old position as teacher 
in the Business Education Dept of Spanish Fork High School. In 1965 she 
worked with the State Dept of Education in initiating a new "on-the-job" 
training program for students, which proved successful and has continued. At 
present she is School Counselor and working toward a Master's Degree in Educa- 
tion from Brigham Young Univ. 

Genevieve has served as Pres of Primary and YWl-IIA, Pres of American Assn 
of University Women, Spanish Fork; State Chairman of Higher Education; Pres of 
Junior Chamber of Commerce; State Pres of Young Home Makers Assn; Council Pres 
of PTA for region of Springville, Spanish Fork, and Payson; Vice-Pres of 
Spanish Fork Coordinating Council; Vice-Pres of Utah Business Teachers Assn; 
Stake Historian of Palmyra Stake. 

Glen is recipient of a Distinguished Service Award for the outstanding 
young man of Spanish Fork; outstanding Young Fanner of the Year; State Vice- 
Pres and National Director of Junior Chamber of Commerce and local Pres; State 
Vice-Pres of Young Farmers Assn; member, Utah Co Agricultural Stabalization 
iSt Conservation Committee and Utah Co Farmers Home Administration; Pros of Utah 
Livestock Shows Assn; past Manager of Utah Junior Livestock Show; Bishop of 
Leland Wardj High Councilman; Stake and Ward Clerk. Res Rt 1, Box 20?, 
Spanish Fork, Utah. Chn, b in Spanish Fork, 3' 

i. Rex Eliason Larsen, b 3 Nov 1952. 
ii, Brenda Lois Larsen, b 13 May 1955- 
iii. Jane Leora Larsen, b 28 July I96I. 



273 JOHN CHRISTIAN NELSON, son of Levi Christian Nielsen & Lisa Marie 
Nielsi^Lucasen, b 22 Mar l8U3, G^ttrup, Thisted Den d 27 Dec I898 Sigurd, 
Sevier, Utah; md 6 CARRIE 14ARIE CHRISTENSEN, b 3 Apr I86I, Tolne, Hjor, Den, 
d 10 July 19U9, Roberts, Jefferson, Idaho, bur lU July 19U9, Sigurd, dau of 
Jens Christensen & Margrete Jacobseno 

John was christened in the Lutheran Church in Denmark under the name of 
NIELS CHRISTIAN LEVISEN.^ His surname followed the patronymic system in Scan- 
dinavia of adding to the name of the father the suffix indicating the rela- 
tionship. In America, Niels anglacized his name by changing it to John 
Christian Nelson,^ 

Carrie's parents were converted to the LDS Church in l853 in Denmark, 
and therefore she was not christened in the Lutheran Church. However, she 
was "recorded" on the Lutheran Church parish records as KAREN MARIA JENSEN, 
"unbaptized," her name likewise following the patronymic system,-' 

Because of the poor financial condition of her family, Carrie commenced 

working for others at a young age. She worked for a family who fished for a 

living and, as a result, developed a life-long dislike for fish and the 
utensils used for cooking it. 

By all working hard and living frugally, Carrie and her father's family 
were able to save enough money to emigrate to the New World. They came a few 
at a time. At the age of 11, Carrie left her native land in company with her 
sister Mary Anna (age 20) and brother Christian (age 29). They traveled by 
boat and rail to Liverpool, England. There they boarded the ship "Wisconsin,'* 
which sailed from Liverpool on 2 July l873 and arrived in New York City l5 
July. From there they continued the journey by rail, under charge of Captain 
David 0- Calder, and arrived Salt Lake City on 2U July 1873- 

•^Par rec of Gz^ttrup, Thisted, Den, show his name as Niels Christian Levi- 
sen, son of Levi Christian Nielsen & Lisa Marie Nielsdatter, and his birthdate 
as 22 Mar I8U3, which year of birth agrees with his age shown in the i860 cen- 
sus of Moroni, Utah, (Giz^ttrup Par, GS ser no 9902, pt h, Book lit , p 36.) 
Family rec ?c Manti Slg rec give his birthdate as 22 Mar I8U6, and his 
mother's surname as Lokersen, a misnomer of Lucasen: her father's name was 
Niels Lucasen. See p 2U5 for further genealogy of this family, 

^The i860 census of Moroni, Utah, indicates he had assumed the name of 
John Nelson by the time he was 17 yrs of age. He is also shown as John and 
John Christian Nelson in the 1862 and I867 Draper Ward rebapt records (GS 
ser no 6262, pt 1). 

■^Par rec of Tolne-Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 8 , p 52 (GS ser no 9007, pt 3), 

^"Scand Mission Emig Rec," Ship List of "Wisconsin," Book F, #l;52-3-U, 
p 5; also Hist of Scand Mission , p IO8, 



From Salt Lake City^ Carrie went to Pleasant Grove to live, where her 
brother Jacob had settled the year before. Here she found employment in 
various homes. One family for whom she worked for her room and board had an 
orchard. She remembered throughout her life how tired, as a young girl, she 
became of peeling apples. To relieve the monotony of the task, she peeled 
each apple differently, end over end, diagonally, round and round, etc. The 
elderly couple she lived with were uncomfortably thrifty at mealtime. Four 
slices of bread were placed on the table, a slice and one-half apiece for 
the man and woman, and only one for Carrie. As a growing, teen-aged girl, 
she would have enjoyed more bread. 

In 1877, at the age of I6, Carrie married 3U-year-old John Nelson, who 
had come to America some 22 years previously, in 1855, with his parents and 
some of the earliest convert-emigrants from Denmark. 

On 29 Nov 1855 John's company of kkl Scandinavian saints sailed from 
Copenhagen on the steamship "Loven," in charge of Elder Canute Peterson, a 
missionary returning from Norway. They traveled to Kiel, in Holstein; thence 
by rail to Gluckstadtj from there by boat to Grimsby, England; thence by rail 
to Liverpool. There, on 12 Dec 1855 ^ they boarded the British ship "John J. 
Boyd" with some U2 British and 30 Italian saints. The ship list records 
John and his father's family as follows-. 

Levi Christian Nielsen Age 37 
Lisa Marie " 37 
Niels Christian " 13 /JohnZ 
Christian " 10 
Johanna C. " 6 

Although the company included Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Icelanders, 
Italians, English, Irish, and Scotch emigrants, they deported themselves 
agreeably. At the sound of the trumpet, they met in prayer each morning and 
evening. During the voyage church meetings were given in the Danish^ English, 
and Italian languages. 

Halfway across the Atlantic, they met a clipper ship whose bulwarks had 
been wrecked and its masts and spars carried away. They took on board the 
captain and crew of the sinking ship. These trained men assisted the over- 
worked sailors of the "John J. Boyd" during the hurricanes and storms it sub- 
sequently encountered. 

After a difficult passage requiring 66 days, the ship safely anchored 
in New York on I6 Feb 1856, From New York the passengers traveled to Castle 
Garden, to continue their journey by train by way of Dvinkirk, Cleveland, and 
Chicago. There the company was divided into 3 groups, some to travel to 
Burlington, Iowa, some to Alton, Illinois, and the remainder to St. Louis, 
Mo. Due to the poor circumstances of the emigrants, not all were able to 
continue the journey to Utah in l856. Some remained for a year or so in the 
central states to earn the means to continue their journey to the Valley. 

It is not knoim when the Nielsen family arrived in Utah. Early Ward 
records of Moroni, Utah, show a division of land to Levi Nelson and J, C. 

^"British Mission Emig Rec," Ship List of "John J. Boyd," 1855, p 3- 


Nelson.^ At the time of the i860 census they were living in Moroni, where 
the father Levi was engaged as a shoemaker, and "John" as a farm laborer. 
The family had anglacized their surname from Nielsen to Nelson. By ld62, 
John Nelson, his brother Christian and sister Hannah Catherine were living 
in Draper, Utah. 3 It was here that Hannah met her future husband, Mel Mills 
Rogers; the two later moved into the Uth Ward of Provo, Utah. 

By 1878 John Christian was married to Carrie Christensen and was living 
on Provo Bench, where their first child, Elizabeth Ane, was bom. The fol- 
lowing year they were living in Pleasant Grove, where two more children were 
born. They were shown in the I88O census at Pleasant Grove, with John engaged 
as a laborer. Subsequent moves in Utah took them to Winter Quarters in Emery 
Co; Vermillion, Sevier Co; Holden, Millard Co; and Sigurd, Sevier Co. 

Ten children were born to Carrie and John, but only four lived to adult- 
hood. Two of their children, Rufus and Levi, died of diptheria the same day, 
11 Nov 1895. When Carrie went to the store to buy cloth to make the first 
baby a burial dress, the other child died. The 'two were buried in the same 
grave. John was very proud of his family, especially his boys, and he had 
his picture taken with them. On 22 Jan I89O he and Carrie went to the Manti 
Temple to have their children sealed to then, 

John C. Nelson worked very hard as a laborer and miner, wherever the 
family lived. He died at the age of 52 and was buried in Sigurd. For sev- 
eral years after his death, Carrie was employed as post mistress of Sigurd. 
She would ride out to meet the train, which had no definite schedule, and 
there wait in a little shack sometiiries most of the day to pick up the mail. 
It was her duty to sort the mail and bring it to SiguTd. 

Carrie was known for her fine needlework. She made a great number of 
beautiful quilts for her family and friends. These were all hand-sewn in the 
tiniest stitches. She was also meticulous in her housework; everything had 
its special place and was fiven special care. 

On her 79th birthday the Relief Society gave her a birthday party. She 
was very proud of the cake they gave her, with 79 candles on it, and the 
picture they took of her. During her last years she lived at Roberts, Idaho, 
with her married granddaughter, Carrie Nelson Hovinghoff . By attaining the 
age of 88, she outlived all her brothers and sisters. She died at her grand- 
daughter's home in 19U9 and was buried in Sigurd near her husband. She had 
been a widow for ^1 years. Chn, 10: 

i. Elizabeth Ane Nelson, b 7 May I878, Provo Bench, Utah, d 
28 Jan 1882, Pleasant Grove, Utah. 
ii. Fannie Marie Nelson, b 3 Feb 1879, Pleasant Grove, d 8 May 
1880, Pleasant Grove. 
U5 iii- Carrie Victoria Nelson, b 3 Sep I88I; nd Isaac Ransford Colby. 
J\B iv. James Christian Nelson, b 2 Sep I88U; md Olive Foote. 
V. Niels Christian Nelson, b 3 Aug 1885, Winter Quarters, 
Sanpete, Utah, d 23 July I89I, bur Sigurd, Sevier, Utah. 

IWard Rec of Moroni, Utah, no page number (GS ser no 6U18, pt 1), 
^Census of i860, Moroni, Sanpete, Utah, p 55- 
3;iard Rec of Draper, Utah, 1862, I867 (GS ser no 6262, pt 1)^ 
^Ward Rec of Provo Uth, p IO3 (GS ser no 61^42, pt 12). 


Carrie Victoria, Royal C, Alfred, Carrie Marie Christensen 
James C, and Mother, Carrie Marie Nelson (I86I) 

Christensen Nelson 

John Christian Nelson 

FRONT ROW: Edith Sybil, Edith (Lazenby), Orpha, Royal C, Armond Dale 
BACK ROW: Doil Alfred, Vaughn Stanford, Carrie Estella, Robina R., 
Ernest Christian, and Royal V/orth Nelson. 



vi. John Raymond Nelson, b 29 Dec l887, Vermillion, Sevier, Utah, 

d 9 July 1888, bur Sigurd. 
U7 vii. Royal Christian Nelson, b 23 Apr l888j md (l) Edith Henrietta 
~ Lazenby; md (2) Mary Ellen Stout] md (3) Libby May Albright j 

md (U) Eertie. 

Rufus Nelson, b 22 July l390, Vermillion, d 11 Nov 1895 > of 

diptheria, bur Sigurd. 
ix. Levi Morten Nelson, b 6 Mar l89ii, Holden, Millard, Utah, 

d 11 Nov 1895, diptheria, bur Sigurd. 
X, Alfred C. Nelson, b 7 June 1897, Sigurd, d 17 Apr 19UU, 

Sigurd; md 8 July 19l8, Coyote, Garfield, Utah, Myrtle Flora 

King, b 28 Sep I899, Brentwood, Green, Ky, dau of Alonzo King 

& Martha A. Wallace, div 1920, Myrtle md (2) 2U Dec 1921, 

Daniel Nephi Reynold, Alfred was empl as a powder man; he d 

of heart trouble and dropsy. No chn. 

h$ CARRIE "VICTORIA" NELSON, dau of John Christian Nelson & Carrie Marie 
Christensen, b 3 Sep I88I, Pleasant Grove, Utah, d 28 Nov 1929, of cerebral 
hemorrhage, bur Sigurd, Utah; md 3 Nov 1897, Manti, Utah, ISAAC RANSFORD 
COLBY, JR, b 12 Nov I878, Vermillion, Utah, d lIi Sep 1962, Sigurd, son of 
Isaac Ransford Colby & Mary Elizabeth Hoopes. Isaac md (2) 7 May 1930, 
Manti, his wife's cousin, RUBY KELLER, b 21 Oct I896, Deseret, dau of Samuel 
Webster Keller & Christina Christensen (see plOO), Adopted chn of Isaac & 
Carrie Victoria, 2: 

i. Carma Ora Colby, twin, b 19 Jan 19lh, Burrville, Sevier, Utah; 
md 9 May 1931, Denver, Colo, Bert Howd Greenvrood, b 29 Oct 
1909, Monroe, Utah, son of William Simeon Greenwood &i 
Christena Christensen. Res 3551 Jefferson Ave, Ogden, Utah. 
Chn, 5: 

1. Bruce Howd Greenwood, b 26 Apr 1932, Sigurd; md 20 
June 1935, Manti, Mary "Isobell" Purdy, b 9 Apr 1931, 
Ogden, dau of William Heber Purdy & Marguerite Re id, 
Bruce is empl in Dept of Agriculture, City & County 
of San Francisco, Res U626 Montmartre Park Court, 
Fremont, Calif, Chn, Us 

( i) Cynthia Lynne or "Cindy" Greenwood, 
13 Mar 1956, Sacramento, Calif, 

( ii) William Bruce Greenwood, b 2ii June 1958, 
Sacramento . 

(iii) Jeffry Alan Greenwood, b 9 June I96I, 
Sacramento , 

( iv) Stephen Reid Greenwood, b 30 Sep I963. 

2. Ardella Greenwood, b 1 Sep 1936, Richfield, Utah; 
md (1) Francis LaVota of Ogden, Utah, div; rod (2) 
Kent Gwartney of Okla, Res U629 N. Las Vegas Blvd., 
Las Vegas, Nev. Son of Ardella & Francis: 

( i) Richard Walter LaVota, b 2 Aug 1959, 
Ogden, Utah 
Adopted son of Ardella & Kent: 

( i) Scott Gwartney, b 2k Sep I966, Reno, Nev. 



3. Dan Bert Greenwood, b 8 July 1938, Sigurd; md 6 Mar 
i960, Elko, Nev, Karlcne Dawson, b 28 May 1939, Lay- 
ton, Utah, dau of Harold John Dawson '± Doris Marston. 
Dan has a govt job. Res 1715 Townsend Ave, Santa 
Clara, Calif, 950$1. Chn, b Sacramento, Calif, 2: 

( i) Micheal Dan Greenwood, b 5 Dec I96O. 
(ii) Darren Karl Greenwood, b 23 Apr I96I4. 

li. Ora Lou Greenwood, b 2\x Sep I9UI, Richfield, Utah; 
md 2 Aug 1957, Raymond B« Mikkelsen, b I6 Feb 1936, 
Ogden, son of Mrs. Lucy Mikkelsen. 
Res 601it Bourbon Ave^ Carmichael, Calif. 
Chn, b Sacramento, Calif, 2: 

( i) Raymond Bryan Mikkelsen^ b 8 Oct 1958. 
(ii) Shane Mikkelsen, b 8 July I962. 

5. Phil Grant Greenwood, b 20 Sep 19l;3, Richfield; md 
6 Nov 1965, Brigham City, Utah, Lynda Lee Bradbury, 
b 29 Aug 19Ui;,, Ogden, dau of Cecil James Bradbury & 
LaRue Hillmano Res 1275 5th Ave, Ogden, Utah, 8ilU03. 
Son J 

( i) Garret Greenwood, b 6 Dec 1966, Ogden. 

ii. Carrie Cora Colby, twin, b 19 Jan 191ii, Burrville, Utah; md 
Clifford Peter Schow, b 9 June I90U, Emery, Utah, son of 
Peter Henry Schow & Mary Henningsen, 
Res 3557 Porter Ave, Ogden, Utah, 8UUO3. Chn, 3: 

1. Phyllis Victoria Schow, b 30 Nov 1932, Mayfield, 
Sanpete, UtaH; md Louis J. Wilson, b 10 Feb 1927, 
Texas. Chn.. U: 

( i) Vickie Lou Wilson, b 22 July 1952, Ogden. 
( ii) Sandra Wilson, b 9 Apr 195ii, Ogden. 
(iii) Paulene Wilson^ b 19 Sep 1957, Ogden. 
( iv) Carla Jo Wilson, b 26 July 1965, 
Los Gatos, Calif. 

2. Stanley Peter Schow, b 25 July 1935 ^ Mayfield; md 
Patricha Stoddard, b 26 Sep I9I1O, Clin, U: 

( i) Donna May Schow, b 23 Sep I96O, Ogden. 
( ii) Deborah Schow., b 28 Fteb I963, Ogden, 
(iii) Donnett Schow, b 7 Oct I96U, Sunnyvale, 

( iv) Stanley Peter Schow, Jr, b I8 Jan 1966, 

Sunnyvale . 

3. Richard Schow, b 11 July 19U2, Garfield, Utah; md 
Judy Helen Cartwright, b 8 Nov 19U6, Ogden. 

Had sons 

( i) Rickie Schow, b 1 Jan I963, Ogden. 


U6 JAMES CHRISTIAN NELSON, son of John Christian Nelson & Carrie Marie 
Christensen, b 2 Sep l88U, Winter Quarters, Sanpete, Utah, d 15 Sep 1965, Salt 
Lake City, bur Sunset View Gem, Berkeley, Calif; md 10 Mar 1909, Manti, Utah, 
OLIVE FOOTE, b 31 Jan l892, Glendale, Kane, Utah, d lU Dec 19U2, Berkeley, 
Calif, dau of James Franklin Foote & Emeline Sophia Minchey. 

James' father died when he was lU years old. As the eldest of three sons, 
James realized his responsibilities in helping his mother to provide for and 
rear the family. 

In 1909, at the age of 25, he married Olive Foote; and they made their 
home in Sigurd. In January of the following year, twin sons were born to 
them. When the boys were 9 months old, James was called on an LDS Mission 
to the Northwestern States. He departed on 10 Oct 1910, filled an honorable 
mission, and was released on 23 Sep 1912. 

In 1916 James and his family moved from Sigurd to Salt Lake City. In 
1920, the family moved to Duchesne, Utah, where his brother Roy was engaged 
in dairy farming and James drove a truck for a creamery. The family later 
moved to Price, Utah, where James drove a mail truck. After returning to 
Salt Lake City and making their home at 21st South, James drove trucks for 
road construction and plumbing companies. He died in Salt Lake City of 
cancer at the age of 8I years, and his body was taken to Berkeley, Calif, 
for burial by the side of his wife. Chn, 6: 

i. Forras J. Nelson, twin, b 23 Jan 1910, Sigurd, Utah; md 2 Apr 
1929, Salt Lake City, Halla Dorothy Gray, b 11 Jan 1910, Salt 
Lake City, dau of Hal F. Gray & Hattie Folland. Forras is 
engaged in the plumbing business. Res 715 Appian Way, 
El Sobrante, Calif. Adopted dau: 

1. Susan Marie Nelson, b 22 June I9UI. Filled an LDS 
Mission to Peru. 

ii. Foster C. Nelson, twin, b 23 Jan 1910, Sigurd; md lU June 
I93U, Emma Isabel Myler, b 1? Aug 1913, Weston, Franklin, 
Idaho, dau of Charles Frank Myler & Mabel Rozelpha Beebe. 
Res 5538 N. Temple City Blvd, Temple City, Calif. Chn, b 
in Calif, 3: 

1. Judith Dee Nelson, b 19 Jan 19i;0. 

2. Sandra Ethel Nelson, b 29 May I9U2. 

3. Carol Nelson, b 19 May 19U7. 

iii. Everett Dewert Nelson, b ih July 19I3, Sigurd; md 11 Jan 19iiO, 
Salt Lake City, Martha Morse, b 2 Feb 1922, Hyde Park, Cache, 
Utah, dau of Lester John Morse & Tessie Cook. Everett is in 
the plumbing business. Res 2977 Blair St, Salt Lake City, 
Utah. No chn. 

iv. Marie Victoria Nelson, b 2 Mar 1915, Sigurd; md (l) lU Sep 
191;1, Thurman Glen Hickey, b 8 July I9IO, London, Pope, Ark, 
d 28 Feb 19U7, Phoenix, Ariz, son of Benjamin Monroe Hickey & 
Anna Marie Stewart. Marie md (2) 30 Aug 19U9, Louis Lucien 
Christensen, b 20 Aug 1903, Gunnison, Sanpete, Utah, son of 
Louis Christensen & Florence Mellor, div. Marie's res 5U62 
Morrow Dr, San Pablo, Calif. 


Chn of Marie & Thurman Glen Hickey, 3: 

1. Patricia Joan Hickey, b 17 June 19U2, Albany, Calif; 
md 9 June 196U, Manti, Utah, Larry David Morey, b 

26 Mar 19Ul, Wheatland, Wyo, son of Paul David Morey 
& Gladys Grace Davis. Res 89^0 Goodrich, Apt 213, 
Bloomington, Minn. 

2. Benjamin "James" Hickey, b 6 Nov 19U3, Albany; md 

5 July 1965, Reno, Nev, Karen Gail Echols, b 2U Apr 
19U8, Marysville, Calif, dau of Thomas Benjamin 
Echols & Josephine Mae Ewings. Res 5U62 Morrow Dr, 
San Pablo, Calif „ Ch, b San Pablo, 1: 

( i) Andrea Lynn Hickey, b 26 Sep 1966. 

3. Larry "Jack" Hickey, b 17 Sep 19U7, Salt Lake City; md 

6 Feb 196ii5 Greeley, Colo, Carol Jean McMurphy, b 
22 Oct 19U7, Cheyenne, Wyo, dau of Harlan Bruce 
McMurphy & Elsie Mae Riley, Res 3309 Holnes St, 
Cheyenne, Wyo. Dau, b in Cheyenne, 1: 

( i) Kari Denise Hickey, b 29 Aug 196U. 

V. Clarence Laverne Nelson, b 28 Nov 1916, d 17 Dec 19l6, Salt 
Lake City, bur Sigurd, Utah. 

vi. Emma Brucella Nelson, b 16 Apr 1920, Duchesne, Utah; md (1) 
21 Sep 1939, El Cerrito, Calif, John E. Schroth, son of Mrs. 
Bertha Schroth, div; md (2) 27 Sep 19U2, Salt Lake City, Louis 
Richard Pierce, b 26 Aug 1916, Los Angeles, Calif, son of Louis 
M. Pierce & Merle Smith, div; md (3) 23 May 19U7, Reno, Nev, 
Daniel "Clifford" Hopkins, b 26 Apr 1913, American Fork, Utah, 
son of Charles Hopkins & Lenora Ellingson. Clifford is prominent 
in music circles; has performed in piano interludes and programs 
over radio stations and sponsored orchestral groups; has piano 
studio in Holladay. Res U$3U Holladay Blvd, Salt Lake City. 
Chn, 2: 

1. David Charles Hopkins, b & d lU Nov 19U7, Albany, Calif . 

2. Daniel Hopkins, b l5 Dec 19l;8, Richmond, Calif. 

U7 ROYAL CHRISTIAN NELSON, son of John Christian Nelson &: Carrie Marie 
Christensen, b 23 Apr 1888, Vermillion, Sevier, Utah, d 1$ Nov I96I, at 
Pendleton, bur 20 Nov I96I, Hermiston, Ore; md (l) 1 Apr I908, Salt Lake 
City, EDITH HENRIETTA LAZENBY, b 23 Aug I88U, Loa, Utah, d 26 Feb 1936, 
Woodville, bur 1 Ifer 1936, Shelley, Idaho, dau of John T. Lazenby & Annie 
Tether. Royal md (2) l5 May 19$1, MARY ELLEN STOUT, who d 26 June 1953, 
Pendleton; md (3) 8 May 195U, LIBBY MAY ALBRIGHT. After she died, he md 
ik) BERTIE. 

Royal, called "Roy," was freckled and auburn -haired. His father died 
when he was 10 years of age, and he herded sheep to augment the family income. 
One of his employers promised a new suit of clothes to the herder who re- 
turned at the end of the season with the best count. Roy had lOOjS and won 
the suit. He loved music, and learned to play the guitar from watching a 
teacher give his brother James lessons. He played the guitar well, also the 
harmonica, accordian, and several stringed instruments, especially the violin. 


These skills made him in demand for playing at socials and square dances. 
When he was l6, he applied for a job in the gold mines at Eureka. Although 
he was too young, he let his beard grow and was given employment. He did not 
continue working in the mines for long because his friend, who was 3 years 
older, was refused a job on account of being "too young," The two then took 
a job together hauling wood from Nevada. Between the hauling jobs they 
played and sang in the inns and public houses of Reno. 

Roy later went to Idaho to work for farmers. He rented a farm near Ammon 
and put in a crop. In the spring of I908 he wrote to his sweetheart in Sigurd 
that he wanted to marry her and take her to Ammon to live. They were married 
in Salt Lake City on 1 April. 

In the early part of 1912 they returned to Utah to live. For a while 
Roy ran a water well and feed yard at Nine Mile Canyon, where freighters 
stopped on their way to Myton, Utah. Later he purchased a UO-acre allotment 
on an Indian reservation in the Uinta Basin. Shortly afterward he purchased 
a lumber mill west of Burrville, in Sevier Co, and built a house in Sigurd, 
where the family lived several years. The Uinta Basin again beckoned them 
and they returned to their UO acres, plus 80 acres of rented land. It took 
them 10 days to travel from Sigurd to Altonah. The family engaged in dairy 
farming and raising hay, and built them a new 8-room house. 

While his boys worked on the farm, Roy went to Fish Lake, Sevier Co, to 
work as a fishing guide. He spent seven summers there as guide. For a 
couple of years he and a partner rented an area at Moon Lake, in Summit Co, 
where they built a store, cabins, and dance floor, and rented boats. He and 
his son Worth acted as guides to fishermen, assuring them a catch of fish. 
Often they had to catch the fish to make good their promise. During autumn 
season, Roy frequently acted as a guide for deer hunters. Of winters, he 
trapped. He loved the out of doors. 

Later Roy sold his home in the Uinta Basin and moved to Idaho. Here 
Edith died of pneumonia in 1936. She was always well thought of, an active 
worker in PTA and Relief Society wherever she lived. After her death, Roy 
traveled over the western states, from California and Oregon to Alaska, work- 
ing at various war plants and other jobs. He remarried three times, outliv- 
ing all but his last wife. He died of a heart attack in I96I and was b\iried 
in Hermiston, Oregon. A picture of his family is on p 77. Chn, 9: 

l£8 i. Vaughn Stanford Nelson, b 29 July 1911; md Veda Amanda Pearce. 

ii. Royal "Worth" Nelson, b h Aug 1912, Sigurd; md (l) 10 Jan 

I9U0, Kemmerer, Lincoln, Wyo, Helen Lucille Pierce, b 23 June 
1920, dau of John W. Pierce & Esther Risemay; md (2) 20 Mar 
1952, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Prise ilia Veach, dau of George 
Veach & Luvia McCowen. 

Dau of Worth 4 Helen: 

1. Teresa Ann Nelson. 
iii. Robina R. Nelson, b 3 Dec 1913, Sigurd; unmd. 

iv. Doil Alfred Nelson, b 15 Sep I9I6, Sigurd; md 9 Jan 19ii3, 

Monroe, Ouachita, La, Beulah Justus, b 2 Apr 191I, Tula, Miss, 
dau of Luther Finner Justus & Bea Ragland. 



Doil's address: PO Box 31, Bastrop, La, 71220. Chn, b in 
Bastrop, 2: 

1. Edith Carol Nelson, b 12 Jan 19U6j md 30 May I96U, 
Bastrop, John Thomas Pevehouse, b 5 Aug 1939, Malvern, 
Hot Springs, Ark, son of Homer Brovm Pevehouse & 
Lois Norman, Res Rt 3, Box 235, Oak Grove, La, 71263 , 
Chn, b in Bastrop, 2: 

( i) John Bradley Pevehouse, b 19 Jan 1965 . 
(ii) Keith Thomas Pevehouse, b 1 July I966. 

2. Doil Alfred Nelson, Jr, b 11 Sep 1953. 

Ernest Christian Nelson, b 20 Feb I918, Sigurd; md 1 3ep I9U0 
Juanita Crow, b 27 Sep 1923, Ammon, Idaho, dau of Benjamin ' 
Crow & Esma Waters, divo Had son: 

1. Leon Nelson, b 8 Mar 19U2, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

vi. Carrie Estella Nelson, b 8 Apr 1919, Burrville, Utah; md (1) 
22 Sep 1937, Lyle Jay Hovinghoff, b I8 Mar I91U, Montecello, 
Utah, son of Julius Hovinghoff St. Mary Ellen Christensen, divj 
md (2) Doris Martingale; md (3) Harold Greenwood; md (I4) 
Leon J , LeBlanc . 
Res Lee's Texaco, Irrigon, Ore. Chn of Carrie & Lyle, I4: 

1. Doris Fay Hovinghoff, b I3 Aug 1938, Rexburg, Ida; 
md Joseph Albright. 

2. Ethel May Hovinghoff, b 26 Oct 1939, Woodville, Ida. 

3. Royal Dean Hovinghoff, b 28 July 19L13, Woodville; 
md Ik Dec 1965 ^ Shiela Gifford, 

li. Lyle Paul Hovinghoff, b 15 May 19U5, Idaho Falls. 
Dau of Carrie & Leon: 

1. Loraine Greta LeBlanc, b 23 Aug 1957, Pendleton, Ore. 

vii. Edith Sybil Nelson, b I8 June 1921, Sigurd; md 2 Nov 1939, 
Thomas Parker Miller, b I8 Aug I913, Long Pine, Rock, Neb. 
Res 3712 Plummer St, Olympia, Wash. Chn, 9: 

1. Dale Thomas Miller, b I6 Sep I9U0, Woodville, 

Bingham, Ida; md 2 Feb 1962, Alice Clara Shults. 

2o Nadean Sibyl Miller, b 13 Oct 19U2, Ogden, Utah; 
md 20 Feb I96U, Hershal Phillips. 

3. JoAnn Dawn Miller, b 11 Nov 19U3, Olympia, Wash, 
d 21 Nov I9U6. 

h- Barbara Edith Miller, b 1 May 19U5, Portland, Ore. 

5. Leona Louella Miller, b 27 Mar I9I16, Council, Adams, 
Ida; md I6 Apr I966, Joel Chritendon Bachman. 

6. Wayne Steven Miller, b 9 July 19U8, Lewiston, Ida. 

7. Wanda Carol Miller, b 12 Oct 19U9, Lewiston. 

8. Peggy Linda Miller, b 2 Nov 1953, Olympia. 

9. Eric Lynn Miller, b 7 Mar 1955, Olympia, 

viii. Armond Dale Nelson, b 8 Dec 1922, Sigurd; md 9 Mar 195U, 
Selma, Dallas, Ala, Natalie Joyce Perry, b 15 Aug 1930, 
Detroit, Mich, dau of Charles & Theodora Perry. Res Rt 7, 
Midland, Mich. Chn, U'- 

1, Wendy Lee Nelson, b 20 \ug 1955, Almont, Lapeer, Mich. 

2. Wayne Dale Nelson, b h Nov 1957, Midland, Mich. 



3. Keith Allen Nelson, b I8 Jan 1960, Midland. 
U, Carolyn Ann Nelson, b 2li Feb I963, Midland. 

Orpha Nelson, b 9 Oct 192ii, Sigurd; md lU Oct I9U0, Idaho 
Falls, Ida, Alfred Schritter, b 17 June 19l8, Aberdeen, Ida, 
son of Chris & Sarah Schritter. Res Box 52$, Payson, Ariz. 
Chn, 7: 

1. Judy Schritter, b 9 Nov I9UI, Woodville, Ida; md lU 
Apr 1961, Las Vegas, Nev, Franklin Dean Belding, b 
15 July 1939, Oatman, Ariz, son of Kenneth Danford 
Belding & Virginia Isabell Clark. Res 1917 Louis Ave, 
Kingman, Ariz. 

2. Alfred "Jay" Schritter, b 2 Sep 19U3, Parma, Canyon, 
Ida; md 29 May 1959, Las Vegas, Nev, Tomma Wood, b 
23 Mar I9U2, Kingman, Ariz, dau of Thomas L. Wood & 
Veda Brown. Res 1913 Miami Ave, Kingman, Ariz. Chn, 2: 

( i) Terry Lynn Schritter, b lU Nov 1959, Kingman, 
(ii) Craig Alan Schritter, b 30 Dec I962, Kingman. 

3. Sally Ann Schritter, b 17 Mar 19h^, Caldwell, Ida; md 
1 Aug I96U, Payson, Ariz, Vincent Blauvelt, b 29 July 
I9UU, Oradell, N Jer, son of Vincent H. Blauvelt & 
Joan L. Gilliatt. Res 8211 E Garfield, Apt J223, 
Scottsdale, Ariz, 8U6OI0 Had son, b in Scottsdale: 

( i) Vincent Dean Blauvelt, b 17 Mar 1965 . 
U. Blake Schritter, b 10 July 19U7, Caldwell; md lU Apr 
1965, Linda Demming. 

5. Susan Schritter, b 27 July 19U9, Lewiston, Ida. 

6. Wilma Jean Schritter, b 29 July 1951, Las Vegas, Nev. 

7. Aldo Schritter, b 17 Nov 1955, Kingman, Ariz. 

US VAUGHN STANFORD NELSON, son of Royal Christian Nelson & Edith Henrietta 
Lazenby, b 29 July 1911, Ammon, Bonneville, Ida; md 8 June 1936, Woodville, 
Binghajn, Ida, VEDA AMANDA PEARCE, b 22 May 1917, Ammon, dau of Thomas Joseph 
Pearce, Jr, & Harriet Amanda Lcreland, Vaughn is empl by the railroad. Res 
Rt 2, Box 55 B, Rigby, Ida, Chn, 13: 

i. David Ray Nelson, b 26 Mar 1937, Idaho Falls; md 8 Apr I96O, 
Idaho Falls, Iris Jorgenson, b 2 Jan 1939, Preston, Franklin, 
Ida, dau of Ross Nephi Jorgenson & Gail Kofoed Allen. Res 
652 S 12 E, Salt Lake City, Utah. Chn, b Salt Lake City, 3: 

1. Jeanne Nelson, b 8 Jan I96I. 

2. David Ray Nelson, Jr, b 28 Dec I96I. 

3. Rebecca Nelson, b 2 Nov I963, 

ii. Lola Jean Nelson, b I6 July 1938, Lincoln, Bonneville, Ida; 
md 12 May I96I, Idaho Falls, Dorian R. Crow, b I8 July 1936, 
Idaho Falls, son of Jesse Hamilton Crow & Iris Gardner. Res 
2UUU Central Ave, Idaho Falls, Ida. Chn, b Idaho Falls, 3s 

1. Diane Crow, b I6 Apr 1963, 

2. Susan Crow, b 21 Dec I96U. 

3. Linda Crow, b 15 Jan 1966, 


iii. Howard Deon Nelson, b 16 Jan 19U0, Idaho Falls; md 10 Apr 

1965, Milo, Bonneville, Ida, Connie Jean Phillips, b 23 May 
19U3, Idaho Falls, dau of Eugene LeRoy Phillips & Donna 
Genelle Ferguson. Res 31<^ 12 St, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

iv. Bertha Lou Nelson, b 1$ May 19U1, Idaho Falls; md 21 June 
1961, Rigby, Jefferson, Ida, Barry Lynn Robison, b 30 Mar 
I9U2, Rigby, son of Golden Dean Robison Sc Norma Pabst. Bertha 
has taught school; we are indebted to her for gathering the 
Nelson family records. Res 1151 Bingham, Idaho Falls, Ida. 
Chn, 2: 

1. Baron LeRoy Robison, b I6 Nov I963, Rexburg, Ida. 

2. Brenda Lee Robison, b 22 Mar 1967, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

V. Waldo Kay Nelson, b I8 June 19U2, Idaho Falls. 

vi. Opal Vivian Nelson, b 30 Apr 19hh, Idaho Falls; md Larry Gene 
Grow, b 13 Aug 19U0, Salmon, son of Jesse H.Crow & Iris Gardner. 
vii. Stanley Joseph Nelson, b 2 Nov 19U5, Idaho Falls. 

viii. Roger Dale Nelson, b 13 Mar 19U9, Idaho Falls. 

ix. Steven Vaughn Nelson, b 1 Oct 1950, Rigby, Ida. 

X. Edith Elaine Nelson, b l5 Jan 1952, Rigby. 

xi. Karen Marie Nelson, b 2? Oct 1953 j Rigby. 

xii. Wesley Merlin Nelson, b 2 July 1955, Rigby. 

xiii. Bradley Thomas Nelson, b 21 June 1956, Rigby. 



SAI-IUEL WEBSTER KELLER, son of Laban Hamilton Keller & Martha Alldredge, 
b 12 Mar 1856, Pinclcneyville, Perry, 111, d 22 or 2U Mar 1901, Hinckley, 
Millard, Utah, bur Deseret Cem, Millard, Utahj md 2U May l879. Pleasant Grove, 
Utah, 7 CHRISTINA CHRISTENSEN, b 31 Hay I863, Tolne, Hjor, Den, d 9 Sep 19U2, 
Sigurd, Sevier, Utah, bur Deseret Cem, dau of Jens Christensen & Margrete 
Jacobsen. Christina md (2) 9 Jan 1907, CHRIS KlfflD JOHNSON, b 30 Aug 1850, 
Fredericia, Vejle, Den, d 19 Dec 1920, Oasis, Utah, son of John Kyed Nielsen, 
div; md (3) 12 Mar 192U, WILLIAI^ JONAS CONGER, b 8 May 18$8, Cobb Co, Ga, 
d 111 Dec 19U3, St George, Wash, Utah, bur I8 Dec 19U3, Overton, Clark, Nev. 
Chris md (1) Johanne Augusta Christensen; md (2) Petra Petersen. Vfi.lliam md 
(1) 2 May 1877, Hicksey Anne Clementine Mitchell who d 19l5i md (2) June 1920, 
Emma Amelia Coyle who d 1922; md (3) ?; md (U) Christina Christensen. 

Christina, shown as Christena "Jensen" on the parish records of Tolne, 
was the 6th of 7 children born to her parents. Because they were converted 
to Mormonism in 18^2, Christina was recorded in the parish records as "unbap- 
tized" in the Lutheran Church. The -family's membership in the LDS Church 
resulted in estrangement and difficulties among their relatives and friends, 
and, unfortunately, created trying working conditions. Christina's father 
and brothers were discriminated against in employment situations, so that in 
a land where jobs were already scarce and wages inadequate, the Christensens 
were greatly oppressed. 

In line with the trend for members of the Church to emigrate to Utah to 
be with the main body of saints, the Christensen family arranged for a few 
at a time to come to America as finances permitted. Christina's eldest 
brother, Jacob, who was on the verge of draft into the King's army, emigrated 
alone in l872. The following year her brother Christian and sisters Mary Anna 
and Carrie emigrated. Christina emigrated in 1875 at the age of 12, in com- 
pany with Mr. & Mrs. Mikkel & Brigette Nielsen Dahl; she always said she 
"came with the missionaries." Her father and youngest sister Margrete came 
in 18780 Her mother died in Denmark in 1879 before she had a chance to come. 

On the 10 Sep 1875, Christina's company of emigrants left Denmark for 

Liverpool, England, whence they sailed 15 Sep on the ship "Wyoming," arriving 

in New York on 27 Sep 1875, and crossing the continent to Salt Lake City by 
rail . ^ 

She settled in Pleasant Grove near her brothers and sisters, where she 
found employment in various homes. In 1879, at the age of I6, she married 
Samuel Vfebster Keller, a young man of 23 years. He crossed the Plains at 
the age of 12 with his widowed mother and younger brother and sister. They 
traveled by handcart in I869 and settled in Pleasant Grove. 

Ipar rec of Tolne-Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , p Sh (GS ser no 9007, 
pt 3). 

-^"Scand Mission Emig Rec," I875, Ship List of "Wyoming," p 65, 



After their marriage, Christina and Samuel remained in Pleasant Grove, 
where their first S children were born and where U of them died as infants. 
In 1885 they moved to Deseret, where Christina's father, brothers Jacob and 
Christian, and sisters Mary Anna and Margrete had settled 6 years before. 
Here 7 more children were born to the Kellers. 

In Millard Co, Samuel drove the mail wagon from Oasis to Fish Springs. 
The children remember sitting on the corral fence, waiting to see their father 
speed by with the mail wagon and the wild horses, their tails and mains flying 
in the wind. If he were early, he would stop for a kiss, while the ponies 
pawed the earth, eager to be on their way. If he were late, he would just 
wave as he passed, and the children would run into the house to help their 
mother prepare the meal for when he returned. ■'- 

Samuel later took up the freighting business, but he was unable to be 
home oftener than once in 3 weeks and decided to give up the job to take up a 
homestead on the Sevier River, With the help of his wife and children, he 
began to build a new home of lumber and adobes. The roof was made of poles, 
topped with willows, straw and mud. The large middle room was mostly lumber 
and had a rough-board floor, which seemed a luxury in the vicinity at that 

The house was not entirely completed when Samuel met with an accident 
that left him an invalid, lifl^ile loading poles onto a wagon, he slipped on 
the ice and broke his collar bone. Nothing was done to relieve him, as lit- 
tle was available in the way of medical help in the community at that time. 
He lived for 3 years, in poor health. His 6-months-old baby daughter l-Ialeta 
passed away of Whooping Cough the day before he died, but he was too ill to 
realize it. She iras laid on his arm and buried in the same casket with him 
in Deseret Cem. 

Widowed, Christina maintained her family with the money she earned by 
weaving carpets and rugs, washing on the washboard for neighbors, and with 
what little the older children could earn. They cooperated and assisted her 
with her many tasks, as best they could. 

In 1907 she married Chris Kyed Johnson, a widower with $ children from 
the nearby town of Oasis. They lived together only a few months until 
Christina moved back to Hinckley and obtained a divorce. 

In I92U, after her children were all married, Cliristina married a 
Southerner, William Jonas Conger. He vjas a widower employed as a Watkins 
products salesman. They moved out on what was called "South Tract," pres- 
ently Delta 3rd Ward. After her daughter Ruby married Isaac Colby and 
moved to Sigurd, Christina and William bought a little home next door to 
them and lived in Sigurd. 

Christina passed away in Sigurd in 19h2. She was taken to Deseret for 
burial beside Samuel Keller in the Deseret Cem. The following year, Mr Conger 
was killed when his car was struck by a truck near St George. 

The Keller children remember their father Samuel for the lessons he 
taught on integrity and trustworthiness. One example was the time he trav- 

l'»Life Sketch of William Allen Keller." 


eled lli miles, in the dead of the winter over icy roads, to haul feed to a 
man's cattle. When asked why he bothered doing this, he replied: "I told 
the man I would do this while he was away and he knows he can trust me to do 
itj that is why he asked me. He knows I always keep a promise. "1 

Christina, too, lived an exemplary life. She reminded her children 
that "they knew right from xirrong" and to let the other youngsters follow them 
if they wanted; if not, her children were to go their ways alone. \Ihen her 
sons courted girls, they were to remember they had sisters, and they were to 
treat the girls like they wanted their sisters treated.^ Thus, Christina 
tried to rear her children to be true Christians and to be considerate of 
others. Chn of Christina & Samuel, 12: 

i. 1-Iartha Margrete Keller, b h Apr 1880, Pleasant Grove, d 
1? July 1881, Pleasant Grove. 

ii. Maggie Christene Keller, b & d 23 Sep l88l. Pleasant Grove. 

iii. James Perry Keller, b 25 Sep l882. Pleasant Grove, d 17 Nov 

I9I48, Sigurd, Utah; md 11 Dec 1919, Elko, Nev, Lee E. Collins, 
of Elko, div. Perry lived in Hinckley during his childhood, 
where he worked as a ranch hand. Later he lived in Elko, 
with his sister Ruby in Sigurd, and spent several winters 
working in St George, Utah. He was a carpenter and cabinet 
maker by trade, and was considerate in providing for his 
mother. He died at the age of 66 of a heart attack. Fun- 
eral services were held in Hinckley Ward, and burial in 
Deseret Cam. No chn. 

iv. Laban Keller, b & d lU June I88I;, Pleasant Grove. 

V. Hamilton Keller, b & d 29 July 1885, Pleasant Grove. 

1^ vi. Julia Ethelend Keller, b 17 Nov I886; md James Speirs, Jr. 
See Chap XII, p 91. 

vii. Samuel Webster Keller, b 25 Sep I889, Deseret, d 21 June 
1891, Deseret. 

50 viii. William "Allen" Keller, b 3I Dec I89I; md Lillian Loveland. 
See Chap XIII, p 96. 

ix. Roxie Keller, b 3 Jan l89li, Deseret; md (l) 3I May I9II, 

Joseph Henry Turner, b 12 Feb 1382, Smithfield, Utah, son of 
Joseph Henry Turner & Maria Purser, div; md (2) I6 Apr I917, 
Oscar Fitzallen Loveland, b 25 Feb I892, son of David Love- 
land & Julia Hunsaker. Roxie attended Millard Academy. She 
reared her brother Allen's daughter Audrey and an adopted son: 
1. Arlo "James" Keller Loveland, b 26 Apr I919, Salt 
Lake City; md in San Francisco to Mary Ethel Costa 
of San Francisco. James served in Merchant Marines. 
Res San Francisco, Calif. Had son: 

(i) James Loveland; attending college. 

^ Ibid . 2ibid. 


Left to Rig^ht: Julia, Samuel, Sr., 
Samuel, Jr., Christena (Christensen) 
and Perry Keller 

Ruby, Allen, Christena (Christensen) , 
Perry, Roxie, Lucien, and Julia Keller 

Lillian (Loveland) and 
Allen Keller 

Ruby, Julia, Christena (Christensen), 
and Roxie Keller 

Zina (Ames) and 
Lucien Keller 


51 X. Ruby Keller, b 21 Oct l896j md (l) Lewis Harmon Duncan; 
— md (2) Gibbs Robison; md (3) Isaac Ransford Colby; md (U) 
Clarence Frederick Moses. See Chap XIV, p 100, 

xi. Ernest 'TLucien" Keller, b 21 Nov 1890, Deseret; md 22 Nov 
1922, Fillmore^ Utah, Zina Jane Ames, b 3 Oct 1900, Meadow, 
Utah, dau of Samuel Ames & Dora Jane Littlewood, \-Ihen he was 
a young man, he worked in the mines at Eureka, and rode the 
train back and forth from his home to Eureka. 

After his marriage to Zina, he farmed the Pres Meacham 
farm, where the first 3 children were bom. He also worked as 
a pole climber along the first railroad line from Lynndyl to 
Daggett, Calif. He later moved his family to the H, S. Stout 
place in Hinckley, During the depression^ he busied himself 
in caring for several farms in the community. When conditions 
improved, he followed the trade of carpenter and cabinetmaker. 
He worked at Tooele, helped build the first 100 houses at 
Kearns, and the barracks at Topaz, With a knov:ledge of elec- 
trical, plumbing, and mechanical work as well as carpentry^ he 
has done handy work for widows, neighbors and others in need. 
During construction of the West Millard Hospital^, he volvin- 
teered many hours work. He is also known for his fancy workj 
embroidery, crocheting, and tatting. 

Zina xTOrked in the homes of others at the age of lU; she 
served as a cook, hotelworker, fanner, as well as horaemaker. 
Active in Church, she has taught in both Relief Society and 
Sunday School, Chn, b in Hinckley, $i 

1. Son Keller, stillborn 16 Apr 192U, 

2. Wanetta Keller, b 27 Apr 192$; md 3 July 19UU, Ely, 
Nev, Ray Spor, b 20 Aug 1916, Deseret, son of George 
Patrick Spor & Myrtle Mixcell, Chn, b Salt Lake, 2: 

( i) Bernard Ray Spor, b 28 I^Iar 19U$, 
( ii) Juanita Kay Spor, b 26 Feb 19U8. 

3. Mardean Keller, b 26 14ay 1926, 

h. Rozella Keller, b 1 Feb 1929; md (l) 10 Nov 19l;7, 
Salt Lake City, Willie Glen Rusby, b 13 June 1923, 
Mammoth, d 16 Oct I96I, Moab, son of Glen E, Rusby 
& Bernice Grace Berry; md (2) H^ Feb I963, Hinckley, 
James Morris, b 2U July 1930, Ely, son of Wm, Wesley 
Morris & Evelyn LaGmce Niels on. Chn of Rozella k Vfillie, 3: 
( i) Son Rusby, stillborn 3 Mar 19U9, Payson. 
( ii) Bonita Rose Rusby, b 12 Apr 195l,Payson. 
(iii) Robert Glen Rusby, b 6 Nov 19$2, Delta. 
Son of Rozella & James s 

( i) Billie Joe Morris, b 2 Oct I963, Delta. 
5. Julia Jane Keller, b 12 May 1933; md 1$ Oct 19U9, 
Fillmore, Donald Dewey Carpenter, b 31 1-Iay 1930, 
Delta, son of Thomas Dewey Carpenter & Vera Corinne 
Tripp. Chn, b in Delta, Si 

( i) Betty Verleen Carpenter, b 27 Mar 1950, 
( ii) Kenneth D. Carpenter, b 6 Apr 1952, 
(iii) Kathy Carpenter, b 17 June 1953, 
( iv) Brent L, Carpenter, b 23 Sep 195U, 
( v) Romania D'Ann Carpenter, b 6 Jan I966. 


Maleta Keller, b 26 Sep I900, d 20 Mar I9OI, Hinckley. 




JAJ'ES SPEIRS, JR, son of James Speirs & Mary McBumie, b 7 Nov l875, 
Salt Lake City, Utah, d 20 Oct 1928, Holladay, Salt Lake, Utah, bur Pleasant 
Grove, Utah; md 1$ June 190li, Salt Lake City, U9 JULIA ETHELEND KELLER, b 
17 Nov 1886, Deseret, Utah, d 2 Apr 1962, Los Angeles, Calif, btir 6 Apr 1962, 
Pleasant Grove, dau of Samuel Webster Keller & Christina Christensen. 

Although Julia was the 6th child bom to her parents, she was only the 
2nd one to live to maturity. During her late teens she worked in the mining 
town of Mercur and corresponded with her futiire husband while he lived and 
worked in Pleasant Grove, Their marriage date was arranged by mail, when she 
was not quite l8 years old and he, 29- They made their home for a time on 
the East Bench of Provo River. About 1907 they moved to Mercur where Jim 
worked in and around the mining operation; his primary work was driving a 
team and hauling supplies. Here he suffered a heart injury that incapaci- 
tated him the balance of his life. 

Before 1912 the family moved to Union in south Salt Lake valley, and 
later to the Brinton Ward near 39th South and Highland Drive. Before 192U 
the family moved to U8th South and Wander Lane in Holladay. 

Because of Jim's inability to work strenuously, the large family strug- 
gled to maintain the necessities of life. The family was further enlarged by 
Jim's father moving in with them for many years. For a period of time Jim was 
employed by the Baldwin Radio Co in Salt Lake City, and Julia did housework in 
the homes of others. She enjoyed reasonably good health with the exception of 
foot problems; fallen arches required her binding her feet before she left 
for work in the morning. Upon arriving home she v;as grateful to be able to 
sit down and have one of her children remove her shoes and unwrap her sore 
and aching feet. 

The home into which they moved in Holladay was a small 2-room house. 
With some assistance, Julia and Jim constructed an additional 2 rooms, Jim 
died in this home in 1928, and life became even more difficult with his pass- 
ing and the ensuing depression, Julia was deeply concerned about her chil- 
dren; her discipline was one of love. She did not desire great riches for 
them, but wanted them to be successful in their undertakings and to be happy. 
She desperately wanted her younger children to complete their education and 
hoped they would go to college. 

With the approach of World War II, the 3 children still at home joined 
the Armed Forces: Lenwood and Orin joined the Navy, and LeRoy, the Air 
Force, Alfred also served during the war. Julia corresponded faithfully 
with her sons, and maintained a close and constant line of communication. 

In the summer of 19U5, the boys decided they would like their mother 
to be more comfortable in her home and, as a result, the old home was re- 
built. Upon its completion, the new house was a source of satisfaction and 
security to her, but the joy was dulled by the fact that she had no children 
to live in it with her. However, she enjoyed traveling; and because her 
children had found homes of their own in widely scattered places, she was 



able to travel extensively and spend the time she desired with each of them 
and her grandchildren. In her last years she had the blessing of being able 
to travel to many varied and interesting places m the United States m the 
company of her sister Ruby, and others. 

Her spirit of independence caused her to express a deep concern of being 
a burden to someone in her later years. This desire for independence and 
health was granted her, for she was alert both physically and mentally until 
a few months before her 76th birthday. As a result of a fall m the early 
months of 1962, she was confined to her bed only a few weeks prior to her 
death in the home of her daughter Hazel, in California. Funeral services were 
held in Salt Lake City and burial in Pleasant Grove Cera, alongside her husband, 
and their son Glen. She was sweet and gentle of nature. Although her life 
had been hard, she also found it rewarding and pleasant. Her greatest sources 
of strength were in her knowledge of the gospel and in her children. She was 
sincerely interested in genealogy and family history. Chn, 9: 

52 i. James Leoah Speirs, b 13 Oct 190$; md (1) Mary Jane Rolfe; 

md (2) Ada Whitmore. 

53 ii. William "Alfred" Speirs, b 9 Dec 1906; md Vivian Mabel 

Bowdidge . 

5U iii. Melba Speirs, b 5 May I908; md (l) Joseph Dunn; md (2) Earl 
Beverley Gaisford. 

iv. Edna Speirs, b 7 Feb 1910, Mercur, Tooele, Utah; md 13 Apr 
1931, Salt Lake City, Harris Bailey Mills, b Iii June I908, 
Hoyiisville, Summit, Utah, son of Samuel James Mills & Olive 
Irene Crittenden, Res 170 Williams Ave, Salt Lake City. Daus 

1. Betty Colleen Mills, b 7 July 1932, Park City, 

Summit, Utah; md I8 Apr 1957, Elko, Nev, LeRoy Hugh 
"Chuck" Wullstein, b 23 Nov 1931, Nampa, Ada, Ida, 
son of Leroy H. Wullstein & Ifeud Zeigler. Both 
Betty and Chuck are grads of Univ of Utah. He re- 
ceived his doctoral degree in Genetics from Univ of 
Wash and is now teaching at Univ of Utah, Res 
Salt Lake City. Had dau: 

(i) Kathryn Lee Wullstein, b 12 May 196ii, 
Corvallis, Benton, Ore. 

V. Hazel Speirs, b 19 Mar 1912, Union, Salt Lake, Utah; md 28 
Jan 1938, Glendale, Calif, Edwin Robert Thorsell, b 20 Aug 
1911, Devils Lake, Ramsey, No Dak, son of Gustav E. Thorsell 
(b i; Nov 1875, Gotenborg, Sweden) & Nonnie Olin or Ohlen 
(b 16 Aug 1885, Sunsvall, Sweden). Edwin is vice-pres of 
Youngs Market, Los Angeles, Calif. Res l81;l Fanning St, 
Los Angeles, No chn. 

vi. Glen Venearis Speirs, b 10 Nov I91U, Brinton, Salt Lake, 

Utah, d 27 June 1920 of rheumatic fever, bur Pleasant Grove, 

vii. Clarence "Lenwood" Speirs,^ b 23 July 1917, Brinton; md 19 
June 1956, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Calif, Violet Pearl 
Bailey, b I6 Sep I9IU, Imperial Valley, Calif, dau of 


Warren Jacob Bailey & Lavina Bell Whitman, Violet md (1) Mr. 
Homes. After a 20-year career in US Navy, Lenwood retired as 
Chief Boatswain MatCo He served in the Pacific Theater on an 
aircraft carrier that was sunk during World War II - Res 
San Diego, Calif., No chn 

viiio LeRoy Keller Speirs, b 6 Mar 192U^ Salt Lake City; rad 3 July 
19U3> Beverly Hills, Calif, Phyllis Martell "Mitzi" Taylor, 
b 21 July 192U, East Mill Creek, Salt Lake, Utah, dau of Thomas 
Warren Taylor .'c Martha Telle Chamberlin„ LeRoy served as a 
Pilot in the US Air Force- During World War II he flew B17s 
out of Englando He is in the insurance business Res 312 W 
Palm Dr, Arcadia, Calif „ Chn, b Alhambra, Los Angeles, Calif,5: 

lo Paul Michael Speirs, b 2^ Aug 19U6 Paul served 3 yrs 
in US Army; 1 yr in Viet Nam, as dental assistant and 
front line medic . 

2o Mitzi Sue Speirs, b 20 Dec 19U8; md 6 Sep 1966, Las 
Vegas, James Henry Bennetts b 19 Apr 19U8; Van Nuys, 
Calif, son of Harold James Bennett & llinnie B- 

3o April Kay SpeirS; b 13 Oct 1950 

L Ronald Scott Speirs, b 26 Oct 1951= 

5c Celia Ann Speirs, b 16 May 1955- 

ix. Orin Ralph Speirs, b 2 Dec 1926, Salt Lake Cityj md U May 19U8, 
Salt Lake City, Phyllis Virginia Johnson, b 15 June 1928, 
Pleasant Grove,, dau of Robert Edward Johnson & Isabel Do 
Steggelo Orin served in US Navy in Alaska diiring World War II o 
He is now construction foreman for Mt States Telephone & Tele- 
graph Co; also has a cattle ranch. Res Cedar City, Utah. 
Chnc, 6i 

lo Connie Speirs^ b 23 Apr 19U9y Salt Lake City. 

2. Dianne Speirs, b 3 Aug 1950, Salt Lake City. 

3. Karren Speirs, b 19 Feb 1952, Salt Lake City. 
Uo James Speirs,, b h May 195U, Salt Lake Cityo 
5. Julia Ann Speirs, b 9 Apr 1962, Cedar City. 

6o Robert Scott Speirs, b 22 Apr 1965, Cedar City. 

52 JAMES "LEOAH" or "LEE'' SPEIRS, son of James Speirs, Jr, & Julia Ethe- 
lend Keller, b 13 Oct 1905. American Fork, Utah; md (1) 11; Nov 1921, Park 
City, Summit, Utah, MARY JANE ROLFE, b l6 Sep 1902, Park City, dau of William 
Benjamin Rolfe & 1-Iary Ann McCarrel, div; md (2) 12 Jan 19U0, Kingman, Mojave, 
Ariz, ADA WHITMORE, b 26 Mar 1918, Overton, Clark, Nev, dau of Roxton Whitraore 
& Adella Gentry, div, Mary Jane md (2) 29 Oct 19U5, Coalville, Summit, Utah, 
CARL B. BROWN, b 25 Feb I896, Sulphur, Murray, Okla, d I8 June 1955, Park City, 
son of James Alvis Brown & Mollie Mary Buchannan Lee organized the Boiilder 
Cab Co and Las Vegas -Needles -Phoenix Stages; presently empl in Atomic Energy 
Plant, Mercury, Nev; res 829 Lacey Lane , Las Vegas,, Nevo Res of Mary Jane, 
1293 Colorado St, Salt Lake City^ Utah, 8UII6. Chn of Lee & Mary Jane.o 2 s 

i. Leo Rolfe Speirs, b 11 Aug 1925.9 Park City; md Hi June 19U8, 
Heber, Utah, Glendell North, b i5 Feb 1930, Heber, dau of 



Glen Wayne North & Irene Morris. Leo is mgr, Meadow Gold 
Vernal, Utah. Res Maeser, Utah, c/o Box R, Vernal. Chn, 2% 

1. Carolyn Irene Speirs, b 2 June 19^2, Logan, Utah. 

2. Earl Leo Speirs, b 27 Mar 19^6, Salt Lake City. 

Jacqueline Carrel Speirs, b 9 Dec 1929, Park City; md 22 June 
19U8 Park City, Don Brown Claybum, b 17 June 1927, Midway, 
Wasatch, Utah, son of Francis Claybum k Edith Maria Brown. 
Res 1293 Colorado St, Salt Lake City, Utah, 8Ull6, Chn, U: 

1. Dennis Don Claybum, b 21 July 19U9, Park City. 

2. Doyle Dean Claybum, b l5 Mar 1951, Park City, 

3. Glen Eugene Claybum, b $ Aug 1956, Salt Lake City. 
U, Carol Jane Claybum, b 27 July 1961, Salt Lake City. 

Chn of Lee & Ada, 2: 

i. Linda Lee Speirs, b 29 May 19U2, Las Vegas, Nev; md (1) U Dec 
1958, Las Vegas, Robert Edward Barry, Jr, b 28 July 19lil, 
Clinton, Dewitt, 111, son of Robert Edward Barry & Charlette 
Bowers; rod (2) U Sep 1962, Reno, Nev, Howard Neil Brown, 
b h Dec 19U0, San Diego, Calif, son of Howard Brown & Olive 
Kellogg. Res Las Vegas, Nev, Son of Linda k Robert: 

1, Robert Kent Barry, b Hi July 1959, Las Vegas, 

Son of Linda & Howard: 

1, George Curtis Brown, b h. June 1963, Las Vegas, 

ii. Keith Trent Speirs, b 28 Apr 19h7, Boulder City, Clark, Nev. 
Attending GLendale College, So Calif. 

53 WILLIAM "ALFRED" SPEIRS, son of James Speirs, Jr, k Julia Ethelend 
Keller7 b 9 Dec 1906, Pleasant Grove, Utah, d 3 Jan 1963, Salt Lake City^ bur 
Wasatch Lawn Cem, Salt Lake City; md 12 Jan 193U, Las Vegas, Nev, VIVIAN 
MABEL BOWDIDGE, b 21 Oct 1909, Centerville, Davis, Utah, dau of William 
Charles Bowdidge k Mabel Florence Pinney, Alfred served in World War II; 
was injured in a large gun accident in training camp and medically discharged. 
Was self-empl; owned vending machines. Res of Vivian, 2626 E 1;8 So, Salt 
Lake City. Chn, 2: 

i. Gloria Arlene Speirs, b 12 Oct 1935, Park City; md 

11 May 1962, Salt Lake City, Clifford "Ronald" Madsen, b 

11 Oct 1939, Salt Lake City, son of Clifford Joseph Madsen 
& Elva Elizabeth Richards, div. Chn, 2: 

1. Rebecca Madsen, b I4. Mar I963, Los Angeles, Calif. 

2. Zackary William Madsen, b 21 Aug 1965, Salt Lake City. 

ii. Robert Alfred Speirs, b 25 Mar 1939, Salt Lake City; md (1) 

12 Dec 1955, Salt Lake City, Jacqueline Turley, b 8 Aug 1938, 
Salt Lake City, dau of Henry Jackson Turley & Artella Pugmire; 
md (2) 9 May I96U, Las Vegas, Nev, Madeline Marie Nerone, b 

25 July I9U0, Canyon City, Colo, dau of Joseph Nerone & Lena 
or Caroline Massaro. Robert is construction supt, Rubber 


Engineering & Mfg Co. Res U312 W 363O So, Salt Lake City 20, 
Utah. Dau of Robert & Jacqueline: 

1. Wendy Speirs, b 17 June 1957, Salt Lake City. 
Chn of Robert & Madeline: 

1. Randall Alfred Speirs, b 2U Aug 1965, Salt Lake City. 

2. Kathryne Marie Speirs (adopted), b 6 May 1959, 
Dragerton, Carbon, Utah. 

3. Paula Jean Speirs. (adopted), b 20 July 1961, Salt 
Lake City. 

5U MELBA SPEIRS, dau of James Speirs, Jr, and Julia Ethelend Keller, b 
5 May 1908, Merciir, Tooele, Utah; md (l) I6 Feb 1929, Salt Lake City, JOSEPH 
DUNN, b 2U Oct 1908, Salt Lake City, d 15 Nov I966, Salt Lake City, son of 
William Henry Dunn & Eliza Ann Sanford; md (2) 2 Jan 19U7, Denver, Colo, 
EARL BEVERLEY GAISFORD, b 26 Apr I908, Lehi, Utah, son of Arthur Franklin 
Gaisford & Mary Elizabeth Beverley. Earl md (l) Lillis Florence Post. He 
is in the printing business. Res Fremont, Calif, Chn of Melba & Joseph, 2: 

i. Joseph "Calvin" Dunn, b 15 Sep 1929, Salt Lake City; md 5 Aug 

1950, Southgate, Calif, Maxine Louise Green, b 9 Apr 1930, 
Silver City, Juab, Utah, dau of Delbert Oscar Green &c Anna 
Louise Carter. Res Salt Lake City, Chn, 3: 

1. Larry Donald Dunn, b 21 Apr 1951, San Diego, Calif. 

2. Pamela Louise Dunn, b 2 I-Iay 1953, Salt Lake City. 

3. Carol Melba Dunn, b 29 Nov 195^, Salt Lake City. 

ii. Alvin James Dunn, b 11 Oct 1930, Salt Lake City; md 29 Sep 

1951, Salt Lake City, Lou Jean Wiseman, b 23 Oct 1929, Salt 
Lake City, dau of William Ivory Wiseman St. Mary Thelma 
Butterfield. Res Fremont, Calif. Chn, U: 

1, Carol Jean Dunn, b 11 Feb 1955, Salt Lake City. 

2, William Earl Dunn, b 6 Dec 1957, San Jose, Calif. 

3, Sharon Dunn, b 6 Apr I96I, Fremont, Calif. 
U. Barbara Lee Dunn, b 28 Mar I96U, Fremont. 



50 i/nLLIAM "ALLEN" KELLER, son of Samuel Webster Keller k Christina 
Christensen, b 31 Dec I89I, Deseret, Utahj md 2k Aug 19l5, Nephi, Utah, 
LILLIAN LOVELAND, b 3 Oct l897, Honeyville, Box Elder, Utah, dau of David 
Loveland & Julia Hunsaker. 

Allen remembers many happy experiences of his early youth while his 
father was living and they worked together about the homestead, hauling poles 
from the hills for the new house, etc. He was 9 years of age when his father 
passed away, and, as the eldest boy at home, he had his share of work to do. 
It was therefore difficult for him to attend school regularly. Hovrever, the 
school teacher took a special liking to him and gave him a job herding cows. 
In between times, his teacher taught him and gave him exams so he could gradu- 
ate with his class. His teacher also taught him boxing and wrestling. Allen 
later took a preparatory course and attended the Millard Academy for 2 years. 
His older brother Perry worked away from home and sent $25 a month to help 
his mother. After Allen was I8 years old. Perry turned over this responsi- 
bility to Allen. 

When he was 23 he married Lillian Loveland, whose parents, likewise of 
early pioneer stock, had moved to Hinckley a few years previously. The two 
took up a UO-acre homestead 3 miles northwest of Hinckley. Although on high 
ground, Allen persevered in getting water on the land and proved it to be one 
of the best farms in the community. However, the Millard Co drouth and the de- 
pression forced him to give up the place and move to Charlo, Montana. There 
he leased a UO-acre farm. Since it was located within a small branch of the 
Church, the entire family became involved in activities. 

In 1937 Allen commenced having trouble with his legs. The doctor informed 
him he had Burgess disease, and advised him to remain in bed with his legs 
elevated. This was a difficult order to follow since he felt the necessity 
and obligation of providing for his 8 children. Subsequent treatment at a hot 
springs brought him relief j and he felt encouraged to go to Los Angeles, where 
his wife was working in the war effort, and take a job at the Santa Monica 
Aircraft Plant. He passed the doctor's examination and was given a job oper- 
ating a crane. In 5 weeks his foot trouble returned; he went back to the hot 
springs but was unable to overcome his problem. Both legs were amputated-- 
a great disappointment to him. He feels that if he had kept his covenants to 
the Lord of giving selfless service to others, he would have been spared this 
affliction. In spite of this handicap, Allen is grateful for his many bless- 
ings, and expresses a fervent testimony and many faith-promoting stories. He 
and Lillian spend their printers in St George doing temple work, and are sin- 
cerely interested in genealogical research. They are active in community 
enterprises wherever they live, Chn, 8: 

55 i. Nelda Leona Keller, b 28 Oct I9I6; md (1) George Vain Haws; 
md (2) Charles Ollie Silvers. 

ii. Allen "Jay" Keller, b 20 May I918, Hinckley; md 2 Oct 19hh, 

Missoula, Mont, Norma Ruby Roylance, b 13 Apr 1920, Blackfoot, 



Ida, dau of Horace Roylance & Minnie Alice Belcher. Norma md 
(1) 22 Oct 1935, Anthony J. Daunhuer. Chn of Jay Sc Norma, 3: 

1. Harvey Allen Keller, b 11 Apr 19U5, Pyote, Ward, Tex. 

2. Richard "Ricky" Jay Keller, b 2 Sep I9I46, Ronan, Mont. 

3. Leslie Alvin Keller, b 17 Aug 19$h, Missoula, Mont. 

iii. Julia Dacy Keller, b 30 Apr 1921 j md (l) 23 Dec 1936, George 
H. Daley; md (2) I3 Jan I9U0, Los Angeles, Calif, Stanley 
Charles Simiskey, Jr, b 25 Sep I918, Bridgeport, Fairfield, 
Conn, son of Stanley Charles Siamieski, 3r, & Zoe Victoria 
Jette. Res Ul6 Center St, Salt Lake City. Chn, U: 

1. Patrick Leroy Simiskey, b 9 Oct 19U0, Inglewood, 
Calif; md 1 Sep 1965, Salt Lake City, Saundra Temple, 
b 21 May I9UI, Las Vegas, dau of J. B. Temple & Ruth 
Rachel Bowler. Patrick served an LDS Mission in 
Taiwan (Far East); Saundra served Mission in Argentina. 
He received M. A. degree in Chemical Engineering from 
Brigham Young Univ. Had son: 

(i) Stanley Allen Simiskey, b 13 Oct I966, 
Prove, Utah. 

2. Rose Mary Simiskey, b 3 Oct 19U6, Salt Lake City. 

3. Jared Keller, b 23 Oct 1950, Belleville, 111. 

Ii. Julie Ann Simiskey, b U Aug 1959, Cottonwood, Ida. 

iv. Perry Harvey Keller, b 21 Aug 1923, Hinckley; md 25 Jan 19U1, 
Las Vegas, Nev, Carma Stapley, b 25 Mar 1919, Toquerville, 
Utah, dau of Seymour Stapley Sc. Mabel Williams. Res Montana. 
Chn, 5: 

1. Larry Harvey Keller, b 27 Sep 19h2, San Diego, Calif. 

2. LaMar Allen Keller, b 3 June 19U5, Hurricane, Utah. 

3. Donna Ray Keller, b 1 May 19U7, Hurricane. 

h. Mary Lou Keller, b 19 Sep 19i;9, St Ignatius, Mont. 
5. Dianne Dee Keller, b 17 Aug 1952, Ronan, Mont. 

V. Ruby Vera Keller, b 26 Apr 1926, Hinckley; md (1) 3 July 19U0, 
Tia Juana, Mex, Richard Henry Sontchi, b 23 Mar 1923, Wawaki, 
Noble, Ind, son of Lawrence Sontchi & Lena May Garner, div; 
md (2) I9U3-UU, Norman R. Jones; md (3) 7 Mar 19U5, Richard 
Howell, who died; md (ii) 31 May 1955, Fallon, Nev, James 
Adelbert Bradfield, b 13 June 1910, Tintic, Utah, son of James 
Adelbert Bradfield & Margaret McCartle. Res Yerington, Nev. 
Chn of Ruby & Richard Sontchi, 2: 

1. Bonnie Cecile Sontchi, b k Apr 19Ul, Inglewood, Calif . 

2. Dannie Lee Sontchi, b 11 Aug 19U2, Huntington Beach, 

Orange, Calif. 

Dau of Ruby & Norman, adopted to Adelbert: 

1. Bonnie Lee Bradfield, b 28 Oct 19UU, Los Angeles; 

md (1) Oct i960. Matt Penrose, killed in car wreck; 

md (2) James Durgirian who died of heart attack; 

md (3) 23 Dec I96U, Robert "Bob" Benson. 

Chn of Bonnie & Matt, 2: 

( i) Matt Penrose, Jr., b 5 June I96O, 
(ii) Lief Penrose, b 21 May I96I. 


Son of Bonnie & Bob Benson: 

(i) Robert Scott Benson, b 6 Sep 1965, 
Yerington, Lyon, Nev. 

vi. Audrey Gene Keller, b 19 Nov 1927, Hinckley; md l6 Apr 19$0, 
Salt Lake City, Roy Leon Ford, b 7 Sep 1922, Midway, Utah, 
son of Philip Lewis Ford & Flora Elizabeth Yates. Audrey 
was reared by her aunt Roxie Keller Loveland. Res Bountiful, 
Utah. Chn, b Salt Lake City, $'. 

1. Roxie Kaye Ford, b 23 Sep 195U. 

2. Randy Guy Ford, b 20 Jan 19^6. 

3. Philip Leon Ford, b 31 Oct 1959. 
U. Nicholas Oscar Ford, b 5 Mar I96I. 
5. Flora Elizabeth Ford, b 12 Nov 196U. 

vii. David Lawrence "'Larry" Keller, b 7 Jan 1932, Hinckley; md (l) 
29 Oct 19U9, Fillmore, Utah, Ruth Geraldine "Jerry" Silvers, 
b 2 Feb 1933, Burgess, Barton, Mo, dau of Ollie Silvers & 
Zelma Houk, div; md (2) 12 Nov 1955, Columbia Falls, Mont, 
Jeannine Roundy, b 2 Nov 1933, dau of Napoleon Bonapart Roundy 
& Zilpha Allen; md (3) 25 July 19^8, Marcella Hyde; md (U) 
Dec I96U, Ogden, Utah, Larraine. Jeannine md (1) Dorian Lewis 
Campbell; md (3) James Barton; md (U) Mr. Smith. Res Ogden, 
Utah. Chn of Larry & Jerry, 2: 

1. Brenda Ruth Keller, b 26 Aug 1950, Delta, Utah; md. 

2. David Harvey Keller, b 10 Sep 1951, Kalispell, Mont. 

Dau of Larry & Jeannine: 

1. Kristene Keller, b 11 Sep 1956, St George, Utah. 

Dau of Larry & Larraine: 

1. Donna Larraine Keller, b 22 Apr 1965, Ogden, Utah. 

viii. Carol Christene Keller, b lU Oct 1926, Charlo, Lake, Mont; 

md (1) 9 Sep 1952, Hinckley, Que William Alldredge, b 20 June 
1937, Gapistrano, Orange, Calif, son of Adrian Alldredge & 
Twyla Steel; md (2) 28 Oct 1958, Virginia City, Nev, Verne 
Dean Landers, Jr, b 25 Apr 1923, Ludlow, Kenton, Ky, son of 
Verne Dean Landers & Lula Ethel Anderson; md (3) U Dec 196U, 
Delbert Hodge. Res Phoenix, Ariz. 
Chn of Carol & Que, adopted by Verne, 2: 

1. Lily Ann Alldredge Landers, b I8 Apr 1953, Provo. 

2. Jody William Alldredge Landers, b 19 Nov 195U, Prove. 

Chn of Carol & Verne, 2s 

1. Valerie Daim Landers, b 21 Oct 1959, Provo. 

2. Shari Christene Adair Landers, b 1 Jan I96I, Reno, 

55 NELDA LEONA KELLER, dau of William "Allen" Keller & Lillian Loveland, 
b 28 Oct 1916, Hinckley, Utah; md (l) ll; Dec 1931, Las Vegas, Nev, GEORGE VAIN 
IMi'fS, b 5 Feb 1909, Teton, Fremont, Ida, son of John Ervin Haws & Vera Delila 
Loveland; md (2) I6 Jan 1939, Delta, Utah, CHARLES OLLIE SILVERS, b U Jan 19lU, 


Gross, Kans, son of Ollie Silvers & Zelma Lee Houk. Chn of Nelda ^ George, 3; 

i. Dolores Mae Haws, b 1 Nov 1933, Burbank, Calif; md 2U Mar 1951, 
Max Kyle Mahan. Chn, 5: 

1. Mathew Kyle Mahan, b 10 May 195?, Delta, Utah. 

2. Mary Kathryn Mahan, b 9 Sep 195h, Delta. 

3. Deon Lucille Mahan, twin, b 11 Nov 1955, Delta. 
h. Yvonne Geneal Mahan, twin, b 11 Nov 1955, Delta. 
5. Melody Gay Mahan, b 22 Jan 1957, Milford, Utah. 

ii. Dorothy Faye Haws, b 28 Sep 19 3U, Burbank; md (l) 11 June 195?, 
Richard div; md (2) 1952, Henry Darnelle, div; md (3) 
13 Jan 1953, Grant Inman Garvin, 
Son of Dorothy & Henry Darnelle, adopted to Grant Garvin: 

1. Randell Kim Garvin, b h Sep 1953. 
Chn of Dorothy & Grant, h: 

1. Terry Lynn Garvin, b 23 Aug 195U. 

2. James Grant Garvin, b 6 Dec 1956. 
3= Rebecca Mae Garvin, b 15 Jan 1959. 
U» Steven Craig Garvin, b 6 Dec I96I. 

iii. Mona Lucille Haws, b 26 May 1936, Burbank; md (l) 195U, Richard 
J. Pullman, div; md (2) 20 Dec 1956, Helvin Hazard Thomas. 
Son of Mona & Richard: 

lo Richard "Ricky" Pullman, b 1955- 
Chn of Mona & Melvin, U: 

1. Michael Howard Thomas, b 21 Oct 1957, Texas. 

2. Dennis Scott Thomas, twin, b 3 Apr I96O. 

3. Dannie Allen Thomas, twin, b 3 Apr I960. 
U. Jacqueline Marie Thomas, b 8 Apr I96I. 

Chn of Nelda & Charles, 8: 

i. Jacqueline Yvonne Silvers, b 20 Oct 1938, Los Angeles, Calif; 
md (1) abt 195U, Jack Rebish, div; md (2) I96U, James Sidney 
"Jim" Smith, son of James Sidney Smith, Sr. 
Chn of Jacqueline & Jack, U: 

1. Cynthia Marie Rebish, b 6 Jan 1956. 

2. Steven Rebish, b 2U Oct 1957. 

3. Joseph Anthony Rebish, b 21 Apr I960. 
Chn of Jacqueline & Jim: 

1. Hichele Smith, b 196U, Los Angeles, Calif. 

2. Mona Kay Smith, b 20 July 1966, Los Angeles. 

3. James Sidney Smith III, b 2 Dec 1967. 

ii. Michael Dennis Silvers, b 13 Nov I9U0, Los Angeles; md 6 June 
I96U, Donna Braun, b Wilmington, N Car. Had son: 

1. Michael Dennis Silvers, Jr, b I6 Oct 1965, Las Vegas. 
iii. Judy Carol Silvers, b 22 Nov 19U6, Delta, Utah, died, 
iv. Charles Perry Silvers, b 17 Dec 19U7, Hinckley, Utah, 
v. David Antone Silvers, b 2 Oct 19U8, Hinckley, 
vi. Danny Allen Silvers, b 6 Dec 19U9, Hinckley, 
vii. Bernie Wade Silvers, b 26 Dec 1951, Oasis, Utah, 
viii. Lennie Silvers, b 3 Feb 1953, Oasis. 





51 RUBY KELLER, dau of Samuel Webster Keller & Christina Cliristensen, 
b 21 oFt 1896, Deseret, Millard, Utah; md (l) 10 Nov 1915, Salt Lake City, 
LEV/IS HARMON DUNCAN, b 21 Dec I89U, Meadow, Millard, Utah, d 31 Oct 1920, 
Salt Lake City, bur 3 Nov 1920, Meadow, son of David Duncan & Olive Galloway; 
rod (2) 28 Oct 1921, Salt Lake City, GIBBS ROBISON, b 11 May I889, Fremont, 
Wayne, Utah, d 27 Sep 192U, Delta, Millard, Utah, bur Hinckley, Utah, son of 
Willis Eugene Robison & Sarah Ann Ellett; md (3) 7 May 1930, Manti, Sanpete, 
Utah, ISAAC HANSFORD CCL.BY, b 12 Nov I678, Vermillion, Sevier, Utah, d lU Sep 
1962, Sigurd, Sevier, Utah, son of Isaac Ransford Colby, Sr, & Mary Elizabeth 
Hoopes; md (U) 8 June I96U, St George, Wash, Utah, CLARENCE FREDERICK MOSES, 
b 15 Apr 1891, Smithfield, Cache, Utah, son of Jesse Tilton Moses & Phoebe 
/irabelle Woodruff. Isaac md (l) Ruby's cousin, Carrie Victoria Nelson (see 
p 78 ). Clarence md (l) 26 Feb 1926, Rose Anna Fourniero Res Sigurd, Utah, 
and 311 S 3rd E, St George, Utah„ 

Ruby's father died when she was Ih years old. She therefore shared in 
her mother's problems of trying to earn a livelihood and rear a family. 
These trying situations helped prepare Ruby for the sorrows and difficulties 
she experienced in later life. 

Ruby married Lewis Harmon Duncan on 10 Nov 1915 in the Salt Lake Temple, 
They lived in Holden and later Meadow, Utah. Lewis was an avid reader, was 
well-informed, and always prepared to preach a gospel sermon. He had high 
ideals and wanted to rear a fine family, but his life was cut short at the age 
of 26. He died 31 Oct 1920 in Salt Lake City of typhoid fever, leaving Ruby 
with 3 young children. She therefore moved to Hinckley in 1921 to be near 
her mother and brothers. 

On 28 Oct 1921, Ruby married Gibbs Robison, twin brother of Berry, 
During World War I, he served overseas. He was a good entertainer and very 
kind to the children. Unfortunately, he x-jas electrocuted in Delta in 192U 
by a moving derrick, leaving Ruby in poor financial circumstances and with 
5 young children, including a 2 months-old baby. This was during a drouth 
and depression period in Millard Co, and Ruby worked hard to support her 
family . 

After her cousin, Victoria Nelson Colby, died in Nov 1929 and her hus- 
band, Isaac Colby, offered Ruby the love and security of his home, she was 
relieved of some of her responsibilities. She and Isaac were married for 
time in the Manti Temple, 7 >lay 1930, Her family moved to the Colby home in 
Sigurd that year, and Ruby extended her affection to Isaac's twin daughters. 
But she soon was called to bear another sorrow: after several months of ill 
health, her 12-year-old daughter Marcella died in I936 of Brights Disease. 

Although Isaac was I8 years older than Ruby, the two enjoyed a 32-year 
association, he passing away in I962, Ruby thereafter traveled extensively 
in the United States and around the world. Her sisters, Julia and Roxie, 



accompanied her in some of her travels. Her son Lazone , who had worked his 
way through college and achieved recognition in the field of radio and tele- 
vision, financed her trips, the upkeep of her home, and tried to show his 
appreciation for the efforts she exerted in his behalf and the rest of the 
family during the difficult times of their youth. Recently, Ruby had the sad 
experience of losing this son, Lazone, who passed away in Durham, No Car, at 
the height of an outstanding career. 

In June 1961;, Ruby married Clarence Frederick Moses, a very kind and 
attentive companion They spend winters in St George, doing temple work, 
and summers in Sigurd. They are loved and respected by all who know them. 
Chn of Ruby & Lewis, 3: 

i, Harmon "Lazone" Duncan, b 8 Feb 1917, Hinckley, d 3 Aug 1966, 
Durham, No Car; md 8 Jan 19U2, Las Vegas, Nev, Virginia Wills 
Dooley, b 29 Apr 1918, Johnson City, Wash, Tenn, dau of 
Thomas Floyd Dooley k Edna Allen McQuiddy., Lazone was grad 
from Utah State UniVc He served in the US Army 2 yrs and was 
advanced to the rank of Captain, He was vice-pres of the 
Columbia Broadcasting Station; managed and owned a television 
station in Durham, No Car, Chn, $i 

1, Michel Floyd Duncan, b 31 Mar 19U3, Washington, DC; 
md 21 Aug 1966, Gail Abramowitz, b 10 Dec I9I16, 
Swampscott, Essex, I"Iass, dau of William L. Abramo- 
witz & Lee Epstein, Michel was grad from Stanford, 

2, Clayton Isaac Duncan, b 6 Apr 19U9, Durham, No Car, 

3, Joseph Harmon Duncan^ b 25 May 1950, Durham, 
U, Richard James Duncan, b 1 Feb 196lj Durham. 
5, Lucile Lotte Duncan, b 17 Dec 1962, Durham, 

ii, Lewis Everal Duncan, b 31 Aug 1918, Meadow; md 28 Mar 19U2, 
Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, Wash, Pearl Evelyn Johnson^ 
b lU May 1918, Wing Point, Bainbridge Island, dau of John 
Johann Johnson k Theresa Anderson, Lewis operates a televi- 
sion station on Vashon Island, Wash Adopted son: 

1, Stephen Duncan, b U Apr 1955 j Tacoma, Pierce, Wash, 

iii, Samuel V/ilford Duncan, b 25 Dec 1919, Hinckley; md Dec I9U0, 
Twila Nielsen, b 12 June 1922, Sigurd, Utah, dau of Fred 
Nielsen & Mae Barron, Samuel attended Utah State Univ in 
Logan; served in US Army= He is empl of Federal Aviation 
Authority: Radio Traffic Controller at Phoenix Airport, Res 
6732 E Almira, Scottsdale, Ariz, Chn, k: 

1, Samuel Wilford Duncan, Jr, b 7 Jan 19Ul, Sigurd, 

2, Darline Duncan, b 31 Aug 19li2, Tucson, Ariz; md 
18 June 1966, Fullerton, Calif, Gerald Zubak, b 
1 Aug 1938, son of Joseph Zubak & Irene Wenta. 

3o Betty Lou Duncan, b 2U June 19UU, Salina, Utah; md 
7 Aug 1965, Mesa, .Ariz, James Curtis Coombs, b 
26 Oct Alamosa, ColOj son of Marvin Stevens 
Coombs k Malinda Thomas, Had son-. 

(i) James Curtis Coombs, Jr, b 15 May I966, 
Denver, Colo. 
U„ Anne Mae Duncan, b 9 Aug 19U5, Richfield, Utah. 


Chn of Ruby & Gibbs, 2% 

i. Darrel Eugene "Dick" Robison, b 11 Aug 1922, Hinckley; md 
(1) Jane Cunningham, of Richfield, Utah, div; 
md (2) 7 1-Iay 19U8, Las Vegas, Nev, Bonnie Jensen, b 11 June 
1928, Draper, Utah, dau of Marion Rasmus Jensen & Bernice 
Louise Starley, Dick served in World War II as Instrument 
Technician. He owns and operates a Western Auto and jewelry 
store in Richfield, Utah. Res 535 N U50 W, Richfield, Utah. 
Chn of Dick & Bonnie, b in Richfield, 2t 

1. Dixie Lou Robison, b l5 Jan 19U9« 

2. Diane Robison, b 9 June 1953. 

ii, Marcella Robison, b h July 192U, Meadow, d of Brights Disease, 
2? Sep 1936, Sigurd, Utah. 

Chn of Ruby & Isaac, b in Sigurd, 2s 

i. Melvin Keller Colby, b 1 Mar 1931, Sigurdj md (l) 20 Feb 1950, 
Venna"Revoe" Nay, b 20 Oct 1931, Kingston, Piute, Utah, dau 
of William Levi Nay & Mary Venna Sherman, div; md (2) 
l-Irs. Virginia div; md (3) 31 Aug I963, Orinda, 
Calif, Betty Jane Asaro, b 2U Sep 1939, Berkeley, Calif, dau 
of Joseph Asaro & Carmen Ispinas Tjogas. Revoe md (2) 
William J. Cleaveland. Melvin' s res Oakland, Calif. Chn 
of Melvin & Revoe, 3- 

1. Lewis Creg Colby, b lU Nov 1950, Salina, Utah. 

2. Sandra Jean Colby, b 27 Jan 1952, VJinslow, Utah. 

3. Richard "K" Colby, b 28 Feb 1953, Richfield, Utah. 

ii. Geneva Colby, b 12 Sep 1933; md 28 May 1951, Salina, Utah, 
Creg Van Burns, b 25 Jan 193U, Salina, son of Vern Vivian 
Burns & Verda Jeffery, Creg is a merchandising executive 
for Safeway Stores, Los Angeles, Calif. Res 835U Chopin, 
Buena Park, Calif. Chn, U: 

1. Debra Ann Burns, b 25 Mar 1953, Richfield, Utah, 

2. Gene Marie Burns, b 11 Feb 1956, Richfield. 

3. Tracy Lynn Burns, b 31 Aug I96I, Norwalk, Calif. 
U. Creg Vern Burns, b 2U Sep I963, Norvjalk. 


26U NIELS SCOW (l82l) 

26U NIELS SCCW, son of Jens Christian (Nielsen-MBller) Skou and Mariane 
ErlanHsen, was b 22 Sep 1821 (chr 2 Nov 1821) in the hamlet of Pedersborg in 
the parish of Norre Tranders, Aalborg, Den,^ d 22 Mar I896, Deseret, Millard, 
Utah^ md (1) I6 May 18U7, Logs ted Kirke, Aalborg, Den, to 268 ELLEN MARIE 
JENSEN, b 20 May 1821, Mjalerup, Logsted, Aalborg, Den,^ d~JD Jan 1872, Kansas 
City, Jackson, Mo, dau of Jens Jensen-Stroth & Kirsten Olesen; md (2) 1 Apr 
1875, Deseret, ANNE KIRSTINE PETERSEN, b 13 Aug 1827, Magarsee-Wester Woensel, 
Aalborg. Den, d 27 May 1882, Deseret, dau of Peter Christensen k Maren 
Hansen; 3 md (3) 1 June 1882, Deseret, 8 MAREN MAROIETE "MAGGIE" CHRISTENSEN, 
b m June 1866, Tolne, Hjor, Den,'^ d 19 May 1915, Hurricane, Wash, Utah, dau 
of Jens Christensen & Margrete Jacobseno Pictiires of Niels and Maggie are 
on pp 109, 3 and lU3« 

The ancestors of Niels Scow were millers (identified as MtLLler or Mttller) 
and natives of Vadum parish in Aalborg (see Chap XXVII),, "Skou" meains forest, 
indicating that those of the family who assumed that name lived near a forest 
or were woodworkers » 

Ten children were born to Niels and Ellen Marie in Denmark, four of whom 
died in plagues s two of Scarlet Fever within two weeks of each other in 1858, 
and two of Cholera in 1662. Dying only two days apart, the latter two were 
buried in the same coffin o 

Niels and Ellen Marie were impressed with the messages of the Mormon 
missionaries and were baptized U Sep i860. They were members of the Aalborg 
Branch .5 

■^Lutheran Church birth and chr rec list his name as Niels, son of Jens 
Christen Skou & Marisuie Skou: par rec of Norre Tranders, Aalborg, Den, Book 
13, p 12 (GS ser no 8625, pt 8). His marr rec lists his name as Niels 
ITensens Schou; par rec of Logsted, Aalborg, Den, Book 11 , p 81 (GS ser no 
8652, pt 3)0 Manti Temple rec lists his name variously as Niels Miller- 
MSller-Mtlller Skou-Scow (KT Bapt, 1 July I69O, p I80— GS ser no 230I47, pt 8^ 
MT Endow, 2-3 July I89O, pp 12, l5— GS ser no 230^9, pt 8j MT Slgs, 3 July 
1890, Book B, p 118— GS ser no 230^2, pt 2). 

2Par rec of Logsted, Aalborg, Den, Book 9 , p 27 (GS ser no 8652, pt 3)o 
The endow rec & Index Bureau card for Ellen Marie Jensen are listed & filed 
under the name of Hellen Marie Jensen (see pp 238, 2U2 f or her lineage), 

3eH Slgs, 11 May 1882, p 33U; also EH End I878-I88U, p 256 (GS ser no 
25165. pt 28 J also Oak City Ward rec (GS ser no 6U3U). 

^Par rec of Tolne Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 8 , p 59 (GS ser no 9007, 
pt 3)0 

5Aalborg IDS Branch Rec, #16, #17 (GS ser no 8551, pt U) shows their 
bapt as 2U Apr 1863. EH rec 11 May 1882 shows their bapt as U Sep i860. 



Niels found jobs scarce and wages low» Like the vast majority of the 
inhabitants in war-torn and enemy^occupied Jutland, the Scows were poor 
After the family joined the LDS Church in i860, they endured even greater 
economic problems, for Niels was refused employment because of his Church 
affiliation. The older children, therefore, had to find work at an early age. 
In order to supplement the family budget, lO-year-old Cathrine and 8-year-old 
Soren (Sam) worked in a glass factory at odd hours during the day and night. 
Having concern also for the welfare of the Mormon missionaries, who at that 
time traveled without purse or script, the children begged for bread to help 
sustain them. 

The Spirit of Gathering to Zion burned within them, and in the six years 
following their conversion, the Scow family made plans to emigrate to Utah. 
In the year 1866 arrangements were made for the first time for Scandinavian 
emigrants to sail directly from Germany to New York instead of from Liverpool, 
England. In May of that year, President Brigham Young personally went to 
Hamburg to assist in making the necessary arrangements to transport the 
Scandinavian saints. 

The Scow family, then seven in number, traveled to Copenhagen to join the 
company of saints emigrating to America. They were scheduled to travel to 
Hamburg and embark on the ship "Kenilworth" for the long voyage across the 
Atlantic. The ship list shows the following entries: 

Niels Skou hh Pedersborg carpenter 

Ellen Marie Schow kh Hjallerup wife 

Jens Marinus " 




Niels Christian M. " 

9 3/U 



Maren Kathrine C. " 

8 1/2 



Soren Christian ' 




Oliver ' 



During the voyage, Niels' son, Chris, found work assisting with the cooking 
of the food for the emigrants. 

This was the company of saints in which Andrew Jenson (assistant Church 
historian) and his parents emigrated to America, and we are indebted to his 
accounts of the passages 

A company of emigrating Saints (the first of the year's emigration) 
left Copenhagen by steamer "Aurora" May 17, 1866, and arrived early on 
the following day (May l8th) in Kiel, from which city the company went by 
train to Altona. From there the women and children continued in a small 
steamer to Hamburg, while the men walked to the same place. On their ar- 
rival in Hamburg, the emigrants were lodged for the night in a large emi- 
grant building, and the following day went on board the double-decked ship 
"Kenilworth" (Capt. Brown). On Tuesday, May 22nd, more emigrants (who had 
left Copenhagen the preceding day) . , . arrived in Hamburg, and on the 
25Pd the ship sailed a few miles down the river Elbe where it anchored. 
On the 2] Pres. Carl Widerborg . „ . came on board and organized the 
company. . . . The emigrants were di-vided into forty-two messes, each con- 

^"Scand Mission Emig Rec," 1866, Ship List of "Kenilworth," p 8. The 
ages of some of the children are in error. 


taining from twelve to seventeen persons^, and a president appointed over 
each mess. 

The ship "Kenilworth" lifted anchor in the River Elbe at Hamburg 
May 25, 1866, and commenced its long voyage across the North Sea and At- 
lantic Ocean, with , „ » 68U souls on board: 583 from Denmark, 23 from 
Norway, 73 from Sweden and 5 from Germany. The route around the north of 
Scotland was chosen and one day the ship, driven by contrary winds out of 
its course, got so close to the west coast of Norway that its rocky cliffs 
were plainly seenc The Shetland and Orkney Islands were soon passed and 
the winds were favorable for about three weeks. After that there was con- 
tinuous headwinds and fog for five weeks, which made the voyage both long 
and dreary, Capto Brown and the ship's crew treated the passengers in a 
kind and generous manner, allowing them all the privileges that could reas- 
onably be expected. The provisions were satisfactory and the sick re- 
ceived good attention. Eleven or twelve persons died during the voyage. 
, o o The ship anchored off Staten Island and on the 17th of July the emi- 
grants were landed at Castle Garden, the weather being exceedingly hot.^ 

Because Elder Thomas Taylor, emigration agent for the Church in 1866, had 
experienced difficulty in making the necessary arrangements for transporting 
the emigrants from New York to Wyoming, Nebraska, at a reasonable price, he 
contracted with another company. This was by an entirely new route, several 
hundred miles longer, but much cheaper than the more direct route, Jenson 
stated s 

On the evening of the same day that the passengers of the "Kenilworth" 
were landed at Castle Garden, the emigrants proceeded on their journey on 
a large freight steamer to New Haven, Connecticut, where they arrived on 
the morning of July l8„ After staying there a few hours, the journey 
northward by train was begun, passing through states of Connecticut, Massa- 
chusetts, and Vermont to Montreal in Canada. Here the emigrants had to 
accept passage in some very uncomfortable and dirty freight and cattle 
cars, in which they traveled through Canada, the route of travel being 
along the north bank of the St, Lawrence River and the shores of Lake 
Ontario and Lake Erie to the St, Clair River. , , , A part of the train 
jumped the track near Port Hope on the banks of Lake Ontario, but through 
the interposition of a kind Providence no one was hurt. The emigrants 
were ferried over the St. Clair River to Port Huron in the State of Michi- 
gan, where better cars were obtained, and they wended their v;ay via 
Chicago to Quincy, Illinois, A steamer took them across the Mississippi 
River to the Missouri side, v;here they found temporary shelter from the 
burning sun in a nearby grove. While stopping there, a young boy who ven- 
tured too far Out while bathing was drowned in the river. After a very 
disagreeable ride through the state of Missouri, where the inhabitants at 
nearly every station did all they could to insult the emigrants, the 
company arrived in St. Joseph July 27. From this place they sailed two 
days on a steamboat up th6 Missouri River, On this most \inendurable 
passage up the river they suffered all kinds of insults and abuses from 
a wicked crew. Finally, the company reached Wyoming, Nebraska, . . . July 
29 J, and in the afternoon camped on the heights in and near the town. The 
U50 teams sent by the Church in 1866 to the Missouri River to assist the 
poor had already waited some time for the arrival of the emigrants in 

^Hist of Scand Mission, pp 191-192. 


Wyoming, wherefore the necessary preparations were hurriedly attended to 
in order to begin the journey across the Plains as soon as possible,^ 

The Scows crossed the Plains by oxteam in Capt Joseph S Rawlings Company, 
which left Wyoming on the Missouri River on 2 Aug 1866. The family shared 
their wagon with three other women, making a total of 10 individuals along 
with pro^sions and furniture. Consequently, most of them had to walk most of 
the way. During the trek, 9-year-old Soren (Sam) was so ill with malaria 
fever that the family despaired his life, expecting to bury him along the way. 
In fact, a grave was dug for him, and his mother wrapped him in a sheet for 
burial. However, their fasting and prayers were rewarded, for they witnessed 
a miraculous recovery. By the time they reached the "Valley, he was able to 
walk with help. 

On 30 September the company was met by members of the Church from Utah, 
who brought them baskets of fruit. Then the following day, on 1 October, they 
arrived in Salt Lake City, In three weeks, an Uncle Soren Christiansen (Ellen 
Marie's sister's husband) met them and took them to his home in Deseret, 
Millard Co, a distance of 175 miles. All winter they stayed with them^ 

However, in continuing the trade of carpenter, Niels found it necessary 
to move elsewhere. In the spring of 186? the family moved to Fillmore, where 
they remained for a short while before moving to Corn Creek, and from there to 
Kanosh. The home they built in Kanosh was traded for a pony and transportation 
for the family to Salt Lake City in the spring of 1868, 

Niels purchased a quarter section of land in Ogden, which he later sold 
for practically nothing. The Union Pacific Depot now stands in the center of 
this quarter section. 

Since this was before the completion of the transcontinental railroad, the 
settlers were needed in the freighting business. In 1868, two sons of Niels 
(James and Chris) returned to Missouri as teamsters to pick up freight and sup- 
plies. In the meantime, Niels took Sam with him and went to work for the rail- 
road which was being constructed in Wyoming. This left the mother, daughter 
Cathrine, and young Oliver all alone, with scanty provisions and too timid and 
proud to ask for assistance from the Church, They were relieved of their 
worries and hard times when Chris and James returned from Missouri on July U 
and 5 with money for supplies. The boys were of good cheer, and when they 
made plans to return to Missouri for another load of freight, the mother de- 
cided to go with them so she would not be left alone again. Two days after 
they left, Niels came home, and, finding the family gone, started in pursuit 
of them. He overtook them in a week's time. Together they proceeded north 
to Bryant, near Green River, Wyoming, where they all found work making adobes 
for buildings to house the railroad construction crews and accompanying busi- 
nesses. The Scows lived in a dugout at Bryant for a few months before moving 
to Blairtown, another railroad camp, where Niels worked as a carpenter, the 
boys foxind employment, and they built themselves a loghouse. Affairs went 
well until trouble broke out between two rival railroad camps and there were 
shootings and great destruction of property. That night, after dark, the 
Scows gathered their scanty belongings and fled from the camp. When they re- 
turned the next morning to collect their earnings, they were disappointed with 

llbid., pp 192-93. 


the little pay they received for their summer's work. They moved to Salt Lake 
City and remained there for the winter. 

In the spring of I869, Niels and the boys went back to work for the rail- 
road, this time west of Ogden. The mother, Ellen Marie, and daughter, Cath- 
rine, washed clothes for the construction workers, receiving 2$ cents per shirt. 
The family remained until the railroad was completed, and they personally wit- 
nessed the driving of the Golden Spike. The family was offered complementary 
railroad passes either to California or the East, and they chose passes to 
Wyoming (near Omaha), Nebraska. While there, they heard of a construction 
boom in Kansas City and moved there. The "big boom" tunied out to be a hoax, 
and Niels and his family experienced difficulty in finding employment. In 
their rented home, Ellen Marie took in boarders to help provide for the family. 
It was Sam's assignment to meet all the trains and try to persuade some of the 
arrivals to stay at the Scow boarding house. 

Two major events took place during the family's sojourn in Kansas City: 
their daughter Cathrine was married on 10 Feb I87I to Olof John Davidson, a 
seafaring Dane whom Sam had met at the train and brought to the Scow home for 
lodging o The second occurrence, a tragedy, was the death of Ellen Marie on 
30 Jan 1872; she was buried in Kansas City, Thereafter the family scattered. 
Jim and Chris went to Texas. Catherine, Olof, and Oliver moved in 1873 to 
Deseret, Utah. Sam remained in Kansas City to work in a blacksmith shop, 

Niels eventually also returned to Utah and settled near Oak City in 
Millard Co. Here he was md (2) 1 Apr 187$ to a long-time friend of the family 
from Aalborg, Anne Kirstine Petersen, the U5-year-old spinster sister-in-law 
of a close neighbor, Anders Christian Sorensen. She was a convert to the 
Church in Denmark in 18$5<. On 11 May 1882, two couples (Niels Scow and Anne 
Petersen, and their neighbors, Anders Sorensen and wife Inger Petersen — Anne's 
sister) drove together to Salt Lake City to take out their endowments and be 
sealed in the Endowment House, Two weeks later, on 27 May 1882, Anne Petersen 
passed away.-^ 

The following week, on 1 June 1382, Niels md (3) Maren Margrete "Maggie" 
Christensen, a 16-year-old girl from Deseret. The parish records of Tolne, 
Denmark, give her birthdate, but show her as "unchristened" in the Lutheran 
Church since she was a daughter of "Mormon" Jens Christensen & Margrete 
Jacobsen.^ She emigrated to the New World with her aged father in 1878.-^ 
For a while she lived with her brothers, sisters, and father in Pleasant 
Grove, Utah^ where she was baptized on 2U Aug 1878 by the family's good 
friend, Andrew Jenson (future Church historian),^ Her mother died in Denmark 
the following year, before the family had the funds and opportunity to send 
for her» 

In 1879, Maggie accompanied her brothers Jacob and Christian Christensen 
and her sister Mary Anna Eliason when they moved their families from Pleasant 
Grove to Deseret, Utah, The I88O census shows Maggie as Ih years of age at 
that time, and living with her sister Mary Anna. In Deseret, Maggie helped 

ISlgs EH, 11 May 1882, p 33U; EH End I878-I88U, p 256— GS call no 25165, 
pt 28 J also Oak City Ward rec (GS ser no 6U3U). 

2par rec of Tolne-Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 8 , p ^9 (GS ser no 9007, pt 3) 

3See p 2, 

^Pleasant Grove Ward rec, p 170 (GS ser no 6l65, pt 28). 


in the home of Cathrine Scow Davidson and became acquainted with her father, 
Niels Scow. 

After Maggie's marriage to Niels Scow, they lived in Oak Creek (Oak City), 
where three children were born to them. They later lived in Deseret, across 
the street from Cathrine and Olof Davidson, where two more children were bom. 

Niels and Maggie were sincere members of the Church and aware of their 
spiritual blessings and obligations. The Bible provided daily scriptures for 
them to live by. But the book was used for more than a source of inspiration; 
it was the repository for a family record of several generations. In the sum- 
mer of 1890, Niels and Maggie traveled to Manti with their children and spent 
several days, doing temple work for Scow relatives.^ 

During his declining years, Niels became an invalid as a result of a hay- 
ing accident. While trying to secxire the top of a haystack with poles, he 
lost his balance and fell to the ground. The rope either broke or slipped, 
and the spring in the pole threw him some distance. The injuries left him 
bedfast, and Maggie administered to his needs for the several months he lin- 
gered. At this time she took in washings to help provide for the family. He 
died in the spring, on 22 Mar 1896, and wais b\u*ied in the Deseret Cemetery. 
Maggie was thus widowed at the age of 30 years and left with the care of four 
children, ranging in ages from 13 to h years . 

She md (2) 25 Nov 1897, Soren Jorgensen, also a native of Denmark. (See 
Chap XVII.) They lived in Oasis and Deseret, where Soren died in 190U. In 
1911, Maggie moved with her family to Hurricane, Utah, where her eldest son, 
Joseph Andrew Scow, had moved in 1909. She died there at the age of U9, on 
19 May 1915, and was buried 22 May in the Hurricane City Cemetery. 


Chn of Niels Scow & Ellen Marie Jensen, b in Aalborg Amt, Den, 10: 

i. Kirs tine or Lena Scow, b 17 Sep 18U6, Logs ted, d 2U Mar 1858, 
in Logsted of Scarlet Fever. Par rec shows her name "Kirstine." 

55 ii. Jens Marinus or James Scow, b 9 Oct l8U8j md Emma Mae Minerva 


iii. Jensine Eline Dorothea or Sine Scow, b 11 Sep 1850, Budolfi, 
Aalborg, d 12 Apr 1858 in Logsted of Scarlet Fever. 

56 iv. Niels Christian or Chris Scow, b 2k Dec 1852 j md Nellie Clair, 

57 V. Maren Cathrine Serine Nicoline Christene or Cathrine Scow, b 

6 Dec l85Uj md Olof John Davidson. (Chap XVI, p 123.) 

iMT Bapt, 1 July 1890, p 180 (GS ser no 230U7, pt 8)} MT Endow, 2-3 
July 1890, pp 12 & 15 (GS ser no 230U9, pt 8); MT Slgs, 3 July 1890, .Book B, 
p 118 (GS ser no 23052, pt 2). 

2par rec of Logsted, Albrg, Den, Book 10 , p 282 for birth of child #1 
Kirstine; Book 13 , pp 6 & UO for #6 Soren & #7 Jensine (GS 8652, pts 3, U). 
Budolfi, Albrg, Book 12 , pp Ul & 199 for #2 James & #3 Jensine; Book 13, p 
153 for #5 Cathrine (GS 8623, pts 5, 6). Vor Frue-N Tranders, Albrg. 
Book5, P 109 for #U Chris (GS 8625, pt U). Komum, Albrg, Book 5, P ih 
for m Carl (GS 8652, pt 2), -' ^ 


58 vi. Soren Christian or Sam Scow, b 26 Jan 1857; md (1) Phoebe Ellen 

White; md (2) Delia. 

viio Jensine Pauline Kirstine or Line or Tina Scow, b 18 Sep 1859, 
Logs ted, d 12 May 1862, Aalborg, of Cholera. 

viii. Julius Karl or Carl Scow, b 15 June 1861, Kornura, Aalborg, d 
10 May 1862, Aalborg, of Cholera. 

iXo Dau Scow, stillborn abt 1863. 

59 X. Oliver Scow, b 28 May l865j md (l) Ada Caroline Perks; md (2) 

Mrso Jessie Farr. 

Chn of Niels Scow & Maren Margrete Christensen, $: 

60 i. Joseph Andrew Scow, b 10 Mar 1883; md (l) Emily Ellen Wood; md 

(2) Wilraa Johnson. 

ii. Niels Hyrum Scow, b 29 Sep 1885, Oak Creek, Millard, Utah, d 
10 Mar 1887, bur Deseret Gem. 

iiio Charles Henry Scow, b 9 Oct 1887, Oak Creek, d 11 Aug 1913, bur 
Deseret Cem; xinmd. 

61 ivo Olof Jens or James Scow, b 22 Oct 1890; md Rose Bleak. 

62 Vo Alfred Methena Scow, b k Nov 1892; md Annie Bradshaw. 

55 JENS MARINUS or JAMES SCOW, son of Niels Scow & Ellen Marie Jensen, 
b 9 Oct 18U8, Budolfi, Aalborg, Aalborg, Den, d 26 Mar 1921, Dos Cabezas, 
Cochise, Ariz; md EMMA MAE MINERVA DICKSON, b 1850, Springfield, 111, d at 
Dos Cabezas, AriZo 

James emigrated from Denmark with his parents in 1866, crossing the 
Plains to Utah by oxteamo Since the wagon was filled with provisions and 
properties of ten individuals, James had to walk most of the way. In 1868, 
the year before completion of the transcontinental railway, he was employed 
as a teamster and shuttled back and forth from Misso\iri, carrying freight 
and sT^jplies from the East to the West. The following year he woriced for the 
railroad suid then took advsintage of complementary passes to Omaha, to where 
the family movedo They subsequently lived in Kanssis City. After his mother 
died in 1872, James and his brother Chris left Kansas City for Texas and 
thereafter made frequent moves throughout the West, He later settled in Dos 
Cabezas, in southeastern Arizona, where he worked in the copper mines. He 
died of cancer in Dos Cabezas at the age of 73 years. Picture on p 109. 
Had son: 

io Oliver Scow, Sr, b 19 Oct 1883, Dos Cabezas, Ariz; md (l) Kate 
Redden, b 3 Aug 1892, Gunnison, Colo, d 21; Oct 19U8, San 
Francisco, Calif, dau of Thomas Bruce Redden St Kate Walker. 
Oliver md (2) 6 Sep 1950, Virginia Mathis. Res 220 W Merced 
St, Avenal, Calif. 


Chn of Oliver & Kate Scow, 5: 

lo James Bruce or "Jim" Scow, b 18 May 1915, Wilcox, Ariz; md (l) 
19 May 1939, Vonda Rich, div; md (2) Mar 196U, Ann Tins ley,, Jim 
has a BS degree from the Univ of Calif, Berkeley, and Master of 
Medicine and MD degrees from Northwestern Uhivo He has served 3 
times in the US Anry, as PFC during World War II, and twice as 
Capt in the Medical Corps, on tour in the Philippines after World 
War II and as Combat Surgeon in Korea with a mobile Army Surgical 
Hospitals He has made notable contributions to the Space Program, 
both in Engineering and Medicine » Res U26 Shoreline Dr, Hanpton, 
Vao No chno 

2o Katherine Minerva Scow, b 17 May 1918, Wilcox, d July 1919, 

3. Robert Oliver Scow, b 17 Nov 1920, Dos Cabezasj md 2$ Sep 19U8, 
Millicent Thomas, b ll; Feb 1925, Los Angeles, Calif, dau of 
Harold D Thomas & Lucile Edmunds <> Robert received his MD degree 
from Univ of Calif, San Francisco, sind special training in New 
York City and Buenos Aires, Argentina^ He has done basic research 
on Metabolism and Endocrinology for the National Institutes of 
Health at Bethesda, Md, and written niimerous articles on his find- 
ings o He is presently section editor for Metabolism and Endocrin- 
ology for the American Journal of Physiology o Recently he was 
Visiting Professor on E:q)erimental Medicine and Cancer Research 
at Hebrew University-Hedassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israelo 
He performed Military Sejrvice during World War II and Public 
Health Service (as Sr Asst Surgeon) from 19U8-19$2o Res ll609 
West Hill Dr, Rockville, Md, 20852o Chn, b in Washington, DC, Us 

( i) John Robert Scow, b 1§ Aug 19U9. 

( ii) Kate Marie Scow, b 22 Aug 1951 » 

(iii) James Werner Scow, b 20 May 1953. 

( iv) Ann Bruce Scow, b 15 May 1957 » 

Uo Oliver Scow, Jr, b 29 Feb 192U, Long Beach, Calif j md (l) Juliet 
Shell Osbom, b 11 Apr 1918, div 8 Sep 196lj md (2) 31 Jan 1965, 
Charline Sparks. Juliet md (l) 15 Aug 1936, Arman Peterson, 
b 20 May 1915, Thatcher, Ariz, d 1 July 19U3, son of Andrew 
Christian Peterson Sc Eleanor Jane Posto 

> Oliver was grad from Univ of Calif, I9I18, with DDS degree » 
He served in US Army, World War II; and as Capt in US Air 
Force, combat duty in Korea with 502nd Tactical Control Group 
as Group Dental Stirgeon. He presently practices dentistry 
and orthodontics at 86 E Thurman Ave, Porterville, Calif, Chn 
of Oliver & Juliet, b in Calif, U: 

( i) Eric Oliver Scow, b 28 Jan 19U7, San Francisco, 

d 28 June 1968, Bakersfield, Calif. 
( ii) Jan Christian Scow, b 23 Apr 1951, Travis Air 

Force Base . 
(iii) Helga Marie Scow, b 7 Apr 1951;, Truckee, 
( iv) Guinnivere Ann Scow, b 6 May 1956, Lindsay. 


Sam Scov7, Cathrine (Scovi) Davidson, 
Delia Scow (wife of San), James Scow 

Niels Scow 

Olof John Davidson 

Oliver and Chris Scow 

LtoR : Margaret, Lynan, Richard, 
Ethel (i-Jest), and I-'arilyn Jacobs 

FRONT: Arnold and Orvy Davidson. BACK: Hay (Davidson) 
Webster, Carrie (Davidson) Payne, Annie (Davidson) West, 
Harden V/est, Eliza (West) Rich, sister of Harden West. 

William Payne 


LtoR: Lemaun, May (Davidson), 
Ardith, William, Grant Webster 

Colleen, Agnes (Sloan), Julie, Mark, 
Douglas, Leo, and Janes Davidson 

FRONT: Delores & Laurie Payne, Shirley (Payne) V/illiams, Cheryl Williams, 
Kabel (West), Horace, Mark, & Kary (McGarry) Payne, Linda Williams , Curtis 
& Kenneth Payne. 2ND ROT: Debra, Linda, Lexie, Douglas & Donald Pajrne, 
David Williams . BACK: Marion (3ell), LeP.ay, Gordon, Larry, Luella (Culli- 
more) & Dale Payne, Kay Williams, LaDeane (Payne) Stoner, &Roy Stoner. 

-> t'^ 

FRONT: Donald Merrill, Horace Payne, Hubert West, Lyman Jacobs. 
BACK: Mae (West) Selman, Beth (West) Leavitt, Mabel (West) Payne, 
Thelma (West) Merrill, Annie (Davidson) West, Harden West, 
Eliza (West) Rich, Grace (Pierson) West, & Ethel (West) Jacobs. 


5. Julia Leora Scow, b 17 May 1927, Long Beach, Calif; md 20 Nov 
19U8, James KcNutt, b 9 Jan 1926, El Centre, Calif. 

Julia and James are graduates of Biola College (fomerly 
Bible Institute of Los Angeles); he was ordained a Reverend in 
1951 and the two have served as Protestant missionaries for 
l6 years . After 1 1/2 years of pastoring a small church in 
Seeley, Calif, they spent 9 years in Brazil as missionaries. 
James has also worked as a commercial artist and printer; he 
presently teaches graphic arts in Palomar Jr College, San 
Marcos, Calif » Res 1839 Kingston Dr, Escondido, Calif, 92025. 
James was a son of Chester George McNutt & Ardis Griffin. Chn, 

( i) Jerry Clyde McNutt, b 21 Dec 19U9, El Centro, 

Calif . 
( ii) Joya Ardis McNutt, b 28 Oct 1953, Sao Luis, 

Brazil o 
(iii) Janet Ruth McNutt, b 23 May 1956, Sao Luis. 
( iv) Jean Carol McNutt, b 25 Dec 1957, Brawley, 

Calif „ 
( v) Jamie Lynn McNutt, b 2U Aug 1961, Escondido, 

Calif . 

56 NIELS CHRISTIAN "CHRIS" SCOfJ, b 2U Dec 1852, Vor Frue, Norre Tranders, 
Aalborg, Den, d h Feb 19ii6; rod NELLIE CLAIR, b 2U July 1865, d 3 Mar 195Ii. 
He was named after his grandfather, Niels Christensen, a miller in Vadum 
parish, Aalborg. 

In 1866, at the age of lli, Chris emigrated from Denmark with his parents 
on the ship "Kenilworth." During the voyage, the ambitious lad found work 
as a cook's assistant. 

After arriving at Castle Garden, nearNew York City, the family rode by 
train and boat to Wyoming, Nebraiska, whence they crossed the Plains to Utah 
by oxteam, Chris walking all the way. Having crossed the Plains before the 
advent of the railroad, Chris qualified as a "Utah Pioneer." He later re- 
turned to Missouri as a teamster, to transport freight to the West. After- 
wards he worked on the construction of the transcontinental railway and was 
present at the driving of the Golden Spike in 1669. Following this event, 
he joined his father's family in its move to Kansas City and remained there 
until his mother's death in 1872. From there he went to Texas with his 
brother Jimo In May 187U he was in Oak City, Utah, where he and his brothers 
Jim and Oliver joined the United Order. Later he moved further West. His 
picture is on p 109. Chn, 2: 

io Jessie Mary Scow, b 1 Jan 1893; md 25 June 1913, Arthur Golden 
Teegarden, who d 12 Mar 1957. Chn, 6: 

lo Lester Arthur Teegarden, b 25 Jan 1915^ 

2o Grace Evelyn Teegarden, b 26 June 1916; md Mr. Lewis. 


3o Doris Thelma Teegarden, b 2^ Sep 1918; md Mr^ Ogburn. 

U. William Morris Teegarden, b 27 July 1921 <> 

5. Ruth Eleanor Teegarden, b Ik Dec 192Uj md Mr, Davis. 

6. Robert Leroy Teegarden, b 7 June 1927 ■> 

ii, Grace Eva Scow, b 11 May l896j md 1 Nqv 1917, Harry Lo Mortesen. 
Had son: 

1, Donald Earl Mort^enj md 29 Nov 1950, Phyllis McPherson, 
Chn, 2: 

( i) Mata Dawn Mortesen, b 30 Sep 19^2. 
(ii) Ruspell Harry Mortesen, b 8 Mar 19$U. 

$8 SOREN CHRISTIAN "SAM" SCOW, son of Niels Scow & Ellen Marie Jensen, 
b 26"7an 1857, Logsted, Aalborg, Den, d 6 Mar 1939, Porterville, Tulare, Calif, 
bur 9 Mar 1939, Oakdale Gem, Glendora, Calif; md (l) PHOEBE ELLEN WHITE, b 
17 Jan 1870, Lake City, Iowa, d 9 Jan 1903, Glendora, bur 12 Jan 1903, Oakdale 
Gem, dau of Alfred White & Sarah M. Miller o Sam md (2) DELLA. 

Sam was christened with the name "Soren Christian" and named after his 
uncle Soren Christiansen, who was present at his christening in the Lutheran 
Church . 1 

He emigrated to Utah with his parents in 1866, when he was 9 years of age. 
He became very ill with malaria fever during the trek across the Plains o At 
one time the family despaired his life, his mother wrapped a sheet about him, 
and a grave was dug for his burial » However, he recovered; and by the time the 
family readied the Valley, he was able to walk with helpo He joked later in 
life that somewhere in Wyoming he had a grave waiting for him. 

He worked with his father and brothers on the Union Pacific RR until it 
was completed at Promontory Point in 1869= He therefore witnessed the driving 
of the Golden Spike. With the complementary passes the railroad offered the 
family, he moved with them to Nebraska. Later they settled in Kansas City^, Mo, 
where the family ran a boarding house o It was Sam's special assignment to meet 
travelers at the transportation terminals and bring them to the Scow home to 

In Kansas City, Sam learned the trade of blacksmith and remained there, 
working, after the other members of his family left for points South and West. 
New frontiers beckoned him, and he likewise moved on. He married Phoebe, a 
native of lowa, and the two were living in Gallatin Co, Montana, in 1886, when 
their first child was born. His brother, Oliver Scow, also settled nearby in 
Gallatin Valley. In I898 Sam and his family moved to Glendora, in Los Angeles 
Co, Calif; and in 1910 they moved to Ghino, San Bernardino Co, Calif, where 
they owned a home on West Riverside Drive. 

Sam had only 3 months of formal schooling in his life; he was self- 
educated, having read extensively while lying on his stomach in front of a 
fire. He was a charter member of the Glendora Odd Fellows Lodge, a member of 
the Ghino Rebekah Lodge, and the First Christian Church of Ontario. He died 
at the home of his daughter, Mary Stull, in Porterville, where he had been 
visiting. He was 82 years old. 

IPar rec of Logsted, Albrg, Den, Book 13 , p 6 (GS ser no 86^2, ptU) 


Chn of Sam & Phoebe Scow, 3: 

i. Mary Scow, b 22 Feb 1886, Three Forks, Gallatin, Mont; md ?1 Sep 1908, 
Carl W. Stull, b 13 Apr 1883, Fanners Valley, Penn, d 2U Jan 1966, 
Chino, Calif, bur 26 Jan 1966, Pomona Mausoleum, Pomona, Calif, son of 
Baker Jerome Stxill & Rebecca Beckwith . Res 13071 7th St, Chino, Calif. 
Chn, 5: 

1. Edgar Wesley Stull, b 26 Aug 1909, Glendora, Calif, md 1 Jan 
19$0, Las Vegas, Nev, Mrs. Janiece Rawlings, b 6 Aug 1920. 
Adopted son: 

(i) Daniel Wesley Stull, b lU July 19U2, Ohio; md in San 
Diego, Calif, Dorothy Lee Galloway. Had son: 
(1) Thor Stull, b 10 Oct 1966, San Diego. 

2. Lewis Carwin Stull, b 19 May 1911, Glendora; md Aug 1930, 
Dorothy Johnson, b 13 Aug 1912, Oceanside, Calif, dau of 
Clarence Johnson 8i Ruth Rice. Served in Air Force in Viet Nam. 
Had son: 

(i) Ronald Carwin Stull, b $ Dec 193U, Oceanside; md Helen 
D. Rickman, b 13 Jan 1938. Chn, 3: 

(1) Robert Carwin Stull, b 23 Oct 1957, San Diego. 

(2) Richard Lester Stull, b 23 Nov 1958. 

(3) Rebecca Elizabeth Stull, b 30 Jan. 

3. Ardith Elizabeth Stull, b 26 Nov 1913, Glendora; md 26 Sep 1932, 
Bakersfield, Calif, Roy C. Lockhart, b 21 Oct 1912, Porterville, 
Calif, d lU Apr 195U, b\ir l6 Apr 195U, Albany, Dalif, son of 

J. C. Lockhart. Had son: 

(i) Jackie Carl Lockhart, b 20 May 1933, Porterville; md 
at Oakland, Calif, Nancy Flynn, b 8 June 1932, dau of 
Chief Flynn of US Navy. Chn, 3: 

(1) Susan Ann Lockhart, b 11 Mar 1955- 

(2) Stephen Carl Lockhart, b 23 Sep 1957. 

(3) James Carter Lockhart, b 10 Jan 1965. 

k. Samuel Carl Stull, b 12 Mar 1918, Glendora; md 17 Aug 19hO, 
Yuma, Ariz, Ruth Lavem Paul, b 28 Apr 1921 in Ohio, dau of 
Harold & Gladys Paul. Chn, U: 

( i) Larry R. Stull (adopted), b U Dec 19U0, San Diego, 
(ii) Laura LaVem Stull, b 25 July 19Ul, Corpus Christi, 

Tex, d 6 May 19U2 . 
(iii) Danny James Stull, b lli Dec 19U2, San Diego; md Karen 
Davis, b 26 Aug 19U2, Spokane, Wash, dau of Holland 
Davis. Had son: 

(1) Danny Carl Stull, b Hx Apr 1965, Pomona, Calif, 
(iv) Cheryl Ann Stull, b 9 May 19U5, San Diego; md Dennis 
Parr, b in Spokane, Wash. Dennis served in US Navy, 
Honolulu. Chn, b in Honolulu, 2: 

(1) Christine Lavern Parr, b 2U Mar 196U. 

(2) Killy Denice Parr, b 11 June 1965. 

5, James Edward Stull, b 29 July 1925, Porterville, Calif; md 
1 Jan 1950, Las Vegas, Nev, Delia B. Bostic, b 12 Oct 1931, 
Pomona, Calif, dau of Richard Bostic & Lucy Anthony. Chn, b 
in Pomona, 3' 

( i) James Edward Stull, Jr, b 12 Oct 1950. 

(ii) Cynthia Louise Stull, b 17 Mar 1953. 

(iii) Janet Lynn Stull, b 2 Mar 1962. 


Chn of Sam & Phoebe Scow: 


Samuel Freddie Scow, b 11 Mar 1888, Deseret, Utah, d 2li Mar 1909. 
Grover Edgar Scow, b 12 May 1890, Three Forks, Gallatin, Mont; md 
Nettie Sheets . 

59 OLIVER SCOW, son of Niels Scow & Ellen Marie Jensen, b 28 May 186^, 
Aalb^g Go, Den, d 8 Nov 19^1, Calif; bur Manhattan, Gallatin, Mont; md (1) 
2U Nov 1891, ADA CAROLINE PERKS, b 1? Oct 1866, Butte, Mont, d 29 Apr 1900, 
dau of William & Ann Perks; md (2) 30 Oct 1901, MRS, JESSIE FARE, b 11 Dec 1878, 
d 19 Sep I960. 

Oliver celebrated his first birthday on the ocean, the year his parents and 
family emigrated from Denmark to America. When he was l6 years old, he went to 
Montana and hired out to a pioneer farmer in Upper Madison Valley, giving his 
last quarter for breakfast at this_ ranch. He later worked for an Ij^h rancher 
in the valley, who took a sincere liking to him and called him one of his boys. 
He took out his Citizenship papers on 28 Dec 1889. 

In 1891 he married Ada Caroline Perks, the daughter of a Montana pioneer 
family. Her parents came across the Plains by ox^eam in 186U and were one of 
the first families of Hamilton, later moved to Moreland when the railroad 
came through. Oliver took up a homestead on the .Gallatin River, ih miles east 
of Manhattan. In 1897 he purchased 20 acres about 3 A mile east of Manhattan 
and moved the homestead building there o His wife died at this place from 
childbirth. In 1901 his second wife came to live there. In 1917 the place was 
sold and Oliver and wife moved to Aztec, N Mex, and l#ter to Calif, where they 
remained the rest of their lives. Oliver is buried in the family plot at 
Manhattan. Chn of Oliver & Ada, b in Manhattan, 3'. 

i. Leeta Mae Scow, b 10 Aug 1893; md 16 June 1915, Manhattan, Charles 
Alexander Townsend, b 11 Apr 1886, Manhattan, son of George Edward 
Townsend & Hattie Adele Green, Chn, b in Manhattan, 3: 

1. Oliver Wendell Townsend, b 22 Dec 1918; md 17 Aug 19U6, 
Warrensbvirg, Johnson, Mo, Elsie Andes, b 15 Oct 1908, Far 
West, Mo, dau of Samuel M. & Florence W. Andes. Elsie md 

(1) James Stuart Doig, deceased. 

2. Wilbur Edward Townsend, b 5 Sep 1922; md 2 June 19U5, Mary 
Eleanor Forrest, b 12 Aug 1922, Brocfcwell, Ark, dau of Lee 
M. & Rhea Forrest o Chn, 3: 

( i) Charles Lee Townsend, b 20 Apr 19U6, Phoenix, Ariz. 
( ii) Marsha Kay Townsend, b U Oct 19U8, Bozeman, Mont, 
(iii) Brenda Rae Townsend, b U Sep 1950, Bozeman. 

3. Phillip Leroy Townsend, b 18 Feb 1929; md Margaret Ella 
Smith, b 17 Mar 1930, Philbrook, Todd, Minn, dau of Reid 
Smith & Olga Margaret Rusch. Chn, b in Bozeman, 2: 

( i) S\isan Fay Townsend, b 16 Nov 1950. 
( ii) Sally Ann Townsend, b 16 June 1952. 

ii. Roy Neils Scow, b 18 July I896; md 23 May 1921, Livingston, Mont, 

Inez Lundvall, b I6 Mar I90U, Sheridan, Wye, Roy is retired. Chn, 9: 

1. Orval Harley Scow, 'b 26 Sep 1922, Helena, Mont; md 1 June 
I9U6, Ann Helena Me,uchels . ^ 



Chn of Orval & Ann, 2: 

( i) Kenneth Lee Scow, b 27 May 1953. 
( ii) Timothy Kay Scow, b 28 Feb 1956. 

2. Mansel Gordon Scow, b 15 Apr 192U, Minneapolis, Minn; md 
Ida. Ida had a son named Dennis. 

3. Edgar Hiigh Scow, b 15 Aug 1925, Manhattan, Mont; md Betty 
Lou Smading. Chn, U: 

( i) Marc Roy Scow, b 26 Feb 1952. 

( ii) Karlee Jean Scow, b 1 May 19514. 

(iii) Jay Edgar Scow, b 13 Dec 1955. 

( iv) Ward Fred Scow, b 26 Nov I960. 
li. Robert Vincent Scow, b 12 Feb 1931, Helena, Mont; md 
Beverly Liedle. Chn, 2: 

( i) James Russell Scow, b 1 May 1952. 

( ii) Caren Kay Scow, b 13 Dec 1955. 
5. Myron Wayne Scow, b 25 Jan 193U; md (1) Althea Cain Kelley; 
md (2). Chn of Myron & Althea, U: 

( i) Edgar Norman Scow, b 28 Apr 1955. 

( ii) Donald Wendell Scow, b 12 Apr 1956. 

(iii) Michael Raymond Scow, b 20 Mar 1958. 

( iv) Myra Lynn Scow 
Chn of Myron's 2nd wife: 

( i) Daniel 

( ii) Kathleen 
6o Russell Neal Scow, b 15 July 1936, Helena, Mont; md 23 May 
1921, Livingston, Mont, Bernice . Chn, 2: 

( i) Denies Ann Scow, b 2 July 1965. 

( ii) Thresa Lynn Scow, b 20 Mar 196?. 

7. Vema Lou Scow, b 5 Apr 1939, Helena; md 19 Jxine I960, 
Robert Trujillo, 

8. Joan Raynelle Scow, b 11 Nov 19Ul, Helena; md Robert Alex. 
Had son: 

( i) Michael Niels Alex, b 15 J\ine 1966. 

9. Nancy Charlene Scow, b 21 Mar 19Uh, Helena; md Anthony Simmons 
Had son: 

( i) Neal Anthony Simmons, b 22 Oct 1966. 

iiio Carrie Icie Scow, b 28 Apr 1900, Manhattan, Mont, d 21 Jan 1952, bur 
Hill Cem, Manhattan; md Sako Ypma, b lU Sep 1895, Bolfward, Holland, 
son of Ype Ypma & Altje Velsen. Chn, b in Manhattan, Mont, 3: 

1, Ellen Marjorie Ypma, b 26 June 1921; md 3 Oct I9I4O, Henry 
Alberda. Chn, 9: 

( i) Richard Allen Alberda, b lU Sep 19U5; md 17 Jxme 

1966, Carole Lois DeGroot. 
( ii) Constance Joy Alberda, b 27 Mar 19U6; md 2 Aug 

1966, Eldon Dyk. 
(iii) Henry Stanton Alberda, b 12 June 1952. 
( iv) Peter Brent Alberda, b 21 June 1957. 
( v) William Mark Alberda, b 17 Sep 1958. 
( vi) Laurel Gay Alberda, b 13 Apr I960, 
(vii) Deborah Lea Alberda, b 17 Jiine I96I? 
(viii) Daniel Grant Alberda, b 9 Jan I963. 
( Ix) Sheila Carrie Alberda, b 13 Aug 1963 . 


2. Albert Ypma, b 21 Jan 1923; md 3 Feb 19U7, Dorothy Hoekema. 

Chn, 5: 

( i) Lois Gail Ypma, b 25 May 19U7; md John Vestra. 
( ii) Robert Dale Ypma, b 26 Apr 19U9. 
(iii) Gene Allen Ypma, b 27 Feb 1952. 
( iv) Rodney Carl Ypma, b 13 Dec 1955- 
( v) Theodore Jon Ypma, b 21 Aug 1958, 

3. Leeta Carolyn Ypma, b 29 Oct 1926, Manhattan; md lU Oct 
19U6, Glen Hoover, Chn, 2: 

( i) Cheryl Arlette Hoover, b 12 Dec 19U6; md Renee 
Kolman, Had son: 

(1) Michael Anthony Kolman, b 30 Mar 1967- 
( ii) Richard Shane Hoover, b 12 Mar 19U8. 

60 JOSEPH ANDREl^f SCCTiT, son of Niels Scow & Maren Margrete Christensen, 
b lOTlar 1883, Oak Creek, Millard, Utah, d 25 Nov 1962, Cedar City, Utah, bur 
Hurricane, Utah; md (l) 5 Feb 1907, St George, Utah, EMILY ELLEN WOOD, b 12 May 
188U, Grafton, Utah, d 19 & bur 21 May 1919, Hurricane, dau of George Henry 
Wood, Jr, a Emily Louisa Hastings; md (2) 6 Oct 1921, Parowan, Utah, WILI4A 
JOHNSON, b 10 June 1902, Byron, Big Horn, Wyo, d 3 Oct I960, Visalia, Tulare, 
Calif, dau of Jeremiah Johnson & Annie Young, Wilma md (2) Alfred Syphus, 
sld 16 Nov I9UO; md (3) del Stoval. Chn of Joseph & Emily, 3: 

63 i. Clinton J. Scow, b lU May I908; md Delia Gardner, 

ii. Itha Scow, b 2 Nov 1909, Hurricane, Utah; md 25 Nov 1931, Parowan, 
Utah, Iv in Workman, b 7 Sep I898, Virgin, Utah, son of Amos J, 
Workman & Amanda Jane Burke, Res Hurricane, Utah, 8l;737o Chn, 2s 

1. Cheryl Workman, b 15 Oct 1932, Hurricane; md 6 Dec 1951, 
St George, Utah, Valjean Cooper, b 7 Aug 1929, Syracuse, 
Utah, son of Heber William Cooper & Margurite Helena Sandoz= 
Chn, b in Martinez, Contra Costa, Calif, 3' 

I i) Jeffrey Paul Cooper, b 30 Oct 1952. 
( ii) Valerie Ann Cooper, b 28 Dec 1953, 
(iii) Michelle Ellen Cooper, b 22 Sep 1956. 

2, Diane Scow Workman (adopted), b 1? June I9I47, Cedar City, 
Utah; md 13 Aug 1965, John Ellis Cottam, b 5 July 19U6, 

St George, Utah, son of Owen Cottam & Evelyn Roper. Diane 
is the dau of a half-brother of Itha, Kendel "I1J" Scow, & 
Kaye Hangum. Res Las Vegas, Nev. Had son: 

( i) Kendell Workman Cottam, b l5 Sep 1966, Boulder 
City, Nev, 

iii. Milden Wood Scow, b 12 May 1912, Hurricane ;md 2li Dec 1939, 

Deseret, Utah, Arprilla Dewsnup, b 16 May 1918, Deseret, dau of 
Henry Dewsnup & Mary Jane "Mollie" Williams » Arprilla md (l) 
30 Aug 1935, Lynn D. Talbot, div, Milden is a merchant in 
Deseret, Son of Arprilla, sld to Milden: 

1. Henry Kent Dewsnup, b 26 Dec 1935, Deseret; md 19 Sep 1958, 
Salt Lake City, Sandra Finlinson, b 8 Feb 1938, Oak City, 
Utah, dau of Grant Lyman Finlinson & Ann LaVon Shipley. 
He is in Civil Service, FHA, Chn, 2: 

( i) Russell Kent Dewsnup, b 19 Mar I96I, Logan, Utah, 
( ii) DeAnn Dewsnup, b 5 Nov I963, Payson, Utah. 


Son of Milden & Arprilla: 

1. Barrel Milden Scow, b 12 May 19U5, Delta, Utah; md 28 Dec 
1965, Manti, Utah, Alice Gaye Bliss, b 21 Sep 19U6, Delta, 
dau of Oren Vernon Bliss ^ Alice Hardy. 
Chn of Joseph AndrewScow & Wilma Johnson, U: 


Delbert Johnson Scow, b 23 Mar 1923, Hurricane, Utah, d 23 Oct 
1938 j unmd. 

ii, Kendal "W" Scow, b 15 June 1925, Deseret, Utah; md (l) 7 June 19U6, 
Faye Mangum, b 7 Oct 1931, LaVerkin, Utah, d 27 Aug 19U8 of auto 
accident in Wash Co, Utah, bur Hurricane, dau of Clarence Mang^im 't 
Wanda Duncan; md (2) l5 May 19^9, Las Vegas, Nev, Pauline Shakespeare, 
b 23 Dec 1928, St George, Utah, dau of Grover C. Shakespeare & Hattie 
Belle Wilcock. Res Sparks, Nev. Dau of Kendel h Faye, adopted after 
mother's death by Itha Scow Workman: 

1. Diane Scow Workman, b 17 June 19U7, Cedar City; md 13 Aug 
1965 (see p 116). 

Chn of Kendel k Pauline, 3: 

1. Carolyn Scow, b in St George (dau of Pauline, adopted to 
Kendel) „ 

2. Raymond K. Scow, b l6 May 1950, Cedar City, Utah. 

3. Michael A. Scow, b 10 July 195l, Cedar City. 

iii, Thain J. Scow, twin, b 11 July 1927, Deseret; md (l) 12 Mar 19U8, 
Las Vegas, Nev, Delores Pectol, b St George, Utah; md (2) 19 Feb 
1955, Salt Lake City, Jean Norine Mickelson, b 26 Dec 1931, Dayton, 
Ida, dau of John Grover Mickelson & Lucy Christine Godfrey. Res 
15U8 E 30U5 So, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dau of Thain !'i Jean Norine: 

1. Christina Scow, b 20 Oct 1961, Salt Lake City. 

iv. Twain W, Scow, twin, b 11 July 1927, Deseret; md (l) 5 Sep 1953; 
md (2) 12 Dec 1958, Juanita James. Res Fresno, Calif. 

6l OLOF JENS "JAI'IES" SCOliJ, son of Niels Scow ^c Maren Margrete Christensen, 
b 22 Oct 1890, Deseret, Utah, d 1 June 195U, Hurricane, Utah; md 2 Oct 1923, 
Parowan, Utah, ROSE BLEAK, b 19 Oct 1906-7, St George, Utah, d 11 June 1959, 
Hurricane j, dau of John Bleak & Sarah E. Hardy. Olof moved to Hurricane in 
1912; was an orchardist. He served in World War I. Pictures on p lU3. Chn,U: 

i. Kent Olaf Scow, b 27 May 192U, Virgin, Utah, d 10 Apr 1925. 
ii. Vernal Bleak Scow, b 2 Apr 1926, Virgin; md l5 June 1951, Washington, 
Utah, Norma Averett, b 2 Aug 1929, Cedar City, Utah, dau of Charles 
Washington Averett ^ Nellene Turner. Vernal empl by US Motors 
Garage in Cedar City. Res 59i4 S 6U0 W, Cedar City, Utah. No chn. 

iii. Clark Nelse Scow, b lU Sep 1929, Virgin; md 30 May 1959, Las Vegas, 
Nev, Barbara Becker, b 9 July 193l4, Burlingame . San Mateo, Calif, 
dau of Mr. & Josephine Becker, div. Clark en5)l by Las Vegas Con- 
vention Service. Res 1916 Constantine, Las Vegas, Nev. Son: 
1. Kent Clark Scow, b 10 Oct 1959, Las Vegas. 


iv. Bud Roy Scow, b 16 Mar 1935, Hurricane, Utah; md 21 Nov 1953, Las 

Vegas, Nev, Tess Dalton, b lU Jan 1935, Rockville, Utah, dau of 

Jacob Israel Dalton >?: Hazel Iva Mans or. Bud Roy is a farmer & 

state road inspector. Address Box ihh, Hurricane, Utah, Chn, 3: 

1. Bud Olof Scow, b 25 Mar 1955, Cedar City, Utah. 

2. Shirley Scow, b 21 May 1957, Cedar City, 

3. Bob J. Scow, b 12 June 1959- 

62 ALFRED METHENA SCOW, son of Niels Scow & Maren Margrete Chris tensen, 
b h Nov 1892, Deseret, Utah; md 11 Aug 1913, St George, Utah, ANNIE BRADSHAW, 
b 16 Dec 1891;, Woodruff, Ariz, dau of Edward Elsie Bradshaw & Mary Ellen Owens, 
Pictures on p lii3. Res Hurricane, Utah, Chn, 9: 

6U i. Mansel "A" Scow, b 12 Apr 1915; md Nelma Gubler. 

65 ii. Myrl Scow, b 11 Aug 1917; md Elworth H. Cair^ibell. 

66 iii. Mary Scow, b 21 Dec 1919; md Jess Willard Coon. 

iv. R. L. Scow, b 1? Aug 1921, Deseret, Utah; md 6 Dec 19U7, Patsy 
Lou Seifang, b 1 June 1927, dau of Arthur Lawrence Seifang & 
Magda Jean Winn, Chn, 5: 

1. Nancy Gaye Scow, b 26 June 19U8, St George, d 30 Nov 

2. Kristina Scow, b 23 May 195U, Henderson, Nev. 

3. Lisa Kay Scow, b 23 Sep 1957, Henderson, 

h> Eric Lincoln Scow, b 7 Feb 1959, Henderson. 
5. Kurt Niel Scow, b 1965, Henderson. 

67 V. Anna Scow, b 29 July 1923; md Elwood Warren Hardy. 

vi. Glen Alfred Scow, b 2 Aug 1925, Deseret, d 7 Aug 19U7 in Boulder, 
Nev, of appendicitis , Served in World War II, Iwo Jijma. 

vii. Estelvin B, Scow, b 12 Sep 1927, Deseret; md 26 Oct 1950, Salt 
Lake City, Edith Iverson, b 12 Mar 1931, St George, dau of Fay 
Iverson 5c Wilma Jordan, Res 566 Stringham, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 3: 

1, Tamra Scow, b 25 Apr 195l, 

2, Lonny Estelvin Scow, b 30 June 1952. 

3, Kevin Mat Scow, b 28 June 1953, 

viii. Thenelda Scow, b 27 Nov 1929, Deseret; md 27 Nov 19U8, Las Vegas, 
Nev, Gilbert Reeve, b 7 Aug 1930, Hurricane, son of Harold W, 
Reeve & Artimesia Jepson. Chn, 5: 

lo JoAnn Reeve, b 21; Sep 19ii9, Hurricane. 

2. Colette Reeve, b 28 Nov 1951, St George. 

3. Allison Reeve, stillborn ll; Apr 1957, St George. 
U. Gilbert Brad Reeve, b 16 Dec 1959, Cedar City. 
5. Gordon Keith Reeve, b 2k Apr 1962, St George. 


Elda Rae Scow, b 29 Oct 1937, Hurricane; md 22 Nov 1958, 
Hurricane, De Lloyd Hammond, b 11 Sep 1937, Cedar City, son of 


Elmer E. Hammond ?c Beth Truman Ronnow Oaker. Res U50 W 200 S, 
Cedar City, Utah. Chn, 2: 

1. Jillane Hammond, b 27 Mar 1962, St George. 

2. Tracy De Hammond, b $ June 196$, Cedar City. 

63 CLINTON J. SCaiT, son of Joseph Andrew Scow ^ Emily Ellen Wood, b 
ll May 1908, Hurricane, Utah; md 12 Apr 1929, Ely, Nev, DELLA GARDNER, b 
3 Feb 1907, Lund, Nev, dau of Samuel Alonzo Gardner ^ Mary Alice Burgess. 
Clinton is a mail carrier. Res Lund, Nev. Chn, Ii: 

i. Clinton Gardner Scow, b 6 Apr 1930, East Ely, Nev; md 2 Oct 1951, 
Salt Lake City, Colleen Ivins, b 10 June 1932, Ely, Nev, dau of 
Harold Redd Ivins k Harriet Nelson Carter. Dairyman. 
Res Lund, Nev, 89317. Chn, b in East Ely, $: 

1. Kathleen Scow, b U Feb 195U. 

2. Tamara Scow, b 12 Feb 1955- 

3. Lyle Brent Scow, b 7 Sep 1956. 
U. Jay Earl Scow, b 2 Aug 1958. 
5. Lisa Scow, b 9 May 196U. 

ii. Marlene Mae Scow, b I8 July 1931, Ely; md 22 May 19U9, Lund, 
Merlin Duane Peacock, b 29 I'ay 1922, Lund, son of Eugene Luke 
Peacock >k Sabra Oxborrow. Chn, U: 

1. Cynthia Marie Peacock, b 23 Mar 1950, Ely. 

2. Monty Duane Peacock, b 21 July 1952, Ely. 

3. Shane Clinton Peacock, b U Feb 1959, East Ely. 

U. Staci Yvette Peacock, b I6 Dec 1966, Salt Lake City. 

ill. Joseph Samuel Scow, b 22 Dec I9I43, East Ely; md ih Feb 1966, 
Ely, Anna Louise Carling, b 30 Nov 19U6, Ely, dau of Arthur 
Carling & Jean Raley. Dau: 

1. Monica Scow, b 30 Aug 1966, East Ely. 

iv. Janath Ella Scow, b 5 Mar 19U8, Ely; md 29 Jan 1966, Lund, Nev, 
Stephen Howard Myers, b 27 Feb 19U3, Fallon, Nev, son of Stephen 
Howard Myers . Dau: 

1. Danette Myers, b 25 July I966, East Ely. • 

6U MANSEL "A" SCOT, son of Alfred Methena Scow & Annie Bradshaw, b 
12 Apr 1915, Hurricane, Utah; md 15 Oct 1936, St George, Utah, NELMA GUBLER, 
b 15 Aug 1918, LaVerkin, Utah, dau of Joseph Edward Gubler k Mary Amelia 
Hunt. Res I86U Hollywood Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah. Chn, 8: 

i. Mansell Arnett Scow, b 10 Aug 1937, LaVerkin; md 21 June 1957, 
Shirley Marie Wardell, b 9 Feb 19U0, Salt Lake City, dau of 
Alden Wardell & Shirley Marie Strong. Chn, 2: 

1. Diann Marie Scow, b 2Lt Nov I96I, Salt Lake City. 

2. Debra Scow, b 26 May 1965, Salt Lake City. 

ii, Nelma Eldean Scow, b I6 Aug 1939, LaVerkin; md 10 Aug 1962, 


Logan, Utah, David "A" Eastman, b 22 Mar 1937, Murray, Utah, son 
of Archibald W. Eastman & Gertrude Schowten. Chn, 2: 

1. David Michael Eastman, b 2 July 1963, Murray. 

2. John Kevin Eastman, b 28 Mar 1966, New Bedford, Mass. 

iii. Mary Lou Scow, b 17 Sep 19Ul, LaVerkin; md 15 June 1962, Salt 
Lcike City, Richard Boyd Swensen, b 7 Dec 19U0, Salt Lake City, 
son of Boyd A. Swensen & Beatrice Cluff . 

iv. Keith Gubler Scow, b 26 Feb 19iUi, Salt Lake City; md 21 Jime 1963, 
Salt Lcike City, Kathleen Iris Thomas, b 8 June 19hh, Oakland, 
Calif, dau of George M. Thomas & Hannah M. Baker. Chn, 2: 

1. Keith Glen Scow, b 8 Aug 196U, Salt Lake City. 

2. Kevin George Scow, b 17 July 1966. 

V. Kent Gubler Scow, b 26 Feb 19Ui, Salt Lake City; md 10 June 1966, 
Salt Lake City, Deanna Shorts, b 2$ Mar 19i;6, Price, Utah, dau of 
Walter Floyd Shorts & Lenora Mae Henrie. Kent filled an LDS 
Mission in New Zealand. 

vi. Sherry Scow, b 30 July 195l, Salt Lake City. 

vii. Alfred Glen Scow, b 13 June 1953, Salt Lake City. 

viii. Partha Ann Scow, b 13 Apr 1958, Salt Lake City. 

65 MYRL SCOW, dau of Alfred Methena Scow & Annie Bradshaw, b 11 Aug 1917, 
Hurricane, Utah; md 16 Nov 193U, Elworth H. Campbell, b 27 Mar 1916, Hurricane, 
son of Ralph Allen Campbell & Emma Isabelle Holliday. Res 1538 E 7200 S 
Salt Lake City, Utah. Chn, 6: 

i. Merlyn Caii?)bell, b 17 Dec 1935, Hurricane; md 12 Sep 1955, Salt 
Lake City, Floyd Jay Ellis, b 20 May 1933, of Salt Lake fcity, son 
of Merwin Bruce Ellis & Gladys Mae Peterson. Chn, b Salt Lake, i^: 

1. Bobbi Lynn Ellis, b 10 Sep 1957. 

2. Cordon Ray Ellis, b 15 Feb 1958. 

3. Trenton Lyle Ellis, b 13 May 1961. 
h. Lorrinne Ellis, b 13 Dec 1963. 

ii. Ellen Mae Campbell, b 8 June 1937, Hurricane; md (l) 5 Aug 195U, 
Evanston, Wyo, Ernest Lawrence Hollings, b 2 July 1937, Salt Lake 
?o^^o,^^°" °^ Ernest Hollings, .Ir, & Edythe Hendricksen, div; md 
U; 25 Feb 1965, Bunkerville, Nev, Jim Ekaro Kreuzer, b 22 Feb 
19U3, son of Mr. Kreuzer & Edith Hendricksen. Chn of 
Ellen Mae & Ernest, 3: 

1. Larry Kim Hollings, b 17 Mar 1955. 

2. Terry Kip Hollings, b 1 Mar 1956. 

3. Kandas Faun Hollings, b 19 July I960. 

Son of Ellen Mae & Jim: 

1. Collin Ekart Kreuzer, b 20 Sep 1965, Salt Lake City. 


iiio Frances "Darnell" Campbell, b 20 Feb I9U0, Hurricane; md 5 Nov 
1955, Salt Lake City, William Riley Landes, b 19 Apr 1935, Salt 
Lake City, son of William Dewey Landes ft Cleone Harrop. 
Chn, U: 

1. Donni Mae Landes, b 17 Feb 1957, Salt Lake City. 

2. Patti Ranell Landes, b 21 Nov 1958, Salt Lake City. 

3. Jerri Denise Landes, b 13 May I96I, Murray, Utah. 
h> William Darin Landes, b 13 Dec I963, Murray. 

iv. Elworth "Dale" Campbell, b 26 Apr 19hh, Long Beach, Calif; md 

13 June 1962, Salt Lake City, Marilyn Elizabeth Bannon, b 1 July 
I9I16, Murray, dau of Stanley J. Bannon & Dorothy Van Houten, div. 

1« Kerry Lee Caupbell, b 1 Jan 1963, Murray, Utah. 

v. Judith Ann Car^jbell, b 19 Nov 19U5, Hurricane. 

vi, Troy Allen Campbell, b 2k Mar I960, Murray. 

66 MARY SCOW, dau of Alfred Methena Scow & Annie Bradshaw, b 21 Dec 1919, 
Deseret, Utah; md k Sep 1936, Salt Lake City, JESS WILLARD COON, b 28 Apr 
1915, Magna, Utah, son of Joseph Willard Coon & Katie Marie Coon. Res 
Panguitch, Utah, Chn, 2: 

i. Linda Coon, b 27 Nov 1937, Salt Lake City; md 15 May 195U, 
Fredonia, Ariz, Thayne Norman Blake, b Ik Apr 1935, Salt Lake 
City, son of Norman Christensen -i Norma Cooper, adopted to 
Melvin W. Blake. Res i;255 W 363O S, Granger, Utah. Chn, k: 

1. Michael Thayne Blake, b 16 Mar 1955, Salt Lake City. 

2. Debbie Jean Blake, b 1 Feb 1957, Murray. 

3. Steven Clark Blake, b 30 Aug 1959, Salt Lake City. 

k- Douglas Gregory Blake, b 25 Mar 1962, Salt Lake City. 

ii. Larry J Coon, b I8 Jan 19Ul, Salt Lake City; md 1 J\inel962, 
Richfield, Utah, Hazel Piatt, b 8 May 19lili. Richfield, dau of 
George Alma Piatt & Thora Stapley. Res 3306 Westcrest Rd, Salt 
Lake. Chn, 2: 

1. Diana Coon, b 18 May I963, Psinguitch, Utah. 

2. Sherry Coon, b 1 Nov 1965, Panguitch, d 8 Sep 1967, 

67 ANNA SCOW, dau of Alfred Methena Scow & Annie Bradshaw, b 29 July 
1923, Deseret, Utah; md 13 Dec I9UI, B\inkerville, Nev, ELWOOD WARREN HARDY, 
b 23 Mar 1917, Bunkerville, son of Warren Decator Hardy & Leila Leavitt. 
Res Bunkerville, Nev, 89OO7. Chn, k' 

i, Ronald "E" Hardy, b 6 Jan 19U3, Hurricane, Utah; md 13 June 
I96U, St George, Utah, Venita June Sego, b 23 June 19U6, dau 
of En OS Sego. Res N Mex. 


Son of Ronald & Venita: 

1. Ronald Darin Hardy, b 6 May 1966, St George, Utah. 

ii. Annette Hardy, b 28 July 19hh, Hurricane, Utah; md 11 Mar 196?, 
Bunkerville, Nev, Duane Threlkeld, b 26 Feb 1937. Res Alaska. 

1. Anjanette Threlkeld, b 1 Mar 196^, St George. 

iii. Katherine Hardy, b 17 Feb 19U6, Hurricane; md 28 May 1966, St George, 
Utah, Jack Gordon Faught, b 9 Aug 19U6, St George, Utah, son of Henry 
Faught &: Bessie Bundy. Dau: 

1. Kasanara Faught, b 21 Aug 1965, St George. 

iv. Thenelda Hardy, b 17 Dec 19U7, Hurricane; md 13 Oct 1966, Bunkerville, 
Nev, Michael J. Hughes, b 9 July 19U9, St George, son of Glair Hughes 
& Donna Lee. Son: 

1. Donald Kirt Hughes, b 9 Feb 1967, St George. 



OLOF JOHN DAVIDSON, christened as OLE JORGENSEN, son of Jorgen Davidsen 
& Karen Nielsen, b 2U June l8h3, Fredericia, Vejle, Den, d 25 July 1897, Moun- 
tain View, Alta, Can; md 10 Feb 1871, Kansas City, Mo, £7 CATHRINE SCOW, chris- 
Aalborg, Aalborg, Den, d l6 Mar 1919, Cardston, Alta, Can, bur in Mountain View, 
dau of 26l£ Niels Scow & 268 Ellen Marie Jensen. 

In 1866, at the age of 13, Cathrine emigrated from Denmark with her par- 
ents <, The family first settled in Deseret, Utah. Her father's trade as carpen- 
ter required frequent moves by the family, to Fillmore, Corn Creek and Kanosh 
in Millard Co, to Salt Laike City, and to Ogden in northern Utah. As the trans- 
continental railway approached Utah, her father and brothers worked in the con- 
struction of the railroad, Cathrine and her mother also found employment by 
cooking, sewing, and laundering for the railroad crews. They witnessed the 
completion of the railroad and the driving of the Golden Spike in 1869. 

Complementary railroad passes to Omaha and later moves in the central 
states resulted in the Scow family's living in Kansas City, Mo, in 1870, where 
they ran a boarding house. To this home came Olof John Davidson, who met his 
future wife, Cathrine Scow. It is said that, at first sight, Cathrine stated, 
"There's the man I'm going to marry," and on 10 Feb 1871, this statement was 

Little is known of Olof John's youth except that he was a sailor on old 
sailing ships, and at one time was icebound in Greenland for a period of time. 
He was of medium build, had blue eyes, curly hair, was clean shaven at times, 
and had a good voice. In America he changed his name from Ole to Olof, 
Jorgensen to John, and took his father's surname of Davidson, using the Angli- 
cized form of Olof John Davidson. 

Two children were bom to Cathrine and Olof John in Kansas City. One daugh- 
ter, Mariane, died in 1872 at the age of 9 months. This was the same year that 
Cathrine' s mother died in Kansas City. 

The following year, the couple moved from Kansas City to Oak Creek, in 
Millard Co, Utah. Here, on 26 Oct 1873, he was baptized a member of the LDS 
Church and another child was bom. Before 1880 they moved to the neighboring 
town of Deseret and remained there for some 12 years. In Deseret, $ more 
children were bom to them and 2 passed away. The Davidsons lived across the 
street from Cathrine' s father, Niels Scow, in the vicinity of other Danish 
families, northwest of the present chapel site. Olof farmed, did other work, 
and accumulated some livestock, horses and wagons. 

About 1890 the Davidsons moved with their 5 surviving children to Star 
Valley in Wyoming. Another son was bom to them at Grover, in Star Valley. 

Ipar rec of Budolfi, Aalborg, Aalborg, Den, Book 13 , pt 1$3 (GS ser no 
8623, pt 6). 



At this time there was considerable talk about the desirability of land in 
Canada in what was then known as the North West Territories, Cardston had been 
settled in 188? by members of the LDS Church under the leadership of Charles 
Ora Card, and reports of the beauties and goodness of this prairie country 
beckoned the Davidsons in l892 to move by wagon from Wyoming to Cardston, a 
distance of 750 miles. They traveled with the Peter Allen family, and the 
Davidson girls helped drive the cattle and teams . One full day en route was 
spent in looking for Olof John's favorite dog Curly, but they had to travel on 
without it. They arrived in Cardston in Sept 1892 and were given help and 
lodging for the winter with the Hansens, who lived on the St Marys River. 

Charles Ora Card indicated that many cattle wintered out all winter in 
Southern Alberta, Hence, in Feb 1893, when a warm chinook harbingered the 
approach of spring, the Davidsons moved to Mountain View, then known as Fish 
Creek, The unpredictable weather changed, and as a result most of the David- 
sons' cattle died and the family was forced to sell their new wagon for the 
means to carry them over. The shortage of food and lack of comfortable shelter 
made life very hard. They lived in a sod-roofed dwelling that leaked when it 
rained and was very damp . 

On 7 Feb I89U, the eldest daughter, Carrie, married William Payne, a Royal 
Canadian North West Mounted Policeman. One of the main dishes for their wed- 
ding dinner was rutabagas, provided by friends of the family. The first night 
of their marriage, the parents, Olof and Cathrine, went to the home of the new- 
lyweds and set the pattern by kneeling in family prayer with them. 

Three months later, on I6 May I89I;, the tenth child was bom to Cathrine 
and Olof John, their first child born in Mountain View. At this time he was 
eager to remove his family from the sod-roofed dwelling and worked hard in 
building a loghouse. With anticipation and great hopes, they moved in before 
it was completely finished. Although it had no windows, fireplace or chimney, 
Cathrine gathered the children around a little fire built on the dirt floor 
and they all sang, "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home." 

Their good fortune was shortlived, for in the spring of 1697 Olof John 
injured his leg and blood poisoning set in. Cathrine did what she could to 
help him with home remedies. A neighbor was sent by horse to Lethbridge, a 
distance of 75 miles, to summons the help of a doctor; but the latter advised 
that the condition had advanced too far. Cathrine and her children fasted and 
then retired to a patch of willows , where each child prayed in behalf of the 
father. However, he grew steadily worse and after great suffering, he died on 
the 25 June 1897, at the age of ^U years. The inhabitants of Mountain View 
remembered Olof John's passing as one of the saddest events in the early his- 
tory of the community. He was a good husband and father, who displayed love 
and harmony for his children and wife, and was loved and respected by his 
friends ajid neighbors. He left a U3-year-old widow, 6 children at home, a 
married daughter, and the family poorly established on a pioneer frontier. 

Cathrine struggled on in rearing her family. Friends and neighbors helped 
as best they could, but she worked in the fields, herself, running the farm to 
provide for her family. In spite of trying conditions, she maintained close 
ties with her family and taught them to be responsible individuals, to live the 
gospel, and observe the principle of tithing. She held church positions in the 
Primary and Relief Society. Handwork and knitting were other special talents. 
She is remembered for her kindness and consideration of others, regardless of 
their needs. She passed away in 1919 at the age of 61;, having reared her 
family as a widow for 22 years . 


Chn of Olof John & Cathrine, 10: 

i. Mariane Davidson, b 12 Nov 1871, Kansas City, Mo, d 12 Aug 1872, 
Kansas City, 
ii. Dagmar Ringmor Davidson, b 20 June 1873, Kansas City, d 6 Oct 
1881;, Deseret, Utah, 
68_ iii. Carrie Christina Davidson, b 2U Aug 1875; md William Payne. 

iv, Olina "Mary" Davidson, b 26 Feb I878, Deseret, Utah, d h Sep 1903, 
Mountain View, Can; md 17 Dec 1900, Mountain View, Nels Nelson 
(rancher), b 1 Nov 1877, Weston, Franklin, Ida, d 28 Mar 1933, 
Mountain View, son of Nels Nelson & Hannah Gill. Nels (2) 
2U J\ine 1925, Alice Malinda Laycock. Dau of Mary & Nels: 

1. Mary Nelson, b 17 Dec 1901, Mountain View, d 3 Jan 1902. 

69 v. Annie Catherine Davidson, b 12 Apr I88O; md Harden Luke West. 

vi, Olof John Davidson, b 2U Aug 1882, Deseret, d 28 May I883, Deseret. 

70 vii. Ollie May Davidson, b 20 May 1885; md Ernest Merideth Going. 

71 viii. Orvy "J" Davidson, b 3 Nov 1887; md Annie Eliza Dahl. 

72 iXo Arnold Scow Davidson, b 10 July I89O; md Hazel Findlay. 

73 X. May Davidson, b I6 May I89U; rai William Webster. 


68 CARRIE CHRISTINA DAVIDSON, dau of Olof John Davidson S- Cathrine Scow, 
b 2U Aug 1875, Oak City, Millard, Utah, d 10 Apr 1961, Cardston, Alta, Can, 
b\ir lU Apr I96I, Mountain View, Alta; md 7 Feb I89U, WILLIAM PAYNE, b 9 Dec 
1866, Cottesbrook, Northampton, Engl, d 5 Oct 19l;9, Mountain View, son of 
Thomas William Payne & Lucy Wells . Chn, b Mountain View, Can, 9: 

7U io Mary Payne, b 29 Apr 1895; md Celo McNeece Chambers. 

75 ii» William Payne, b 8 Nov I896; md Jane Smith. 

75" iii, John "W" Payne, b 15 Sep 1899; md Sara Harris. 

77 ivo 01iver«Payne, b I8 June 1903; md Hazel Layton. 

7H~ v, Harold Payne, b h Dec I90U; md (1) Ellen Larene Berrett; md (2) 
Dorothy Jane Niblow. 

79 vi, Olof Payne, b 18 Sep 1906; md Svea Fredricka Johnson. 

viio Delvin "J" Payne, b 19 Dec 1907, Mountain View, d 2U June 1939, 
Buffalo, Erie, N Y; md 1933, in Buffalo, Audrey Pearl LaMont, 
dau of Earle LaMont & Florence K. 

80 viiic Randell Payne, b 11 Apr 1911; md E\inice Marie Bennett. 

81 iXo Hilda Elnora Payne, b 2 Oct 1913; md Fredrick James Romeril. 

7U MARY PAYNE, dau of William Payne & Carrie Christina Davidson, b 29 Apr 
l89^Mountain View, Alta, Can; md 6 July 1922, Buffalo, Erie, N Y, CELO 
McNEECE CHAMBERS, b 19 Dec 1892, Punxsutawney, Jefferson, Penn, son of Lemon 
"E" Chambers & Clara Delia Lowry. Res 785 N 900 E, ProvQ, Utah. Chn, U: 

i, Louise May Chambers, b 9 June 1923, Middleport, Niagara, N Y; 
md 25 Nov I9UI;, Buffalo, Wallace James Winspear, Jr, b 20 Feb 
1923, Buffalo, son of James Wallace Winspear & Elizabeth Anna 
Dodd. Louise has worked in all the organizations of the Church; 
now Mission Jr Sunday School Coordinator. Wallace is manager & 
designer of boys clothes for Munsing Wear. Res 3332 Huntington 
Ave, St Louis Park, Minneapolis, Minn, 55Ul6. 


Chn of Louise & Wallace, 5: 

1, Marcie Deon Winspear, b 2 Jan 19h6, Buffalo o 

2o Linda Louise Winspear, b 3 June 19U7, Buffalo. 

3. Randell James Winspear, b 29 Jan 19U9, Buffalo. 

U. Joel Bruce Winspear, b 1$ Dec 1953, Buffalo. 

5. Christopher John Winspear, b 10 Feb 1965, Minneapolis. 

ii. Margaret Jane Chambers, b 18 July 1926, Buffalo | md 11 Apr 1952, 
Richard Albert Brower, b 2 June 1925, Salt Lake City, son of 
Richard Albert Brower & Josephine Gottfredson. Margaret was grad 
from business school in Buffalo; has served in MIA and Primary, 
also as Den Mother of Cub Scouts and leader of Brownies o Richard 
was grad from Brigham Yoimg Univ. Res U6I47 Fortuna Way, Salt Lake 
City, Utah. Chn, b in Salt Lake City, k: 

1, Karen Louise Brower, b 7 Sep 1953. 

2, Connie Jo Brower, b 2U Apr 1955. 

3, Richard Albert Brower III, b 2U Oct 1956. 
ko Mark Bruce Brower, b 1 July 1958. 

iii. Celo "Bruce" Chambers, b I8 Jan 1928, Buffalo; md 5 Sep 1950, 

Mesa, Ariz, Frieda Mae Davis, b 21 Oct 1930, Mesa, dau of Wilbert 
Leo Davis & Mabel Clara Rogers . Bruce is pres of Galbrath & 
Green, Inc, insurance benefit consultants & administrators. 
Res Phoenix, Ariz. Chn, 5: 

1. Brenda Lee Chambers, b 31 Oct 1951, Provo, Utah. 

2. Craig Bruce Chambers, b 29 Dec 1952, Provo. 

3. Sharla Lynn Chambers, b 22 Oct 1955, Mesa, Ariz. 
U. Christie Ann Chambers, b 3 Mar 1957, Mesa. 

5. Kim Kathleen Chambers, b 29 Nov 1958, Mesa. 

iv. Mary "Kathryn" Chambers, b 5 Dec 1935, Buffalo; md 13 Aug 1957, 
Salt Lake City, John Hoyt Blackhurst, b 25 Oct 1935, Pocatello, 
Ida, son of J, Bryan Blackhurst & Arilla LaFlore Pickett. Both 
Kathryn and John were grad from Brigham Young Univ. John prac- 
tices law in Salt Lake City. Res 3319 S 13 E, Apt U, Salt Lake. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 3' 

1. Holly Kay Blackhurst, b 17 Aug I96O. 

2. Mary Suzanne Blackhurst, b lU Dec 1962. 
3o Bruce Hoyt Blackhurst, b 3 July I966. 

75 WILLIAM PAYNE, son of William Payne & Carrie Christina Davidson, b 
8 Nov 1896, Mountain View, Can; md 25 Oct 1921, Lethbridge, Alta, Can, JANE 
SMITH, b 9 Nov I89O, Chesterfield, Bannock, Ida, dau of William Charles Smith 
& Mary Eleanor Smith. Chn, 5: 

i. William Payne, twin, b & d 17 June 1922, Moimtain View, 
ii. Eleanor Payne, twin, b & d 17 June 1922, Mountain View. 
iii. Willis Reed Payne, b 2k Sep 1923, Cardston, Alta, Can; md 22 Sep 
I9U9, Cardston, Bonnie Lee Tvimer, b 19 Mar 1929, Chicago, 111, 
dau of Leland Glenn Turner & Reeta Saphrona Bateman. Willis is 
a salesmanager. 


Chn of Willis & Bonnie, U: 

1. Wendy Lee Payne, b 26 Sep 1950, Taber, Alta, Can. 

2. Debra Sue Payne, b 11 Nov 1952, Provo, Utah. 

3. Glen Reed Payne, b 20 Mar 19$5, Hanford, Kings, Calif. 
h. Rita Lynn Payne, b 20 Oct 1965, Chicago, 111. 

iv. Max Jay Payne, b 31 Mar 1925, Cards ton; md 3 July 1950, St George, 
Utah, Madelon Jones, b 27 July 1928, Cedar City, Utah, dau of 
Erastus Lunt Jones ?c Martha Laurena Langford. Max is an optician 
& custodian supervisor. Madelon has a degree in music education. 

Chn, U: 

1. Jerrilyn Payne, b 9 Aug 1951, Cardston, Alta, Can. 

2. Jan Louise Payne, b U Aug 1953, Cedar City, Utah. 

3. Donald Jay Payne, b 30 Dec 1955, Los Angeles, Calif. 
U. David Max Payne, b 8 Sep 1958, Cedar City. 

V. Paul Dee Payne, b 28 Sep 1926, Cardston; md 25 Jan 1951, Cardston, 
Arlene Janet Godfrey, b 13 Sep 1929, Magrath, Alta, Can, dau of 
Floyd Godfrey & Clarice Card. Paul has a degree in Indvistrial 
Arts Ed; Arlene is a telephone operator. Chn, b in Cardston, 7: 

1. Glenna Rae Payne, b 28 Oct 1951. 

2. Nancy Karen Payne, b 29 Apr 1953. 

3. Sherron Payne, b 17 Nov 195U. 
U. Cathy Ann Payne, b 29 May 1958. 

5. Mary Diane Payne, b l5 May I960. 

6. Sally Elizabeth Payne, b 13 Feb 1962. 

7. William Wade Payne, b 18 Aug 1963. 

76 JOHN "W" PAYNE, son of William Payne & Carrie Christina Davidson, 
b 15 Sep 1899, Moiintain View, Alta, Can; md 5 July 1922, Logan, Utah, SARA 
HARRIS, b 1 Dec 1901, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mex, dau of Dennison Emer Harris & 
Annie Jane Wride, John is Professor of Sociology, Brigham Young Univ; has 
held many positions in Church and Scouting. Res 1216 Aspen Ave, Provo, Utah. 
Chn, 6: 

i. Ireta Payne, b 11 Nov 1923, High River, Alta, Can; md 21 Dec I9U2, 
Salt Lake City, Ralph Warren Smith, b 31 Oct 1923, Salt Lake City, 
son of George Carlos Smith & Lillian Emery. Ireta has served as 
president of Ward Relief Society i Ward Primary & in many other 
Church positions. Ralph served in World War II, active duty in 
the Pacific; has been Stake 9upt of MIA, High Councilman, Bishop 
of his Ward. Res U68O S 1590 E, Salt Lake City, Utah. Chn, b 
in Salt Lake City, 6: 

1. Ralph Warren Smith, Jr, b 22 Feb 19U5; md 30 Aug 1966, 
Salt Lake City, Elizabeth Ann Rothey, b 7 Sep 19h6, 
McKeesport, Penn, dau of Allan D. Rothey & Elizabeth 

2. Lynne Smith, b 5 Feb 19U8; md 2 Mar 1967, Salt Lake City, 
Charles Robert Dunfield. Dau: 

(i) Lara Lynne Dunfield, b 25 July I968, Salt Lake. 

3. Marilyn Smith, b 21 Jan 19U9; md Stephen Beck. Son: 

(i) Brandon Beck, b 27 June i960, Salt Lake City. 


U. Anne Smith, b 3 Sep 1951. 

5. Russell Alan Smith, b 2 Nov 1956. 

6. Donna Lee Smith, b 21 Mar 1968. 

ii. Annetta Payne, b 11 Nov 192U Barnwell, Alta, Can, d 28 Jan 19U0. 
iii. Maralin Payne, b 30 May 1928, Barnwell; md 21 Mar 19U7, Salt Lake 
City, El Dean Bennett, b 11 Feb 1928, Provo, Utah, son of C 
Leslie Bennett & Leatha Wright. Maralin attended Brigham Young 
Univ; has served as Stake Pres of MIA, in Presidency of Ward 
Relief Society and MIA, as Sunday School Coordinator & Teacher. 
El Dean was Promotion Mgr, KSL Radio; presently teaching & study- 
ing for PhD in Communications at Michigan State College. Reg 
12^0 Chester Rd, Lansing, Mich, U8912. Chn, 6: 

1. Terri Ann Bennett, b 26 June 19h9, Provo, Utah. 

2. Randell Dean Bennett, b 19 June 19^1, Salt Lake City. 

3. Stephen Dean Bennett, b 12 May 19$3, Salt Lake City. 
h- Julie Ann Bennett, b 1 Dec 1955, Salt Lake City. 

5. Barbara Ann Bennett, b 8 July 1959, Salt Lake City. 

6. Allan Dean Bennett, b 26 Sep 1966, Lansing, Mich. 

iv. John Harris Payne, b 10 Aug 1932, Cardston, Alta, Can, d 
27 Feb 1933. 

V. William "Dennis on" Payne, b 3 Mar 19U2, Salt Lake City; md 

17 July 196U, Salt Lake City, Mary Ann Canpbell, b 11 Nov 19l;2, 
Tooele, Utah, dau of Eugene Edward Campbell & Beth Larsen. 
Dennis filled an LDS Mission in Germany; was grad from Brigham 
Yoiong Univ with BA and MS degrees; studied at Univ of Wash for 
PhD degree. Maiy Ann was grad from Brigham Young Univ; she 
taught in Provo City Schools. Dau: 

1. Annette Payne, b 7 Oct 1967, Seattle, Wash. 

vi. David Emer Payne, b 29 Mar 19UU, Salt Lake City; md 28 Aug 1968, 
Salt Lake City, Anita "Kaye" Price, b 2 Aug 19U7, Los Angeles, 
Calif, dau of David Donald Price & Esther Evelyne Small. David 
filled an LDS Mission in England; grad magna cum laude, Brigham 
Young Univ; doing grad work at Univ of No Carolina, Chappell 
Hill. Has served as Ward Clerk. 

77 OLIVER PAYNE, son of William Payne & Carrie Christina Davidson, b 
18 June 1903, Mountain View, Alta, Can, d 28 May 19U8, Mountain View; md 
8 June 1927, HAZEL LAYTON, b 6 Sep 1907, Taber, Alta, Can, dau of Clarence 
Layton & Minnie West. Hazel's res Barnwell, Alta, Can. Chn, 7: 

i. Harold Oliver Payne, b 21 Sep 1928, Cardston, Alta, Can; md l6 
Sep 1950, Ottawa, Ont, Can, Doris Taylor Stoodley, b 8 Feb 1925, 
Ottawa, dau of Ernest Cameron Stoodley & Minnie Taylor, Chn, 7: 

1. Danny Harold Payne, b 18 Oct 1951, Victoria, BC, Can, 

2. Randy Oliver Payne, b 21 Nov 1953, Calgary, Alta, Can, 

3. Hilda Ann Payne, triplet, b 9 July 1955, Calgary. 

U. Cameron Leonard Payne, triplet, stillborn 9 July 1955. 

5. Done Star Payne, triplet, b 9 July 1955, Calgary, 

6. Judy Carrie Payne, b 2k May 1959, Calgaiy. 

7. Shaun Michael Payne, b 23 Mar I96I, Calgary. 


ii. Howard Allen Payne, b 26 Dec 1930, Cardston; md 21 July I960, 

Salt Lake City, Margaret Ann Bawden, b 26 Dec 193U, dau of Richard 
Grant Bawden !k Ivy Inkley. Howard is erapl by CPR. Had son: 

1. Keith Alan Payne, b 7 or 9 Jiily 196U, Calgary. 

iii. Fay Etta Payne, b 19 July 1935, Cardston; md 21 July I960, Ray 
Martin Western, b 2i; July son of Fawn Western of Deseret. 
Chn, 3: 

1. David Ray Western, b 1? Nov I96I. 

2. Ryan Lee Western, b 2U July I963. 

3. De Ann Westeni, b 7 Aug I966. 

iv. Clarence Dell Payne, b 30 May I9U0, 3ardston. 
V. NaWana Payne, b 11 Mar 19UU, Cardston. 
vi. Douglas Rae Payne, b U Sep \9h$, Cardston. Serving IDS Mission 
in China. 
vii. Terry Payne, b $ Feb 1951, Taber, Alta, Can. 

78 HAROLD PAYNE, son of William Payne & Carrie Christina Davidson, b 
h Dec I90U, Mountain View, Alta, Can; md (l) 11 Jan 1927, Salt Lake City, 
ELLEN LARENE BERRETT, b 31 Mar I906, Union, Utah, d 11 Nov 1955, Santa Monica, 
Calif, dau of Heber Hookway Berrett & Ellen Ellina Walker; md (2) I8 Sep 1956, 
DOROTHY JANE NIBLOW, b 6 Mar 1908, Weybum, Saskatchewan, Can, dau of George 
William Niblow & Beatriece Mae Coulter. Dorothy md (l) 28 Oct 1927, Sand 
Point, Ida, Albert Davies, b 6 Oct 190U, Newtown Martley, Worcester, England, 
son of Ai"thur Edmimd Davies & Harriet Selina Hiams. Harold is a baker. Res 
86U6 Olin St, Los Angeles, Calif, 9003U. Chn of Harold k Ellen, h,' 

i. Dale Harold Payne, b I6 Dec 1927, Denver, Colo; md 11 June 1956, 
Beverly Bjorkman. 
ii. Glen Berrett Payne, b 8 Sep 1929, Denver; md 6 Aug 19U9, Shirley 
May Manier. 
iii. Marilyn Larene Payne, b 6 Apr 1931, Midvale, Utah; md 2U Sep 19U9, 
Santa Monica, Calif, John Raymond Meisenbach, b 18 Feb 1928, Gary, 
Ind, son of Lawrence Raymond Meisenbach k Helen Cecil Bush. Res 
17592 Rainier Dr, Santa Ana, Calif, 92705. Chn, 5: 

1. John Louis Meisenbach, b 31 May 1950, Santa Monica, Calif. 

2. Jeanne Lynn Meisenbach, b 23 Jan 1953, Santa Monica. 

3. Larene Meisenbach, b 10 Jan 1957, Santa Monica. 

U. Daniel Raymond Meisenbach, twin, b l5 Nov 1958, Lynwood, 

5. David Lawrence Meisenbach, twin, b 15 Nov 1958, Lynwood. 

iv. Dennis William Payne, b 11 June 1936, Santa Monica, Calif; md 
l5 Feb 1957, Los Angeles, Sally Kaye Stubbs, b 1 Sep 1937, Oak 
Grove, Jackson, Mo, dau of Wiley Evert Stubbs & Thelma Clorice 
Kincaid, Dennis teaches Seminary in Panguitch, Utah. Chn, 3: 

1. Curtis William Payne, b 20 Jan 1959, Los Angeles, Calif. 

2. Gail Anne Payne, b 11 Jan I96I, Anaheim, Calif. 

3. Janet Eileen Payne, b 29 Aug 1963, Fullerton, Calif. 


79 OLOF PAINE, son of William Payne & Carrie Christina Davidson, b 18 Sep 
190671iountain View, Alta, Can| md 31 Mar 1928, Littleton, Colo, SVEA FREDRICKA 
JOHNSON, b h Feb 1907, Sheffield, Bershire, Mass, dau of Sven Johnson & Ida 
Sofia Nelson. Res 5301 E Colorado Ave, Denver, Colo, 80222 o Chn, b Denver^ $s 

io Phyllis Maxine Payne, b & d 5 Dec 1928, 
ii. Duane Marlowe Payne, b 15 July 1930; md 20 Aug 19U9, Denver, Colo, 
Helen Ardell Kirkbride, b 28 Jan 1928, dau of Franklin Clive 
Kirkbride & Emma Dusto Chn, b in Denver, 3s 

1„ Michael Stephen Payne, b 11 Jan 19^2 » 

2. Terri Lynne Payne, b 9 Sep 19$3^ 

3, Richard Marlowe Payne, b 21 Mar 19$7c 

iii. Ronald Gilbert Payne, b 2 Apr 1933, d k Sep 19^8, on the Carrier 
"Lexington," in Pacific Ocean, bur 21 Sep 1958, Ft Logan, Coloj 
md 19 June 1955, Boulder, Colo, Magdalene Scheit, b 13 Apr 193U, 
dau of Joseph Scheit o Magdalene md (2) Charles Briffle, 
Chn of Ronald and Magdalene, 2: 

1, Kathryn Jo Payne, b 26 Nov 1956, Corpus Christi, TeXc 

2, Dennis James Payne, b 13 Dec 1957, Moiintain View, Calif c 

iv. Roger Alan Payne, b 21 Nov 1937; md 3 May 1966, Idaho Falls, Ida, 
Janice Renee Ward, b 1 Sep 19U2, Pocatello, Ida, dau of Harley 
Ward & Wanda Lee . 

v, Christine Payne, b 28 June 19U5; md 26 May 1966, Salt Lake City, 
Utah, Bruce Lloyd Olsen, b 30 Apr 1939, son of George Olsen & 
Jean Cox 

80 RANDELL PAYNE, son of William Payne & Carrie Christina Davidson, b 
11 Apr 1911, Mountain View, Alta, Can; md 18 Apr 19U0, Cardston, Alta, Canj, 
EUNICE MARIE BENNETT, b 26 Oct 19l6, Magrath, Alta, Can, dau of Edward Verdon 
Bennett & Beulah Augusta Woodruff. Randell is a bldg contractor „ Res 
Rosemary, Alta, Can. Chn, 7s 

i» Randell Gordon Payne, salesmcin, b 7 Feb 19Ul, Cardstonj md 30 
Nov 1963, Rosemary, Alta, Can, Marion Selma Edvardson, b 2 Apr 
19U5, Medicine Hat, Alta, Can, dau of Christion Edvardson & Mary 
Isabel George, Had sons 

1. Lance Gordon Payne, b 20 Mar I96I1, Brooks, Alta, Can. 

iio Larry Alden Payne, b 22 Oct 19^2, Magrath, d 30 Sep 1957, 
iiio Carolyn Louise Payne, RN, b I6 Dec 19UU, Magrath; md 10 Sep 

1966, Cardston, Kenneth Ross Pierson, b lU Feb 19^2, Lethbridge, 
Alta, Can, stepson of Edward Parley Broadhead & Velma Harker, 

iv. Joan Marie Payne, b 29 Dec I9I48, Brooks, Alta, Can. 

V, Allan Ross Payne, b 13 Dec 1951, Bassano, Alta, Can. 

vi. Robin Mark Payne, b 23 June 1955, Brooks, 

vii. Marvin Craig Payne, b 2k Apr 1957, Brooks, 


81 HILDA ELNORA PAYNE, dau of William Payne 4 Carrie Christina Davidson, 
b 2 Oct 1913, Mountain View, Alta, Can; md ?5 Mar 1937, Cardston, Alta, Can, 
FREDERICK JAMES ROMERIL, b 18 Feb 1913, Sterling, Alta, Can, son of Frederick 
William Romeril 4 Rose Ann Elizabeth Nelson. Res Mountain View, Alta, Can. 
Chn, b in Cardston, 9' 

i. Marie Romeril, b 29 May 1938; md 13 Apr 1963, Cardston, Glen 

Godfrey Barfuss, b 10 Mar 1937, Cardston, son of Godfrey Barfuss 
& Gwennie Mae Andrus . Marie is a filing clerk. Chn, 2: 

1, Darcy Glenn Barfuss, b 7 Jan 1961, Grande Prairie, Alta. 

2. James Dwayne Barf\:iss, b 1 May 1967, Grande Prairie. 







Frederick "Wayne" Romeril, b 1 Nov 1939; md h Sep 196U, Los 
Angeles, Calif, Karole Jean Pierce, b 28 Aug 19UI, Hemet, Riverside, 
Calif, dau of Lawrence Wayne Pierce & Phoebe Yvonne Choate , Wayne 
is an agronomist. Chn, 2: 

1. Gary Lee Romeril, b 19 July 1965, Hemet. 

2. James Lawrence Romeril, b ?9 Jan 1967, Provo, Utah. 

Ruth Romeril, b 16 Apr 19U2; nd 9 Sep 196U, Cardston, Clayton 
Frank Carter, b 9 Jul/ 19U2, Shelby, Mont, son of Albert Newby 
Carter & Maxine Leavitt. Clayton is empl in business management; 
Ruth has a degree in education o Chn, b in Cardston, 2: 

1, Clayton Shannan Carter, b 23 Aug 1965. 

2. Karie Jayne Carter, b 26 July 1966. 

Fae Romeril, b 3 Dec 19U3. Empl in banking. 

Jane Romeril, b 23 May 19h5 • En^jl in banking. 

Carl William Romeril, b h Dec 19U6. 

Nolan Scott Romeril, b 13 Jan 19U9; md h Mar 1967, Cardston, 

Vicki Joan Weston, b 31 Jan 19U9, Cardston, dau of Jack 'Jeston 

& Joan Smith. 

Clark Lee Romeril, b 26 Apr 1951. 

Connie Romeril, b 9 Apr 1957. 


69 ANNIE CATHERINE DAVIDSON, dau of Olof John Davidson & Cathrine Scow, 
b 12 Apr 1880, Deseret, Utah; md 13 Mar 1901, Salt Lake City, HARDEN LUKE WEST, 
b 28 July 1880, St Charles, Bear Lake, Ida, d 19 May 1963, bur 22 May 1963, 
Cardston, Alta, Can, son of William West & Ann Arnold or Arnell. Harden was 
a farmer, rancher, & carpenter. Chn, 7: 

i. Harden Frank West, miner, b 22 Apr 1902, Mountain View, Alta, 
Can, d 30 Apr 1956; md 5 Feb 1927, Farmington, Utah, Violet 
Kennedy, b Ik Feb 1901, Aurora, Utah, d 20 Feb 196l, bur 2h Feb 
1961, Salt Lake Jity, dau of Ezra Kennedy & Elizabeth Harvard, 
Violet md (l) Albert Clark; md (2) Mr. Christensen. Child of 
Violet's 1st husb, sealed to Harden Frank West: 

1. Izola Clark West, b 19 Nov 1918, Aurora; md 11 Mar 1938, 
Salt Lake City, William Eugene Hathaway, b 17 Mar 1912, 
Annabella, Utah, son of Jesse Sterling Hathaway & 
Arminta Adams . 


Chn of Izola & William, hi 

( i) Delos Eugene Hathaway, b 10 June I9UO, Bingham 

Canyon, Tooele, Utah; md 2U Sep 1965, Dianne 

( ii) Brent LaBont Hathaway, b 29 May 19UU, Bingham 

(iii) Darlene Kaye "Midge" Hathaway, b 8 Jan 19U7, 

Bingham Canyon; md 9 Sep 1965, Jay Garcia o 
( iv) Val Kent Hathaway, b 8 Aug 1950, Salt Lake City. 

ii. Ethel Lavon West, stenographer, b 2? Nov 1903, Mountain View; md 

22 July 1935, Cardston, Lyman Hinman Jacobs, b 5 Nov 1903, Magrath, 
Alta, Can, son of Zebulon William Jacobs & Dora Maria Hinman„ Add: 
Box 2l;0, Raymond, Alta, Can. Chn, b in Lethbridge, Alta, Canj, Us 

1. Margaret Oa Jacobs, b 22 July 1936; md 30 Jan I960, 
Cardston, Bruce Lyman Shumway, b 19 Jan 1935, Moab, Utahj 
son of Jesse Glen Shumway & Eva Lyman, Margaret has a 
degree in nursing. Add: Box l58, Blanding, Utaho Chn, hi 

( i) Blake Lyman Shiomway, b 25 Dec I960, Salt Lake, 

( ii) Wendel Kay Shumway, b 28 Feb 1963, Montlcello^ 
Utah . 

(iii) Susan Shumway, b 5 Nov 196ii, Monticello. 

( iv) Bradley Jacobs Shumway, b 17 Sep 1966, Monti- 

2. Lyman LeRoy Jacobs, b & d 10 Oct 1938, 

3. Richard West Jacobs, b I6 Aug I9UO; md I6 June 196?^ Salt 
Lake City, Diane Gibson, b I6 Feb 19U5, Bo-ulder City, Nev, 
dau of R. Owen Gibson & Thais Miner, Richard has MS 
degree; teaching math at Brigham Young Univ, Res 665 N 
500 E, Provo, Utah, 

U. Thelma "Marilyn" Jacobs, b 1 July 19U3; md 6 Mar 1965, 

Cardston, Douglas Fawns Salmon, b 21 Sep I9UI, Lethbridge, 
son of Carl Salmon & Vema Fawns , Thelma is a reg nurse. 
Res 153 E 100 N, Rexburg, Ida, Had dau: 

(i) Sheila Salmon, b 12 June I966, Lethbridge, 

iii. Thelma Kate West, b 2U Aug 1905, Mountain View; md I8 July 1929^ 
Cardston, Frederick "Donald" Merrill, b 1? Jan I90U, Magrath, 
son of John Booth Merrill & Isabelle Elizabeth Gibb , Thelma is 
a school teacher; Donald is a real estate appraiser. Res 86OO 
Lemon Ave, La Mesa, Calif, Chn, 3: 

1. Donnene Merrill, b 1? Apr 1930, Cardston; md 20 Sep 1951, 
Cardston, Robert Neal Richards, b 2U Mar 1928, Gallup, 

N Mex, son of Victor Paul Richards & Ina Elizabeth Peter- 
son. Donnene has a degree in education; Robert is an 
attorney, Chn, b in Tucson, Ariz, 2: 

( i) Donald Paul Richards, b 11 Mar 195? o 
(ii) Rebecca Lee Richards, b 25 July 1958, 

2. Thelma Kathleen Merrill, twin, b 30 Oct 193U, Lethbridge, 
Has degree in education. 


3. Keith West Merrill, twin, b 30 Oct 193U, Lethbridge; rod 

11 Jiily 1956, Sharon Diane Wills, b 21 Jan 1939, Wenatchee, 
Wash, dau of Roland Cyprien Wills ^.- Elsie Lucille Zitting. 
Keith is an MD. Chn, 3: 

( i) Scott Douglas Merrill, b 11 June 1959, Provo. 
( ii) Sheri Elizabeth Merrill, b U4 May I96I, Washing- 
ton, DC . 
(iii) Cathy Dee Merrill, b 6 Sep 196U, Fairfax, Va. 

iVo Mabel West, b 3 July 1907, Mountain View; nd 5 May 1927, Cardston, 
Horace Devenish Payne, b 13 Oct 1903, Mountain View, son of Frank 
Payne & Crystal Devenish. Horace is a Church ranch foreman. 
Chn, b in Cardston, $: 

1. Lelland LeRay Payne, b 7 Apr 1928; md 19 Sep 1951, Cardston, 
Marion Bell, b 27 Dec 1929, Chatham, Ont, Can, dau of 
William Bell & Emily Ester. Chn, b in Calgary, Alta, U: 

( i) Lexie Leona Payne, b I8 June 1952. 

( ii) Douglas Norman Payne, b lU Apr 195U. 

(iii) Linda Marie Payne, b 2 Mar 1957. 

( iv) Donald Ray Payne, b 9 Mar I960. 

2. Mabel "Ledeane" Payne, stenographer for Lockhart, b 30 
Sep I93O; md 2 June I966, Salt Lake Jity, Roy Leslie 
Stoner, b 10 Apr I9U0, Rochester, NY, son of Harold Jay 
Stoner & Margaret Elizabeth Gunn. Res 2li5 N UOO W, 
Provo, Utah, 

3. Horace Dale Payne, b 18 Aug 193U; md 3 Oct 1956, Salt Lake 
City, Luella Grace Cullimore, b 29 Oct 1937, Oklahoma City, 
Okla, son of James A. Cullimore & Grace Gardner. Chn, $% 

( i) Debra Lou Payne, b II4 July 1957, Cardston. 

( ii) Delores Marie Payne, b Ih Dec 1958, Calgary, 

(iii) Kenneth Dale Payne, b 9 Feb 1962, Calgary., 

( iv) Curtis James Payne, b 2U May 1963, Calgary. 

( v) Larry Cullimore Payne, b 25 May 1965, Calgary, 

U, Shirley Mae Payne, b ll; Sep 1935 J md 22 Sep 1957, Card- 
ston, Kay McMullin Williams, b 25 May 193U, Cardston, son 
of Karl Morgan Williams & Fern McMullin. Chn, U: 

( i) David Kay Williams, b 13 Sep 1958, Grand 

Junction, Colo, 
( ii) Linda Mae Williams, b 15 Feb I96I, Provo, Utah, 
(iii) Scott Williams, stillborn 29 Mar i96Ii, Provo. 
( iv) Cheryl Lee Williams, b 12 Aug 1966, Provo. 

5. Gordon Allan Payne, b 2U July 1939; md 3 Sep 196U, Salt 
Lake City, Relva Mary McGarry, b 6 Jan 19U;, Iowa City, 
Iowa, dau of Bernard Duane McGarry & Relva Lovina 
Johnson, Had son: 

( i) Mark Allan Payne, b 2U Feb 1966, Provo, Utah. 

V. May Beth West, b 7 Oct 1912, Mountain View; md 25 Oct 1933, Card- 
ston, Delbert Hutchison Leavitt, b 6 Apr 1911, Leavitt, Alta, Can, 
son of Alfred Leavitt & Mary Hutchison. 


Chn of May Beth & Delbert, 5? 

1. Delroy Harden Leavitt, b 15 Aug 193U, Cards ton j md 2 Nov 
19^5, Lethbridge, Velma Elizabeth Housenga, b 26 Jan 1936, 
Lethbridge, dau of Harry Housenga & Lucille Alice Ensign. 
Chn, k- 

( i) Dawn Elizabeth Leavitt, b 2 Jan 1957, Lethbridge. 
( ii) Kathy Lyn Leavitt, b 23 Sep 1959, Edmonton o 
(iii) James Harden Leavitt, b 3 Mar 1962, Lethbridge » 
( iv) Gerald Ian Leavitt, b 9 July 1963, Metz, France, 
d 17 July 1963. 

2. Hilda Sharyn Leavitt, b 27 June 1936, Gardston; md 26 Oct 
1955, Picture Butte, Alta, Can, Allen Elwood Finigan, b 

8 July 1933, Berry Creek, Alta, Can, son of Elwood Finigan 
& Ethel Blanche Allen. Chn, b in Calgary, 3' 

( i) Debra Lynn Finigan, b 8 May 1956 » 
( ii) Daryl Allen Finigan, b 3 Aug 1957. 
(iii) Lori Sharlene Finigan, b l5 May I96O0 

3. Delois Yvonne Leavitt, b 9 Apr 1939, Cardston; md 7 Nov 
1959, Lethbridge, Willard Edgar Goranson, b 13 Mar 1935, 
Naicam, Saskatch, Can, son of Edgar Robert Goranson & 
Lillian Marie Truman. Chn, b Ottawa, Can, 2: 

( i) Sandra Lee Goranson, b 28 May I96I0 
( ii) Robert Allen Goranson, b 5 Feb 1963. 

I4. Mary Lyn Leavitt, b 20 Nov 19U5, Lethbridge; md 5 Sep 196ii, 
Cardston, Kenneth Vernon Loose, b 6 Aug 19U0, Cold Lake, 
Alta, Can, son of Vernon "F" Loose & Loma Craige, Daus 

( i) Laurel Lynn Loose, b k Oct 1966, Calgary. 

5. Dennis Whitney Leavitt, b 27 June 19U8, Lethbridge. 

vi. Hubert "L" West, b 2 Oct I91U, Mountain View; md 26 Dec 1938, 
Stirling, Alta, Can, Grace Waneta Piers on, b 29 Oct 1918, Stir- 
ling, dau of Oscar Lorenzo Pierson & Clara Alice Nelson. Hubert 
has a degree in education; he operates a grocery store. Chn, 
b in Cardston, 5 J 

1. Gordon Frank West, b 23 Nov 1939; md 20 July I963, Cardston, 
Karen Lee Olsen, b 20 May 19U3, Cardston, dau of T. Walter 
Olsen & LaRue "A" Layne, Chn, b in Cardston, 2: 

( i) Suzanne West, b 26 Apr 1965. 

( ii) Kathy Radeen West, b 17 Apr I967, 

2. Allen Dwain West, b 3 May 19U3; md 29 Dec 1965, Cardston, 
Charlotte Gehmlich, dau of Fritz Gehmlich & Edna Olson. 
Allen is studying drafting; Charlotte is a reg nurse, 

3. Howard Lee West, b 25 Oct 19U8 . 
h. Peggy Jean West, b 22 Oct 1951, 
5. Ralph Lynn West, b 19 Jme 1957, 


vii. Mae West, b 22 Feb 1918, Mountain View; md 2U Sep 19U2, Cardston, 
William "Barker" Selman, b h July 1918, Raymond, Alta, Can, son of 
Charles William Selman & Annie Bowden Barker. May is a stenograph- 
er; Barker is a sales manager & accountant. Chn, h'. 

1. William Gary Selman, b 2U June 19U5, Kingston, Ont, Can. 

2. Terryl Ann Selman, b 21 July 19U7, Raymond, Alta, Can. 
3o LuWana Selman, b 6 Sep 1951, Raymond. 

Uo Karen Selman, b 29 Aug 1952, Raymond. 


70 OLLIE MAY DAVIDSON, dau of Olof John Davidson ^ Cathrine Scow, b 20 May 
1885, Deseret, Utah, d 13 Nov I918, of the influenza <^ pneumonia during plague 
of World War I, Mountain View, Alta, Can; md 19 Dec 1906, Salt Lake City, 
ERNEST MERIDETH GOING, b I6 Jan I878, Borough SE, London, Engl, d 29 May I96L1, 
Hamilton, Ont, Can, son of John Ernest Going & Fauiny Scott. Ernest was a 
music composer & rancher. Chn, St 

i, Katie Dagmar Going, b 17 Oct 1907, Mountain View, d 20 Aug 1931 
of blood poisoning; md Harvey Beamish. Had son; 

1. Lelonde Beamish. 

ii. John "Merideth" Going, b 9 or 23 July 1909, Cardston, d 11 June 
1963, Cardston; md 16 Oct 1933, Cardston, Linnea Susan Hansen, b 
20 J\ine I91U, Mountain View, dau of Hans Henry Hansen & Julia 
Kenly. Linnea md (2) Russ Crozier. Merideth drove mail & 
freight. Chn, 5: 

1, Mema Doreen Going, b 20 Feb 193U, Cardston; md 20 Feb 
1956, Lethbridge, Ronald Wolfe. Ronald is a mechanic. 
Chn, U: 

( i) Ronald Wolfe, b 29 Oct 1956, Lethbridge. 

( ii) Rickie Wolfe, b 7 Dec 195U, Cardston. 

(iii) Tammy Wolfe^ b Aug I96I, Medicine Hat, Alta. 

( iv) Tracy VJolfe, b May 1961, Taber, Alta, Can. 

2. Susan May Going, b 2U Mar 1936, Cardston; md May 1955, 
Clinton, Ont, Can, Lawrence Cheese, son of Olive Cheese. 
Lawrence served in Canadian Air Force. Chn, 3° 

( i) Raymond Cheese, b 19 Dec 1955. 
( ii) Marina Cheese, 
(iii) Bradley Cheese. 

3„ Julia Ollie Going, b 10 Aug 19U0, Pincher Creek, Alta, 
Can; md 11 Apr 1958, Lethbridge, Philip Mudge. Philip 
is an oil worker. Had dau: 

( i) Cheryl Mudge, b 12 Dec I962, Calgary. 

Uo Monte Going, b 1 Nov 19U3 or 19U5, Cardston; md 2U Apr 
1965, Lethbridge, James Arthur Long, son of Ivan Long & 
Mary Marshall. James is a mechanic St farmer; Monte is a 
nurse's aid. 

5. Linnea Going, b 17 Sep 195U, Cardston. 


iii, Lloyd Scott Going, alias Bud or Lloyd Spencer, b 21 Sep 1911, 
Mountain View; md 26 June 1937, McLennon, Alta, Can, Florence 
Louise Cowen, b 18 Feb 1920, Hughenden, Alta, Can, dau of William 
Herbert Cowen & Florence Ward. Res Box 8, Enilda, Alta, Can. 
Chn, b in High Prairie, Alta, Can, 2s 

1. Wanda Louise Spencer, b 10 Dec 1937; md 5 Sep 1959, High 
Prairie, Merlin "Walter" Wahlstrom, b 21 Jan 1938, Lloyd- 
minster, Saskatch, Can, son of Gunnar & Viola Wahlstromo 
Had dau: 

( i) Laura Louise Wahlstrom, b 2^ July 1962, 
Edmonton o 

2, Dennis Richard Spencer, b 21 Dec 19U$. 

iv, Owen James Going, b 30 Aug 19l6, Mountain View; md 2 Oct 1939, 
Calgary, Christine Wangler, b 1 Jan 1917, Leader, Saskatch, Canj 
dau of Gabriel Wangler & Teresa Saulo Owen seized in World War 
II; is a miller. Res 181; Borden Ave, Port Colbome, Ont, Can. 
Chn, 2: 

1, Larry James Going, b 21 July 19U0, Calgary; md h May 196U, 
Ridgeway, Ont, Can, Norma Cronfelt, b 23 Jiine 19U3, 
Ridgeway, dau of Kenneth & Stephanie Cronfelt. Larry is 
sin instrument technician. Chn, 2: 

( i) Noel James Going, b 19 Dec 196U, BrockvillSj, 

Ont, Can. 
( ii) Shaun Christine Going (adopted), b 18 May 

1966, Victoria, BC, Can. 

2. Marylin Thelraa Going, b 22 Sep 19Ul, Listowel^ Ont, Can; 
md 30 Mar I96I;, Niagara Falls, Ont, Can, Thomas Beazley^ 
b 1 July 19i;0, Fonthill, Ont, Can, son of John Beazley & 
Mildred Brown, Thomas is a machinisto Chn^ 2i 

( i) Michael Thomas Beazley, b 22 Nov I96U, 

Welland, Ont, Can. 
( ii) Cindy Louise Beazley, b 15 Aug I966, Fort Erie, 

Ont, Jan. 

V. Glen Davidson Going, b 26 Jan 1918, Mountain View; md lU Dec 19i;0, 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can, Gladys Sedgwick, b 12 Apr I916, Elrose^ 
Saskatch, Can, dau of Ed Sedgwick & May Maguire. Glen served in 
World War II o Res 2l;06 10th Ave N, Lethbridge^ Alta, Can. Chn, 3s 

1. Glen "Carmen" Going, b 6 Oct I9UI, Gardston; md (l) Joan 
Margaret Brehm, dau of Hans & Margaret Brehm, div 1966^ 
md (2) 7 Jan 1967, Joanne McLean. Carmen is a police 
officer, Chn of Glen & Joan, 2; 

( i) Calvin Going. 

( ii) Launa Maureen Going, b 5 May 1965,, 

2. Ernest Don Going, b 11 Aug 19ii7, Raymond, Alta, Can. 
Communications electrician. 

3. Merideth Duane Going, b I6 Feb 1951, Lethbridge, 


..71 ORVY "J" DAVIDSON, son of 01 of John Davidson ^ Cathrine Scow, b 3 Nov 
1887, Deseret, Utah, d li; Aug 1956, Cardston, Alta, Can, bur 17 Aug 1956, 
Mountain Viewj md 2 Oct 1912, Salt Lake City, Annie Eliza Dahl, b ?6 Decl8e6. 
Montrose, Colo, dau of Andrace Peter Nielsen Dahl /^ Eliza Jane Lines. Orvy 
was a fanner & cheesemaker. Res Box UUl, Cardston, Alta, Can, Chn, 7: 

i. Ned Everet Davidson, b 2U May 1913, Mountain View; md 2U June 1937 
Edna "E" Perrett, b 29 May 1913, Stirling, Alta, Can, dau of ' 
Albert Perrett & Clara Mable Kiddle. Ned is a cheesemaker. Chn, i,: 

1, Twylla Marie Davidson, b 20 Apr 1938, Cardstonj nri 18 Sep 
1950, Cardston, Sheldon Lee Oviatt, b 27 June 193U, 
Claresholm, Uta, Can, son of Lester Leland Oviatt\ 
Florence Elizabeth Connolly. Twylla is a stenographer; 
Sheldon is in aviation, Chn, b in Cardston, 3: 

( i) Jeffrey Lee Oviatt, b 1 Oct 1959. 
( ii) Steven Craig Oviatt, b 13 May I96I. 
(iii) Valerie Gay Oviatt, b 30 Aug 1962. 

2. Ronald Ned Davidson, b 20 Mar I9U0, Cardston; md 17 May 
1962, Cardston, Neila Hinman, b 27 July I9U2, Cardston, 
dau of Edgar Wynder Hinman & Delia Deloyse Findlay. 
Ronald is in education. Dau; 

( i) Trudy Komone Davidson, b II4 May I963, Edmonton. 

3o Kaye Ilene Davidson, b 2 July 19h}, Cardston; md 28 Nov 
1959, Glenwood, Alta, Can, Kenneth Wayne Leavitt, b 16 
July I9U3, Calgary, son of Kenneth Leavitt & Ellen Katha- 
leen Cook. Kaye is in business; Kenneth in education. Dau: 

( i) Sandra Kaye Leavitt, b 8 July I96O, Cardston, 

h. Dennis Don Davidson, b 9 Aug 19U5, Cardston; md 15 Apr 
1967, Cardston, Janet Gertrude Sparks. 

5. Judy Lorane Davidson, b h Jan 19U8, Cardston. College 
s tudent . 

ii. Lorin Don Davidson, b 8 July 1915, Mountain View, d 6 Apr 19U3. 

iii. Orvy Dahl Davidson, b I8 Aug 1917, Mountain View; md 7 Feb 19tt6, 
Cardston, Barbara Brown Shields, b 25 Aug 1921, Lethbridge, dau 
of William Clyde Shields & Emma Lulu Brown. Orvy is in education. 
Chn, b in Lethbridge, h: 

1. Donald Keith Davidson, b 7 Oct 19U6. 

2. Laurie Wayne Davidson, b 17 Apr 1951. 

3. Gail Barbara Davidson, twin, b 13 Feb 195U. 

U. Garry Dahl Davidson, twin, b 13 Feb 195ii, d 15 Feb 195U. 

iv. Ida Elora Davidson, b 28 Dec 1919, Mountain View; md 3 June 19U2, 
Cardston, Albert Ross McMullin, b 30 Aug 1915, Taber, son of 
Bryant Ross McMullin & Martha Minerva Ellis. Ida is a hair- 
dresser; Albert, a construction supervisor. 


Chn of Ida & Albert, 5: 

1, Pa\al McMullin, b 9 May 19U3, Lethbridgeo Has degree in 

2„ Verdon McMullin, b 12 Oct 19U;, Brooks, Alta_ Engaged 

in Dentistry. 
3o Ross McMullin, b 28 Nov 1950^ LethbridgCo 
Uo Duane McMullin, b 29 Aug 19^2, Lethbridge,, 
5. Colin McMullin, b 1? Oct 1953i, Calgary c 

V. Nena Marie Davidson, b 29 Apr 1922, Mountain Viewj md 27 Dec 19i;$, 
Cardston, B\ims Whytock Wood, b 21 June 1922, Taber, son of 
Harold Wood & Ida Staceyo Nena is a stenographer; Bums has a 
degree in Agriculture » Chn^ 5: 

lo Lee Ann Wood^ b 29 Aug 19U7, Edmonton o 

2. Kathleen Wood, b 13 Aug 19l;8, Edmonton » 
3„ Wendy Marie Wood, b 3 Feb 19^0^ Taber. 
l^o Ian Burns Wood, b 2 Feb 1952, Taber o 

5o Denise Rae Wood^ b iS Apr 1953, Taber. 

vi. Leo Lamar Davidson, b 2? Oct 1925, Cardston; md 22 June 19U9, 
Cardston, Agnes Colleen Sloan, b 7 Sep 1926, Cards ton^ dau of 
Hugh Russell Sloan & Rhoda Leota Hinman. Leo is a business 
manager. Chn^, $'. 

1. Julie Ann Davidson, b 11 Dec 1953, Cardston, 

2. Douglas Lamar Davidson, b 19 Nov 1955, Cardston. 
3o James Nolan Davidson, b lit Dec 1957^ Cardston. 
U. Colleen Davidson, b 18 Aug I960, Cardston c 

5<. Mark Russell Davidson, b l6 Dec 1963, Lethbridge. 

vii. Unabel Davidson, b 1 Jan 1932, Cardston; md 19 Dec 1950, 

Garth "R" Low, b 10 Nov 1929, Cardston, son of Thomas Scott Low 
& Rhoda Bigelow, Garth is in the drapery business. Chn, 2? 

1, Gregory Kim Low, b 10 Sep 195U, Cardston. 

2. David Gerald Low, b Feb 1966, Salt Lake City, 


72 ARNOLD SCOW DAVIDSON, son of Olof John Davidson & Cathrine Scow, b 
10 July 1890, Grover, Uintah, Wyo, d 28 Mar I966, Cardston, bur 30 Mar 1966, 
Mountain View; md 2 Oct 1912, Salt Lake City, HAZEL FINDLAY, b 7 July 1892, 
Paris, Bear Lake, Ida, dau of Charles Henry Findlay & Emeline Amell West. 
Arnold was a rancher. Chn, 2: 

i. Olof Charles Davidson, b 1 July 1913, Mountain View; md 2U Nov 
193U, Cardston, Inez Marie McCarthy, b 12 Mar 1908, Raymond, dau 
of Edward McCarthy & Bertha Schneider. Olof is a rancher, with 
a special interest in Q\iarter Horses; Inez is a school teacher. 
Chn, b in Cardston, U: 

Arnold Edward "Ted" Davidson, b 27 June 1936; md 27 Sep 
1958, Brooklyn, Marjorie Ann Russell, dau of David 
Russell. Arnold is a professor of English. Son: 

(i) Charles Russell Davidson, b li; July 1963, 
Chicago, 111. 


2, Park Olof Davidson, b 28 Sep 1937 ;md 9 Sep 1961, Ottawa, 
Can, Sheena Mary McGibbon, b 7 July 1938, Belleville, Ont, 
Can, dau of Robert Cuinining McGibbon /^c Mary Elizabeth Ida 
Limam. Park has PhD degree; is professor of Psychiatry. 
Chn, 2: 

( i) Karina Wynne Davidson, b lii Aug 1962, Kingston, 

Ont, Can. 
( ii) Robert Bruce Davidson, b Ih Dec 1963, 

Edmonton, Alta, Can. 

3. Charles Kennie Davidson, b h May I9I4O. Chemical engineer. 

Uo Karen Ann Davidson, b 5 Feb 19U7. School teacher. 

ii. Vella Davidson, b 25 Jan 1915, Mountain View; md 3 July 19liO, 
Lethbridge, Patrick McGlenning Camell, b h Oct 1910, Fishbum, 
Alta, Can, son of Patrick Alexander Camell 'v Hanna McGlenning. 
Vella is a registered nurse; Patrick is a carpenter. Chn,U: 

1. Michael Ross Camell, b 1 Mar I9UI, Claresholm, Alta, Can; 
md k Apr 1961;, Calgary, Maiy Wendilynne Morris, dau of 
Stanton & Florence Morris. Michael is a communications 
technician with the Alberta government. Mary is a 
registered niirse. Chn, b in Edmonton, 2: 

( i) Kathryn Jeanne Carnell, b 25 Oct I96U. 
( ii) Lori Dawn Camell, b 8 Jan I967. 

2. Brian Rockwell Carnell, b Ik Sep 19Uli, Cardston; md 

28 Sep 1966, Edmonton, Leslie Storrier, b 17 Mar 19U6, 
Edmonton, dau of Allen Storrier. Brian is a forester; 
Leslie, a stenographer. 

3. Patrick Davidson "David" Camell, b 19 July 1951, 

ho Robert Craig Camell, b 13 July 1952, Cards ton o 


73 MAY DAVIDSON, dau of Olof John Davidson & Cathrine Scow, b I6 May 
l89li. Mountain View; md 8 Nov 1919, Cardston, William Webster, Jr, b 12 Oct 
1896, Mountain View, son of William Webster & Thirza Ann Wright. William is 
enpl in Education. Chn, 6: 

i, Maurine Webster, b I6 Nov 19*20, Calgary, d 1 Sep I9UI, Cardston j 
md 17 May 19U0, Albert Charles Earl, b 1 Oct 1919, Cardston, son 
of George Albert Earl & Bernice Has lam. Albert md (2) 28 Apr 
I9L1.U, Fern Cooper. Son of Maurine & Albert: 

1. Ronald Albert Earl, stillborn 1 Sep 19Ul, Cardston. 

iio Ardith Webster, b U May 1923, Cardston. Outstanding pianist 
& organist. Res Mountain View, Alta, Jan. 

iii. William Grant Webster, b h May 1925s. Cardstonj md 2? Feb 1951, 

Cardston, Lois Gaboon, b 20 Sep 1921;, Cardston, dau of Leslie Co 
Gaboon & Mary Leavitto William is a school teacher » 
Res Moiintain View, Alta, Gano Ghn, b in Gardston^ 62 

lo Mary May Webster, b 2? Feb 1952,, 

2o Ardith Louise Webster, b 20 Mar 1953=. 

3« Susan Lois Webster, b 22 June 1955. 

U. William Keith Webster, b 3 Jan 1958 o 

5,, Barry Grant Webster, b 9 Nov 1959 » 

60 Mariljm Lila Webster, b 2k Nov 1963. 

iv. Lemaun Davidson Webster, b 26 May 1928, Gardston; md lU Jan 1953, 
Cardston, Inez Faye Ghristensen, b 19 May 1932^ Raymond^, dau of 
Nels Ezra Ghristensen & Violet Ghristen 01sen„ Lemaun is a 
music teacher o Res Mountain View, Alta, Gano Ghn, b in 
Cards ton j, lis 

lo David Wayne Webster, b 19 Oct 1953 <> 

2o Lemaun Bruce Webster, b 23 Dec 195Uo 

3o Maurine Faye Webster, b l5 Jan 1959 » 

Uo Orvy Nels Webster, b 23 Jan I96O0 

Vo Edith Leila Webster (adopted), b 7 Mar 19UU, Taber, Alta, Gan^ 
Is a hair dresser.. 

vio William John Webster (adopted), b 5 May 19U5, Coronation^ Alta, 




82 SOREN JORGENSEN, son of Jorgen Sorensen & Birthe Kjerstine Jensen 
(see p lii9), b 31 Oct 18U5, Vals^lill§,Soro, Den,l d 25 Nov 190U, Deseret, 
Millard, Utah, bur Deseret; md (l) KAREN MARIE LARSEN, b l8U2, Copenhagen, 
Copenhagen, Den, d 18 Aug l878,in Den^; md (2) in Den, MARGRETE LARSEN or 
CLEMENSEN, b 11 July 18^6, Copenhagen, Den, d 5 Dec 1891. Oasis, Millard, Utah, 
dau of Lars Clemensen & Kjerstine or Christine Albertsen^j md (3) 23 Nov 1892, 
Manti, Sanpete, Utah 270 PAULINA KIRSTENA I4ARIA JENSEN, b 2U Nov 18^6, Mjaller- 
up, Aalborg, Den, d 30 Dec 19U0, Leamington, Millard, Utah, dau of Jens Peter 
Jeasen & Mariane Jensen (see p 2U3), div; md (k) 2$ Nov 1897, Manti, Utah, 

8 MAREN MARGRETE CHRISTENSEN, b lU June 1866, Tolne, Hjor, Den, d 19 May 
191$ & bur in Hurricane, Washington, Utah, dau of 1 Jens Christensen & 

2 Margrete Jacobsen, Paulina md (1) l6 Oct 18757"^^ ^en, Jacob Nielsen, 
b 20 July 1837, Vilsted, Aalborg, Den, d 30 Jan 1891, Deseret, son of Niels 
Christian Jacobsen & Metta Pedersen (see p 2U3)- Maren Margrete md (l) 
1 June 1882, in Deseret, 26ii Niels Scow, b 22 Sep 1821, Norre Tranders, 
Aalborg, Den, d 22 Mar 1896, Deseret, son of Jens Christian Niels en-Muller 
Skou & Mariane Erlandsen (see pp 239 & 2l;l). 

Soren joined the LDS Church in Denmark in 1872. His wife, Margrete 
Lars en -Clemens en, was baptized on 22 Aug 1883. Their membership in the Church 
incurred considerable disagreement in their respective families, and their 
parents disowned them^ This dissention helped crystallize their plans to 
emigrate to America to be with the main body of the Church, According to the 
following emigration record,^ they and 2 of their children crossed the Atlaintic 
Ocean in the boat "Wyoming," in the year 188U: 

No Name Age Conference Destination 

^ Soren Jorgensen 39 Aalborg Deseret 

60 Margrethe " 31 

61 Marenus " 3 

62 Eratus " 3/U 

n n 

It II 

They sailed from Copenhagen 2$ Aug 188U on board the steamer "Panther" to Engl, 
where they boarded the "Wyoming." Jenson recorded: 

IPar rec of Valsiiilille, Soro, Den, Book 11 , p 19 (GS ser no 9731, pt 5). 
See p lU9 for lineage of Soren Jorgensen. 

2mT Endow, Book C, p 13 (GS ser no 230li9, pt 8 ); MT Slgs PtoC, 2 July 
1890 (GS ser no 23002, pt 2); Oasis and Deseret Ward rec. 

■^Oasis Ward rec show Lars Clemensen & Christine Albertsen as the pair- 
ents of Margrete (GS ser no 6U35). According to the patronymics system of 
naming children, and the GS Index Bur card of Soren Jorgensen giving ordi- 
nance work he performed for himself, his wife Margrete' s surname is Larsen. 
Clemensen is an Anglicized version of her surname, 

^Scandinavian Mission Emig Rec G, p 100 (GS ser no 6l85, pt 1). 



After a successful voyage on the North Sea, the emigrants arrived at 
Hull /England? on Thursday, August 28th, and the next day continued their 
journey by railroad to Liverpool, where a small company of Norwegian 
Saints, who had come direct from Norway (leaving Christiania August 22nd), 
joined them, and all went on boaird the steamer "Wyoming," which sailed on 
the 30th o The whole conpany now numbered U96 souls, including 31 return- 
ing missionaries, 222 Scandinavian Saints, 193 British and 50 Swiss and 
German Saints = 

The ship arrived in New York Tuesday evening, September 9th, The 
following morning the cor^^any landed at Castle Garden and late in the 
evening started westward by train from Jersey City^ This was the season s 
fourth cor^jany of emigrating Saints from Europe ^ 

It arrived in Ogden and Salt Lake City, all well, September 17th co 

The Jorgensen family settled in Deseret, Millard, Utaho There Soren is 
of record as being rebaptized 20 Oct 188U, and ordained an Elder on 
6 Nov 1865 »^ Three more children were born to them in Millard Co. The family 
is recorded in two wards, Deseret and Oasis, communities lying 6 miles apart. 

Other Danish families lived nearby and they fellowshipped with theme In 
1890 a group of such friends planned an excursion to the Manti Tensile <. They 
traveled by wagon with their children, camped out, and had a memorable cele- 
brationo On 2 July I89O, Soren and Margrete took out their endowments and had 
their children sealed to them. 3 Among the group of Danes was also the Niels 
Scow family. Soren later was married to the widow of Niels Scow, so that the 
date of their family ordinance work is the same, 

Soren' s wife, Margrete Larsen Clemensen, d 5 Dec I89I in Oasis o The fol- 
lowing year, 23 Nov 1892,^ he was married and sealed in the Manti Temple to 
Paulina Jensen, the widow of Jacob Nielsen, who also had died the year before 
on 30 Jan I89I, in Deseret o Paulina, mother of 8 children, had emigrated to 
Americs^, 23 Aug I88I;, with her husband Jacob Nielsen and family, and settled 
in Deseret near Paulina's relatives, the Scow family (see p 106b, pp 2U2-2U3)o 
A daughter, Lorena, was bom to Soren and Paulina on 17 Sep I89U in Oasis o 
However, before Lorena was bom, Soren and Paulina planned a separation and 
were later divorced „ Paulina moved with her children to Leamington, Utaho 

On 25 Nov 1897, Soren Jorgensen married as his Uth wife, Maren Margrete 
Christensen, widow of Niels Scowo Four children were bom to Soren and 
Maren Margrete, the first 2 children dying shortly after they were bomo 

Soren died 2$ Nov I90U and was bur in Deseret Cemetery (see map, p 6)0 
He is remembered as a "good man." If there was any sickness, death, or 
trouble in the community, the neighbors sent for himj and he brought comfort 
to themo-' 

^Hist of the Scand Mission , p 279. 

^Deseret Ward rec, p 27 (GS ser no 6258)j also Oasis Ward rec (GS ser 
no 6U35;. 

3Manti Slgs, 2 July I89O, p 118 (GS ser no 230^2, pt 2). 

1000 T^^t ^^f'n^^ !°T ^^^^' P ^°^° ^^^^ ordinance was cancelled l5 Mar 
1922 by Heber J. Grant (GS ser no 230^1, pt 3). 

TOO r r''^!^°"M^''''%niiD ^^ Jorgensen Ray, dau of Soren Jorgensen, Box 
192, Caliente, Nev, 890080 


Joseph Andrew Scow 

Emily Ellen V'ood Scow 

Olof James Scow 



Alfred Methena Scow and Annie Bradshaw Scow 

Rose Bleak Scow 

Levi Jorgensen 




Soren Jorpensen and Marf^r^te C. Scow Jor^ensen 

Irene Jor^ensen Theobald 

With the death of Soren^ Maren Margrete was left a widow with a 1-year- 
old and a 3-year-old child, and i; children by her marriage to Niels Scow. She 
continued to live in Deseret, accepting any means of employment available to 
maintain her family o In 1911 she moved with her fajnily to Hurricane, Washing- 
ton Co, Utah, and lived h years there before her death in 1915, at the age of 
li9 years o She was buried in H\irricane » 

Chn of Soren Jorgensen & Karen Marie Larsen, known 2s 

io Lars Peter Jorgensen, b 18 Aug ilByO, Oasogn or Osayer, Roskilde, 
Copenhagen, Den, d 1$ Sep 1877 « (See MT Slgs, PtoG, 2 July I89O) 
iio Mary Christena Jorgensen, b I8 Oct I87O, Oasogn, Roskilde, 

Copenhagen, Deno She emigrated to America and lived in Oasis, 
and in Deseret where she was rebapt in I886 and is recorded as 
late as l898„ (See Oasis & Deseret Ward rec) there is an apparent 
error in the birthdates of Lars & Mary.) 
Chn of Soren Jorgensen & Margrete Larsen Clemensen, 5; 

io Marenus Jorgensen, b 29 Sep I88O, Copenhagen, Den, d 10 Nov 
I90U, Lynndyl, Millard, Utahj unmd. 

iio Erastus "East" Jorgensen, b 3 Oct I883, Copenhagen, d h Jan 
I9U8, Provo, Utah, at the home of his sister, Mary Rayj unmdo 
When he was 22, he moved to Donnelly, Valley Co, Ida, where he 
homesteaded land & served as deputy sheriff for Valley Co, 
83 iiio Karen or Carrie Marie Jorgensen, b 2^ May I8865 md (l) Alfred 
J. Nuzman; md (2) Thomas Bell Nuzmano 

ivo Mary Amanda Jorgensen, b 19 May I888, Oasis, Millard, Utahj md 
12 Sep 1907, Salt Lake City, Alta Clark Ray, b 13 June 1871^ 
Bethany, Harrison, Mo, d 28 Nov 1950, Provo, Utah, son of William 
Ray & Martha Emaline David. Alta md (l) 28 Aug 1893, Mary Etta 
Bealso Res Box 192, Caliente, Nev, 89OO80 Chn, 2: 

Io Leonard Clark Ray, b 13 June 1908, Oasis; md (l) Vema 
Willdon; md (2) l5 Sep 19U5, Dorothy M. Woodworth, 

2o John Alta Ray, b 21 Aug 1910, Salt Lake City; md (l) 
Blanch Lee; md (2) 3 Sep 19ia, Caroline Payne o 

Vo Annie Christiana Jorgensen, b 8 Feb I89O, Deseret. 

Dau of Soren Jorgensen & Paulina Kirstena Maria Jensen: 

8U_ io Lorena Jorgensen, b 17 Sep I89U; md George Ortheros Memmott. 

Chn of Soren Jorgensen & Maren Margrete Christensen, U: 

i. Klara Margerete Jorgensen, b 21 Aug I898, d 2$ Aug I898, 
Oasis, Utah, bur Deseret Cem. 
iio Lars Peter Jorgensen, b 2U Dec 1899, d 25 Dec 1899, Deseret, 
Utah, bur Deseret Gem. 
iiio Levi Jorgensen, b 30 June 1901, Deseret; md (l) 31 Dec I938, 
Alameda Co, Calif, Laura May Pierce, div; md (2) 3 May I9UI. 
Reno Nev, Stella May McQueary, b 2li Dec 1910, Baxter, Stone, 
Mo, dau of Daniel Griffith McQueary & Rebecca Parlee Garrison « 
Stella md (1) 22 Dec 1928, Austin Lafate Humbardo Levi is an 
engineer; retired after 25 yrs service with Western Operations 
Pipe Line, So Div, Standard Oil of Calif; has traveled exten- 
sively, in So America, etc. Res 319 W Madill St, Antioch, 
Calif. No chn« Picture, p ll;3o 
85_ iv, Irene Jorgensen, b 7 July 1903; md Alton Elbern Theobald. 


83 CARRIE MARIE JORGENSEN, dau of Soren Jorgensen & Kargrete Larsen 
Clemensen, b 2$ May 1886, Deseret, Utah, d 13 Jan 1961, Oakland, Calif; md (1) 
31 Oct 1905, ALFRED J. NUZMAN, b 26 Feb 1872, Soldier City, Jackson, Kana, d 
2U Nov 1920, Boise, Ida, son of Charles William Nuzman "t Marjery Anderson; md 
(2) 6 June I92U, THOMAS BELL NUZMAN « Chn of Carrie & Alfred, 6: 

i, Arthur Melvin Nuzman, b 2U Aug 1906, Oasis, Utah; md Ella 

ii. Charles Francis Nuzman, b 19 Oct 1907, Oasis; md 21 Aug 1936, 
Lowena Ao Kephart. 
iii. Mary Jaine Nuzman, b 29 May 1909, Roseberry, Varley, Ida^ md 
23 Oct 1926, Gilbert D, Heidi, Sr, 

iv. Robert Warren Nuzman, b 8 Mar 1911, Oasis; md (l) 7 July 1930, 

Florence Rebecca Ryberg; md (2) 25 Sep 195U, Ruth "Maxine" Crane, 
b 2U Mar 19l8, Salt Lake City, dau of John Alexander Crane & 
Ruth Eugenia Blom« Maxine md (l) Floyd Lorenzo Downing. Res 
220 W Oak St, Lodi, Calif, Chn of Robert 4 Florence, 2: 

lo Sondra Nuzman, b 6 Aug 19U2, Torrance, Calif; 

md 12 May I96I, Lester Lee Poteet. 
2. Kathy Lynn Nuzman, b 9 Aug 19ii6, Rigby, Ida; 

md 30 Dec 1966, David Lee Paige. 

V. Margery Margaret Nuzman, b U Oct 1913, Oasis, d 17 Dec I96U; 
md Alfred Eo 01s en, 
vi, Clarence Lewis Nuzman, b 2\x Aug 1920, Donnelly, Ida, 
d 28 June 19U2; unmd. 

8U LORENA JORGENSEN, dau of Soren Jorgensen fk Paulina Kirstena Mari^ 
Jense~b 17 Sep I89U, Oasis, Utah, d 19 May 1966, Payson, Utah; md U Oct 1912, 
Nephi, Utah, GEORGE ORTHEROS MEMMOTT, b 13 Dec I888, Scipio, Utah, son of 
George H, Memmott & Ellen Monroe. Lorena lived most of her childhood in Leam- 
ington; after her marriage, she and George lived in Scipio, Lyndyll, Spring- 
ville, and Spanish Fork. She served in the ward presidency of the Primary and 
Relief Society, and was teacher in Sunday School. Her home was furnished with 
taste, and made beautiful and attractive with elaborately crocheted items and 
art work of her own makings During her wakeful hours, she was constantly en- 
gaged in such creativity, her many art pieces now monuments to her enthusiasm 
and capabilities. Res 7lii E 8 N, Spanish Fork, Utah. Chn, b in Scipio, U: 

i, Thomas "George" Memmott, b 13 June 1913; md $ Nov 1936, Fillmore, 
Utah, Nellie Elder, Res, Ore. Chn, 6: 

1, DeVon Fay Memmott, b 26 July 1937, Salt Lake City, 
Res Calif. 

2, Richard George Memmott, b 12 Mar 19U0, Nephi, Utah. 
Res Ore . 

3, Kenneth Frank Memmott, b 30 Sep 19Ul, Salt Lake City. 
U, Ranae Memmott, b 21 Jan I9U6, Salt Lake City, 

5. Elizabeth Memmott, b in Ore. 

6. Clifford Memmott, b in Ore. 
Connord Weir Memmott, b 25 June 1917; md 30 June 1936, Wilda 
Emma Williams, b 2U Jan 1917, Nephi. Res Midvale, Utah. Chn, 3: 

1, Arda Wilda Memmott, b 29 Apr 1937, Nephi; md 3 Nov 1956, 
Elko, Nev, Buddy Duane Zimmer, b 6 Nov 1933, Clinton, 
Iowa, son of Frank Elias Zimmer & Bessie Beatrice 
Surprize. Res Keams, Utah. 



Chn of Ardy & Buddy, Ij^*^ „q ^ . nor-^ 

( i) Kevin Duane Zimraer, b 20 Oct 19>7o 
( ii) Kirby Wo Zimmer, twin, b 10 Apr 1962, Murray^ 
(iii) Kelly Diane Zimmer, twin, b 10 Apr 1962, Murray. 
( iv) Travis Kyle Zimraer, b lli Apr 196$. 

2. Aliece Lorena Memmott, b 17 July 19Ul, Levan, Utahj md 

2 June 195I7, Elko, Nev, Harvey Leroy Ronne, b 22 Nov 193U, 
Hemingsford, Neb, son of Jesse Ronne & Ruth Parker, diVo 
Aliece res Keams, Utahc Chn, b in Murray, Utah, U: 

( i) Larry Lo Ronne, b lii Jan 19$8<, 

( ii) LeRoy Ronne, b 2 Dec 1959- 

(iii) Kristine Ronne, b 9 May 1962 » 

( iv) Troy David Ronne, b lU Mar 196U. 

3. Connie Lee Memmott, b 22 Aug 1955, Nephio 

iii. Clifford Ortheros Memmott, b 8 Sep 1920, d 19 Nov 195U, Price, Utah; 
md 31 Jan 19UU, Shirley J. Elliott, b 8 Jan 1926, Australiao 
Chn, 3 J 

1, Neralyn Irene Memmott, b h Aug 19UU, Australia,, 
Instructor in Therapy, Brigham Young Univ. 

2. Glen Edward Memmott, b 22 Feb 19U7, Spanish Fork, Utah; 
now LDS missionary to Scotland o 

3o Craig Memmott, b 1951, Spanish Fork. 

iv. Harold Memmott, b 6 Oct 1922; md 23 July 19Ul, Provo, Utah, 
Ada Weldon, b 18 Feb 1925, Santaquin, Utaho Res UU5 E 8 N, 
Spanish Fork, Utah. Chn, 6; 

1. Kathryn Sherrie Memmott, b 11 Apr 19U2, Santaquin. 
Res Spanish Fork, Utah. 

2. Terry Ortheros Memmott, b 22 May 19U9, Pays on, Utaho 
Res Spanish Fork, Utaho 

3. Judy Ann Memmott, b 9 Oct 19U7, Paysono Res Provo, Utaho 
U. Randy H. Memmott, twin, b 6 Sep 1951, Paysono 

5. Ronney H. Memmott, twin, b 6 Sep 195l, Paysono 

6. Cindy Memmott, b I960, Pays on. 

85 IRENE JCRGENSEN, dau of Soren Jorgensen & Maren Margrete Christensen, 
b 7 July 1903, Deseret; md 2 Oct 1923, Salt Lake City, ALTON ELBERN THEOBALD, 
b 12 Sep I90U, Oak City, Utah, son of Charlea Theobald & Lydia Ruth Talbot o 

Irene was a year old when her father died. When she was 8 years oldj, she 
moved to Hurricane, Utah, with her mother and brothers . Here her mother died 
when she was 12 years old, and she lived with her half-brother. At the age 
of 15, Irene moved to Provo to stay with her half-sister, Amanda, and work in 
various homes. She met her future husband in Provo. After they were married, 
they made their first home in Tooele, Utah, where Alton worked in the smel- 
ters . They shortly afterwards moved to Hinckley, Utah, where they made their 
home on a lot given to them by Alton's father as a wedding gifto Alton farmed, 
did veterinarian work, and trucked for other farmers. Chn, b in Hinckley,l5j 

i. Wyla Theobald, b 26 Mar 192ii, Hinckley; md 25 Aug 19lUi, Salt 
Lake City, Donald Eugene Carlisle, b 26 May 1921, Denver, Colo, 
son of Harold Stanley Carlisle & Emma Fate, Chn, 2; 

1, Don Lynn Carlisle, b 21 July 19U5, Salt Lake Cityo 

2. Patricia Ann Carlisle, b 19 Feb I9U8, Salt Lake Cityo 


ii, Leo Burgess Theobald, b 2U Aug 1925, Hinckley; md (1) 27 June 

19Sh, Frances Ardella Allgood, b 3 Jan 1927, Salt Lake City, dau 
of Sidney Cecil Allgood & Merna Ardella Phillips, div; md (2) 
June I960, Las Vegas, Nev, Bonnie , div. No chn. 

iii, Mary Margaret Theobald, b 5 Jan 1926, Hinckley; md 29 Mar I9hh, 

Reno, Nev, Allen Dean Irby, b 2$ June 1920, Er^oria, Kans . Chn,U: 

lo Mark Allen Irby, b 7 June 19U5, Flagstaff, Ariz. 

2o Sandra Ann Irby, b 18 Mar 19U7, Glendale, Ariz, 

3. Russell Odell Irby, b 18 July 19U8, Sanger, Calif, 

he Rhonda Lee Irby, b 22 Nov 1953, Las Vegas, Nev. 

iv. Elbren Denore Theobald, b 20 May 1928, d 30 Sep 1928. Hinckley. 
Vo Thilda Jane Theobald, b 28 Nov 1929, Hinckley; md (1) 17 June 19U6, 
Salt Lake City, Donald Warren Irelaind, professional soldier, b 
lU July 1921, Axtell, Utah, son of Asel Warren Ireland & Eva 
Jensen, divj md (2) 23 Apr 1966, Elko, Nev, Earl D. Remington, Sr, 
b 2 Aug I91U, Draper, Utah, son of John H. Remington & Sara 
Melvina Draper, Earl md (l) Helen or Lena Augustine Lyngberg, 
b 6 Aug 1922, Fountain Green, Utah, dau of Fredrick Christian 
Lyngberg & Marie Brownell. Res 15U8 E 13 S, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Chn of Thilda & Donald, 7s 

lo Lee Don Ireland, b lU Jan 19U7, Fillmore, Utah; md lU Nov 
I96U, Salt Lake City, Julie Deon Nesson, b I8 Sep 19U7, 
San Rafael, Calif, dau of Miles York Nesson ^ Carma Deon 
Uardle o Julie md (1) Harold Wright. 

2. Steven A. Ireland, b 6 Dec 19U7, Salt Lake City. 

3. Diana Lynn Ireland, b 9 June 19U9, Delta, Utah, 

U„ Debora Jane Ireland, b 11 Feb 1951, Travis AFB, Solano, 
Calif J md 11 June 1965, Salt Lake City, Richard Alan 
Schluterj b 10 Sep 19U7, Omaha, Neb, son of Otto Schluter 
& Madge McCallum. Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 2: 

( i) Deborah Ann Schluter, 2 Jan 1966, Salt Lake City. 

(ii) Tiffany Antonet Schluter, b 21 Jan 1967. 

5. Rose Ann Ireland, b 23 Sep 1953, Camp Ervin, Barstow, 

60 Thilda Irene Ireland, b 12 Apr 1958, Neubrucke, Rhineland, 

Pfalz, Germany o 
7o Zolana Kristine Ireland, b 26 Nov I96I, Murray, Utah. 

Chn of Earl & Helen, b in Salt Lake City, hi 

1. Earl D. Remington, Jr, b 30 Mar 19U3, Salt Lake City. 
2o Steven Michael Remington, b 31 Aug 19U6. 
3» Dennis Fred Remington, b 9 Feb 19U9^ 
h. John Russell Remington, b 26 Aug 1955. 

vi. Alton Eldred Theobald, b 13 Mar 1931; md (l) 12 Jan 1951, Ely, Nev, 
Kathaline Shaprel (alias Kelly O'Rourke), b 3 July 1931, dau of 
Robert Shaprel; md (2) 25 Nov 1952, Reno, Nev, Ruth Valene 
McClellan, b lU Feb 1935, Beaver, Utah, dau of Lavem Kingford 
McClellan & Sarah Anderson, div; remd (3) 30 May 1959, Elko, Nev, 
Ruth Valene McClellan. Dau of Alton & Kathaline: 

1. Juli Kathaline Theobald, b 9 Oct 1951, Castle AFB, 
Merced, Calif. 


Chn of Alton & Ruth, 6; 

1, April Lynn Theobald, b 17 Nov 1953, Delta, Utah. 

2, Eddie Lee Theobald, b 2k Dec 1956, Delta. 

3, Michael Kirk Theobald, b 21 Jan 1958, North Las Vegas ,Nev. 
U. Mathew Wade Theobald, b 9 Jan 1959, Delta. 

5. Shelly Ruth Theobald, b 11 July 1961, Delta. 

6. Pamela Dawn Theobald, b 28 Nov 1962, Salt Lake City. 

Irene LaRae Theobald, b 7 Nov 1932, Hinckley; md 1 Sep 19U8, 
Lynndyl, Utah, Richard Leon Peterson, b 28 Jan 1927, Salt Lake 
City, son of Harry Leon Peterson & Marie Winward. Chn, 7? 

1. Charlene Peterson, b 12 Mar 19U9, Delta. 

2. David Leon Peterson, b 22 Jan 1951, Salt Lake City. 

3. Christopher Ray Peterson, b 23 Feb 1952, Murray. 
U. Jo Ann Peterson, b 22 July 1953, Delta. 

5, Craig Peterson, b 2U Aug 1955, Bishop, Inyo, Calif. 

6. Lloyd Dale Peterson, b 3 Feb 1957, Bishop, 
7» Kay Lynn Peterson, b 19 Mar 1961, Las Vegas. 

viii. lone Theobald, b 11 Apr 193U, Hinckleyj md (l) 26 Dec 1950, Ely, 
Nev, James R. Saudis on, b 8 J\ay 1930, Delta, son of George Alma 
SaiT^Json 1^ Irene Lloyd, div| md (2) Nov 1953, Joseph Desmond, div; 
md (3) 8 May 195U, Elko, Nev, Fenton Ivan DeMille, b 7 June 1930, 
Hurricane, Utah, son of Daniel Ivan DeMille & Pjiry Ruth Mott, divj 
remd (U) 29 Sep 1956, Farmington, Utah, Fenton Ivan DeMille. 
Son of lone & James, adopted to Fenton J 

1. James Denor Sampson DeMille, b 8 July 1951, Hill AFB, 
Ogden, Utah . 

Chn of lone & Fenton? 

1. Kevin A. DeMille, b 25 July 1956, Murray^ Utah. 

2. Randall Gregg DeMille, b 30 June 1958, Murray. 
3„ Sharon Marie DeMille, b 12 May I960, Murray. 

ix, De Von Theobald, b 18 Aug 1935, Hinckley; md 6 Aug 1955, Salt 

Lake City, Betty Mae Davis, b lU Jan 193U, Salt Lake City, dau of 
James Davis & Bertha Karrick, div. Betty Mae md (l) Arthur 
Milton Miller, div; md (2) div; md (3) De Von Theobald, div; 
md (U) Elwin H. Taylor. Chn of De Von & Betty Mae, 2; 

1, Nevada Jan Theobald, b 28 Jan 1956, Salt Lake City, 

2. Brinda Theobald, b 1 Oct 1957, Salt Lake City. 

X. Lena Ruth Theobald, b 3 Sep 1937, Hinckley; md 2 Sep 195U, Salt 
Lake City, Leo Levem Harney, b 27 Mar 1936, Ridgway, Ouray, 
Colo, son of Edward Harney & Thelma Johnson. Chn, 3s 

1. Vicky Levem Harney, b 20 Mar 1957, Camp Yermo, Calif, 

2. Kenneth Harney, b 2[i Apr 1958, Idaho Falls, Ida. 

3. Sherrie Lee Harney, b h Mar 196lj, Las Vegas, Nev. 

xi. Charles Eldon Theobald, b 7 Dec 1938, Hinckley; md 7 Aug 1959, 
Salt Lake City, Ellen Mulliner. 
Chn, 2s 

1, Charles Kevin Theobald, b 21 May 1961, Salt Lake City. 

2. Craig Shawn Theobald, b Las Vegas, Nev, blessed 12 Oct 


xii. Deloy Theobald, b 21 June 19U0, Hinckley; md 13 Dec 1963, Us 

Vegas, Nev, Eileen Florence McM\illen, b 1$ Dec 19UU, Watertown, 
Jefferson, New York, dau of Arthiu- William Mcl-hillen 4 Eileen 
Florence Timlick„ Eileen md (1) 11 Sep I960, Raymon Elray 
Carrell, div„ Son of Eileen & Raymon: 

lo Scott Raymon Carrell, b 1 July 1961, Phoenix, Ariz. 

xiiio Jarrell Theobald, b 21 Mar 19Ul, Hinckley, 

xiVo Susann Theobald, b 21 June 19U2, Hinckley; md (1) 8 May 1959, 
Kearns, Utah, Ralph Garold Tanner, b 29 Mar 19U0, Duchesne, 
Utah, son of Shelby Garold Tanner .St Cleo C Rowley, div; md (2) 
lU Aug 1965, Elko, Nev, De Vaughn V/hiting, 
Chn of Susann & Ralph, 2: 

lo Tonya Sue Tanner, b 5 Oct 1961, Salt Lake City. 
2„ Tammie Lee Tanner, b 1? Oct 1962, Salt Lake City, 

xvo Tommy Wayne Theobald, b 22 Feb 19li7, Hinckley; md 27 Nov 196U, 
Salt Lake City, Karen Edwards, b 5 Sep 19U8, Ely, Nev, dau of 
Wendell Dee Edwards & Jane Craig. Chn, 2: 

1, Shonna Jane Theobald, b 1? May 1965, Salt Lake Cityo 
2a Mary Deann Theobald, b 20 Dec 1966 „ 



JORGEN SORENSEN, son of Soren Nielsen & Kirsten Jorgensen, b 8 Jan 
1820, Valse^lille, Soro, Den; md in Den, BIRTHE KJERSTINE JENSEN, b abt 
I8l5 (age 29-18UU), of Valsjzilille , dau of Jens Hansen & Ellen Jensen, 
Chn, b in Valse^lille, 5s^ 

82 io Soren Jorgensen^ b 31 Oct 18U5; md (1) Karen Marie Larsen; 
md (2) Margrete Larsen-Clemensen; md (3) Paulina Kirstena 
Maria Jensen; md (U) Maren Margrete Christensen (see p lUl). 
iio Maren Kirstine Jorgensen, b 9 Nov l85l» 
iiio Kirstine Jorgensen, b 19 Aug l85U. 
iVo Jens Jorgensen, b 11 June 185? » 
v. Niels Jorgensen, b 1 June i860 

Ipar rec of Valsiz^lille, Soro, Den, Book 11 , p 19 for birth of 
Jorgen Sorensen; Book 12 , pp I49, 150 for births of chn #1 Soren &. #2 
Maren; Book 13 , p 100 and no page numbers for children #3, #U, #5, 
Kirstine, Jens & Niels Jorgensen (GS ser no 9731, pts 5, 6, 7)o 


~~ 2^ HANNA BORG (l8U0) 

20U HANS CHRISTIAN MORTENSEN, son of Morten Eliasen & Mette Sorensen, 
b 9 No7"l833, Fristrups Borglum, Hjor, Den, d 7 Jan 1885, Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, 
Utah, bur Mt Pleasant Cem; md 22 Feb 1865, Mt Pleasant, 257 HANNA BORG, b 
9 Sep 18^0, Nabbelof , Malmo, Sweden, d 20 June 1889, Mt Pleasant, bur Mt 
Pleasant Gem, dau of Pehr Hanson Borg & Ingar Jonseon. Lineage, pp 215, 233. 

Hans Christian Mortensen was christened under that name in the Lutheran 
Church o^ His mother died when he was h years of age, and he was placed under 
the care of his grandparents and Aunt Ane Sorensen until his father remarried 
in 1838-39 » 

He commenced working when he was a young boy. Since in Denmark, at that 
time, jobs were scarce and wages were low, it took many hands to help sustain 
a large family. The Mortensen children at times had to beg for milk. Their 
schooling likewise was neglected because of the need for them to hire out. 
After moving from Fristrup, the family lived in Vreile, Vrejlev, and in the 
city of Hjorring, where work could be more readily found., ^ 

The message of Mormonism was introduced to Hans at the time of his 
father's funeral in 1855^ when a missionary of the Church bore his testimony. 
For 6 years he pondered these teachings. Then, in I86I, vrtien he was living in 
Hjorring, he had the opportunity to attend LDS meetings and to hear more of 
the gospelo His brother Marten Svend joined the Church on 12 May I86I; and 
one week later j on 20 May, Hans likewise entered the waters of baptism,^ 

Hans became enthusiastic about emigrating to Zion in order to be with 
the main body of the Church in the New World, During the remainder of the 
year he made plans to leave Denmark, and saved the $75 needed to pay for his 
transportation o His brother Marten was on an LDS mission at that time^, and 
Hans emigrated alone. 

In the first part of April 1862 he made his way to Copenhagen, where a 
group of emigrant saints had congregated. From there they took a boat to 
Kiel, in Sc hie swig-Hol stein; then a train to Altona, Germany, whence they 
traveled by steamship up the Elbe River to the city of Hamburg, On 15 Apr 
1862 he sailed from Hamburg on the ship "Franklin,"^ 

During the year 1862, no less than 1,556 souls sailed from Scandinavia 
in four companies, Andrew Jenson gives the following account of the company 
that embarked on the "Franklin": 

Ipar rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 5 , p 25 (GS ser no 9001, pt 2), 
2"Diary of Marten Svend Eliason, " in poss of Evan M, Croft, Provo, 
Utah, See pp 28-30, 

3vendyssel Conference, Den, Book 120U, #3, p 9 (GS ser no 8551, pt 15), 
'^"Scand Mission Emig Rec," 1862, Ship List of "Franklin," p 119, 



On Tuesday, April 15th, the ship "Franklin" (Capt. Robt. Murray) 
sailed from Hamburg with Ul3 emigrating Saints, nearly all from the 
Aalborg and Vendyssel Conferences. They were in charge of Chr- A. 
Madsen, an Elder returning home. He chose Jens C, A, Weibye and Lauritz 
Larsen as his counselors „ On board the ship the company was organized 
into eight districts with the following brethren as presidents: Jens C. 
Thorpe, Jens Christensen Kornum, Niels Mortensen (Lynge), Lars P. 
Fjeldsted, Co P. Borregaard, Jens Co S. Frost, Thomas Larsen and Jens 
Andersen. Jens Fo Mortensen was appointed baggage master, Anthon H. 
Lund, interpreter, and Chr„ Andersen captain of the guard, 

Jens Vfeibye gave the following account of happenings during the voyage of the 
"Franklin" across the Atlantic: 

We went on board the "Franklin" in the evening of Tuesday (April 
8th) and I was appointed to locate the emigrants in their bunks below 
deck. These bunks, l60 in number, were so wide that three persons 
easily could have room in one of them side by side. After getting our 
baggage in order^ we received our rations of provisions. These con- 
sisted of beef, pork, peas, beans, potatoes, pearl barley, rice, prunes, 
syrup, vinegar, pepper^ coffee, tea, sugar, butter, rye bread, sea bis- 
cuits, water, flour, salted herring, salt, and oil (for the lamps). We 
lighted 11 lanterns every night, 6 of which belonged to the ship and 5 
to the emigrants. We hired an extra cook in Hamburg for 90 rigsdaler, 
and besides him two of our brethren served as assistant cooks. We thus 
had our dinners nicely cooked in about the following routine, viz., 
Sunday we had sweet soup; Monday, pea soup; Tuesday and Wednesday, rice; 
Thursday, pea soup; Friday, barley mush, and Saturday herring and 

Some of the emigrants carried the measles with them from home and 
the disease soon spread to all parts of the ship, so that no less than 
UO persons, mostly children, were attacked at once. Many of the emi- 
grants were also suffering with diarrhea, which caused much weakness of 
body. We lost the appetite for sea biscuits, but learned to soak them 
in water or tea from 8 to 12 hours, which softened them so that they 
could become more palatable. The sick were served twice a day with por- 
ridge made from barley, rice or sago, and almost every day pancakes 
could be had by the hundreds for the sick who could not eat the "hard 
tack" (sea biscuits). Wheat bread was also baked for some of the old 
people. We held a council meeting every night, and the sanitary condi- 
tions of the ship's apartments were attended with great care. Three 
times a week the ship was thoroughly fumigated by burning tar. A 
spirit of peace prevailed and very few difficulties occurred. The cap- 
tain and the crew were good-natured and obliging, and so were the cooks, 
who even served the sick when they were not on duty. 

We held at times meetings of worship on the upper or lower decks, 
and every morning at 5 o'clock the signal for rising was given by the 
clarionet, or accordeon. At 7 aom, and 9 p.m, a similar signal was 
sounded calling the Saints to assemble in their several districts for 
prayer. Most every day we amused ourselves a short time by dancing on 
the deck to music played by some of our brethren or members of the crew. 
We could thus have had an enjoyable time, had it not been for the sorrow 
occasioned by the many sick and dying among us, on account of the 

•^Hist of Scand Mission, pp 162-63- 


measles o Up to this date (May 27th) 3 adults and U3 children have died, 
nearly all from measles. During the last few days the chicken pox has 
also broken out among us and four cases have already developed. We have 
had head winds most of the time, otherwise we could have been in New 
York before now, for the '»Franklin" is a first-class ship^ We have been 
very little troubled with sea sickness » 

The arrival of the "Franklin" in New York and the ensuing journey of the 
Saints by rail and boat to Florence, Nebraska (the stopping off place that 
year where preparations were made before the Saints undertook the trek across 
the western plains to Utah) are recorded by Andrew Jenson as follows s 

On Thursday, May 29th, in the forenoon, the "Franklin" arrived in 
New York, The emigrants were placed on a transport steamer to be landed 
at Castle Garden, but on arriving at the wharf, they were not permitted 
to go ashore, because of some cases of measles yet existing among them. 
After 18 of the sick had been taken into the hospital, the rest were re- 
turned to the "Franklin" and there remained on board two more nights and 
a day. Finally, on May 31st, they were landed at Castle Garden, where 
they were met by Elders Chas, Co Rich, John Van Cott and other brethren » 

A part of the emigrants did not have means to carry them further on 
their way to Zion than New York, but through the generosity of some of 
the Saints who were more fortunate, a sufficient sum was raised to take 
all these poor Saints along, and with rejoicing the journey was then re= 
sumed, leaving New York May 31st,, at 9 p,m., by extra railway train to 
Albany, where they arrived the next morning (June Ist), From there the 
journey was continued by train via Syracuse, Rochester, Niagara, Windsor, 
Detroits and Chicago to Quincy, Ill«, and thence by steamboat across the 
Mississippi River to Hannibal, Moo, and again by train to St, Joseph, Mo 
where they arrived June 6tho The following day they boarded the steam- 
boat "Westwind" and left St, Joseph at 10 p<,m,, after having spent the 
"Day of Pentecost" in a way that was anything but pleasant (as there was 
very poor and crowded accomodation for so many people on this compara- 
tively small vessel). The company arrived at Florence, Neb,, on Monday, 
June 9th, at 10 o'clock pcm. Hans Co Hansen's company, which crossed 
the ocean in the ?Humboldt," arrived there a week before. Among the i;8 
persons who died in the "Franklin" company during the voyage on the sea 
was Broo Jens Andersen from Veddem (Aalborg Conference), Denmark, who 
with his own means had assisted 60 or 70 poor Saints to emigrate. He 
died on the North Saa on the 25th of April, soon after the ship had left 
Cuxhaven, On the way from New York to Florence, two children died, of 
whom one was the 1$ months old daughter of Jens C, A, Weibye, Eleven 
persons (U adults and 7 children) died while staying at Florence and a 
young girl died on the Plains, making in all 62 of the "Franklin" com- 
pany who died between Hamburg and Salt Lake City, 

On Tuesday, June 10th, the emigrants pitched their tents a short 
distance north of Florence, and the necessary purchases of oxen, wagons, 
cows, etc, were attended to. Those who crossed the Plains by the 
Church teams were organized into messes to receive their provisions from 
the commissary of the company, , , „ The emigrants remained in camp for 
several weeks before beginning the journey across the Plains. A few 
days before the company left camp, Florence and vicinity was visited by 
a terrible tornado, accompanied by rain, thunder and lightning, by which 

•'•Ibid,,pp I63-6U. 


two of the brethren were killed and Elder Jos. W. YounfVy received severe 
wounds from a wagon-box which blew down upon him; after* the accident, he 
was carried to a place of safety in an unconscious condition, but re- 
covered after a while. The tents and wagon covers of the company were 
badly torn and shattered on that occasion. 

From Florence, Nebraska, Hans walked across the Plains, "leading two 
cows." Jens Weibye reported in his journal that "nearly all able-bodied 
men and women had to walk most of the way. "3 

Usually there was plenty of grass for the cattle and oxen, but not always 
was there plenty of fuel for cooking, and the women had to content themselves 
with cooking over fires made from sunflower stems and buffalo chips. For- 
tunately, good weather and health prevailed during the journey across the 

After arriving in Salt Lake City, Hans settled in Mt Pleasant. Then, 
because the Indians threatened the community, he along with some of the set- 
tlers moved to Sphraim for the winter. On 17 May I863 his church membership 
was transferred from Ephraim to Mt Pleasant, 5 where he established himself 
in his first home^ located on the southwest side of the town. He constinicted 
a house of white and gray adobes he made himself. 

Here at Mt Pleasant he was married to Hanna Borg on 22 Feb 1865 by 
Bishop William S. Seeley.° She was a member of the Norrkflping LD3 Confer- 
ence in Sweden, who emigrated from the Old World at the age of 21 with her 
9-year-old brother James (Jons) in 1862, the same year that Hans, her future 
husband, emigrated. Hanna and her brother left Hamburg, Germany, on I8 Apr 
1862, on the ship "Electric," with 335 other emigrating Saints.' On 6 June 
they arrived in New York, whence they traveled by train and boat to Florence, 
Nebraska, arriving there on 19 June, She and her brother crossed the Plains 
with the John B„ Murdock's Company." According to a published sketch in the 
Deseret News of 2U Sep l862s 

Of the Sccindinavian Saints who crossed the Plains with the Church 
teams 38U souls went with Capto John R. Murdock's Company, which left 
Florence July 2Uth and arrived in Salt Lake City, Sept. 27th. The whole 
company consisted of about 700 souls and 65 teams. On the journey lli 
persons died, 2 couples were married, and 2 children born. 

Hanna Borg-s mother, an older brother Lars P., and an infant named 
Nathalia Borg, had come to Utah two years before, in l860.'^ Two years after 

Ijbid, pp l6ii-65. 

^Soc of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Application for Membership of 
Hannah Romero o . 

^ Hist of Scand Mission , p 167- ^ Ibid , p I67. 

^Mt Pleasant Ward rec, p 157 (GS call no 6U20, pt l). ^Ibid, p 119 • 

'^"Scand Mission Emig Rec," 1862, Liber 1059, Ship List of "Electric," 

°Soc of DUP, Appl for Mem of Hannah Romero. 
^"British Mission Emig Rec ." Liber IOU6 , Ship List of "William Tapscott,' 
11 May I86O0 Ingar Borg, aged hQ; Lars P. Borg, aged 29; Nathalia Borg, 
infant, granddaughter of Ingar and daughter of Kama Pehrsson Borg. 

Hanna^Borg came %, America, her father and brother Ola came to America, in 
186U» The Borg family came to the New World a few at a time, as their fi- 
nances permitted » 

Sanpete County was the scene of disastrous Indian uprisings. During 
the Black Hawk War that started in 1865, a number of cattle was stolen from 
the settlers of Mt Pleasant, and from 20-50 men were sent from time to time 
in campaigns against them« The settlement had a standing army and night 
guard o Hans and his brother Marten Svend (who had recently emigrated to 
America and was staying with Hans) joined the other pioneers during some of 
these Indian skirmishes, 

Hans Christian and his brother Marten Svend were both christened in the 
Lutheran Church under the surname of MOKTENSEN"^ and their membership in the 
LDS Church in Denmark was shown as MORTENSSN«-^ According to his emigration 
records, the Mt Pleasant Ward records, the I88O census, and his death and 
cemetery records, Hans Christian maintained the surname of MORTENSEN, Only 
infrequently was he recorded as ELIASONo*^ His brother Marten Svend, however, 
used the surname of ELIASON as early as 186? and maintained it throughout the 
remainder of his life. 

Although Hans* brother Marten Svend later moved to Utah and Millard 
Counties, the two remained very close in spirit and they frequently visited 
each other. They often met in Salt Lake City at Conference time. On one 
such occasion, 9 Apr 1672, Hans and Marten went together to obtain their 
Patriarchal Blessings from Patriarch Charles W„ Hyde,-' 

Hans owned residential property in the southern part of Mt Pleasant, and 
owned and farmed I8 acres of land 3 miles west of town. His home at 208 West 
Uth South, Mt Pleasant, still stands, although it has been stuccoed and re- 
modelledo (See picture, p 157-) Originally it was surrounded with a high pole 
fence, supported by capped posts, and graced by two pine trees in the front 
yard. The home is presently occupied by the Orval Simmons family. 

Ten children were bom to Hans and Hanna in Mt Pleasant, 5 sons and 5 
daughters. Not one of their 5 sons lived to maturity, 3 died during infancy 
and 2 died in I886 during an epidemic of dphtheria. The years between 1885- 
1889 were saddened with the death of the father Hans in 1885, the 2 boys who 
died in I886, and the death of the mother in I889, Their daughters Ingri 
had married James W, Morrison in 1887-8, and Hannah had married Andrew 
Romero in I888; but the untimely deaths of the parents left 3 unmarried 
daughters orphaned and alone to find their places in the world, Matilda 
married Christian Matesen in I89O and remained in Sanpete County— the younger 
daughters, Anna and Christine, moved elsewhere to find employment. 

^''British Mission Emig Rec," Liber IOI48, Ship List of "Monarch of the 
Sea," 28 Apr I86U: Per Borg, aged 59, laborer; Ola Borg, aged I60 

2par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 5 , pp 25, 28 (GS call no 9001, pt 2). 

^Vendyssel Conference, Den, Book 120U , p 9 (GS ser no 8551, pt 15). 

^EH Bapt for Dead, 19 Oct I87O, Book B , p 2li9, and 19 May l875. Book E, 
p U50; also Patriarchal Blsg, Vol 77 , p 207, 

^Patriarchal Blsg, Vol 77 » p 207. 


Early ward records show the children of Hans ^ Hanna with the surname of 
Mortensen. Some of their children later took the surname of Eliaaon and 
vicarious temple work was performed for them under that name. Chn, b in 
Mt Pleasant, 10: ' 

i. Ingri or Engry Mary Mortensen, b 25 Dec 1866, d 6 Aug 192U, 
Salt Lake City, of leukemia, bur Salt Lake City Gem, Plat K, 
Block 12, Lot 21; md James W. Morrison, b l86l (38-1899) in 
Minnesota, d 1899-1900. 

At one time James worked in the gold mines of Mercur, Utah, 
where Ingri also found employment as a cook in a boarding 
house o They were living in Salt Lake City in 1888 when their 
daughter Luella was bom. After James died, Ingri worked as 
a janitor in the Judge and Dooley Bldgs . in Salt Lake City. 
She is shown as a "widow" in the 1900 Salt Lake City Directory, 
living at 608 S 3rd W„ In 1906 she lived at 1U6 IV 5th S, 
and she later lived at 565 S 1st W. Her picture is on p 158. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 2: 

1. Luella H. Morrison, b 1? Sep 1888, d 13 June 1910, 
Salt Lake City, bur 15 June 1910, Salt Lake City Cemj 
md 5 Apr 1910, Salt Lake City, John Peter Mortensen, 
b 22 Apr 1888, Salt Lake City, son of John Peter 
Mortensen, Sr, and Christine Marie Sorensen. Luella 
died of typhoid fever 2 months after she was married. 
John md (2) Olive Lowney, div; md (3) 2? Apr 1927, 
Thelma Ferguson „ No Chn. 

2o Hazel Morrison, b 5 Feb 1899 j md abt 1921 to William 
"Douglas" LeRoy, an accountant, of Salt Lake City. 
Before her marriage to Douglas, she was a milliner 
and clerk at the Paris department store. At the time 
of the probate of her mother's estate in 1925, she 
lived in San Francisco. No chn. 

ii« Mortin Mortensen, b 21 May 1867, d 22 Sep 1867, Mt Pleasant. 

iii. Henry Peter Mortensen, b 19 Aug 1868, d 9 Mar 1886, of 
diphtheria, Mt Pleasant. 

86 iv, Matilda Mortensen, b lU Mar l870j md Rasmus Christian 

Matesen (Chap XIX). 

87 v. Hannah Mortensen, b 25 Oct 1871; md Andrew Romero (Chap XX). 

88 vio Anna or Annie Mortensen, b 17 Feb 1873; md Nicholas Warmith 

Roberts (Chap XXI). 

vii, Christine Mortensen, b 10 Mar I876, d 17 Apr 19U5, Salt Lake 
City, bur 21 Apr 19ii5, Salt Lake City Cem; md (l) Byron E 
Nelson, b abt 1672, of Mercur, Utah, d 1906-07, Mercvir; 
md (2) U Apr 1907, Salt Lake City, John Joseph "Jack" 
Schenaker, b l5 May 1879, Sacramento, Calif, d 22 Jan 19U5, 
Salt Lake City, bur 27 Jan 19U5, Salt Lake City Cem, son of 
Andrew Schenaker of Lorraine, Germany » His mother was b in 
Valparaiso, Chile. 

After her mother died in 1889, Christine lived with her 


sister Ingrij the two worked in the dining room of a boarding 
house in Mercur. There Christine met Byron E Nelson, and they 
lived in Mercur for a while after their marriage. According 
to the Salt Lake Directory of 1906, they were living at lliU W 
5th So, next door to Christine's sister Ingri, and Byron was 
listed as a laborer « At the time of his death, he was head 
paymaster at one of the mines in Mercur; he was stabbed to 
death for the payrolls 

Jack Schenaker served in the Spanish-American War, He 
was a building engineer by trade. He helped in the construc- 
tion of many of Salt Lake City's buildings: Hotel Utah, 
Mclntyre Bldg, Boston Bldg, etc. Three months after his death, 
Christine's home caught on fire and she died of burns and 
suffocationo Res 1270 W 5th So, Salt Lake City. Her picture 
and that of Byron E Nelson are on p 156. No chn. 

viii. Hans Mortensen, b 12 June 1877, d 12 Mar 1886, of diphtheria, 
Mt Pleasant. 

iXo James Mortensen, b 6 Mar 1879, d 8 Apr 1879, Mt Pleasant. 

X. Nephi Mortensen, b 2 Oct 1880, d 6 Mar l88l, Mt Pleasant. 

According to his daughter Hannah, Hans Christian Mortensen "was an 
elder, a very humble personality, always willing to do anything he was asked 
to do. He was a good community worker and everyone knew him to be honest in 
all his dealings »" (Application of Hannah Mortensen Romero for membership 
in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 1936.) 




Ingar (Jonsson) Borg 

Hanna (Borg) Mortensen 


Home of Hans Christian Mortensen 

208 West 5 South, Mt. Pleasant, Utah 

As originally built and landscaped 


Back: Phoebe, Clinton, Ruby, 

Annie (Mortensen), Nicholas. 

Front: Mable and Mamie Roberts 

Hans Christian Mortensen 

Home of Hans ^;.ristian Mortensen 
As remodelled and now standing 

Nicholas, Ruby, Annie (Mortensen) 
and Annie Ethel Roberts 


Nita, Andrew, Faiinda on lap of Hannah 
(Mortensen), James, Victor, Golden, 
Ervin, Kenneth, and Zella Romero 

Christine (Mortensen) Nelson 
Ingri (Mortensen) Morrison 

Andrew Romero 

Pearl, Cleo, Chris holding hand of Ella, 
Matilda (Mortensen), Bernard, Dorothy, 
Agnes (in front), and Verna Matesen 

Matilda (Mortensen) Matesen 
Hannah (Mortensen) Romero 


Byron E. Nelson 
Christine (Mortensen) Nelson 



Mathiassen (Baage) and Dorthea Rasmussen, was b 17 May i860, in Kirkeby, Svend- 
borg, Den, d lU Sep 1922, Chester, Sanpete, Utah; md 3 Jan 1890, Mt Pleasant, 
Sanpete, _86_ MATILDA MORTENSEN, b Ik Mar 1870, Mt Pleasant, d ?8 Apr 19^0, Mt 
Pleasant, dau of 20l|. Hans Christian Mortensen & 257 Hanna Borg. 

Christian is shown in the Kirkeby parish records of the Lutheran Church as 
Rasmus Christian Mathiassen, b 17 May i860, a son of "Mormon Mathias Mathiassen 
and Mormon Dorthea Rasmussen „" He is shown as "unbaptized," indicating that 
his parents, then members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 
had not conformed with the Lutheran practice of christening a child shortly 
after birth o-"" 

His parents later moved to Oster Skerninge, Svendborg, where his brother 
Niels Jacob Mathiassen was bom 6 May 1863 and is shown as "unbaptized" on the 
Lutheran parish records. The family later moved to Ollerup, Svendborg, where 
his sister Anna Christina Mathiassen was bom on 6 Nov 1865 and also shown as 
"unbaptized" in the Lutheran Church.-^ 

According to early LDS Church records in Denmark, Christisin Matesen's 
father was baptized in l85U in Falster, his mother in the year 1859 in Hosrus; 
and the two were members of the Svendborg Branch of the Church.^ Christian 
and his brother Niels Jacob were given children's blessings in the LDS Church.^ 

As did other members of the Mormon Church, the Mathiassen family endured 
religious persecution and hoped some day to make a home in the New World with 
the main body of saints in Utaho Christian's mother, Dorthea Rasmussen, emi- 
grated with him, his brother and sister in the year 1670 „ They left 

Ipar rec of Kirkeby, Svendborg, Den, Book 9 , p 11 (GS ser no 9830, pt 2), 
His birthdate is also shown as i860 in the LDS rec of Svendborg Branch, Den, 
p 62 (GS ser no 855lj pt lU), which disagrees with present family records. 

2par rec of Oster Skerninge, Svendborg, Den, Book 3 > p 23 (GS ser no 
98 3U, pt 1). 

3Par rec of Ollerup, Svendborg, Den, Book 6, p 65 (GS ser no 9830, pt 2). 

^Dorthea Rasmussen (b 23 July 1826, Aggerup or Akkerup, dau of Rasmus 
Rasmussen & Mette Nielsen) was bapt on 8 June 1859 by P. Petersen, confirmed 
8 June 1859 by C . Po Ronnow; and Mathias Mathiassen Baage (b 6 July or 7 June 
1827, Falster, son of Mathias Christensen Baage or Boge & Kirsten Hansen) was 
bapt 17 Apr l65ii in Falster and again on 10 July 1859 » He was active in the 
Church; records indicate he baptized and confirmed numerous others as members 
in the Church (Svendborg Branch rec, pp 12, I8, GS ser no 8551, pt lU).' 

^LDS Rec of Svendborg Branch, p 62 (GS ser no 8551, pt lU). 

^Scandinavian Mission Emigration Rec, Liber IO63, Record E, p 9, shows: 
Dorthea Rasmussen, age Ul, bom Akkerup, "widow," with Rasmus Chr. Mathiason, 
age 9, bora Kirkeby, son; Niels Jo Mathiason, age 5, Oster Skjeming, son; 
Kirstine Mo Mo, age 3, Ollerup, dau, on ship "Minnesota," 20 July I87O0 (Film 
929, 118, Brigham Young Univ Library.) 

7see also LDS Rec of Nyborg Branch, pp 339, 3U2 (GS ser no 8551, pt 12). 



Copenhagen 15 July 1870 on the steamer "Milo," with a company of 3U8 emigrating 
saints under the leadership of President Jesse N. Smith, who was returning from 
a mission in Scandinavia. The History of the Scandinavian Mission states: 

The emigrants arrived at Hull, England, in the evening of July 18. 
The same night they proceeded by railway to Liverpool, arriving there on 
the 19th, in the morning » A seven-year- old girl (Ida Kirs tine Outzen) 
died on the train and was buried in Liverpool. On Wednesday morning, 
JxlLj 20th, the con?)any embarked together with seven English Saints and 
two returning missionaries on the steamer "Minnesota," which sailed from 
Liverpool the same day in the afternoon. 

Besides the Scandinavian Saints, there were on board 350 Irish and 
German emigrants who, however, were entirely separated from the Saints 
during the voyage o After a successful voyage, the "Minnesota" arrived 
safely in New York on the 1st day of August, 1670, and the emigrants pro- 
ceeded westward by railway train the following day; they arrived in Salt 
Lake City, August lOtho Pres . Brigham Young, Daniel H. Wells, George A. 
Smith, and other Church leaders met the conpany between Salt Lake City 
and Ogden, and on their arrival in Salt Lake City the emigrants were re- 
ceived by Bishop Edward Hunter and others » 

After arriving in Utah, Christian, his mother Dorthea Rasmussen, and his 
brother and sister settled in Sanpete County near Mount Pleasant, Thinking 
that her husband would never emigrate to America to be with her, Dorthea 
Rasmussen was married and sealed 18 Dec 1871 in the Endowment House to Peter 
Nielsen o^ 

Christian's father came to America seven years after Christian and his 
mother. He sailed from Liverpool on 27 June 1877 on board the steamer 
"Wisconsin," and arrived in New York City, 7 July. His conqaany continued the 
journey by rail under the direction of Captain John Rowberry, and arrived in 
Salt Lake City, lU J\ily„-^ He settled near Redmond, Sevier County, where he 
remarried to Msurgaret and died between 1890-1900, with burial in the 
Redmond City Cemetery. 

Upon reaching maturity. Christian shortened his surname to Matesen or 
Mateson, whereas his brother maintained the surname of Mathiassen. 

On 3 Jan 1890 Christian Matesen md Matilda Mortensen, a descendant of 
pioneer fanilies of Moimt Pleasant. She experienced considerable sadness dur- 
ing her girlhood with the deaths of her five brothers and her father and 
mother. She and two sisters were thus orphaned and lived alone until her mar- 
riage to Chris Matesen. 

As a result of hard work and determination, Chris and Matilda acquired 
130 acres of choice land in the vicinity of Chester, Sanpete County, where 

Hist of Scand Mission , pp 206-7. 

^EH Slg Rec, Book H , p 69 (GS ser no 2^165, pt 18). Dorthea Rasmussen 
died $ Oct 190$ in Mt Pleasant and is bur in the city cemetery. 

3Emigration Card Catalogue, Film 188, Brigtjiam Young Univ Library. 


they were among the early settlers and lived in a small log house before build- 
ing a large brick homeo"'- The property was divided in two pieces and had four 
flowing wells, two for irrigation purposes and two for watering the livestock. 
Christian prospered in raising cattle and sugar beets. 

Christian and Matilda had lU children, all born in Chester.^ He died of 
a liver and lung ailment on lU Sep 1922, leaving Matilda with a large family 
of 8 children at home. She survived her h\isband 28 years, dying on 28 Apr 
1950. Both are buried in Chester Cemetery. Chn, lU: 

i. Cleo Matesen, b 9 Nov I89O; unmd. 

89 ii. Anna Dorothy Matesen, b 13 Sep 1892; md James Denzil Christensen. 

90 iii. Parley Christian Matesen, b 5 Feb I89U; md Mildred Bye. 

iv. Edith Verna Matesen, b 7 Sep 1895, d 17 Mar 1911. 

91 V. Henry Clifton Matesen, b 22 May l897j md LaVela Valoy Iverson. 
vi. Matilda "Pearl" Matesen, b 22 Jan 1899, d 3 June 1965, Chester, 

bur Ephraim City Cem; md 23 Nov 1922, Salt Lake City, Frank 
Spears, b I6 Sep 1885, Denver, Colo, d 3 July 19U8, Salt Lake 
City, bur Salt Lake City Cem, son of John Spears h Minerva 
English. Frank was a veteran of World War I; served in the 
Philippines and in the Engineers Div for 13 yrs ; later followed 
the occupation of painter. No chn. 

92 vii. Clarence Erving Matesen, b I8 Oct 1900; md Elverda Nielsen, 
viii, Arthur Bernard Matesen, b 5 Oct 1902, d 26 Nov 192U, Chester; 

ix. Daughter Matesen, b & d 1903. 

93 X. Agnes Matesen, b 8 Oct 1905; md Sylvan James Christensen. 

9H xi. Ella Matesen, b 11 Sep 1907; md (l) Earl Fritz; md (2) Charlie 
Washington Starr. 

xii, Ferdinand "Ted" Matesen, b 31 May 1910; unmd, 
xiii. Evan Matesen, twin, b 22 Aug 19lU; md Elverda Nielsen, b 22 May 
I90I4-5, Mt Pleasant, dau of Charles Christian Nielsen ^jl Mattie 
Justensen, who md (l) Clarence Erving Matesen. Res 9U5 Washing- 
ton, Salt Lake City. Evan is a cabinetmaker and sports 
enthusiast. No chn, 

xiv. Earl Matesen, twin, b 22 Aug 19llt; md 21 Feb I9U0, Ogden, Utah, 
Bertha Mae Millspaw, b 25 Mar 1911, Gallatin, Mo, dau of George 
Washington Millspaw h Mary Lucinda Morgan, div. Bertha md (1) 
1 Apr 1929, William Skiles ; md (3) I8 Aug 1956, Alfred 
Oliphcint, Earl was a Diesel locomotive mechanic for the South- 
Pacific RR, Res U87 S 1 W, Mt Pleasant, Utah. 
Chn of Earl 4 Bertha, b in Ogden, 2: 

1, Mack Earl Matesen, b 7 Aug 19U2; md. Served in Ifi 
Army in European Theatre. Res: Washington. 

2. Linda May Matesen, b 10 July 19h9; md 22 Dec 1966, 
Micheal Earnest Wheat, b 17 Apr 19U7, Pasadena, Calif, 
son of Donald Ross Wheat & Mildred Ellingson. Micheal 
is an auto mechanic. 

Ij. Emil Jensen, History of the Chester Ward 1870-196U (Springville 
Art City Publishing Co, I96I4), pp 113-llU. 

2 Ibid; also Chester Ward Rec (GS ser no 6256). 


89 ANNA DOROTHY MATESEN, dau of Christian Matesen & Matilda Mortensen, 
b 13 Sep 1892, Chester, d l6 June 1961, Provo, Utah; md 6 June 1917, Manti, 
Utah, JAMES DENZIL CHRISTENSEN, b 2 May 1895, Ephraim, Utah, son of Jens 
Christian Martin Otto Christensen ^ Masena Johanna Andersen. Res 531 E h So, 
Provo, Utah. Chn, h'- 

i. Vemon Denzil Christensen, b 28 AUg 1918, Ephraim, Utah; md 2 Oct 
I9I4I, New Orleans, La, Yvonne Johnson, b 2? Aug 1921, Charlestown, 
Kenawha, W Va, dau of William Bernard Johnson & Marguerite Barrett. 
Vernon was grad from Brigham Young Univ. He worked in Civil Serv 
in Washington, DC, where he met Yvonne. Their work was later 
transferred to New Orleans, where Vemon has supervision of cotton 
commodities. Res U5l8 Camelot Dr, New Orleans, La. 
Chn, b in New Orleans, 3s 

1. Gail Ann Christensen, b 28 Oct 19Ui;; md Gary F. 
Crosby, of Calif. 

2. Bruce Duane Christensen, b 16 Dec 19U7. 

3. Brian Craig Christensen, b 22 Nov 1957. 

ii. Bemice Anna Christensen, b 17 Aug 1921, Ephraim, d 21; Mar 1922. 
iii, Doris Irene Christensen, b 2 May 192U, Ephraim; md 5 Sep 19U2, 

Provo, Dale Edward Rucker, b 13 Jan 1921, Circleville, Pickaway, 


Res i|l5 S 3 E, Provo, Utah. Chn, 2: 

1. Denny Curtis Rucker, b lU Dec 195U, Columbus, Ohio. 

2. Jason Dale Rucker, b 6 Apr 1966, Glendale,Calif. (adopted) . 
iv. Margie Pearl Christensen, b 13 Jan 1927, Provo, Utah; md 28 Dec 

19U5, Orem, Utah, Henry DeLone "Dee" Peterson, b 21; Feb I918, 
American Fork, Utah, son of Henry Franklin Peterson & Alice Eliza 
Smith. Dee is a building contractor. Res 301 E 1900 N, Provo. 
Chn, b in Provo, U: 

1. Sandra Jean Peterson, b 17 Sep 19l;6. 

2. DeAnn Peterson, b 25 Apr 19l;9. 

3. Judy Kay Peterson, b 1 May 1952. 
U. Randy Lee Peterson, b 21; Oct 1955. 

90 PARLEY "PAT" CHRISTIAN MATESEN, son of Christian Matesen & Matilda 
Mortensen, b 5 Feb I89I;, Chester, Utah, d of pneumonia 12 Mar 1963, ColumbTis, 
Ohio, bur in Columbus; md 1919 in Columbus, MILDRED BYE, b 10 Sep I889, 
Canal Winchester, Franklin, Ohio, d 28 May 19l;8, Columbus, Ohio, dau of 
Jefferson Bye & Ada Reese. Parley moved to Columbus in 1917. He served in 
World War I as telegraph operator for Army; empl by Penn RR at Columbus from 
1920-1959. Had dau: 

i, Thelma P. Matesen, b k Apr 1921, Columbus; md 3 Sep 19l;0, in 
Covington, Kenton, Ky, Michael V. B. Coey, b lU June 1897, 
St. Paul, Ohio, son of William Delano Coey & Mary W\iltz. Res 
117 Glenwood Rd, Wheeling, W Va, 26003. Chn, 1;: 

1. Michael E. Coey, b 5 Sep I9UI, Columbus; md May 1963, 
Linda Lacavis . 


2. William P. Coey, b 28 Feb 195U, Wheeling, W Va. 

3. Steven S. Coey, b 2 Feb 1956, Pittsburgh, Penn. 
U. Mary S. Coey, b 11 Jan 1958, Wheeling. 

91 HENRY CLIFTON MATESEN, son of Christian Matesen 4 Matilda Mortensen, 
b 22 May 1897, Chester; md ih Jan 1921, Brigham City, Utah LA VELA VALOY 
IVERSON, b 18 Sep 190U, Bear River, Box Elder, Utah, dau of Neils Carl Iverson 
& Hilda Johanna Limdquist. Res Bear River, Utah. Chn, 3: 

i. "Jack" C. Matesen, b 21 Oct 1922, McGill, Nev; md 1 Jxine I9I48, 
Las Vegas, Nev, Louise Hendrix, b 28 Nov 1921, Dayton, Wash, dau 
of Peary Hendrix " Gladys Mae Jenkins. Louise md (1) 13 Sep 19U0, 
Brigham City, Utah, William Wright, Jr, b 16 Sep 1917, Wash, son 
of William Wright & Cora Baldridge. 
Son of Jack & Louise: 

1. Chris C. Matesen, b 31 July 1950, Kenmore, Ward, N Dak. 

Chn of Louise & William, 2: 

1. Edward Emanuel V/right, b 3 Apr 19Ul, Portsmouth, Ohio. 

2. Dennis William Wright, b 5 Apr 19lili, Baltimore, Md. 

ii. Arley Matesen, b 7 May 1926, Bear River, Utahjmd 2k Oct 19U5, 
Logan, Utah, Norval LaVere Welling, b 9 June 1925, Fielding, 
Utah, son of Clifford Welling & Millie Marie Adams. Res 1281 
Hudson St, Ogden, Utah, BUiiOU. Chn, 1;: 

1. Cheryl Lynn Welling, b 13 Sep 19U7, Tremonton, Utah; 
md lit Mar 1967, Steven Pont Liddell. 

2. Blair LaVere Welling, b 7 Jan 1951, Tremonton. 

3. Sharon Welling, b 7 Dec 1955, twin, Qgien, Utah, 
d 8 Dec 1955 » 

U. Karon Welling, twin, b 7 Dec 1955, Ogden. 

ill. Rex Dwane Matesen, b 5 Mar 1935, Tremonton, Utah; md 31 May 1957, 
Brigham City, Utah, Valerie Anne Hamilton, b 25 Mar 1938, 
Brigham City, dau of Chester Samuel Hamilton & Idona Ann Bloxham. 
Chn, b in Brigham City, 3'- 

1. Tiffeny Anne Matesen, b 30 Jione 1959. 

2. Brett Matesen, b 20 June 1962. 

3. Shaun Matesen, b 29 Apr I96U. 

92 CLARENCE ERVING MATESEN, son of Christian Matesen & Matilda Mortensen, 
b 18 OcFl900, Chester; md 1 July 1921, Mt Pleasant, Utah, ELVERDA NIELSEN, b 
22 May 190l;-5, Mt Pleasant, dau of Charles Christian Nielsen & Mattie Justensen; 
div. Elverda md (2) Evan Matesen. Clarence served in the Army during World 
War II in the North African & Italian frontiers . Was en?)l as farmer and engi- 
neer for D&RG RR at Thistle, Utah, Res 258 S 5 W, Mt Pleasant, Utah. Chn, h: 

i. Phyllis Matesen, b 20 J\aly 1922, Mt Pleasant; md in Preston, Ida, 
Roy McGehee, b 8 Mar 1919, Huntsville, Madison, Ala, son of 
Leonard McGehee. Roy served as Instru Hech in CCC Camp. Res 
2828 Ideal Lane, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Dau of Phyllis & Roy: 

lo Paula McGehee, b 31 Oct 19^2, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

lie Charles Richard Matesen, d 1? Nov 1921; of pneiimonia. 
iii. Jean Matesen, b 21 Feb 1926, Mt Plfeasant; md (l) 18 Nov 19U8, 
Salt Lake City, John Robert Palmer, b 27 Jan 192U, Murphy, 
Cherokee, N Car, son of Maynard H. Palmer & Mary Kephart, div; 
md (2) Ralph Coats, div. Jean Palmer is an RN in Intensive Care, 
Cottonwood Hospital, Salt Lake City. Res 177 Ideal Lane, Salt 
Lake City. Chn of Jean & John, 2: 

1. Johnnie Lynn Palmer, b 28 June 1950, Salt Lake City. 

2. Cary Randy Palmer, b 21 Sep 19$2, Orangeburg, S Car. 

ivo Allan Evan Matesen, b 6 Oct 1933? md l5 June 1962, Idaho Falls, 
Ida, Ann Marie Murdock, b 2h Dec 19Ul, Idaho Falls, dau of 
"Brigham Dallas Murdock & Winona Lee, Res lU9 E 3200 So, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 2: 

1. Michelle Marie Matesen, b $ May 1963. 

2. Thomas Allan Matesen, b 5 Noy 1966. 

93 AGNES MATESEN, dau of Christian Matesen & Matilda Mortensen, b 8 Oct 
1905, Chester; md 23 July 1925, Moroni, Utah, SYLVAN JAMES CHRISTENSEN, b 
2U Mar 1903, Moroni, son of James A. Christensen & Sina Petersen. Res 
Chester, Utah. Chn, b in Moroni, 2; 

i. Arlene Christensen, b 18 July 1927; md 9 July 19l;9, Chester, 

Neff DeLeeuw, b 22 Oct 192$, Lyman, Wayne, Utah, son of William 
DeLeeuw & Christina Marie Andersen. Res Ephraim, Utah. Chn, h' 

1. Kelly Sylvan DeLeeuw, b 5 July 19$0, 

2. Scott Neff DeLeeuw, b 8 Apr 1953. 

3. Marta DeLeeuw, b 5 Jan 1955. 
U. Lisa DeLeeuw, b 5 Oct 1959. 

ii. Dale Jay Christensen, b 23 Feb 1929; md 28 June 1959, Ely, Nev, 
Gissel Cecil Christine Faurre, b 12 Sep 1932, LaHavre, Seine 
Inferieure, France. Res Ely, Nev. Adopted son: 

1. Patrick Dale Christensen, b 6 Dec 1965, of Ely. 

9U_ ELLA MATESEN, dau of Christian Matesen & Matilda Mortensen, b 
11 Sep 1907, Chester; md (l) li; Sep 1925, Salt Lake City, Utah, EARL FRITZ, 
b 11 Aug 1902, So Dak, son of Walter Fritz & Maude Berry, div; md (2) 5 Feb 
1930, Salt Lake City, CHARLIE WASHINGTON STARR, b 2U Nov 1907, Red Rock, 
Bastrop, Tex, son of Kayle Starr & Hattibelle Bayse . Res 6U6 Glendale, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. Chn of Ella & Earl, 2: 

io Robert Earl Fritz Starr, b 26 Apr 1926, Salt Lake City; md 

15 Jan I9I16, San Diego, Calif, Wilda Bennett, b 26 Aug 1926, of 
Alpine, Utah, dau of Mark Harrison Bennett & Gertrude Sarah 
Healy. Earl served in World War II as l/c Seaman. Res 3306 S 
2610 W, Granger, Utah. 


Chn of Robert & Wilda, b Salt Lake City, 5: 

1. Robert Lynn Starr, b 1 Sep 19li7; serving in US Navy. 

2. Danny Neil Starr, b 3 Feb 19U9. 

3. Debra Wendy Starr, b 31 Mar 195$. 
h' Kathie Jean Starr, b 31 Dec 1959. 

5o Michael Charles Starr, b 27 June 1963. 

ii. Jack Morris Fritz Spears, b 5 Jan 1927, Tacoma, Wash; md 15 July 
19U9, Salt Lake City, Marcele Mable Hansen, b 9 Oct 1932, Salt 
Lake City, dau of Ernest Richard Hansen "r Gertrude Mable Perry. 
Jack was reared by his aunt and uncle. Pearl and Frank Spears . 
Res 3320 S 2610 W, Granger, Utah. Chn, b Salt Lake City, 2: 

1. Elaine Marcele "Mickey" Spears, b 20 Dec 19U9. 

2. Randall Morris Spears, b 7 July 1951. 

Chn of Ella & Charlie, b in Salt Lake City, 3: 

i. Shirley LaVon Starr, b 2$ Jan 193Uj md in Elko, Nev, Charles Ray 
Mast, b 22 Apr 1932, Salt Lake City, son of Charles Benjamin Mast 
& Maud Mary Harbacho Res Redonda Beach, Calif. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 2: 

1. Kristy Lynn Mast, b 13 Apr 195U- 

2, Cole Mast, b 12 Dec 1961, 

ii. Charlie Eugene Starr, b 18 May 1936; md (l) in Grand Jimction, 
Colo, Carol Bird; md (2) ReNee Bamhurst. Res Calif. 

1. Eugene Coy Starr, b Nov 195U, Salt Lake City, 

2. Kim Starr, b Dec 1955, Salt Lake City. 

Dau of Charlie & Renee, b in Salt Lake City: 

1, Samantha Julie Starr, b 1>1U Mar 1965. 

ill. Betty Faye Starr, b 6 July 19U3; md 13 July 1959, Duane Ladell 
Helf, b 30 Dec 1939, Shelby, Mont, son of Leroy Joseph Helf , Sr, 
& Myrle Hatch, Res 3839 S U220 W, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Chn, b in Salt Lake City, 2: 

1, Starla Jean Helf, b 20 Feb 1962. 

2, Elizabeth Ann Helf, b 17 Oct 1963- 




ANDREIV ROMERO, son of John Romero b^ Cecelia Pehrson, was b 6 June 1870, 
Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, d 30 Nov 19$8, Soda Springs, Caribou, Ida; rod (l) 
6 June 1888, Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, 87_ HANNAH MORTENSEN, b 2$ Oct 1871, 
Mt Pleasant, d 13 Apr 1937, Soda Springs, dau of ^OU Hans Christian Mortensen & 
257 Hanna Borgo Andrew md (2) 1 Sep 1938, Soda Springs, JENl^HT LOUISE (JOLLS) 
COLBURN, divj md (3) 2 Aug 19^1, Salt Lake City, Veda Mae (Mjrers) Bryson, widow, 
b 20 May 1888, Minerville, Utah, dau of Esstus Myers & Rachel Bradshaw, d 
26 Feb 1958, Price, Utah. Pictures on p 158. | 

Andrew's mother, a convert to the LDS Church in Sweden, emigrated to Utah 
in 1862. His father, John Romero, was of Spanish descent; when he was 8 or 9 
years old, his parents were killed by the Indians at Santa Fe, New Mexico, and 
he was kidnapped and reared as one of the tribe for over 10 years . During the 
Black Hawk War, he was brought to Utah to assist the Indians in their battle 
against the whites. However, he deserted the Indians to join the Nauvoo 
Legion, and served as interpreter for Brig Genl Snow in the year 1865. (His 
service record was signed by H . B. Clauson, Adj Genl of the Nauvoo Legion.) i 

After his marriage to Cecelia Pehrson, he continued to live in Sanpete County, j 

where Andrew was bom, 

Andrew started working for others when he was 13 j herding and shearing 
sheep. When he was 17, he met Hannah Mortensen, then l6, whose father had died | 
and she had found work in the Harriet Jeff's home, on the old Sally Truscutt 
place. On 5 June 1888, Andrew came to visit Hannah. He had a 22 calibre pistol i 
in his pocket, but he did not want anyone to see it and hid it under a comer \ 

of the carpet in the bedroom. While he was in the kitchen teasing Hannah's 
sister, Annie, about a ring, Hannah went into the bedroom to clean the room 
and found the gun. She ran into the kitchen and asked if it was loaded. 
Andrew started to say, "No, but you don't want to fool with it," when she 
pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger. The shot struck him at the 
edge of the left nostril, below the eye. Two doctors were called, and both I 

despaired his life. His mother was so angry at Hannah, she threatened to 
have her tried for murder and hung if he died, Andrew sviggested marriage to 
Hannah in order to avoid persecution. Consequently, they called in a Justice 
of the Peace (Hamessmaker Larsen), who married them shortly after midnight 
on -6 June. This also happened to be Andrew's l8th birthday — Hannah turned 17 
in the following October. (He recovered from the accident, but xrays just 
before his death, 70 years later, showed that he carried the lead during the 
remainder of his life . ) 

Andrew was an ambitious man, and versatile in his abilities. At differ- i 

ent times, besides herding and shearing sheep in both Utah and Idaho, he had i 

barber shops in both states. For a while he worked in saw mills, and later i 

he lay brick in Utah, Idaho, and California. For 10 yesirs he was a Forest 
Ranger on the Wasatch Range, with headquarters at both Mink Creek and Paris, 
Idaho. In 19Uli he tended a fire-lookout station in California. His last job ' 

was carrying mail from McCammon to Robin, Idaho. 

Andrew and Hannah were a devoted couple, staunch members of the Church, 
and set a good example for their children. After her children were grown, 




Hannah gathered records and news clippings of her family and pursued vicari- 
ous work for them. Proud of her lineage, she became a member of the Daughters 
of the Utah Pioneers. Thirteen children were bom to her, 11 in Mt Pleasant 
and 2 in Paris, Idaho. All but one grew to maturity. These 12 outlived her-- 
she passed away of pneumonia on 13 Apr 1937 at Soda Springs, where she waa 

Andrew survived Hannah by 21 years, and in that time married twice. After 
the death of his third wife, he lived alone, but later gave up his home in 
Logan to be near his children in Soda Springs. He was subsequently struck by 
an automobile while crossing a road and railroad track. He lingered for 
7 weeks but never fully regained consciousness. He died at the age of 88 and 
was buried in Soda Springs by the side of Hannah. Chn of Andrew & Hannah, 13: 

95 i. James Andrew Romero, b 30 Mar 1889; md (l) Juanita Mary Denio; 

md (2) Ida Belle Bailey, 
ii. Aity Henrietta Romero, b 9 Sep 1890, Mt Pleasant, d 13 Oct 19U8; 
md 6 Feb 1911, Eugene Beutler, b 1889, d Nov 1953, son of 
Albert Beutler & Eliza Winn, Chn, 2: 

lo Baby Beutler. 

2. Clyde Eugene Beutler, b 12 Mar 191Ii, Montpelier, Ida; 
md 26 Sep 19l43, Lucille DeCosta, b 2 Mar 1913, dau of 
Joseph Louis DeCosta -^ Nellie Kellogg. Chn, 2: 

( i) Neal Beutler, b 18 Mar 19hS . 
(ii) Mary Ellen Beutler, b 3 Mar 1950. 

96 iii. Alvin Leonal Romero, b 2 July 1892; md (l) Pearl Elizabeth 
""" Rigby; md (2) Florence Dabel or Dabble; md (3) Josie Baxter; 

md ( U ) Alda Edwards . 

Ada Ruth Romero, b 8 Feb 1895; md John Eugene Jewett. 
Hannah Naomi Romero, b 8 Apr 1897, Mt Pleasant, d 1 Aug 1897. 
Zella Cecelia Romero, b 6 Aug I898; md V/illiam Richard Danks . 
Calvin Kenneth Romero, b I6 Sep 1900; md Hazel Hodges . 
Ervin Romero, b 23 Mar 1903; md Eleanor "Jerry" Nielson. 
Golden Sylvanis Romero, b 7 May 1905; md Katie Nealma Roach. 
Harland "Victor" Romero, b 27 Aug 1907; md Vera Jeanne 
Borrowman . 

Annie Elvina Juanita "Nita" Romero, b 13 July 1909; md 
Vernal Hopkins . 

Faunda Gweneviere Romero, b I6 May 1911; md Orson Sirren 
Bybee « 
xiiio Henry "Forrest" Solon Romero, b 22 June 1913, Paris, Ida; md 
27 Dec I9UI, Vera Aline Bennett, b 28 May 1919, dau of Calvin 
Wright Bennett Sc Mabel Blanche Johnson. Res Tulsa, Okla. 
He served in Army, World War II, Ski Rescue Patrol, Chn, 5: 

1, Phillip Edward Romero, b 10 Feb 19Ui. 

2, Walter David Romero, b 31 Jan 19U6, Logan, Utah; md 
26 Nov 1965, Lora Lee Heckman, b 5 Mar 19U6, dau of 
Kenneth Martin Heckman & Anita Marie Rot tier. Dau: 

(i) Anita Aline Romero, b July 1966. 

3„ Richard Lee Romero, b 19 Mar 19U7. 

U. Barbara Jo Romero, b 22 Dec 19U8. 

5o Beverly Jean Romero, b 7 Aug 1950, Salt Lake City, 


















9$ JAMES ANDREW ROMERO, son of Andrew Romero & Hannah Mortensen, b 30 Mar 
1889,11^ Pleasant, Utah; md (l) 7 Oct 1915, Juanita Mary Denio, b 19 Apr 1897, 
d 20 May 1929, dau of Joseph Denio & Eliza Maria Linfordj md (2) 15 Apr 19Ul, 
Ida Belle Bailey, b 23 Nov 1911, dau of Charles Bailey & Roseann Bryant. 
Chn of James & Juanita, 5 : 

i. Mary Linford Romero, b 31 July 1916, Paris, Ida; md 7 Mar 1935, 
Paris, Lewis Poppleton Gunnell, b 19 Apr 1911, Soda Springs, Ida, 
son of Thomas Lewis Gunnell & Sarah Poppleton. Res 806 N 
Harrison, Pocatello, Ida, Chn, 1;: 

1. Mary Arleen Gunnell, b U Nov 1935, Smithfield, Utah; md 
22 Aug 1953, Melvin Oscar Green, b 17 Apr 193U, son of 
Seymour R. Green & Opal Kinghom. Chn, 3: 

( i) Steven Melvin Green, b 10 Nov 1955. 
( ii) Stanley Lewis Green, b 13 Dec 1957. 
(iii) Laurie Lee Green, b 17 Feb 1959. 

2. Laura Louette Gunnell, b 16 July 19Ul, Soda Springs, Ida. 

3. Lewis Craig Gunnell, b 26 Feb 19U7, Pocatello, Ida. 
U. Kirk Thomas Gunnell, b 9 Jan 1959, Pocatello. 

ii. James Hugh Romero, b 9 July 1917, Soda Springs, Ida; md 5 June 
19U0, Jean Cottle, b 28 May 1918, dau of Leo Allan Cottle & 
Bessie Dean Dopp. Chn, 2% 

1. James "Sidney" Romero, b 1 Mar 19lil, Soda Springs; 
md Beverly Anthony. 

2. Steven Allan Romero, b 17 Apr 19U5. 

iii. Ethel Ruth Romero, b 29 May 1920, Paris, Ida; md 21 May 19Ul, 

Willis Eugene Helms, b 13 Jan 1920, son of Phillip Eugene Helms 
& Pansy Adams . Chn, 7 : 

1. Juanita Elizabeth Helms, b 23 May 19U2, Seattle, Wash; 
md 15 Oct I960, Danny Gene Bach, b 21 Aug 1939, son of 
Courtney Gray Bach & Laiira Catherine Horton, div. Chn, 2: 

( i) Catherine Dee Bach, b 3 Sep 1961, Soap Lake, 

(ii) Carrie Lynn Bach, b 21 Aug 1962, Soap Lake. 

2. Phillip Eugene Helms, b 6 Feb 19U7. 

3. Phyllis Elaine Helms, b 26 May 19U9. 
Uo Norma Jean Helms, b 19 Apr 1951. 

5. Michael Loren Helms, b 10 Sep 1952. 

6. David Andrew Helms, b 6 June 19514-. 

7. Mary Kathleen Helms, b 18 Mar 1957. 

iv. Dora Elaine Romero, b 11 Feb 1923, Soda Springs, Ida; md 11 Apr 
19U2, Herbert Lee Helms, b 19 Sep 1913, son of Isaac Edmond 
Helms & Myrtle Nora Belle Groves . Chn, 3: 

1. Robert E. Helms, b 10 Sep 19Ui. 

2. Linda Lee Helms, b U July 19U8; md Raymond Dean Beckman, 

3. Richard Edmund Helms, b 28 Nov 1952. 


V. Earl Romero, son of James Andrew Romero Fi Juanita Mary Denio, 
b 27 May 192U, Salt Lake City, d 28 May 192U, bur Mt Pleasant, 

Dau of James Andrew Romero Ik Ida Belle Bailey: 

io Barbara Joan Romero, b 16 Mar 19U3. 

96 ALVIN LEONAL ROMERO, b i: July 1892, Mt Pleasant, d 11 Apr 1966, 
Boise, Ida; md (1) 11 Apr 1913, Salt Lake City, Pearl Elizabeth Rigby, b 15 Oct 
1895, Wayan, Ida, dau of John Thomas Rigby & Eliza Rebecca Kunz, div Nov 1927; 
md (2) Florence Dabel or Dabble; md (3) Joyce or Josie Baxter; md (U) 5 Jan 
I9U0, Alda Edwards, dau of Emma Matrona. Pearl md (2) 12 June 1930, Joseph 
Osborn Davis, pharmacist, b S Aug I87O, Hyrum, Utah, d 28 Apr 1952, Montpelier, 
Ida, son of Jared Moroni Davis & Harriet Jane Osbomj md (3) 27 Jan 1953, 
Thomas James Michaelsono At one time Alvin was engaged in atomic research 
and radar installation in Alaska; he later had a plumbing business. He was 
paralyzed for 3 yrs following a stroke. Res Payette & ^oise, Ida. Chn of 
Alvin & Pearl, who took the surname of and were sealed to their stepfather, 
Joseph Osborn Davis, $: 

i. Dora Bernice Romero Davis, b 13 Feb I91U, Bern, Bear Lake, Ida; 
md 2 June 1936, Salt Lake City, Alfred Lowell Pendrey, b 30 May 
1907, Paris, Ida, son of Dsmiel William Pendrey & Lizzie Budge. 
Res 72U Grant St, Montpelier, Ida. Chn, 2: 

1. Lowell McKay Pendrey, b 28 Oct 1937, Montpelier, Ida. 
2o Pavil Richard Pendrey, b 2 Mar 191*6, Logan, Utah, 

ii. David Howard Romero Davis, b 28 Apr 1916, Bern; md 6 June 19liO, 

Salt Lake City, Alice Deaune Peterson, b 1 Nov 1919, Rockford, Ida, 
dau of James Ancle Peterson & Zada Olena Smith. Chn, b Idaho 
Falls, Ida, U: 

1. Sandra Lee Davis, b 23 July 19U6, d 22 Nov 1952. 

2. Brent David Davis, b 28 Apr 19U9. 

3. Kirk Peterson Davis, b U Mar 195U. 
Uo Betty Jolene Davis, b 7 Oct 1959. 

iii, Mildred Theressa Romero, b 9 Sep, d 13 Sep 1918, Montpelier, Ida. 
iv, Ray McKay Romero Davis, b 12 Oct 1919, Bern; md 6 June I9UO, 
Salt Lake City, Naomi Magdalene Fisher, b 6 Dec 1920, Wichita, 
Kans, dau of Lloyd Hartzel Fisher & Audra Celestia Brundage. 
Res Box 83, Georgetown, Ida, 83239. Chn, 3: 

1. Judith Ann Davis, b 2U May 19Ul, Montpelier; md. 

2. Dean Warren Davis, b 3 Msur 19Ui, Pocatello, Ida. 

3. Gregg Raymon Davis, b 2U June 1951, Montpelier. 

V. Byron Rigby Romero Davis, b 2 June 1921, Bern; md 23 Sep 19li6, 
Peggy Rae Black, b 31 July 1927, dau of Harold J. Black & Louise 
Jane Humphries <, Res 27U5 Filmore, Salt Lake City. Chn, 2: 

lo Robert Byron Davis, b 26 June 19U8. 
2, Don Harold Davis, b 17 May 1951 » 

Dau of Alvin & Josie; 

i. LeOra Deane Romero, b 2 Aug 1928, Pleasant Grove, Utah. 


97 ADA RUTH ROMERO, dau of Andrew Romero & Hannah Mortensen, b 8 Feb 
1895 ,~Mt Pleasant, Utah, d 26 Jan 1966 j md l5 Sep 1913, Montpelier, Ida, JOHN 
EUGENE JEWETT, b 6 May 189U, Montpelier, d 20 Oct I960, Grace, Ida, bxir Soda 
Springs, Ida, son of John Samuel Jewett & Sarah Jane Skinner. Chn, 7: 

i, Ruth Romero Jewett, b 20 Apr 19lU, Montpelier; md l6 July 1935, 
Clyde Bratton Spackman, b 16 Feb 19lU, Idaho Falls, son of 
Charles Arthur Spackman & Phebe Rich. Dau: 

1. Evelyn "Kaye" Spackman, b 16 Sep 19i;2, Los Angeles Co, 
Calif; md 21 Apr 1961, Calif, Donald K. Randall, Dau: 

(i) Christina Lee Randall, b 22 Jan 1963. 

ii. Roland Eugene Jewett, b 28 Apr 1915, Montpelier; md 3 July 1938, 
Irene Curley, b 5 Sep 1915, Salt Lake City, dau of George Bernard 
Curley & Mary Josephine Bennett. Served as Demolition Inspector, 
World War II in Italy, also in Viet Nam. Chn, }: 

1. Maureen Jewett, b 20 Apr 1939, Salt Lake City; md Simon 

2. Spencer Roland Jewett, b lU Feb 19Ul, Salt Lake City; 
md Linda Westfall. 

3. Gary Jewett, b 6 Aug 19U2; md Pamela C. Britten. 

iii. Victor Loraine "Larry" Jewett, b lU Sep 1918, Montpelier; md 
2 Feb 19U3, Thelma "June" Groce, b 12 Aug 192U, dau of Ernest 
Ray Groce & Thelma Smith. Larry served in the US Navy, World 
War II, Submarine Div. Empl Telephone Co. Res Portland, Ore. 
Chn, 2: 

1. Michael Ray Jewett, b 6 Apr 19kh, Portland, Ore; md 
Sharon Smith. Had dau: 

(i) Debra Elaine Jewett, b 29 Jan 1962. 

2, Susan Ljmn Jewett, b 1 May 1952. 

iv. Mae Jean Jewett, b 1 May 1921, Nounan, Bear Lake, Ida; md 28 Nov 

19U0, Conda, Caribou, Ida, Orville Grover "Eddy" Divine. 
V, Ralph Emerson Jewett, b l6 Dec 1923, Nounan, d k Sep 1938. 
vi. Phyllis Elaine Jewett, b 2U Apr 1926, Nounan; vimd. 
vii. Donald Keith Jewett, b 21 Feb 1932, Soda Springs, Ida; md 2li Nov 
195U, Logan, Utah, Barbara Wilson, b 28 Aug 1937, Bancroft, Ida, 
dau of Luther Edmund Wilson & Ina Margaret Christensen. Donald 
is empl as carpenter. Res Grace, Ida. Chn, b Soda Springs, 5: 

1. Debra Kay Jewett, b 3 Sep 1955. 

2. Nancy Gay Jewett, b 7 Sep 1957. 

3. Kathy Lynn Jewett, b 18 Nov 1959. 
U. Donna Jean Jewett, b 31 May I963. 
5, Monica Ray Jewett, b 19 Mar I966. 

_98 ZELLA CECELIA ROMERO, dau of Andrew Romero & Hannah Mortensen, b 
6 Aug 1898, Mt Pleasant, Utah, d 21 July 196O, Montpelier, Ida; md 2U Nov 
1922, Soda Springs, Ida, WILLIAM RICHARD DANKS, b 6 Oct I898, Diamondville, 
Lincoln, Wyo, d 11 Apr 196U, son of William Henry Danks & Rebecca Lem. 

Chn of Zella & William, U: 

i. William Junior Banks, b 3 July 192U, McCammon, Ida; md (1) 15 Sep 
19h$, Melva Rosenberg, b 8 Feb 1928, New Orleans, La, dau of 
Harold Rosenberg & Alice Mullins; md (2) Mar 195U, Marie Cook, b 
18 Oct 1918, Montpelier, Ida, dau of John Woodruff Cook & Hannah 
Catherine Pederson. Junior served in US Navy during World War II; 
was stationed at Guantanamo Base, Cuba. Son of Junior ^ Melva: 

1, William Richard Banks, b 26 Feb 19U8, New Orleans, La. 
Chn of Junior & Marie, 2: 

1, Kristen Banks, b 23 Bee 195U. 

2, Robin Cecile Banks, b 17 Aug 19^8, 

ii. Robert Andrew Banks, b 29 Bee 1927, Lava Hot Springs, Ida; md 
10 Feb 19U8, Bonna Vee Bridges, b h Mar 1929, Montpelier, Ida, 
dau of Russel Weldon Bridges & Belpha B. Adams. Robert served 
un US Navy during World War II. Chn, b in Montpelier, U: 

lo Gary Robert Banks, b 7 Nov 19U8. 

2. Val Bean Banks, b 3 Mar 1953. 

3« Shauna Barlene Banks, b 3 Apr 195U. 

ho Biane Banks, b U Sep 1958. 

iii. Lois Rebecca Banks, b 18 Mar 1929, Lava Hot Springs; md 10 Aug 

19U8, Logan, Utah, Joseph Robert Einzinger, b 13 Mar 1926, Mont- 
pelier, son of Joseph Einzinger & Hallie G. TilLHs. Res 1x39 N 
10th, Montpelier, Ida, 8325U. Chn, b in Montpelier, 3: 

1. Randall "B" Einzinger, b 27 Bee 1952. 

2. Rebecca Sue Einzinger, b 13 Oct 195U. 

3. Bwight "R" Einzinger, b 17 May 1962, 

iv. Carol Irene Banks, b 18 Bee 1935, Montpelier; md 29 Mar 1959, in 
Hawaii, John Alexander Jones, b 5 Sep 193U, son of Charles Jones 
& Ada Yoymano Carol and John met in Hawaii, where she was empl 
by FBI and he was in military sein^-ice. Chn, 3' 

1, Laurel Marie Jones, b 10 Oct 1959. 

2, Regina Yvonne Jones, b 18 Nov I960. 

3, Rebecca Lyn Jones, b 20 Jan 196U, Salt Lake City. 

99 CALVIN "KENNETH" ROMERO, son of Andrew Romero & Hannah Mortensen, b 
16 Sep^900, Mt Pleasant, Utah; md 22 Nov 1922, Salt Lake City, HAZEL HOBGES, 
b 25 Sep 1903, Lewiston, Utah, dau of William Valentine Hodges & Catherine 
Elizabeth Glover. Res Smithfield, Utah. Chn, 5s 

i. Alvin "Kenneth" Romero, b 7 Sep 1923, Harysvale, Ida; md 30 July 
I9U2, Preston, Ida, Wilma Braper, b 27 Oct 192U, Lewiston, Utah, 
dau of Robert Braper & Sylvia Elizabeth Hulse. Kenneth has been 
a professional service man in US Navy. Res 1920 Rosencrans Way, 
Stockton, Calif. Chn, 8: 

1. Sidney Kenneth Romero, b 22 Jan 19UU, Logan, Utah; md 
12 Jan 1965, Borothy Mardel Bascou. 



2. Linda Romero, b 7 Sep 19U6, Logan, Utah. 

3, Jackie Romero, b 13 June 19h9, Logan. 

k Robert William Romero, b 2^ Mar 1955, Honolulu, Hawaii. 

5. Ellis D. Romero, b 8 Apr 1957, Philadelphia, Pa. 

6. Joan D. Romero, b 23 Aug 1959, Oxnard, Ventura, Calif, 

d 30 Aug 1959 . , . ^ . . ^ 

7. Ronald D. Romero, b l8 May 1962, Long Beach, Calif. 

8. Kenneth D. Romero, b 30 Apr 1965, Stockton, Calif. 

Arnold Hazen Romero, b 11 June 1925, Ashton, Fremont, Idaj md 25 
Sep I9I46, Estella Glenn Leishman, b 11 July 1927, Wellsville, 
Cache, Utah, dau of Andrew Adams on Leishman & Mary Bankhead Glenn. 
Adopted chn, 2 


1. Penny L. Romero, b l5 Aug 1959, Nev. 

2. Dixie L. Romero, b 21 Sep 1959, Wash. 

Hannah "Leona" Romero, b 12 June 1928, Salt Lake City; md (l) in 
Logan, Royal Bench (annulled); md (2) 25 Sep 19U7, James Lerpy 
Thomas, b U Sep 1921, son of Albert Edward Thomas & Lillian Burch, 
James is a professional serviceman; served in Viet Nam. Res 
Calif. Chn of Leona & James, 5: 

1. Blain James Thomas, b 30 Mar 19U8, Logan, Utah. 

2o Michael Lee Thomas, b 11 Feb 1950. 

3. Debra Ann Thomas, b 3 Feb 1953, England. 
U. Janet Kay Thomas, b 15 July 195U. 

5. Jon Calvin Thomas, b 26 Mar 1966. 

iv. Hazel "Arvella" Romero, b 23 Mar 1933, McCammon, Ida; md 2 Mar 
1955, Ely, Nev, Jesse Wade Ross, b 12 Oct 1931, son of William 
David Ross & Ann Lu Simms . Jesse is a professional serviceman; 
served in Viet Nam. Chn, 2: 

1. Bruce Wade Ross, b 2 Jan 1957. 

2. David Kenneth Ross, b 26 May 1962. 

V. Wilma Romero, b 26 Jan 1939, Smithfield, Utah, d 28 Jan 1939. 

100 ERVIN ROMERO, son of Andrew Romero & Hannah Mortensen, b 23 Mar 1903, 
Mt Pleasant, Utah; md 7 Sep 1926, Salt Lake City, ELEANOR "JERRY" NIELSON, b 
20 Oct 1907, Springville, Utah, dau of Joseph Ephraim Nielsen & Sarah Phelps. 
Diiring World War II, Ervin was in charge of Motor Repairs, Remington Arms. 
Now empl General Electric Co. Res 2U31 S 3rd E, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Chn, b Salt Lake City, $'. 

i. Ervin "Glen" Romero, b 7 July 1927; md 9 Apr 19U6 , Betty Patri 
DeGooyer, b 17 Mar 1927, dau of Henry DeGooyer, Sr. Glen served 
in US Navy in Korean War. Eii5)l IBM Office, Kennecott Copper. 
Res Taylorsville, Utah, Chn, b Salt Lake City, 5: 

1. Cathy Renee Romero, b 11 Aug 19U8. 

2. Dana Glen Romero, b 25 Oct 1950. 

3. Joyce Romero, b 28 Mar 1952. 

h' Patrice Romero, b 22 June 195U. 
5. Lorna Romero, b 9 Mar 1956. 


ii. Fern Romero, b 2h Sep 1928; md 9 Apr 19U6, Von Berdene "Dene" 

Middaugh, twin, b 28 Aug 1908, Rexburg, Ida, son of Samuel Layton 
Middaugh 4 Ida Rosina Jensen. Dene md (l) 17 June 1931, Bridget 
Thomas. Res Kearns, Utah. Chn, b Salt Lake City, 3: 

1. Ross Lee Middaugh, b 19 Jan 195U. 

2. Leonard Kirk Middaugh, b 19 Apr 1956. 

3. Janett Middaugh, b 15 Sep 1959. 

iii. Floyd Ray Romero, b 2k Oct 1929} md Adell Black. Served as an 
Army Intelligence Officer, Korean War. Is owner ^ mgr of 
"Co\intry Broiler," near Seattle, Wash. Res Bellvue, Wash. 
Chn, b Seattle, Wash, 2: 

1. Richard Romero, b 2 Oct 195U. 

2. Garla Romero, b 15 Apr 1956. 

iv. Ralph "Lester" Romero, b 27 May 1932; md h Sep 1957, in Nev, 

Maxine Wardle. Served in Air Force during Koreain War. Runs a 
Conoco Service Station, Salt Lake City, Chn, b Salt Lake City, 3; 

1. Connie Romero, b 29 Sep 1959. 

2. Judy Romero, b 18 Dec I960. 

3o Cherrie Romero, b 15 Jan 1961, 

V. Howard Nelson Romero, b 13 Aug 1938; md 25 June 1962, Salt Lake 
City, Christy Ross, b 18 Mar 19U2, Salt Lake City, dau of John 
Richard Ross & Maza Christensen. Howard served in Air Force 
Reserves; now engineer for General Electric, Rome, N.Y. Chn, 2: 

1, Howard Troy Romero, b 20 Nov 1963, Salt Lake City. 

2. Alan Ray Romero, b 6 Jan 1966, Hsunilton, Ohio. 

101 GOLDEN SYLVANIS ROMERO, son of Andrew Romero & Hannah Mortensen, b 
7 May~I505, Mt Pleasant, Utah, d 11 Nov I960, Butte, Mont; md 12 Oct 1932, 
Katie NeaLma Roach, b 23 July 1909, dau of James Henry Roach & Martha Leona 
Riddles, div, Chn, U: 

i. Guy "Ralph" Golden Romero, b 2U Sep 1933, Bountiful, Utah; md 
1 Aug 1952, Josephine Opal Lee, b U Feb 193U, dau of Leslie Ray 
Lee & Hazel Arvivias Taylor. Chn,U: 

1. Virginia Hazel Romero, b 29 May 1953. 

2. Guy Ralph Golden Romero, b 25 May 1955. 

3. Kathleen Josephine Opal Romero, b 3 May 1956. 
U. Richard David Romero, b 12 Mar 1958. 

ii. Evan Ellis Romero, b 11 June 1935, Butte, Mont, 
iii. Harry Dell Romero, b 10 Jan l^Ul, Butte, 
iv. Kathryne Pat Romero, b 17 Mar 19U3, d 19U3, Butte. 

102 HARLAND "VICTOR"' ROMERO, son of Andrew Romero & Hannah Mortensen, 
b 27 I^ 1907, Mt Pleasant; md 8 June 1935, VERA JEANNE BORROWHAN, b 13 Oct 
1916, dau of Harold Borrowman & Arminta Smith. Res Soda Springs, Ida. 


Chn of Victor & Vera Jeanne, 2: 

i, Jeanne Marie Romero, b 6 Jan 1936, McCammon, Idaj md John Charles 
Kidd, b 20 Dec 1928, son of Hiram Alexander Kidd & Pearl Judd. 
Chn, 5s 

1. Michael Victor Kidd, b ih June 1957. 

2. Suzanne Kidd, b 27 June 1959. 
3c Jaunee Lynn Kidd, b 5 Sep I960. 
Uo Monte Duane Kidd, b 12 Feb 1963. 
5 o Mark Alexander Kidd . 

iio Harold Victor Romero, b 3 May 19U0, Richfield, Ida, Received 
MA degree in Physics, Rollo School of Science, Rollo, Mo. 

103 ANNIE ELVINA JUANITA "NITA" ROMERO, dau of Andrew Romero & Hannah 
Morte^en, b 13 July 1909, Mt Pleasant, Utah, d 21 Apr 196l, Soda Springs, 
Idaj md 22 Feb 1932, Salt Lake City, VERNAL HOPKINS, b 2 Apr 1906, Soda 
Springs, son of Thomas John Hopkins & Emma Christensen. Vernal md (2) 30 Nov 
1961, Eva Beuso Res Soda Springs, Ida, Chn of Nita & Vernal, b in Soda 
Springs, 3 J 

i, Dorothy Eileen Hopkins, b 11 Jan 1935, d 29 Feb 1952. 

lie Juanita Maxine Hopkins, b 9 Apr 1938; md I6 May 1956, Vic L. 
Baker, b 30 Jan 1937, son of Thomas Levi Baker & Emma Lois 
Herrick. Chn, 3° 

1. Ric Lo Baker, b h Feb 1959. 

2, Alisa Baker, b 26 Mar I96I, 

3o Angela Juanita Baker, b 13 Oct I96U. 

iii. Larry Vernal Hopkins, b 1 Apr 19U3; md 29 May 1963, Vicki 

LaJuan Smith, b 22 Aug 19kk, dau of Vaughn Fredrick Smith & 
Deon LaRue Davis. Chn, 2; 

1„ Larry Wade Hopkins, b 23 June I96U0 

2, Heather Colette Hopkins, b 19 Apr 1966. 

lOU FAUNDA GWENEVIERE ROMERO, dau of Andrew Romero & Hannah 
Mortensen, b I6 May 1911, Paris, Ida; md 5 June 1929, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
ORSON SIRREN BIBEE, b 19 May 1905, Grace, Ida, son of William Velesco Bybee 
& Agnes Sarah Cutler. Faunda is co-editor of Tosoiba, History of Caribou 
Co, Idaho; Co President of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Capt of "Camp 
Meads"; Stake Relief Society Social Science Leader; Ward Social Science 
Teacher, Res Soda Springs, Ida. Chn, b Soda Springs, h'- 

i, Sirren Florenz Bybee, b 1 July 1930; md 17 June 1955, Logan, 

Utah, Barbara NeLsa Neilson, b 12 Mar 1928, Salt Lake City, dau 
of Ray Brandon Neilson & Mary Eleanor Riding, Sirren served in 
US Antiy in Salzburg, Austria, during World War II; filled an 
LDS Church Mission in Texas-Louisiana; now with Casco Chemical 
in Soda Springs, Re& Soda Springs, Ida. 

Chn of Sirren Ik Barbara, 6: 

1. Kathleen Margaret Bybee, b ?8 Apr 1956, Salt Lake Cit7. 

2. Leroy Sirren Bybee, b 29 June 1957, Salt Lake City. 

3. Darrell Orson Bybee, b 7 Dec 1958, Salt Lake City. 
Uo Merla Diane Bybee, b 11 Feb 1962, Salt Lake City. 

5. Verle Willard Bybee, b 23 Oct 1963, Blackfoot, Ida. 

6, Lorraine Barbara Bybee, b 18 June 1967, Soda Springs. 

ii. Don Leroy Bybee, b 26 June 1932; md 15 Nov 1956, Logan, Utah, 
Barbara Ann Selby, b 15 Sep 1938, Delhart, Tex, dau of Amel 
Vernon Selby & Kathryn Reginia Perry. Don served in US Air Force 
after World War II, mopping up in Europe. He received a PhD 
degree from Univ of Utah; is now a Prosecuting Attorney in Salt 
Lake City; Supt of Sunday School of 33rd Ward. Res U27 Douglas, 
Salt Lake City. Chn, b Salt Lake City, U: 

1. David William Bybee, b 12 Sep 1957. 

2. Thomas Edward Bybee, b 12 Sep I960. 
3<. Joseph Lynn Bybee, b 16 Mar 1962. 
U. Siosan Ruth Bybee, b 6 June 1965. 

iii. Andrew Robert Bybee, b 19 Jan 1935; md 27 May 1955, Logan, Utah, 

Vera Patsy Roderick, b lU Mar 1937, Malad, Ida, dau of John J. 

Roderick & Vera Price. He holds MS degree in Psychology from 

Utah State Univ. Res Logan, Utah. Chn, b in Malad, Ida, S' 

1. Todd John Bybee, b 2 Nov 1956. 

2. Tracy Bybee, b 25 Sep 1957. 

3. Andrew Chad Bybee, b 30 Apr 1959- 

U. Gregory Robert Bybee, b 21 May I960. 
5. Pamela Vera Bybee, b 16 Feb 1963. 

ivc Pauline Bybee, b 12 June 1939; md 28 Sep 1956, Soda Springs, Ida, 
Ronald Lee Schaeffer, b 20 June 1937, Ontario, Ore, son of Henry 
Schaeffer & Emma Mayer. Res 353 W 3 N, Logan, Utah. Chn, ^i 

1. Leaxinda Schaeffer, b 9 Aug 1957, Rupert, Ida. 

2. Trina Schaeffer, b 6 June I960, d 9 Dec I960, Soda 
Springs . 

3o Timothy Ronald Schaeffer, b 2U Aug 1962, Logan, Utah. 
U. Dianna Schaeffer, b 17 Dec 196U, Logan. 
5. Ronda Sue Schaeffer, b 9 Jan 1967, Logan. 



NICHOLAS WARMITH or WARMOUTH ROBERTS, son of Peter Roberts & Phoebe 
Richardson, b 25 Dec l865, Coalville, Summit, Utah, d 11 Dec 1929, Prove, 
Utah, bur 1$ Dec 1929, Goshen Cem, Goshen, Utah; md 3 Nov l892, Goshen, 
88 ANNIE MORTENSEN, b 17 Feb 1873, Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah, d U June 19U5, 
Payson, Utah, bur Goshen Cem, dau of Hans Christian Mortensen & Hanna Borg. 

Annie's parents both died when she was a young girl, and she left Mt 
Pleasant to find work. At this time the mines in the Tintic Range were 
active, and she found employment in Eureka. It was there that she met Nich- 
olas in 1890, and they were married in 1892. Pictures on p 1^7. 

Because her husband was born on Christmas morning, he was given the 
appropriate name of Nicholas. When he was still quite young, his parents 
moved to Goshen. Shortly afterwards, his mother died while giving birth to 
a second daughter, and was buried with the child. His father subsequently 
married Sarah Price Jones. 

Nicholas worked hard from the time of his early boyhood; he found em- 
ployment in Mammoth, and later in the Old Beck Mine at Eureka, where he 
learned the mining business under Dennis Sulliian. Later he, his father, and 
Judge A= A. Noon acquired the Old Iron Mines and shipped iron to the American 
Smelting & Refining Co smelter. In 1907 the mines were sold to Reed Smoot and 
the late C. E. Loose. They named their organization the Iron King Mining Co 
and asked Nicholas to be super intendant, which position he held until the mine 
closed in 1909. He then purchased a farm in Goshen and moved his family back 
to it. In 1917 the Iron King Mine resumed work, and Nicholas returned to his 
job as superintendent. In 1919 he moved his family back to Eureka. 

With the thought in mind of making it easier for their children to 
acquire a good education, Annie and Nicholas purchased a home in Provo in 
I92U and moved their family from Eureka. However, Nicholas continued to work 
at the Iron King Mine; he and his son Clinton for some time shipped iron to 
the Columbia Steel Co at Provo. He died suddenly of pneumonia on 8 Dec 1929 
and was interred in Goshen Cem. He was known as a kind husband and father, 
and for his wonderful sense of humor and his honesty. Annie survived him I6 
years. Chn of Annie & Nicholas, 7s 

10$ i. Ruby Sarah Roberts, b 26 Aug 1892; md Conrad L. Nelson. 

ii. Annie Ethel Roberts, b 2$ Jan l895, Goshen, d 22 Jan I908, 
bur in Goshen Cem.- Her health failed her in 3rd grade when 
rheumatism affected her heart. 

106 iii. Phoebe Harriet Roberts, b 13 Dec I896; md (l) Patrick F*. 

Kelly; md (2) Mr, Murray, 
iv. Hannie Luella Roberts, b ll; Jan 1899, Goshen, d 15 May 
1899, bur Goshen. 

107 V. Henry Clinton Roberts, b I6 Feb I9OO; md Doris Kay. 

1^ vi. Mable' Mary -Ellen Roberts, b 25 Sep 1902; md Alwin Don Baird. 
109. vii. Mamie Estella Roberts, b 8 Oct 1905; md (1) Richard LaVear 
Sizemore; md (2) Spencer Gilbert Barnett, 




10$ RUBY SARAH ROBERTS, dau of Nicholas Warmith Roberts & Annie Mortensen, 
b 26 Aug 1893, Eureka, Juab, Utah; md 3 Nov 1915, Provo, Utah, CONRAD L. 
NELSON, b 9 Sep 1886, near Silkeborg, Funder Kirke, Viborg, Uenmark, 
son of Christian Nelson or Neilsen & Marie B. Nyborg. 

Ruby attended schools in Goshen and Eureka, and later the Brigham Yoxing 
Univ. She taught school in Genola during the year 191ii-l5 before her marriage 
to Conrad. He emigrated to Utah with his parents in I89U, and lived in 
Ephraim 2 years before the family moved to Goshen. After their marriage in 
1915, Ruby and Conrad made their home in Elberta, Utah. At this time there 
were no LDS families in the vicinity. In 1922, LDS families started moving in 
and the two were instrumental in organizing the ward. Ruby served as 1st coun- 
selor and then president of the Primary, and teacher in Relief Society. They 
ran a store in Elberta from 1920-25. After selling the business, they trav- 
eled extensively, spending winters in California and summers in the mountains. 
Ruby now res at IO9O W 2nd N, Provo, Utah. Dau: 

i. Ruby "Leona" Nelson, b 19 Sep 1916, Elberta; md 15 Dec 1938, 
Salt Lake City, Marion J. Olsen, b 27 Feb 1910, Provo, son of 
Ole E. Olsen & Elizabeth "Nellie" Jones. Leona and Marion 
were grad from Brigham Young Univ. Marion teaches at Los 
Angeles State College, San Gabriel, Calif. Chn, b Provo, 2: 

1, Constance Lee Olsen, b 12 Apr 19iil; md (l) 17 Aug 
1962, Springville, Utah, Donald Joe Johnson, b 

9 Nov 1935, Provo, son of Arthur Henry Johnson & 
Ada Marie Bame, div; md (2) 26 Nov 1965, Gary Leon 

2, Marion Phillip Olsen, b 9 Sep 19Uii; student at 
Brigham Young Univ. Plans to be physical education 

106 PHOEBE HARRIET ROBERTS, dau of Nicholas Warmith Roberts & Annie 
Morten^n, b 13 Dec I896, Goshen, Utah, d 5 Sep 1955, Stockton, Calif, bur 
Roberts Mausoleum, Stockton; md 26 Dec 1919, Patrick F. Kelly (alias 
Savage), b Watertown or Syracuse, New York, div; md (2) Mr. Murray, div. 

Phoebe was grad from Brigham Young High School in 1917. She took cor- 
respondence courses from Univ of Utah and received a Normal Teaching Diploma 
from Brigham Young Univ, She began teaching at Dividend, Utah, in Sept 1919 
and married Patrick the following Dec. They subsequently made their home in 
Goshen, Salt Lake City, and Midvale. They were divorced 13 July 1933; Phoebe 
was granted the 2 children and her maiden name. She was very talented; sang 
and played the piano well; loved to sew and crochet, and created many beauti- 
ful articles; she made hats and ran a millinery shop. She also excelled in 
remodelling fur coats. Chn of Phoebe k Patrick, S'- 

i. Son Kelly, stillborn 8 July 1921, bur Goshen, 
ii, Marion Francis Kelly, b & d 6 Nov 1922. 
iiio Lyle Geanne Kelly, b 19 Nov 1923, Payson, Utah; md 8 June 

1950, Arthur Umberger, retired Army serviceman. Res Texas. 


Chn of Lyle & Arthur Umberger, U: 

1. Robert Umberger. 

2. Roger Umberger, 

3. ArthTiT Umberger. 

U. Connie Kay Umberger. 

iv. Son Kelly, stillborn 5 Mar 1927, btir Goshen. 
V. Ann "Coleen" Kelly, b 1 Sep 1931, Salt Lake City, Utah; 
nri8 June 19^0, James Harrison Walsh, b 30 May 1928. 
James is an ex-serviceman; was government flier; served in 
Manila, Japan, and Panama Canal. Chn, 2j 

1. Rosemary Elaine Walsh, b 11 Apr 19$1, nr Sacramento, 

2. Stephen Douglas Walsh, b 20 June 1953- 

107 HENRY "CLINTON" ROBERTS, son of Nicholas Warmith Roberts & Annie 
Mortensei?, b 16 Feb 1900, Goshen; md h June 1921, Provo, DORIS KAY, b . 
22 Mar 1903, Mona, Juab, Utah, dau of Hyrum J. Kay & Sarah Ann Partington. 

Clinton, the only son of Nicholas & Annie, spent his boyhood on the 
family's ranch in Goshen« In 1917 he moved to Provo with his sisters to at- 
tend the Brigham Young Univ. There he contracted such a severe case of Flu,, 
he was unable to attend the rest of the year. In 1919 he enrolled at Utah 
State Agricultural Col in Logan. He later worked with his father at the Iron 
King Mine as top carman and engineer. After he married Doris, they settled 
in Santaquin, where they built a modem brick bungalow. He served in civic 
positions such as on the Town Board and as City Marshall. Res 89 N 200 W, 
Santaquin, Utah, 8U655. Chn, b in Santaquin, U: 

i, Doris "Theora" Roberts, b 10 Mar 1922; md (l) 3 Nov 19U7, 
Thomas Elliott Gilpin, b 17 Apr 1918, Denver, Colo, son of 
Thomas Dow & Lena Kay, div Aug 1958 in Las Vegas; md (2) 
31 Oct 1959, Yuma, Ariz, John Wester, b 2 Nov 1922, Skals, 
Den, son of Soren Vester & Ane Therkildsen. Chn of Theora 
& Thomas, b Culver City, Calif, 2: 

1. Thomas Michael Gilpin, b 22 May 1950. 

2. Kathleen Gilpin, b 20 Mar 1952. 

Dau of Theora & John, b Lawndale, Calif: 
1. Anna Linda Wester, b 18 Sep 1960. 

ii. Nick Kay Roberts, b 1 June 1927; md 29 Dec 19U7, Las Vegas, 
Nev, Mary Jane Hudson, b 20 Dec 1926, Santaquin, dau of 
William Hudson & Prudence Harriet Coombs. Res 16U W. Main, 
Santaquin, Utah, Chn, b in Payson, Utah, 2: 

1. Mary Diane Roberts, b 9 June 195U. 

2. Karen Kay Roberts, b 5 Dec 1959. 

iii. Gloria Ann Roberts, b 1 Oct 1933; md 18 Jan 1950, Santaquin, 
Ned Topham, b 19 Apr 1930, Santaquin, son of Melvin Topham 
& Pearl Garfield, 


Chn of Gloria & Ned, 2: 

1. Ned Lynn Topham, b 16 Aug 19$0, Payson, Utah. 

2. Danny Clinton Topham, b 3 Nov 1952, Culver City, 

iv, Clinton Eugene Roberts, b 10 July 1939; md (1) 28 Sep 1957, 
Ely, Nev, Brenda Jeanne Collings, b 3 Nov 1939, Orem, Utah, 
dau of Ferron L, Collings & Eva Wilkinson, div I9 Feb I96I; 
md (2) 21 Sep I966, Ely, Elaine Paige. Chn of Eugene & 
Brenda, b in Provo, Utah, 2: 

1. Larry Gene Roberts, b 9 Aug 1958. 

2. Carolyn Roberts, b 10 May I960. 

108 MABLE MARY ELLEN ROBERTS, dau of Nicholas Warmith Roberts & Annie 
Mortensen, b 25 Sep 1902, Goshen, Utah; md l5 Sep 1928, Provo, ALVTEN DON 
BAIRD, b 17 July 1905, Heber, Utah, son of Henry Baird & Elizabeth Rasband, 
div. Alwin md (2) U Nov 1953, Erma C. Williams, b 2k Jan 1907, Spanish Fork, 
Utah, dau of John Williams & Mary Lena Christensen. 

Mable attended the Univ of Utah and trained at Holy Cross Hospital in 
Salt Lake City. However, she had to discontinue nurse's training after her 
health failed. She then enrolled at Brigham Young Univ, where she met her 
future husband, Alwin. After they were married, they lived in Bingham Canyon, 
where he taught at the high school. Subsequent moves took them to Cedar City, 
Salt Lake City, and Midvale. In 1932 Alwin was transferred to Eureka as 
manager of Safeway Stores. They later moved to Provo. Mable now res at U57 
W h St, Long Beach, Calif; and Alwin in Heber, Utah. Chn, 3: 

i. Larae Aleen Baird, b 22 Oct 1930, Salt Lake City; md 22 Oct 
1952, Salt Lake City, Alvin L. Berg, b Aug 1926, Heber, Utah, 
son of Oscar A. Berg & Flora Bond. Alvin is empl in govern- 
ment work. Res Thousand Oaks, Calif. Chn, b in Hawthorne, 
Calif, 3: 

1. Gary Lynden Berg, b 30 Aug 1953- 

2. Marilyn Iferie Berg, b 31 Mar 1955- 

3. Randy Alvin Berg, b 3 June 1957. 

ii, Betty Lou Baird, b 27 July 193U, Provo; md U Oct 1950, Salt 
Lake City, Doyle Van Wagoner, b 25 Sep 1932, Midway, Utah, 
son of Burton Van Wagoner ?c. Lorna Watkins. Doyle is a 
Highway Patrolman. Res Midway, Utah. Chn, b in Salt Lake 
City, 3: 

1. Lynn Van Wagoner, b 29 June 1953. 

2. Glen Van Wagoner, b Ih June 1955. 

3. Douglas Van Wagoner, b 21 May I96U. 

iii. Mable Marie Baird, b 7 Feb 1937, Provo; md 19 Aug 195U, Salt 
Lake City, Gerald Walton, b 10 May 1935, Oakley, Summit, 
Utah, son of Curtiss Walton & Genevieve Hortin. Mable Marie 
works for a Heber bank. Res S Main, Heber, Utah. Chn, b 
in Heber, $'. 

1, Jacqueline Walton, b 10 June 1955. 

2. Gerald Walton, Jr, b 3 Aug 1956- 


3o Alyson Walton, b 17 Oct 1958 < 
Uo Gary Walton, b 10 May I960, 
5„ Shawn Walton, b 20 Dec 1963. 

109 MAMIE ESTELLA ROBERTS, dau of Nicholas Warmith Roberts & Annie 
Mortensen, b 8 Oct 1905, Goshen, Utahj rad (l) 2U Dec 192U, Provo, Utah, 
RICHARD LA VEAR SIZEMORE, b h Sep 1906, Park Gity, Utah, son of George H. 
Sizemore k Julia E. Peterson, div; rad (2) 6 Jan 19U0, Ely, Nev, SPENCER 
GILBERT BARNETT, b 8 Apr 1910, Payson, Utah, son of William Braxton Harnett 
& Flora Jane Spainhower« 

In 1917, Mamie, her two sisters Mable and Phoebe, and her brother moved 
to Provo to attend school. Because of the severe epidemic of Flu and closing 
of schools in Provo, Mamie returned to Goshen to go to school, and finished 
high school in Eureka. At the age of 13, she was active in church dutiesj she 
served as a Sunday School teacher, which position she held for 5 years. In 
I92U she moved with her family to Provo, where she was married to Richard by 
Wallace Mo Hales. They made their home in Eureka, where Richard worked for 
her father in the Iron King mine. In 1927 they moved to Calif, but remained 
only a few months before returning to Utah to settle in Elberta, Here she 
served in the Primary, and as Beekeeper and 1st Counselor in the YWMIA. 
They later moved to Santaquin, where they built a new home , Since her mar- 
riage to Spencer, Mamie res at 7ii5 E 2nd S, Provo, Utah. Chn of Mamie 
& Richard, 2s 

i. Baby Sizemore, stillborn 8 Oct 1925. 
ii, Barbara Gean Sizemore, b 2 Nov 1927, Elberta; md 17 June 19U6, 
Salt Lake City, Shirl Moore Larsen, b 12 Aug 1925, Leland, 
Spanish Fork, Utah, son of David Larsen & Mildred Moore. 
Res Leland. Chn, b in Spanish Fork, 3s 

1. Randy Larsen, b 28 Aug 19U8. 

2. Craig Larsen, b I6 Feb 1950. 

3. Julie Larsen, b h July 1956. 

Dau of Mamie & Spencer: 

i. Karen Bamett, b 28 Mar 19i;l, Payson, Utah; rtri 25 Sep 1957, 
Provo, Utah, Allyn Robinson, b 12 May 1939, Salt Lake City, 
son of Dennison Elwin Robinson & Vaudis Romania Allen, 
Allyn is a student at Brigham Young Univ, Res Orem, Utah. 

Chn» 2 


1. Kim Ann Robinson, b 15 May 1958, Provo. 

2. Allyn Scott Robinson, b 1 Dec 1962, Salt Lake City, 






S 2 Q 

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c cT) 10 X 
— ' O 00 2 <; 

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—4 CO 


00 *i5 00 . 

^H T3 GO i-* 

2g^ « 3 

j: "^ x: 
U2 ? E -o ^ 





c K 

<« a 

-^ C <7> 

r- <« 00 

S 32 



•^ S T3 V 





iiCHRISTEN ANDERSEN, b I696, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 26 Feb 1766, aged 70, 
in Ortoft Volstrup; md 30 Dec 172^, in Volstrup, IU6 ELSE PEDERSEN, b I69I, 
of Ortoft^ d 8 May 1777, aged 86, in Ortoft, Chn, b in Ortoft, Volstrup, l;s 

i, Johanne Christensen, b 25 Mar 1727 » 
iio Niels Christensen, b 2 Jan 1729- 
^08 iii„ Anders Christensen, b 22 Mar 173lj md Maren Olsen or Olufseno 
^09 iv, Jens Christensen, b 1 Nov 173U; md (l) Karen Christensen; 
md (2) Karen Hansen o 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 129 for marr of husb 
& wife, pp 236 & 2i;U for deaths of husb & wife, pp 7, H^ 15 > 25 for births 
of chn, p 182 for marr of #3 Anders, p I83 for 2nd marr of #U Jens (GS ser 
no 9053, pt 1). Par rec of 7or, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p I38 for 1st marr of 
#U Jens (GS ser no 8996, pt 5)o 

108 ANDERS CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Andersen & Else Pedersen, b 22 
Mar 1731, Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d I6 Jan I78O, Ortoft; md 23 Oct 177U> 
Ortoft, MAREN OLSEN or OLUFSEN, chr 9 Dec 1753s Ortoft, d 25 Aug I817, bur 
31 Aug 1817, Ortoft, dau of Oluf Knudsen & Ane Simonsen. Maren md (2) 
7 Jan 1781. Simon Nielsen <, Chn, b in Ortoft, 2 s 

io Christen Andersen, b 3 Sep 1775 » 
iio Ole Andersen, chr 1 Feb 1778; md 9 Oct l8li;, Volstrup, Maren 
Andersen, b abt 17 8U, of Volstrup. Had child i 

1„ Else Marie Olsen, b 30 Oct l8lli, Volstrup o 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 15 for birth of husb, 
p 77 for birth of wife, pp I36, lIiO for births of chn, p 182 for marr of husb 
& wife, p 186 for 2nd marr of wife, p 2U6 for death of husb; Book 5 , P 259 
for marr of Ole, p UI8 for death of wife (GS ser no 9053, pts 1, 3). 
GS Archives, 

*109 JENS CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Andersen & Else Pedersen, b 
1 Nov 17 3U, Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 17 June I8IO, Kilstrup, Volstrup, 
md (1) 11 Feb 1765, Vor, Hjor, Den, lUO liAREN CHRISTENSEN, b 29 Jan 1733, 
Lindeshede, Vor, Hjor, Den, d 2U Apr 1776, Kilstrup, Volstrup, dau of 
Christen Svendsen & Inger Nielsen; md (2) 6 Oct 1776, Volstrup, KAREN HANSEN 
b 17Uls of Volstrup, d 1 July I8IO, aged 69, Kilstrup, Volstrup, 
Chn of Jens & Karen Christensen, b Kilstrup, Volstrup, kt 

*110 i. Christen Jensen, b 12 Jan I766; md 126 Anne Rasmussen (pl87) 
111 iio Christen Jensen, b 8 June 1767; md Maren Nielsen. 



iiio Inger Jensen, b 1 Sep 1771. 
iv, Thomas Jensen, b 2 July 1775. 

Chn of Jens & Karen Hansen, b Kilstrup, Volstrup, U: 

i. Karen Jensen, b 8 June 1777. 

112 ii- Hans Jensen, b 23 Aug 1779; md Maren Andersen, 

iii. Anders Jensen, b 5 June 1782. 

iv. Christen Jensen, chr 10 June 1787, d 28 June 179$. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 25 for birth of husb, 
p 183 for 2nd marr of husb, pp I08, 111;, 126, I36, 139, lUU, 201 for births of 
chn, p 2U3 for death of 1st wife; Book 2 , pp 10, 195 for chr & death of ffh 
Christen (1787), p I80 for marr of #2 Hans, p 207 for deaths of husb & 2nd 
wife (GS ser no 9053, pt 1). Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 22 for 
birth of 1st wife, p I38 for 1st marr of husb (GS ser no 8996, pt 5). Par rec 
of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 2UI4 for marr of #1 Christen (GS ser 8996, pt 1). 

*110 CHRISTEN JENSEN, son of Jens Christensen & Karen Christensen , b 
12 Jan'Tr66, Kilstrup, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 22 Apr I8U0, bur 26 Apr I8U0, 
Donsted, Albaek, Hjor, Den; md 12 Oct I8OO, Albaek, Hjor, Den, 126 ANNE 
RASMUSSEN, b 13 Feb 1776, Albaek, d 20 Apr 18U9, bur 29 Apr I8U9, Albaek, 
dau of Rasmus Christensen & Karen Jensen. Chn, b Donsted, Albaek, 8: 

■"•1 i. Jens Christensen, b h Mar I80I; md 2 Margrete Jacobsen 
(see pp 1-5). 

ii. Rasmus Christensen, b 6 Oct I803. 

iii. Christen Christensen, b 11 Dec 1806. 

iv, Niels Christensen, b 2li Mar I809. 

113 V. Karen Christensen, b 2k Maj* l8l2; md Jens Christian Nielsen, 

vi. Laurs Christian Christensen, b 2 Oct l8li;. 

vii, Karen Marie Christensen, b 29 Oct I817, 

viiio Anders Christian Christensen, b 12 Apr 1822. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p IO8 for birth of husb 
(GS ser no 9053, pt 1), Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 2UIi for 
marr of husb & wife, pp 175, l87, 200, 211^, 226, and Book 3 , pp 3, 31, 60 
for births of chnj Book U , p 152 for marr of #5 Karen; Book 5 , P 352 for 
death of husb (GS ser no 8996, pts 1-3) » Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, 
Book 7 , p 273 for marr of #1 Jens (GS ser no 9007, pt 3). Census of I83U, 
Hjor, Den, Dist I Dronninglund, Albaek Par, #77 for husb, wife & family 
(GS ser no 8509, pt lU, Book 22 ). 

Ill CHRISTEN JENSEN, 2nd son of Jens Christensen & Karen Christensen 
named~c!iristen Jensen, b 8 June 1767, Kilstrup, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 
10 Oct 1827, Donsted, Albaek, Hjor, Den; md MAREN NIELSEN, b abt 1770, of 
Donsted, Chn, b Donsted, 3s 

i. Karen Christensen, b 5 Jan I80U; md Anders Hansen. 
iio Maren Christensen, b 10 Mar I806; md Anders Hansen, 
iii. Niels Christensen, b 22 Dec I808, 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p Ilia for birth of 


husb (GS ser no 90^3. pt 1). Par rec of Albaek, Hjor Den, Book_2 pp l88, 
196, 212 for births of chn; Book 3 , P lU2 for marr of #1 Karen p 200 for 
death of husb; Book h , p lU6 for marr of #2 Maren (GS ser no 8996 pts 1-3)= 
The family grouF^hiit in the GS Archives ascribes the death date of 20 Apr 
18U9 to the above Christen Jensen; l8U9 is the death date of his brother of 
the same name. For proof see Census of I83U, Hjor, Den, Dist I Dronninglund , 
Albaek Par, #77 (GS ser no 8^09, pt lli, Book 22). 

112 HANS JENSEN, son of Jens Christensen & Karen Hansen^ b 23 Aug 1779, 
Kilst?^, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 9 Nov I838, bur I8 Nov I838, Kilstrup; md 
28 Oct 1810, Kilstrup, MAREN ANDERSEN, b abt I789, of Kilstrup« Chn, b in 
Kilstrup, 6s 

116 i. Jens Hansen, b 30 June I8II; md Karen Marie Jacobsen, 
~ ii„ Karen Hansen, b 11 Apr I8I3. 

117 iiio Anders Hansen, b 10 Feb I816; md Maren Nielsen, 

iv. Hans Hansen, twin, b 26 Dec 1822, d 5 Nov I82U0 
Vo Christen Hansen, twin, b 26 Dec 1822, dy, 
vio Christen Hansen, b 2 Dec 1825. 

REFERENCES 5 Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p lUh for birth of husb; 
Book 2 , p 180 for marr of husb & wife; Book 2, pp 61, 66 and Book 5, PP 7> hi 
and Book 6 , p 3 for births of chn; Book 3 j P 39U for death of #U Hans; 
Book 6 , p 1U5 for death of husb; Book 7 , p 172 for marr of #1 Jens (GS ser 
no 9053* pts 1-3)- 

113 KAREN CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christen Jensen & Anne Rasmussen, b 2U Mar 
l8l2,~D^nsted, Albaek, Hjor, Den; md 7 Dec I832, Albaek, JENS CHRISTIAN 
NIELSEN, b 1792 (UO-I832), of Dronninglund, Hjor, Den, Chn, b Albaek, 2s 

i„ Niels Christian Jensen, b U Oct l833« 
iio Maren Kirstina Jensen, b 21 Aug 1835 » 

REFERMCESs Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 226 for birth of wife; 
Book U, pp 3h, 106 for births of chn, p 152 for marr of husb <St wife (GS ser 
no 8996, pts 1, 3). 

Ill; KAREN CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christen Jensen & Maren Nielsen, b 5 Jan 
I80U, Donsted, Albaek, Hjor, Den, d 27 Nov I826, bur 3 Dec I826, Klitten, 
Albaek; md Dec l822, Klitten, ANDERS HANSEN, chr 29 Jan 1793, Albaek, son 
of Hans Christensen & Maren Christensen, Anders md (2) 10 Nov 1827, his 
wife's sister, 115 MAREN CHRISTENSEN, b 10 Mar I806, Donsted. See below. 
CYin of Karen & Anders, b Klitten, Albaek, 2j 

i, Hans Christian Andersen, b l5 Feb I82U, 
ii, Dau Andersen, stillborn 23 Nov I826. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 13li for birth of husb, 
p 188 for birth of 1st wife; Book 3 , p II42 for 1st marr of husb, p 2l6 for 
death of 1st wife, pp UO, 93 for births of chn; Book U , p IU6 for 2nd marr 
of husb (GS ser no 8996, pts 1-3). 


US MAREN CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christen Jensen & Maren Nielsen, b 10 Mar 
1806, Dohsted, Albaek, Hjor, Den; md 10 Nov 1827, Albaek, ANDERS HANSEN, chr 
29 Jan 1793, Albaek, son of Hans Christensen & Maren Christensen . Anders md 
(1) Dec 1822, his wife's sister, llU KAREN CHRISTENSEN, b 5 Jan l80h, Donsted, 
see above. Chn of Maren & Anders, b Klitten, Albaek^ 2: 

i. Christen Andersen, b 21 Aug 1829 . 
iic Karen Andersen, b 17 Jan I832. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p I3U for birth of husb, 
p 196 for birth of 2nd wife; Book 3 , p lU2 for 1st marr of husbj Book h j p 
lli6 for 2nd marr of husb, pp I3, 91 for births of chn (GS ser 8996, pts 1-3). 

116 JENS HANSEN, son of Hans Jensen k Maren Andersen, b 30 June I8II, 
Kilstrup, Volstrup, Hjor, Den; md 29 Sep I8U3, Volstrup, KAREN MARIE JAC03SEN, 
b 1816 (age 27-I8U3), of Volstrup, Chn, b in Volstrup, U: . 

io Hans Jensen, b 19 Aug ISUU. 

iio Mariane Jensen, b 7 Feb I8U8. 

iiio Jacob Jensen, b 8 Oct l85l» 

iv. Christen Jensen, b 9 June 1857. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 6I for birth of husb; 
Book 7 , p 172 for marr of husb & wife, pp l5, 39, 69 and Book 8 , p 22 for 
births of chn (GS ser no 9053, pts 2, 3, U). 

117 ANDERS HANSEN, son of Hans Jensen & Maren Andersen, b 10 Feb I8I6, 
Kilstrup, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 7 July or Aug I887, Kilstrup; md MAREN 
NIELSEN, b abt l8l3, of Kilstrup, Volstrup. Chn, b in Volstrup, 5: 

118 i» Maren Andersen, b 28 Feb l8U3; md Niels Christian Thomsen. 
~ ii, Hans Andersen, b 11 Apr l8l4l4o 

119 iiio Maren Kirstine Andersen, b 2U Sep I8U6; md Thomas Nielsen. 

iv, Knud Andersen, b 28 July I8U8, d 23 Mar 1662. 
Vo Niels Andersen, b I8 Mar 1853- 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 5 > p 7, for birth of husb; 
Book 7, pp 13, 29, 53, 65 & Book 8 , p 2 for births of chn (GS ser 9053, pts 

118 MAREN ANDERSEN, dau of Anders Hansen & Maren Nielsen, b 28 Feb l8h3, 
Volst^, Hjor, Den; md 3 May I87I, Volstrup, NIELS CHRISTIAN THOMSEN, b 
abt I8U6, of Volstrup. Chn, b Volstrup, 7: 

io Christian Peter Thomsen, b l5 Apr 1873. 

ii, Anders Thomsen, b I8 July I87U. 

iii, Karoline Marie Thomsen, b 2 Mar I8760 

ivo Thomas Thomsen, b 2 Apr I878, 

Vo Thomas Christian Thomsen, b 28 Mar 1879- 


vie Albertine Kirstine Thomsen, b 17 Jan l882. 
viio Juliane Marie Thorasen, b l5 July 1888 

REFERENCE: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor^ Den and fam rec of Jacob Christensen 
in poss of Albert Christensen, American Fork, Utah. 

119 MAREN KIRSTINE ANDERSEN, dau of Anders Hansen & Maren Nielsen^ 
b 2k Sep 18U6, Volstrup, Hjor, Den; md 22 Oct l872, Volstrup^ THOMAS NIELSEN, 
b abt 18U7, at Volstnip, Chn, b in Volstrup, 11j 

i„ Maren Kirstine Nielsen, b 8 Feb l873o 

iio Nielsine Petrine Nielsen, b 1 July l87U= 

iii. Niels Christian Nielsen^ b 11 Sep 1875. 

ivo Kirstine Marie Nielsen, b 26 Sep I876, 

V. Anton Nielsen, b l5 Sep l877o 

vio Christen Nielsen, b 8 July l879» 

vii. Maren Kirstine Nielsen, b 12 Sep I88O, 

viiio Marie Karoline Nielsen, b 27 Aug I88I, 

ixo Thomas Nielsen, b 10 Sep l883o 

Xo Jens Karl Christian Nielsen, b 23 Jan 1885. 

xio Adolf Nielsen, b 21 July 1886, 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den and fam rec of Jacob Christensen 
in poss of Albert Christensen, American Fork, Utah, 


*LARS CHRISTENSEN, b 16^6, of Albaek, Hjor, Den, d 29 Mar 1729, bur 
3 Apr 1729, aged 73, Albaekj md ANNE ANDERSEN, b I68I, of Albaek, d 17 Dec 
17$U, bur 22 Dec 175U, aged 73, Albaek, Chn, b in Albaek, 3: 

«-120 i« Christen Larsen, b 1709; md 128 Anne Rasraussen (see p 190) « 
121 ii, Soren Larsen, b 1715; md 129 Maren Rasraussen (see pl90). 
iii, Karen Larsen, b 1717, d 13 Sep 17 69, bur 17 Sep I769, 

Albaek; md (l) 3 Jan 17liU, Albaek, Oluf Jensen, b 1711, of 
Albaek, d I8 Apr 175U, bur 21 Apr 175U, aged h3, Albaek; 
md (2) 23 Feb 1755, Albaek, Niels Christensen, b 1720, of 
Albaek, d 8 July 1793, bur li; July 1793, aged 73, Albaek, 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 85 for death of husb, 
p 100 for death of wife, p IO8 for death of #3 Karen, p 132 for marr of #1 
Christen, p I36 for marr of #2 Soren, pp 137 & lii5 for marrs of #3 Karen 
(GS ser no 8996, pt 1), 

^120 CHRISTEN LARSEN, son of Lars Christensen & Anne Andersen, b 1709, 
of Hytten, Albaek, Hjor, Den, d 10 Oct 1756, Albaek; md 8 Dec 1737, Albaek, 
128 ANNE RASMUSSEN, b abt 1711, of Hytten, Albaek,d 10 Nov 1775, dau of 
Rasmus Jacobsen & Johanne Hansen, 


Chn of Christen Larsen & Anne Rasmussen, b in Albaek, 6j 

^122 i. Rasmus Christensen, b 6 Oct 173U; md 133 Karen Jensen 
(see p 191). 
ii. Anne Christensen, b I8 Dec 1738, d 9 Sep 1756. 
123 iii. Lars or Lauritz Christensen, chr 27 Mar I7I4I; md Anne 

Cathrine Pedersen. 
121; iv. Christen Christensen, chr 13 Jan 17U1;; md Maren Jensen. 

V, Jens Christensen, b 26 Nov 17U5. 
12$ vi. Maren Christensen, b 2U Aug 1718; md Lars Larsen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , pp 16, 55, 60, 68, 71, 76 
for births of chn, p 101 for deaths of husb & #2 Anne, p 132 for marr of husb 
& wife, p 152 for marr of #3 Lars (GS ser no 8996, pt 1). Par rec of Vor, 
Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p I38 for marr of #1 Rasmus (GS ser no 8996, pt 5). 

121 SOREN LARSEN, son of Lars Christensen & Anne Andersen, b abt 1715, 
Albaek, Hjor, Den, bur 13 Apr 1770, Albaek; md 3 Mar 17U3, Albaek, 129 MAREN 
RASMUSSEN, chr 6 May 1719, Albaek, bur h July 1770, Albaek, dau of Rasmus 
Jacobsen & Johanne Hansen (see p 190). Chn, b in Albaek, 9: 

i. Laurids Sorensen, chr 29 May I7I43. 
ii. Anne Sorensen, chr 3 Dec 17111, d 22 Feb l8l5, Albaek; md (1) 
5 Dec 1770, Albaek, Eskild Jensen, b abt 1732, Albaek, bur 
13 Apr 1771, Albaek; md (2) 20 Oct 1771, Albaek, Hans Nielsen, 
b abt 17li0, Albaek, d h May I8O6, Albaek. 
iii, Rasmus Sorensen, chr 15 Jan 17U7. 
iv. Maren Sorensen, chr 13 Mar 17li9. 
V. Kirsten Sorensen, chr 8 Nov 1751- 
vio Else Sorensen, chr 31 Jan 175U. 
vii, Rasmus Sorensen, b 30 June 1756, chr 7 July 1756. 
viii. Christen Sorensen, chr 29 July 1759. 
ix. Johanne Sorensen, chr 8 Feb 1762. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p IO8 for death of husb St 
wife, p 136 for marr of husb & wife, pp 65, 70, 7h, 77 and Book 2 , pp k, 9, 
15, 23, 25 for births of chn (GS ser no 8996, pt 1). GS Archives. 

»122 RASMUS CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Larsen & Anne Rasmussen, b 
6 Oct T73I;, Albaek, Hjor, Den; md 20 Oct 1765, Vor, Hjor, Den, 1^ KAREN 
JENSEN, b Iii Apr 17lt3, Vor, dau of Jens Christensen & Mette Ibsen (see p 
191). Chn, 6s 

i. Mette Rasmussen, b 31 Dec 1765, Agersted, Vor, d 7 Feb 1766. 

ii. Mette Rasmussen, b 6 Oct 1767, Agersted, d 17 Dec 1768. 

iii. Christen Rasmussen, b 31 May 1773, Agersted. 

* 126 iv. Anne Rasmussen, b 13 Feb 1776, Albaek; md Christen Jensen 110 
(see pp 182, 183). 

V. Mette Rasmussen, b 31 Mar 1779, Albaek. 

127 vi. Karen Rasmussen, b I4 Jan I78I, Albaek; md Hans Christensen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 1|6 for birth of husb. 
Book 2, pp 60, 71, 79 for births of chn, p 2Uh for marr of #U Anne (GS ser 


no 8996, pt 1), Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 39 for birth of wife, 
p 138 for marr of husb & wife, pp 69, 71, 78 for births of chn (GS ser no 
8996, pt 5). 

123 LARS or LAURITZ CHRISTENSEN^ son of Christen Larsen & Anne Rasimissen, 
chr 27 Mar 17U. Albaek, Hjor, Den, d 6 Feb 1790, bur l5 Feb 1790, albaek^ 
md 2 Nov 1768, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, ANNE CATHRINE PEDERSEN, chr h Apr I7UI, 
Volstrup, d 16 Jan I8l2, bur 19 Jan l8l2, Volstrup, dau of Peder Andersen & 
Johanne Hansen. Chn, b in Albaek, 6j 

i. Johanne Larsen, chr 29 Apr I769, d 2 Jan l8U0j md U Jan 1792, 

Niels Berthelsen, b 8 July 1762, Albaek, d 23 June l8l5, 

Albaek, son of Berthel Jensen & Kirsten Christensen, 
ii. Anne Larsen, b 10 Aug 1771, d 29 Nov I83O, Albaekj md 5 Feb 

1797, Albaek, Niels Jensen, chr 25 June 1762, Albaek, son of 

Jens Andersen & Aniie Nielsen. 
iii. Christen Larsen, b 23 Feb 177U, d 12 Jan 1855, Albaek; md 

Johanne Pedersen, b 2 Feb 1777, Albaek, d 2 Jan l8iil, dau 

of Peder Madsen & Karen Hansen. 
iv, Maren Larsen, chr 31 May 1776; md 19 Jan I8OO, Albaek, Jens 

Pedersen, b abt 1772, of Vor, Hjor, Den. 
V. Elizabeth Larsen, chr l5 May 1779, d 13 Mar 1862, Hals, 

Aalborg; md (l) 6 Dec I8OI, Lars Christensen (Domgaard); 

md (2) 18 Nov I8IU, Hals, Aalborg, Jens Christensen, b abt 

1782, Dronninglund, Hjor, Den. 
vi, Kirsten Larsen, chr 27 Nov I78I, bur 23 Aug l805, Albaekj md 

12 Jan I8OU, Albaek, Niels Jensen,, b 11 June 1779, Albaek, 

d 20 May 1859, .lltaek, son of Jens Hansen & Anne Jensen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 60 for chr of husbj 
Book 2 , pp U3, U8, 53; 61, 72, 83 (GS ser no 8996, pt l) for births of chn. 
GS Archives o 

I2U CHRISTEN CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Larsen & Anne Rasmussen, chr 
13 Jan 17U1;, Albaek, Hjor, Den; md 23 Oct 1776, MAREN JENSEN, b abt 171*8^ 
of Albaek. Maren md (l) 3 Nov 1765, Thomas Christensen. Chn of Christen 
& Maren, b Albaek, 2: 

i, Thomas Christensen, chr 9 Mar 1777, 
ii. Christen Christensen, chr h Mar I78O. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 68 for birth of husb 5 
Book 2 , pp 63, 7U for births of chn (GS ser no 8996, pt 1). Census of 

GS Archives. 


12£ MAREN CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christen Larsen & Anne Rasmuasen, b 2U Aug 
17U8, Albaek, d 2? May l807, bur 31 May 1807, Albaek; md 28 Nov 1779, Albaek, 
LARS LARSEN, b 1750, of Albaek, d h Feb 1790, bur 7 Feb 1790, aced UO. 
Child born, Cliristen Hansen, chr 2U May 1782, Albaek, father Hans Andersen, 
b abt nUh, of Albaek. Chn of Maren & Lars, b Albaek, 2: 

io Christen Larsen, b 2$ July 1761. 
ii, Maren Larsen, chr 27 Feb 1785. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 76 for birth of vd.fe; 
Book 2, pp 81, 96 for births of chn (GS ser no 8996, pt 1), OS Archives. 

127 KAREN RASIWSSEN, dau of Rasmus Christensen & Karen Jensen, b h Jan 
1781, Albaek, Hjor, Den, d 23 Apr I83I, bur 29 Apr I83I, Jerslev, Hjor, Den; 
md 27 Dec I8IO, Albaek, HANS CliRISTENSEN, b II4 Apr I78I, Albaek, d 29 Sep 
1871, son of Christen Christensen & Kristen Pedersen. Hans md (2) BODIE 
MARIE CHRISTEI'ISEN of Vanders Krog. Chn of Karen & Hans, 9: 

i. Christen Hansen, b 8 June l807, Albaek; md I8U6, Johanne 
iio Karen Marie Hansen, b 19 Feb I8II, Albaek. 
iii, Anna Kirstine Hansen, b 10 Nov I8l2, Albaek. 
iVo Rasmus Hansen, b 26 Mar I8II;; md 6 Jan l8Ii3, Jerslev, Hjor, 
Den, Ane Cathrine Jensen, chr h Dec I817, Jerslev, dau of 
Jens Christensen & Maren Hansen- 
V. Kirsten Hansen, b 12 July I8I6, Albaek. 
vi, Anders Christian Hansen, b 12 Apr I8I8, Jerslev. 
vii, Anne Hansen, b 12 Jan 1822, Jerslev, d I86U, Mt Pleasant, 
Sanpete, Utah; md 10 Mar I8U8, Jerslev, Peder Christian 
Jensen, b 2ii Jan 1821, Jerslev, d 6 Mar I87U, Lynn, Weber, 
Utah, son of Jens Christensen & Maren Hansen. Had son: 

1, James Jensen, Sr, b I6 June l853, Serritslev, Hjor, 
Den, d 2U Apr 193U> md h July I87O, Karen Sophia 
viiio Maren Hansen, b 11 Aug l825, Jerslev; md 30 Oct I8U9, 

Jerslev, Jens Christian Jensen, chr 11 Oct 1821, Jerslev. 

REFERENCESs Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 79 for birth of wife; 
pp 203, 221, 228 and Book 2a , p 5 and Book 3 , P 37 for births of chn; 
Book 2a , p 131 for marr of husb & wife (GS ser no 8996, pts 1, 2). Par rec 
of Jerslev, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , PP 9, ll5, 133 births of chn (9025, pt 1). 


*RASMUS JACOBSEN, b I666, Albaek, Hjor, Den, bur 27 Jan 1732, aged 66, 
Albaek; md JOHANNE HANSEN, b l675> Albaek, d 23 Sep 176U, bur 29 Sep 176U, 
aged 89, Albaek, Chn» b in Albaek, 6s 

i„ Hans Rasmussen, b I698, bur 2U Apr 1731, aged 32. 
ii. Kirsten Rasmussen, b 1700, d I6 Dec 176U, bur 23 Dec 176U, 
Albaek; md (l) 5 Nov 1719, Albaek, Niels Christensen, b abt 
1691, Albaek, bur 25 Nov 17U9> Albaek; md (2) 5 Dec 1751, 
Lauritz Madsen. 


iii. Jacob Rasniussen, b 170U, d 6 Oct 1760, aged 56. 
* 1^ iv. Anne Rasimissen, b abt 1711, d 10 Nov 1775; md 7 Dec 1737, 
120 Christen Larsen (see pp 186, 187). 
V. ffette Rasmussen, b 1713, d 20 June 17^1, aged UO; md 1 Nov 
17U7, Jens Pedersen. 
12Q vi. Maren Rasmussen, chr 6 May 1719, d h July 1770., Albaek; md 
3 Mar 17U3, Albaek, Soren Larsen or Laursen 121, b 1715, 
Albaek, bur 13 Apr 1770, Albaek, son of Lars Christensen & 
Anne Andersen, (See pl86.) 

REFERENCESi Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 7 for chr of #6 Maren, 
p 86 for death of #1 Hans, p 86 for death of husb, p 98 for death of #5 Mette, 
p lOii for death of #3 Jacob, p 105 for death of #2 Kirsten, p 105 for death 
of wife, p 108 for death of #6 Maren, pp 121, 132, 136, lUO, lU3 for marrs of 
chn (GS ser no 8996, pt 1). 

*IB PEDERSEN (l667) 

»IB PEDERSEN, b l667, of Vor, Hjor, Den, d 29 Dec 1750, bur 1 Jan 1751, 
aged 83, Vorj md KAREN MADSEN, b abt I686, of Vor, d 1 Dec 1739, bur 6 Dec 
1739, Vor. Chn, b in Vor, 3s 

]_3Q i. Mads Ibsen, b abt 1707; md Mette Jensen, 
121 ii. Peder Ibsen, b 1709; md Maren Poulsen. 
*132 iii- Mette Ibsen, b abt 1711; md Jens Christensen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , pp 125, 127, 128 for marrs of 
chn, p 90 for death & age of husb, p 86 for death of wife (GS ser 8996, pt 5). 

130 MADS IBSEN, son of lb Pedersen & Karen Madsen, b abt 1707, Vor, Hjor, 
Den; md I6 Feb 1732, Vor, METTE JENSEN, b abt 1710, of Vor. Chn, b in Vor, Us 

1. Anne Madsen, chr 3 Nov 1732, d 2U Dec 1823; md 27 Nov 1768, 
Vor, Peder Madsen, b l5 Oct 17U2, Vor, d I8 May l8l2, son of 
Mads Rasmussen & Mette Nielsen. Chn, b in Vor, 2: 

1. Mette Pedersen, b 28 July 1769. 

2. Mads Pedersen, b 25 Aug 1771, d l5 Apr l821j md 
23 Oct 1803, Maren Pedersen. 

ii. Jens Madsen, b 22 Sep 173U; md 25 Oct 1772, Vor, Karen 
Madsen, b l5 Oct 17U0, Vor, dau of Mads Jensen & Anne 
Mortensen. Had child: 

1. Mads Jensen, b 8 Feb 1773, Albaek, d 12 May l855; 
md (1) 18 Oct 1806, Maren Jensen; md (2) Maren 
Christensen; md (3) 26 Oct I816, Karen Pedersen. 
iii. Karen Madsen, b 20 Feb 1737; child b, father Andreas Ingstrup, 
b abt 1733, of Vor. Child: 

1. Niels Andreasen, chr 23 May 1772, Vor. 
iv, Kirsten Madsen, b 9 Feb 17[iO. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 125 for marr of husb & 
wife, pp 22, 25, 29, 3U for births of chn, p lUO for marr of #1 Anne, p lUl 
for marr of #2 Jens, p 75 for child of #3 Karen (GS ser no 8996, pt 5). 


131 PEDER IBSEN, son of lb Pedersen & Karen Madsen, b 1709, Vor, Hjor, 
Den, dU May 1776, bur 16 May 1776, aged 67, Vor; md 2 Nov 1738, Vor, MAREN 
POULSEN, b abt 1716, Vor, d lU Nov 180U, bur 18 Nov l80U, aged 88, Vor, dau 
of Poul Christensen k Birgitte Sorensen. Chn, b in Vor, 10: 

i» Karen Pedersen, b 17 Aug 1739, bur 23 Oct 1739- 
ii, lb Pedersen, b 21; Oct 17U0, d 22 Aug 1821, Vor; md 6 Oct 

1782, Vor, Karen Andersen, b 2 May 1750, of Vor, d 22 Mar 1822, 
Vor, dau of Anders Hansen & Else Nielsen. 
iii. Karen Pedersen, chr 17 Apr 17U3, d 16 Feb 1799; md (1) 11 Oct 
1767, Vor, Christen Lauridsen, b abt 1719, of Vor, d I8 Nov 
1787, Vor; md (2) lU Dec I788, Hans Pedersen. 
iv, Anne Pedersen, b 3 Nov 17U5; md 2 Nov 1773, Jens Rasmussen. 

v, Birgitte Pedersen, b U July 17U8, bur 2U Oct 17li8. 
vi, Birgitte Pedersen, b 7 Feb 1750, d 15 Nov l8l5; md 22 Oct I78O, 
Jens Larsen, Child b, father Anders Larsen. 
vii. Maren Pedersen, b 13 Feb 1753, bur 12 May 1757. 
viii. Poul Pedersen, b 5 Mar 1756, bur 6 May 1756. 

ix. Kirsten Pedersen, b 2 Apr 1757; md I8 Oct 1778, Vor, Johan 
Mogensen, b 25 Dec 1755 > of Vor, son of Mogens Johansen & 
Kirsten Andersen. 
X. Maren Pedersen, b 3 Nov I76I. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , pp 33, 35, UO, UU, U7, U9, 
51, 56, 57> 6U for births of chn, p 100 for death & age of husb, p 119 for 
death & age of wife, p 127 for marr of husb k wife, p 139 for 1st marr of #3 
Karen, p lU2 for marr of #9 Kirsten, p IU3 for marr of #6 Birgitte, p lUli for 
marr of #2 lb (GS ser no 8996, pt 5). GS Archives. 

^132 METTE IBSEN, dau of lb Pedersen & Karen Madsen, b abt 1711, Vor, 
Hjor, Den, d 1 Mar I76I, bur 8 Mar I76I, Vor; md 12 Feb 17Ul, Vor, JENS 
CliRISTENSEN, b abt 1710, of Vor. Chn, b in Agpested, Vor, 7: 

i. Karen Jensen, b 7 Nov 17Ul, d h Feb 17U2. 

»133 ii. Karen Jensen^ b lU Apr 17li3; md 122 Rasmus Christensen 
(see p 187). 

iii. Anne Jensen, b I6 Mar 17li5' 

iv, Maren Jensen, b 26 July 17U7, child b, father Jens Skibskarl. 

V. lb Jensen, b 7 Feb 1750. 

vi. Christen Jensen, b 25 Oct 1752. 

vii, Niels Jensen, b 6 Oct 1755 • 

REFERENCES: Far rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 128 for marr of husb & 
wife, pp 36, ^9» U3, U6, U9, 5l, 55 for births of chn (GS ser no 8996, pt 5), 
p 9U for death & age of wife. 

*SVEND (1668) 

*SVEND, b abt I668, of Lindeshede, Vor, Hjor, Den; md MRS. SVEND, b 
abt 1672, of Lindeshede. Chn, b in Lindeshede, 3: 

I3I1 i, Margrete Svendsen, b I69U; md Hans Thomsen, 
^^ ii, Inger Svendsen, b 12 May I69U; md Knud Madsen. 
^ 136 iii. Christen Svendsen, b I698; md Inger Nielsen. 


REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 95 for deaths & ages of 
#1, #3* PP 121, 122, 123 for marrs of chn (OS ser no 0996, pt b)- 

lUMARGRETE SVENDSEN, b I69U, Lindeshede, Vor, Hjor, Den, d 9 Aug I763, 
aged W: Aggersted, Vor; md 17 Feb 1726, Vor, HANS THOMSEN, b l695, of Vor, 
d 5 Aug 17U2, aged hi, Aggersted, Vor. Chn, b in Vor, 6s 

i. Karen Hansen, b 17 Feb 1728. 
ii, Thomas Hansen, b 10 June 1729. 

137 iii. Thomas Hansen, b 27 July 1730; md Anne Pedersen. 

iv. Anne Hansen, b 6 Mar 1733- 

138 V, Margrete Hansen, b 27 Feb 1736; md Lars or Laurs Pedersen. 
vi, Svend Hansen, b 22 Sep I7UI. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 122 for marr of husb & 
wife, p 95 for death of wife, p 87 for death of husb; pp 1$, 17, 19, 23, 27, 
36 for births of chn, p 137 for marr of #5 Margrete, p 139 for marr of #3 
Thomas (GS ser no 8996, pt 5)» 

13< INGER SVENDSEN, b 12 May I69I;, Lindeshede, Vor, Hjor, Den, d 15 June 
17U2,~^ed U8, Albaek, Hjor, Den; md 10 Nov 1720, Vor, KNUD MADSEN, b abt 
1695, of Albaek. Chn, b in Albaek, 65 



Karen Knudsen, b 17 July 1721. 
ii. Ingeborg Knudsen, b 7 Mar 1723. 
iii. Mads Knudsen, b 3 July 1725; md Margrete Nielsen, 
iv. Maren Knudsen, b 6 Jan 1727. 
V. Christen Knudsen, b 10 May 1729. 
vi, Anna Knudsen, b 20 Apr 1732. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 121 for marr of husb & 
wife, p 137 for marr of #3 Mads (GS ser no 8996, pt 5). Par rec of Albaek, 
Hjor, Den, Book 1 , pp 13, 17, 22, 26, 31, UO for births of chn, p 90 for 
death of wife (GS ser no 8996, pt 1). 

» 136 CHRISTEN SVENDSEN, b I698, Lindeshede, Vor, Hjor, Den, d 25 Mar 
1769, Lindeshede, aged 71, bur 9 Apr I769, Lindeshede; md 2U Nov 1726, Vor, 
INGER NIELSEN, b 1699, of Enodden, Vor, Hjor, Den, d 13 July 1777, aged 78, 
at Lindeshede, dau of Niels Pollesen, b abt I667 of Enodden. Chn, b in 

Lindeshede, 6: 











: P 

Svend Christensen, b 28 June 1727. 

Anna Christensen, b 2 Feb 1730, 

Karen Christensen, b 29 Jan 1733; md 109 Jens Christensen 

(see p 182). 

Niels Christensen, b 17 June 1736; md Johanne Andersen. 

Inger Christensen, b 28 Oct 1739, 

Peder Christensen, b 10 Mar 17l45; md Maren Andersen. 

Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12, p 95 for death & age of 


husb, p 101 for death & age of wife, p 123 for marr of husb & wife & name of 
wife's father; pp lU, 17, 22, 28, 33, l43 for births of chn, p 138 for marr of 
#3 Karen, p lUl for marr of #6 Peder (GS ser no 8996, pt $). Par rec of 
Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 169 for marr of #U Niels (GS ser no 8996, pt 1). 

137 THOMAS HANSEN, son of Margrete Svendsen & Hans Thomsen, b 27 July 
1730, Vor, Hjor, Den; marr int 26 Feb 1768, Vor, ANNE PEDERSEN, b abt 17U7, 
of Aggersted, Vor. Chn, 6: 

io Anne Thomsen, b 27 Feb 1769, Aggersted, Vor. 

iio Maren Thomsen, b 15 Aug 1770, Westergaard, Vor. 

iiic Margrete Thomsen, b l8 Mar 1773, Westergaard. 

lU3 iv. Maren Thomsen, b U Apr 1775; md Die Pedersen. 

lUU ■^» Elisabet Thomsen, b 21 Mar 1777; md Ole Christensen. 

vi. Karen Thomsen, b 26 June 1779, Westergaard. 

REFERENCES: Far rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 19 for birth of husb, 
pp 72, 7U, 77, 171, 17U, 179 for births of chn, p 139 for marr int of husb 
& wife; Book 13, p 391 for marr of #5 Elisabet, p 396 for marr of #U Maren 
(GS ser no 9996, pt 5). 

138 MARGRETE HANSEN, dau of Margrete Svendsen & Hans Thomsen, b 27 Feb 
1736, Vor, Hjor, Den; md 7 Oct I76U, Vor, LARS or LAURS PEDERSEN, b abt 1739, 
of Aggerstedj Vor, Chn, b Aggersted, 6s 

i. Hans Larsen, b 1$ Oct I76U. 

ii, Margrete Larsen, b 28 Nov I766. 

iii, Anne Larsen, b 5 Oct 1769. 

ivo Maren Larsen, b 17 Feb 1772. 

V. Svend Larsen, b 22 Apr 177U. 

vi, Jens Larsen, b 11 July 1776. 

REFERENCES: Far rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 27 for birth of wife, 
p 137 for marr of husb & wife) pp 68, 70, 73, 7$, 79, 173 for births of chn 
(GS ser no 8996, pt 5). 

139 MADS KNUDSEN, son of Inger Svendsen & Knud Madsen, b 3 July 172^, 
Albaek, Hjor, Den, d 31 Aug 1799, Vor, Hjor, Den; md 5 Aug I76U, Vor, 
MARGRETE NIELSEN, b abt 17U3, of Vor. Chn, b Toegaard, Vor, $-. 

i, Inger Madsen, b 13 Dec 1765. 

iio Anne Madsen, b I6 July 1767, d 7 June I8IO, Vor. 

iiio Knud Madsen, b 12 Oct 1770. 

iv, Niels Madsen, b 7 July 1772. 

V, Knud Madsen, b 10 May 1775. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 7U for birth of husb 
(GS ser no 8996, pt 1). Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p llU for 
death of husb, p 137 for marr of husb & wife; pp 69, 71, 7U, 76, 173 for 
births of chn'; Book 13, p U85 for death of #2 Anne (GS ser no 8996, pt 5)- 


IM NIELS CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Svendsen & Inger Nielsen, b 1? 
June T736, Lindeshede, Vor, Hjor, Den, d 22 Aug 1802, Albaek, Hjor; rad 21 Oct 
1781, Albaek, JOHANNE ANDERSEN, b 1751, of Albaek, d I8 Apr 1798, aged hi, 
Albaek. Chn, b Albaek, 2; 

i. Christen Nielsen, b 17 June 1785. 
ii. Anders Nielsen, b 9 Aug 1789 . 

RSFEREflCES: Par rec of Albaek, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p I69 for marr of husb & 
wife. Book 2 , pp 97 & 117 for births of chnj Book 2a , p 202 for death of 
wife, p 210 for death of husb (GS ser no 8996, pts 1, 2). Par rec of Vor, 
Hjor, Den, Book 12, p 28 for birth of husb (GS ser no 8996, pt 5). 

Ill2 PEDER CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Svendsen & Inger Nielsen, b 10 
Mar 17U5, Lindeshede, Vor, Hjor, Den, d 10 June I816; marr int 6 July 1773, 
Vor, MAREN ANDERSEN, b 17U5, of Bakkesgaard or Aggersted, Hjor, d 8 Apr I8OO, 
Aggersted. Chn, b in Vor, 7 J 

i. Christen Pedersen, b ih Apr 1775, bur 2 Feb I8OO. 
ii. Anders Pedersen, b lU Oct 1777, bur 11 Feb I78I. 
iii. Niels Pedersen, b It Mar 17 80. 
iv. Inger Pedersen, b 20 Sep I78I. 
V. Anne Pedersen, b 25 Apr I783-8U, d 11 June l85U; md 5 Apr 
1809, Hjor, Den, Peder Hansen, b 6 May 1775, Lyngsaa, Hjor, 
Den, d 1 Jan I839, Hjor, son of Hans Nilsen & Maren Andersen. 
Chn, b in Lindeshede, 5s 

1. Maren Pedersen, b 12 Mar I8II. 

2. Inger Pedersen, b 21 June I813. 

3. Mariane Pedersen, b 15 Dec 1815; rad 10 Nov I8U0, 
Peder Christensen. 

h. Hans Peter Pedersen, b 12 Sep I819. 
5. Nils Christian Pedersen, b 21 Dec l822, 
vi. Karen Pedersen, b I6 Apr 1785, bur 20 Feb I787. 
vii. Karen Pedersen, b 30 Aug I788. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p Ii3 for birth of husb, 
p lUl for marr of husb .'t wife, pp 171, 175, 180, I83, I88, and Book 13 , pp 
9, 27 for births of chn; Book 1^ , p 386 for death of husb (GS ser no 8996, 
pt 5). GS Archives. 

ll;3 MAREN THCMSEN, dau of Thomas Hansen & Anne Pedersen, b h Apr 1775, 
Westergaard, Vor, Hjor, Den; md 11 Nov I803, Vor, OLE PEDERSEN, b abt 1778, 
of Overgaard, Vor. Chn, b in Vor, 5s 

i. Maren Olsen, b I8 July I80U. 

ii. Thomas Olsen, b 17 Oct I806. 

iii. Peder Olsen, b II4 Mar I810. 

iv. Christen Olsen, b 25 May l8l2. 

V. Anne Marie Olsen, b 21 Oct l8l5. 

REFERENCES? Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 17I for birth of wife, 
BookJJ, p 396 for marr of husb & wife, pp 111, 123, lU2, 156 & Book lU, 
p 100 for births of chn (GS ser no 8996, pt 5). ~ 


ll|l| ELISABET THOMSEN, dau of Thomas Hansen k Anne Pedersen, b 21 Mar 1777, 
Westergaard, Vor, Hjor, Denj md 18 Dec 1799, Vor, Hjor, OLE CHRISTSNSEN, b 
abt 177U^ of Ensted, Vor, Hjor, Den. Child b, father Christen Norholt, who 
was b abt 1773, of Ag^ersted, Vor: 

1, Thomas Christensen^ b 2U July 1799, Aggersted, Vor. 
Son of Elisabet Sc Ole: 

i. Soren Olsen, b 22 May 1801, Ensted, Vor. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vor, Hjor, Den, Book 12 , p 17U for birth of wifej 
Book 13 , p 8U for birth of Thomas, p 391 for marr of Elisabet Sc Ole, p 95 for 
birth of Soren (GS ser no 8996, pt 5), 

*PEDER (1662) 

*PEDER, b abt 1662, of Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den; md MRS. PEDER, b 
abt 1665, of Ortoft, Chn,, b in Ortoft, 3: 

II1.5 i- Margrete Pedersen^ b I688; md Jorgen Pedersen. 
^ li;6 ii. Else Pedersen, b I69I; md Christen Andersen ( see p 182). 
IU7 iii« Niels Pedersen, b l69l;; md Ingeborg Nielsen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 129 for marr of #1 
Margrete & #2 Else, p l5l for marr of #3 Niels (GS ser no 9053, pt 1). 

1U5 MARGRETE PEDERSEN, b I688, Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 6 Feb 1752, 
aged W7 Ortoft; md h Feb 1725, Volstrup, JORGEN PEDERSEN^ b I69U, of Ortoft, 
d 17 Feb 1768, aged 71;, Ortoft. Chn, b in Ortoft, 2: 

lli8 i. Svend Jorgensen, b 22 Apr 1725; md Maren Hansen. 
II4.9 ii„ Peder Jorgensen, b 30 May 1728; md Johanne Larsen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , pp 3, 9 for births of 
chn, p 129 for marr of husb & wife, p I67 for marr of #1 Svend, p 172 for 
marr of #2 Peder, p 226 for death of wife, p 237 for death of husb (GS ser 
no 9053., pt 1)„ 

ll;7 NIELS PEDERSEN, b I69U, of Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 15 Sep 
175U,~aged 6O; md l5 Oct 1730, Volstrup, INGEBORG NIELSEN, b I69U, of 
Ortoft, d 3 Sep I76U, aged 70, Ortoft, Dau: 

i, Karen Nielsen, b 27 May 1731, Ortoft. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p I6 for birth of #1 
Karen, p l5l for marr of husb & wife, p 228 for death of husb, p 235 for 
death of wife (GS ser no 9053, pt 1). 


llQ SVEND JORGENSEN, son of Jorgen Pedersen & Margrete Pedersen, b 22 Apr 
1725, totoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 20 Oct 1771, Volstrup; md l8 June 1752, 
Volstrup, MAREN HANSEN, b 26 Dec 1729, Volstrup, dau of Hans Truelsen & Karen 
Hansen. Chn, b in Ortoft, 7s 

1^0 i„ Jorgen Svendsen, b 1752 (7U-l826)j md Dorthe Marciossen. 

ii. Kirsten Svendsen, chr 8 Apr 1753- 

iii. Thomas Svendsen, chr 31 Mar 1755, d 10 May 1789 . 

151 iv. Margrethe Svendsen, chr 1 Nov 1757; md Iver Andersen. 

V. Karen Svendsen, chr 2 Nov 1760. 

152 vi. Kirsten Svendsen, chr 20 Nov 1763; md Peder Madsen. 
vii. Hans Svendsen, b 12 Oct 1766. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1, p 3 for birth of husb, 
pp 75, 82, 88, 93, 102, 111 for births of chn, p 167 for marr of husb & wife, 
p 2liO for death of husb; Book 6 , p ihO for approx birthdate of #1 Jorgen 
(GS ser no 9053, pts 1, 3T- 

l[|.9 PEDER JORGENSEN, son of Jorgen Pedersen & Margrete Pedersen, b 
30 MayT728, Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, bur 10 Nov 1771, Volstrup; md 
11 May 1760, Volstrup, JOHANNE LARSEN, b abt 1731, of Karup, Hjor, Den, d 
20 Sep 1772, aged iil, Volstrup, dau of Lars Madsen. Johanne published int 
of marr (2)2 June 1772 to Jens Christensen, but she died before marr was 
legalized. Chn, b in Volstrup, 6: 

1^3 i. Christen Pedersen, b 29 Mar I76I; md Karen Nielsen, 

ii. Jorgen Pedersen, b 6 Jan I763. 

iii. Thomas Pedersen, b 26 Feb 1761;, 

11^ Ij, iv. Margrete Pedersen, b 17 Nov 1765; md Ole Christensen. 

V. Maren Pedersen, b 9 Apr I769. 

vi. Anne Pedersen, b 15 Sep 1771. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 9 for birth of husb, 
pp 9U, 99, 102, 108, 119, 126 for births of chn, p 172 for marr of husb & 
wife, p 2U0 for deaths of husb & wife; Book 2 , p 156 for marr of #li Margrete 
to Ole Christensen (GS ser no 9053, pts 1, 2). 

150 JORGEN SVENDSEN, son of Svend Jorgensen & Maren Hansen, b 1752, 
Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 29 Apr 1826, aged 7h', md DORTHE MARCUSSEN, 
b 1756, of Ortoft, d I3 Feb 1827, aged 70. Chn, b in Ortoft, hi 

i. Markus Jorgensen, b 6 Mar 1782. 
155 ii- Peder Jorgensen, chr 6 Feb 1785, d 1 Sep I866; md lU Dec 
1819, Volstrup, Maren Christensen. 
iii, Johanne Jorgensen, b 30 Aug I789. 
iv. Ole Jorgensen, b 3 Apr 1791, d 31 Oct l8U2; md 21 Nov I817, 
Dorthe Nielsen, b 17 88, of Ortoft. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 200, and Book 2 , 
pp U, 15-16, 19 for births of chn. Book 6 , pp lUO, IU6 for deaths of husb 
& wife (GS ser no 9053, pts 1-3). GS Archives lists a son Svend b 17 Jan 
1780— he was a son of Jens Svensen & Margrethe Laursen, with Jorgen Svendsen' s 
wife as a witness to his christening: see Book 1, p lU5. 


l£l MARGRETHE SVENDSEN, dau of Svend Jorgensen & Maren Hansen, chr 1 Nov 
1757, Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d $ Jan 1835; md 7 Oct 1792, Volstrup, 
IVER ANDERSEN, b 1761, of Risholt, Hjor, Den, d 15 May l8U2. Chn, b in 
Volstrup, 2 J 

i. Svend Iversen, b 2 Dec 1792, d 20 Feb 1870; md (l) 5 Nov 
1820, Else Christensen; md (2) 8 Nov I835, Anne Cathrine 
Christensen, b I8OI (3U-1835), Horby, Hjor, Den. 
ii, Anders Iversen, b 17 July 1796, d 27 Aug 1883; md 22 Nov 
IO2I, Karen Pedersen, b 13 May 1791, Volstrup, dau of 
Peder Nielsen k Maren Larsen, who md (1) 5 Jan 1812, 
Soren Pedersen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 88 for birth of wife. 
Book 2 , pp 23, 31 for births of chn, p 156 for marr of husb & wife (GS ser 
no 9053, pt 1). GS Archives. 

152 KIRSTEN SVENDSEN, dau of Svend Jorgensen k Maren Hansen, chr 20 Nov 
1763, Ortoft, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 12 Feb I836; md 27 Oct 1798, Volstrup, 
PEDER MADSEN, b 1762, Ortoft, d 16 Nov l827. Chn, b in Ortoft, U: 

i. Mads Pedersen, b 25 Nov 1798, d 23 Feb I8OO. 
ii. Johanne Marie Pedersen, chr 6 Apr I8OI. 
iii. Mads Pedersen, b 17 Oct l802. 
iv. Svend Pedersen, b U Aug l805; md 19 June I828, Maren Jensen, 
b 1793 J Ortoft. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 102 for birth of wife. 
Book 2 , pp 37, U2, U5, 50 for births of chn, p 159 for marr of husb k wife 
(GS ser no 9053, pt 1). GS Archives. 

1^3 CHRISTEN PEDERSEN, son of Peder Jorgensen & Johanne Larsen, b 
29 Mar 1761, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 27 Mar I83O, bur h Apr I83O, Volstrup; 
md 1 Nov 1795, Volstrup, KAREN NIELSEN, b 30 Jan 1766, of Volstrup, d 
5 July 1830, bur 11 July I83O, Volstrup. Chn, b in Volstrup, 2: 

i. Ingeborg Christensen, chr 12 June 1796, d 2U Feb l85li, 
Volstrup; md 5 Oct 1328, Volstrup, Christen Abrahamsen, 
b abt l301, of Volstrup. 
ii, Niels Christensen, chr 8 Sep 1799, d 21 Feb 1856, Volstrup; 
md 20 Oct 1828, Volstrup, Dorthe Christensen, chr 2 June 
1799, Volstrup, dau of Christen Olsen k Karen Christensen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 9U for birth of 
husb; Book 2 , pp 31, 39 for births of chn, p 157 for marr of husb k wife 
(GS ser no 9053> pt 1). GS Archives. 


l^Ii MARGRETE PEDERSSN, dau of Peder Jorgensen & Johanne Larsen, b 1? Nov 
1765,"lolstrup, Hjor, Den; md 9 Nov 1792, Volstrup, OLE CHRISTEN3EN, b abt 
17 6U, of Volstrup, d 19 Feb l8h2, bur 27 Feb 18U2, Volstrup. Chn, b in 
Volstrup, 5 2 

i. Johanne Olesen, chr 2U Nov 1793; md (l) 2U Oct I8l9, Abraham 
Hansen; md (2) 26 Oct I83I, Ole Thomsen. 
ii. Karen Olesen, chr 11 Oct 1797; md 6 Nov 1821, Morten 
iii. Child Olesen, stillborn 5 July I8OI, bur 7 July I8OI. 
iv. Christen Olesen, chr I6 Mar I803. 
V. Child Olesen, stillborn h Mar l806.- 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p I08 for birth of wifej 
Book 2 , pp 25, 3U, U2, U6 for births of chn, p 156 for marr of husb & wife 
(GS ser no 90^3, pt 1). GS Archives. 

Igg PEDER JORGENSEN, son of Jorgen Svendsen & Dorthe Marcussen, chr 
6 Feb 1785, Volstrup, Hjor, Den, d 1 Sep I866; md Iii Dec I819, Volstrup, 
MAREN CHRISTEI^ISEN, b 28 Nov 1798, of Volstrup, Chn, b in Volstrup, 6: 

i. Johanne Pedersen, b 29 Sep I826; md 28 Dec 18$2, Morten 

iio Anne Marie Pedersen, b 12 Feb 1829 . 

iii, Jorgen Christian Pedersen, b 8 Apr I83I, 

iv, Marcus Pedersen, b 1; Oct I833. 

V, Margrethe Pedersen, b 30 Nov I835. 

vi, Lisbeth Pedersen, b 10 July 1838. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Volstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p k for birth of husb; 
Book 6 , pp 21, 25, U6, 52, 65, 69 for births of chn (GS ser no 9053, pts 
2, 3j. GS Archives. 






c c 

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c- ;:2 > 1) 

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r- UJ 00 OS w 

x: "^ x: 

XI S E -a 3 


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t — in " '^^ 

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1-1 J= 
.° 5 

It "3 
xi rz 

CO - 00 - 
— ^ oo *- 


<Q v) r- 
•^ O .^ 01 

•» D _ D 


XI 3 -o 3 





*PEDER AITOERSEN, b abt 1700, of Klitten^ Elling^ Hjor, Den, d 1 Nov 1770, 
Klitteni md (1) IDA OLAFSEN, b abt 1703, of Klitten^ md (2) DORTHE OLAFSEN, 
b abt 1705, of Elling. Chn of Peder & Dorthe^ 2s 

1^6 io Mette Pedersen, b 1726, Elling^ md Christen Nielsen. 
»lg7 ii, Anne Pedersen, b 1732, of Klittenj md Mogens Mogensen. 

REFERENCES 5 Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p UlO for death of husb, 
p Ull for death & age of #2 Anne (GS ser no 9007., pt l)o Par rec of 
Raabjerg, Hjor, Den. Book 2 , p 18U for death & age of #1 Mette (GS ser no 
903U, pt l)o 

1$6 METTE PEDERSEN, dau of Peder Andersen & Dorthe Olafsen, b 1726, 
Elling, Hjor, Den<, d 12"May 1793, aged 67, Raabjerg^ Hjor, Den; md CHRISTEN 
NIELSEN, b abt 1723, of Raabjergo Chn, b in Raabjerg^ 11: 

io Niels Christensen, b l8 May 17ii95 md Maren Christensen. 

ii, Olaf Christensenj, b 27 Dec 1750,, 

1^9 iii» Ida Christensen, b 2k Sep 1752; md Christen Christensen. 

iv. Christen Christensen^ b 20 Apr 1755, d 17 June 1755 « 

V, Maren Christensen, b 11 July 1756 o 

vio Maren Christensen, b 10 Dec 1758 » 

r±lo Anne Christensen, b 19 Apr I76I. 

160 viii. Peder Christensen, b 23 Jan 1763; md Ane Pedersen. 

ix. Margrete Christensen, b 2ii Feb 1765. 

X. Jens Christensen, b 8 July 1767, d 27 Mar 1773. 

xi„ Karen Christensenj b 2)4 Apr 1770„ 

REFERENCES: Par r«c of Raabjerg, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , pp lUO, lii5, l5l,l59, 
162, 166, 168, and Book 2 , pp 27, 32, 37, hk for births of chn; Book 2 , p 
130 for marr of #1. Niels & p I3I for marr of #3 Ida, p I8U for death & age 
of wife, p 173 for death of #10 Jens; Book 1 , p 27U for death of #1; 
Christen (GS ser no 903U, pts 1, 2)o 

*I57 ANNE PEDERSEN, dau of Peder Andersen & Dorthe Olafsen, b 1732, of 
Klitten, Elling, Hjor., Den, d 20 Jan 1771, aged 39, Klitten; md MOGENS 
MOGENSEN, b 1727, of Klitten, d 1 Jan 1771, aged UU, Klitten. Chn, b in 
Ellingj, 7 s 

i. Ida Mogensen^ b 1758, 
ii, Jacob Mogensen^ b I8 Mar 1759. 



^161 iii. Jacob Mogensen, b 7 Sep 1760j md (1) Margrethe Madsen; md (2) 
Maren Christensen. 
162 iv. Anne Mogensen, b 11 July 1762; md Christen Svendsen. 
V. Margrete Mogensen, b 1765. 
vi. Peder Mogensen, b 1767. 
vii. Peder Mogensen, b U May 1769 . 

REFERENCES; Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , pp 1, 7, II4, U3 for births 
of chn, p Ull for death of husb & wife, p 5^6 for raarr of ffU Anne, p 585 for 
1st marr of #3 Jacob; Book 2 , p 261 for 2nd marr of #3 Jacob. (GS ser no 9007, 
pts 1, 2). 

158 NIELS CHlilSTENSEN, son of Christen Nielsen & Mette Pedersen, b I8 Hay 
17li9, Raabjerg, Hjor, Den, d 29 Mar 1828, Raabjerg; md 26 Dec I78O, in 
Raabjerg, MAREN CHRISTENSEN, b 1752 (35-1787), of Raabjerg. Chn, b in 
Raabjerg, U; 

i. Anne Marie Nielsen, b lU Oct I78I. 

ii. Christen Nielsen, b I8 July I78U. 

iii. Christen Nielsen, b 8 Oct I786. 

iv. Jens Nielsen, b 1 Jan I788. 

REFERENCES: Far rec of Raabjerg, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p lUO for birth of husb; 
Book 2 , pp 63, 73, 78, 83 for births of chn, p I30 for marr of husb &. wife; 
Book k , p 199 for death of husb (GS ser no 903U, pts 1, 2). Census of 1787 
(G3 ser no 8506, pt 10) . 

159 IDA CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christen Nielsen k Mette Pedersen, b 2U Sep 
1752, Raabjerg, Hjor, Den; md 7 Oct I78I, in Raabjerg, CHRISTEN CHRISTENSEN, 
b abt 1756, of Raabjerg. Chn, b in Raabjerg, 3 J 

i. Christen Christensen, b 26 Apr 1782. 
ii. Mette Christensen, b 12 May I786. 
iii. Mette Christensen, b 13 Jan 1793 • 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Raabjerg, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p l5l for birth of wife. 
Book 2, pp 69, 77, 9U for births of chn, p I3I for marr of husb & wife (GS 

ser no 903U, pt 1) . 

160 PEDER CHRISTENSEN, son of Christen Nielsen & Mette Pedersen, b 
23 Jairr763, Raabjerg, Hjor, Den; md 30 Sep 1792, Raabjerg, ANE PEDERSEN, 
chr 11 Mar 1759, Raabjerg, d 9 Apr l821, bur 15 Apr I82I, Raabjerg, dau of 
Peder Christensen k Mette Jensen. Chn, b in Raabjerg, 5: 

i. Christen Pedersen, b 7-12 Jan 179U. 
ii. Peder Pedersen, b 13 Mar 1795-6, d 17 Feb I87O, Raabjerg; 
md 20 Jan l822, Raabjerg, Else Christensen, b abt 1792, of 
Raabjerg, d 30 Aug I867, aged 75, Raabjerg. 
163 iii. Mette Marie Pedersen, b lU Aug 1796; md Johan Ludvig 
" Nielsen (Kjelder). 


iVo Anne Marie Pedersen, b 9 Sep 1798 <, 
Vo Jens Pedersen, b 28 Aug 1800. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Raabjerg, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p l5 for birth of wife, 
p 27 for birth of husb, p 1^9 for birth of #3 Mette (GS ser no 903U,pt l)o 
GS Archives . 

*l6l JACOB MOCENSEN, son of Mogens Mogensen & Anne Pedersen, b 7 Sep 
1760, ETTing, Hjor, Den, d 9 Nov I836, bur 20 Nov I836, Elling; md (1) 22 Sep 
1789, Elling, MARGRETHE MADSEN, b 1756, of Elling, d 2$ Dec 1821, bur 30 Dec 
1821, Elling, dau of Mads Pedersen & Anne Larsen; md (2) 8 Nov 1822, Elling, 
181 MAREN CHRISTENSEN, chr 27 Mar 178U, Boel, Gierum, Hjor, Den, dau of Christen 
Jensen & Maren Christensen, d 1$ Nov I8U6, Tolne, Hjor; md (2) 21 Oct 1837, 
Soren Christensen, b 1773 (72-l8U$), of Jerup, Elling, Hjor, Den. Chn of 
Jacob & Margrethe, b in Elling, 6: 

Mogens Jacobsen, b l5 Nov 1789j md Ellen Marie Christensen. 

Mads Jacobsen, b 29 July 1792; md Maren Christensen. 

Anne Marie Jacobsen, b 8 June 179U; md Niels Christian Jensen « 

Maren Jacobsen, b 7 Aug 1796; md Jens Christensen. 

Laurs Jacobsen, b 1 Mar 1798; md Johanne Marie Jensen. 

Katrine Jacobsen, b 1$ Feb I8OI. 

Chn of Jacob & Maren, b in Bratten, Elling, 2: 

* 2 io Margrete Jacobsen, b 27 Jan 1825; md 1 Jens Christensen 
~~ (see pp l-U)o 

ii. Christen Jacobsen, b 7 Dec 1827. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 7 for birth of husb, pp 
139, m8,l55, 16U, 170, 180 for births of chn of 1st wife, p 585 for 1st raarr 
of husb; Book 2 , pp 50 & 123 for births of chn of 2nd wife, p 261 for 2nd marr 
of husb; Book 3 , p Ul;7 for death of h\jsb, p 309 for 2nd marr of wife (GS ser 
9007, pts 1, 2). Par rec of Tolne, Hjor, Den, Book 7, p U29 f or death of 2nd 
wife (GS ser 9007, pt 3). Par rec of Gierum, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , p I80 for 
birth of 2nd wife (GS ser 9008, pt 2). 












162 ANNE MOGENSEN, dau of Mogens Mogensen & Anne Pedersen, b 11 July 
1762,~EIling, Hjor, Den; md U Nov 1790, Elling, CHRISTEN SVENDSEN, b abt 
1765, of Elling. Chn, b in Bratten, Elling, Ut 

i^ Anne Christensen, b 1 Jan 1791. 

ii. Thomas Christensen, b 2k July 1796, 

iii, Kirs ten Christensen, b 7 Oct 1798. 

iv, Peder Christensen, b 23 Aug I8OI. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p lU for birth of wife, 
pp Ili3,l63, 172, 183 for births of chn, p 586 for marr of husb & wife (GS 
ser no 9007, pt 1). 

163 METTE MARIE PEDERSEN, dau of Peder Christensen & Anne Pedersen, b 
lU Aui~T796, Raabjerg, Hjor, Den; nd 30 Dec I83I, Raabjerg, JOHAN LUDVIG 
NIELSEN (KJELDER), b 1802 (29-1831), of Skagen, Hjor, Den« 


Chn of Mette & Johan, b in Skagen, 2: 

io Ane Marie Ludvigsen or Johansen, b 2 Apr I833. 
ii. Ane Marie Ludvigsen or Johansen, b 3 Aug 1831; . 

REFERENCESs Par rec of Raabjerg, HJor, Den, Book 2 , p 159 for birth of wife, 
Book h , p 139 for marr of husb & vd.fe (GS ser no 903U, pt 1). Par rec of 
Skagen, Hjor, Den, Book g, pp 129, 137 for births of chn (GS ser no 9039, 
pt 2). Skagen Par records the chn under surname of Ludvigsen; GS Index Bur 
records them under Johansen. GS Archives. 

I6U MOGENS JACOBSEN, son of Jacob Mogensen & Margrethe Madsen, b 15 Nov 
1789, Elling, Hjor, Den, d 9 Oct l872,bur20 Oct 1872, Elling; md I819, ELLSH 
MARIE CHRISTENSEN, b 1793, or 10 Dec 1797, ELling, d 20 Oct l88$. Chn, b 

Child Mogensen, stillborn 17 Sep 1820. 
Margrethe Mogensen, b 30 Nov 1821, d 11 Jan 182U. 
Johanne Mogensen, b I8 Aug l82li; md Jorgen Andersen. 
Margrethe Mogensen, b 6 Apr 1827; md Jens Christian 

Christine Mogensen, b 17 Oct 1829; md Jens Peter Larsen. 
Jacob Mogensen, b I8 Apr I832, d 11 Nov I833. 
Jacob Mogensen, b 23 Aug I83U; md Nicoline Ansine Nielsen. 
Christen Mogensen, b 2 Apr 1837. 

Mads Peter Mogensen, b 10 Jan 181^2; md Jacobine Marie 
X. Thomas Peter Mogensen, b 23 Nov I8UI4. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 139 for birth of husb; 
Book 2. pp 19, 71, 83, 105, 133, 1U$ and Book 3 > PP H, 31, U5 for births of 
chn; Book h , p 577 for death of husb; Book 3 , PP 335, 338 & Book U , pp 337, 
339, 377 for marrs of chn (GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2). GS Archives sheet 
gives wife's birth date as 1793; MT Bapt 8 Dec I89I & End 21 Nov 1915 rec 
give \n.fe^3 birth date as 10 Dec 1797, from. family rec. 

in KLling 

, 10 














16^ MADS JACOBSEN, son of Jacob Mogensen & Margrethe Madsen, b 29 July 
1792, "ming, Hjor, Den, d 10 Sep I8I45, Elling; md 30 Oct 1821, Elling, 
MAREN CHRISTENSEN, chr 19 Apr l802, Elling, dau of Christen Thorasen & Johanne 
Christensen, Maren rod (2) h Dec I8U6, Niels Peder Christensen. Chn, b in 
Brat ten, Elling, 9: 

i, Margrete Madsen, b 27 Jan 1823; md 3 Oct 13U7, Thomas Olsen. 
Ijl ii, Johanne Marie Madsen, b 15 May 1825; md Peder Peder sen. 
iii. Jacob Christian Madsen, b I6 Oct 1827. 
iv. Anne Cathrine 1-Iadsen, b 11 Nov 1829; md 3 Nov l855, Jens C. 
V. Christian Madsen, b I8 Apr 1832; md 22 Sep l85U, Gjertrude 
Co Thomsen. 
vi. Jensine Madsen, b 1 Dec I83I1; md 25 Nov 1655, Lars Christen 


vii. Kirsten Marie Madsen, b U Jan I838; md 27 Feb 1859, Anders 
viii. Anders Christian Madsen, b 23 Jan I8UI. 
iXo Peder Christian Madsen, b 8 Nov l81i3e 

REFERENCES J Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p IU8 for birth of husb; 
Book 2 , p 259 for marr of husb & wife, pp 5l, 71, HI, 123, lU5, I69 and 
Book 3 , pp 27, Ul, 123 for births of chn, p U35 for death of husb (OS ser no 
9007, pts 1, 2)0 GS Archives, 

166 ANNE MARIE JACOBSEN, dau of Jacob Mogensen & Margrethe Madsen, chr 
8 JuneT79U, Elling, Hjor, Den, d h May l8U7; md 2U Feb l8l5, Elling, NIELS 
CHRISTIAN JENSEN, chr 7 Sep 179lt, of Elling, d 3 Feb 1873, son of Jens Nielsen 
& Mette Nielsen. Chn, b in Bratten, Elling, lis 

i„ Marie Nielsen, b 11 Feb I8I60 
iio Mette Margrete Nielsen, b 27 Apr I8I8; md 6 Mar l8i;7, Elling, 
Jens Christian Hansen, b I82I (26-18U7), of Elling, Had ch; 
1. Martine Jensen, b li; Jan l8h7, of Elling. 
2J^ iii, Jacob Christian Nielsen, b I8 July I82O; md Ane Christensen. 
iv. Trine Nielsen, b lU Mar 1822, 
V, Annie Marie Nielsen, b 28 Mar I82U, 
176 vi. Jens Christian Nielsen, b 26 Apr I826; md Karen Marie 
vii. Trine Nielsen, b 27 Apr 1828, 
viii, Maren Nielsen, b 20 Feb I83O, 

ix. Kirstine Nielsen, b 20 Dec I83I; md 27 Jan i860, Elling, 
Christen Nielsen, b 28 Apr I83I, Elling, son of Niels 
Christensen & Marie Jacobsen. 
X. Nicoline Ansine Jensen Nielsen, b 11 Jan I83U, 
xi. Christian Severin Nielsen, b 9 Jan 1837, 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p l55 for birth of wifej 
Book 2 , pp 17, U5, 89, 95, 105, 117, 137, 1U7, 155, 165 & Book 3 , P 7 for 
births of chnj Book 3 , PP 317, 323, 329 for marrs of Jacob, Mette & Jens 
(GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2). GS Archives, 

167 MAREN JACOBSEN, dau of Jacob Mogensen & Margrethe Madsen, b 7 Aug 
1796,"E[ling, Hjor, Den, d 16 Jan 1882, bur 2U Jan 1882, Aasted, Hjor, Den; 
md 9 Nov 1820, Elling, JENS CHRISTENSEN, b abt 1795, of Aasted, d 2U Feb 
1850, bur 3 Mar l850, Aasted, Chn, b in Aasted, 3s 

177 io Inger Catrine Jensen, b 20 July 1821; md Mads Christian 
ii. Johanne Margrete Jensen, b 11 June I82U, 
iii. Jacob Christian Jensen, b I8 Oct I826. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 161; for birth of wife 
(GS ser no 9007, pt 1), Par rec of Aasted, Hjor,Den, Book U , pp I6, 53, 56 
for births of chn; Book 5 , p 229 for marr of #1 Inger, ( GS ser no 899U, pt 2), 
GS Archives, 


2^ LAURS JACOBSEN, son of Jacob Mogensen & Margrethe Madsen, b 1 Mar 
1798, Elling, Hjor, Den, d 11 Mar l88l; md 19 Apr 182U, Elling, JOHANim MARIE 
JENSEN, b 21 May I80I4, Bratten, Elling, d 17 Feb I87O, dau of Jens Jensen k 

Maren Eriksen, Chn, b in Elling, 7; 

io Maren Larsen, b 13 July I82U. 
ii. Jacob Larsenj, b 19 Sep 1029. 
178 iii« Jens Larsen, b h May 1835; md Ellen Marie Christensen. 
iVo Crete Larsen^ b 9 Dec I837. 

V, Nicoline Larsen, b 1 Apr I8UI; md I8 June I863, Elling, 
Jacob Hansen, b 11 Aug 1829^ of Ellinp. Dau: 

1. Dorthea Marie Jacobsen, b 25 Aug l865, d 1865. 
vi. Niels Christian Larsen, b 30 May l8U5. 
vii. Mads Christian Larsen, b 23 Mar 1850, d 26 Mar 1850. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 170 for birth of husb, 
p 193 for birth of wife; Book 2, p 265 for marr of husb & wife; pp 59, 119 
and Book 3 ^ PP 1> hi ^ 123., lUl, 68 for births of chn; Book It , p 335 for marr 
of #3 Jens, p 3U7 for marr of #5 Nicoline, p 159 for birth of Dorthea (OS 
ser no 9007, pts 1, 2). 

I69JOHANNE MOGENSEN, dau of Mogens Jacobsen & Ellen Marie Christensen, b 
l8~Hg l82li, Bratten, Elling, Hjor, Den; md 3 Feb l85U, Elling, JORCEN 
ANDERSEI^, b IO18 (36-IO5U), of Strandby, Elling. Chn, b Elling, 3: 

i, Maren Katrine Jorgensen, b 2 Dec l85U. 

ii, Eline Juliane Jorgensen, b 25 Dec 1856. 

iii, Mathilde Johanne Jorgensen, b U Feb 1859- 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 105 for birth of wife. 
Book 3 , p 335 for marr of husb & wife; Book 3 , pp 197, 211 & Book U , p 117 
for births of chn (GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2). 

170 MARGRETHE MOGENSEN5 dau of Mogens Jacobsen & Ellen Marie Christensen, 
b 6 Apr"l827, Elling, Hjor, Den; md as his 2nd wife, 21 Oct 1859, Elling, 
JENS CHRISTIAN CHRISTIANSEN, b I8 Sep I816, of Flade, Hjor, Den. Chn, b in 
Flade, 8s 


_„ Marie Jensen, b l5 Aug IO6O. 

ii, Peter Christian Jensen, b 22 Feb l862. 

iii. Elline Kirstine Jensen, b h Nov I863. 

iv. Martin Marinus Jensen, b 26 Apr 1865- 

V, Anton Laurids Jensen, b 5 Dec I866. 

vi. Christian Alfred Jensen, b 29 Aug I868. 

vii. Christian Valdemar Jensen, b h Nov I87O. 

viiio Christian Peder Jensen, b 25 Apr 1873* 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 105 for birth of wife. 
Book U, p 337 for birthdate &. marr of husb & wife (GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2), 
Par rec of Flade, Hjor, Den, Book 3 > PP 38, 56, 65, 73, 83, 127, li;3 for 
births of chn (GS ser no 9008~pt U)- 


171 CHRISTINE MOGENSEN, dau of Mogens Jacobsen & Ellen Marie Christensen, 
b 17 0^ 1829, Elling, Hjor, Den; md 2U Nov l85U, Elling, JENS PETER LARSEN, 
b abt 1829., of Elling. Chn, b in Ellingj 6s 

i. Christian Jensen, b 7 May l855. 

ii, Ane Marie Jensen, b lU Mar 185?. 

iii. Mogens Peter Jensen, b 31 July I86I, 

iv, Thomas Christian Jensen, b 20 Feb I86U. 

V. Jens Christian Jensen, b 2U Mar l867« 

vio Christen James Jensen^, b 8 Sep I869. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p lU5 for birth of wife; 
Book 3 , p 338 for marr of husb & wife; Book 3 » P 97 & Book hs pp his 63^ 8I, 
97 for births of chn (GS ser no 9007, pt 2). 

172 JACOB MOOENSEN, son of Mogens Jacobsen & Ellen Marie Christensen, 
b 23 lag I83U, Elling, Hjor, Den; md 2 Dec 18^9, Elling, NICOLINE ANSINE 
NIELSEN, b 11 Jan l83iLi, of Bratten, Elling, Chn, b in Elling, 6s 

i« Morten Jacobsen, b 1$ Aug i860, 

ii, Anton Christian Jacobsen, b 17 Oct 1862 o 

iii, Ellen Marie Jacobsen, b 1$ Sep I86U. 

iv, Mogens Jacobsen, b U Nov I866. 

V, Ane Marie Jacobsen^, b 15 Sep I87I. 

vi, Niels Peter Jacobsen, b 25 Apr l87U» 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , p 83 for birth of husb; 
Book ii ,pp Ul., 55, 79, 181 for births of chn, p 339 for marr of husb & wife 
& birthdate of wife (GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2), 

173 MADS PETER MOCENSEN, son of Mogens Jacobsen & Ellen Marie Christen- 
sen^, b 10 Jan l8U2, Bratten, Elling, Hjor, Den; md 6 Nov I863, Elling, 
JACOBINE 14ARIE CHRISTENSEN, b 25 Apr 18U2, of Jerup & Elling, Chn, b' in 
Ellings 6s 

i. Christine Madsen, b 7 Nov I866, 

ii. Morine Margrete Madsen, b 15 Dec I869, 

iii, Johanne Marie Madsen, b 6 Apr 1872, 

iv. Johanne Marie Madsen, b 28 Dec I873, 

V, Jens Peter Madsen, b 6 May I876, 

vi. Jacobine Christine Madsen, b 6 Oct I878, 

REFERENCES; Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , p 31 for birth of husb. 
Book U , p 377 for birthdate of wife and marr of husb & wife, p I67 for 
birth of #1 Christine (GS ser no 9007, pt 2). Family records. 

17i4 JOHANNE MARIE MADSEN, dau of Mads Jacobsen & Maren Christensen, 
b 15 Hay 1825, Bratten, Elling, Hjor, Den; md 19 Apr l85l, Elling, PEDER 
PEDERSEN, b 29 May 1821, of Bratten. 

Chn of Johanne Marie Madsen & Peder Pederaen, b in filling, 2: 

1, Niels Peder Pedersen, b 7 Aug 18^2, 
ii. Carl Christian Pedersen, b 9 Dec l85U. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 2 . p 123 for birth of wife. 
Book 3 , pp 79, 95 for births of chn, p 329 for inarr of husb & wife Sc birth- 
date of husb (GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2), 

175 -JACOB CHRISTIAN NIELSEN, son of Niels Christian Jensen & Anne Marie 
Jacobsen, b 18 July 1820, Elling, Hjor, Denj rad 22 Oct 18U3, Elling, ANE 
CHRISTENSEN, b l8l9 (2ii-l8ii3), of Elling, Chn, b in Elling, 7:. 

i, Niels Christian Jacobsen, b 26 Mar 1814^. 

iio Andreas Jacobsen, b 13 Aug 18U6, d 13 Jan 1856. 

iii. Jacob Christian Jacobsen, b 31 Oct 18U8, 

iv, Anna Marie Jacobsen, b k Aug 18$0, d 20 Oct 1850. 

V, Hans Peter Jacobsen, b 6 Dec 1853. 

vi. Ane Marine Amalie Jacobsen, b 25 Aug 1855 » 

vii. Andreas Jacobsen, b 30 Oct 1857. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den^ Book 2 , p 17 for birth of husb; 
Book 3 } V 317 for age of wife at marr of husb & wife; Book 3 , pp Ul, 51, 6l, 
87, 175, 201 & Book h , p 11 for births of chn; Book 3 , PP U65, U85 for deaths 
of chn= (GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2), 

176 JENS CHRISTIAN NIELSEN, son of Niels Christian Jensen & Anne Marie 
Jacobsen, b 26 Apr 1826, of Bratten, Elling, Hjor, Den; md 16 Nov l85l, 
Elling, KAREN MARIE JORGENSEN, b 8 July 1826, Bratten, dau of Jorgen 
Christensen & Maren Jacobsen. Chn, b in Elling, 6s 

i, Jorgen Christian Jensen, b 28 June 1852. 

iio Ane Marie Jensen^ b 23 Sep 1853 • 

iiio Maren Kirstine, b 2U June 1856. 

iv, Grette Jensen, b 2k Apr 1859 » 

V. Christian Jensen, b 10 Aug l86l. 

vi. Hans Jorgen Gotfred Jensen, b 6 Mar 1866. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 2 , pp U5 & 131 for births of 
husb & wife; Book 3 , p 329 for marr of husb & wife; Book 3 , pp 77, l89, 207 
& Book U, pp kl ] 11 , 119 for births of chn (GS ser no 9007, pts 1, 2). 

]_77 IN(2K CATRBIE JENSEN, dau of Jens Christensen & Maren Jacobsen, b 
20 July 1821, Aasted, Hjor, Denj md 26 Jan l8Uli, Aasted, MADS CHRISTIAN 
JENSEN, b I8l8, aged 26 at marr, of Aasted. Chn, 6: 

i, Jens Christian Madsen, b 8 Mar iQhh, Aasted. 
ii. Sine Marie Madsen, b 12 Oct l8U5, Gerum, Hjor, Den. 
iii. Maren Kirstine Madsen, b 28 Nov l8U8, Gerum, 


ivc Christine Madsen, twin, b 20 May 1852, Gierum. 
V. Jacob Christian Madsen, twin, b 20 May 1852, Gierum. 
vi. Soren Peter Madsen, b 5 Oct 1855, Gierumo 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Aasted, Hjor, Den, Book U , p 53 for birth of wife. 
Book 5, p 229 for marr of husb & wife, p 1 for birth of #1 Jens (GS ser no 
B99li, pt 2). Par rec of Gierum, Hjor, Den, Book $ , pp 73, 77, 82, lj2, hi for 
births of chn (GS ser no 9008, pt 5)o 

178 JENS LARSEN, son of Laurs Jacobsen & Johanne Marie Jensen, b k May 
l835,"Elling, Hjor, Den J rod 17 May 1859, Elling, ELLEN MARIE CHRISTENSEN, b 
7 Feb 1837, filling, dau of Christen Sorensen & Ane Margrethe Christensen, Son: 

i„ Christen Christian Jensen, b 3 Oct 1863, Elling. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Elling, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , P 1 for birth of husb, p 
119 for birth of wife; Book U , p 61 for birth of son, p 335 for marr of husb & 
wife (GS ser no 9007, pt 2). 

* PEDER JENSEN (1675) 

*PEDER JENSEN, b abt 1675, of Boel, Gierum, Hjor, Den; md ELLEN CHRISTEN- 
SEN, b abt 1679, of Boelo Had son; 

*179 io Jens Pedersen, chr 11 Nov 1707; md 182 Maren Chris tensen. 

REFERENCES s Par rec of Gierum, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 76 for chr of Jens Peder- 
sen and introduction of wife Ellen Chris tensen (GS ser no 9008, pt 1). 

♦179 JENS PEDERSEN, chr 11 Nov 1707, Boel, Gierum, Hjor, Den, b\ir 12 Nov 
1758, age 51, Boel; md k Nov 1737, Gierum, 182 MAREN CHRISTENSEN, b abt 1711, 
of Boel, dau of Christen Madsen & Ide Margrethe Chris tens en, of Boelo Chn b 
in Boel, 6: 

io Ide Margrethe Jensen, chr 17 Aug 1738. 

iio Margrethe Jensen, chr 29 May 17U0o 

iiio Peder Jensen, chr 17 June 17^2. 

iVo Maren Jensen, chr 27 May 17Uli. 

*180 Vo Christen Jensen, chr Ik Aaig 17U6; md l83 Maren Christensen 

vio Karen Jensen, chr 8 Feb 17U8. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Gierum, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p 76 for chr of husb. 
Book 3 , p 227 for marr of husb & wife, p 237 for death of husb, p 239 for 
death of wife, pp 218, 219, 220, 220, 221, 221 for births of chn (GS 9008 ,pt 1), 

*180 CHRISTEN JENSEN, son of Jens Pedersen & Maren Christensen, chr 12 
Aug I7II57 Boel, Gierum, Hjor; md 26 Nov 1772, Gierum, 183 MAREN CHRISTENSEN, 
chr 6 Aug I7U7, Flade, Hjor, Den, dau of Christen (Teillmand) /manuscript torn? 
and Maren Christensen, of Flade » Chn, b in Boel, Gierum, U: ~ 

i. Anne Marie Christensen, chr 8 July 1773. 
iio Jens Christensen, chr 2U May 1778, d k Sep 1778. 
iii. Jens Christensen, chr 17 Mar 1782 » 


*181 ivo Maren Christensen, chr 27 Mar 178U; md (1) 161 Jacob Mogensen, 
md (2) Soren Christensen (see p 202). 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Gierum, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , p 221 for chr of husb, p 
229 for marr of husb '^ wife, pp 175, 177, 179, 1«0 for births of chn (GE ser 
no 9008, pt 2). Census of 1787, Boel, Gierum, Aaestrup Amt, Christen Jensen 
(GS ser 8506, pt 17). Census of 18U5, Tolne, Horns Dist, family of Jens 
Christensen (son-in-law), giving age, birthplace and 2nd husb of #Li Maren 
(GS ser no 8513, pt 27). 


^CHRISTEN MADSEN, b 1680, of Boel, Gierum, Hjor, Den, d 17U9, age 69, 
Boel J md h Oct 170U, Gierum, IDE MARGRETHE CHRISTENSEN, b abt 1677, of Boel, 
bur 8 Apr 1736, Boel. Ida Margrethe md (1) Soren b 1659, bur 2 May 
1702, age U3, Boel» Chn of Ide Margrethe & Soren, 2: 

i. Anne Sorensen, chr 27 Aug 1699- 
ii, Karen Sorensen, b 1703. 

Chn of Ide Margrethe & Christen Madsen, 2: 

i. Soren Christensen, b 1705- 
*182 iio Maren Christensen, b abt 1711; md 179 Jens Pedersen (see 
p 208). 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Gierum, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , years 1699, 1703-05, not 
paginated; Book 3 » p 227 for marr of #2 Maren to Jens Pedersen (GS ser no 
9008, pts 1, 2)„ 


^CHRISTEN (Teillmand or Inspector), b abt 1721, of Flade, Hjor, 
Denj md Maren Christensen, b abt 1725, of Flade. The surname of Christen 
has been torn from the parish records. Chn, b in Flade, 2: 

*183 io Maren Christensen, chr 6 Aug 17U7; md 180 Christen Jensen, 
ii. Mette Christensen, chr 26 May 17U9, Flacfe. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Flade, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , pp Ui, U5 for births of 
chn; par rec of Gierum, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , p 229 for marr of #1 Maren to 
Christen Jensen (Both par in GS ser no 9008, pt 2). 




I — I 

a:) o 

a, c 03 CQ c 

? <D CO S 

2 >• -s 

o £ W ■? 6 M- 

<N .2, 2 .2 o 

S o I c- e K 










'f^ <0 


^ ^ 

JD •« 


n! O 



X. S 


t — 1 



^ 'S iT < M 

CO c^ o „ .2 o 

3 ,C 



t" C 00 
0) CO 

3 « 

.0 M S 

" o ^ 







^-* u^ "Xi oo 





— ' a >-■ Q 

JD M ■~7co 
nj [u 3-. (N 






"CO r- 

t— .S . >. .— T3 
(5) O J-i 1^- nj CI. 

6 -o 3 

,1^ >.-> 


sr z 












































CD oa c -* CQ J-. 

2 .<u c- 
DO ij 


<.§§ O 

" 3: 



I — I 


eg £ X ;2 e X 















>>ci,Q ^0,0 

^ a ^ $ B ^ 
Q .3 .0 iS .a .2, 

c<! tS iS" 00 £ K 



O 05 „ « 

M XI o 32 o 

^ « 00 S^ " 

C13 , — 1 CO 

-5 ji o 

[I., il 

S -H 



.a .° 

CD Z CJ o3 £ K 

•" S E 

■T3 S 







I— H 
















>— 1 

n 0. 





11 ^- 

CM e 








^-N O 

—I CQ 

00 • 
-7' D. IS 
'3 0) 

2 e Q 
w.a . 

XI 3: 






O !:J CD ^^ 

2 iS c o ro o 

'^ . (U CO £2 c 

a) ex, D 90 - ,3^ 

c c 3 

CO 'rj .'^ '^ .3 o 

« £ X ^ CO g ■£. 


o & 




















CO < 






M Z CSl 


•a > 





♦MOGENS PEDERSEN, b 1620, of Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den, bur 7 May 1699, 
Fristrups aged 79 yrs; md ANNE PEDERSEN, b I63I, of Fristrup, bur 23 Apr 1699, 
aged 68 yrs, Fristrupo Chn, b in Fristrup; 2: 

*18U i, Peder Mogensen, b abt l660j md 186 Johanne Laursen. 
TS^ ii. Christen Mogensen, chr 8 Apr l65^ md Else Christensen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p kh for chr of #2 
Christen J p 73 for marr of #1 Peder j Book 2 , p IH for deaths of husb & wife 
(GS ser no 9001, pt 1)„ 

»l8jj. PEDER MOGENSEN, son of Mogens Pedersen & Anne Pedersen, b abt I66O, 
Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Denj md 26 Dec I69I, Borglum, 201 JOHANNE LAURSEN, 
chr 11 Aug 1661, Fristrup^ bur 29 Oct 17U1, Fristrup, dau of Laurs Nielsen 
& Sidsel Nielsen (see p 213 )- Chn, b in Fristrup, S: 

io Inger Pedersen, b 1692. 
iio Lars Peder sen^ chr 2 Feb 1695 
iiio Peder Pedersen, chr 12 Sep 1697. 
»186 iv. Sidsel Pedersen, chr 2 July 1701; md (1) Anders Jensen (Fisker) 
md (2) Niels Jensen. 
Vo Mogens Pedersen, chr 20 Mar 170l»<, 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 1, p 38 for birth of wife, 
p 73 for marr of husb & wife; Book 2 , pp 8, Ih, 25> 3U for births of chn; 
Book 3j pp 9} Sh for 1st & 2nd marr of #U Sidsel, p 28 for death of wife 
(GS ser no 9001, pt 1)„ 

185 CHRISTEN MOGENSEN, son of Mogens Pedersen & Anne Pedersen, chr 
8 Apr~l5"66, Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den; md ELSE CHRISTENSEN, b abt 1676, 
of Fristrup. Chn, chr in Fristrup, 3: 

i, Anne Christensen, chr 3 Sep 1702. 
iio Christen Christensen, chr h Dec 1707, bur 7 Dec 1707. 
iii, Kirsten Christensen, chr 10 July 1709. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p Ixh for chr of husb; 
Book 2, pp 29, UU, U7 for chr of chn (GS ser no 9001, pt 1). 



*186l SIDSEL PEDERSEN, dau of Peder Mogensen & Johanne Laursen, chr 
2 JulyTToi, Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den, wp 15 Apr 1761, Fristrup; md (1) 
7 July 1726, Borglum, ANDERS JENSEN, also known as ANDERS JENSEN FISKER, b 
abt 1701, of Fristrup, d abt 1757, prob drowned at sea; md (2) h Dec 17$7, 
Borglum, NIELS JENSEN. Chn, b in Fristrup, 6: 

i. Peder Andersen, chr 10 Nov 1726. 

♦187 ii. Christen Andersen, chr 20 May 1729j md Maren Pedersen. 

iii. Karen Andersen, chr 21 Oct 1731* 

iv. Anne Kirstine Andersen, chr 2U Jan 173U, bur 6 Jan 175U. 

V. Niels Andersen, b Dec 1736. 

vi. Gjertrude Andersen, chr 26 June 17U0. 

REFERENCES! Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 2, p 25 for birth of wife; 
Book 3 , p 9 for marr of Sidsel & Anders, & no page numbers for chr of chn 
#1, #2, #3, pp 18, 21, 26 for chr of chn #U, #5, #6; p h9 for bur of #U Anne, 
p Sh for 2nd marr of wife, p 61 for death of wife; Book U , p 9 for bur of 
#2 Christen (GS ser no 9001, pt 1). Probate rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 
3, p U96 for probate of wife (GS ser no 900U, pt 2). 

» 187 CHRISTEN ANDERSEN (FISKER), son of Anders Jensen (Fisker) & Sidsel 
Pedersen, chr 20 May 1729, Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den, bur 8 Mar I8l2, 
Fristrup; md MAREN PEDERSEN, b 1731 (70-1801 census), of Fristrup. Chn, b 
in Fristrup, 10: 

i. Anders Christensen, chr 9 Oct 1757, bvir 23 Oct 1757. 

ii. Anders Christensen, b 1759, bur 16 Oct 1759- 

iii. Mogens Christensen, chr 30 Aug I76I. 

iv. Sidsel Christensen, chr 5 June I763. 

V. Johanne Christensen, b 1765. 

»188 vi. Kirsten Christensen, chr 22 Feb 1767; md Soren Jensen, 

vii. Anne Christensen, chr 3 Sep 1769. 

viii. Anders Christensen, chr 25 Dec 1772. 

ix. Peder Christensen, chr 22 Mar 1775, bur 9 Apr 1775. 

X. Peder Christensen, chr 23 June 1776, bur 9 Mar 1777. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , no p number for birth of 
husb, pp 55, 61, 6U, 66, 69, 71, 75, 78, 79 for births of chn; pp 77 & 80 
for burs of #9 & #10 Peder; Book k , p 9 for death of husb (GS ser no 9001, 
pt 1). Census of I8OI, Book 38 , #8 Fristrup (GS ser no 8507, pt 16). 

♦188 KIRSTEN CHRISTENSEN, dau of Christen Andersen (Fisker) & Maren 
Pedersen, chr 22 Feb 1767, Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den, d 3 Feb l85l, bur 
9 Feb 1851, Fristrup; md 22 Oct l802, Borglum, SOREN JENSEN, b 6 Feb 1762, 
Nibe, Aalborg, Den, d 21 Oct I8U3, bur 29 Oct I8U3, Fristrup, son of Jens 
Pedersen. Chn, b in Fristrup, U: 

♦189 i. Mette Sorensen, chr 26 J\me 1803; md Morten Eliasen 203 

(see p 217). 

200 ii. Maren Sorensen, chr I6 June 1805; md Anders Willumsen. 
iii. Jens Christian Sorensen, chr 23 June 1807. 
iv. Anne Sorensen, chr 25 Apr I809. 


REFERENCES: Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , p 69 for birth of wife, 
p llU for marr of husb & wife, p 116 for birth of #1 Matte; Book h , pp Ii, 6 
for births of #3 Jens & #U Anne; Book $, p 137 for marr of #1 Mette; Book 6 , 
p 190 for death of wife (GS ser no 9001, pts 1, 2). Also Diary of Marten 
Svend Eliason in poss of Evan M, Croft, Provo^, Utah„ Unfortunately, pariah 
records of Nibej, Aalborg, Den, date back only to 1765 j hence further research 
on the husb, Soren Jensen, cannot be pursued » 

200 MAJffiN SORENSEN, dau of Kirsten Christensen ^ Soren Jensen, chr 16 
June IH0$, Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den, d 11 Dec l85U, bur 17 Dec 185U, 
Hjermitslev, Hjor, Den; md 30 Dec I83O, Ingstrup, Hjor, Den, ANDERS WILLUMSEN, 
b 17 June I80U* Hjermitslev, son of Willum Sorensen & Johanne Thomasen. Chn,6: 

io Vilhelmine Kirstine Andersen, b 23 June I83I, Ingstrup. 

iia Laust Peter Andersenj, b 26 Nov I833, Ingstrup, d 3 Nov l83ii. 

iiio Johanne Petrine Andersen, b 10 Jan I836, Ingstrup, d 11 Jan 

1855 » 

ivo Mette Andrea Andersen, b 25 Aug I837, Ingstrup, d 30 Aug I838. 

Vo Jens Andreas Andersen, b 23 Nov I839, Ingstrup, d 21 Aug 1857. 

vio Jens Severin Andersen, b 2U Sep l8U3, Hjermitslev. 

REFERENCES^ Par rec of Ingstrup, Hjor, Den, Book 3 , PP 38, U9, 82, 92, 9U 
for births of chn #1=5, p lU7 for marr of husb & wife, pp I98 & 216 for 
deaths of chn #2, #U (GS ser no 9023, pt 1). Par rec of Hjermitslev, Hjor, 
Den, Book 8, p 237 for birth of husb; Book 9 , p 3U for birth of child #6, 
Book 10./ p U29 for death of wife, pp UOl, li29 for deaths of chn #3> #5 
(GS ser no 9023, pt 3). Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, for wife & family 
(GS ser no 9001, pts 1-3)^ iManti Bapt & End, 8-11 Dec I89I (GS ser no 230U7, 
pt 10 St. 230ii95, pt 9)= Diary of Marten Svend Eliason in poss of Evan M. Croft. 


*LAURS NIELSEN, b l623, Vrensted, Hjor, Den, bur 8 June 1685, aged 62, 
Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den; md SIDSEL NIELSEN, b I632, of Fristrup, bur 
12 Sep 1700, aged 68, Fristrup, Chn, b in Fristrup, 7: 

*201 io Johanne Laursen, chr 11 Aug I66I; md 18U Peder Mogensen 
(see p 211) « 

iio Niels Laursen, chr 11 Oct I663 

iiio Sophie Laursen, chr 6 May 1666. 

iVo Kirsten Laursen, chr 28 Aug I67O0 

Vo Christen Laursen, chr 17 Feb 1672 <, 

202 vlo Karen Laursen, chr 25 Apr 1675; md Laurs Nielsen. 

~~" viio Maren Laursen., chr 23 Mar 1679, bur I6 Nov 1679- 

REFERENCES^ Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , pp 38, Ul, hh, U8, 50, 
5U, 59 for chr of chn, p 6U for death of husb, p 73 for marr of #1 Johanne; 
Book 2, p 23 for death of wife, p 27 for marr of #6 Karen> Book 3 , P 28 
for bur of #1 Johanne (GS ser no 9001, pt 1). 


202 KAREN LAURSEN, dau of Laurs Nielsen & Sidsel Nielsen, chr 25 Apr 
l67$,"l^istrup, Borglum, Hjor, Denj md h Dec 1701, Borglum, LAURS NIELSEN, 
b abt 1676, of Skottrup, Borglum. Chn, b in Borgliim, 9: 

i, Jens Laursen, chr 20 Aug 1702, Skottrup, 

iio Niels Laursen, chr 5 Aug 1703 « 

iii. Jorgen Laursen, chr 26 Dec 170$, bur 6 June 1706. 

ivo Cidtzel Laursen, chr 3 Apr 1707. 

V. Karen Laursen, chr 28 Oct I708. 

vi. Anne Laursen, chr 15 Dec 1709. 

vii. Anders Laursen, chr I6 Aug 1711. 

viii, Laurs Laursen, chr 26 Apr 1715 ■■ 

ix, Maren Laursen, chr 1 May 1718, bur 21 Aug 1718. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book 1 , p $h for chr of wife. 
Book 2 , p 27 for marr of husb & wife, pp 29, 32, 39, U2, U6, U8, 5l, 55, 60 
for births of chn (GS ser no 9001, pt 1). 



=> > 







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« O 







CO > 


J2 S -tr 






1 ^ 







;o ^ 

jd S 

■^ 0.' (TS OJ 


H lm CD -m 
— x: x: 

I '-* ^ U4 

-n x: 






S 00 




c > 




_^ O 









J X 



.'- UJ S ,■- o 


1 1' 3i 
'-K ,=,H 

lis O - 
:« a>, 

X ^ -o 



< XJ 

.£ E 

cgu CO 

x: x: 
■Q5 -a ? 

o o 

Eo E 

SS 2 

H e: H 


„ > 
< c- < 
x: S x: 

p3 :? X 3^ 




ri:^ .? 


nl O 


■ o 

-J x: 
O XI 5-a 







ra o 

O >N 


" ^ 
— '"q - 
CO cfl'-' a> 
CO n)^ "J 

— -O-i _2 
X 2x15 

X S < xj 



<N . 

_ M4) 

•= 5 

._ o ^ o 

o i:r- - 

- c— c 

O w o 

tx 3-0 2 

S; o^ 2 

CO (J O H 

c3 C7> - 
^^ <N 1) 

2U4 S< 


-o 2 


i • 


u c 
o Ur_ 


<« O J 

X 3 _, 


^ C 

fe -§H 

flCQ 5 <; 

-r x: 
c 2tj J 

: >N >s 

. o o 


V 1; rt 1; 


X 3 XI 










o o 

in p 

E: 6 CO 

CO H r- 




^ < 03 CO < 

X ■? E 


^ CNT 

.-c O 

£:; « 

XI U-. 

cd O Qi OJ 

-X > E ID 

DO <fl 


H 00 

^ - fc- 

,. (U u 

CO ^ >iJ 
E;< " 

3 -a 




O C ,^^ 

2« S 


u z 1) 
1^, > > 

< CO < 

-o 2 


o a - 

x; " 19 
'■" ."o 

Q H2 











-^ E 





nJ - ■ n 

(U c> 

13 M 



7 Jan 

21 Fe 





3 4) 


3 C = 

C3 «3--P_g 

2< J3 

.^ a 



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*CAPT. ELIAS MORTENSEN, b abt 1771, of Naeskile, Tromoy, Aust Agder, Norway; 
md 9 Aug 1802, Tromoy, 215 ANNE KARIE MORTENSEN, chr 22 Nov 1767, Alve, Tromoy, 
d 2U Nov 1826, bur 1 Dec 1826, Alve, dau of Morten Svendsen & Birthe Nielsen 
Anne Mane md (1) 15 Jan 1796, 2I46 HANS HANSEN, chr 17 June 1770, Alve, son of 
Hans Hansen & Anne Margrethe Guttormsen (see p 228 )o 

Tromoy is a small island off the southeastern coast of Norway, near the 
city of Axendalo Many of its inhabitants are fishermen and sea-goirtg individ- 
uals o According to the diary of his grandson (Marten Svend Eliason), Eliaa 
Mortensen was a "Norway sea captain, lost at sea," Early Tromoy parish rec- 
ords and those for the years 1808-1825 are missing; likewise the I8OI census 
records are anconplete, making it difficult to establish his parentage. How- 
ever as a sea captain, he traveled extensively and could have originated any- 
where in Norway. He indicated he was of Naeskile at the time of his marriage 
in 1802 J no record can be found of him after I8O6, when his son Hans was bom. 
Known chn of Elias Mortensen & Anne Marie Mortensen, 2: 

*203 io Morten Eliasen, chr 13 May I80U; md (l) 189 Mette Sorensen; 
md (2) Margrethe Chr is tens en. 
11 o Hans Eliasen, chr 1 Aug I6O6, Alve. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, A Agdr, Norway, Book 2 , p 337 for birth of #1 
Morten, p 3U7 for birth of #2 Hans; p 215 for raarr of Elias & Anne Marie, p 
198 for marr of Anne Marie & Hans Hansen, Book h , 188 for death of Anne Marie 
(GS ser no 17723, pts 1, 2). Diary of Marten Svend Eliason in poss of Evan M. 
Croft, Provo, Utah. 

*203 MORTEN ELIASEN, son of Elias Mortensen & Anne Marie Mortensen, chr 
13 May I80U, Alve, Tromoy, d 21 Feb 1855, bur k Mar 1855, Hogste Mark, Vrejlev, 
Hjor, Den; md (l) 7 Jan I83O, Fristrup, Borglum, Hjor, Den, I89 METTE SORENSEN, 
chr 26 June I8O3, Fristrup, d 13 June I636, Fristrup, dau of Soren Jensen & 
Kirsten Christensen (see pp 210, 212); md (2) Margrethe Christensen. 

When he was a young man, Morten Eliasen left Norway to make his home in 
Denmark. At the age of 25 years, he lived in Fristrup, where he married and 
reared his children,, (See pp 28, 29 J Chn of Morten ft Mette, b in Fristnip,5: 

io Anne Marie Mortensen, 3 Aug 1629, d h Jan 1857- 
ii. Soren Peter Mortensen, b ?5 Feb 1632 o 
*20U iiio Hans Christian Mortensen, b 9 Nov 1833 J md 257 Hanna Borg 
~~ (see Chap XVIII, pp 150-158 ).. 

ivo Elias Mortensen, b 5 Apr 1635, d 8 Feb 1857, Vrejlev, Hjor. 
*205 Vo Marten Svend Mortensen or Marten Svend Eliason, b 11 June 
1836; md (1) Anna Maria Nielsen Christensen; md (2) Mary 
Anna Christensen (see Chap IV, pp 28-UO)o 



REFERENCES; Par rec of Tromoy, A Agdr, Norway, Book 2 , p 337 for birth of husbo 
Par rec of Borglum, Hjor, Den, Book $ , pp 23, 2^, 27, 28, 67 for births of chn, 
p 137 for marr of husb & wife, p 212 for death of wife (GS ser 9001, pt 2). 
Par rec of Vrejlev, Hjor, Den, Book 8 , p 5U6 for death of husb, p 552 for death 
of #U Elias (GS ser 9055, pt U). Par rec of Vejby, Hjor, Den, Book 11, p 213 
for death of #1 Anne (GS ser 9001, pt U)» Diary of Marten Svend Eliason. 


*ANNA MARIA POULSEN or POLLSEN, b abt l65U (widow in 1701 census), of 
Giervold, Tromoy, A-Agdr, Norway j md JENS. Chn, b in Giervold, 7: 

*206 io Morten Jensen, b I676 (25-1701) j md (l) Ingeborg Larsenj md (2) 
~~~ Berthe Jorgensen» 

iio Polle Jensen, b 1678 (23-1701), wp 1 Mar 1730, Giervold; md 
Kirs ten Nielsen » Had dau; 

lo Anna Maria Pollsen, b 1725 (5-1730), Giervoldc 
iiio Ellef Jensen, b I68I (20-1701), wp 10 Oct 1730;md Mari Thomasen. 
iv. Jacob Jensen, b 1685 (l6-170l)o 
Vo Hans Jensen, b I69O (11-1701) o 
vi. Jens Jensen, b I692 (9-1701) <> 
viio Barbra Jensen, d 12 Mar 1723 » 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 3, Book 6 , p 8, Morten Jensen| 
pt 5, Book 10 , p 256b, Polle Jensen » Census of 1701, Giervold, Tromoy, A-Agdr, 
Norway, Book 3 , p 179 (GS 1762ii, pt l)o Probate rec, pt 6, p 27U, Ellef Jensen. 

*206 MORTEN JENSEN, son of Anna Maria Poulsen & Jens, b I676 (25-1701), 
GiervoldJ Tromoy, soldier in 1701, wp 7 Oct 1711, Sandnos, Tromoyj md (l) 
INGEBORG LARSEN, b abt l682, Sandnos, wp 19 Dec 1707, Sandnos, dau of Lars 
Nielsen & Susanna Joensen; md (2) BERTHE JORCMISEN, b abt I68O, of Sandnos o 
Son of Morten & Ingeborg: 

i„ Jens Mortensen, b I70U (5-1709), Sandnos; wp 22 Jan 1729» 

Chn of Morten & Berthe, 2s 

io Niels Mortensen, b 1707 (U-1711), Sandnos ^ bur 8 May 1770, 
Giervold; md 222 Aase Romundsen, b abt 1707, wp 23 Apr 17U3> 
Giervold, dau of Romund Andersen & Helge Christophers en 
(see p 223). No chn. 
*207 iio Svend Mortensen, b 1711 (in 1st yr 1711), Sandnos, wp 17 Jan 
1738, Alve, Tromoy; md 209 Aase Danielsen (see p 219)= 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 3, Book 5 , p 90, Ingeborg 
Larsen; pt 3, Book 5 , P 226, Lars Nielsen; pt 3, Book 6 , p 8, Morten Jensen; 
pt 5, P 95, Jens Mortensen; pt 9, p 11 Svend Mortensen; pt 10, p I88, Aase 
Romundsen; pt 12, p 13U, Aase Danielseno Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 35, 
bur of Niels Mortensen (GS 17723, pt 1). Census of 1701, Giervold, Tromoy, 
Book 3, P 179 (GS I762U, pt 1)0 



*HANS ROMUNDSEN, b 1632 (32-166U), Alve, Tromoy, wp 17 Feb 1697, Alve; 
md INGEBORG NIELSEN, b abt I636, of Alve ^ The father of Hans la shown in the 
I66U census of Alve as "Romund," age 78, placing his birth as 1$86. Chn of 
Hans & Ingeborg, 3: 

io Stian Hansen, b abt 16$9, Alve, d bef 1697; md Lif Jensen, 
b abt 1670, of Alve Chn, b in Alve, 2: 
1, Hans Stiansen, b 1692 (UVl697). 
2 Jens Stiansen, b 169U (255-1697). 
*208 ii. Daniel Hansen, b I66I (UOI70I); md 220 Maren Chris tophersen. 
iii. Birgitte Hansen^ b abt 1663, Alvej md Elling Larsen 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (OS 17671), pt 1, Book 2 . p 9U, Hans Romundsen. 
pt 7, p 100, Daniel Hansen. Census of I66U, Alve, Tromoy, p 95 (GS 17622, pt U) 
Census of 1701, Alve, Tromoy, Book 3, p 176 (GS 1762U, pt 1). 

*208 DANIEL HANSEN, son of Hans Romundsen & Ingeborg Nielsen, b I66I 
(UO-1701), Alve, Tromoy, wp 29 Aug 1731, Alve; md 220 MAREN CHRISTOPHERS EN, 
b abt 1675, E Brekke, Tromoy. wp 10 June 17U3, Alve, dau of Christopher 
Vroldsen & Ingeborg S vends en o Chn^ b in Alve, 3: 

io Christopher Danielsen, b 1701 (30-1731), d bef 17U3o 
*209 ii^ Aase Danielsen, b 170Uj md (l) Peder Assersen or Osuldsenj 
md (2) 207 Svend Mortens en. 
210 iii„ Ingeborg Danielsen, b 1705 (26-1731); md Stian Trondsen. 

REFERENCES : Probate rec, Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 1, Book 2, p 9U, Hans Romundsen; 
pt 1, Book 2 , p 181, Christopher Vroldsen; pt 7, p 105, Daniel Hansen; pt 10, 
p 211c, Maren Chris tophersen > pt 12, p 13U, Aase Danielsenj pt 13, p 28b, Stian 
Trondsen.. Censiis of 1701, Alve, Tromoy, Book 3, p 176 (GS I762U, pt 1). 

*209 AASE DANIELSEN, dau of Daniel Hansen & Maren Chris tophersen. b 170U 
(U6-I7FS), Alve, Tromoy^ bur 7 Mar 1750, Alve; wp 27 Apr 1750;' md (l) PEDER 
ASSERSEN cr OSULDSEN, b abt 1700, of Sandum, Tromoy, d 28 Feb 1730, Sandum; 
md (2) 207 SVEND MORTENSEN, b 1711, Sandnos. wp 17 Jan 1738, Alve, son of 
Morten Jensen & Berths Jorgensen (see p 218). Son of Aase & Peder: 

io Peder Pedersen, b abt 1729, Alve, wp 16 May 17U7, Alve. 

Chn of Aase & Svend, b in Alve, 2: 

»211 ic Morten Svendsen, b 173U (16-1750); md 222 Birthe Nielsen. 
212 ii„ Tonje Svendsen, b 1736 (lii-1750); md CTeriild Larsen. 

REFERENCES t Probate rec, Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 5, Book 10 , p 255b Peder Assei 
seni pt 7, p 100, Daniel Hansen; pt 9. p 11, Svend Mortensen; pt 11, p Ii50, 
Peder Pedersenj pt 12, p 13U, Aase Danielsen, Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , 
p 2 for bur of Aase Danielsen (GS 17723, pt l)o 

210 INGEBORG DANIELSEN, dau of Daniel Hansen & Maren Chris tophersen, 
b 1705T26-1731), Alve, Tromoy; md STIAN TRONDSEN, b 1706 (U9-1755), Alve, 
bur 3 Aug 1755, Alve, son of Trond Tellefsen & Liv Jonsen. 


Dau of Ingeborg Danielsen & Stian Trondsen: 

213 io Liv Stiansen, b 1738 (17-1755), Alve; md Anders Andersen (Sr) 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 7, p 100, Daniel Hansen; 

pt 11, p 232, Tron Tellefsenj pt 13, P 28b, Stian Trondsen. Par rec of Tromoy 

Book 1, p 11 for bur of Stian Trondsen (GS 17723, pt l). 

*211 MORTEN SVENDSEN, son of Svend Mortensen & Aase Danielsen, b 173U 
(16-17^^), Alve, Tromoy, d 30 Mar 1788, Alvej md 9 Jan 1763, Tromoy, 227 BIRTHE 
NIELSEN, b 1738 (1-3A-17UO), Alve, dau of Niels Nielsen & Aase Christophers en. 
Birthe was living with her son Svend in 1801 census of Alveo Chn, b in Alve, $', 

211i io Svend Mortensen, chr 3 June 176Uj rod 2l6 Ingeborg Christina 
Andersen o 

iio Niels Mortensen, chr 29 Sep 1765, d bef 1788. 

*2l5 iii. Anne MariB Mortensen, chr 22 Nov 1767 j md (l) 2U6 Hans Hansen; 

■~~ md (2) Slias Mortensen (see pp 217 & 230). 

ivo Niels Mortensen, chr k Apr 1770, bur 9 Mar 1777. 

Vo Niels Mortensen, chr 7 Sep 1777, bur 5 Jan 1780. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 2k for marr of Morten & Birthe, pp 
58, 68, 77, 85 and Book 2 , p 13 for births of chn (GS 17723, pt l). Probate 
rec of Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 23, p 223b for Morten Svendsenj pt 30, p 86b, 
Svend Mortensen. Census of iBOl, Alve, Tromoy, p 120 (GS 17625, pt lU) . 

212 TONJE SVENDSEN, dau of Svend Mortensen & Aase Danielsen, b 1736 (lU- 
1750), Alve, Tromoy, d after I8OI, living with son Svend Gieruldsen 1801 census) 
Skare, Tromoy; md 29 Sep I76I, Tronoy, GIERDLD LARSEN, b 1735 (^1737), bur 
1 Nov 1772, wp 15 Dec 1772, son of Lars Gieruldsen 4 Johanne Hansen. Chn^ b 
in Skare, 5s 

io Lars Gieruldsen, chr 18 July 1762 » 
ii. Johanne Gieruldsen, b I76U (8-1772). 
iiio Svend Gieruldsen, chr 1 Jan 1767; md (l) Helje Thomsenj 
md (2) 26 Feb 1799, Barbra Sophie Pettersen. 
iv, Hans Gieruldsen, chr 21 Feb 1770. 
V. Aase Gieruldsen, chr 11 Oct 1772. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 21 for marr of husb & wife, pp 79, 
75, 85, 93 for births of chn. Probate rec of Tromoy (GS I767I), pt 8, p 358, 
Lars Gieruldsen; pt I8, p 101b, Gieruld Larsen. Census of I8OI, Skare. 

213 LIV STIANSEN, dau of Ingeborg Danielsen & Stian Trondsen, b 1738 
(17-1'^, 6U-I8OI), Alve, Tromoy; md 9 Nov I76O, Tromoy, ANDERS ANDERSEN, 
Senior, b 1735 (66-I8OI census), Alve, son of Anders Joensen & Aase Bertel- 
sen (see p 231). He was designated "Senior" to differentiate him from 
Anders Andersen (Junior) b abt 1732, Alve, who md 226 Anne Nielsen (see 
p 22U)o Chn, b in Alve, 10: 

io Stian Andersen, b 1762, bur 31 Oct 1765, age ;^ yrs . 
ii. Niels Andersen, b 1763, bur 19 Oct 176U, age 1 yr. 
iii. Birthe Andersen, chr 2 Sep 176U„ 


iVo Stian Andreas Andersen, chr 7 Sep 1766. 

V. Niels Andersen, chr ll; Feb 1768. 

vio Ingeborg Maria Andersen, chr 26 Feb 1769, bur 31 May 1769. 

216 vii. Ingeborg Christina Andersen^, chr 20 July 1770; md 21ii 
Svend Mortens en (see below), 

viiio Inger Helene Andersen, chr 5 Sep 1773. 

IXo Aase Andersen, chr 22 Oct 1775, in 1801 census with parents. 

Xo Siri Andersen, chr 5 Oct 1777. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 19 for marr of husb «c wife; Book 1 , 
pp 59, 72, 78, 83, 86, 95 and Book 2 , pp 6, 13 for births of chn /f3-n^i 
pp 29 & 30 for deaths & age of #1 Stian & #2 Niels (GS 17723, pt 1). Census of 
1601, Alve, Tromoy, p 120 (GS 17625, pt lU). 


2lU SVEND MORTENSEN, son of Morten S vends en ^ Birthe Nielsen, chr 3 June 
176U,~Alve, Tromoy, lost at sea, wp 25 Apr 1612, Tromoy; md 25 Nov 1799, 
Tromoy, 216 INGEBORG CHRISTINA ANDERSEN, chr 20 July 1770, Alve, d 12 Apr 
1828, Alve, dau of Anders Andersen & Liv Stiansen. Chn, b in Alve, 3: 

i„ Morten Svendsen, b 29 Dec 1799, dy, 
iio Martine Bergithe Svendsen, chr 20 Feb 1803; md 15 July 1828, 
Tromoy, Ole Torgison, b abt I8OO (28 1828), son of Torjer 
01s en. 
iiio Morten Svendsen, b 28 July 1805. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 58 for birth of husb; Book 2 , p 207 
for marr of Svend & Ingeborg, pp 293, 327, 3U3 for births of chn; Book h , p 
l6li for marr of #2 Martine (GS 17723, pts 1, 2)^ Probate rec of Tromoy 
(17671), pt 30, Book 3 6, p 86b, Svend Mortensen^ Census of I8OI, Tromoy, 
Alve, p 120 (GS 17625 , pt lU)c Diary of Marten Svend Eliason. 


CHRISTOPHER VROLDSEN, b l622 (Uil-l66U), E.Brekke, Tromoy, wp 3 Mar l699j 
md INGEBORG SVENDSEN, b abt 1633, of E. Brekke„ Chn, b in E. Brekke, $: 

217 io Ragnild Christophersen, b abt 1657; md Ole Pedersen. 

21E iio Vrold Christophersen, b abt 1659; md Ambor Rasmussen 

219 iiio Ingeborg Christophersen, b abt I668; md Niels Madsen. 

-*220 iv„ Maren Christophersen, b abt 1675; md 208 Daniel Hansen 

~~ (see p 219). 

221 Vo Helge Christophersen, b abt l677; md Romund Andersen. 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 1, Book 2, p I8I Christopher 
Vroldsen; pt U, p 2b, Niels Madsen; pt 7, p 270, Ambor Has muss en; pt 7, p 363, 
Romund Andersen; pt 10, p 211c Maren Christophersen. Census of I66U and 1701, 
E„ Brekke, Sandnos, & Alve, Tromoy (GS 17622, pt U; 1762U, pt 1). 

217 RAGNILD CHRISTOPHERSEN, dau of Christopher Vroldsen k Ingeborg 
SvendieH, b abt l657, E. Brekke, d 1 Mar I69O, Sandnos, Tromoy; md OLE 
PEDERSEN, b l6U9 (52-1701), Sandnos, wp 3 Oct 1712, Sandnos. Ole md (2) 
ASTRI TELLEFSEN, b abt I66O, d in Giersted, Tromoy, wp 12 May 1727. 


Chn of Ragnild & Ole, b in Sandnos, Tromoy, Us 

i. Ingeborg 01s en, b abt l679, wp 11 Nov 1750; md Joen Nielsen, 
b 1661 (UO-1701), Dybedal, Tromoy, wp 18 Sep 1725- 
11, Aase Olsen, b 1681 (18-1699)5 md Christen Pedersen of 
Ravesand, Tromoy« 
llio Maren Olsen, b 1685 (lU-l699) « 
Ivo Torgier Olsen, b 1687 (12-1699), wp 21 Sep 172U; md Christen 
Jensen of Sandnos » 

Chn of Ole & Astri, b in Sandnos, $'■ 

io Ragnild Olsen, b 1692 (20-1712). 

iio Kari Olsen, b 1693 (19-1712) « 

iiio Peder Olsen, b I698 (lU-1712). 

Ivo Tellef Olsen, b 1700 (1 170l)« 

Vo Torbor Olsen, b 1705 (7-1712). 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 1, Book 2 , p I8I, Christopher 
Vroldsenj pt 3, Book 6 , p lU3, Ole Pedersen; pt U, Book 8 , p 358, Torgier 
Olsen; pt 5, Book 9 , p U05, Astri Tellef sen. Census of 1701, Sandnos, Tromoy, 
Book 3, p 176 (GS I762U, pt 1). Also probate rec, pt 5, p 88b Ingeborg Olseno 

218 VROLD CHRISTOPHERSEN, son of Christopher Vroldsen & Ingeborg Svendsen, 
b abt"1^59, Eo Brekke, Tromoy, d bef 1699; md AMBOR RASMUSSEN, b abt I663, of 
Eo Brekke, wp 1732, dau of Rasmus Sorensen & Lif Nielsen o Chn, b E. Brekke, 5? 

i, Sigrid or Siri Vroldsen, b 1685 (li;-l699), wp 3 Apr 1759; md 
Vrold Rasm\issen of Sandiom, Tromoy, wp ?h Sep 1756 » 
ii, Peder Vroldsen, b I687 (12-1699) <■ 
liio Soren Vroldsen, b I689 (10-1699), wp 2 Mar 1730; md Gunnild 
iv, Thomas Vroldsen, b I69I (8-1699), wp 7 Oct 1768, Sandaae, 

Tromoy; md Maren Jorgensen, 
Vo Mads Vroldsen, b I69I (8-1699) • 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 1, Book 2 , p I8I, Christopher 
Vroldsen; pt 2, Book h , p 73, Astri Hansen; pt 5, p 260 Soren Vroldsen; pt 7, 
p 270, Ambor Rasmxissenj pt 13, p 203, Vrold Rasmussen; pt 13, p 551, Siri 
Vroldsen; pt 17, p 328c, Thomas Vroldsen, Census of 1701, E. Brekke, Book 3 , 
p 177 (GS I762U, pt 1)0 

219 INGEBORG CHRISTOPHERSEN, dau of Christopher Vroldsen & Ingeborg 
Svendsen, b abt I668, E, Brekke, Tromoy; md NIELS MADSEN, b 1658 (U3-I7OI), 
E. Brekke, wp 28 Sep 17liic Chn, b in E« Brekke, Us 

1, Aslack Nielsen, b I69O (2U-171U), wp 2 Nov I7U0, Brekke; 
md Maren Justesen, wp 19 Jan 1739, Brekke. 
ii. Mads Nielsen, b 1693 (21-171U), wp U Dec 1730, Woxnos-Lien; 
md Helge Gieruldsen, wp 17UU, dau of Gieruld Herbiornsen & 
Hellie Olsen. 
Ulc Christopher Nielsen, b 1702 (12-171U), wp 20 Jan 1739, Sandum; 
md Catrine Tiostelsen. 
iv, Vrold Nielsen, b 1703 (ll-17lU)o 


REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (17671), pt 1, Book?, p 181, Christopher 
Vroldsenj pt U, p 2b, Niels Madsen; pt 7, p ?b . Mads Nielsen; pt 9, p 53, 
Christopher Nielsen) pt 9, p 54, Maren Justesenj pt 9, p 2I47 Aslack Nielsen; 
pt 11, p $69, Niels Aslacksen. Census rec of 1701, E.Brekke. Book 3 d 177 
(GS I762U, pt 1). 

221 HELGE CHRISTOPHERSEN, dau of Christopher Vroldsen <;c Ingebord Svendsen, 
b abt 1677, E, Brekke; md ROMUND ANDERSEN, b 1670 (31-1701), Alve, wp 12 Oct 
1733, Brekke, son of Anders Kiddelsen, b 1631 (70-1701), Alve. Ghn, b in 
Brekke, 6: 

io Christopher Romundsen, b 1699 (2-1701). 
ii. Anders Romundsen, b 1702 (29-1733), wp 21 Sep 1789; md Berthe 

Andersen^ b 1706, Alve, wp 16 Sep 1776, dau of Anders Henrick- 

sen & Annicken Olsen. (See p 226 o) 
iiio Allou Romundsen, b 1703 (66-1768), wp 26 Dec 1769; md Henrick 

Christophers en, b 1702 (8-1710), Brekke, wp 11 Apr 1755, son 

of Christopher Madsen & Birgitte Nielsen, 
iv. Torgier Romundsen, b abt 1705, wp 28 July 1750; md (l) Christen 

Andersen, of Sandum, wp 5 Apr 17^3, son of Anders Christensen 

St Kiersten Omundsen; md (2) Jens Christensen of Sandum. 

222 v„ Aase Romundsen, b abt 1707, wp 23 Apr 17U3; md Niels Mortensen, 

b 1707 (U-1711), Sandnos, bur 6 May 1770, Giervold, son of 
206 Morten Jensen & Berthe Jorgensen, No chn. See p 218. 
vi„ Joen Romundsen, b 1710 (23-1733), d I6 May I78I, Brekke; md 
Else Larsen, b 1717 (50-1767), Brekke, wp 19 Sep 1767^ dau 
of Lars Madsen 

REFERENCES 5 Probate rec, Tromoy (I767I), pt 1, Book 2 , p I8I, Christopher 
Vroldsen; pt 7> p 383, Romund Andersen; pt 10, p 188, Aase Romundsen, pt 12, 
p 211, Torgier Romundsen; pt 16, p 68c Else Larsen; pt 18, p 6I6, Allou Romund- 
sen; pt 21, p 202, Joen Romundsen. Census of 1701, Alve, Brekke, Tromoy, 
Book 3 , p i76 (GS 1762Uj( pt 1) = 


«HANS GUNDERSEN, b I6O8 (56-166U), W. Skare, Tromoy; md Lif Nielsen, b 

abt 1612. Had sons; „ , ,,, , ,,_ ,,,, . ., „, 

io Gunder Hansen, b I6U6 (16 16614), W. Skare , 

*223 iio Niels Hansen, b 1652 (12-166U); md (l) Marthe Hendricksen; 

md (2) Torbor Gieruldsenc 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy, pt 2, Book 3 ^, p 3U8, Niels Hansen, pt 2, 
Book h^ p 51, Gieruld Jorgensen. Census of 166U, W. Skare, Tromoy, p 95 
(GS 17622, pt U). Probate, pt 2, Book U, p 77, Hans Gundersen. 

*223 NIELS HANSEN, son of Hans Gundersen, b 1652 (12-166U), W, Skare, 
Tromoy7~d I6 Feb 16 97; md (l) Marthe Hendricksen, b abt 1652, of Skare; md 
(2) 229 TORBOR GIERULDSEN, b abt I661, Sandaae, Tromoy, widow in 1701 census 
of E7~Skare, wp 15 Dec llkh, dau of Gieruld Jorgensen & Anne Liodesen- 
Chn of Niels & Marthe, b E. Skare, Uv 

io Hendrick Nielsen, b 1673 (2U-1697). 

iio Birgitte Nielsen, b 1679 (18-1697). 

iiio Ingeborg Nielsen, b 1682 (15-1697). 

iv, Karl Nielsen, b 168$ (12-1697) > 


Chn of Niels Sc Torbor, b E. Skare, U: 

i„ Niels Nielsen, b 168? (10-1697). 

iio Hans Nielsen, b I69O (7-1697). 

iiio Anders Nielsen, b 1692 (5-1697) « 

*22U iVo Niels Nielsen, b I69U (3-1697)5 md 233 Aase Chris tophersen, 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy, pt 2, Book 3 , P 3U8, Niels Hansen; pt 2, 
Book 1; , p 51, Gieruld Jorgensenj pt 9, p 2ii7, Niels Nielsenj pt 11, p 126, 
Torbor Gieruldsen« Censvis of I66U & 1701, Skare, Tromoy (GS 17622, pt U 
& I762U, pt 1)0 

*22U NIELS NIELSEN, son of Niels Hansen & Torbor Gieruldsen, b I69U 
(3-169777 E Skare, wp 29 Oct 17U0, Alve; md 233 AASE CHRISTOPHERSEN, b I70U 
(1^1706), Alve, Tromoy, bur 5 Jan 178ii, dau of Christopher Olsen St Anne 
Andersen o Aase md (2) JENS OLSEN, of Alve, wp 11 May 1778 Chn of Niels 
& Aase, b in Alve, 3t 

225 io Torborg Nielsen, b 1735 ($-17U0); md Thomas Christensen. 

226 iio Anne Nielsen, b 1736 (3-3A-17UO); md Anders Andersen, Jr. 
*227 iiio Birthe Nielsen, b 1738 (1-3/U-17UO); md 211 Morten Svendsen 

(see pp 219-220). 

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bur of Aase Christophersen (GS 17723, pt l). 

225 TORBORG NIELSEN, dau of Niels Nielsen & Aase Christophersen, b 1735 
(5-1711^, Alvej md 2U Mar 1756, Tromoy, THOMAS CHRISTENSEN, b 1722 (79-1801), 
of Naeskile & Alve, son of Christen Pedersen & Berthe Joensen (see p 225). 
Both Torborg & Thomas are shown in the I8OI census of Alve. Chn, b in Alve, 6: 

io Aase Thomasen, chr 23 Nov I76O, bur lU Oct 1761;. 

iio Christen Thomasen, chr 1? July 1763, shown in I8OI census, 

iiio Ole Thomasen, chr l5 Dec 1765 « 

iVo Aase Thomasen, chr 18 Sep I768, shown in I8OI census. 

Vo Helgie Thomasen, chr 1? Mar 1771o 

vio Ambor Thomasen, chr 8 May 1777. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p lU for marr of husb & wife, pp U9, 
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rec of Tromoy, pt 9, p 2ii7, Niels Nielsen; pt 17, p 530c, Gieruld Joensen. 
Census of I8OI, #1 Alve, Tromoy (GS 17625, pt Ik).^ 

226 ANNE NIELSEN, dau of Niels Nielsen & Aase Christophersen, b 1736 
(3-3/11^ 7U0), Alve, bur 3 Apr 1787, Alve, wp 27 Aug 1790; md 7 Apr I76I, 
Tromoy, ANDERS ANDERSEN "Junior," b abt 1732, Alve, son of Anders Romundsen 
& Berthe Andersen. Chn, b in Alve, 5: 

io Johanne Andersen, chr 9 Sep 176l„ 

iio Anders Andersen, chr 11 Sep 1762, bur I6 Sep 176U. 

iiio Niels Andersen, chr I6 Oct I763, living 1790. 

iVo Johanne Marie Andersen, chr 5 Oct 1765. 

Vo Anders Andersen, chr 2 July 1770, living 1790, 


REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy. Book 1. p 20 for marr of huab 4 wife, pp 52, 
68, 76, 80, 86 for births of chn; Book 2. p 25 for death of wife (OS 17723, 
pt l)o Probate rec of Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 9, p 2h7, Niels Nielsen; pt 2U, 
p 906b, Anne Nielsen„ 


^lERULD JORGENSEN, b 1613 (88-1701), Sandaae, Tromoy, wp 6 Oct 1703, 
Sandaaej md (l) ANNE LIODESEN, b abt 1628, of Sandaae; md (2) INGER GUNSTENSEN, 
b abt 16U1, of Sandaae o Chn of Gieruld & Anne, b in Sandaae, U: 

io Anders Gieruldsen, b 1650 (IU-I66I4). 
^228 iio Joen Gieruldsen, b 1652 (12-I66h); md 231 Ambor Olsen, 

iiio Tyre Gieruldsen, b abt 1655; md Jorgen Christensen, b I6U6 
(55-1701), Sandaae, wp 10 July 1715- 
*229 iv„ Torbor Gieruldsen, b abt 1661; md _223 Niels Hansen (see p 223). 

Chn of Gieinild & Inger, b in Sandaae, 3: 

io Anne Gieruldsen, b I67O (82-1752); md Liode Stiansen, shown 
in 1701 census of Sandaae. Anne bur 19 May 1752, Sandaae. 
iio Jorgen Gieruldsen, b 1673 (30 1703), of Sandaae; md 
Ingeborg Lars en. 
iiio Kari Gieruldsen, b I68I (22-1703). 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy, pt 2, Book U , p 5l, Gieruld Jorgensen; 
pt U, p 28ig, Jorgen Christensen; pt 9, p 2U6, Joen Gieruldsen; pt 10, p 221, 
Jorgen Gieruldsen; pt 11, p 126, Torbor Gieruldsen (GS I767I). Census of 
I66II and 1701, Sandaae, Tromoy (GS 17622, pt U, p 98 & 1762U, pt 1, Book 3 , 
p 186). 

*228 JOEN GIERULDSEN, son of Gieruld Jorgensen & Anne Liodesen, b 1652 
(12-I63i0~or U8-I7OI), Sandaae, Tromoy, wp 28 Oct 17U0; md 231 AMBOR OLSEN, 
b 1669 (85 17511), bur 12 Oct 175U, Alve, dau of Ole JoenserT^ Aase Christopher- 
seno Chn, b in Sandaae, 8; 

io Anne Joensen, b I686 (5U-17UO); md (l) Christopher Jensen; 
md (2) Ole Jorgensen., 
iio Berthe Joensen, b 1688 (52-17UO); md Christen Petersen of 
Naeskile, (See p 22U.) 
iiio Svane Joensen, b abt I69O, wp 30 Mar 1730, Skare; md Gundsteen 
Olsen of Skare, wp 18 July 175U 
iVo Aase Joensen, b 1693 (U7-17UO); md Vrold Amesen of Songe. 
Vo Ingebor Joensen, b I696 (Uii-17U0); unmd 17U0. 
vio Ole Joensen, b 1701 (39-17UO), bur 16 Oct 177U, wp 9 Oct 177h; 
md Maren Nielsen, b 1702 (76-1778), bur 5 May 1778, Sandaae. 
viio Gieruld Joensen, b 170U (36-17UO), wp 3 Mar 1770. 
*230 viiio Margrethe Joensen, b abt 1706, wp I8 June 1737; md 239 Hans 
~~~ Salvesen of Skare (see p 226). 

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Ambor Olsen (GS 17723, pt l). Book 2 , p 3, burial of Ole Joensen. 


*OLE JOENSEN (1622) 

*OIE or OLDF JOENSEN, b 1622 (U2-166U), Alve, Tromoy, wp 12 Feb 1^91, Alve; 
md AASE CHRISTOPHERSEN, b abt l6U0 (widow in 1701 census), Alve. Chn, b in 
Alve, 3: 

*231 i, Ambor Olsen, b abt 1669 {Q^n^k)', md 228 Joen Gieruldsen 

(see p 225) o 
*232 iio Christopher Olsen, b 1675 (26-1701) j md 237 ANNE ANDERSEN » 
iiio Annicken Olsen, b abt l679, wp 21 Apr 17li37 Alve; md Anders 

Hendricksen, b abt l675, Alve, wp 2U Jan 1729, Alve« (See p 223) 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (I767I), pt 2, Book h , p 105, Christopher 
Olsenj pt 5, p 96b, Anders Hendricksen; pt 10, p 190c, Annicken Olsen; pt 10, 
p 220c, Anne Andersen o Census of I66U & 1701, Alve, Tromoy (OS 17622, pt U & 
I762U, pt 1, Book 3, p 176). 

*232 CHRISTOPHER OLSEN, b l675 (26-1701), Alve, Tromoy, son of Ole Joensen 
& Aase Christophers en; md 237 ANNE ANDERSEN, b abt 1682, Brekke, Tromoy, wp 
11 June I7I4.3, Alve, dau of Anders Aasuldsen & Birgitte Kiddelsen. Christopher 
wp 13 Oct 1706. Anne md (2) THORE OLSEN, b 1679 (7U-1753), Alve, bur 22 Jan 
1753, wp lU Mar 1753, son of Ole Aanonsen. Chn of Christopher & Anne, 2: 

*233 ic Aase Christophers en, b I70U (1^1706); md 22U Niels Nielsen, 

see p 22U0 
*23li iio Birthe Christophersen, b 1705 (Vl706); md (l) Rasmus 

Pedersen; md (2) Guttorm Olsen « 

Chn of Thore & Ann, b in Alve, I;: 

i„ Tonje Thoresen, b 1713 (30-17li3), wp 3 Oct I76I; md Niels 
Pedersen, b I703 (6O-I763), bur I6 Feb 1763, Brekke. 
iio Christopher Thoresen, b abt 1715, res Holland. 
iiio Anders Thoresen, b abt 1717; md Torborg Hansen, dau of 
Hans Thomasen & Boel Jensen. 
iVo Ole Thoresen, b abt 1719, bur 29 Apr 1765i md Susanna 
Andersen, b 1717, Alve, bur 22 Nov 1767. dau of Anders 
Hendricksen & Annicken Olsen (see above). 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (1767I), pt 2, Book h , p 85b, Birgitte 
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Berthe Larsen; pt 12, p U87, Thore Olsen; pt ll|, p 262c, Tonje Thoresen; 
pt 15, p U53a, Ole Thoresen. 

*23U BIRTHE CHRISTOPHERSEN, dau of Christopher Olsen & Anne Andersen, 
b 1705T%.-1706), Alve, bur 22 Oct 1787, age 83; md (l) 252 RASMUS PEDERSEN, 
b abt 1706. wp 17 June 1737, son of Peder Rasmussen & Margrethe Joensen 
(see p 231); md (2) Guttorm Olsen, b I70I;, bur 5 Aug 1772 age 68, son of Ole 
Guttormsen St Giertrud Aamundsen, of Vaaje Lille, E Moelando Son of Rasmiis : 

io Rasmus Rasmussen, b 1737 (Vl737), Alve, wp 22 Sep I76O. 
Chn of Birthe & Guttorm, b Alve, 2: 

*235 io Anne Margrethe Guttormsen, b 17U3 (17-1760) j md 2Ul Hans 
Hansen (see p 228). 


236 iio Berthe Guttormeen, b 17U6 (lli-1760), Alve, md 2U0 Salve Hansen 
(see p 228), 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tronoy (176 71), pt 8, p 357, Raamua Pedersen; pt lU, 
p 67, Rasmiis Rasmussen; pt 20, p 258, Anne Margrethe Guttormsen; pt 21, p 2U5, 
Berthe Guttormsen « 


*ANDERS AASULDSEN, b 1622 (U2-I66I4) Brekke, Tromoy; md BIRGITTE KIDDEL- 
SEN, b abt l6U7, Brekke, wp 27 Jan 1705, Nedre Brekke. Birgitte md (l) 
SOREN TIOSTELSEN, b I626 (38-I66U), Brekke, who md (l) KAREN JOENSEN , Chn 
of Anders & Birgitte, b in Brekke, 2: 

io Walborg Andersen, b 1679 (26-1705), bur Ik Oct 175U, Alve. 
*237 iio Anne Andersen, b abt I682j md (l) 232 Christopher Olsen; 
md (2) Thore Olsen (see p 226) ., 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy (1767I), pt 2, Book U , p 85b, Birgitte 
Kiddelsen; pt 2, Book h , p 105b, Christopher Olsen; pt 10, p 220, Anne 
Anderseno Census of I66U, Brekke, Tromoy, p 95 (G6 17622, pt U). 


*HAAGEN AANONSEN, b 1632 (69-1701), of E Morrefior, Tromoy; md twice. 
From his 1st marrs 

*238 io Salve Haagensen, b 1659 (U2-1701), E Morrefior; md Berthe 

From his 2nd marr, chn b in E Morrefior, 2: 

io Peder Haagensen, b I68I (20-1701). 
iio Aanon Haagensen, b I688 (13-1701). 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy, pt U, p 28b, Salve Haagensen, Census of 
1701, E Morrefior, Tromoy, Book 3 , p 179 (GS 1762U, pt l). 

*238 SALVE HAAGENSEN, son of Haagen Aanonaen, b 1659 (U2-1701), E Morre- 
fior, Tronoy, wp 10 July 17l5, Skare, Tromoy; md BERTHE HANSEN, b abt 1672, 
of Skare o Chn, b in Skare, U: 

i„ Inger Salves en, b I69I4 ( 21-1715 )o 
iio Ingeborg Salvesen, b 1697 (18-1715), bur 17 Mar 1750, wp 
27 Apr I75O; md Christen Bertelsen, b abt 1701, Alve, wp 
10 June I7U3, son of Bertel Christensen & Sigri Rasm\jssen 
(see p 231) 
iiio Anne Salvesen, b 1700 (15-1715), wp U Mar 1730; md Thor 
Sorensenj b I667 (3U-1701), wp 1733, Skare. 
*239 iVo Hans Salvesen, b 1703 (11 1/2-1715); md 230 Margrethe 
Joensen; md (2) Johanne Hansen. 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Tromoy, pt U, p 28b Salve Haagensen; pt 5, p 265, 
Anne Salvesen, pt 8, p 3, p 357b, Margrethe Joensen; pt 12, p 135, Ingeborg 
Salvesen; pt lU, p l85b, Hans Salvesen; pt 10, p 212, Christensen Bertelsen. 
Census of 1701, Tromoy, Book 3, E Morrefior p 179 4 W Skare p I8I. 



*239 HANS SALVESEN, son of Salve Haagensen & Berthe Hansen, b 1703 (11-1/2- 
1715), Skare, Troraoy, bur 5 May 1761, Skare, wp 7 June 1761; md (1) 230 
MARCKETHE JOEl^SEN, b abt 1706, Sandaae, wp 18 June 1737, dau of Joen Gieruldsen 
& Ambor Olsen; rod (2) Johanne Hansen, b 1703 (7U-1777), Skare, bur 8 May 1777, 
Skare, dau of Hans Larsen & Mary Gundersen, Chn of Hans Margrethe, b Skare, 2: 

2U0 io Salve Hansen, b 1733 (28-1761); md 236 Berthe Guttormsen. 
*2lII iio Hans Hansen, b 1735 (26-1761); md (1)235 Anne Margrethe 
""'" Guttonnsen; md (2) Aase Terjesen. 

Chn of Hans & Johanne, b in Skare, 2: 

2U2 i» Berthe Margrethe Hansen, b 17U2 (19-1761); md Jens Terjesen. 
2g3 iio Maren Hansen, b 17U6 (l5-176l); md Aslag Thomasen„ 

REFERENCES: Probate rec, Troraoy (17671), pt U, p 28b, Salve Haagensen; pt 8, 
p 357b, Margrethe Joensen; pt iL, p l85b, Hans Salvesen; pt 18, p UTlb, 
Johanne Hansen c 

2U0 SALVE HANSEN, son of Hans Salvesen ?: Margrethe Joensen, b 1733 
(28-17^), Skare, Tromoy, living in 1801 Skare census; md 17 July 1763, Tromoy, 
236 BERTHE GUTTORMSEN, b 17ii6 (lU-1760), Alve,wp 2$ July 1781, aged 36, dau of 
Guttorm Olsen & Berthe Chris tophersen. Chn, b in Skare, 3: 

i, Johanne Margrethe Salvesen, chr I6 Oct 1763 <> 
iio Anne Margrethe Salvesen, chr 2U Sep 1775 • 
iiio Hans Salvesen, chr 2 Aug 1778, bur 25 Jan 1779- 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 2h for marr of husb & wife; Book 1 , 
p 52 & Book 2 , pp 6, 17 for births of chn; Book 2 , p 10 for death of wife 
(GS 17723. pt 1)0 Probate rec of Tromoy, pt 20, p 228, Berthe Guttormsen 
(GS 17671), Census of I8OI, Skare, fam #6 Salve Hansen (GS 17625, pt Hi), 

*2Ul HANS HANSEN, son of Hans Salvesen & Margrethe Joensen, b 1735 
(26-17'5T7, Skare, Tromoy, bur 11 May 1790, Skare; md (l) 8 Nov I76I, Tromoy, 
235 ANNE MARGRETHE GUTTORMSEN, b 17U3 (17-1760), Alve, dau of Guttorm Olsen & 
Birthe Christophers en, bur 20 Feb 1775, Alve; md (2) 26 Nov I78O, Tromoy, 
AASE TERJESEN or TERGISSEN, chr 28 June 1750, Tromoy, in I8OI census, dau of 
Torgie Olseno Aase md (2) 7 Jan 1791 KNUD OLSEN. Chn of Hans & Anne, b in 
Alve , Tromoy, 5 : 

io Margrethe Hansen, chr 20 June 1762, bur 9 Sep I76U0 

ii. Hans Hansen, chr 25 Sep 1763, bur 13 Sep I76U. 

2\xk ■ iiio Margrethe Hainsen, b 1765 (36-I8OI); md Thor Assorsen, 

2hS iVo Rasmus Hansen, chr 8 Nov Yj6l', md Anne Hansen. 

■*2^ V. Hans Hansen, chr 17 June 1770; md 215 Anne Marie Mortensen, 

~ vio Guttorm Hansen, chr 31 July 177Uo 

Chn of Hans & Aase, b in Alve, 5: 

i, Michael Hansen, chr 12 Aug I78I0 

iio Lars Hansen, chr 17 Nov 1782, d 5 Nov 1800,, 

iiio Anna Margrethe Hansen, chr 16 Feb 1785 « 

iVo Terje Hansen, chr 20 Jan 1788, d bef 1790, 

Vo Ole Hansen, chr 28 Jvme 1789, 


REFERENCES'. Probate rec, Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 20, p 2^8, Anne Margrethe 
Guttormsen; pt 2U, p 885b, Hans Hansen; pt 26, p 538, Hans Hansen. Par rec 
of Tromoy^ Book 1 , p 21 for 1st marr of husb; pp 51, 77, 78, 85, 98 for births 
of chn of 1st marr; Book 2 , p U2 for 2nd marr of husb, p 32 for bur of 
husb, & Book 2 for chn of 2nd marr, p 3 for bur of Anne Margrethe Guttorreen 
(GS 17723, pt l)o Census of 1801, Barboe, Tromoy, Aase Teriesen living with 
2nd husb (GS 17625, pt lU). 

2U2 BERTHE MARGRETHE HANSEN, dau of Hans Salvesen <:c Johanne Hansen, b 
17U2 TI5-1761), Skare, Tromoy, bur 9 Dec 17814, Omdal, Tromoy; md lU Oct 1761, 
Tromoy, JENS TERJESEN or TERGIESEN, b 1733 (52-1785), Omdal, bur 22 Feb 1785, 
aged 52o Chn, b in Omdal, 8: 

io Inger Jensen, b 1762, bur 31 May 176Uo 

iio Inger Jensen, chr 16 Sep 176U, living in 1785 o 

iiio Johanne Marie Jensen, chr lii June 1767, b\ir 23 Sep 1768, 

iv. Thorgie Jensen, chr 1 Jan 1770, bur 6 Nov 1775, aged 6. 

Vo Hans Salve Jensen, b 1773 (12-1785). 

vi„ Ole Jensen, b 1775 ( 10-1785 )» 

viio Torgius Jensen, chr 6 Sep 1778 (8-1/2-1785). 

viiio Joen Jensen, chr 3 Mar 1782 (3-1785). 

REFERENCES s Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 21 for marr of husb & wife, pp 60, 
76, 85 and Book 2, pp 17, 37 for chr of chn (GS 17723, pt l). Probate rec of 
Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 22, p 2U9, Jens Terjesen & Berthe Margrethe Hansen. 

2U3 MAREN HANSEN, dau of Hans Salvesen ^ Johanne Hansen, b 17U6 (15-1761), 
Skare, Tromoy; md 3 Dec 1767, Tromoy, ASLAG THOMASEN, b 173U (50-178U), Omdal, 
d in Cork, Ireland, bur 5 Sep 178U, wp 18 Sep 178U. Chn, b in Omdal, all 
living in 178U, 5* 

io Hans Aslagsen, chr 18 Sept 1768. 

ii. Thomas Aslagsen, chr 26 Aug 1770. 

ill, Gieruld Aslagsen, chr 5 Sep 1773. 

ivo Anne Aslagsen, chr 18 Aug 1776 » 

v„ Johanna Marie Aslagsen, chr 23 Sep 1781 o 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 31 for marr of husb & wife, pp 81, 
87, 95 and Book 2 , pp 9, 32 for chr of chn (GS 17723, pt 1). Probate rec of 
Tromoy, pt 22, p 252, Aslag Thomasen (GS 17671). 

2UU MARGRETHE HANSEN, dau of Hans Hansen & Anne Margrethe Guttormsen, 
b 176rT36-l80l), Alve, Tromoy; md 7 Nov 1788, THOR ASSORSEN, chr 9 Nov 1760, 
Skare, wp 18 July 1812, son of Aasor Sorensen 4 Ingeborg Hansen (see p 231). 
Chn, b in Skare, 8; 

io Birthe Thorsen, chr 12 July 1789. 

iio Anne Margrethe Thorsen, chr 30 Oct 1791. 

iiio Aasor Thorsen, b 1793 (8-1801). 

iVo Ingeborg Cathrine Thorsen, chr 2U Mar 1796. 

Vo Birthe Margrethe Thorsen, chr 19 Aug 1798. 

vio Hans Thorsen, chr l8 Jan 1801, 

viio Anne Serine Thorsen, chr l6 Sep l803o 

viiio Soren Thorsen, chr 21 Mar 1807- 


REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 70 for birth of husb; Book 2, pp 101, 
122, 161, 276, for births of chn IGS 17723, pt l). Probate rec of Tromoy 
(GS 17671), pt 30, p 93a, Thor Assorsen. Census of I8OI, fam #7, Skare. 

2U5 RASMUS HANSEN, son of Hans Hansen & Anne Margrethe Guttormsen. chr 
8 Nov"l767, Alve; md 2U Nov 1792, Tromoy, ANNE HANSEN, b 1765 (36-1801), 
Kongshavn, Tromoy. Chn, 6 : 

i, Anne Margrethe Rasmussen, chr 2U Feb 1793, Alve, 

iio Hans Rasmussen, chr 26 Oct 179U, Alve, in I8OI census, 

iiio Johannes Rasmussen, b 1796 (5-1801), Brekke. 

iv. Anne Margrethe Rasmussen, b 1798 (3-I8OI), Brekke. 

V. Soren Jacob Rasmussen, chr 28 June I8OI, Brekke. 

vi, Aanon Michael Rasmussen, chr 19 July I8O6, Brekke. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 77 for chr of husb; Book 2 for marr 
of husb & wife and chr of chn. Census of I8OI, fam #5, Brekke, Tromoy (GS 
17625, pt lii). 

*2U6 HANS HANSEN, son of Hans Hansen & Anne Margrethe Guttormsen, chr 
17 June"l770, Alve, Tromoy, wp h Oct 1797, Tromoy; md 15 Jan 1796, Tromoy, 
*2l5 ANNE MARIE MOKTENSEN, chr 22 Nov 1767, Alve, d 2U Nov 1826, bur 1 Dec 
TH26, Tromoy, dau of Morten Svendsen & Birthe Nielsen. Anne Marie md (2) 
9 Aug 1802, Tromoy, CAPTo ELIAS MORTENSEN (see p 217). Son of Hans & Anne 
Msirie , b in Alve : 

i. Hans Hansen, chr 18 July 1795- 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Tromoy, Book 1 , p 77 for birth of wife, p 85 for birth 
of husb; Book 2 , p 198 for marr of Hans & Anne Marie, p 215 for her 2nd marr. 
(GS 17723, pt 1). Probate rec of Tromoy (GS I7671), pt 26, p 538, Hans 
Hansen. Census of I8OI, Alve, Tromoy, p 120 (GS 17625, pt lU). 


ERASMUS OLSEN, b abt l65l, Alve, Tromoy, d bef 1701; md ASTRI NIELSEN, 
b abt 1655, of Alve, wp 26 Jan 1705. Chn, b in Alve, 6: 

Peder Rasmiossen, b 1677; md 252 Margrethe Joensen. 
Sigrid Rasmussen, b abt 1679; md Bertel Christensen. 
Anne Rasmussen, b I68I; md Soren Christensen. 
Ole Rasmussen, b 1683; md Berthe Christensen. 
Guri Rasmussen, b I686 (19-1705), d lU Dec 175U. 
RcLsmus Rasmussen, b I688; md Giertrud Christensen. 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (GS I7671), pt 2, Book U , p 82, Astri 
Nielsen; pt 5, p 8U, Giertrud Christensen; pt 8, p 357, Rasm\;is Pedersen; 
pt 12, p U87, Guri Rasmussen. 












•«-2l;7 PEDER RASMUSSEN, son of Rasmus Olsen & Astri Nielsen, b 1677 (28- 
1705),~Alve, bur 28 Dec 1753, Alve; md 253 MARGRETHE JOENSEN, b abt I683, of 
Giersted, wp 11 May I76U, dau of Joen Tiostelsen & Ingebor Andersen. 


Chn of Peder Rasmus sen & Margrethe Joensen, b in Alve, h: 

*252 i„ Rasmus Pedersen, b abt 1706, wp 17 June 1737; red 23U Birthe 
Christophersen (see p 226). 
ii. Christopher Pedersen, b abt 1708, living 176U. 
iii. Ingeborg Pedersen, b abt 1710, wp 12 Dec 17U6; md Christopher 
Tiostelsen of Brekke, Tromoy, wp 30 Pep 1763. 
ivo Tonje Pedersen, b abt 1720, living 176U; md 1 Jan 175U, Niela 
Pedersen, b 1725 (ll;-3A-17UO), Alve, son of Peder Kiddelaen 
&c Helge Nielsen. 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 3, Book 6 , p 258, Joen 
Tiostelsenj pt 8, p 357, Rasmus Pedersen; pt 12, p U87, Guri Rasmussen; pt 15, 
p 679c, Margrethe Joensen; pt 10, p 210c, Peder Kiddelsen; pt 11, p 353, 
Ingeborg Pedersen; pt lU, p 733, Christopher Tiostelsen. Par rec of Tromoy, 
Book 1 , p 8 for bur of Peder Rasmussen (GS 17723, pt 1), 

2U8 SIGRID or SIRI RASMUSSEN, dau of Rasmus Olsen & Astri Nielsen, b abt 
1679, Alve, d bef 1755j md BERTHEL CHRISTENSEN, b abt 1675, Alve, d I6 Oct 
1732 o Chn, b in Alve, h: 

io Christen Berthelsen, b abt 1701, wp 10 June 17U3; md Ingeborg 
Salvesen, b 1697 (l8-17l5), bur 17 Mar 1750, dau of Salve 
Haagensen & Berthe Hansen (see p 227). 
iic Kirsten Berthelsen, b abt 1703; md Anders Knudsen of Kleven. 
iiio Aase Berthelsen, b abt 1705; md Anders Joensen of Alve, wp 
17 June 1737 (see p 220), 
iVo Anna Berthelsen, b abt 1707; md. Thomas Asdal. 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 2, Book U , p 82, Astri Niel- 
sen, pt 7, p 271c, Berthel Christensen; pt 8, p 355c, Anders Joensen; pt 10, 
p 212, Christen Berthelsen; pt 12, p U87, Guri Rasmussen. 

2U9 ANNE RASMUSSEN, dau of Rasmus Olsen & Astri Nielsen, b I68I (2h- 
1705)7~Alve, d 3 Mar 1755, Skare; md SORKN CHRISTENSEN, b abt I68I, Skare, 
wp U Mar 1730j son of Christen Sorensen & Gvindvor Assorseno Chn, b Skare, 2: 

io Astri Sorensen, b 1717 (13-1730); md Joen Olsen, wp li^ Apr 
1763, Skare. 
iio Aasor Sorensen, b 1722 (8-1730), bur 25 Jan 1790, Skare; 

md Ingeborg Hansen, b 1736 (59-1795), bur 6 Feb 1795, Skare. 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (GS 17671), pt 2, Book U , p 82, Aatri 
Nielsen; pt 5, p 26U, Soren Christensen; pt 5, p 3U2b. Ole Rasmussen; pt 12, 
p U87, Guri Rasmussen; pt lU, p 6l9b, Joen Olsen; pt U, Book 8 , p 136b, 
Christen Sorensen. 

250 OLE RASITUSSEN, son of Rasmus Olsen & Astri Nielsen, b I683 (22- 
1705)7Tlve, d 9 Feb 1730, Krogenos, Tromoy; md Berthe or Bergitte 
Christensen, b abt I687, Skare, dau of Christen Sorensen & Gundvor Assorsen. 
Chn, b in Krogenos, Tromoy, 5: 

i, Astri Olsen, b 1716 (lU-1730); md Salvor Pedersen, Holmen. 
iio Rasmus Olsen, b 1718 (12-1730), wp 13 Dec 17U6; unmd. 


iiio Christen Olsen, b 1720 (10-1730). 
ivo Amborg Olsen, b 1722 (8-1730); md Terchel Jensen of Songe,Tromoy. 
Vo Fetter Olsen, b 1725 (5-1730) o 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (17671), pt 2, Book h , p 82, Astri Nielsenj 
pt li. Book 8 , p 13<^, Christen Sorensen; pt $, p 3U2b, Ole Rasmiissen; pt 11, p 
35U, Rasmus Olsen; pt 12, p U87, Guri Rasinussen. 

251 RASMUS RASMUSSEN, b 1688 (17-1705), son of Rasmus Olsen & Astri 
Nielsen7 living 1755, Alve; md GIERTRUD CHRISTENSEN, b abt l692, Skare, wp 17 
Sep 1725, dau of Christen Sorensen & Gundvor Assorsen, Chn, b in Alve, 5t 

i, Rasmus Rasmussen, b 17lU (11-1725) » 

iio Gunvor Rasmussen, b 1719 (6-1725), female, wp h Jan 1768. 

iiio Christen Rasmussen, b 1718 (7-1725), bur 1 Nov 1755- 

iVo Gunner Rasmoissen, b 1721 (U-1725), male 

V, Giertrud Rasmussen, b 1723 (1^1725). 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (176 71), pt 2, Book U , p 82, Astri Nielsen; 
pt h, Book 8 , p 13^ Christen Sorensen; pt 5, P 8U, Giertrud Christensenj 
pt 12, p U87, Guri Rasmussen; pt 13, p ll8b. Christen Rasmussen; pt I6, p 
236c, Gunvor Rasmussen. 


*JOEN TIOSTELSEN, b I6U8 (53-1701), of Giersted, Tromoy, wp 2 Oct 1713; 
md INGEBOR ANDERSEN, b abt 1652, of Giersted. Chn, b in Giersted, h'- 

*253 io Margrethe Joensen, b abt 1683; md 2U7 Peder Rasmussen (see 
P 230). 
iio Astri Joensen, b 1685 (28-1713). 
iiio Tiostel Joensen, b 1687 (26-1713), wp 26 Sep 1758, Giersted; 
md (1) Maria Arnesen, wp 3 Apr 1730, Giersted; md (2) Tonje 
Salvesen, b I706 (65-1771), wp 13 May 1771, Giersted. 
iVo Anders Joensen, b 1695 (18-1713); md Kirsten Jorgensen, wp 
lU Nov 175U, Giersted, dau of Jorgen Tellefsen & Maren 

REFERENCES: Probate rec of Tromoy (1767I), pt 3, Book 6 , p 258, Joen 
Tiostelsen; pt 5, p 316, Maria Amesen; pt 12, p 686, Kirsten Jorgensen; 
pt 13, p Uii8c, Tiostel Joensen; pt 15 , p 679c, Margrethe Joensen. Census 
of 1701, Giersted, Book 3 , p 183 (GS 17621;, pt 1). 


-J fl> — 

mS o 
o 5 



c- "^ (N 

^ n ^ c- 
O 3 O 0) 

N S,ira 
~^ . — I 

-^ ? CX) 


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m O 


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00 1 


Eg! ^ 

Bis I 



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T3 "2 

—I XI 

2 00 


3 3 

< CO C:^ 05 .„ 

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in H -^ 

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E -o 5 

-J 1) 

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cox: p 


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in ^" -o 
- <- < 

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; -0000 

o— ' — 

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(O X> w. V 
OS — O — 


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x: "a 

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» CO 

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T3 5 = 



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t- -i-i Id 

_ - -< a 

5E D 

cr> S n 2 

C^ Q C^ fb 

£■ x: 

X J -o ? 

00 tu O 


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4J C u. 

'^ E5 

x: <N 

X ^ -a 



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£J ^ r- ni 

■^ ^ ^ ii 


CO Tl <S w 

CO O CD 2 

X 5 -o ^ 

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C75 « 
00 C 
00 "0 

X -a 
5 C 

1> 3 
c — 
3 a. 
o 2 

•o ? 









f 1 










S 2 

.2, J 

E I" 

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S" C 

lO (d 

3 — iJ 

a = o. 

.2 « - 

U. ^ 2 

X X 

3 -o 3 



2$ 7 HANNA BORG (l8U0) 

niLS (1680) 

•»NIIS, b abt 1680, of Spjutstorp, Krist, Sweden, was an "elderly" man in 
1718 and living in Spjutstorp when King Charles XII of Sweden fell in the war 
with Norway, following the war with Peter the Great of Russia. Nils lost his 
homestead at this timeo Chn, 2: 

i. Son Nilsson, cutter mechanic in Istad. Moved to Stockholm, 
»2$U iio Sven Nilsson Borg, b 1720; md Metta or Maltha Olsson. 

REFERENCES: Borg Family History by Erasmus Borgquist, in poss of Gertrude B. 
Mo Richards, 97 S 6 E, Pleasant Grove, Utah. 

*j^ SVEN NILSSON BORG, b 1720, Spjutstorp, Krist, Swed, d lU Feb 1776, 
aged 5o7 Tegelvangshuset, Slimminge, Malm, Swedj md 2^ Oct 17$2, Villie, Malm, 
METTA or mItHA OLSSON, b 1721, of Slimminge, d 1 Dec 1799, Ramna Kulla, Blen- 
tarp. Malm, Swed. Sven was a saddle and hsimess maker for a nobleman in 
Slimminge parishj Malmo As a master craftsman, he took advantage of the right 
to choose a name for himself, that of "Borgo" Chn, b Stubbcirp, Slimminge, 3s 

i. Nils Svensson or Borg, saddle & harness maker, b 30 Aug 1753> 
d 27 Mar 1829; md 1 Mar 1776, Elna Andersson. 
iio Margreta Svensson or Borg, b 8 Jan 1755j d 23 Aug 1798j md 
15 May 1780, Anders Astradsson. 
*25$ iii- Hans Svensson Borg, b 1 Aug 1757j md Gertrud Nilssono 

REFERENCES: Borg Family History by Erasmus Borgquist, in poss of Gertrude Bo 
M. Richards, 97 S 6 E, Pleasant Grove, Utaho GS Archives. 

»25$ HANS SVENSSON BORG, b 1 Aug 1757, Lo Stubbarp, Slimminge, Malm, Swed, 
d 29 June 1828, Gabeljung, Gardslov, Malm; md 29 Jan 1782, Gustaf, Malm, Swed, 
262 GERTRUD NILSSON, b 23 Mar 1766, Stenbergshuset, Leramestro, Malm, d 30 Dec 
1828, Gabeljung, dau of Nils Olsson & Tyre or Thore Chris topherss on (see p 237). 
Was saddle and harness maker; took his father's place working for nobleman in 
Slemminge parish. After his marriage, he made his home in Gardslov, Lemmestro 
and Tegelvangghuset near Annavillie . ) Chn, b in Tegelvangshuset, Slimminge, 9° 

i. Margreta Hansson, b 1 Apr I783, d 22 Sep 1783o 
iio Sven Hansson, b 2U Aug 178U, d 19 Mar 1807; unmd, 
iiio Kama Hansson, b 9 Jan 1788, d 15 J\me I86I; md 19 June I8IO, 
Jons Nilssono 
iv, Margreta Hansson, b 29 Sep 1790, d 22 Feb lQh9; md 30 Dec I836, 
Ola Bengtssono Child b 22 Feb I8l5, father Mans Hansson; 
child b 8 Mar I8I8, father Sven Martensson; child b 29 May 182$, 
father Ola Holmgren o 
Vo Ola Hansson, b 5' Feb 1793, d 26 Mar I838; md Kama Jonsson. 



vio Nils Hansson, fanner, b 12 Mar 1796, d 27 May 1851; md 17 Jan 
1823, Elna LarssoHo Had 8 chn 
viio Ingar Hansson, b 8 Dec 1798, d bef 1872; md Anders Peter 
Bengtsson Res Anderslof parish. Had 3 chn. 
viiio Hatha Hansson Borg, b 9 Mar 1802, d 15 May I876; md 9 Mar 1827, 
Pehr Hansson „ Res Garslof until she came to America with 
Hcins Pehrson Borg 
*256 ix, Pehr Hansson Borg, b 27 Mar 1805; md Ingar Jonsson. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Sliiraninge, Malm, Swed (GS 20U85, pts 1, 5); Guataf (CB 
ser no 20281i, pt U); Gardslof (GS ser no 20337, pts 1, 2). GS Archives » Gen 
rec of Rasmus Borgquistc 

* j56 PEHR HANSSON BORG^ son of Hans Svensson Borg & Gertrud Nilsson, b 
27 Mar 1805. Sliinminge, Malm, Swed, d 12 Apr 1875, bur Mt Pleasant, Sanpete, 
Utah J md 17 Dec 1830, Anderslov, Malm, INGAR JONSSON, b 8 Sep 1812, Odmads- 
huset, Vo Karrstorp, Malm, Swed^ d 6 Mar I878, Mt Pleassint, bur Mt Pleasant 
Gem, dau of Jons Jonsson & Margreta Jonsson . As a young man, Pehr worked with 
his father as a mechanic He was also an accon^jlished violinist. 

The family of Pehr Hansson Borg were converted to Mormonism in Sweden, 
and all but Kama emigrated to America, a few at a time as financial circum- 
stances permitted. His wife Ingar, aged 1;8, son Lars Peter, aged 29, and a 
granddaughter named Nathalia Borg (dau of Kama) came to the New World in i860. 
They sailed from England on 11 May i860 on the boat "William Tapscott." Two 
years later, their daughter Hanna (who md Hains Christian Mortensen) and young 
son Jons (James) aged 9, emigrated with 335 other saints from Scandinavia; 
they sailed directly from Hamburg, Germany, on the ship "Electric," arriving in 
New York on 6 June and from there traveling by train smd boat to Florence, Neb. 
They crossed the plains in the John Be Murdock's Company (see p 

In another 2 years, Pehr Hansson Borg came to America with his son Ole, 
They left England on 28 Apr I86U, sailing on the "Monarch of the Sea." The 
family settled in Mt Pleasant, Sanpete Co, where the father was also known as 
Peter Henry Borgo Chn, b in Malm, Swed, 10; 

io Hans Pehrsson Borg, b llx Sep I83I, Anderslov, d 12 Apr 1909; 
md 1 Sep 1862^ Kama Larsson. Res Uintah, Weber Co, Utah 
iio Lars Peter Borg, saddler, b 3 Sep 1833, Anderslov, d 3 Sep 1903j 
md (1) Sara Christina Jonsson; md (2) Marie Bergetta Christen- 
sen; md (3) k Sep I87I, Anna Sibilla Christoffersen, Res Salt 
Lake City, Utah, 
iiio Kama Pehrsson Borg, b 26 Mar I836, Skifrarp, d 23 Feb 1919, 
md 26 Oct 1862, Hans Christian Hansen Did not emigrate to 
America; lived in Copenhagen, Den. Had dau Nathalia Borg. 
ivo Sven Pehrsson Borgquist, b 27 July I838, Nobbelof, d lii Jan 

I90I; md 2U June 1863, Eva Christina Elfv. Res Richfield, Utah 
* 257 Vo Hanna Borg or Hann^ Pehrsson Borg, b 9 Sep I8UO; md 20U Hans 
"~" Christian Mortensen (see Chap XVIII, p 150, Sc Chap XXV, p 217) 

Rasmus Pehrsson Borgquist, b 2U Dec 18U2, Lyngby, d 23 Aug I896; 

md (1) 5 Nov 1866, Anna Cecelia Nilsson; md (2) 7 Dec 1882 

Ulrika Swan or Svahn. Res Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Kathrma Pehrsson Borg, b lU Sep l8U$, Lyngby, d 13 Sep 1857; 





viii. Ole Pehrsson Borg, b 19 Oct l8ii7, Lyngby, d 17 Nov 1933 J md (l) 
2k May I869, Brighamina M. Nielsenj md (2) 10 J\ily I876, 
Josephine Nielsen. Res Richfield, Utah, 
ix. Ingrid Pehrsson Borg, b 2 Nov 18U9, Lyngby, d 23 June 1857. 
X. Jons Pehrsson "James" Borg, b 26 Sep 18$2, Lyngby, d 19 Apr 
1937; md 21 Sep 1882, Sarah Marie Jorgensen. Res Mt Pleasant. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Slimminge, Malm, Swed (GS ser no 20U85, pt 5) J V, Karr- 
storp (GS ser no 2053U, pt 3); Anderslov (GS ser no 20268, pt l); Skivarp (GS 
ser no 20U97, pts 1, 2)5 V. Nobbelov (GS ser no 205U3, pts 1, 2); Lyngby (GS 
ser no 20396, pts 1, 3). GS Archives. EH Slgs, Book G, p 379 J Book K, p 19Uj 
Book L, p 22. Emigration Rec (Brittish), i860, 'William Tapscott; (Scand), 1862 
"Electric," and I86U, "Monarch of the Sea." Hist of Scand Mission . Gen rec 
of Rasmias Borgquist. 


*JONS JONSSON, b 3-k Aug 17U6, Svedala, Malm, Swed, d 30 Aug I8I8, Anders- 
lov, Malmj md (l) ih June 1777, at Svedala, Malm, BENGTA NILSSON, b 1751-5U, 
of Stavesjo, Anderslov, d 23 Nov, bur lU Dec 1785, aged 3U, Anderslov, dau of 
Nils Eriksson & Bengta Olssonj md (2) I6 J\ily 1786, Svedala, MARGRETA JONSSON, 
b abt 1767, of Anderslov, d 12 Dec I8II, Stavesjo, Malm; md (3) ELNA VALGREN. 
Ghn of Jons &; Bengta, U; 

i. Bengta Jonsson, b k Mar 1779, Anderslov, d 13 Apr 1779. 
*258 ii. Jons Jonsson, b 28 Mar 1780; md Margreta Jonsson. 

iii. Nils Jonsson, b 9 Mar 1782, d 17 Feb 1859; md U Nov I8IO, 
Hanna Matsson, div. 
iv. Ola Jonsson, b 29 Sep 1781;, d 20 Aug 1829; md 28 CTct I808, 
Margreta Hansson, 

Chn of Jons & Margreta, b Stavesjo, Malm, J: 

io Bengta Jonsson, b 5 May 1787, d 3 Feb 1788. 

ii. Hanna Jonsson, b 2 Jan 1789, d 3 Apr 1792. 

iii. Thomas Jonsson, b 17 May 1791, d 26 May 1791. 

iv. Rasmus Jonsson, b U May 1792, d 21 Jan 1798. 

V. Jons Jonsson, b 10 July 1795. 

vi, Joren Jonsson, b 27 Apr 1797, d 22 Jan 1798. 

vii. Hanna Jonsson, b 7 July I8O3. 

REFERENCES i GS Archives . 

*258 JONS JONSSON, son of Jons Jonsson & Bengta Nilsson, b 28 Mar I78O, 
Stavesjo, Anderslov, Malm, Swed, d 15 Mar 1850, Sorby, Anderslov; marr banns 
15 Sep 1811, Anderslov 26I MARGRETA JONSSON, b 27 Feb 1782, Domme, Fru 
Alstad, Malm, d 27 Mar 1860, Eglarp, Malm, dau of Jons Hansson & Bengta 
Larsson. Chn of Jons & Margreta, 5: 

* 259 i. Ingar Jonsson, b 8 Sep I8l2; md 256 Pehr Hansson Borg (see 
p 235). — 

ii, Bengta Jonsson, b 23 June I8IU, Fuglie, Malm, d 2U Jxme l867j 
md Peter Johansson Skanberg. 
iii. Lars Jonsson, b 13 Oct I8I6, Sorby, Anderslov, d 8 Apr 1823. 
iv, Hanna Jonsson, b 8 Sep 1820, Stavesjo, Anderslov, d 6 Jan 

I88I4.; md Lars Svensson. 
V, Kama Jonsson, b 10 Aug I82U, Stavesjo, d 22 Sep 1825. 


REFERENCES: Par rec of Anderslov, Malm, Swed (GS ser no 20268, pt 1); Fuglie 
(GS ser no 20311, pt 2); V. Karrstorp (GS ser no 205 3U, pt 3); Fru Alstad 
(GS ser no 20312, pt 3)o GS Archives. Gen rec of Rasmus Borgquiat. 


*LAES PEHRSSON, shoemaker, b 1687, of Domme, Fru Alstad, Malin,Swed, d 16 
Nov 1766, aged 79, Domme 3 md (l) MATTAj md (2) 5 Nov 1738, JOHANNA ADAMSSON; 
md (3) lU Dec I7U0, Fru Alstad, CATHARINA ANDERSSON, b I719, of Domme, d 21 
May 1772,, aged 53, Domme o Chn of Lars & Catharina, of Domme, Fru Alstad, 7s 

i. Per Larsson, b 18 Oct 17Ul, d 18 Dec 17Ul. 

iio Brita Larsson, b 8 Oct 17U2, 

^60 iii. Bengta Larsson„ b 29 Jan 17U6; md (l) Nils Christenssonj md 
(2) Jons Hansson. 

ivo Anders Larsson^, b 18 Dec 17U7. 

Vo Per Larsson, b 29 Mar 1750, 

vio Dau Larsson^ stillborn Apr 1753. 

viio Matta Larsson, b 30 Sep 175U, bur 15 Apr 1753. 

*260 BENGTA LARSSON, dau of Lars Pehrsson & Catharina Andersson, b 29 Jan 
17U6,~^omme, Fru Alstad, Malm, Swed, d 23 Dec I805, aged 60, Fru Alstad; md 
(1) 16 Nov 1766, NILS CHRISTENSSON; md (2) 5 July 1772, Fru Alstad, JONS 
HANSSON, b 16 Feb 17U2, farmer of Fru Alstad, d 3 Oct I8II, Fru Alstad, Chn 
of Bengta & Jons, b Domme, Fru Alstad, 8: 

i, Lars Jonsson, b 2U Jan 177li, d 7 July I8OI, aged 26. 

ii» Catrina Jonssonj, b 12 Mar 1776, d Nov 1835; md Jons Rasmusson, 

iiio Margreta Jonsson., b 9 Jan 1778, d 17 Jan 1778, 

iv. Matta Jonsson, b Dec 1778, b\ir 17 Jan 1779, 

Vo Dau Jonsson, stillborn 26 May I78O, 

^261 vi„ Margreta Jonsson, b 27 Feb 1782; md Jons Jonsson. (See p 236.) 

viio Son Jonsson, stillborn Feb 1786. 

viiio Hans Jonsson^ b 27 Feb 1789, d 27 Feb 1789.. 

REFERENCES s Par rec of Domme, Fru Alstad, Malm, Swed. GS Archives. 

*NILS OLSSON (1726) 

lur 5 Oct 

*NILS OLSSON, b 1726, of Mjolkareboden, Gardslov, Malm, Swed, h^ ^ ^^^ 
1783, aged 57, Stenberga, Gustaf, Malm; md 20 Oct 175U, Gardslov, TYRE or THORE 
CHRISTOPHERSSON, b 1725, of Ternemolla, Gardslov, d 28 Mar I8O8, aged 83, 
Tegelvangshus , Sllmminge, Malmc Chn, b in Malm, Swed, 7: 

i. Kama Nilsson, b 13 Aug 1755, Mjolkareboden, d 29 Sep 1755. 

ii, Hedvig Nilsson, b h June 1757, Mjolkareboden, d 28 Feb 1802; 
md Per Manssono 

iiio Son Nilsson, stillborn bur 31 Aug 1762, of Stenbergahuset . 

iv, Sven Nilsson, b 22 Mar 176U, of Stenbergahuset, bur 29 Apr, 

*262 Vo Gertrud Nilsson, b 23 Mar 1766; md Hans Svensson (see p 23U). 

vi, Ola Nilson, b h Apr, bur I6 May 1769, of Stenbergahuset, 

viio Nils Nilsson, b 31 Jan, bur 17 Mar 1771, of Stenbergahuset. 

REFERENCES s Par rec of Gardslov (GS ser 20337, pt 2); Lemmestro (GS 2028U, 
pt U)j Slimminge (GS ser 20ii85, pt 5)« GS Archives. Rec of Rasmus Borgquist. 



o ■^ 

2 2 

C/3 CO 

2 2 

u u 

H H 

W C/3 

2 S 

u u 

2 2 


r 00 

3 ^ C» 


G, trl c i-i 
(N O 













- c- lo <; 

00 c; h:; s:; 


-" m CU "^ ; 

O -^ CO X 


oo E 

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o < 


I-- 3 — 

N o XI 

7! x f^ 

X ^^ CO 
nJ O oo 

LO o 

1-, o 

£3 K 



x; x: 
X S -a S 



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X S 

2 D 

,:_ - 3 

^> ui O 

X > 

05 <; 00 - 
^ -2 ^ 

o E a; t! 
<u D ?: t: 

=: >-^ 2 


X S -o S 

t. aj 

2 - 

co ooS ^ 
<» S<2 


„ X 

cu 00 

nj ^-^ 

X S: 



■o 3: 

2 O 


U4 W 

2 H 

= 2 
2 J 








■< r- — • 
crix t; 2 

' — ' QJ fO 00 

X 3: E 







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O X 




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I o •-; 

CM < 

; °° 
■-, ^3 

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— ^^ S °i 

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2 x' 

5 oi 

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■o o< 

0) 00 

L 00 J^dj 
H o ■" •-' 

^ -J DO 

3 O CO J 

J 3 

(N 00 

00 4-. n, -- 

00 = 

- X 
00 — ' 

(M <; 



■* o 
01 -J 

X'^ X 
3 E -o 3 



CO <; 10 
c- ^ 00 

DO'S O. 

3 *; (u 

< OT CO 

00 „ 

■J <N 

3 -a 




^ ^000 

(M ^ CO !^ 

X X 

X 3 XI S 



Q 2 


J < 



57 3 
> 1" 




2 00 r- 



•c >^S 

' — . 




,i!: uo .y 

[ij (N ^ 



X X 


3 X) S 



26U NIELS 3CCW (1821 ) 


Aalborg, Den, d after 1801; md (l) 20 Apr 1777, ANNE MICKELSEN, b abt 1756* 
of Vadum, d 1777 in Vadum; md (2) 11 Jan 1778, Vadum, JOHANNE MARIE JORGENSEN 
or MUNK, b 1750-51 (age 37-1787), of Draatrup, Vadumo Son of Niels & Anne: 

io Christian Nielsen Holier, b 1 June 1777, Vadum. 

Chn of Niels & Johanne, 7: 

io Jens Nielsen MSller, b 17 Sep 1778, Vadum. 

lie Anne Marie Nielsen Moller, b Hi Nov 1779, Vadum 

iiio Anne Nielsen Moller^ b 2U June 1781, Vadum^ 

iVc Jorgen Nielsen M(!)ller, b h Apr 1783, Vadum, 

Vc Niels Christian Nielsen Mdller, chr 26 Dec 178U, Vadum 

*263 vi„ Jens Christian Nielsen Mdller or Schou, chr 16 Sep 1767, Vadum; 
md 266 Mar lane Erlandsen. 

viio Maren Nielsen Mflller, b 1789- 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vadum, Aalborg, Den (1732-1830), p 110 for birth of 
child #1 Christian; pp 112, llU, 118, 122, 12U, 127 for births of chn #1-6; 
p 329 for 1st & 2nd marrs of husb (GS ser no 6692, pt 1), Bible rec of Niels 
Scow for birthdate of husb, 2nd wife, and child #7. Bible gives surname of 
husb as Mdller & surname of wife as Mirnk; parish rec gives surname of husb as 
Christensen & surname of 2nd wife as Jorgensen Census of 1787 & 1801 show 
husb marr twice and was living at that time. MT Bapt, 1 July 1890 (GS ser no 
230U7,. pt 8)„ MT Endow, 2-3 July, 29 Aug, 10 Oct, 3 Dec 1890; 22 Jan, 12-18 
Feb 1891 (GS ser no 230U9, pt 8). 

*263 JENS CHRISTIAN NIELSEN-mAlLER or SCHOU, son of Niels Chris tensen- 
Moller & Johanne Marie Jorgensen-Munk, chr l6 Sep 1787, Vadum, Aalborg, Den, 
d 17 or 29 Sep l875'. Den; md 266 MARIANE ERLANDSEN, b 11 Dec 17914 (7-1801), 
chr 26 Dec 179U, Vadum, Aalborg, Den, d 1 June 1881, Norre Uttrup, dau of 
Erland Erlandsen & Talke Kiliane Jensen. Chn, b in Aalborg Co, Den, 5* 

*26U io Niels Schou or Scow, b 22 Sep 1821, Pedersborg, Norre Tranders, 
Aalborg; md £68 Ellen Marie Jensen (see pp 103-122), 
iio Johanne Marie Schou, twin, b 28 Dec 1828, Sohngaardsholm, 
Norre Tranders . 
iiio Nicoline Christine Schou, twin, b 28 Dec 1828, Sohngaardsholm 
iVo Johanne Petren Skou, b 23 July 1832 j, Uttrup, Hvori^) 
Vo Ida Skou, b 16 May 1836^ Uttrv?); md Mau-tinus Petersen, 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Vadum, Aalborg, Den, Bk l ,pp 127,lii2 for b of parents 
(GS ser 8692, pt l)o Par rec of Norre Tranders, Aalborg, Den, Bk 13, p 12 for 
birth of #1 Niels, p 7U for births of chn #2 & #3 (GS ser 86?5, pt 8). Par 
rec of Hvorup, Aalborg, Den, Bk 19 , PP 67 & 70 for births of chn »h & #5 



(GS ser 8663, pt 6)0 Census of I8OI, Norre Uttnjp, Hvorup, Dist II, Family 22 
for parents of wife and ages (GS ser 8507, pt 13) » MT Bapt, 1 July I89O, p I8O 
(GS ser 230U7, pt 8) &MT Endow, 2 July 1890 (GS ser 230U9, pt 8), which give 
death date of husb as 1875 <. Bible rec of Niels Scow» 


*ERLAND JORGENSEN SMED, b abt 1718, of Hvorup, Aalborg, Den, bur 3 Apr 
1785, Hvori;?)j md (l) ANNE NIELSEN, b abt 1703, of Hvorup, bur 23 Jan 17U7, 
Hvorup; md (2) U Apr 17U7, Hvorup, KIRSTEN LARSEN, b abt 1727, of Hvorup, bur 
23 Feb 1806, Hvorupo Chn of Erland & Anne, b in Hvorup, 3: 

io Stillborn child, b 20 Jan 17U2, Hvorup, 
iio Bertram Erlandsen, b 22 Oct 17U3, Hvorupj md (l) I6 July I769, 
Ellen Olesen, b abt 1728, of Hvorup, bur 30 July 1780, Hvorupj 
md (2) banns 30 Nov 1783, Maren Christensen, b abt 17U3, of 
Hvorup o Bertram & Maren are the 2nd great grandparents of 
Elder Mark E. Petersen, Apostle of LDS Church, 
iiio Simon Gotfred Erlandsen, b 30 Oct 17U6, Hvorup., 

Chn of Erland & Kirsten, b in Hvorup, 9- 

±0 Anne Marie Erlandsen, b 22 Nov 17U7, d 6 Jan 1753 « 
iio Jorgen Erlandsen, b 2k Nov 17U9o 
iiio Erland Erlandsen, b 31 Dec 1751 » 
ivo Bodild Marie Erlandsen, b 2U Feb 175Uo 
*265 V, Erland Erlandsen, b 12 July 1756] md (l) Kirstine Lauritzen, 
md (2) Talke (or Thale) Kiliane Jensen, 
vie Ane Marie Erlandsen, b 10 Jan 1759; md 1792, Christian Nielsen 
vii. Christen Erlandsen, b 2li Feb I76I0 
viiio Lars Erlandsen, twin,b 11 July 1765 o 

ixo Christen Erlandsen, twin, b 11 July 1765. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Hvori^), Aalborg, Den (GS ser no 8663, pt 6). Census 
rec of 1787 & 1801„ GS Archives. 

*265 ERLAND ERLANDSEN, son of Erland Jorgensen Smed & Kirsten Larsen, 
b 12 J\ily 1756, Hvorup, Aalborg, Den; md (l) 22 Oct I783, KIRSTINE LAURITZSEN 
b 17U9, of Hvorup, d 28 Dec 1788; md (2) TALKE (or THALS) KILIANE JENSEN, b 
11 Aug 1765, Hvorup, dau of Jens Pedersen & Maren Madseno Chn of Erland & 
Kirstine, b in Hvori^), 2 s 

io Maren Kirstine Erlandsen, b 27 Sep I78U0 
ii. Erland Erlandsen, chr 21 Sep I788, bxir 11 Feb 1789. 

Chn of Erland & Talke, 6s 

Xo Kirstine Erlandsen, chr 6 Feb 1791, Hvorup. 

*266 iio Mariane Erlandsen, b 11 Dec 179U, chr 26 Dec I79J4, Vadum; mi 
263 Jens Christian Nielsen Mbller-Schou. 

iiio Jens Mathias Erlandsen, chr 7 June 1798, Hvorup » 

ivo Erland Erlandsen, chr 31 Jan 1802, Hvorup » 

v, Anne Marie Erlandsen, b 27 Oct I80U, bur 7 Sep I8O6, Hvorup, 

vio Dau Erlandsen, stillborn 25 Oct I8O7, Hvorup, 


REFERENCES: Par rec of Hvorvqp, Aalborg, Den (GS ser 8663, pt 6). Par rec of 
Norre Siindby, Aalborg, Den (GS ser 8663, pt 1), Census of 1601, Norre Uttrup, 
Hvorup, Aalborg, Dist II, Family #22 (GS ser 6$07, pt 13). GB Archives. 


•OLE CHRISTENSEN-LIV, b abt 17U2, of Logsted, Aalborg, Den, d 29 Aug 1820, 
bur 5 Sep 1820, Logsted; md (1) 26 Nov 1773, Logsted, KAREN SORENSEN, b abt 
17U6, of Logsted, d 30 Sep I809, Logsted; md (2) 25 Nov I8O9, JOHANNE JENSEN. 
Chn of Ole & Maren, 7: 

io Mette Olesen, chr 2U Apr 177U, Malle, Aalborg, d 17 Mar 18U2; 
md Jens Pedersen (Sloth )o 
iio Christen Olesen, chr 8 Apr 1776, Malle, d 10 Feb 18U2; md (1) 
1 June 1805, Maren Christensen or Jensen; md (2) 9 Oct 1829, 
Ane Marie Jorgensen. 
iiio Ellen Olesen, chr 30 May 1779. Malle, d 30 Oct 1856; md 29 Dec 
1801, Niels Pedersen (Vinther ) . 
ivo Peder Olesen, chr 28 Mar 1782, Logsted, d 5 Oct 1817; betroth 

20 Jan 1813, Ellen Cathrine Marcusen. 
Vo Dau Olesen, stillborn Oct 178U, Logsted. 
vi. Son Olesen, stillborn Mar 1786, Logsted. 
*267 viio Kirsten Olesen, chr 17 Aug 1788, Logsted; md (1) Jens Jensen- 
S troth; md (2) Poul Pedersen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Komum-Logsted, Aalborg, Den (GS ser 8652, pte 1^ 3)« 
Census rec of 178? & I8OI0 GS Archives <> 


»JENS JENSEN-STROTH (or STRAET), b 177U or I78O, of Logsted, Aalborg, Den, 
d 2U Apr 1828, Logsted, aged 5U; md 23 June 1812, Logsted, 267 KIRSTEN OLESEN, 
chr 17 Aug 1788, Logsted, d 25 Sep 1857, dau of Ole Chris tens en-Liv & Maren 
Sorenseno Kirsten md (2) 21 Nov 1828, Logsted, Poul Pedersen, b I8OO (28-1828) 
of Logsted, d lU Sep 1876, Logstedo Chn of Jens & Kirsten, b in Mjallerup, 
Logsted, Aalborg, 6: 

io Karen Marie or Caroline Jensen, b 23 May 1812, d bet 1885-1889 
in Millard Co, Utah; md (1) in Den, Peder Larsen; md (2) Soren 
Christiansen, b 21 May 1823, who md 1st to her sister Cathrine 
Jensen, below o Karen emigrated to Utah, was sealed to Soren 
Christiansen U May I87U (EH), and lived in Oasis . 

iio Maren Katrina or Cathrine Jensen, b 20 Feb I81U, d after 1889; 
md Soren Christiansen, b 21 May 1823, Rubjerg, HJor, Den, d 
28 Apr 1889, Deseret, Utah, son of Chris Christiansen & Ann or 
Mary Hansen. Cathrine & Soren were bapt members of LDS Church 
on lU Mar I86I and emigrated to Utah in 1661-62, settling in 
Millard Co, where he raised cattle and horses . They acquired 
property in Deseret, Oasis, and Oak Cityo On 11 May I867 they 
were sld in the EH; on U May I87U Soren was sld to Cathrine' s 
sister Karen (Caroline). He was a Seventy. In 1882 he was 
called to fill an LDS mission in Denmark- In I88U he converted 
Jacob Nielsen, Jacob Nielsen's 2nd wife Paulina Kirstena Maria 


Jensen (dau of his bro-in-law 269 Jens Peter Jensen, below, 
and Jacob Nielsen's dau Mette Christina Nielsen. Soren returned 
to America on the same boat with them in Aug 188U and shortly 
thereafter rod (3) Mette Christina Nielsen and had 3 chn. He had 
a misunderstanding with a neighbor, James A. Wright, presumably 
over water rights . One Sunday, while Soren was riding in his 
wagon, returning from church in Deseret with hia wife Mette and 
2 children by his side, Wright came out from a clump of b\ishes, 
had a few words with Soren, and shot off the top of his heado 
Wright was irprisoned for premeditated murder c Soren was bur 
in Deseret Cem. (See also pp 2U3 & 105b.) 

iiio Jens Christian Jensen, b 30 Nov I8l6, d 1865 • 
iVo Ole Peter Jensen, b 12 June I8l8. 
*268 V. Ellen Marie Jensen, b 20 Mar l821j md 26U Niels Scow (see Chap 
■ X7, p 103). , ^ 

269 vi. Jens Peter Jensen, b 30 June 18235 md (1) Mariane Nielsenj md 
(2) Mariane Jensen; md (3) Karen Larsen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Komum-Logstor-Logsted, Bk 2 , p 215 for birth of wife, 
Bk 8 , p 172 for marr of husb & wife, p 72 for birth of #1 Karen j Bk 9 , pp U, 
1^^16, 27, 38 for births of chn #2-6j Bk 10 , p 2Ul for death of hvisb (GB ser 
8652, pts 1, 3, U). Mr Bapt, 1 July l8^U7^ l80 (GS ser 2301^7, pt 8)» MT 
Endow, 3 July 1890, 28 Jan 1891 (GS ser 230U9, pt 8). EH Slgs 11 May 1867, 
Bk E , p 2U, Bk I , p 319. GS Archives. Deseret News , 29 Apr 1889 for death 
of Soren Christiansen. 

269 JENS PETER JENSEN, son of Jens Jensen-Stroth & Kirsten Olesen, b 20 
June"lH23, Mjaller\q), Logsted, Aalborg, Den, d U Jan 1906; md (l) 29 Nov 1850, 
MARIANE NIELSEN, b 1823 (27-1850), of Miallerupj md (2) after Nov 1856, 
MARIANE JENSEN, b 5 Apr I83U, Skaldborg, Mjalleri:?), Logsted, d 2 June 1858, 
age 2U, Logsted, dau of Jens Christian Andersen & Sidsel Gregersen; md (3) 
11 Apr i860, Logsted, KAREN LARSEN, b 1826 (3U-I86O), of Mjalleri^) (marr wit- 
nessed by Niels Scow of Logsted & step-father Poul Pedersen of Mjallerup)o 
Jens Peter Jensen was bapt in IDS Church 26 Aug 1900 at age of 77 o 
Chn of Jens Peter Jensen & Mariane Nielsen, 2: 

i, Elsine Jensen, b 19 Nov l85l, Skaldhiiset, Mjallen^j, Logstedo 
iio Jens Jensen, b 16 Jan 185U, Skaldborg, Mjallerup, Logsted, d 
1 Feb 1919, Leamington, Utah; md (l) 5 Jan I88I, Mary Jane 
Nixon; md (2) k Jan I883, Salt Lake City, Matilda Johnston, 
b 8 Jan I8U7, Edergole Farm, Tyron, Ire, d 3 Apr 1925, Suther- 
land, Millard, Utah, dau of Noble & Elizabeth Johnston o Jens 
Jensen was bapt a member of LDS Church 20 Nov I868 . He came 
to America bef I883 and lived in Utah & Millard Cos, Utah. 
Chn of Jens & Matilda Johnston, 5: 

lo Joseph Hyrum Jensen, twin, b 18 June I88I4, Provo, Utah, 

d 29 Mar I90U. 
2o John Henry Jensen, twin, b 18 June I88U, Provo, d 

27 May 19l;7. 
3o Sarah Jane Jensen, b Ik June I887, Leamington, d 18 Apr 

1923; md 10 Nov 1906, Ollie Sonnie Aagard. 


Uo Samuel Peter Jensen, b 21 July 1889, Leaaington; md 

Hansene Dorothy Hansen. 
5o James Noble Jensen, b 21 Sep 1891, Leanlngton. d 

18 Mar 1905- 

Dau of Jens Peter Jensen & Mariane Jensen: 

270 i. Paulina Kirstena Maria Jensen, b 2U Nov 1856, in MJallerup, 
witnesses to her christening were Niels Skou, his wife Ellen 
Marie Jensen, & Soren Christiansen. She md (1) 16 Oct 1875, 
as his 2nd wife, Jacob Nielsen, b 20 July 1836-7, Vilsted, 
Aalborg, Den, who d 30 Jan 1891, Deseret, Utah, son of Niels 
Christian Jacobsen & Metta Pedersen. Paulina k Jacob Nielsen 
were converted to the LDS Church by Soren Christiansen; they 
were bapt on 5 June 188U aid on 23 Aug 188U emigrated on the 
ship "Wyoming", thereafter settling in Deseret, Utah, After 
Jacob died, Paulina md (2) 23 Nov 1892, Manti, Utah, to 82 
Soren Jorgensen, b 31 Oct 18U5, Valsg^lille, Soro, Den, ~ 
d 25 Oct 190li, Deseret, Utah, son of Jorgen Sorensen k Birthe 
Kirstine Jensen, div (see pp ll;l-lU6)o Paulina d 30 Dec 19U0. 
Jacob Nielsen md (1) Ane Cathrine Ericksen, b 18U0, in 
Mjallerup, d 29 Mar 1875, Windblis, Aalborg, Den, among whose 
chn was: 

lo Mette Christina Nielsen, b 11 Sep 1866, MJallerup, 
Aalborg, d 8 Sep 1918, Oak City, Utah; md (1) 188U, 
Soren Christiansen, b 21 May 1823, Rubjerg (see pp 
2Ul~2U2; md (2) August Carlson, 
Mette & Soren had 3 chn, b in Deseret: 

( i) Joseph Ira Hinckley Christiansen, b 5 Nov 

1885; md Edna Anderson, dau of Joseph Smith 
Anderson & Annie Margaret Nielsen. 
( ii) Mary Anne Christiansen, b 20 Apr 1887, d 

Oct 1887. 
(iii) Serena Christiansen, b lU Nov 1888. 

Chn of Paulina & Jacob Nielsen, 8: (Some children changed 
the spelling of their surname from Nielsen to Nelson, ) 

lo Jens Peter Nielsen, b 2 Oct 1876, Engelstrip, Aalborg, 
Den, d 20 Aug 195Uj md (1) Elizabeth Alice Talbot; 
md (2) Esther Ruth Talbot Nelson (sis-in-law, below). 

2o Charles Nielsen, b 23 July 1878, Ranum, Aalborg, d 
21 June 1932; rad 5 June 1897, Adelia Elzina Lovell. 

3o Mary Nielsen, b 26 Aug 1880, Kornun, Aalborg, d 
26 June 1881 o 

Ua Marinus Nielsen, b 12 May 1882, Kornum, d 26 May 1882. 

5o Marinus Ernest Nielsen, b 26 May 1883, Brarup, 
Aalborg; md 13 May 1908, Esther Ruth Talbot. 

6. Sina Nielsen, b 27 Sep 1885, Deseret, Utah, d 7 Jan 
1961; md 21 Aug 1905, Clifford Trice, 


7o Mary Nielsen, b 8 Nov 1887, Deseret, Utah, d 1? Jime 
1963] md 25 June 190li, John Talbot. 

8o Ettie Nielsen, b 23 Aug 1890, Deseret, d Jan 1891. 

Dau of Paulina & Soren Jorgensen: 

8U 1. Lorena Jorgensen, b 1? Sep I89I1, Oasis, Utah, d 19 May 
1966, Payson, Utah; md h Oct 1912, Nephi, Utah, George 
Ortheros Memmott, b 13 Dec I888, Scipio, Utah, son of 
George H. Memmott ^ Ellen Monroe. (See pp lU5"lii6.) 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Logsted, Aalborg, Den, Bk 9 , p 38 for birth of Jens 
Peter Jensenj Bk 11 , p 8? for marr of Jens Peter Jensen & Mariane Nielsen, 
Bk 12 , p 7 for birth of Elsine Jensen, Bk 13 , p 35 for birth of Paulina 
Kirstina Maria Jensen, p 1^0 for death of her mother Mariane Jensen, p 88 for 
marr of Jens Peter Jensen to Ksiren Larsen (GS ser no 86^2, pts 3, U). 
Aalborg IDS Branch rec #108 for bapt of Jacob Nielsen, wife Paulina, and dau 
Mette Christina Nielsen, 5 June I88U (GS ser no 85$1, pt h.) . Scandinavian 
Emig Rec G, Liber 106$, p 100, ship "Wyoming," 25 Aug 1881; for emigration of 
Jacob Nielsen family & Soren Christiansen. GS Archives. 











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^CHRISTIAN LEVISEN, b 17U1; (U3-1787), of Strand, Giz^ttrup, Thisted, Den; 
md INGRI or INGRIBORG CHRISTENSEN, b 17UU (U3-1787), of Strand. They are shown 
in the 1787 and 1801 census records at Strand, G^ttrup. Chn, b in G^ttrup, 7: 

ic Jens Christensen, b 1772 (15-1787). 

ii. Knud Christen Christensen, b 17 Mar 1773. 

iii. Else Christensen, b 1775 • 

ivo Christen Christensen, b 1777 

*271 V. Niels Christensen, b 1779; md Johanne Christensen. 

vio Anna Magdalena Christensen, b 1780., 

viio Jacob Christensen, b 1782 

REFERENCES: Par rec of G«ittrup, Thisted, Den, Book 12, pp 1, 8, 12, 17, 21, 
26 for births of chn, p 208 for marr of #5 Niels (GS ser no 9902, pt 1|). 
Census of 1787, #1 Strand, Gji^ttrup, Thisted, Dist I-II (GS ser no 8506, pt 30). 
Censvis of 1801, #6 Strand, G^ttrup, Thisted (GS ser no 8507, pt 35). 

*271 NIELS CHRISTENSEN (Vestergard), b 1779, Strand, Ge^ttrup, Thisted, 
d 1829, Den; md 11 Jan 1812, G?(ttrup, 275 JOHAME CHRISTENSEN, b 1 Jan 1791, 
Meylheede, Gi^ttrup, d 12 May 1855, Den, dau of Christen Jensen & Karen 
Andersen« Chn, b in Gj^ttmp, $: 

i. Karen Nielsen, b lU Aug l8lU, Kliin, G^ttrup. 
•'- ^272 ii. Levi Christian Nielsen, b 17 Dec I8l6; md Lisa Marie Nielsen, 
iii, Jens Christian Nielsen, b 20 Dec I8l8, d 22 Oct 1863; md 
5 Aug 18U9, Ane Elisabeth Jensen. 
iVo Christen Nielsen, b 7 Apr 1821, d 1 Jan 1822. 
Vc Mette Katrina Nielsen, b 20 Dec 1822, d 10 Sep 187U; md 
22 Sep 185U, Gj^ttrup, Soren Christian Pedersen. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of G^ttrup, Thisted, Den, Book 12 , p 17 for birth of 
husb, p k9 for birth of wife; Book lU , p 208 for marr of husb & wife; pp U, 
6, 10, 59 for births of chn, p 19U for death of #U Christen, p lU3 for marr 
of #2 Levi; p 110, pt 5 for marr of #3 Jens, p 115 for marr of ffk Mette. 
(GS ser no 9902, pts U, 5). GS Archives. 

*272 LEVI CHRISTIAN NIELSEN, b 17 Dec I8l6, Gj^ttrup, Thisted, Den, d 
18 May~l570, Moroni, Sanpete, Utah; md 21 Feb l8Ul, G^ttrup, 276 LISA MARIE 
NIELSEN, b 12 Feb 1817, G|!ittrup, d Oct 1871, Moroni, dau of Niils Lucasen 
& Karen Andersen, Lisa Marie Nielsen was also known as Lisa Marie Lucasen 
or Lokersen. She and her husband were converted to the LDS Church in the 



year 185U, and the following year they emigrated to America. They left Copen- 
hagen on 29 Nov 18^5, and Liverpool, England, on 12 Dec 1855 on the British 
ship "John J. Boyd." They settled in Moroni, Utah, where Levi is shown in the 
early division of lainds, and where he and his wife died and were buried. The 
i860 census of Moroni indicates he was a shoemaker and that he had changed hia 
name from Nielsen to Nelson. Chn, b in G^ttrup, Ur 

i. Johanne Cathrine Levisen, b 23 Dec l8Ul, d 2U May 18U3. 
*273 ii. Niels Christian Levisen (or John Christian Nelson), b 22 Mar 
18U3; md 6 Carrie Marie Chris tensen (See Chap X, pp 7li-85). 
iii. Christen Levisen or Nelson, b 30 J\me 18U6; md Phoebe White. 
27U iv. Johanne Cathrine Levisen or Nelson, b 17 Mar 18U9; md Ruel 
Mills Rogers . 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Gd^ttrup, Thisted, Den, Book ih , p U for birth of hvisb, 
giving year as I8l6, p 53 for birth of wife, p lLi3 for marr of husb k wife, 
pp 36, 80 for births of 1st 2 chn, p 215 for death of #1 Johanne; Book 15 , pp 
9, UO for births of last 2 chn (GS ser no 9902, pts U, 5). Emigration rec, 
British Mission, ship "John J. Boyd." Census of i860, Moroni, Sanpete, Utah. 
GS Archives . 

Gottri^ Thisted, Den, d I8 Sep I90U, Provo, Utah, bur in Provo; md 22 Dec 
1867, at Moroni, Utah, as 3rd wife of RUEL MILLS ROGERS (Doctor), b 19 Jan 
1832, York, Livingston, New York, d 6 Feb 1903, Pleasant Grove, Utah, bur 
9 Feb 1903, Draper, Utah, son of Isaac Rogers & Mary Mills. Ruel md (l) 
Dinah Lovena Donaghue; md (2) Augusta Comfort Eness ; md (U) Jane Allen. 
Chn of Hannah & Ruel, 7: 

i. Victoria Marie Rogers, b 10 Mar I87O, Moroni, d 22 Apr 1887. 
ii. Mary fiffie Rogers, b 13 Nov 1872, Draper; md 21 Oct I89O, 
William Pearce Blanchard. 
iii. Rufus Milan Rogers, b 8 July I876, Provo, d 30 May 1938; md 
(1) 23 Jxily 1896, Mary Rosiena Venter; md (2) I6 May 1901, 
Rowenna Barney. 
iv. Ruella Pearl Rogers, b 30 Oct I878, Pleasant Grove, d 6 Mar 

19hh', md 3 Nov 1897, Thomas King. 
V. Lillie May Rogers, b 27 Mar I88I, Pleasant Grove, d 7 Dec 
I960; md 17 Nov I89O, Darwin E Mecham. 
vi. Catharine Rogers, b 19 Jan I88U, Pleasant Grove, d 22 Feb 
1963; md 3 Nov 1907, Clyde Metcalf . 
vii. Randolph Mercer Rogers, b 28 Mar I886, Pleasant Grove; md 
30 Sep 1916, Nellie Garrish. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Gottrup, Thisted, Den, Book 15 , p UO for birth of 
wife (GS ser no 9902, pt 5). Draper Ward rec (GS ser no 6262, pt 1). 
Provo Uth Ward rec (GS ser no 6UI42, pt 12). GS Archives. 



^-CHRISTEN JENSEN, b 1759 (i42-l80l), of Meylheede, Giz^ttrup, Thisted, Den; 
md 3 Nov 1785, Gjilttrup, KAREN ANDERSEN, b 1759 (U2-l80l), of Meylheede, 
G)!{ttrup» Chn, b in Meylheede, U: 

i, Maren Christensen, b Sep 1787, shown in 1801 census, 
iio Anna Christensen, b 1788, shown in 1801 census. 
-275 iii» Johanne Christensen, b 1 Jan 1791 j md £71 Niels 
Christensen (Vestergaard) . 
ivo Jens Christensen, b 1796, d before 1801 census <. 

REFERENCES: Par rec of Gjz^ttrup, Thisted, Den, Book 12 , pp 39, kk, h9, 50 for 
births of chn, p 87 for marr of husb & wife (GS ser no 9902, pt U)o Census of 
1787, Gfittr-ap, Thisted, Dist I-II (GS ser 8506, pt 30) o Census of 1801, 
Mehlheede, Giz(ttrup, Thisted (GS ser 8507, pt 35) <> 


^*NIELS LUCASEN, b 1753 (Ii9-l801, 71-182U), of Meylheede, Gjzittrup, 
Thisted, Den, d 1 Jan 182U, age 71, Gjz^ttrupj md (l) 23 Nov 1787, Gjzittrup, 
ANNA CATHRINE PEDERSEN, b 17U9 (52-1801), of Meylheede, Gj^ttrup; md (2) 
28 July I8l6, KAREN ANDERSEN, b 1776 (UO-I8I6), of Giz^ttrup. 
Known chn of Niels & Anna, 2: 

io Anna Nielsen, b 1788, G^^ttrc^i « 
iio Karen Nielsen, b 1791, Gs^ttrap. 

Dau of Niels St. Karen : 

*276 io Lisa Marie Nielsen (or Lisa Marie Lucasen or Lokersen), 
b 12 Feb 1817; md 272 Levi Christian Nielsen (see pp 
7h-76, 2l;6-U7)o 

REFERENCES: Par rec of G<!^ttrip, Thisted, Den, Book 12 , p 89 for 1st marr of 
husb, pp h3, 50 for births of chn Anna & Karen; Book lU , p 53 for birth of 
Lisa, p 131 for 2nd marr of husb, p 19i| for death of husb (GS ser no 9902, 
pt U)o Census of 1801, Meylheede, Gottrup, Thisted (GS ser 8507, pt 35) o 


AAGARD, Ollie Sonnie,2U2 
AAMUNDSEN, Giertrud, 226 
AANONSEN, Haagen, 216,227 

Ole, 226 
AASULDSEN, Anders, 21^, 

216, 226=.27 
ABEL, Edward, 26 

Joyce, 26 
ABRAHAMSEN, Chris ten, 197 
ABRAMCWITZ, Gail, 101 

William L, 101 
ADAMS ^ Amintaj 131 

Delpha D, 171 

Millie Marie J 16 3 

Pansy, l68 
ADAl^SSONj Johanna, 237 
ALBERDA, Constance Joy, 115 

Daniel Grant, 115 

Deborah Lea, 115 

Henry, 115 

Henry Stanton, 115 

Laurel Gay, ll5 

Peter Brent, 115 

Richard Allen, 115 

Sheila Carrie, 115 

William Mark, ll5 
ALBERTSEN , Christine , 1^1 

Johanne, 189 

Kjerstlne^ lUl 
ALBRIGHT, Joseph, 83 

Libby May, 78, 8l 
ALEX, Michael Niels, 115 

Robert, 115 
ALLDREDGE, Adrian, 98 

Ike, 3U 

Martha 3 86 

Que William., 98 
ALLEN., Barbara Jane^ 59-60 

Dean Croft, 50, 60 

Ethel Blanche, 13U 

Gail Kofoed^, 8U 

Jane, 2U7 

Janice "LaRee", 50, 60 

Jay Edwin, 58^ 60 

Jeffrey Edwin, 60 

Joe Paul, 59-60 

John "Edwin," U8, 50, 

John Wilf ord, 58 

Kimberlee, 59-60 

Lee Mark, 50, 59=60 

Lisa, 59-'60 

Nora Beth, 60 

Pamela, 60 

Peter (family), 12I4 

Steven Jay, 60 

ALLEN (Contd) 

Vaudis Romania, I80 

Zilpha, 98 
ALLGOOD, Frances Ardella, 

Sidney Cecil, lii7 
ALLRED, Alpin, 68 

Angus, 68 

David Hardin, 17 

Jennie Delilah, 17 
AT-ES, Samuel, 90 

Zina Jane, 89-90 

Aase, 221 

Anders, 20U 

Anders (1732), 220, 22U 

Anders (1735), 220-21 

Anders (1762), 22U 

Anders (1770), 22U 

Andrew C, Ui 

Anne (I68I), I8I, I86, 
187, 190 

Anne (1682), 215-16, 
22U, 226-27 

Annie C, 3U, Uh 

Anne Kirstine, 212 

August Persson, Ul 

Augusta Sofia P,U0-U3 

Berthe (I708), 223-2U 

Birthe (176U), 220 

Carl, 7, 9 

Catharina, 233, 237 

Chr, 151 

Christen (Sandum), 223 

Christen (I696), 181,195 

Christen (1775), 182 

Christen (1829), 185 

Christine, hh 

Christina Marie, I6U 

Edna, 2U3 

Elna, 23U 

Gjertrude, 212 

Golden LaRay, U8, 50, 
5U-55, 59 

Golden "Richard," 50,55 

Hans, 22U 

Hans (17UU), 189 

Hans (l8Uii), 185 

Hsuis Christian, I8U 

Helen M, 9 

Ingebor (1652), 2l6, 
230, 232 

Ingeborg Christina, 

Ingeborg Maria, 221 

Inger Helene, 221 


Iver, 196-97 
Jens, 151, 188 
Jens (Veddem), 152 
Jens Andreas, 213 
Jens Christian, 2U2 
Jens Severin, 213 
Johanne (1751), 192, 19U 
Johanne (1761), 22U 
Johanne Karie, 22U 
Johanne Petrine, 213 
John, 5U 
John S, Ul 
Jorgen, 203, 205 
Joseph Smith, 2U3 
Karen (1731), 212 
Karen (1750), 191 
Karen (1759),2U5--6,2U8 
Karen (1776) ,2U5 -6,2U8 
Karen (1832), 185 
Kirsten, 191 
Knud, 185 
Kris, 55 

Laust Peder, 213 
Loysal LeRoy, 22 
Lula Ethel, 98 
Maren, 19U 

Maren (17U5), 192, 19li 
Maren (178U), 182 
Maren (1789), I83-8U 
Maren (18U3), 185-86 
Maren Kirstine, 185-86 
Margaret Ellen, 13 
Maria Katrina Larsen,Ul 
Marjery, IhS 
Maria, 55 

Masena Johanna, 162 
MaKee, 55 
Mette Andrea, 213 
Mlshell, 55 
Monica, 55 
Niels (1736), 212 
Niels (1763), 220,22U 
Niels (1768), 221 
Niels (1853), 185 
Ole, 182 
Peder, I88 

Peder (1700), 199,200 
Peder (1726), 212 
Peter M, 3U, Ui 
Richard Golden, 55 
Romund, 218, 221, 223 
Sarah, Ihl 
Shirley, 22 
Siri, 221 
Stian, 220 



Stdan Andreas, 221 

Susanna j 226 

Theresa, 101 

Vilhelmine Kirstine,213 

Walborg, 227 
ANDERTON, Evan J, 13 

Niels, 13 

Nord, 13 
ANDES, Elsie, 111; 

Florence W, llU 

Samuel M, llli 
ANDREASEN, Niels, 190 
ANDRUS, Gwennie Mae, 131 
ANGUS, Leon I, 2U 
ANTHONY, Beverly, l68 

Lucy, 113 
ARMSTRONG, Beulah Ann, 18 

Henry, 18 
ARNELL, Ann, 131 
ARNESEN, Maria, 232 

Vrold, 225 
ARNOLD, Ann, 131 
ARNOLDUS, Barbara Ann, 2k 

Carl, 2li 
ASARO, Betty Jane, 102 

Joseph, 102 
ASAY, Aaron, 63 

Haze Vile, 63 

Lela, 63, 6U 
ASDAL, Thomas, 231 
ASH, Leone, 12-13 

William Henry, 13 
ASHTON, Laura Alice, 17, 22 

Warren, 22 

Anne, 229 

Gieruld, 229 

Hans, 229 

Johanna Marie, 229 

Niels, 223 

Thomas, 229 
ASSORSEN, Gundvor, 231-32 

Peder (Osvildsen), 219 

Thor, 228-30 
ASTRADSSON, Anders, 23U 
ASTRUP, Mary E, 5 
AVERETT, Charles Washing- 
ton, 117 

Norma, 117 

BAAGE, Mathias Christen- 

sen, 159 
BACH, Carrie Lynn, I68 
Catherine Dee, I68 

BACH (Contd) 

Courtney Gray, I68 

Danny Gene^ I68 
BACHMAN, Joel Chri ten- 
don, 83 
BAILEY, Charles, I68 

Ida Belle, I67, I69 

Violet Pearl, 92, 93 

Vivian Louise, 23 

Warren Jacob, 93 
BAIRD, Alwin Don, I76 

Betty Lou, 179 

Henry, 179 

Larae Ale en, 179 

Mable Marie, 179-80 
BAKER, Alisa, 17U 

Angela Juanita, I7I; 

Hannah M, 120 

Mary ELlen, 22 

Ric L, 17U 

Thomas Levi, 17U 

Vic L, 17U 
BALLINGER, James M, 15 
BAME, Ada Marie ^ 177 
BANNCN, Marilyn Eliza- 
beth, 121 
Stanley J, 121 
BARFUSS, Darcy Glenn, 131 BENCH, Royal, 172 

BAYSE, Hattibelle, I6U 
BEALS, Mary Etta, Ihk 
BEAIGSH, Harvey, 135 

Lelonde, 135 
BEAZLEY, Cindy Louise, I36 

John, 136 

Michael Thomas, I36 

Thomas, I36 
BECK, Brandon, 127 

Stephen, 127 
BECKER, Barbara, 117 

Josephine, 117 
BECKMAN, Raymond Dean,l68 
BECKSTEAD, Ethel, 22 
BECKWITH, Rebecca, 113 
BEEBE, Mabel Rozelpha,80 
BEEMAN, Julia, 10 

William Howard, 10 
BELCHER, Minnie Alice, 97 
BELDING, Franklin Dean,8U 

Kenneth Danford, 8U 
BELL, Alfred J, 63 

Bonnie Kay, 53, S9 

Clyde Quinten, 53 

David "Cody," 53, 59 

Marion, 110, 133 

Randy Ross, 53 

Ross Kay, 50, 53 

William, 133 


Glen Godfrey, I3I 
James Dwayne, 131 

BENGTSSON, Anders Peter, 235 
Ola, 23U 

BARKER, Annie Bowden, 135 BENNETT, Allan Dean, 128 

BARLCW, Gertrude, U2 

Oscar Israel, U2 
BARNES, Rhoda, 25 
BARIffiTT, Karen, I80 

Spencer Gilbert, 176,180 

William Braxton, I8O 
BARNEY, Beulah, Sk, S? 

Rowenna, 2i;7 

Virt Street, 5U 
BARNHURST, Re Nee, 165 
BARRETT, Marguerite, l62 
BARRON, Mae, 101 
BARRY, Robert Edward, 9h 

Robert Kent, 9U 
BARTON, Alice, U6 

James, 98 
BASCOU, Dorothy Mardel,171 
BATEMAN, Reeta Saphrona, 

BAWDEN, Margaret Ann, 129 

Richard Grant, 129 
BAXTER, Josie or Joyce, 
167, 169 

Barbara Ann, 128 
C Leslie, 128 
Calvin Wright, 167 
Dell, 68 

Edward Verdon, 130 
El Dean, 128 
Eunice Marie ^ 125, 
Harold James, 93 
James Henry, 93 
Julie Ann, 128 
Mark Harrison, I6U 
Mary Josephine^, 170 
Randell Dean, 128 
Stephen Dean, 128 
Terri Ann, 128 
Verla Aline, I67 
Wilda, 16U-65 

BENSCN, Grace Mae, 57 
Robert "Bob," 97-98 
Robert Scott, 98 

BERG, Alvin L, 179 
Gary Lynden, 179 
Marilyn Marie, 179 


BERG (Contd), Oscar A, 179 

Randy Alvin, 179 
BERGLUNDj Anna Victoria, 12 
BERRETT^ Ellen Larene, 
125, 129 

Heber Hookway, 129 
BERRI, Bernice Grace, 90 

Julian Claude, 66 

Maude, 16U 

Paul, 6U 
BERTELSEN, Aase, 220, 231 

Anna, 231 

Christen, 227, 231 

Kirsten, 231 

Niels, 188 
BEST, Frederick Mansel,56 

Jenny I^m, 57, 59 

Karen, 57, "^S 

Karl Fredrick, 57, 59 

Katrina, 57, $S 

Myron Gene, 56, 57 

Richard Russell, 57, 59 

Teresa, 57, 59 
BEUTLER, Albert, l67 

Clyde Eugene, l67 

Eugene, l67 

Mary Ellen, 16? 

Neal, 167 
BEVERI£Y,Mary Elizabeth, 95 
BIGELOW, Rhoda, I38 
BILA, Dora, 18 
BIRD, Carols 165 
BJORKMAN, Beverly, 129 
BLACK, Aden, 173 

Harold J, I69 

Lon, 68 

Peggy Rae, I69 
BLACKER^ Alice May Boam,17 
BLACKETT, Alta Rosa, 2U 

Bruce Hoyt, 126 

Craig, U5 

David, Ui. 

Florence Chris tine, U5-=U6 

Helen Elizabeth, U5 

Holly Kay, 126 

J Bryan, 126 

John Hoyt-, 126 

Mary Suzanne, 126 

Robert Gardner, UO,U3-U6 

Robert Gardner, Jr, U5 
BLACKMAI-I, Billie Jean, 21 

William Henry, 21 
BLAISDELL, Ann Terry. 55 
BLAKE, Debbie Jean, 121 

Douglas Gregory, 121 

Melvin W, 121 


BLAKE (Contd) 

Michael Thayne, 121 
Steven Clark, 121 
Thayne Norman, 121 

BLAN CHARD, William 
Pearce, 2li7 


BUUVELT, Vincent, 8U 
Vincent Dean, 8U 
Vincent H, 8U 

BLEAK, John, 117 

Rose, 107, 117-18, 1U3 

BLESSING, Clarence, 13 
Thelraa Pearl, 12, 13 

BLISS, Alice Gaye, 117 
Oren Vernon, 117 

BLOM, Ruth Eugenia, lit5 

BLQXHAM, Idona Ann, I63 

BOAM, Alice May, 17 
Peter, 17 

BOHE, Edith Laughn, 53 

BOND, Flora, 179 

BORG,Hanna,l50, 153-59, 
166,176, 217, 233-35 
Hans Pehrsson, 235 
Hans Svensson, 233-37 
Ingar Jonsson, 150, 

153, 157,233,235-36 
Ingrid Pehrsson, 236 
Jons Pehrsson "James," 

153, 235-36 
Joseph, 18 

Kama Pehrsson, 153, 235 
Kathrina Pehrsson, 235 
Lars Peter, 153, 235 
Margreta Svensson, 23U 
Matha Hans son, 235 
Nathalia, 153, 235 
Nerval, 17=l8 
Nils Svensson, 23U 
Ole Pehrsson, 15U, 

Pehr Hansson, 150, 15U, 

233, 235-36 
Peter Henry, 235 
Ruth, 18 
Sven Nilsson, 233-3U 

BORGQU 1ST, Erasmus , 23U-35 
Rasmus Pehrsson, 235, 

Sven Pehrsson, 235 


BORROWMAN, Harold, 173 
Vera Jeanne, l67,173-7U 

BOSTIC, Delia B, 113 
Richard, 113 

BOWDIDGE, Vivian M,92,9U 


William Charles, 9li 
BOWERS, Charlette, 9U 
BOWLER, Ruth Rachel, 97 
BOYCE, Florence, \x2 
BRADBURY, Cecil James, 79 

Lynda Lee, 79 
BRADFIELD, Bonnie Lee, 97-8 

James Adelbert, 97 
BRADLI-;Y, Zona Ethel, 23 
BRADSHAW, Annie, 107, 
118-22, lli3 

Edward Elsie, II8 

Rachel, I66 
BRAMBLET, Dvoella, 63 
BRAJWELL, Albert Kershaw, 56 

Bonnie Kay, 56 
BRAUN, Donna, 99 
BREHM, Hans, 136 

Joan Margaret, I36 

Margaret, I36 
BRIDGES, Donna Vee, 171 

Russel Weldon, 171 
BRIFFLE, Charles, 130 
BRIMLEY, Ruth May, 13 

Wilford Charles, 13 
BRITTEN, Pamela C, 170 
BROADHEAD, Edward Parley, 

BROMLEY, Sylvia Frances, 27 
BROWER, Connie Jo, 126 

Karen Louise, 126 

Mark Bruce, 126 

Melba, 50-51, 59, 61 

Richard Albert, 6I, 126 
BROWN, Capt, lOli, 105a 

Carl B, 93 

Edith Maria, 9U 

Emma Lulu, 137 

Ethel, 2U 

George Curtis, 9U 

Howard, 9U 

Howard Neil, 9U 

James Alvis, 93 

Mildred, I36 

Veda, 8U 
BROWNELL, Marie, m7 
BRUNDAGE, Audra Celestia, 

BRYANT, Roseann, 168 
BRYSON, Veda Mae Myers, 

BUCHANAN, Hazel, 61 

Mollie Mary, 93 
BUDGE, Uzzie, 169 
BUNDY, Bessie, 122 
BURCH, Ullian, 172 

BURGESS, Mary Alice, 119 
BURKE,. Amanda Jane, ll6 
BURNS 1 Annie Elizabeth^ 58 

Greg Van, 102 

Creg Vern; 102 

Debra Ann^ 102 

Gene Marie, 102 

Trasy Lynn^ 102 

Vern Vivian^ 102 
BUSH^ Helen Cecily 129 
BUTLER, Sarah Olive, 22 
BUTTERFIELD. Mary Thelma^ 


FfBEE, Andr-ew Chad. 175 
Andrew Robert-^ 175 
Darrell Orson. 175 
David William^, 175 
Don Leroyi 175 
Gregory Robert,, 175 
Joseph Lynn* 175 
Kathleen Margaret, 175 
Leroy Sirren., 175 
Loiraine Barbara^ 175 
Merla Diane- 175 
Orson Sirren, l67,17U-5 
Pamela Vera, 175 
Pauline J i?5 
Sirren Florenz^ 17U=5 
Susan Ruth;- 175 
Thomas Edward, 175 
Todd John. 175 
Tra.:y, 175 
Verle Willax'dj 175 
William Velesco^ 17U 

BTE^ Jefferson, 162 
Mildred^ l6l=63 

CAHOONj Leslie C^ lUO 

Lois, lUO 
GAINE, Debora Jo, 25 

Donna Jean^ 25 

Joseph, 25 

Jure . 25 

Ri:hard, 25 
CALDER, David 0, 7U 
CAlff-BELL, Dorian Lewis, 98 

Ellen Mae^ 120 

Elworth "Dale," 121 

Elworth Hj 118, 120=21 

Eugene Edward. 128 

Frances "Darnell/' 121 

Judith Ann^ 121 

Kerry Lee,, 121 

Mary Ann, 128 

Merlyn, 120 

Ralph Allen ^ 120 

Troy Allen^ 121 


CARD, Charles Ora, 12i; 
Clarice, 127 

CARLING, Anna Louise ^119 
Arthur^ 119 

CARLISLE, Don Lynn: lU6 
Donald Eugene, 1U6 
Harold Stanley, lii6 
Patricia Ann^ 1U6 

CARLSON^ August, 2k3 

CARNELL, Brian Rockwell^ 
Kathryn Jeanne, 139 
Lori Dawn, 139 
Michael Ross,, 139 
Patrick Alexander, 139 
Patrick Davidson, 139 
Patrick McGlenning, 139 
Robert Craig ^ 139 

CARPENTER, Betty Verleen, 
Brent L, 90 
Donald Dewey^ 90 
Kathy, 90 
Kenneth D, 90 
Romania D-Ann, 90 
Thomas Dewey, 90 

CARRELL,Raymon ElrayollA9 
Scott Raymonj 1U9 

CARSCN, Blanch Kaziah,,l8 
Cynthia Ann,, 66 
Helen "LaDean," 6U, 66 
Jacqueline Mae, 6U 
Jack^ 6U 

James Leonard, 66 
James Mace, 66 
Karen Sue^ 66 
Leonard Lazell, 6U 

CARTER, Albert NewbyaSl 
Anna Louise, 95 
Clayton Frank, 131 
Clayton Shannan, 131 
Harriet Nelson, 119 
Karie Jayne, 131 
May, 13 

CARTWRIGHT, Judy Helen, ?9 

CHAMBERLIN, Marthe Telle, 

CHAMBERS, Brenda Lee, 126 
Celo "Bruce," 126 
Celo McNeece, 125=26 
Christie Ann, 126 
Craig Bruce, 126 
Kim Kathleen, 126 
Lemon "E," 125 
Louise May, 125-26 
Margaret Jane, 126 
Mary "Kathrsm," 126 
Sharla Lynn, 126 

CHAPPELL, Maude Peay, 58 
CHARLES, Brenda Lee, 62 
Deborah Kay, 62 
Francis Alfred, 62 
Helen, 62 
Lisa Ray, 62 
William Francis, 62 
CHARLTON, Gertrude, 13 
CHASE, Birdie Leila, 58 
Eileen, 63 
Frank P, 63 
CHEESE, Bradley^, 135 
Lawrence, 135 
Marina, 135 
Olive, 135 
Raymond, 135 
CHERRY, Susan, 6? 
CHIPMAN, Mary Ann, 18 

William Henry, 18 
CHOATE, Phoebe Yvonne, 131 
CHRISTENSEN, Alan Jay, 26 
Albert Franklin "Bert", 

16^17, 19, 25=26 
Albert ''Jay," 26 
Alma Larenzo "Dock," 

17, 19, 26^27 
Anders, 223 
Anders (1731), 182 
Anders (1757), 212 
Anders (1759), 212 
Anders (1772), 212 
Anders Christian^ 183 
Anne (1702), 211 
Anna (1730), 192 
Anne (1738), 18? 
Anne fl76l), 200 
Anne (1769), 212 
Anna (1788), 2U8 
Anne (1791), 202 
Ane (1819), 20U, 207 
Anne Cathrine^ 197 
Anna Magdalena^ 2U6 
Ane Margrethe, 208 
Anne Marie (1773),. 203 
Anna Maria (l8U5)i U 
Anna Maria (1877), 15=22 
Anna Maria Nielsen, 28, 
32- 3U. UO=Ul, hk, 
Arlene, l6i4. 
Arthur Orlando ^ 22 
Bernlce Anna, 162 
Berthe/Bergitte, 230-2 
Bertel, 227, 230=1 
Beverly Rae, 69, 71=2 
Bodie Marie ^ 18? 
Brian Craig, l62 
Bruce Duane, 162 


Carma Ann, 26 
Carrie Marie, 2-5, 7, 1$, 

33, 7U-86, 2li5, 2U7 
Christena, 78 
Christina, 2-6, 15, 3U, 

78, 86-91, 96, 100 
Cindy, 26 
Christen, 189 
Christen (1707), 211 
Christen Inhh) , 187-86 
Christen (1755), 200 
Christen (1756), 200-01 
Christen (1777), 2U6 
Christen (1780), 188 
Christen (1782), 201 
Christen (l806), 183 
Christian (l8Uli), 2, U, 

6-13, 15, 33-3U, 7U, 

86=.87,, 106a 
Christian Heber,6,l5,17 
Christen (Teillmand), 

199, 208-09 
Clifford Cecil, 26 
Dale Clifford, 26 
Dale Jay,l6U; Dan Eric, 27 
Doris Irene, 162 
Dorothy, 27 
Dorthe, 197 
Earl Jacob, 25 
Earl Lewis, 72 
Ellen (1679), 199, 208 
Ellen Marie (1793), 202, 

203, 205=06 
Ellen Marie (1837), 205 

Elizabeth, 9-13 
Else, 197 
Else (1676), 211 
Else (1775), 2U6 
Else (1792), 201 
Emma, 17U 
Frances Diana, 27 
Gail Ann, l62 
Gary Dean, 27 
Giertrud, 230, 232 
Gladys, 26 
Hans, 18U-85 
Hans (1781), 187, l89 
Harold Alma, 27 
Heaber H, 22 
Ida (1752), 200-01 
Ida Margrethe, 199, 208-09 
Ina Margaret, 170 
Inez Faye, lUO 
Inger (1739), 192 
Ingri (17UU), 2U5-U6 


Ingriborg (nUh) , 2U5-6 
Ingeborg (1796), 197 
Jacob (1782), 2U6 
Jacob (1851), V, 1-3, 5, 

7-9, 11^-27, 33-U, 36, 

75, 86-7, 106a 
Jacob Hans, 6, 15,17,19 
Jacobine Marie, 203, 206 
James A, l6Ii 
James D, 17, 19, 68 
James Denzil, 161-62 
Jana, 26 
Jayanne, 26 
Jens, 189, 196 
Jens (1710), 181, 190-1 
Jens (173U), 181-3, 192 
Jens (17U5), 187 
Jens (1767), 200 
Jens (1772), 2U6 
Jens (1778), 208 
Jens (1782), 188, 208 
Jens (1795), 202, 

20U, 207 
Jens (1796), 2U8 
Jens (1801), v, vi, 1-9, 

II1-I5, 28, 7U, 86,103, 

106a, llil, 181-99, 202 
Jens C, 203 

Jens C "James," 6, 8-9 
Jens Christian, 203,205 
Jens (Kornum), l5l 
Jens (Sandvun), 223 
Jens Christian Martin 

Otto, 162 
Jens Peter, 29 
Johanne, 203 
Johanne (1727), 182 
Johanne (1765), 212 
Johanne (1791), 2U5-6, 

Johanne Augusta, 86 
John "Howard," 25 
Jorgen, 207 
Jorgen (I6U6), 225 
Jorgen Sofus, I8 
Karen, 197 

Karen (1733), 181-3, 192 
Karen (1770), 200 
Karen (I80U), I83-U 
Karen (1812), 183-U 
Karen Marie, 183 
Kenneth "Wendell," 27 
Kirsten, I88 
Kirsten (1709), 211 
Kirsten (1767), 210, 

212-13, 217 

Kirsten (1798), 202 
Knud Christen, 2U6 
Kristian Jules, 17-18 
Lars (1656), I8I, 

186-7, 190 
Lars (17U1), 187-8 
Lars (Domgaard), 188 
Lars Christen, 203 
Lauritz (17U1), 187-8 
Laurs Christian, I83 
Linda, 27 
Louis, 80 
Louis Lucien, 80 
Maren, 18U-5, 190, 2Ul 
1711), 199, 208-9 
1725), 199, 208-9 
17U3), 2U0 
17U7), 199, 202, 




201-2, 209 

187, 189 





Maren (1787), 2U8 
Maren (1798), 196, 198 
Maren (1802), 202-U,206 
Maren (I806), 183-5 
Maren Margaret, 2-5, 

15, 86, 103, 106ab, 

111, 116-23, Hil-Uli, 

Margie Pearl, 162 
Margrethe, 28, 217 
Margrete (1765), 200 
Marie (1877), 7-11 
Marie Bergetta, 235 
Mary Anna, 2-8, l5-l6, 

28, 33-UO, 1x7, 63, 

68, 7U, 86-7, 106a, 

Mary Ellen, 83 
Mary Lena, 179 
Maza, 173 
Mette (17U9), 209 
Mette (1786), 201 
Mette (1793), 201 
Minnie Christine, 17, 

19, 22-25 
Mogens, 212 
Nels Ezra, liiO 
Niels, 28, 20U 
Niels (1691), 189 
Niels (1720), 186 
Niels (1729), 182 

Niels (1736), 192, 19h 
Niels (1736), 238-39 
Niels (17U9)> 200-01 
Niels (1779), 2U5=6, 2U8 
Niels (1799), 197 
Niels (1808)^ 183 
Niels (1809), 183 
Niels Peder, 203 
Nils, 237 
Norman, 121 
Olaf (1750), 200 
Die (17U2), 238, 2Ul 
Die (1765) > 196, 198 
Die (177U)> 193, 195 
Patrick Dale» 16U 
Peder, 103, 19U, 201 
Peder (17l45)> 192, 19U 
Peder (1763), 200-02 
Peder (1775). 212 
Peder (1776), 212 
Peder (1801), 202 
Poul, 191 
Randy J, 26 
Rasmus (173U), l8l, l83, 

187, 189, 191 
Rasmus (1803), 183 
Scott Edward, 26 
Shari Lyn^ 25 
Sidsel, 212 
Soren (l68l), 230-31 
Soren (1705), 209 
Soren (1773). 202, 209 
Susan, 26 
Svend, 192 

Sylvan James, l6l, 161; 
Thomas, 188 
Thomas (1722), 22U 
Thomas (1777), 188 
Thomas (1796), 202 
Thomas (1799), 195 
Vernon Denzil, l62 
Wendy, 27 

Joseph Ira Hinckley, 2U3 
Mary Anne, 2U3 
Serena, 2U3 
Soren (Elder). Ik 
Soren (1823), 6, 105b, 


Aase (16U0), 215-6, 225- 
Aase (170U), 2l5, 220, 

22U, 226 
Anna Sibilla, 235 
Birthe, 216^226,228,231 
Helge. 218, 221, 223 



Henrick, 223 

Ingeborg, 221-2 

Maren^ 2l5, 219, 221 

Tyre/Thor, 233-U, 237 

Ragnild, 221-2 

Vrold, 221-2 
CLAIR, Nellie, 106b, 111 
CLARK, Albert, 131 

Carrenj 26 

Clifford Remain, 25 

Earl Glen, 26 

Elda, 25 

Glen Albert, 26 

Janet, 26 

Marlene, 26 

Virginia Isabell, 8U 
CLAUSON, H B, l66 
CLAYBURN, Carol Jane, 9k 

Dennis Don, 9k 

Don Brown, 9k 

Doyle Dean, 9k 

Francis, 9k 

Glen Eugene, 9k 
CIEAVELAND, William J, 102 
CIEMENSEN, Lars, ihl 

MargT'ete, liil=2, lUU-5^ 
CLEMENTS, George Wm, 17 

Joel William, 22 

Joseph Edward, 17, 22 

Julia, 22 

Larry LaMar, 22 

Marjorie Lynn, 22 

Mary Ellen, 22 

Thyra Ann, 22 

William "LaMar," 17^ 22 
CLUFF, Beatrice, 120 
COATS, Ralph, 16U 
COBBLEY, Clara Jenette, 13 
COEY, Mary S, 163 

Michael E, l62 

Michael V B, 162-3 

Steven S, l63 

William Delano, 162 

William P, I63 
COFFIN, Boyd Starbuck, 11, 

Carolyn Nadine, 13 

David Tristram, 13 

Edwin Chapin, Sr, 9-13 
6 Edwin Chapin, Jr, 11-13 

Edwin Chapin, III, I3 

Edwin Craig, 13 

Eldredge Sunderland, 12 

Ernest Redfield, 12 

Ethelburt Lang, 12 

COFFIN (Contd) 

Hamilton Chalkley^ 12 

Jackson Oscar; 11-13 

Joy Eileen,, 11, 13 

Margaret Elizaoeth^ 13 

Martha Ellen, 13 

Roger Macy, 12 

Thomas Chalkley, 10 

Tristram Chalkley, 
COLBURN, Jennie Louise 

Jolls, 166 
COLBY, Carraa Ora, 78 

Geneva, 102 

Lewis Creg, 102 

Melvin Keller, 102 

Isaac Ransford, 76, 78, 
79, 87, 90, 100, 102 

Richard K, 102 

Sandra Jean^ 102 

Virginia, 102 
COLLINGS. Brenda Jeanne, 

Ferron L, 179 
COLLINS, Lee E, 88 
COLTON, Mary 5l 
CONDER, Albert Guner,23 

Albert Lewis, 23-^11 

Benjamin Henry, 23 

Connie , 2k 

David Earl, 2k 

Edward, 23 

Glen David, 2k 

Guy Lewis, 23 

Joseph, 21 

LaDenna Fay Curtis, 

Lloyd Earl, 2k 

Merland, 2k 

Olive, 23 

Texo 21 
CONGER, V/illiam Jonas, 

5, 86=7 
CONK, Amanda Croft, 38 
CONNOLLY, Florence Eliza- 
beth, 137 
COOK, Ellen Kathaleenjl37 

John (Capt), 2 

John Woodruff, 171 

Marie, 171 

Tessle, 80 
COOMBS, James Curtis, 101 

Marvin Stevens, 101 

Prudence Harriet ^ 178 
COON, Diana, 121 

Jess V/illard, 118, 121 

Joseph Willard, 121 


COON (Contd) 

Katie Marie, 121 

Larry J, 121 

Linda, 121 

Sherry, 121 
COOPER, Fern, 139 

Heber William, 116 

Jeffrey Paul, 116 

Michelle Ellen, 116 

Norma, 121 

Valerie Ann, ll6 

Valjean, ll6 
C ORWELL, Lauralee, 2? 

Lee, 27 
COSTA, Mary Ethel, 88 
COTTAM, John Ellis, 116 

Ken dell Workman, 116 

Owen, 116 
COTTLE, Jean, 168 

Leo Allan, 168 
COULAM, Gretta, 62 
COULTER, Beatriece Mae, 129 
CaiffiN, Florence Louise, 136 

William Herbert, 136 
COX, Ella Margret, 22 

Jean, 130 
COYLE, Emma Amelia, 86 
CRAIG, Jane, lU9 

Lorna, 13U 


CRAM, Bert Riggs, 

Calvin Todd, 56 

Del Bert, 56 

Jaime Lynette, 56 

Kerry Leigh, $6 

Laurie Ann, 56 

Paige, 56 

Shauna, 56 
CRANE, John Alexander, lU5 

Ruth "Maxine," lli5 

Sarah Ann, 13 
CRANNEY, Cleo, 69-70 
CRAPO, Charlene, U6 

James Clement, U6 
CRITTENDEN, Olive Irene, 92 
CROFT, Adlean "Addie," US, 
U9-50, 58-60 

Alan Elmo, 62 

Arvilla, 39, 148-50, 
5U-55. ^9 

Carol Jo, S9, 62 

Cherie Ann, 56 

Clair Lewis, 50, 

Clarence Marten, 

David Alan, 56 

David Merrill, 59, 62 

Denise Marie, 56 


CROFT (Contd) 

Elmo Aaron, li9-5l,59,62 
Evan Marion, ii, v, U7- 

50, 57, 59, 150, 212 
Evelyn Mae, 50, 58-59 
Faye LaVieve, 50, 57-59 
Florence "LaVern," U8-5Ii, 

59, 65 
George, U7 
George Leao, U8 
Grace, ii, v, U7-8, 50, 

57, 59 
Inez, h9-5l, 59-61 
Jacob, ho, U7-62 
Jacob "Calvin," U8-50, 

55, 59 
Kent Calvin, 50, 56 
Leffel, 68 
Linda Diane, 56 
Mack Gerald, 50, 55-6 
Marcia Kay, 58-9 
Mary Phyllis, 50, 56 
Merrill "George," 59,62 
Merrill Woodrow, U9-51, 

59, 61 
Meryl Lynn, 50, 59, 61 
Michelle Louise, 56 
Olivia Rae, 50, 58 
Pamela Gae, 58-9 
Rebecca Ann, 56 
Suzanne, 50, 6l 
Vivian, 50, 56-7, ^9 

CRONFELT, Kenneth, 136 

Norma, 136 

Stephanie, 136 
CROPPER, Connie Kay,5l,59 

Mahonri Bishop, 5l 

Mary, 67 
CROSBY, Gary F, l62 
CROW, Benjamin, 83 

Diane, 8U 

Dorian R, 8U 

Jesse Hamilton, 8U-5 

Juanita, 83 

Larry Gene, 85 

Linda, 8U 

Susan, 8U 
CROZIER, .-tuss, 135 
CUDDY, Mildred Jane, 70 
CULLIMORE, Luella Grace, 

110, 133 

James A, 133 
CULTER, Ruth Lorine, 21 
CUNNINGHAM, Jane, 102 
CURLEY, Irene, 170 

George Bernard, 170 

CURREY, Cornelia, 66 
CURTIS, Aleen Georgia, 23 
Anna Bell, 23-U 
Clara Olive, 23-U 
Emma Lyle, 23 
George Leverl, 23 
George Washington, 17, 

19, 22-5 
Gracie May, 23 
Margaret, 5 
Merland Jacob, 23 
Pearl, 5 

Purcie Minnie, 23-5 
Samuel Thomas, 22 
Vernice, 23 
CUTLER, Agnes Sarah, 17U 


Florence, 167, 169 
DAHL, Family, 2 

Andrace Peter Nielsen, 

Annie Eliza, 125, 137-8 
Brigette Nielsen, 86 
DALEY, George H, 97 
DALTON, Jacob Israel, 118 

Tess, 118 
DANIELSEN, Aase, 2l5, 
Christopher, 219 
Ingeborg, 219-20 
BANKS, Carol Irene, 171 
Diane, 171 
Gary Robert, 171 
Kristen, 171 
Lois Rebecca, 171 
Robert Andrew, 171 
Robin Cecile, 171 
Shauna Darlene, 171 
Val Dean, 171 
William Henry, 170 
William Junior, 171 
William Richard, 167, 
DARNELLE, Henry, 99 
DAVID, Martha Emaline, 

DAVIDSON, Annie Cather- 
ine, 109-10, 125, 

Arnold Edward "Ted," 

Arnold Scow, 109,125, 

Carrie Christina, 109, 



Charles Kennie, 139 

Charles Russell, 138 

Colleen, 110, 138 

Dagmar Ringmor, 12^ 

Dennis Don, 137 

Donald Keith, 137 

Douglas Lamar, 110, 138 

Gail Barbara, 137 

Garry Dahl, 137 

Ida Elora, 137-8 

James Nolan, 110, 138 

Jorgen, 123 

Judy Lorane, 137 

Julie Ann, 110, 138 

Karen Ann, 139 

Karina Wynne, 139 

Kaye Ilene, 137 

Laurie Wayne, 137 

Leo Lamar, 110, 138 

Lor in Don, 137 

Mariane, 123, 12$ 

Mark Russell, 110,138 

May, 109-10, 125, 139-UO 

Ned Everet, 137 

Nena Marie, 138 

Olina "Mary," 125 

Ollie May, 125, 135-6 

Olof Charles, 138-9 

Olof John, 106a,106b,109 
123-UO, 238 

Olof John, Jr, 125 

Orvy Dahl, 137 

Orvy J, 109, 125, 137-8 

Park Olof, 139 

Robert Bruce, 139 

Ronald Ned, 137 

Trudy Komone, 137 

Twylla Marie, 137 

Unabel, 138 

Vella, 139 
DAVIES, Albert, 129 

Arthvir Edmund, 129 

Letitia Maria, kl 
DAVIS, Mr, 112 

Betty Jolene, 169 

Betty Mae, IJ^S 

Blaine Holt, 2U 

Brent David, 169 

Byron Rigby Romero, 169 

Charles LaMar, 2k 

Charles William, 2k 

Dail Curtis, 2k 

David Howard Romero, l69 

Dean Warren, 169 

DeeAr Glade, 2k 

Delania, 2k 


DAVIS (Contd) 

Daon LaRue, 17U 

Don Harold, l69 

Dora Bemice Romero, l69 

Frieda Mae, 126 

GeorgeAnna, 2k 

Gladys Grace, 81 

Glen B, 23-2U 

Gregg Raymon, 169 

Holland, 113 

James, lU8 

Jared Moroni, l69 

Joseph Osborn, l69 

Judith Ann, l69 

Karen, 113 

Kayleen, 2k 

Kirk Peterson, l69 

Larry Dale, 2k 

Norma Louise, 2U 

Ray McKay Romero, l69 

Robert Byron, I69 

Rodney H, 2k 

Sandra Lee, I69 

Susan, 2k 

Wilbert Leo, 126 
DAWSON, Harold John, 79 

Karlene, 79 
DAY, Cora, 52 
DeCOSTA, Joseph Louis, I67 
, Lucille, 167 
DeGOOTER, Betty Patri,172 

Henry, 172 
DeGROOT, Carole Lois, 115 
DeLACEY, Pluma, 20 
DeLEEUW, Kelly Sylvan, I6U 

Lisa, I6U 

Marta, I6U 

Neff, 16U 

Scott Neff, 16U 

William, I6U 
DeMILLE, Daniel Ivan, II48 

Fenton Ivan, lU8 

James Denor Sampson, IU8 

Kevin A, 1^8 

Randall Gregg, lli8 

Sharon Marie, lU8 
DEMMING, Linda, 8U 
DENIO, Joseph, I68 

Juanita Mary, 167-69 
DENNISON, Bessie, 22 
DESMCND, Joseph, lli8 
DEVENISH, Crystal, 133 
DEWSNUP, Arprilla, 116-17 

DeAnn, 116 

Henry, II6 

Henry Kent, II6 

Russell Kent, II6 

DICKSON, Emma Mae Minerva, 
106b, 107 

DIETERLE, Anna Magdalena, 

DIVINE, Orville Grover 
"Eddy," 170 

DIX, Adelia Ann, 59, 62 
Everett Farmer, 62 
LaWona Helen, 62 
Ross Everett, 62 

DODD, Elizabeth Anna, 125 

DOIG, James Stuart, llU 

DCNAGHUE, Dinah Lovena,2U7 

DOOLEY, Thomas Floyd, 101 
Virginia Wills, 101 

DOPP, Bessie Dean, I68 

DOW, Thomas, I78 

DOWNING, Floyd Lorenzo,lU5 

DRAPER, Robert, 171 
Sara Melvina, lU7 
Wilma Draper, 171-72 

DUKE, Vera, 12 

DUNCAN, Anne Mae, 101 
Betty Lou, 101 
Clayton Isaac, 101 
Darline, 101 
David, 100 

Harmon "Lazone," 101 
Joseph Harmon, 101 
Lewis Everal, 101 
Lewis Harmon, 90, 100=»1 
Lucile Lotte, 101 
Michel Floyd, 101 
Richard James, 101 
Samuel Wilford, 101 
Stephen, 101 
Wanda, 117 

DUNFIELD, Charles R, 127 
Lara Lynne, 127 

DUNN, Alvin James, 95 
Barbara Lee, 95 
Baby Thompson, 5 
Carol Jean, 95 
Carol Melba, 95 
Frank, 5 

Frank Everett, U6 
Jerry, 5 
John Drew, 5 
Joseph, 92, 95 
Joseph "Calvin," 9$ 
Larry Donald, 95 
Nancy Elizabeth, U6 
Pamela Louise, 95 
Ruth, 5 



Sharon, 95 
William, 5 
William Earl, 


DUNN (Contd) 

William Henry, 9^ 
DURGURIANj James, 97 
CURRANT , Eugene, 22 

Jolene^ 22 

Kendall Edward, 22 
DUST, Emma, 130 
DYK, Eldon, 115 

EARL, Albert Charles, 139 

George Albert, 139 

Ronald Albert, 139 
EASTMAN, Archibald W, 120 

David A, 120 

David Michael, 120 

John Kevin, 120 
ECHOLS, Karen Gail, 8l 

Thomas Benjamin, 8l 
ECKER, David Ray, 2? 

Karen, 2? 

Kathy, 2? 

Kristine, 27 

Peter S, 27 

Ramon Peter, 27 

Robert Craig, 27 

Scott Kenneth, 27 

Susan, 27 

Howard Samual, U5 
EDDINS, Virginia, 12 
EDMUNDS, Lucile, 108 
EDVARDSON, Christian, 130 

Marion Selma, 130 
EDWARDS, Alda, l67, 169 

Jack, 21 

Karen, llx9 

Wendell Dee, lU9 
EINZINGER, Dwight R,171 

Joseph, 171 

Joseph Robert, 171 

Randall D, 171 

Rebecca Sue, 171 
EKINS, Erma Irene, 5l 
ELDER, Agnes Ettie, $1 

Nellie, lU5 

Rhea, 67 
ELDREDGE, Esther, 10,12 
ELFV, Eva Christina, 235 
ELIAS0N,Alan "Lenard," U2 

Anna Maria (l880), 6, 
36, UO 

Annie "Matora," 3U, UO, 

Brian Wendell, 71-2 

Bruce Howe, 70-1 

Carvel Howe, 70-1 


ELIASON (Contd) 
Cheryl, 70-1 
Christine, U2 
Clara Christenia, 6, 

36-7, UO 
Coleen, 71-2 
David Barlow, U2 
Dixon Roe, 71-2 
Eileen, 70-1 
Elaine Cleo, 7Q-1 
Elbert Phil, 6, 69,71-2 
Eldon Alonzo, 69-71 
Eldon Alonzo, Jr, 70-1 
Ephraim Jacob, 6, 35, 

37, UO, 65, 68-73 
Family, U 
Frank Clifford, U2 
Gayle Harriet, 70-1 
Gordon Howe, 70-1 
Gwen Mae, 70-1 
Hans, 217 

James, 6, 36-7, UO 
Janet Ann, 71-2 
Jean, 70 
Jerry C, 6, 72 
Joann, U2 
John, 37, UO, U3 
Julia, 71-2 
Karen Lois, 70-1 
Kathlene, U2 
Layne Phillip, 71-2 
Lincoln Robison, 69, 

Lois "Genevieve," 69, 

Mar go Rae, 71-2 
Maria, 71-2 
Martha, 36-38, UO,63-7 
Martin Lincoln, 71-2 
Marten Svend (I836), 2, 
U-6, 8-9, 15, 28-Ul, 
UU, U7, 63, 65, 68, 
150, 15U, 212, 217, 
218, 221 
Martin Svend (I868), 

Martin Swen, III, U2 
Mary, 33, 37-8, U7-62 
Maxine, 70 
Max 7ivian, 69, 71 
Mildred Lois, 70 
Morten, 28-9, 150, 215, 

217, 210-11 
Norma Jean, U2 
Preston Jaren, 71-2 
Robyn Lee, 71-2 
Ruth "Edla," Ul-2 

ELIASON (Contd) 
Soren, 37, UO-U 
Sweny, 6, 36, UO 
Sylvia Cleo, 71-2 
Tammy May, 72 
Terry C, 6, 72 
Tracy Bruce, 71-2 
Vicki Lou, 71-2 
Wayne Martin, U2 

ELLERTSON, Carol Rae, 
53-5U, 59 
LaVon Willard, 53 

ELLETT, Sarah Ann, 100 

ELLINGSON, Lenora, 81 
Mildred, I6I 

ELLIOTT, Shirley J, IU6 

ELLIS, Bobbi Lynn, 120 
Cordon Ray, 120 
Floyd Jay, 120 
Lorrinne, 120 
Martha Minerva, 137 
Meivin Bruce, 120 
Trenton Lyle, 120 

ELTON, Gary McCormick,27 
George Clark, 27 

EMERY, Lillian, 127 

ENESS, Augusta Comfort, 

ENGLE, Mary, 20 

ENGLISH, Minerva, I6I 

ENSIGN, Lucille Alice, 13U 

EPSTEIN, Lee, 101 

ERICKSEN,Ane Cathrine,2U3 
Hilda Anderson, Ul 
John A, Ul 
Maren, 205 
Nils, 233, 236 

(17U7), 2U0 
Anne Marie (1759), 2U0 
Anne Marie (I80U), 2U0 
Bertram, 2U0 
Bodild Marie, 2U0 
Christian, 2U0 
Erland (1751), 2U0 
Erland (1756), 238-UO 
Erland (1788), 2U0 
Erland (1802), 2U0 
Jens Mathias, 2U0 
Jorgen, 2U0 
Kirstine, 2U0 
Lars, 2UO 

Maren Kirstine, 2U0 
Mariane, 103, lUl, 

Simon Gotfred, 2U0 

ESTER, Emily, 133 

EWERT, Arthur, 63 

Frances Eileen^ 63 
EWINGS a Josephine Mae, 81 

FAN, Mary, I8 
FARR, Jessie, 107, lUl 
FATE, Emma, IU6 
FAUGHT, Henry, 122 

Jack Gordon, 122 

Kasanara, 122 
FADRRE, Gissel Cecil 

Christine, I6U 
FAWNS, Verna, 132 
FEASTER, Betty Maxine,66 

George, 66 
FERGUSON, Betty^ 22 

Donna Genelle, 85 

Thelma, l55 
FIHN, Sofia Kristina, la 
FINDLAY, Charles Henry, 138 

Delia Deloyse, 137 

Hazel, 12$, 138-39 
FINIGAN, Allen Elwood,13U 

Daryl Allen, 13U 

Debra Lynn, 13U 

Elwood, I3U 

Lori Sharlene, 13U 
FINLINSON, Grant Lyman, II6 

Sandra, II6 
FISHER, Darrin Nyle, 5l 

Lloyd Hartzel, I69 

Lotus, 51 

Naomi Magdalene, I69 

Nyle Colton, 5l 
FISKER, Anders Jensen, 

Christen Andersen, 210, 
FJELDSTED, Lars P, l5l 
FLEISCHMAN, Marie Helene,57 
FLINT, Phoebe Ellen, l;2 
FLYNN, Chief, 113 

Nancy, 113 
FOLLAND, Hattie, 80 
FCNTES, Jim, 66 

John, 66 
FOOTE, James Franklin, 80 

Olive, 76, 80-1 
FORD, Flora Elizabeth, 98 

Nicholas Oscar, 98 

Philip Leon, 98 

Philip Lewis, 98 

Rancfy Guy, 98 

Roxie Kaye, 98 

Roy Leon, 98 
FORREST, Lee M, llU 

Mary Eleanor, llU 

Rhea, 111; 


FORSBERG, Francis 
Robert, 6I 
Robert John, 59, 61 
Tamara Lei, 59, 61 
Teresa I^mn, 59, 61 
Tifanie Ann, 59, 6I 
FOURNIER, Rose Anna, 100 
FOX, James Kent, 58 

Orval Murat, 58 
FREEMAN, Norma, 56 
FRITZ, Earl, I6I, I6I4-5 

Walter, I6U 
FROST, Jens C S, l5l 
FULTON, Holmes Montgomery, 
Joan, 10 
J W, 10 
FURGO, Georganna Ruth, I8 
George, I8 
James Michael, 18 
Michael Peter, 18 
Robert Paul, 18 

GAISFORD, Arthur Franklin 

Earl Beverley, 92, 95 
GALLOWAY, Dorothy Lee, 113 

Olive, 100 
GARCIA, Jay, 132 
GARDNER, Delia, 116, 119 

Elizabeth, UU 

Grace, 133 

Iris, 8U-5 

Samuel Alonzo, 119 
GARFIELD, Pearl, 178 
GARIES, Ehrentraul 
"Trudy," 60 

Michael, 60 
GARNER, Lena May, 97 
GARRISH, Nellie, 2U7 
GARRISON, Rebecca 

Parle e, lUU 
GARVIN, Grant Inman, 99 

James Grant, 3S 

Randell Kim, 99 

Rebecca Mae, 99 

Steven Craig, 39 

Terry Lynn, 99 
GEHMLICH, Charlotte, I3U 

Fritz, I3U 
GENTRY, Adella, 93 
GEORGE, Mary Isabel, I30 
GIBBS, Annie Velora,17-8 

Berta Clare, 17, 21-2 

Hulda Lyle, 17, 20 

Isabelle Elizabeth, 132 

Josiah F, 38, U7 

Melba Minnie, 17, 21 

Neva Jane, 17-8, 20 

GIBBS (Contd) 

William, 1? 

William Egbert, 17-22 
GIBSON, Diane, 132 

R Owen, 132 
GIERULDSEN, Aase, 220 

Anders, 225 

Anne, 225 

Hans, 220 

Helge, 222 

Joen, 216, 225=6 

Johanne, 220 

Jorgen, 225 
10 Kari, 225 

Lars, 220 

Lars (1762), 220 

Svend, 220 

Torbor, 215, 223-25 

Tyre, 225 
GIFFORD, Shiela, 83 
GILBERT, Bruie Frank, U6 

Clifford "Frank," U5-6 

Douglas Ray, U6 
, Grant Crapo, U6 

James Dunn, U6 

John Martin, I1.6 

Karen, U6 

Luanne, I4.6 

Michel Frank, U6 

Ray Frank, U6 

Richard "Martin," U5-6 

Rita, u6 
GILPIN, Kathleen, 178 

Thomas Elliott, 178 

Thomas Michael, 178 
GILL, Hannah, 125 
GLEN, Mary Bankhead,172 
GLOVER, Catherine Eliza- 
beth^, 171 
GOATES, Melba Clara, 26 
GODFREY, Arlene Janet, 127 

Floyd, 127 

Lucy Christine, 117 
GOING, Calvin, I36 

Ernest Don, I36 

Ernest Merideth, 125, 

Glen "Carmen," I36 

Glen Davidson, I36 

John Ernest, 135 

John "Merideth," 135 

Jtdia Ollie, 135 

Katie Dagmar, 135 

Larry James, I36 

Launa Maureen, 136 

Linnea, 135 

Uoyd Scott, 136 

Marylin Thelma, I36 


GOING (Contd) 

Merideth Duane, I36 

Merna Doreen, 135 

Monte, 135 

Noel James, I36 

Owen James, I36 

Shaun Christine, I36 

Susan May, 135 
GOLD, Sarah Ann, U5 
GORANSON, Edgar Robert, 13U 

Robert Allen, 13U 

Sandra Lee, 13U 

Willard Edgar, I3U 
GORDON, Beverly Jean, 21 
GOTTFREDSON, Josephine, 

59, 61, 126 
GRAHAM, Marian, 26 
GRANT, Heber J, lU2 

Halla Dorothy, 80 

Hal F, 80 

John Darius, 5 
GREEN, Delbert Oscar, 95 

Hattie Adele, 111; 

Laurie Lee, I68 

Maxine Louise, 9^ 

Melvin Oscar, I68 

Seymour R, I68 

Stanley Lewis, I68 

Steven Melvin, I68 
GREENVroOD, Ardella, 78 

Bert Howd, 78 

Bruce Howd, 78 

Cynthia Lynne, 78 

Dan Bert, 79 

Darren Karl, 79 

Ella, 17, 19, 26=7 

Garret, 79 

Harold, 83 

Jeffry Alan, 78 

Mabel Emma, 17,19,25-6 

Michael Dan, 79 

Ora Lou, 79 

Phil Grant, 79 

Stephen Reid, 78 

William Bruce, 78 

William Julian, 25=6 

William Simeon, 78 
GREGERSEN, Sidsel, 2U2 
GROCE, Ernest Ray, 170 

Thelma "June," 170 
GROVES, Myrtle NoraBelle, 

GUBLER, Joseph Edward, 119 

Nelma, 118-20 
GUNDERSEN, Hans, 215,223 

Mary, 228 

GUNN, Margaret Eliza- 
beth, 133 
GUNNELL, Kirk Thomas, I68 

Laura Louette, 168 

Lewis Craic, 168 

Lewis Popple ton, I68 

Mary Arleen, I68 

Thomas Lewis, 168 
GUNSTEMSEN, Inger, 225 

grethe, 216-7, 226-30 

Berthe, 227-8 

Ole, 226 
GWARTNEY, Kent, 78 

Scott, 78 

HAAGENSEN, Aanon, 227 

Peder, 227 

Salve, 216, 227, 231 
HALES, Edna Leone, 72 

Edward Moroni, 27 

Helen, 27 
HAMILTON, Chester 
Samuel, 163 

Valerie Anne, I63 
HAMTIWID, DeLloyd, 118-9 

Elmer E, 119 

Jillane, 119 

Tracy De, 119 
HANSEN, Abraham, 198 

Alona, 18 

Anita, I8 

Anders, 191 

Anders (1793), 183-5 

Anders (I8I6), I8U-6 

Anders (I83O), Ih 

Anders Christian, I89 

Ann, 2lil 

Anne (1733), 192 

Anne (1765), 228,230 

Anne (1822), I89 

Annie Catherine, 5, 

Anna Kirstine, 189 

Anna Margrethe, 228 

Anne Marie, lU 

Astri, 222 

Birgitte, 219 

Birthe, 2l6, 227,231 

Birthe Kirstine Jensen, 

Berthe Margrethe, 228-9 
Christen (1782), 189 
Christen (1807), I89 
Christen (1822), I8U 
Christen (1825), I8U 

HANSEN (Contd) 

Daniel, 215, 219-21 

David A, 18 

Darrel Gibba, I8 

Darrel Kim, I8 

Ellen, 18 

Ernest Richard, l65 

Gunder, 2?3 

Guttorm, 228 

H B (Elder), 1 

Hans (1735), 216-17, 

226, 228-30 
Hans (1763), 228 
Hans (1770), 216-17, 

220, 229-30 
Hans (1795), 230 
Hans (1822), 18U 
Hans C, 152 
Hans Christian, liv 
Hans Christian, 235 
Hans Henry, 135 
Hans Peter, lik-l5 
Ransene Dorothy, 2U3 
Ingeborg, 229, 231 
Jacob, 205 
Jens, ll;9, 188 
Jens (1811), l8li-5 
Jens Christian, 20U 
Jerald R, 18 
Johanne, I88, 220 
Johanne (1675), I8I, 

186-7, 189-90 
Johanne (1703), 227-9 
Karen, I88 
Karen (1728), 192 
Karen (17Ul), 182-3 
Karen (1813), I8U 
Karen Marie, I89 
Karl Gibbs, 18 
Kirs ten, 159 
Kirsten (I8I6), I89 
Lars, 228 

Leo Thornton, 17-8,20 
Linnea Susan, 135 
Marcele Mable, 165 
Maren, 103, 189 
Maren (1729), 195-7 
Maren (17U6), 228-9 
Maren (1825), I89 
Margrete (1736), 192-3 
Margrethe (1762), 228 
Margrethe (1765), 228-9 
Msirie, I8 
Mary, 2Ul 
Michael, 228 
Niels, 215, 223-5 
Ole, 228 


HANSEN (Contd) 

Peder (1775), 19k 

Peter (Elder), iv 

Rasmus (1767), 228, 230 

Rasmus (iSlU), l89 

Richard Henry^ 18 

Roland Leo, 18 

Ruth, 20 

Salve, 227-8 

Steven Leo, l8 

Stian, 219 

Svend, 192 

Terje, 228 

Thomas (1729), 192 

Thomas (1730), 192-U 

Torborg, 226 

Treena, l8 
HANSSON, Ingar, 235 

Jons J 233,236-7 

Karna^ 23U 

Mans J 23U 

Margreta (I783), 23U 

Margreta (1790), 23U 

Margreta, 236 

Nils, 235 

Ola, 23U 

Pehr, 235 

Sven, 23U 
HARBACH, Maud Mary, l65 
HARDY, Alice, 117 

Annette, 122 

Elwood Warren, 118, 121-2 

Katherine^ 122 

Ronald Darin, 122 

Ronald E, 121-2 

Sarah E, 117 

Thenelda, 122 

Warren Decator^ 121 
HARKER, Velma, I30 
HARNEY, Edward, IU8 

Kenneth^ lU8 

Leo Levern, lU8 

Sherrie Lee^ IU8 

Vicky Levern, IU8 
HARRIS, Dennison Emer, 127 

Evelyn J 6I 

L Dale, 6I 

Sara, 125, 127-8 
HARROP, Cleone, 121 
HARWARD, Elizabeth, 131 
HASLAM, Bernice, 139 
HASTINGS i Emily" Louisa, 116 
HATHAWAY, Brent Lamont,132 

Darlene Kaye "Midge, "132 

Delos Eugene, 132 

Jesse Sterling, 131 

Val Kent, 132 

William Eugene, 131-2 

HATCH, Myrle, l65 
HAWS, Dolores Mae, 99 
Dorothy Faye, 99 
George Vain^ 96, 98-9 
John Eirvin, 98 
Mona Lucille^ 99 
HECKMAN, Kenneth Martin, 
Lora Lee, l67 
HEIDI, Gilbert D, lU5 
HELP, Duane Ladell, l65 
Elizabeth Ann^ 165 
Leroy Joseph, l65 
Starla Jean, l65 
HEALY, Gertrude Sarah, I6U 

Nolan Lynn, 27 
HELMS, Herbert Lee, I68 
Isaac Edmond, I68 
Juanita Elizabeth, I68 
Linda Lee^ I68 
Mary Kathleen, I68 
Michael Loren, I68 
Norma Jean, 168 
Phillip Eugene, I68 
Phyllis Elaine, I68 
Richard Edmund, I68 
Robert E, I68 
Willis Eugene, I68 
HENDERSCW, Dorothy Carol, 
50, 53, ^9 
Warren^ 53 
HENDRIX, Louise, I63 

Peary, I63 
HEimiCKSEN, Anders, 223, 
Edith, 120 
Edythe, 120 
Mar the, 223 
HENRIE, Artemesia, 53 

Lenora Mae, 120 
HERBIORNSEN, Gieruld, 222 
HERRICK, Emma Lois, i7U 
HIAMS, Harriet Selina,129 
HICKEY, Andrea Lynn, 8I 
Benjamin "James," 8I 
Benjamin Monroe, 80 
Kari Denise, 81 
Larry "Jack," 81 
Patricia Joan^ 8I 
Thurman Glen, 80-I 
HICKSEN, Marjorie, 62 
HILDY, Charles Edward, 57 
Grace Olivia Elsie, 
ii, V, U7-8, 57, $9 
HILL, Tracy Hollis, 12 
HILLMAN, LaRue, 79 

HINCKLEY, Cleo Nell, 69, 

Harriet, 69-71 

Ira Parnell, 69-70 

Luna Adell, 63 
HINMAN, Edgar Winder, 137 

Neila, 137 

Rhoda Leota, I38 
HINTZE, Joseph Ferdinand, 

Louise, U2 
HOCKSTEAD, Catherine, 20 
HODGES, Delbert, 98 

Hazel, 167, 171-2 

William Valentine, 171 
HODSON, Bell, 27 
HOEKEMA, Dorothy, II6 
HOLCOMB, Myrtle Etta, 10 
HOLLAND, Diane, 132 
HOLLIDAY, Emma Isabelle, 

HOLMES, Jessie, 10 
HOLLINGS, Ernest, 120 

Ernest Lawrence, 120 

Kan das Faun, 120 

Larry Kim, 120 

Terry Kip, 120 
HOLT, Lewis Payton, 2k 

Mary Leah, 2k 
HOMES, Mr, 93 
HOOPES, Mary Elizabeth, 

78, 100 
HOOVER, Cheryl Arlette, 

Dennis V/ells, 58 

Glen, 116 

Richard Shane, II6 

Wells Franks 58 
HOPKINS, Charles, 8I 

Daniel, 8I 

Daniel "Clifford," 81 

David Charles, 8I 

Dorothy Eileen, 17U 

Heather Colette, 17U 

Juanita Maxine, 17U 

Larry Vernal, 17U 

Larry Wade, 17U 

Thomas John. 17U 

Vernal, 167^ 17U 
HORTIN, Genevieve, 179 
HCRTON, Laura Cather- 
ine, 168 
HOUK, Zelma, 98-9 

Velma Elizabeth, I3U 
Nelson, 76 



Doris Fay, 83 

Ethel May, 83 

Julius, 83 

Lyle Jay, 83 

Lyle Paul, 83 

Royal Dean, 83 
HCWE(S), Ardell, 20 

Christopher Dean, 20 

Cleo, 20 

Edward Erastus, 70 

Eliza, 20 

John, 20 

Marjorie, 69-71 

Melvin, 17, 20 
HOWELL, Gladys, 62 

Richard, 97 
HUDSON, Mary Jane, 178 

William, 178 
HUGHES, Clair, 122 

Donald Kirt, 122 

Michael J, 122 
HULSE, Sylvia Elizabeth, 

HUMBARD, Austin Lafate,lUli 
HUMES, Allen Charles, 23 

Allen Joseph, 23 

Jay C, 23 

Jeanette, 23 

Joseph Alma, 23 
HUMPHRIES, Louise Jane,l69 
HUNSAKER, Julia, 88, 96 
HUNT, Mary Amelia, 119 
HUNTER, Edward, I60 

Euphemia, 17 
HUTCHISON, Mary, 133 
HYDE, Charles W, 33, l5U 

Marcella, 98 

IBSEN, Mads, 190 

Mette, 181, 190 

Peder, 190-1 
INGSTRUP, Andreas, 190 
INKLET, Ivy, 129 
IRBY, Allen Dean, lU7 

Mark Allen, lU7 

Rhonda Lee, lU7 

Russell Odell, lU7 

Sandra Ann, lU7 
IRELAND, Asel Warren, ll;7 

Debora Jane, lU7 

Diana Lynn, li47 

Donald Warren, lU7 

Lee Don, ll;7 

Rose Ann, 1U7 

Steven A, lU7 

IRELAND (Contd) 

Thilda Irene, IJ47 

Zolana Kristine, lU7 
IVERSEN, Anders, 197 

Edith, 118 

Fay, 118 

LeVela Valoy, l6l,l63 

Neils Carl, I63 

Svend, 197 
IVINS, Colleen, 119 

Harold Redd, 119 

JACOBS, Isyman Hinman, 109, 

110, 132 

Lymein LeRoy, 132 
Margaret Oa, 109, 132 
Richard West, 109, 132 
Robert, 2U 

Thelma "Marilyn," 109,132 
Zebulon William, 132 
JACOBSEN, Andreas (I8U6), 

Andreas (1857), 207 
Anne, lli 
Anne Marie (179U), 202, 

20U, 207 
Anna Marie (18$0), 207 
Ane Marie (I87I), 206 
Ane Marine Amsilie, 207 
Anton Christian, 206 
Christen, 202 
Dorthea Marie, 205 
Ellen Marie, 206 
Hans Peter, 207 
Jacob Christian, 207 
Karen Marie, 18U-5 
Katrine, 202 
Laurs, 202, 205, 208 
Mads, 202-U, 206 
Maren, 202, 20U, 207 
Margrete, v, 1-5, 7,lU, 

28, 7U, 86, 103, 106a, 

liil, 181, 183,199-208 
Marie, 20U 

Mogens (1789), 202-06 
Mogens (I866), 206 
Morten, 206 
Niels Christian, 2U3 
Niels Christian (I8UU), 

Niels Peter, 206 
Rasmus, I8I, 186-7, 109, 

Richard Leroy, 23 
Tracy Lynn, 23 
Terry Lu, 23 


William LeHoy, 23 
JACQUES, Marjorie Louise, 

JAMES, Juanita, 117 
JAMESON, Janet, 59-60 

Parley L, 60 
JARVIS, Keith, 26 

Kent Graham, 26 

Ryan, 26 
JEFF, Harriet, I66 
JEFFERY, Verda, 102 
JENSEN, Anders, I83 

Andrew, 2, lii, 31, lOU, 

106a, 150, 152 

Anne, I88 

Anne (17U5), 191 

Ane Cathrine, I89 

Anne Elizabeth, 2U6 

Ane Marie (1853), 207 

Ane Marie (l857), 206 

Anton Laurids, 205 

Barbra, 2l8 

Berthel, 188 

Birthe Kjerstine, lUl, 

Boel, 226 

Bonnie, 102 

Caroline, 2Ul 

Cathrine, 2Ul 

Christen, 222 

Christen (17U6), 199, 
202, 208-9 

Christen (1752), 191 

Christen (1759), 2U5-6, 

Christen (1766), 1, 


Christen (1767), 18 2 -U 
Christen (1787), 183 
Christian (1855), 206 
Christen (1857), 185 
Christian (I86I), 207 
Christian Alfred, 205 
Christen Christian, 208 
Christen James, 206 
Christian Peder, 205 
Christian Valdemar,205 
Christopher, 225 
Ellef, 218 
Ellen, lh9 
Ellen Marie, 103-08, 

111-15, 123, 238-9, 

Elline Kirstine, 205 
Elsine, 2U2, 2l4li 
Eskild, 187 


JENSM (Contd) 
Eva^ lli7 
Grette, 207 
Hans (1690)^ 218 

Hans (1779), l83=U 

Hans (I8UI1), 185 

Hans Jorgen Gotf red <, 207 

Hans Salve. 229 

Hellen Marie, 103 

Ib^ 191 

Ide Margrethe^ 208 

Ida Rosina^ 173 

Inger (1762), 229 

Inger (176U), 229 

Inger (1771), I83 

Inger Catrine5 20U, 207-8 

J Erail, 161 

Jacob (1685), 218 

Jacob (1851), 185 

Jacob Christian^, 20U 

Jacob H, lU 

James, 189 

James Noble, 2U 3 

Jens , 205 

Jens (1692), 218 

Jens (185U), 2U2 

Jens Christian (I8l6)/2U2 

Jens Christian (1821)^,189 

Jens Christian (1867),206 

Jens Peter, lUl 

Jens Peter (1823),,2U2»^UU 

Joen, 229 

Johanne^ 2Ul 

Johanne Margrete, 20U 

Johanne Marie (1767)^229 

Johanne Marie (180U)^202, 

205 J 208 
John Henry^ 2U2 
Jorgen Christian^ 207 
Joseph Hyrxim, 2U2 
Karen (17U1), 191 
Karen (17U3)» l8lj 183^ 

187. 191 
Karen (17U8)., 208 
Karen (1777), 183 
Karen Marie (l8l2), 2Ul 
Karen Maria (I86I), 2--5^ 

7, 15, 33, 7U-86 
Lif, 219 
Mads, 190 
Mads (1773), 190 

JENSEN (Contd) 
Maren Henrikke Margrethe, 

Maren Katrina^ 2Ul 
Maren Kirstina (1835). I8U 
Maren Kirs tine (1856), 207 
Margrethej, 208 
Mariane^ lUl 
Mariane (l83U)j, 2U2=U 
Mariane (I8U8), l85 
Marie, 205 
Marion Rasmus, 102 
Martin Marinus^ 205 
Martine, 20U 
Mette, 28, 201 
Mette (1710), 190 
Mogens Peter, 206 
Morten, 2l5> 218-9, 223 
Niels, 211-12 
Niels (1755), 191 
Niels (1762), I88 
Niels (1779)5 188 
Niels Christian (179U),. 

202, 20Li, 207 
Niels Christian (1833)^ 


Ole, 229 

Ole Peter, 2U2 

Oluf, 186 

Pastor, 29 

Paulina Kirstena Maria, 

lia-2,lU5,li49, 2iil'Uh 
Peder (l675), 199* 208 
Peder (17U2), 208 
Peder Christian (1821) ^ 

Peter Christian (1862)^ 

Polle, 218 
Samuel Peter^ 2U3 
Sarah Jane, 21^2 
Soren, 210l 212^3^217 
Sylvia, 27 
Talke/Thale, 238^UO 
Terchel, 232 
Thomas, 183 
Thomas Christian, 206 
Thorgie (1770), 229 
Torgius (1778), 229 
JENKINS, Gladys Mae<. I63 
Margaret, 53 

Mads Christian J 20U, 20?.8JEPPSEN, Minnie, 21 
Maren.^ 190, 2Ui JEPSON, Artimesia, II8 
Maren (17UU), 208 JETTE, Zoe Victoria, 97 
Maren (17U7), 191 JEIVETT, Debra Elaine^l70 
Maren (17U8h 187-8 Debra Kay, I70 

Maren (1793), 197 

Donald Keith. 170 

JEWETT (Contd) 
Donna Jean^ 170 
Gary J 170 

John Eugene, 167, 170 
John Samuel J 170 
Kathy Lynn, 170 
Mae Jean^ 170 
Maureen, 170 
Michael Ray, 170 
Monica Ray, 170 
Nancy Gay^ 170 
Phyllis Elaine, 170 
Ralph Emerson^ 170 
Roland Eugene, 170 
Ruth Romero, 170 
Spencer Roland^ I70 
Susan Lynn^^ 170 
Victor Loraine "Larry", 

JQENSEN, Anders, 220^231 
Anders (l695), 232 
Anne, 225 
Aase, 225 
Astrij 232 
Berthe, 22U=.5 
Gieruld, 22U-=5 
Ingebor, 225 
Karen, 227 
Margrethe (I683). 2l6, 

226^ 230-i2 
Margrethe (1706), 2l6. 

225, 227-8 
Ole (1622), 215-65 

Ole (1701), 225 
Susanna^ 218 
Svane^ 225 
Tiostel, 232 

(1833), 203 
Ane Marie (183U)> 203 
Mogens, 191 
JOHNSON .Arthur Henry,177 
Chris Kyed^ 5^ 86-7 
Clarence, 113 
Donald Joe, 177 
Dorothy^ 113 
Fern, 27 
Jeremiah, II6 
John Johann, 101 
Josephine, U5 

Mary Sophie, 25=6 
Pearl Evelyn* 101 
Phyllis Virginia, 93 
Relva Lovina, 133 
Robert Edward, 93 


Blanche J l67 


JOHNSCN (Contd) 

Svea Fredricka, 125,130 

Sven, 130 

Thelma, IU8 

William Bernard, 162 

Wilraa, 107, 116-7 

Yvonne, l62 
JOLLEY, Moneta, 26 
JOfES, Charles, 171 

Delores Seerie, U6 

Elizabeth "Nellie, "177 

Erastus Lunt, 127 

Gary I^ynn, 20 

John Alexander, 171 

Keith Leo, 20 

Kent Hansen, 20 

Laurel Marie, 171 

Madelon, 127 

Norman R, 91 

Paul Hansen, 20 

Rebecca Lyn, 171 

Regina Yvonne, 171 

Ronald Dee, 20 

Ronald Keith, 20 

Thomas John, 20 

Thomas Kay, 20 
JONSSON, Bengta (1779), 236 

Bengta (1787), 236 

Bengta (l8li;), 236 

Catrina, 237 

Hanna (1789), 236 

Hanna (I803), 236 

Hanna (1820), 236 

Hans, 237 

Ingar, l50, 157, 233, 

Jons (17U6), 233, 236 

Jons (1780), 233, 235-7 

Jons (1795), 236 

Joren, 236 

Karna, 23U, 236 

Lars (177U), 237 

Lars (1816), 236 

Liv, 219 

Margreta (1767), 236 

Margreta (1778), 237 

Margreta (1782), 233, 

Matta, 237 

Nils, 236 

Ola, 236 

Rasmus, 236 

Sara Christina, 235 

Thomas, 236 
JOHNSTON, Elizabeth, 2U2 

Matilda, 2U2 

Noble, 2U2 

JORDAN, Wilma, II6 
JORGENSEN, Annie Chris- 
tiana, 1) | ) | 

Berthe, 215, 218-9, 223 

Carrie Marie, li<.li-5 

Erland, 238, 2U0 

Eline Juliane, 205 

Erastus, liil, llUi 

Gieruld, 215-6, 223-5 

Irene, Iii3-U, ll;6-9 

Iris, 8U 

Jens, 11^9 

Johanne, I96 

Johanne Marie, 238-9 

Karen Marie (I826), 
20U, 207 

Karen Marie (l886),liiU-5 

Kirsten, 232 

Kirstine (185U), lU9 

Klara Margerete, 6, liiii 

Lars Peter (I87O), lUii 

Lars Peter (1899), 6, ihh 

Levi, Iit3-U 

Lorena, m2, lUU-6, 2UU 

Maren, 222, 232 

Maren Katrine, 205 

Maren Kirstine, lU9 

Marenus, llil, lUU 

Markus, 196 

Mary Amanda, lIt2,lli)i,lU6 

Mary Christena, l)i)i 

Mathilde Johanne, 205 

Morten, I98 

Niels, 1U9 

Ole, 123, 225 

Cle (1791), 196 

Peder (1728), 195-6, 198 

Peder (1785), 196, 198 

Ross Nephi, 8U 

Sarah Marie, 236 

Soren, 5-6, 106b, 
li;l-h9, 2U3-Ui 

Svend, 195-7 
JUDD, Pearl, 17U 
JUSTESEN, Maren, 222-3 

Mattie, I6I, I63 
JUSTUS, Beulah, 82-3 

Luther Finner, 82 

KAALSTAD, Gudruii, 27 
KANE, Clara Jane, 66 
KARHICK, Bertha, liiS 
KAY, Doris, 176, 178-9 

Hyrum J, 178 

Lena, 178 
KEELING, Robert, 20 

KELLER, Family, U 
Allen "Jay," 96-7 
Audrey, 88 
Audrey Gene, 98 
Brenda Ruth, 98 
Carol Christene, 98 
David Heirvey, 98 
David Lav;rence 

"Larry," 98 
Dianne Dee, 97 
Donna Larraine, 98 
Donna Ray, 97 
Ernest "Lucian," 89-90 
Hamilton, 88 
Harvey Allen, 97 
James "Perry," 6, 88-9, 

Julia Dacy, 97 
Julia Ethelend, 88-9, 

91-5, 100 
Julia Jane, 90 
Kristene, 98 
Laban, 88 
Laban Hamilton, 86 
LaHar Allen, 97 
Larraine , 98 
Larry Harvey, 97 
Leslie Alvin, 97 
Maggie Christene, 88 
Maleta, 87, 90 
Mardean, 90 
Martha Margrete, 88 
Msiry Lou, 97 
Nelda Leona, 96, 98-9 
Perry Harvey, 97 
Richard Jay, 97 
Roxie, 88-9, 98, 100 
Rozella, 90 
Ruby, 78, 87-90, 92, 

Ruby Vera, 97 
Samuel Webster, 5-6, 15, 

3h, 78, 86-91, 96,100 
Wanetta, 90 
William "Allen," 6, 

87-89, 96-99 
KELLOGG, Nellie, 167 

Olive, 9U 
KELLY, Althea Cain, 115 
Ann "Coleen," 178 
Haurry A, 66 
Lyle Geanne, 177-8 
Marion Francis, 177 
Patrick F, 176-78 
KENLY, Julia, 135 
KENNEDY, Ezra, 131 
Violet, 131 


KEPHART, Lowena A^ lU5 

LANG, Fanny Wing, 10, 12 

LARSEN (Contd) 

Mary, 16U 

LANGFORD, Martha Laurena, 

Soren, 186-7, 190 

KIDDs Hiram Alexander, Uh 


Svend, 193 

Jaunee Lynn, 17U 

LARKIN, Mary Elizabeth, k6 

Thomas, l5l 

John Charles, 17U 

LARSEN, Anders, 191 

William Pioneer, 72 

Mark Alexander, 17U 

Anne, 202 

LARSSON, Anders, 237 

Michael Victor, 17U 

Anne (1769), 193 

Bengta, 233, 236-7 

Monte Duane^ 17U 

Anne (1771),, 188 

Brita, 237 

Suzanne, 1?U 

Berthe, 226 

Elna, 235 

KIDDLE, Clara Mable, 137 

Beth, 128 

Kama, 235 

KIDDEI5EN, Anders, 223 

Brenda Lois, 71, 73 

Matta, 237 

Birgitte, 215=6, 226-7 

Craig, 180 

Per (17U1), 237 

Peder, 231 

Christen (1709), l8l. 

Per (1750), 237 

KINCAID, Thelma Clorice, 


LAURIDSEN, Christen, 191 


Christen (177U), 188 

LAURITZEN, Kirs tine, 2U0 

KING, Alonzo, 78 

Christen (1781), l89 

LAURSEN, Anders, 2lU 

Ityrtle Flora, 78 

David, 180 

Anne , 2lU 

Thomas, 2U7 

Elizabeth, 188 

Christen, 213 

KINGHORN, Opal, l68 

filling, 219 

Cidtzel, 2m 

KIRKBRIDE, Franklin Clive, 

Else, 223 

Jens, 211i 


Gieruld, 219=20 

Johanne, 210=13 

Helen Ardell, 130 

Glen Ray, 69, 71-3 

Jorgen, 211; 

KJELDER, Johan Ludvig 

Crete, 205 

Karen (1675), 213-U 

Nielsen, 201-03 

Hans (176U), 193 

Karen (1708), 211; 

KNIGHT, Jesse, 16 

Hans (Skare), 228 

Kirs ten, 213 

KNUDSEN, Anders, 231 

Harnessmaker^ 166 

Laurs, 211; 

Anna, 192 

Ingeborg, 225 

Maren (1679), 213 

Christen, 192 

Ingeborg (1682), 218 

Mar en (1718), 211; 

Ingeborg, 192 

Jacob, 205 

Margrethe, 196 

Karen, 192 

Jane Leora^, 71^ 73 

Niels (1663), 213 

Mads, 192-3 

Jens, 191 

Niels (1703), 211; 

Maren, 192 

Jens (1776), 193 

Sophie, 213 

Oluf, 182 

Jens (1835), 205, 208 

LAVERS, Cheryl Anne, 20 

Rasmus Christen, 29 

Jens Peter, 203, 206 

David„ 20 

KOLMAl^, Michael Anthony,ll6 Johanne (1731), 195-6,198 Fred, 20 

Renee, ll6 

Johanne (1769), 188 

Mary Susan, 20 

KREUZER, Collin Ekart,120 

Jim Ekaro, 120 
KUNZ, Eliza Rebecca, 169 

LACAVIS, Linda, 162 

LaFONDA, Mr, 5 

LaMONT,. Audrey Pearl, 125 
Earle, 125 
Florence K, 125 

LANDERS, Jody William 
Alldredge, 98 
Lily Ann Alldredge ^ 98 
Shari Christene Adair, 98 
Valerie Dawn, 98 
Verne Dean, 98 

LANDES, Donni Mae, 121 
Jerri Denise, 121 
Patti Ranell, 121 
William Darwin, 121 
William Dewey, 121 
William Riley, 121 

Julie, 180 

Karen (1717), 186 

Karen (1826), 2l;2, 214; 

Karen Marie, li;l,114;,ll;9 

Kirsten (1727), 238,2i;0 

Kirsten (1781), l88 

Lars, 187, l89 

La\aritz, l5l 

Mads Christian, 205 

Maren, 197 

Maren (1772), 193 

Maren (1776), 188 

Maren (1785), 189 

Margrete (1766), 193 

Margrete (1856), lia-2, 

lU;-5, 1U9 
Nicoline, 205 
Niels Christian, 205 
Peder, 2l;l 
Randy, 180 

Rex Eliason^ 
Shirl Moore, 



LaVOTA, Francis, 78 
Richard Walter, 78 

LAW, Roberta, 50, 52 
Walton LeGrande, 52 

LAYCOCK, Alice Malinda^ 

LAYNE, LaRue A, 13U 

LATTON, Clarence, 128 
Hazel, 125, 128=9 

LAZETffiY, Edith Henrietta, 
77^8, 81-1; 
John T, 81 

LEAVITT, Alfred, 133 
Dawn Elizabeth, 131; 
Delbert Hutchison, 133-li 
Delroy Harden, 131; 
Delois Yvonne, 13U 
Dennis Whitney, 131; 
Gerald Ian, 13U 
Hilda Sharyn, 13U 
James Harden, 13U 
Kathy Lynn, 13U 


LEAVITT (Contd) 

Kenneth, 137 

Kenneth Wayne, 137 

Leila, 121 

Mary, IJ4O 

Mary Lynn, I3U 

Maxine, 131 

Sandra Kaye, 137 
LeBLANC, Leon J, 83 

Loraine Greta, 83 
LEE, Blanch, Hxk 

Clark Eldred, 21 

Donna, 122 

Jolynne, 21 

Josephine Opal, 173 

Leslie Ray, 173 

Wanda, I30 

Winona, 16U 
LEFFIZR, Sadie L, I8 
LEISHMAN, Andrew Adamson,172 

Estella Glenn, 172 
DSIZGREN, Celeste Dawn, 58-9 

Earl, 57-9 

Henry Raymond, 57 

Jon Earl, 58-9 

Lisa Faye, 58-9 
LEM, Rebecca, I70 
LeROY, William "Douglas," 

I£VISEN, Christen, 75,2U5-7 

Johanne Cathrine, 75, 2U7 

Niels Christian, 7U-85, 
LEWIS, Mr, 111 

Bertha Marie, 55 

David P, 21 

Gordon W, 17, 21 
LIDDELL, Steven Pont, I63 
LIEDLE, Beverly, ll5 
LINDSAY, Mabel, 60 
LINES, Eliza Jane, 137 
LINFORD, Eliza Maria, I68 
LIODESEN, Anne, 215-6, 223, 

LITTLEWGCJD, Dora Jane, 90 
LIV, Ole Christensen, 2Ul,238 
LLOYD, Irene, IU8 

Jackie Carl, 113 

James Carter, 113 

Roy C, 113 

Stephen Carl, 113 

Susan Ann, 113 
LONG, Ivan, 135 

James Arthur, 135 
LONGMIRE, Clarence LeRoy,6U 

Donald Edward, 6U 


Leigh A, 6Ii 

Leslie Michelle, 6U 

Robert Carson, 61* 
LONDSTROM, Niels, 30 
LOOSE, C E, 176 

Kenneth Vernon, I3U 

Laurel Lynn, I3U 

Vernon F, 13ii 
LOVELAI^D, Arlo "James" 
Keller, 88 

David, 88, 96 

Harriet Amanda, 8U 

James, 88 

Lillian, 88-9, 96-99 

Oscar Fitzallen, 88 

Vera Delila, 98 
LOVELL, Adelia Elzina,2U3 
LOW, David Gerald, I38 

Garth R, 138 

Gregory Kim, I38 

Hortense, 26 

Thomas Scott, I38 
LCWNEY, Olive, 155 
LOWRY, Clara Delia, 125 
LUCASEN, Lisa Marie 

Nielsen, 7U-5, 2U5-6 

Niels, 7ll, 2U5-6, 2U8 
(1833), 203 

Ane Marie (I83U), 203 
LUNAM, Mary Elizabeth 

Ida, 139 
LUND, Anthon H, lU, l5l 
LUNDQUIST, Hilda Johanna, 

LUNDVALL, Inez, 111; 
LYMAN, Eva, 132 
LYNGBERG, Helen Augustine, 

Fredrick Christian, 



MCE, Angle, 6I4, 67 
Blaine Leon, 66 
Carl Henry, 63-U 
Carole, 67 
Dale Ray, 6U 
Harold Willis, 67 
James "Everett," 66 
James Doyle, 6U 
James Henry, UO, 63-7 
James Henry, III, 66 
Janice, 66 
Joseph Wilcken, 6U 
Joyce, 66 
Kenneth John, 6? 

MACE (Contd) 

Marian Edith, 66 
Marilyn, 6U 
Martell, 66-7 
Martin "Doyle," 6U 
Mary "Elva," 6U 
Patricia, 66 
Phyllis, 61 
Scott Phillips, 66 
Stephen Will, 67 
MACKLIN, Mary Ellen, 23 
MADSEN, Anders Christian, 

Anne (1732), 190 
Anne (1767), 193 
Anne Cathrine, 203 
Christen (I68O), 199, 

Christian (1832), 203 
Chr A, 151 

Christine (1852), 208 
Christine (I866), 206 
Christopher, 223 
Clifford Joseph, 9U 
Clifford "Ronald," 9li 
Inger, 193 
Jacob Christian (1827), 

Jacob Christian (1852), 

Jacobine Christine, 206 
Jens, 190 

Jens Christian, 207 
Jens Peter, 206 
Jensine, 203 
Johanne Marie (1825), 

203, 206-7 
Johanne Marie (1872), 

Johanne Marie (1873), 

Karen (I686), 18 1, 190 
Karen (1737), 190 
Karen (17U0), 190 
Kirsten, 190 
Kirsten Marie, 20U 
Knud (1695), 191-2 
Knud (1770), 193 
Knud (1775), 193 
Lars, 196 
Lars (Brekke), 223 
Lauritz, 189 
Maren, 238, 2U0 
Maren Kirstine, 207 
Margrethe (1756), 201-5 
Margrete (1823), 203 
Morine Margrete, 206 











, 188 

Peder (17U2), 190 

Peder (1762), 196^7 

Peder Christian, 20U 

Rebecca, 9U 

Sine Marie, 207 

Soren Peder, 208 

Zackary William, 9h 
MAGUIRE, May, 136 
MAHAN, Deon Lucille, 99 

Mary Kathryn, 99 

Mathew Kyle, 99 

Max Kyle, 99 

Melody Gay, 99 

Yvonne Geneal, 99 
MANGUM, Clarence, 117 

Faye, 117 

James Irvln, 58 

Kellie Ann, 58 

Kirt, 59 
MANIER, Shirley lfey,129 
MANNING, Georgia, 66 
MANSOR, Hazel Iva, 118 
MANSSON, Per, 237 
MANl/ILL, Franklin Monroe, 5U 

Lane Marion, 5U, ^9 

Marion C, 5U, 59 

Mary Jo, 5il, ^9 

Steven Wayne, 5U, 59 
MARCUSSEN, Dorthe, 196 

Ellen Cathrine, 2Ul 
MARSHALL, Mary, 135 
MARSTON, Doris, 79 
MARTINGALE, Doris, 83 

MASSARO, Lena/Caroline, 


MATESEN (Contd) 

Evan, l6l, 163 

Ferdinand "Ted," I6I 

Henry Clifton, I6I, I63 

Jack C, 163 

Jean, I6U 

Linda May, I6I 

Mack Earl, I6I 

Matilda "Pearl," l58, 
161, 165 

Michelle Marie, I6I1. 

Parley Christian, 161-3 

Phyllis, 163, I6I4 

Rasmus Christian, 1511-5, 

Rex Dwane, I63 

Shaun, I63 

Thelraa P, 162-3 

Thomas Allan, 161; 

Tiffeny Anne, 163 
MATHIASSEN, Anna Christina 

Kirstine M, l59 

Margaret, I60 

Mathias, l59 

Niels Jacob, l59 

Rasmus Christian, 15U-5, 
MATHIS, Virginia, 107 
MTRONA, Emma, I69 
MATSSCN, Hanna, 236 
MAW, Margaret Peterson, 8, 

MAXFIELD, Anita Rae,52,59 

Archelaus Hans, 52 

Everett "Blair," 52, 59 

Horace Clyde, 52 

LaDaun, 52, $9 

Rex Covert, 52 

Russell C, 52, 59 
MAYER, Carma LuDean 
Tanner, 23 

David Charles, 23 

Mccormick, Cynthia Rae, 

Irma Undyne, 27 

James Edward, 6? 

Thomas A, 67 
McCCWEN, Luvia, 82 
McCULLOUGH, Anna LaRae, 

Jesse D, 55 
McGARRY, Bernard Duane, 

Mary, 110 

Relva Mary, 133 
McGEHEE, Leonardy l63 

Paula, l6ii 

Roy, 163-ii 
McGIBBON, Robert Cumming, 

Sheena Mary, 139 
McGLENNING, Hanna, 139 
,McGRANNAHAN, Lottie, 13 
McLEAN, Joanne, I36 
McMQLLEN, Albert Ross, 


Arthur William, lU9 

Bryant Ross, 137 

Colin, 138 

Duane, I38 

Eileen Florence, lU9 

Fern, 133 

Paul, 138 

Ross, 138 

Verdon, I38 
McMURPHY, Carol Jean, 81 

Harlan Bnice, 81 
McNUTT, James 5 111 

Jamie Lynn, 111 

Janet Ruth, 111 

MAST, Charles Benjamin, 
Charles Ray^ l65 
Cole, 165 
Kristy I^nin, l65 

MATESEN, Agnes, l58,l6l,l6U 
Allan Evan, I6U 
Anna Dorothy, 158, l6l-2 

Arley, I63 McCALLUM, Madge, lli7 

Arthur "Bernard," 158, I6I McCARREL, Mary Ann, 93 
Brett, 163 McCarthy, Edward, I38 

Charles Richard, I6U Inez Marie, 138-9 
Christian, 15U-5, 158-65 McCARTLE, Margaret, 97 
Chris C, 163 McCLELLAN, Lavern King' 

Clar^ence Erving, I6I, 163-1; ford, ll;7 

David Samuel, 

Glen, 23 
McCALLUM, Madge, 

Cleo, 158, 161 
Earl, 161 

Edith Verna, 158, I6I 
Ella, 158,161, I6U-5 

Lula, US, 50, 55, S9 
Minerva, 23 
Ruth Valene, 1U7-8 
Samuel Edwin, 55 

Jean Carol, 111 
Jerry Clyde, 111 
Joya Ardis, 111 

Mcpherson, Phyllis, 112 

McQUEARY, Daniel Grif- 
fith, Ihh 

Stella May, lUU 
McQueen, Anna Mae, 55 
McQUIDDY, Ediia Allen, 

MEACHAM, Pres, 90 
MECHAI'I, Darwin E, 2U7 
MEISENBACH, Daniel Ray- 
mond, 129 

David Lawrence, 129 

Jeanne Lynn, 129 

John Louis, 129 

John Raymond, 129 

Larene, 129 

Lawrence Raymond, 129 


MELLOR, Florence^ 80 
hEMMOTT, Aliece Lorena,ll;6 

Arda Wilda, lh^-6 

Cindy^ lU6 

Cli.fford, m5 

Clifford Ortheros, li;6 

Connie Lee, lU6 

Connord "Weirj" lU5 

Craig, m6 

Devon Fay, lU5 

Elizabeth, lU^ 

George H, lii$, 2UU 

George Ortheros, Ihk~h6, 

Glen Edward, lli6 

Harold, lU6 

Judy Ann, lU6 

Kathi'yn Sherrie, lU6 

Kenneth Frank, lU5 

Neralyn Irene, lU6 

Ranae, li;$ 

Randy H, lii6 

Richard George, lU5 

Ronney H, lii6 

Terry Ortheros, lU6 

Thomas "George," lU$ 
MERRILL, Cathy Dee, 133 

Donald, 110 

Donnene^ 132 

Frederick "Donald," 132-3 

John Booth, 132 

Keith West, 133 

Scott Douglas, 133 

Sheri Elizabeth, 133 

Thelma Kathleen, 132 
METCALF, Clyde, 2U7 
METZ, Keith, 10 
KEUCHELS, Ann Helena, llU-5 
MICHAELS ON, Thomas Jajttes,l69 
MICKELSEN, Anne, 239 

Jean Norine_, 11? 

John Grover, 117 
MTDDAUGH, Janett, 173 

Leonard Kirk^ 173 

Ross Lee, 173 

SasTuel Layton, 173 

Von Berdene "Dene," 173 
MIKKEL, Mr & Mrs, 86 
MIKKELSEN, Raymond B, 79 

Raymond Bryan, 79 

Shane, 79 
MILLER, Arthur Milton, lli8 

Barbara Edith, 83 

Dale Thomas, 83 

Eric Lynn, 83 

Guy Morgan, 22 

Harrison Morgan, 22 

MILLER (Contd) 
JoAnn Davm, 83 
Leona Louella, 83 
Nadean Sibyl, 83 
Peggy Linda, 83 
Shauna Lee, 22 
Thomas Parker, 83 
V/ayne Steven, 83 
Wanda Carol, 83 

MILLS, Betty Colleen, 92 
Harris Bailey, 92 
Mary, 2U7 
Samuel James, 92 

MILLS PAW, Bertha Mae,l6l 
George Washington, l6l 

MINCHEY, Emeline Sophia, 

MINOR, Thais, 132 
Marc Allen, 60 
Mikel Allen, 60 
Milton Bird, 60 
Mlton Peterson, 60 

MITCHELL, Hicksey Anne 
Clementine, 86 
Nina Mem, $1, 62 
Ira A, 62 
Irma P, 21 

MIXCELL, Myrtle, 90 

MOGENSEN, Anne, 201-2 
Christen (1666), 211 
Christen (1837), 203 
Christine (1829), 203, 

Ida, 200 

Jacob (1759), 200 
Jacob (1760), 1, 199, 

201-5 > 209 
Jacob (1832), 203,206 
Jacob (183U), 203 
Johan, 191 
Johanne, 203,205 
Mads Peter, 203, 206 
Margrete (1765), 201 
Margrethe (1821), 203 
Margrethe (1827), 203, 

Mogens, 199-202 
Peder (1660), 210-13 
Peder (1767), 201 
Peder (1769), 201 
Thomas Peter, 203 

MOLLER, Anne Nielsen, 239 
Anne Marie Nielsen, 239 
Christian Nielsen, 239 
Jens Christian, 238 -UO 
Jens Nielsen, 239 
Jorgen Nielsen, 239 

MOILER (Contd) 

Maren Nielsen, 239 
Niels Christian, 238-9 
Niels Christian 

Nielsen, 239 
MCNROE, Ellen, 11*5, 2Uh 
MOORE, Eva Olive, 21 

Mildred, 180 
MOREY, Larry David, 81 

Paul David, 81 
MORGAN, Mary Lucinda,l6l 
MORUS, Billie Joe, 90 
Florence, 139 
Irene, 9U 
James, 90 

Mary Wendilynne, 139 
Stanton, 139 
William Wesley, 90 
MORRISON, Hazel, 155 
James W, 15U-5 
Luella H, 155 
MORSE, Lester John, 80 

Martha, 80 
MORTENSEN, Anne, 190 
Annie (1873), 15U-5, 

157, 166, 176-80 
Anna Marie (1767), 

Anne Marie (1829), 217 
Christine, 15U-6, 158 
Donald Earl. 112 
Elias (1771), 215, 217, 

Elias (1835), 217, 220 
Elsy Catherine, 17 
Hanneih, 15U-6, 158, 

Hans, 156 
Hans Christian, 32-33, 

150-59, 166, 176, 

217, 233, 235 
Harry L, 112 
Henry Peter, 155 
Ingri/Engry, 15U-6,158 
James, 156 
Jens, lli 
Jens (170U), 218 
Jens F, 151 
John Peter, 155 
Mata Dawn, 112 
Matilda, 151-5,158-65 
Mortin (1867), 155 
Morten Svend (I836), 

2, U-6, 8-9, 15, 

28-Ul, hh, U7, 63, 

68, 150, 15U, 212, 

217, 218, 221 



Nephi, 156 

Niels (1707), 218 

Niels (1707), 223 

Niels (1765), 220 

Niels (1770), 220 

Niels (1777), 220 

Niels (Lynge), 1^1 

Olive, 5U 

Russell Harry, 112 

Soren Peter, 217 

Svend (1711), 2l5,2l8~20 

Svend (176U), 220-1 
MOSES, Clarence Frederick, 
90, 100-1 

Jesse Tilton, 100 
MOTT, Amy Ruth, lU8 
MUDGE, Cheryl, 135 

Philip^ 135 
MULLINER, Ellen, lU8 
MULLINS, Alice, 171 
MUNK, Johanne Marie 

Jorgensen, 238-9 
MURDOCK, Ann Marie, 16U 

Brighara Dallas, 16U 

John B, 153, 235 
MURPHY, Charles Dennis, 66 

Edwin Thomas, 6U, 66 

Jacqueline Colleen, 66 

Lauren Aileen, 66 

Patrick Matthew, 66 

Stephen Michael, 66 

William Henry, 6U 
MURRAY, Mr, 176-7 

Robert (Capt), l5l 
MTLER, Charles Frank, 80 

Emma Isabel, 80 
MYERS, Danette, 119 

Esstus, l66 

Sarah, 10 

Stephen Howard, 119 

NAY, Venna "Revoe," 102 

William Levi, 102 
NEBEKER, Millie, 5l 
NELSON, Alfred C, 77-8 

Armond Dale, 77, 83-U 

Bertha Lou, 85 

Bertie, 78, 81 

Bradley Thomas, 85 

Byron E, 155-6, 158 

Carol, 80 

Carolyn Ann, 8U 

Carrie Estella, 77, 83 

Carrie Victoria, v, 76-79 

NELSON (Contd) 
Christian, 177 
Christen (l8U6), 75-6, 

Clara Alice, 13il 
Conrad L, 176-7 
David Ray, 8U 
Doil Alfred, 77, 82-3 
Edith Carol, 83 
Edith Elaine, 85 
Edith Sybil, 77, 83 
Elizabeth Ane, 76 
Ernest Christian, 77,83 
Everett Dewert, 80 
Fannie Marie, 76 
Forras J, 80 
Foster C, 80 
Hannah C, 2li7 
Howard Deon, 85 
Ida Sofia, 130 
Jackee, 52 
James Christian, 76-7, 

Jeanne, 8U 
Johanne Cathrine, 

75-6, 2li7 
John Christian, 5, l5, 

3U, 7U-85, 2U5-U7 
John "Jack" Marion, 52 
John Raymond, 78 
Judith Dee, 80 
Karen Marie, 85 
Keith Allen, 8U 
Leon, 83 

Levi, 7U-6, 2i;6-7 
Levi Morten, 76, 78 
Lola Jean, 8U 
Marie Victoria, 8O-I 
Mary, 125 
Nels, 125 

Niels Christian, 76 
Opal Vivian, 85 
Orpha, 77, 8U 
Rebecca, 8U 
Robina R, 77, 82 
Rose Ann Elizabeth, I3I 
Roger Dale, 85 
Royal Christian, 77-8, 

Royal "Worth," 77, 82 
Ruby "Leona," 177 
Rufus, 76, 78 
Sandra Ethel, 80 
Stanley Joseph, 85 
Steven Vaughn, 85 
, Susan Marie, 80 
Teresa Ann, 82 

NELSCN (Contd) 

Vaughn Stanford, 77, 82, 

Waldo Kay, 85 
Wayne Dale, 83 
Wendy Lee, 83 
Wesley Merlin, 85 

NERONE, Joseph, 9h 
Madeline Marie, 9U-5 

NESSON, Julie Deon,ll47 
Miles York, lU7 

NETTLES, Dovie, 6U 

NIBLCW, Dorothy Jane, 125, 
George William, 129 

NICHOL, Dallas Wayne, 13 
Jack Wayne, 13 
Kevin, 13 
Laura, 13 
Ifyrtle Marie, 13 
Steven, 13 

NIELSEN, Adolf, 186 
Anders (1692), 22U 
Anders (1789), 19U 
Anne, I88 
Anne (1703), 2U0 
Anne (1736), 220,22U-5 
Anna (1788), 2U8 
Annie Margaret, 2U3 
Anne Marie (I78I), 201 
Anne Marie (l82li), 20U 
Anton, 186 
Aslack, 222-3 
Astri, 216, 230-32 
Barbara Nelsa, 17U-5 
Berthe, 215, 217,219-21, 

22U, 230 
Birgitte, 223 
Brighamina M, 236 
Charles, 2l;3 
Charles Christian, I6I, 

Christian, 177 
Christen (1723), 200 
Christen (178U), 201 
Christen (1785), 19U 
Christen (1786), 201 
Christen (1821), 2U6 
Christen (1831), 20U 
Christian (I8U6), 75 
Christen (1879), I86 
Christian Sever in, 20U 
Christopher, 222-3 
Dorthe, 196 
Eleanor "Jerry," I67, 

Else, 191 

NIELSEN (Contd) 

Elver da, l6l, 163-U 

Ettie, 214; 

Evelyn LaGrace, 90 

Fred, 101 

Hannah, 9 

Hans (1690), 221; 

Hans (17U0), 18? 

Helge, 231 

Hendrick, 223 

Ingeborg (I636), 215,219 

Ingeborg (1682), 223 

Ingeborg (I69U), 195 

Inger (1699), 181-2, 

Jacob, ll;2, 2U1-U3 
Jacob Christian, 20U,207 
Jens, 20U 
Jens (1788), 201 
Jens Christian (1792), 

Jens Christian (I8I8), 

Jens Christian (I826), 

20U, 207 
Jens Karl Christian, I86 
Jens Peter ^ 2U3 
Joen^ 222 
John Ludvig, 201=3 
Johanna C, 75-6 
John Kyed, 86 
Joseph Ephraim, 172 
Josephine, 236 
Karen, 123 
Karen (1731), 195 
Kar'en (1766), 196^7 
Karen (1791), 2U8 
Karen (l8lii), 2U6 
Kari, 223 
Kirsten, 218 
Kirstine (I83I), 20U 
Kirs tine Marie, I86 
Lars, 218 

Laurs (1623), 210-1, 213 
Laurs (I676), 213'=U 
Leah, 60 

Levi Christian, 7U-6,2ii5-8 
Lif, 222 
Lif (1612), 223 
Lisa Marie, 7U-5, 2U5-8 
Mads, 222-3 
Mads Christian, 7-9 
Maren (1702), 225 
Maren (1770), l82'»U 
Maren (I8I8), I8U-6 
Maren (I83O), 20U 
Maren Kirstine (I873),l86 
Maren Kirstine (I880),l86 


NIELSEN (Contd) 

Margrete, 192-3 

Maria, U, 7-13, 15 

Mariane, 2U2, 2hh 

Marie, 20U 

Marie Karoline, 186 

Marinus, 2U3 

Marinus Ernest, 21^3 

Mary (I88O), 21*3 

Mary (1887), 2Ui4 

Mette, 159, 190, 20U 

Mette Christina, 2U2-U 

Mette Katrina, 2U6 

Mette Margrete, 20U 

Nicoline Ansine 

Jensen, 203, 20li,206 

Niels (1687), 22U 

Niels (169U), 215,220, 

Niels Christian, 186 

Nielsine Petrine, 186 

Peter, I60, 197 

Ray Brandon, 17U 

Ruth Magdeline, 21 

Sidsel, 210-11, 213 

Simon, 182 

Sina, 2ii3 

Soren, lU9 

Thomas (18U7), 185-6 

Thomas (I883), I86 

Torborg, 22U 

Trine (1822), 20U 

Trine (1828), 20U 

IVila, 101 

Vrold, 222 

Anna Cecelia, 235 

Bengta, 233, 236 

Gertrud, 233-5, 237 

Hans, I9U 

Hedvig, 237 

Jons, 23U 

Kama, 237 

Nils, 237 

Ola, 237 

Sven, 237 
NIXON, Mary Jane, 2U2 
NOLEMAN, Marie, 66 

Philip, 66 
NORHOLT, Chris ten, 195 
NOON, A A, 176 
NORMAN, Lois, 83 
NORTH, Glen Wayne, 9k 

Glendell, 93-U 
NOSANCHUCK, Anne, 61i 

Arthur, 6U 

Joseph, 6U 

Lewis, 6U 

NUZl-lAN, Alfred J, lUU-S 
Arthur Melvin, 1U5 
Char lea Francis, lliS 
Charles William, lij5 
Clarence Lewis, 1U5 
Kathy Lynn, 11*5 
Margery Margaret, m5 
Mary Jane, 11*5 
Robert Warren, LU5 
Sondra, lli5 
Thomas Bell, lUU-5 
NYBORG, Marie B, 177 

OAKER, Beth Truman 

Ronnow, 119 
OGBURN, Mr, 112 
OGDEN, Fredrick Walter, 20 

Wanda LaFaye, 20 
OKEr, Jacqueline, 58 

John Edwin, 58 
OLIN/OHLEN, Nonni», 92 
OLIPHANT, Alfred, I6I 
OLAFSEN, Dor the, 199,200 

Ida, 200 
OLUFSEN, Maren, 182 
OLSEN, Aase, 222 

Alfred E, lU5 

Ambor (I669) ,216,225-6 

Amborg (1722), 232 

Annecken, 223 

Anne Marie, 19U 

Astri, 231 

Bengta, 233, 236 

Bruce Lloyd, 130 

Christen, 197 

Christen (1720), 232 

Christen (1776), 2lil 

Christen (I803), 198 

Christen (l8l2), 19l 

Christopher, 215-6, 

Constance Lee, 177 

Edna. 13U 

Ellen (1728), 2U0 

Ellen (1779), 2Ul 

Else Marie, 182 

George, I30 

Grace Harriett, 12 

Gundsteen, 225 

Guttorm, 216,226,228 

Hellie, 222 

Henry August Ephraia, 

Ingeborg, 222 

Jens, 22U 

Joen, 231 

OLSEN, Johanne^ 198 

Karen ^ 198 

Karen Lee, 13U 

Kari, 222 

Kirsten, 103, 238^2Ul-2 

Knud^ 228 

Maren (1685), 222 

I'laren (1753), 182 

Maren (l80U), 19U 

Marion J, 177 

Marion Phillip, 177 

Metta (1721), 233~U 

Mette (177U), 2ia 

Nils, 233-U, 237 

Ole E, 177 

Peder (I698), 222 

Patter (172$), 232 

Peder (1782), 2Ul 

Peder (I8IO), 19U 

Ragnild, 222 

Rasmus (l65l), 216^230-2 

Rasmus (17l8),231 

Ray Stanley, 6I 

Soren, 195 

Stephen Buchanan, 6I 

T Walter, 13U 

Tellef, 222 

Thomas, 203 

Thomas (I806), 19U 

Thore, 226»7 

Torbor, 222 

Torgier (I687), 222 

Torjer, 221 

Torgie, 228 

Violet Christen, ihO 
OMUNDSEN, Kiersten, 223 
O'ROURKE, Kelly, lU7 
OSBORNE, Arthur E^ 13 

Frances Lorene, 12-13 

Harriet Jane, I69 

Juliet Shelly IO8 
OUTZEN, Ida Kirstine,l60 
OVIATT, Jeffrey Lee, 137 

Lester Leland^ 137 

Sheldon Lee, 137 

Steven Craig^ 137 

Valerie Gay, 137 
OWENS, Mary Ellen, II8 
OXBORROW, Sabra, 119 

PABST, Norma, 85 
PAIGE, David Lee, lU5 

Elaine, 179 
PALMER, Gary Randy, I6U 
John Robert, I6U 
Johnnie lynn, 1614. 


PALMER (Contd) 

Josephine Omera, 5 

Maynard H, I6U 
PARKER, Ruth, IU6 

Sarah Elizabeth, I6 

Thora Minnie, 56 
PARR, Christine Lavern,113 

Dennis, 113 

Killy Denice, 113 
PARRISH, Esther, 6I 
PARRY^ Catherine Alice, 20 
PARTINGTCN, Sarah Ann, I78 
PAUL, Gladys, 113 

Harold, 113 

Ruth Lavern, 113 
PAINE, Allan Ross, I30 

Annetta, 128 

Annette, 128 

Cameron Leonard, 128 

Caroline, "1)|)| 

Carolyn Louise, 130 

Cathy Ann, 127 

Christine, 130 

Clarence Dell, 129 

Curtis James, 110, 133 

Curtis William, 129 

Dale Harold, lio, 129 

Danny Harold, 128 

David Emer, 128 

David Max, 127 

Debra Lou^ 110, 133 

Debra Sue, 127 

Delores Marie, 110, 133 

Delvin J, 125 

Dennis James, 130 

Dennis William, 129 

Donald Jay, 127 

Donald Ray, 110, 133 

Dorie Star, 128 

Douglas Norman, no, 133 

Douglas Rae, 129 

Duane Marlow, 130 

Eleanor, 126 

Ethlene, 58 

Fay Etta, 129 

Franks 133 

Gail Anne, 129 

Glen Berrett, 129 

Glen Reed, 127 

Glenna Rae, 127 

Gordon Allan, 110, 133 

Harold, 125, 129 

Harold Oliver, 128 

Hilda Ann, 128 

Hilda Enora, 125, 131 

Horace Dale, 110, 133 

Horace Devenish,110,133 

Howard Allen, 129 

PAYNE (Contd) 
Ireta, 127-8 
Jan Louise, 127 
Janet Eileen, 129 
Jerrilyn, 127 
John Harris, 128 
John W, 125, 127-8 
Joan Marie, 130 
Judy Carrie, 127 
Kathryn Jo, 130 
Keith Alan, 129 
Kenneth Dale, 110, 133 
Lance Gordon, 130 
Lariy Alden, 130 
Larry Cullimore,110,133 
Laurie, 110 
Lexie Leona, 110^ 133 
Linda Marie, 110, 133 
Lelland "LeRay, "110,133 
Mabel "Ledeane,"110,133 
Maralin, 128 
Marilyn Larene, 129 
Mark Allan, 110, 133 
Marvin Craig, I30 
Mary, 125-6 
Mary Diane, 127 
Max Jay, 127 
Michael Stephen, 130 
Nancy Karen, 127 
NaWana, 129 
Oliver, 125, 128-9 
Olof, 125, 130 
Paul Dee^, 127 
Phyllis Marine, 130 
Randell, 125, 130 
Randell Gordon, 130 
Randy Oliver, 128 
Richard Marlowe, 130 
Rita Lynn, 127 
Robin Mark, 130 
Roger Alan, 130 
Ronald Gilbert, I30 
Sally Elizabeth, 12? 
Shaun Michael, 127 
Sherron, 127 
Shirley Mae, 110, 133 
Terri Lynne, 130 
Terry, 129 
Thomas William, 125 
Wendy Lee, 12? 
William, 109, 12U-31 
William "Dennison,"128 
William Wade, 127 
Willis Reed, 126-7 

PEACOCK, Cynthia Marie, 119 
Eugene Luke, 119 
Merlin Duane, 119 
Monty Duane, 119 


PEACOCK (Contd) 

Shane Clinton, 119 

Staci Yvette, 119 
PEARCE, Thomafii Joseph, 8U 

Veda Amanda, 82, Qk-$ 
PECK, Bemiece Magdalena, 
51, 59, 62 

Justin R, 62 
PECTOL, Delores, 11? 

Alice Deaune, 169 

Anders, 19U 

Andrew Christian, 108 

Annie, Ik 

Anne (163I);, 210-11 

Anne (1732), 199-202 

Anne (17U5), 191 

Anne (17U7), 192^U 

Ane (1759), 200=2 

Anne (1771), I96 

Anne (1783»U), 19U 

Anne Cathrine (17Ul)j, 

Anna Cathrine (17U9),2U8 

Anne Kirs tine, 103, 106a 

Anne Marae (1798), 202 

Anne Marie (1829), 198 

Arman, IO8 

Barbra Sophie, 220 

Birgitte (17i;8), 19I 

Birgitte (1750), 191 

Carl Christian J 207 

Charlene. li;8 

Christen, 222 

C^iristen (I76I), 196-7 

Christen (177$), 19U 

Christen ( 17 9U)., 201 

Christen (Naeskile),22U-5 

Christopher, 231 

Christopher Ray^ lli8 

Craig, ll|8 

David Leon^ IU8 

DeAnjis 162 

Else/ 181-2, 195 

Eric^ Ih 

Gladys Mae, 120 

Hannah Catherine, 171 

Hans, 191 

Hans Peter, 19U 

Harry Leon, IU8 

Henry DeLone "Dee," l62 

Henry Franklin, 162 

lb (1667), 181', 190 

lb (17U0), 191 

Ina Elizabeth, 132 

Inger, 5U* 106a 

Inger (I692), 211 

Inger (1781 ), 19U 


Inger (I813), 19U 
Ingeborg (1710), 231 
James Ancle, I69 
Jens, 190 

Jens (1707), 199, 208~9 
Jens (1730), 210, 212 
Jens (1772), 188 
Jens (1800), 202 
Jens (Hvorup), 238, 2U0 
Jens (Sloth), 2Ul 
JoAnn, 1)48 
Johanne (1777) , I88 
Johanne (I826), 198 
Johanne Marie, 197 
Jorgen (I69U), 195-6 
Jorgen (1763), 196 
Jorgen Christian, 198 
Judy Kay, l62 
Julia E, 180 
Karen, 190 
Karen (1739), 191 
Karen (17U3), 191 
Karen (1785). 19U 
Karen (1788), 19U 
Karen (1791), 197 
Karen Sophia, I89 
Karl, 2k 
Kay Lynn, 11+8 
Kendall Brovm, 2U 
Kirsten (1757), 191 
Kristen, I89 
Lars (1695), 211 
Lars/Laurs (1739), 192-3 
Lisbeth, I98 
Lloyd Dale, ll;8 
Mads, 202 
Mads (1771), 190 
Mads (1798), 197 
Mads (1802), 197 
Marcus, 198 

Maren (1731), 210, 212 
Maren (1761), 191 
Maren (1769), 196 
Maren (I8II), 19U 
Maren (1820), 7 
Margrete (I688), 195-6 
Margrete (1765), 196,198 
Margrethe (1835), 198 
Mariane, 19U 
Mark E, 2U0 
Marti e Davis, 2U 
Martinus, 239 
Matthew Cxirtis, 21; 
Metta, 2U3 
Mette (1726), 200 
Mette (1769), 190 

Mette Marie, 201-3 
Mogens (1620), 210-11 
Mogens (I70I4), 211 
Morten, 198 
Niels (169U), 195 
Niels (1703), 226 
Niels (1725), 231 
Niels (1780), 19U 
Niels (Vinther), 2Ul 
Niels "NCS", 8-9, 

33-5, 68 
Niels Peder, 207 
NllsChristian, 19U 
Norma Kae 2U 
Cle (16U9), 221 2 
Ole (1778), 193-U 
Peder (1697), 211 
Peder (1729), 219 
Peder (1795-6), 201 
Peder (1821), 203. 206-7 
Petra, 86 
Poul, 2U1-2 
Poul (1756), 191 
Randy Lee, 162 
Rasmus, 216, 226-7,230 
Richard Leon, lli8 
Salvor, 231 
Sandra Jean, 162 
Sidsel, 210^12 
Sina, I6I* 
Soren, 197 

Soren Christian, 2U6 
Svend, 197 
Thelma^ 60 
Thomas, I96 
Tonje, 231 

PEHRSCN, Cecelia, 166 
Lars, 233 

PEILA, Victor Frank, 66 
Vivian Lee . 66 

PENDLETON, Lula. 21 

PENDREY, Alfred Lowell, 
Daniel William, 169 
Lowell McKay, I69 
Paul Richard. I69 

PENROD, Veda Marinda,25 

PENROSE, Uef, 97 
Matt, 97 

PERKS, Ada Caroline, 
107, llU-16 
Ann, 111; 
William, 111; 

PERRETT, Albert, 137 
Edna E, 137 

PERRY, Charles,, 63 
Gertrude Mable. 165 


PERRY (Contd) 

Kathryn Reginia^ 175 

Natalie Joyce, 83-U 

Phyllis, 52 

Theodora, 83 
PERSHING, John J, $1 
PEVEHOUSEj,Homer Brown, 83 

John Bradley^ 83 

John Thomas J 83 

Keith Thomas, 83 
PHELPS, Sarah, 172 
PHILLIPS, Charles, 66 

Connie Jean, 85 

Edith, 66 

Eugene LeRoy, 85 

Hershal, 83 

Katie Adelia^ 62 

Merna Ardella, li;7 
PICKETT, Arilla LaFlore, 

PIERCE, Helen Lucille582 

John W, 82 

Karole Jean, 131 

Laura May, 1)|I| 

Lawrence Wayne ^ 131 

Louis M, 81 

Louis Richard, 8l 
PIERSONsGrace Waneta, 110, 


Kenneth Ross, 130 

Oscar Lorenzo, 13U 
FINNEY, Mabel Florence, 9k 
PLANT, Phoebe Lilly ^ 17 
PLATT, George Alma, 121 

Hazel, 121 
POLLAK, Elizabeth, 127 
POLLSEN, Anna Maria (l65U) 
215, 2l8)Niels,l8l,192 

Anna Maria (1725) » 218 
POPPLETON, Sarah, 168 
POST^ Eleanor Jane^ 108 

Lillis Florence, 95 
POTEET, Lester Lee, lU5 
POULSEN, Maren, 190-1 

Poul^ lU 
PRATT, Dana Richmond, 67 

Macy Dana^ 6? 

Marcia Kay, 67 

Patsy Ann, 67 

William Burgess, 67 
PRICE, Anita "Kaye," 128 

David Donald, 128 

Vera, 175 
PUGMIRE, Artella, 9U 
PULLEY, Barbara, 27 

Elizabeth, 27 

Gilbert "Dazel," 27 

James Henry j, 26 

PULLEY (Contd) 

James Milton ^ 26 
PULLMAN, Richard J, 99 

Richard "Ricky," 99 
PURDY,Mary "Isobell,"78 

V/illiara Heber, 78 
PURSER, Marda, 88 

QUINTAN A, Charles^ 25 
Joseph, 25 
Phoebe, 25 

RAGLAND, Bea, 82 
RALEY, Jean, 119 
RANDALL, Christina Lee, 170 

Donald K, 170 
RASBAND, Elizabeth, 179 
mchael, 230 

Ambor, 221-2 

Anne (l68l), 230-1 

Anne (171lh l8l, 186-90 

Anne (1776), 1,181-^,187 

Anne Margrethe (1793), 230 

Anne Margrethe (1798), 230 

Christen (1718), 232 

Christen (1773), 187 

Dorthea, 159-60 

Fredrick, lU 

Giertrud, 232 

Gunner, 232 

Gunvor, 232 

Guri, 200-2 

Hans (1698), 189 
, Hans (179U), 230 

Jacob, 190 

Jens, 191 

Johanne^ 230 

Jons, 237 

Karen, 187, I89 

Kathrine Khristine, 18 

Kirsten, I89 

Mads, 190 

Maren (1719), 186^7, 190 

Maren (l85l), 5, lU, I6 

Mette (1713), 190 

Mette (1765), l87 

Mette (1767), 187 

Mette (1779), 187 

Ole, 230-2 

Peder, 216, 226,230-2 

Rasmus, 159 

Rasm\is (l688),230, 232 

Rasmus (1711;), 232 

Rasmus (1737), 226-7 

Sigri, 227, 231 


Sigrid (1679), 230=1 
Soren Jacob, 230 

Vrold, 222 
RAWLINGS, Janiece, 113 

Joseph S, 105b 
RAY, Alta Clark, lUi; 

John Alta, li;!^ 

Leonard Clark, Jhk 

William, lUU 

William A, 38, hi 
REBISH, Cynthia Marie, 99 

Jack, 99 

Joseph Anthony, 99 

Steven, 99 
REDDEN, Kates 107 

Thomas Bruce, 107 
REID, Marguerite, 78 
REED, Stella, 6k 
REMINGSTON, Dennis Fred, 

Earl D, lU7 

John H, li|8 

John Russell c, lU7 

Steven Michael, ll;7 
REESE, Ada, 162 

Elmer Crockwell^ I4.6 

Ralph SLmer, U6 
REEVE, Allison, II8 

Colette, 118 

Gilbert, II8 

Gilbert Brad, II8 

Gordon Keith^ II8 

Harold W, II8 

JoAnn, 118 
REYNOLD, Daniel Nephi,78 

George, 30 
RICE, Ruth, 113 
RICH, Charles C, l52 

Eliza West, 109-10 

J-ulia Christina, 63 

Phebe, 170 

Vonda, IO8 
RICHARDS, Donald Paul, 

Elva Elizabeth, 9U 

Gertrude B M, 23U 

Rebecca Lee, 132 

Robert Neal, 132 

Victor Paul, 132 
RICHARDSON, Phoebe, 176 
RICHWINE, Doris, 27 

Robert, 2? 

Mary, 2? 
RICKMAN, Helen D<, 113 
RIDDLES, Martha Leona, 

RIDING, Mary Eleanor, 17U 

RIGBY, John Thomas, 169 

Pearl Elizabeth, 16?, 169 
RILBY, Elsie Mae, 8l 
RINGWOOD, Nora Phoebe 

Danah^ 58 
RISEMAY, Esther, 82 
ROACH, James Henry, 173 
Katie Nealma,l67, 173 
ROBERTS, Annie Ethel, 

157, 176 
Carolyn, 179 
Clinton Eugene, 179 
Denlin C, 13 
Dina M, 13 
Doris "Theora," 178 
Fred, 13 

Gloria Ann, 178-9 
Hannie Luella, I76 
Henry Clinton, 157, 

176, 178-80 
Karen Kay^ I78 
Larry Gene, 179 
Mable Mary Ellen, 157, 

176, 179-80 
Mamie Estella, 157, 

176, 180 
Mary Diane ^ 17 8 
Monica T, 13 
Nick Ray, I78 
Nicholas Warmith, 155^ 

157, 176 
Peter, 176 
Phoebe Harriet, 157, 

176=8, 180 
Ruby Sarah, 157 ^ 176-7 
Terry L, 13 
Walter, 5l 
Wendy J, 13 
William F, 13 
Zoe, 51 
Allyn, 180 
Allyn Scott, I80 
Baron LeRoy, 85 
Barry I^mn, 85 
Berry, 100 
Brenda Lee, 85 
Darrel Eugene "Dick, "102 
Dennis on Elwin, I80 
Diane, 102 
Dixie Lou, 102 
Franklin Alonzo, 68 
Gibbs, 90, 100, 102 
Golden Dean, 85 
Joshua^ 17 
Kim Ann, I80 
Lois Hattie, UO, 65, 




Marcella, 100, 102 

Willis Eugene J, 100 
RODERICK, John J, 175 

Vera Patsy, 175 
ROGERS, Catharine^ 2li7 

Isaac, 2U7 

Lillie May, 2U7 

Mabel Clara, 126 

Mary Effie, 2U7 

Randolph Mercer, 2U7 

Ruel Mills, 76, 2U7 

Ruella Pearl, 2U7 

Rufus Milan, 2U7 

Victoria Marie, 2U7 
ROLFE, Mary Jane, 92-U 

William Benjamin, 93 
ROMERIL, Carl William, 131 

Clark Lee, I3I 

Connie^ 131 

Fae, 131 

Fredrick James, 125,131 

Frederick "Wayne," I3I 

Frederick William, 131 

Gary Lee, I3I 

James Lawrence, I3I 

Jane, 131 

Marie. I3I 

Nolan Scott, 131 

Ruth, 131 
ROMERO, Ada Ruth, 167,170 

Alan Ray, 173 

Alvin "Kenneth," 171-2 

Alvin Leonal, I67, I69 

Amy Henrietta, I67 

Andrew, 15U-5, 158, 166^75 

Anita Aline, 167 

Annie Elvlna Juanita 
"Nita," 158, 167, 17U 

Arnold Hazen, 172 

Barbara Jo, I67 

Barbara Joan, I69 

Beverly Jean, I67 

Calvin Kenneth, 158, 
167, 171=2 

Carla, 173 

Cathy Renee, 172 

Cherrie, 173 

Connie, 173 

Dana oien, 172 

Ducie L, 172 

Dora Elaine, I68 

Earl. 169 

ElLis D, 172 

Ervin, 158,167,172^3 

Ervin "Glen," 172 

Ethel Ruth, I68 

Evan Ellis, 173 

RCMEKO (Contd) 

Faunda Qwenevlere, 158, 

167, 17U-5 
Fern, 173 
Floyd Ray, 173 
Golden Sylvanis, 158, 

167, 173 
Guy "Ralph" Golden, 173 
Hannah "Leona," 172 
Hannah Naomi, l67 
Harland "Victor," 158, 

167, 17 3 -U 
Harold Victor, 17U 
Harry Dell, 173 
Hazel "Arvella," 172 
Henry "Forrest" Solon, 

Howard Nelson, 173 
Howard Troy, 173 
Jackie, 172 
Janes, 158 
James Andrew, 167-9 
James Hugh, I68 
James "Sidney," 168 
Jeanne Marie, 17U 
Joan D, 172 
John, 166 
Joyce, 172 
Judy, 173 
Kathleen Josephine Opal, 

Kathryne Pat, 173 
Kenneth D, 172 
LeOra Deane, 169 
Linda. 172 
Loma, 172 
Mary Linford, I68 
Mildred Theressa, I69 
Patrice, 172 
Penny L, 172 
Phillip Edward, I67 
Ralph "Lester," 173 
Richard, 173 
Richard David, 173 
Richard Lee, 167 
Robert William, 172 
Ronald D, 172 
Sidney Kenneth, 171 
Steven Allan, 168 
Virginia Hazel, 173 
Walter David, 167 
Wilma, 172 
Zella Cecelia, 158, 

167. 170-1 
ROMUND (1586), 215. 219 
ROMUNDSHi, Aase, 218,223 
Allou, 223 
Anders, 223-U 


Christopher^ 223 

Hans J 215, 219 

Joen^ 223 

Torgier, 223 
RONNE, Harvey Leroy^lU6 

Jesse^ lU6 

Larry L, lU6 

LeRoyj lU6 

Kris tine ^ lU6 

Troy David, ll;6 
RONNCW, C ?, 159 
ROPER, Evelyn, 116 
ROSENBERG, Melva, 171 

Harold, 171 
ROSS, Bruce Wade, 172 

Christy, 173 

David Kenneth, 172 

Jesse Wade, 172 

John Richard, 173 

William David, 172 
ROSSKELLY, Zina, 53 
ROTHEI, Allan D, 127 

Elizabeth Ann, 127 
ROTTLER, Anita Marie, l67 
ROUNDY, Jeannine, 98 

Napoleon Bonapart, 98 
RaiTLAND, Tom, 63 
ROWLEY, Cleo C, li;9 
ROYLANCE, Horace, 97 

Norma Ruby, 96-7 
RUCKER, Dale Edward, l62 

Denny Curtis, l62 

Jason Dale, l62 
RUSBY, Bonita Rose, 90 

Glen E, 90 

Robert Glen^ 90 

Willie Glen, 90 
RUSCH, Olga Margaret, lilt 
RUSSELL, David, 138 

Gary Leon, 177 

Marjorie Ann, 138 
RUSSON, Josephine, 18 

Lot A, 18 
RYBERG, Florence Rebecca, 

RYSTROM, Delia Hazel, 6U 

SALMON, Carl, 132 
Douglas Fawns, 132 
Sheila, 132 

SALVESEN, Anne, 227 
Anne Margrethe^ 228 
Hans (1703), 2l6,22$-9 
Hans (1778), 228 
Inger (l69U), 227 
Ingeborg (l697),227,231 



Johanne Margrethe,228 

Tonje, 232 
SAMPSON, George Alma,lU8 

James R, lli8 
SANDOZ, Margurite 

Helena, 116 
SANFORD, Cornelia, 5l 

Eliza Ann, 95 
SAUL, Teresa, 136 
SAVAGE, Patrick F, 177 
SAVILLE, Vera, 56 
SCHAEFFER, Dianna, 175 

Henry, 175 

Leaunda^ 175 

Ronald Lee, 175 

Ronda Sue, 175 

Timothy Ronald, 175 

Trina, 175 
SCHEIT, Joseph, 130 

Magdalene, 130 
SCHENAKER, Andrew, 155 

John Joseph "Jack,"l55=6 
SCHIEGL, Rosa, 60 
SCHLUTER, Deborah Ann, lU7 

Otto, 2hl 

Richard Alan, lU7 
SCHNEIDER, Bertha, 138 
SCHOfJTEN, Gertrude, 120 

Alfred, 8U 

Alfred "Jay," 8U 

Blake, 8U 

Chris, 8U 

Craig Alan, 81; 

Judy, 8U 

Sally Ann, 8U 

Sarah, 8U 

Susan, 8U 

Terry Lynn, 8U 

Wilma Jean J 8U 
SCHROTH, Bertha, 81 

John E, 81 
SCOTT, Andrew H, 32 

Fanny, 135 

Alfred Glen, 120 

Alfred Methena, 107 
118-22, lii3 

Anna, 118, 121-2 

Ann Bruce, 108 

Bernice, 115 

Bob J, 118 

Bud Olof , 118 

Bud Roy, 118 

Caren Kay, ll5 

Carolyn, 117 

Carrie Icie, 115-6 

Cathrine, 109, 238 
Charles Henry, 6, 107 
Chris, lOU-9, 111 
Christina, 117 
Clark Nelse, 117 
Clifford Peter, 79 
Clinton Gardner, 119 
Clinton J, ll6, 119 
Darrel Milden, 117 
Deborah, 79 
Debra, 119 
Delbert Johnson, 117 
Delia, 107, 109 
Denice Ann, 115 
Diann Marie, 119 
Donald Wendell, 115 
Donna May, 79 
Dennett, 79 
Edgar Hugh, ll5 
Edgar Norman, 115 
Elda Rae, 118-9 
Eric Lincoln, 118 
Eric Oliver, 108 
Estelvin B, 118 
Glen Alfred, 118 
Grace Eva, 112 
Grover Edgar, llU 
Guinnivere Ann, 108 
Helga Marie, 108 
Ida, 115, 239 
Itha, 116-7 
James, lOU-7, 109 
James Bnice^ 108 
James Russell, 115 
James Werner, 108 
Jan Christian, 108 
Janath Ella, 119 
Jay Earl, 119 
Jay Edgar, 115 
Jens Christian Nielsen 

Mol ler , 103 , lUl , 2 38 =U0 
Jens Marinus "James," 

lOU-9, 111 
Jensine Eline Dorothea 

"Sine," 106b 
Jensine Pauline Kirstine 

"Line," "Tina," 107 
Jessie Mary, 111 
Jim, 108 

Joan Raynelle, ll5 
Johanne Marie, 239 
Johanne Petren, 239 
John Robert, 108 
Joseph Andrew, 106b, 

107,116-7, 119, lli3 
Joseph Samuel, 119 
Julia Leora, 111 


Jiilius "Karl/' 107 
Karlee Jean, 115 
Kate Marie, 108 
Katherine Minerva, 108 
Kathleen, 119 
Keith Glen, 120 
Keith Gubler, 120 
Kendel W, 117 
Kenneth Lee^ 115 
Kent Clark, 117 
Kent Gubler, 120 
Kent Olaf , 117 
Kevin George, 120 
Kevin Mat, 118 
Kirstine "Lena," 106b 
Kristina, 118 
Kurt Niel, 118 
Leeta Mae, llU 
Lisa, 119" 
Lisa Kay, II8 
Lonny Estelvin, II8 
^yle Brent, 119 
Mansel A, 118-20 
Mans ell Arnett^ 119 
Mansel Gordon, ll5 
Marc Roy, 115 
Maren "Cathrine" Serine 

Nicoline Christene, 

lOU-9,111^ 123-U0,238 
Marlene Mae^ 119 
Mary (I886), 112-3 
Mary (1919), II8, 121 
Mary Lou^ 120 
Michael A, 117 
Michael Raymond, 115 
Milden Wood^ 116=7 
Monica^ 119 
Viyra Lynn^ 115 
liyrl, 118^ 120=1 
1^0 n Wayne, 115 
Nancy Charlene.; 115 
Nancy Gaye, II8 
Nelraa Eldean, 119-20 
Nicoline Christine, 239 
Niels, 5-6, 103-"23, 

lla-2, 238-UO, 2U2-3 
Niels Christian "Chris," 

1014-9, 111 
Niels Hyrum, 6, 107 
Oliver (1865), lOU-9, 

111=2, Hk-S 
Oliver (I883), 107-8 
Oliver (192U), IO8 
Olof Jens "James," 107, 

117-8, 1U3 
Orval Harley, llU-5 


Partha Ann, 120 

Peter Henry, 79 

Phyllis Victoria, 79 

R L, 118 

Raymond K, 117 

Richard, 79 

Rickie, 79 

Robert Oliver, IO8 

Robert Vincent, ll5 

Roy Niels, lll^ 

Russell Neal, 115 

Sam, lOU-9, 111-U 

Samuel Freddie, llli 

Sherry, 120 

Shirley, II8 

Soren Christian "Sara," 
lOli-9, 111-U 

Stanley Peter, 79 

Tamara, 119 

Tamra, 118 

Thain J, 117 

Thenelda, 118 

Thresa Lynn, 115 

Timothy Kay, ll5 

Twain W,117 

Verna Lou, 115 

Vernal Bleak, 117 

Ward Fred, 115 

Gladys, I36 
SEELEY, William S,l53 
SEGO, Enos, 121 

Venita June, 121-2 
SEGUIN, Leona Frances, 6U 
SEIFANG, Arthur Lavrrence,ll8 

Patsy Lou, II8 
SEIKALY, Simon, 170 
SELBY, Amel Vernon, 175 

Barbara Ann, 175 
SELMAN, Charles William, 135 

Karen, 135 

LuV/ana, 135 

Terryl Ann, 135 

William "Barker," 135 

William Gary, 135 
SEVERSEN, Irene, 13 
SHAKESPEARE, Grover C,117 

Pauline, 117 
SHAPREL, Kathaline, lU7 

Robert, lU7 
SHEETS, Nettie, llU 
SHERMAN, Mary Venna, 102 
SHIELDS, Barbara Brown, 137 

William Clyde, 137 
SHIPUSY, Ann La Von, II6 

Silvia, 27 

SHIPLEY (Contd) 
Willard John, 27 

SHORT (S), Billie J, 6U 
Deanna, 120 
Thomas J, 6U 
Walter Floyd, 120 

SHULTS, Alice Clara, 83 

SHUMWAY, Blake Lyman, 132 
Bradley Jacobs, 132 
Bruce Lyman, 132 
Jesse Glen, 132 
Susan, 132 
Wendel Kay, 132 

SILVERS, Bemie Wade, 99 
Charles Ollie, 96,98-9 
Charles Perry, 99 
Danny Allen, 99 
David Antone, 99 
Jacqueline Yvonne, 99 
Judy Carol, 99, 6 
Lennie, 99 
Michael Dennis, 99 
Ollie, 98-9 
Ruth Geraldine, 98 

SIMISKEY,Jared Keller, 97 
Julie Ann, 97 
Patrick Leroy, 97 
Rose Mary, 97 
Stanley Allen, 97 
Stanley Charles, 97 

SIMMONS, .Inthony, 115 
Neal Anthony, 115 

SIMMS, Ann Lu, 172 

SIMON SEN, Ane, 182 

SINGER, Charles, 5 
Grace Adelia, 5 

SIZEjMORE, Barbara Gean, 
George H, I80 
Richard La Vear, 176,180 

SKANBERG, Peter Johans- 
son, 236 

SKILES, William, I6I 

SKimiER, Sarah J ane, 170 

SUUGHTER, Mildred, 23 

S LOCUM, Craig Paul, I8 
Kathy Ranae, I8 
Nelvin LeRoy, 18 

SLOAN, Agnes Colleen, 

110, 138 

Hugh Russell, I38 
SMADING, Betty Lou, 115 
SMALL, Esther Evelyne, 

SMED, Christian Nielsen, 
Erland Jorgensen,238, 


SMITH, Alice Eliza^ 162 

Anne^ 128 

Arrainta^ 173 

Cleo May, 6U 

Donna, 128 

George A, l60 

George Carlos, 127 

James Sidney, 99 

Jane, 125-7 

Jesse N, l60 

Joan, 131 

John Lj U 

Lee Oscar, 23 

Lynne, 127 

Margaret Ella, llU 

Marilyn, 127 

Mary Eleanor, 126 

Merle, 81 

Michele, 99 

Mona Kay, 99 

Ralph Warren, 127-8 

Reid, 111; 

Russell Alan, 128 

Sharon, 170 

Thelma, 170 

Vaughn Fredrick^ 17U 

Vicki La Juan, 17U 

William Charles 5, 126 

Zada Olena^ I69 
SMOOT, Reed, 176 
SNCW, Brig Genl, I66 

Clarence Pendleton, 21 

Dana Bradley, 21 

Erastus, iv, 1 

Shelley, 21 
SCNTCHI, Bonnie Cecile,97 

Dannie Lee, 91 

Lawrence^ 91 

Richard Henry, 91 
SORENSEN, Aasor, 229,231 

Anders Christian, 106a 

Anne (1699), 209 

Anne (17Ull), I87 

Anne (I8O9), 28,1^0,212 

Astri, 231 

Birgitte, 191 

Christen, 208 

Christen' (1759), 187 

Christen (Skare),231,232 

Christine Marie, 155 

Else, 187 

Jens Christian, 212 

Johanne, I87 

John Clifford, 62 

John Ross, 59, 62 

Jorgen, 2I43 

Jorgen (1820), llil,lli9 


Joseph Jay, 62 

Karen, 209 

Kirstine, I87 

Laurids, 187 

Maren (17U6),238,2U1 

Maren (17U9), l87 

Maren (1805), 212-3 

Mary Ann, 5U 

Mette, 28, 150, 210^1 
215, 217 

Rasmus, 222 

Rasmus (17U7), 187 

Rasmus (1756), 187 

Thor, 227 

Todd Elmo, 59, 62 

Willum, 213 
SPACK'IAN, Char lea Arthur, 

Clyde Bratton, 170 

Evelyn "Kaye," 170 
SPAINHaffiR, Flora Jane,l80 
SPARKS, Charline, 108 

Janet Gertrude, 137 
SPEARS, Elaine Marcele 
"Mickey," 165 

FTank^ I6I, l65 

Glen Venearis, 92 

Jack Morris Fritz, 165 

John, 161 

LaVeda Aleania, 63 

Randall Morris, l65 
SPEIRS, April Kay, 93 

Carolyn Irene, 9h 

Celia Ann, 93 

Clarence Lenwood, 91-3 

Connie, 9}> 

Dianne, 93 

Earl Leo, 9h 

Edna, 92 

Gloria Arlene, 9U 

Hazel, 92 

Jacqueline Carrel, 91; 

James, 88, 91-5 

James Leoah "Lee,"92-U 

Julia Ann, 93 

Karren, 93 

Kathryne Marie, 95 

Keith Trent, 9k 

Leo Rolfe, 93-U 

LeRoy Keller, 91, 93 

Linda Lee, 9U 

Melba, 92, 9$ 

Mitzi Sue, 93 

Orin Ralph, 91, 93 

Paul Michael 5 93 

Paula Jean, 95 

SPEIRS (Contd) 

Randall Alfred, 95 
Robert Alfred, 9U->5 
Ronald Scott, 93 
Wendy, 95 
Vailiam "Alfred," 92, 


Bud, 136 

Dale Orson, 22 

David Orson, 22 

Dennis Richard, 136 

Howard, 22 

Lloyd, 136 

Ray, 55 

Vaughn, 55 

Wanda Louise, I36 
SPOR, Bernard Ray, 90 

George Patrick, 90 

Juan it a Kay, 90 

Ray, 90 . 
STACEY, Ida, I38 
STAPIEY, Carma, 97 

Leila, 52 

Seymour, 97 

Thora, 121 
STARLET, Bernice Louise, 

STARR, Betty Faye, l65 

Charlie Eugene, l65 

Charlie Washington, 
161, l6ii-5 

Danny Neil, 165 

Debra Wendy, 165 

Eugene Coy, 165 

Kathie Jean, 165 

Kayle, I6U 

Kim, 165 

Michael Charles, l65 

Robert Earl Fritz, 

Robert Lynn, 165 
Saraantha Julie, 165 
Shirley LaVon, l65 
STEED, Dean Robert, 50-l, 
Oliver Frank, 60 
Terry Dean, 61 
STEEL, Twyla, 98 
STEGGEL, Isabel D, 93 
STEPHENS, LuJean, 26 

Arthur Myrthn, 26 
STEWART, Anna Marie, 80 
Sarah Alice, 5 
William Preston, 5 
STIANSEN, Hans, 219 
Jens, 219 



Liode, 225 

Liv, 220, 221 
STCDDARD, Patricha, 79 
STONER, Harold Jay, 133 

Roy Leslie, 110, 133 
STOODIZY, Doris Taylor, 128 

Ernest Cameron, 128 
STORRIER, Allen, 139 

Leslie, 139 
STORTS, Louise, 66 
STOUT, Mary Ellen, 78, 8l 

H S, 90 
STOVAL, Clel, ll6 
STRCWG, Shirley Marie, 119 
STROTH, Jens Jensen, 103 

238, 2U1-2 
STUBBS, Sally Kaye, 129 

Wiley Evert, 129 
STULLjAi'dith Elizabeth, 113 

Baker Jerome^ 113 

Cheryl Ann, 113 

Cynthia Louise, 113 

Daniel Wesley, 113 

Danny Carl, 113 

Danny James, 113 

Edgar Wesley, 113 

James Edward, 113 

Janet Lynn, 113 

Larry R, 113 

Laura LaVern, 113 

Lewis Carwin, 113 

Rebecca Elizabeth, 113 

Richard Lester, 113 

Ronald Carwin, 113 

Samuel Carl, 113 

Thor, 113 
SULLIVAN, Dennis, 176 
SUMNER, Beatrice 
Josephine, 23 

James Breckenridge , 23 

Beatrice, lU5 
SWAN/SVAHN, Ulrika, 235 

Boyd A, 120 

Christen (I698), 181-2, 

Christen (1765), 201-2 

Hans, 196 

Ingeborg (I632), 215, 219 

Inger (I69U), 191-3 

Jens, 196 

Jorgen, 196 

Karen, 196 

Kirsten (1753), 196 

Kirsten (I763), 196-7 
Lars, 236 
Leora Lillian, 72 
Margrete (I69U), 191-3 
Margreta (1755), 23U 
Margrethe (1757), 196-7 
Martine Bergithe, 221 
Morten (173U), 215, 217, 

219-21, 22U, 230 
Morten (1799), 221 
Morten (1805), 221 
Nils, 23U 
Richard Boyd, 120 
Thomas, I96 
Tonje, 219-20 

SYPHUS, Alfred, II6 

TALBOT, Elizabeth Alice, 2U3 

Esther Ruth, 2U3 

John, 5 

John , 2kjU 

Lydia Ruth, IU6 

Lynn D, II6 
TANNER, Clifford Eugene, 23 

Leon, 23 

Ralph Carol d, lU9 

Shelby Garold, lU9 

Tammie Lee, lU9 

Tonya Sue, lli9 
TAYLOR, Elwin H, lii8 

Gladys Margaret, 5l 

Hazel Arvivias, 173 

Minnie, 128 

Phyllis Mertell, 93 

Thomas, 105a 

Thomas Warren, 93 
TEEGARDEN, Arthur Golden, 111 

Doris Thelitia, 112 

Grace Evelyn, 111 

Lester Arthur, 111 

Robert Leroy, 112 

Ruth Eleanor, 112 

Williain Morris, 112 
TEILLMAND, Christen, 199, 

TELLEFSEN, Astri, 221 

Jorgen, 232 

Trond, 219-20 
^TEMPLE, J B, 97 

Saundra, 97 
TERJESEN, Aase, 228-9 

Jens, 228-9 

Ole, 221 
TETHER, Annie, 81 
THACKER, Dorothy, 66-7 

TRACKER, Roy L, 66 
THEOBALD, Alton Elbern, 

llih, 1U6-9 
Alton Eldred, m7-8 
April Lynn, IhB 
Bonnie, 1U7 
Brent George, 5U,59 
Brinda, IhQ 
Carl George, U8,50-U, 

59, 65 
Carl "Leon," 50,52,59 
Charles, 11^6 
Charles Eldon, 11^8 
Charles Kevin, 1U8 
Connie "Joyce," 50, 

5U, 59 
Craig, IU8 

David Verrue, 53, 59 
Dean Robert, 52 
Deloy, 1U9 
DeVon, 11*8 
Eda, 52, 59 
Eddie Lee, 11*8 
Elbren Denore, 11*7 
Florence "Elaine," 

51, 59 
Gary Milton, 53, 59 
Gloria Joan, 52 
Golden LeRoy, 50, 

53-U, 59 
Grace, 50, 53, 59 
Gwen, 53, 59 
lone, 11*8 
Irene LaRae, ll*8 
Jarrell, ll*9 
Juli Kathaline, lii7 
Larry Merlin, 5U,59 
Lena Ruth, 11*8 
Leo Burgess, 11*7 
Lynford Leon, 50,52 
Kae Lyn, 5U, 59 
Mark Golden, 5U, S9 
Mary Margaret, ll*7 
Mathew Wade, ll*8 
Merlin George, 50, 5U, 

Michael Kirk, ll*8 
Michael Paul, 53,59 
Milton "Verrue," 50, 

53, 59 
Novada Jan, ll*8 
Pamela Dawn, 11*8 
Paul Homer, 50,53,59 
Phil Barney, 5U, 59 
Ronald Lee, 5U, 59 
Scott Wayne, 53, 59 
Sharon, 53, 59 


Shelly Ruth, ll;8 

Shonna Jane, lU9 

Susann^ lii? 

Thilda Jane, lU7 

Thomas George ^ 6, 5l 

Tommy ¥ayne, lli9 

Wyla^ li;6 
THOMAS, Albert Edward, 17 2 

Bridget, 173 

Dannie Allen, 99 

Dennis Scott, 99 

Eleanor, 21; 

George M, 120 

Harold D, 108 

Jacqueline Marie, 99 

James Leroy, 172 

Kathleen Iris, 120 

Malinda, 101 

Melvin Howard, 99 

Michael Howard, 99 

Millicent, 108 

Tamara Marlene^ 20 

Tom, 20 

Wayne, 20 

Aase (1760), 22U 

Aase (1768), 22U 

Albertine Kirstine,l86 

Ambor, 22U 

Anders , 18$ 

Anne, 193 

Anna Maria, 2, U-6,36-7 

As lag, 228-9 

Christen, 203 

Christen (1763), 221; 

Christian Peter, l85 

Elisabet, 193, 195 

GJertrude C, 203 

Hans, 226 

Hans (169$), 191-3 

Helgie (1771), 221; 

Helje, 220 

Hilda, 21; 

Johanne, 213 

Juliane Marie, I86 

Karen, 193 

Karoline Marie, 18$ 

Maren (1770), 193 

Maren (177$), 193-U 

Margrete, 193 

Marl, 218 

Niels Christian, 18$ -6 

Ole, 198 

Cle (176$), 22U 

Thomas, 18$ 

Thomas Christian, 18$ 

Thomas Peter, U 


THORNTCN, Alice Melissa, 26 

Margaret Elzater^, I8 
THORPE, Harriet Elizabeth, 68 

Jens C, 1$1 
THORSELL, Edvifin Robert, 92 

Gustav E, 92 
THORSEN, Aasor, 229 

Anders, 226 • 

Anne Margrethe, 229 

Anne Serine, 229 

Birthej 229 

Birthe Margrethe, 229 

Christopher, 226 

Hans, 229 

Ingeborg Cathrine, 229 

Ole, 226 

Soren, 229 

THRELKEID, Anjanette, 122 

Duane, 122 
TIMLICK, Eileen Florence, li;9 
TINSLEY, Ann, 108 
TIOSTELSEN, Catrine, 222 

Christopher, 231 

Joen, 216, 230-2 

Gunnild, 222 

Soren, 227 
TISDALE, Loyola, 20 
TJOGAS, Carmen Ispinas,102 
TODD, Elizabeth, 10 
TOLBERT, Bryce Verl, $2 

Julie, $2, $9 

Sherman ¥, $1 

Verl Taylor, $1-2, $9 
TOPHAM, Danny Clinton,179 

Melvin, 178 

Ned, 178=9 

Ned Lynn, 179 
TamSEND, Charles Alex- 
ander , 111; 

Charles Leej 111; 

Brenda Rae, 111; 

George Edward^ 111; 

Marsha Kay, 111; 

Oliver Wendell, 111; 

Phillip Leroy, 111; 

Sally Ann, 111; 

Susan Fay, 111; 

Wilbur Edward, 111; 
TRICE, Clifford, 2l;3 
TRIPP, Vera Corinne, 90 
TRONDSEN, Stian, 219-20 
TRUJILLO, Robert, 11$ 
TRULOCK, Albert, 21 

Lucinda Christine, 21 

Timothy Sutton, 21 
TRUMAN, Lillian Marie, I3I; 

TRUSCUTT, Sally, I66 
TULLIS, Hallie G, 171 
TURLEY^Henry Jackson, 91; 

Jacqueline, 9U-$ 
TURNER, Blaine Kay, $2, $9 

Bonnie Lee, 126-7 

Bruce Ray, $2, $9 

Carolyn, $2, $9 

Dale Ray, $1, $9 

Dean Cropper, $1,$9 

Diane, $1, $9 

Douglas Fred, $1,$9 

Fred S, $1, $9 

Garn Carl, $2, $9 

Joseph Henry, 88 

Kent S, $2, $9 

Judith, $1-2, $9 

Julia, $2 

Leland Glenn, 126 

Nellene, 117 

Reuben Lorenzo, $1 

Viola, $2 
TViJEEDY, Doris, 23 

UMBERGER, Arthur, 177-8 
Connie Kay, 178 
Robert, 178 
Roger, 178 

VALGREN, Elna, 236 
VAN COTT, John, 1$2 
VAN HOUTEN, Dorothy, 121 
VAN WAGaiER, Burton, 179 

Douglas, 179 

Doyle, 179 

Glen, 179 

I^nin, 179 
VEACH, George, 82 

Priscilla, 82 
VELSEN, Altje, 11$ 
VENTER, Mary Rosiena, 

VESTER, Soren, 178 

Christensen, 2l;$-8 
VESTRA, John, II6 
VINTHER, Niels Peder- 

sen, 2UI 
VROLDSEN, Christopher, 
21$, 219, 221-3 

Mads, 222 

Peder, 222 

Sigrid, 222 

Soren, 222 

Thomas, 222 



WAHLSTROM, Gunnar, I36 

Laura Louise, I36 

Merlin "Walter," I36 

Viola, 136 
WALDRAM, Kenneth Lowell, $3 

Lowell Dudman, 5 3 
WALKER, Ellen Ellina, 129 

Kate,, 107-8 

Zola, 53 
WALL, August, 9-10 

Britte, 10 

Catherine F, 10 

Carl F, 10 

Christine, 10 

Dan L, 10 

Dorothy ¥, 10 

Elizabeth, 10 

James Kevin, 10 

Oscar Francis^ 9-11 

Richard, 10 
WALLACE, Martha A, 78 
WALLIS, James H, 10 

Ruby Connie, 10 
WALSH, James Harrison, 178 

Rosemary Elaine, 178 

Stephen Douglas, 178 
WANGLER, Chi'istine, I36 

Gabriel, 136 
WALTON, Alyson, I80 

Cary, I80 

Curtiss, 179 

Gerald^ 179 

Jacqueline^ 179 

Shawn, I80 
WARD, Florence^ I36 

Harley, I30 

Janice Renee, 130 
WARDELL, Alden, 119 

Shirley Marie, 119 
WARDLE, Carma Deon, lU? 

Maxine, 173 
WARNICK, Adolph, 3U 

Charles, 3U 

John, 68 

Parley, 68 

Wilford, 68 
WATERS, Esma, 83 
WATKINS, Lorna, 179 
WEBB, James Earl, 21 
WEBSTER, Ardith,110, 139 

Ardith Louise, lUO 

Barry Grant, lUO 

Edith Leila, lUO 

Lemaun Bruce, ll|0 

Lemauja Davidson, 110, lUO 

David Wayne, lUO 

WEBSTER (Contd) 

Marilyn Li la, lUO 

Mary May, ll;0 

Maurine, 139 

I'laurine Faye, ll^O 

Orvy Nels, lliO 

Susan Lois, lUO 

William, 110,125,139-UO 

William "Grant," 110, 

William John, lUO 

William Keith, li|0 
WEIBYE, Jens C A, 30, 33, 

WELLING, Blair LaVere,l63 

Cheryl Lynn, I63 

Clifford, 163 

Karon, I63 

Nerval LaVere, I63 

Sharon, I63 
WELLS, Daniel H, 7,30,l60 

Lucy, 125 
WENTA, Irene, 101 
WEST, Allen Dwain, 13U 

Eliza, 109 

Ethel Lavon, 109-10,132 

Emeline Arnell, I38 

Gordon Frank, 13U 

Harden Frank, 131 

Harden Luke, 109-10, 
12$, 131-5 

Howard Lee, 13U 

Izola Clark, 131-2 

Hubert L, 110, I3U 

Kathy Radeen, 13U 

Mabel, 110, 133, 135 

Mae, 110, 135 

May Beth, 110, 133-U 

Minnie, 128 

Peggy Jean, I3U 

Ralph Lynn,13U 

Suzanne, 13U 

Thelma Kate, 110, 132-3 

William, 131 
WESTER, Anna Linda, 178 

John, 178 
WESTERN, DeAnn, 129 

David Ray, 129 

Fawn, 129 

Ray Martin, 129 

Ryan Lee, 129 
WESTFALL, Linda, 170 
WESTOJ, Jack, 131 

Vicki Joan, 131 
WHEAT, Donald Ross, I6I 

Micheal Earnest, I6I 

WHITCOMB, Dorothy, 12 
WHITE, Carol Deen, 25 

Charles "Jay," 2$ 

Charles Johns, 23-5 

Clara Norreta "Rita," 

Dudley, 2U 

Phoebe, 2U7 

Phoebe Ellen, 107, 
112 lU 
WHITING, De Vaughn, ll49 
WHITMAN, Lavina Bell, 93 
WHIT?10RE, Ada, 92 -U 

Roxton, 93 
WHITTNER, Mary Ellen, 2U 

William, 2U 
WILCKEN, Joseph, 6U 

Martha Cleo, 6U 
WILCOCK,Hattie Belle, 117 
WILGUS, Mary Jane, 17 
WILKINSON, Eva, 179 
WILLDON, Verna, lUj 
V/ILLIAMS, Alviras Bur- 
bank, 27 

Billy Dean, 25 

Billy LaWaun "Ike", 25 

Carl "\'/ayne," 25 

Charles, 25 

Cheryl Lee, 110, 133 

David, 110 

David Kay, 133 

Erma C. 179 

John, i79 

Karl Morgan, 133 

Kay HcMulUn, 110,133 

Linda, 110 

Linda Mae, 133 

Mabel, 97 

Mary Jane "Mollie,"ll6 

Scott, 133 

Terry Diane, 25 

V/endy Lee, 25 

Wilda Emma, lh5 
V/ILLS, Roland Cyprien, 


Sharon Diane, 133 
WILLUMSEN, Anders, 212-3 
WILSON, Adeline, 5 

Barbara, 170 

Carla Jo, 79 

Don Gibbs, 22 

Donna Margaret, 22 

Gerry Jack, 21 

Gwendolyn, 21 

Henry, 21 

Jeffery,. 21 


WILSON (Contd) 

Jodie, 21 

John Bradley, 21 

John Earl, 22 

Kendall Lee, 21 

Kip Leland, 21 

Leland Duane or Duane 
Leland, 21 

Leland Jay, 17, 21-2 

Louis J, 79 

Luther Edmund, 170 

Merry Lee, 22 

Michael Eugene, 21 

Neal B, 17, 21 

Nina Rae, 21 

Patrick Duane, 21 

Paul, 67 

Paulene, 79 

Sandra, 79 

Shirley, 67 

Shirley Melba, 21 

Vickie Lou, 79 
WIM, Eliza, 167 

Magda Jean, ll8 
WINSPEAR, Christopher 
John, 126 

James Wallace, 12$ 

Joel Bruce, 126 

Linda Louise, 126 

Marcie Deon, 126 

Randell James, 126 

Wallace James, 125-6 
WINWARD, Marie, lU8 
WISEMAN, Lou Jean, 95 

William Ivory, 95 
WOLFE, Rickie, 135 

Ronald, 135 

Tammy, 135 

Tracy, 135 

VJOOD, Burns Whytock, 138 
Denise Rae, 138 
Emily Ellen, 107, 116-7, 


George Henry, ll6 

Harold, 138 

Ian Burns, 138 

Kathleen, 138 

Lee Ann, 138 

Thomas L, 8U 

Tomma, 8U 

Wendy Marie, I38 
WOODRUFF, Beulah Augusta, 

Phoebe Arabelle, 100 
WDOKTORTH, Dorothy M, lUU 

Cheryl, II6 

Diane Scow, 116-7 

Ivin, 116 
WRIDE, Annie Jane, 127 
WRIGHT, Dennis William, 

Edward Emanuel, I63 

Harold, lU7 

James A, 2i4.2 

Leatha, 128 

Shirley, 50, 53, "^9 

Thirza Ann, 139 

Walter Edmond, 53 

William, I63 
WULLSTEIN, Kathryn Lee, 

LeRoy Hugh "Chuck," 92 
WULTZ, Mary, 162 

YATES, Flora Elizabeth, 

YOUNG, Annie, II6 

Bobbie Van Lee, 20 

Brigham, iv, 32, I60 

Clara Susan, 2U 

Elva, 23 

George Willis, 20 

Glenn, 20 

Joseph W, 153 

Julia, 20 

Kenneth, 20 

Leola, 61 

Oscar Glenn "Red," 20 

Wilma, 20 
YOYMAN, Ada, 171 
YPMA, Albert, II6 

Ellen Marjorie, ll5 

Gene Allen, II6 

Leeta Carolyn, II6 

Lois Gail, II6 

Robert Dale, II6 

Rodney Carl, II6 

Sako, 115-6 

Theodore Jon, II6 

Ype, 115 

ZEIGLER, Maud, 92 
ZIMMER, Buddy Duane, 

Frank Eli as, lU5 
Kelly Diane, lli6 
Kevin Duane, lli6 
Kirby W, 11^6 
Travis Kyle, ll;6 
ZITTING, Elsie Lucille, 

ZUBAK, Gerald, 101 
Joseph, 101 


,,■■;, :*;■.' ■■'■'•^1, 

K :;■■■■;' 

. ■• v.r 




'' . * ' <* 






}:^, ^ 

, f 'f,